Another (2012) s01e08 Episode Script

Hair stand

1 No! Not that! Do it! Wait! Let's not be hasty here! All right! He stopped it? He said he stopped the calamity 15 years ago? That's what he claims, though he apparently doesn't remember any details.
Do you remember Mr.
Matsunaga? Of course.
We were in the same club.
You were? Did he ever talk about how he stopped it? I can't recall ever hearing anything about that.
You went on a class trip during summer break that year, right? Yes.
It didn't seem like a good idea to stay confined at home.
What happened on that trip? I'm sure something happened, but I couldn't tell you what.
I see I'm no help, I know.
It's okay.
I'm fine, so there's no need to push yourself.
So, Mr.
Matsunaga went on the trip, too? I think so.
Yeah, he did.
Did anything seem strange about him? I don't think so.
I guess all we can do is ask him Okay.
I'll run it by Matsu for you.
When you go to talk to him, I'll go with you.
Morning! Good morning! Morning.
What's all that stuff for? I stocked up on supplies! Sorry to keep you.
Are you okay? You don't look so good.
It's nothing.
Just a little carsi— He tries too hard You're coming, too, Akazawa? Of course I am.
Why don't you ride in this car? Yours doesn't look like it can handle four.
It's no problem.
This car runs better than you'd think.
That was unnecessary.
Okay Then, Teshigawara, you're in my car.
Um, okay.
Nakao, since you get carsick, you're up front.
Well, let's go.
So Mr.
Matsunaga won't be coming back to Yomiyama for a while? I spoke to his mother, and she said he's living at the resort hotel where he works.
City of Yomiyama Please Come Again! Sanami Town We made it out of Yomiyama without any trouble.
Yeah Let's get a move on! Um, Reiko? What? Oh, nothing Damn it, if you're gonna drive that slow, get out of the fast lane.
I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.
I don't know, I think you're pretty easy to read.
Oh, yeah? Please, describe me.
Uh, well Strong and dependable? Wow, am I that macho? Well, you are tough, and you've got a strong sense of responsibility.
Stuff like that.
You're supposed to say, "That's not what I meant.
" That's not what I meant.
What's with the tone? So annoying.
I've gotta pay you back now and then.
By the way, you're the head of countermeasures, right? How is it decided who gets that role? Usually, they're appointed by the teacher.
It's not a popular job.
In a way, you could say they're responsible for the lives of the entire class.
So, were you appointed? I nominated myself.
Why? Maybe no one else actually believed in the calamity, but I was different.
I can't allow such a senseless phenomenon to exist.
I'm going to put an end to it.
So hot They said Matsunaga was suddenly called to a reception.
I left my cell phone number, so he should call me when he gets back.
What should we do until then? No point in sitting around waiting, right? Yeah, we came all this way.
Since we're outside Yomiyama, the calamity shouldn't affect us.
Let's go swimming! We are near the ocean, after all.
All right! But I didn't bring my trunks! You can get some at the hotel.
They don't cost much.
I'll buy you a pair.
I couldn't ask you to do that.
If you're not swimming, I won't, either.
Well, I thought this might happen, so Oh, don't tell me I thought that seemed like a lot of luggage.
It's a seaside resort, after all.
Not to mention we're outside Yomiyama.
And it's summer break.
It'd be too depressing to sit at home the entire time.
We have to spread our wings a little.
It's the sea! The sea in summer! It's mine! All right! Misaki? Sakakibara? Oh no, my glasses You'll pay for that! Ready, set, dunk! Is your family's summer house nearby? Yes.
What does your dad do? I'm not quite sure.
He's rarely in Japan.
That's why we put on these little family acts on the rare occasions when he comes home.
We may be a family, but we aren't really connected.
Not that I care.
Hey, if we find out who the dead person is after this, would making them nonexistent stop the calamity? I don't think that would work.
It's already been triggered.
I think it's too late to try to balance everything out now.
Did they connect? Seems so.
Connecting every now and then can't be so bad, can it? I suppose.
Anyone up for lunch? Yes! Hey, wait! Should we go back to the hotel? I'm fine with something from a convenience store.
There are also seaside shops.
Hold it, you guys! We're at the beach.
How could we not make the most of the outdoor life? You want to cook here? I knew you'd get it, Akazawa! What? How are we supposed to do that without any tools? I've got the bases covered! Take a look at this flawless setup! You're such an idiot.
This is what was in that huge bag? Are you going to cook? Huh? Cook? With what ingredients? Local fare, of course! Definitely an idiot.
With all the stuff you brought, I should've known I'm hungry.
Local fare? Mochizuki! You brought the fishing gear, right? Oh Yeah! All right, then let's see who can round up the most ingredients! Do we get anything for winning or losing? The loser has to make the food, and the winner gets to eat it.
How's that? Sounds interesting.
Then it's settled! I'll pick the teams.
First off, on the Head of Countermeasures Team will be Akazawa! Sugiura! Naka— Actually, we'll pass on him.
And me! Now, on the Nonexistent Team will be Sakakibara! Misaki! Mochizuki! Hey, I exist! But you don't exist over here.
Harsh So we're competing based on the fish we catch? No, if you find anything besides fish, it counts, too.
Let me out! That's sea lettuce.
It tastes awful.
That's red algae.
You can't eat it on its own.
I got one! It's a big one! Yes! What is this? Kelp.
You're supposed to catch fish! Sorry.
What's wrong? Get it off I thought it was going to eat me.
Octopuses don't eat people.
They'll bite if you poke at them, though.
How's it going? I think I've got a big one It's pulling pretty hard.
All right! That's your big one? At least it's a fish.
I've got one this time! Hey.
You're doing that on purpose, aren't yo— What is this?! A sea cucumber? I'm actually impressed you caught one of these.
Or maybe it just got caught on the line.
You creep! Useless jerk! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! A pufferfish, an octopus, and a starfish.
This is kelp, right? And a sea cucumber, and What's in this shell? A hermit crab.
I guess that's how it goes.
This battle ends in a draw.
I picked up some meat and vegetables, so let's all eat that.
Okay! Freshly-caught really is the best! Oh, how I love that crunch.
So delicious! We definitely can't eat these guys.
Got it! Reiko? I tried calling your cell.
Is the battery dead? Huh? Oops Careless as ever, I see.
I'm surprised you found us here.
Wasn't hard to figure out.
This is the closest beach to the hotel.
But, wow Girls sure do change.
You used to be a shrimp.
You've changed quite a bit, yourself.
Into an old geezer.
Shut up! It's been 15 years, huh Technically, it's only been 14 years since our graduation.
Oh, yeah.
That makes us around 30, huh? Don't remind me.
Wait Have I seen you somewhere recently? Where? I don't remember seeing you.
It was probably a different girl.
Unfortunately, I don't think it was.
Then maybe it was at Kentarou or Natsuko's memorial services? No, I only went to the funerals.
Oh Can't believe it's been 15 years since they died.
Who're the kids? This year's class 3 students.
Oh They're here about what happened 15 years ago? I can only remember bits and pieces of that summer, myself.
Matsu, I heard that you stopped the calamity.
Tomoka at Inoya asked me about that, too, but I don't remember.
Do you recall the class trip we took that summer? Yeah.
An accident happened on that trip, right? Do you remember anything about it? And you are? Akazawa, the head of countermeasures.
I see.
To tell you the truth, I don't remember much.
I know someone died on the mountain, but My memory's hazy, too.
I don't know what kind of accident it was.
Did the accident happen before you visited the shrine, or after? Why does that matter? Well, if it was before, maybe a blessing from the shrine stopped the calamity.
I can't recall.
But, something tells me it was a run-down, abandoned-looking shrine.
Right, the shrine.
I'm sure we went to the shrine.
We all joined hands and Nope, I just can't remember.
Um, Mr.
Matsunaga, didn't you leave something behind, as a clue for the others? Apparently, I said that, but What did you want to tell them? All I know is that I felt this urgent need to tell them, but You can't remember what about? And you don't remember what you left behind, or where? Like if it was a note, or something else? No, it wasn't paper It was What? Yeah, I think I used something Oh, I know! It's at the school! I took something to the school! The school? Where in the school? I'll get it! How far out are you gonna go? What is he doing? This doesn't look good.
The hell Dude, quit messing around! Oh, shit.
Why But I I protected them.
I left it for them in the classroom.
Body paint.