Another (2012) s01e09 Episode Script

Body paint

1 I'll get it! I heard Nakao was hit by a boat.
Then it's a lie that people won't die if they leave Yomiyama! Yeah, I guess.
So, we have nowhere to run? What should we do? Hey, should we still go on the class trip? No way! It makes no sense to go on a class trip in the summer of a year when it happens.
It'd be safest to stay locked up at home.
Maybe Why is this even happening to us? It's so unfair.
If only that transfer student hadn't spoken to Misaki But I I protected them.
I left it for them in the classroom.
You girls be careful.
We will.
How did Nakao seem that day? He had a bad case of car sickness, and threw up a lot.
Anything else? Well He couldn't swim straight.
I see Maybe that's what happened! What do you mean? I spoke with Mr.
Ohba, a city police detective, about what happened.
And he had a nagging suspicion that Nakao may have been dead before the boat hit him.
The condition of his head when he died was inconsistent with the timing of his collision with the boat.
The herniation caused by a cerebral contusion had already progressed significantly.
You mean, before he went to the beach? According to his family, they heard a loud noise from the stairway that morning.
When they went to check it out, all they saw was Nakao hurrying out the door.
He must have hit his head then.
Most likely.
So the event that led to his death took place in Yomiyama? A safe assumption.
When he left Yomiyama without having his head checked at the hospital, his death was assured.
Hey, Misaki? Yes? Never mind.
I'll say it after I find out for sure.
All right.
Did you find that class photo from 26 years ago? Not yet.
It's your fault.
It's your fault.
It's your fault.
It's your fault.
It's your fault! Inoya The classroom?! Seriously? That's what Mr.
Matsunaga said.
He must mean the class 3 homeroom in the old school building.
But what did he hide there? All right, well, at least we've got the location.
I'll just Wait.
I don't want to tell anyone else.
Why not? If Nakao hadn't gone to the beach, he probably wouldn't have died.
Still I don't want to get anyone else involved.
I don't want anyone else to die.
We shouldn't tell Akazawa or the countermeasures committee just yet.
If we find something, and if we need their help at that point, then we can.
Makes sense.
I wouldn't want to see Akazawa die.
So, when should we go to the old building? We can't go right now? I have plans with my family this evening.
Tomorrow would work.
Then, how about first thing in the morning? Come on, anything but morning! All right, then noon? A lot of club members will be around then.
And since the second floor is barricaded Then evening? Hard to look for stuff at night.
Fine, 3 o'clock it is.
Works for me.
Mochizuki, the art club meets in that building, right? Yeah.
Do any club members come in over summer break? No, never.
Then we can meet in the club room? Sure! I have a key, and no one would question me being there.
Teshigawara, please don't show up dressed like that.
Huh? Why not? You'll stand out.
That's the price of being fashionable! Inoya Hey, do I spy Kouichi and Teshy? What's the go-home club's ace doing at school? Nothing special.
We're meeting up with Mochizuki.
You two here for club stuff? We wanted to see Mr.
Chibiki about something.
In the auxiliary library? Not for that.
Chibiki is the drama club's advisor.
No way! The guy who wears nothing but black? That's surprising.
He actually gives pretty solid acting advice.
And he looks sort of cool when he's acting.
It's fascinating.
So? Why exactly are you here? We're looking for a clue to stopping the calamity.
We don't know what it is, but if we do find it, we intend to tell everyone else about it.
Seriously? Something like that exists? We want to stop the class 3 calamity ourselves, if we can.
You guys wanna come along? Hey! I'll pass.
Me, too.
Goodbye, Kouichi.
Misaki! Where's Mochizuki? I don't know.
I just got here.
Why are you here? I had nothing to do, and I didn't want to stay at home, so I thought I'd come in and draw.
What about you? And Mochizuki's coming, too? What brings you three here? Well I guess you could call it exploring? Sorry I'm late! And where do you plan to explore? Uh Well, Teshigawara said we should meet up here No, I Um, that's it! Sakaki said he had to look for something! It's sort of important.
Do Not Enter Look, we don't know what might happen, so I'd rather you stayed in the club room.
I'll be fine.
Are you sure? You really are weird, Misaki.
Aren't you scared? No, I don't think so.
Which room was class 3's? Probably the one in the middle.
There are five classrooms.
By the way, didn't this old building have seven mysteries of some kind? I wouldn't know.
I don't give a rat's ass about some urban legends.
So, you don't believe in ghosts and curses and stuff? As if! They're all just coincidences or tricks of the eye.
Except the calamity, of course.
Isn't "the secret of the auxiliary library" one of the seven mysteries? The library? They say you can occasionally hear moaning coming from it.
You ever heard it? No.
I've heard there's an old archive in its basement containing secret writings that can't be revealed to the public, and that a librarian once locked himself inside to guard them.
So basically, that librarian is still alive, and you can hear him moaning from the basement? Bet it would just turn out to be Chibiki.
I hear moaning in there, sometimes.
Are you serious? Really? Just kidding.
Let's let in some fresh air.
You are not fine at all.
Yes, I am.
See? You look fine to me.
I wouldn't want anyone to see us and make us into another one of the seven mysteries.
Let's keep the windows closed.
Teshigawara! Gimme a break You seem fine.
Take care.
I'll call you.
I'm not finding anything.
I don't think it'll be in a place where it's easy to find, like in a desk.
But surely it wouldn't be where no one could find it.
Then there'd be no point in leaving it.
That's true.
It's probably not on the floor, or in any desks.
What about in there? All I see are cleaning supplies.
What's that? Find something? What's that? Something's written on it.
Let's see "To the future students who are undoubtedly suffering from the senseless disaster of this class.
" Bingo! This is it! Mr.
Matsunaga must have written that! A/V Room I'm sure there's one in here, but is it okay to use it? As long as no one finds out.
I found it! Okay, let's play it.
Um My My name is Katsumi Matsunaga.
I'm a student of the 9th grade, class 3 of 1983.
When I finish recording this, I plan to hide it somewhere in the classroom.
If you're listening to this tape, you're most likely in class 3, as well.
I wonder what the likelihood of that is Ayano It's possible that you guys are also terrified by the senseless disaster that I that we Never mind.
I have two reasons for leaving this tape.
One is to confess a sin.
My sin.
I want to tell someone what I did.
I need someone to listen.
The other is to give you some advice.
It's about the extra student who gets mixed up in the class, and the calamity that happens as a result How it can be stopped.
In other words Actually, I should start at the beginning.
Our class went on a trip.
We all left on August 8, for three days and two nights.
Our homeroom teacher, Mr.
Koga, had suggested that we visit a local shrine.
There's an old shrine in this town called Yomiyama Shrine.
He said that if we all prayed there, he was sure the curse would be lifted.
There were 22 students in all, myself included.
We only half believed him.
On the second day, we climbed the mountain to visit the shrine.
It was so old and run-down, like it had been abandoned by the world.
Even though it bears the name of the city, it looked like it hadn't been maintained at all.
So we decided to clean up the grounds while we were there.
At the time, we hoped that maybe this would lift the curse.
And after we prayed, our teacher confidently declared, "Everything will be all right now.
" But it wasn't.
It wasn't that easy.
As soon as we left the shrine, the clear skies suddenly turned overcast, and it began to rain, complete with lightning strikes.
As we hurried down the mountain, the first victim was a boy named Hamaguchi.
He was kind of dumb.
He was the only one who'd brought an umbrella.
And we were on a mountain, in a lightning storm He was walking in front of me, when For a second, my vision went white, and I heard a huge crash.
Hamaguchi had been struck by lightning.
I still remember the smell of his flesh burning Anyway, the students panicked and bolted, leaving Hamaguchi behind, desperate to get off the mountain as quickly as possible.
But moments after we all took off, blindly running through the rain The second victim was taken.
A girl named Hoshikawa.
In her panic, she slipped and fell off a tall, sheer cliff.
All we could do was call for help at the foot of the mountain.
But in the end, we couldn't save either of them.
Praying at the shrine had no effect whatsoever.
Now, this is the important part.
Right after we finally reached the bottom of the mountain, that's when it happened.
And by it, I mean I Crap! That was close.
I was in a cold sweat.
Yeah, same.
The tape! Oh, no.
You've gotta be kidding! We didn't get to hear the important part! What should we do?! All we need to do is fix the tape.
It can be fixed?! I think it's possible.
Great! Thanks, buddy! We've gotta hear the rest! Do you mind if we leave it with you? I'll give it my best shot.
Brother! Glass eye.