Another (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

Glass eye

1 Did you hear about Ayano? She was trying to escape, wasn't she? I think so.
You think she died because she tried to get away? I don't know Ogura's brother died that same day, didn't he? Yeah.
Hadn't he shut himself up at home? Yes.
You know, I heard something about the class trip.
Apparently, it does have significance.
Significance? You mean, asking the gods for help? I heard the class was saved once by doing that.
Stupid Stupid brother! You idiot! Ouch! I'm sorry! Are you all right? You okay? Nice to meet you.
I'm Kouichi Sakakibara.
Sakitani Memorial Hall Got the tape? Yep.
Listen to it? Not yet.
I'm afraid to listen to it alone.
Let's take a picture to commemorate this occasion.
It's our last summer break in junior high, after all.
Okay? Sakitani Memorial Hall Everyone line up over there.
Let's get the teachers in the shot, too.
Okay, almost ready.
Sakakibara and Misaki, squeeze a little closer together.
You should get to be in one, too.
I'll take it for you.
Here goes! Mochizuki, you and Ms.
Mikami are too far apart! Same goes for Sakaki and Misaki! Kazami, you're fine there.
All right, say "cheese!" Tomorrow, we'll visit the shrine to pray for our safety.
This is a nice lodge.
A local business donated its recreation center.
It seems a bit extravagant for a school group, if you ask me.
Welcome! We've kept all the rooms open for you.
Thank you for having us for the next three days.
We're happy to.
Thanks for coming.
If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask.
Okay I'm playing it.
Now, this is the important part.
Right after we finally reached the bottom of the mountain, that's when it happened.
And by it, I mean I It happened in the forest, outside the lodge.
I got into an argument with a guy named [].
We ended up trading blows.
And then And then The next thing I knew, he wasn't moving.
He was lying under a huge tree.
When I looked closer, I saw he'd been impaled on a branch.
He was dead.
Terrified, I ran back to my room at the lodge.
It had been decided that we'd be staying an extra night.
The police came to see us about the lightning and the fall.
They asked me a lot of questions, but I couldn't tell them anything about [].
I hardly slept at all that night.
I was sure someone would find []'s body and everyone would freak.
But in the morning, there were no signs of that happening, so I went back into the forest to find it myself.
But it wasn't there.
It had vanished without a trace.
I was so bewildered I asked the others what had happened to [].
But they all just looked at me like I was crazy.
"Who's that? I don't know anyone with that name.
" They even said there were 19 students on the trip, not 20.
That's when it dawned on me The guy I'd killed must have been the extra student all along.
I know without a doubt that I killed [].
Nothing will change that fact.
That's why I decided to come clean here.
This is my confession.
It's been two weeks since the trip, and only I, the sole person deeply involved in his death, still remember [].
But I get the feeling it's only a matter of time.
That's why, while my memory is still clear, I want to tell you the truth, and how to stop the calamity.
Are you listening? Send them back to death, where they belong.
Send the dead back to death.
That's how to stop the calamity once it's begun.
We couldn't hear his name.
Does that mean this has been altered? Probably.
Then, it must be real.
There'd be no reason to alter a fake.
Well, we don't need the name.
What matters is how to stop the calamity.
They say there's no way to tell the dead from the living.
And they don't know they're dead.
Is there any way to tell at all? There doesn't seem to be.
Matsunaga's case was pure coincidence.
You don't suppose the extra student is here, at this lodge, do you? Say we do figure out who it is Then what? Are we supposed to kill them? Well— Could you kill a classmate? You know, I've been thinking about who the extra could be.
Do you have someone in mind? Well, I I just think there must be some way to tell who it is.
Keep inhaler in bag when not in use.
Maybe there is, and we just don't know it yet.
May I have a moment, Ms.
Mikami? Since we're all together, there's something I'd like to say.
Is that all right? Um, sure.
Go ahead, Akazawa.
Since May, we have experienced nothing but misfortune.
Just last month, even Mr.
Kubodera became a victim.
To begin, I'd like to apologize for my great ineptitude as the head of countermeasures.
In addition, though it remains unclear whether this trip will lead us toward a resolution, I sincerely believe that you, Misaki, bear some degree of responsibility for the disasters we've faced.
Why If Misaki had properly upheld her role as the nonexistent student, I believe no one would've died.
Hold on! What happened was unavoidable.
She couldn't help how it all went down.
Really, now? If she had been completely thorough in avoiding contact with Sakakibara, the countermeasure would have succeeded.
But— I believe the primary person responsible for its failure is Misaki.
Wouldn't you agree? What do you expect her to do about it now? Apologize.
We have yet to hear one word of apology from her.
Yet, Misaki, the moment you were allowed to exist again, you carried on as if nothing happened.
There's no point.
Would apologizing serve any purpose? If it will, I'll do it.
Misaki, you have nothing to apologize for.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
It's not! Stop it! This is pointless! What's important is figuring out who the extra— Hey, Wakui, are you okay? Are you in pain? Hey! Is this boy asthmatic? Yes.
He always has this.
An inhaler? Shouldn't he use this? It's empty? Do you have a spare? Call an ambulance! Ms.
Mikami, call an ambulance now! Um Our phones haven't been working since yesterday.
We can't make calls.
We've arranged for repairs It's out of range.
Does anyone have service? Call 119! Get an ambulance here! It says there's an antenna here, but I can't connect! Mine won't work, either.
There's no service.
I'll drive him to the hospital.
Are you all right? I'm not the one you should be worried about.
Maybe we shouldn't go up the mountain tomorrow.
Maybe not.
Sakakibara Yeah? Thanks for earlier.
Huh? You stood up for me in the dining room.
Oh, that.
It was nothing.
And it wasn't just me.
There was Mochizuki and Teshigawara, too.
Thank you.
Will you come see me later? I have my own room.
And I want to see the photo.
Where was it? In a detached room at our house.
My grandma found it.
I don't know why it was in there, though.
Really? My aunt Reiko uses that room.
With everyone in grade 9, class 3 March 16, 1973 Can you tell which one Misaki Yomiyama is? Well, I can see that one person looks strange.
Strange? In what way? Like He's kind of blurry, compared to the others in the photo.
Distorted, somehow.
That's right.
What about the color? Do you see any strange colors? No, not really.
Thank you.
Are these other photos your mom's, too? Yeah.
They really did look alike.
Who? Your mother and your aunt.
You think so? Their faces looked the same as kids.
Does Reiko do painting at home? Yeah.
She considers that her real job.
I see.
You were drawing something, too, weren't you? An angel? Who was the model for that? It was Your cousin Misaki? Maybe.
When we first met, at the hospital, were you taking that doll to your cousin, after she passed away? Did you find that strange? Uh It's sort of complicated.
I don't usually like talking about it.
Could you tell me? Okay.
My mother Kirika's real name is Yukiyo, and Misaki's mother's name is Mitsuyo.
They're twins, almost identical.
When they grew up, they both got married, and Mitsuyo became a mother.
To your cousin Misaki? And one other.
She had twins.
Twins? One year later, Yukiyo became pregnant, too.
But her baby never came into this world.
You mentioned that.
Yukiyo was so grief-stricken, she nearly had a breakdown.
To make matters worse, the Fujioka household, into which the twins were born, was in financial trouble.
The Misaki household, on the other hand, needed something to soothe Yukiyo's heart.
It was a matter of supply and demand.
You mean— I was given to her.
I think they gave me to her, instead of Misaki, because of my name.
Your name? If the Misakis took in a daughter named Misaki, her name would be Misaki Misaki.
I've been raised as Yukiyo's, as Kirika's only daughter, for as long as I can remember.
I think I was in 5th grade when I discovered the truth.
My grandmother accidentally let it slip.
I've never seen my mother so flustered.
She was probably planning to keep it a secret my whole life.
What happened once you knew the truth? I wanted to meet Mitsuyo Fujioka, my other mother, and I told Kirika that.
At first, she looked incredibly sad.
But then she was furious.
She didn't want you to meet your birth mother? I guess not.
She doesn't interfere in my life much, except, as I've mentioned, for certain things.
Right, I remember.
I think she feels anxious.
That's probably why she makes me carry a cell phone.
But while all that was going on, I was secretly meeting with Misaki.
By then, she also knew that we were twins.
We felt that we were connected, whether we wanted to be or not.
She often sneaked over to my house.
She said she liked my house because it was full of pretty dolls.
When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday in April, she said, "I want that doll.
" But soon after starting 9th grade, she suddenly That's what you were doing? I had made a promise to her.
So you were sisters, not cousins Yes.
That's why you told me "it may have already begun.
" So you remember that.
Why didn't you tell me that day? I I just I didn't want to believe it.
I didn't want to believe Misaki had died because of some crazy curse.
That's why I could only call her my cousin.
I didn't want to say it.
The Misaki who died in April was the first victim.
If that's true, then Everyone else seems to think the calamity began in May, but The extra student was already in the class before I came to Yomi North.
Is that why you're so certain that I'm not dead? Yes.
Because I wasn't in the class back in April? There's that, but it's not the main reason.
What's your main reason? It's This eye.
This doll's eye tells me you're not.
Your left eye? I think I told you that it lets me see things that should remain unseen.
What can it see? The color of death.
The color of things close to death.
Color? What color is that? A color I've never seen with my right eye.
It doesn't belong with colors like red and blue.
It's unique.
And you can only see that color in people who are dead? It's clearest in dead people, and faint in those with serious illnesses or injuries.
You mean, you can tell when people are about to die? You can't understand how I can see these things, right? Well I've had to accept it.
I've never even talked to Misaki about this.
At some point, I decided to keep this eye covered for the rest of my life.
That's why I wanted to see that photo from 26 years ago.
You could see the color of death in Misaki Yomiyama? Yes.
It's the first time I've ever seen that color so clearly in a photo.
I don't see the color of death in you.
That's how I know it's not you.
You're not the extra.
And you know it's not you for the same reason? Does that mean you already know who the extra person is? I try to keep my eyepatch on at school.
But you wrote "Who is dead?" on your desk.
It wasn't as if my finding out would change anything.
I did wonder, though So What about now? Is the dead person here on this trip? The extra person is here.
Who is it? It's Sakaki! I think I might have done something bad! Makeup.