Another (2012) s01e11 Episode Script


1 I know without a doubt that I killed [].
Nothing will change that fact.
That's why I decided to come clean here.
This is my confession.
It's been two weeks since the trip, and nobody remembers [] ever being in the class.
He's been completely forgotten.
Only I, the sole person deeply involved in his death, still remember [].
But I get the feeling it's only a matter of time.
That's why, while my memory is still clear, I want to tell you the truth, and how to stop the calamity.
Are you listening? Send them back to death, where they belong.
Send the dead back to death.
That's how to stop the calamity once it's begun.
Back in elementary school, there was a girl who looked just like her.
You mean Misaki? Yes.
But I thought Misaki was an only child.
I wasn't in the same class as her, but I know people called her Misaki.
That makes no sense.
From her address, she shouldn't have even been in the same school as you.
That's exactly why it's so strange.
Did she wear an eyepatch over her left eye? No.
Our Misaki lost her eye when she was four! What? Then she Is the dead person here on this trip? The extra person is here.
Who is it? It's Sakaki! I think I might have done something bad! Teshigawara? What happened? Can I ask you two a question? What is it? Do you know a kid named Tomohiko Kazami? What? Just tell me! Do you know Kazami? What's he like? Of course I know him.
He's a class officer and the guy you've always been stuck with.
Misaki? How could I not know him? This is bad Really bad What is? I think I might have been wrong.
Wrong? About what? Well, I I was sure he was the extra So just now, I He was? You mean Kazami You didn't! I did! You can't be serious.
Why would I lie about this?! I tried to probe him a little, since he's been acting weird lately.
And he said he didn't remember the stuff we did together as kids.
He didn't remember much from elementary school, either.
And then? I braced myself, and asked him, "You're not really Kazami, are you?" "You're the extra person in the class, aren't you?!" He looked panicked at first, then he flew into a rage.
He was acting so suspiciously, I was sure it was him.
So like the tape said, if he died, if he "returned to death," we'd all be saved.
Don't tell me you killed him? Did you? I didn't mean to do it! We started grappling and ended up outside, on the balcony.
And the next thing I knew He was lying still on the ground below.
Blood was coming from his head.
I got scared, and ran back down the hall.
I'd seen Sakaki come in here earlier.
So you wanted to find out if Kazami was the extra? Yeah.
I thought, if the extra died, it'd be as if he'd never existed.
But you two said you know him, so I must've been wrong! Tell me, Sakaki, was I wrong? Either that, or he's not dead.
Huh? Falling from two stories up wouldn't necessarily kill him.
You can't see where he fell from here.
It's past that row of shrubs.
The first thing we should do is check if he's alive.
O-Okay Maejima? What happened to you? Blood? I can't Oh, no.
Were you stabbed? I looked in the dining hall.
Th-The manager The manager? Maejima, we've gotta get out of here! Why are you screaming, Kouichi? Sakaki! What's going on? Who is that? It's Maejima! He's hurt! How? He's been stabbed! And there's a fire in the dining hall! A fire? The manager's inside, dead.
He was murdered.
The killer must've started the fire.
Are you serious?! It won't work.
Did you find Kazami? He's gone.
What? Was that Takako? Sugiura! You, get Maejima someplace safe, and call 119! Right.
That room It's mine, and Takako's.
Takako, are you in here? Oh, no Takako! Takako, where are you? Takako! Sakakibara? What's going on? Have you seen Sugiura or Kazami? I saw Kazami.
He came to my room, covered with mud and his face clouded in anger, saying Teshigawara was acting weird.
What? I asked what happened, but he just glared daggers at me.
So I mentioned the tape You told him? Yeah.
He's not in here? It's gone! The tape recorder's gone! What? Why? Sakaki! Is Kazami here? How's Maejima? I left him with someone who heard the screams and ran in to help.
Guys What's going on? Let's split up and look for Kazami.
And stop by all the rooms and tell everyone to get out.
There's a fire! Get out of here! Huh? A fire? A killer? Somewhere in this building.
Plus, there's a fire in the dining hall, and we don't know where Kazami went.
Everything's so messed up! We have to tell Ms.
Mikami? Are you there? We're coming in.
She's gone.
Is that blood? Yeah.
You don't suppose something happened to Ms.
Mikami, do you? Don't you think we should go outside and call the police? No.
Not before we make sure Ms.
Mikami is okay.
Mikami? Who was that? Teshigawara.
And Mochizuki.
It came from downstairs, right? Let's check it out.
Found you.
Takako! Are you okay? Thank goodness.
If you had died, too, I couldn't go on.
Just like you can't live without me.
Takako? Send the dead back to death! Ow! Teshigawara! Let's get out of here! M-My leg Send the dead back! Stop! Out of my way! She said, "Send the dead back to death.
" How did she know about that? She listened to the tape.
You found it in the old class 3 homeroom, right? Ogura told me.
We're looking for a clue to stopping the calamity.
Seriously? I see.
The tape was brought here? Yes, by Mochizuki.
As the head of countermeasures, I had to listen to it.
But why does she think Misaki is the dead person? Ever since our trip to the beach, Takako's been emotionally unstable.
I'm going to look for her.
No, Akazawa! It's too dangerous to go alone! This is an important message from the head of countermeasures to the students of class 3.
The tape you are about to hear was left behind 15 years ago, when the calamity stopped midyear.
and how to stop the calamity.
Are you listening? Send them back to death, where they belong.
Send the dead back to death.
That's how to stop the calamity once it's begun.
These are the facts.
The calamity was stopped midyear 15 years ago.
And the dead person this year is Mei Misaki.
I know this because we went to the same elementary school, and her left eye was intact.
Yet now, she is missing her left eye.
What does this mean? That she was reborn incomplete.
The Mei Misaki we know is a fake.
And that's why we must kill her! No! Return the dead to death.
Return the dead Stop this! Ms.
Mikami! You can't kill your own classmate! But if we send the dead person back to death, no one else will have to die! If we kill Misaki, the calamity will end! No! Don't do this! You're making a mistake! Then who the hell's dead?! I don't know.
But I-I I don't want to die! No! You bastard! Asshole! There! The dead girl! I'll avenge my brother! No! You— I'm sorry! Open up! Damn it.
Move! Careful, it's slippery.
There you are! Send the dead back to death! Ogura! They're in the hallway! We're sav— Go in from downstairs! You really think it's Misaki? There's something off about her.
I know, but Something smells burnt.
He did say there was a fire.
I don't see any flames, though.
The dining hall? We should be safe here.
I think it's stopped.
What on earth happened? An explosion in the dining hall, probably.
Oh Maejima passed out in front of the dining hall.
Could Sugiura have It wasn't me.
It was probably that old crone.
Crone? You are in my way! But I won't kill you, since you're not the dead one.
Besides, Izumi seems fond of you.
Send the dead back to death! Damn you! Why Why is this happening? Kouichi? Akazawa! Who is that? Takako! Mei Misaki You really are No, Akazawa! Sugiura was I'll kill you! If the dead person was gone, all of these tragic things would stop, right? Misaki? Misaki! Misaki! Stand by oneself.