Another (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

Stand by oneself

1 We've gotta get out of here! No! I don't wanna die! This is not normal.
Why? Has everyone lost their minds? Mr.
Chibiki! Nobody else made it here? Ow The bleeding has stopped.
It's not serious.
You all stay here.
Got it? Matsui! Hel— Sakakibara.
Do you remember this girl? Of course I do! Damn, I was wrong.
Wrong? What are you saying?! Sugiura said it was Misaki, but I think the dead one is you.
It started in May this year, right? So the one who joined the class in May is obviously the dead one.
You're wrong! It started in April! You expect me to believe that bullshit? Why are you doing this? I figured it out when Teshigawara almost killed me.
I have to send the dead back to death, or else I'll die.
But that's Shut up! If you hadn't come here, Yukari wouldn't have died! Sakuragi? If you hadn't gotten close to the nonexistent girl Send the dead back to— Idiot.
Kouichi isn't dead.
But you've killed two people.
You don't deserve to live.
I'll help you die.
Keep Yukari company.
Classmates shouldn't be doing stupid things like killing each other.
Pretty words.
But someone who ran away to watch from the sidelines, because he was afraid to die, has no right to say anything! You're right.
I ran away.
But I can still save a student who's about to die needlessly right in front of me.
A spectator like you can't do anything! You can't change a thing! The only ones who can fix this are those living in death's jaws! Sakakibara, get outside! Kazami? Hey, Kazami! Hey What? Come on Stop messing around.
Come on! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Misaki's still inside.
Misaki! If you're here, answer me! Stop! Please, stop! If I don't kill her, we'll all die! You could die, too! You've got it all wrong! Misaki's not dead! If the calamity doesn't stop after I kill her, then I'll agree with you! Now, it ends.
You're wrong What's your problem? I'm I'm just trying to protect us all! So why?! If you're so desperate to die, I'll kill you along with her! Stupid brother You idiot! Ouch! I'm sorry! Are you all right? You okay? You're not from Yomi North.
I'm from Tokyo.
Are you in pain? No Someone I love died.
Oh Then We're the same.
A year and a half ago, I hit you with an empty can.
Remember? Honestly, you're terrible.
You're supposed to say you remember, even if it's not true.
Akazawa Misaki! Misaki! August 9 (Sun.
) Yes! I've got a signal! Redial Mei Misaki Please connect.
Sakakibara? Misaki! Are you okay? Yes.
Where are you? The back yard.
Are you hurt? I'm fine.
But, I can't really move.
I'm coming, okay? I'll be right there, so— Don't come here.
Why? You don't want to come here, Sakakibara.
But why?! I I have to stop it.
Misaki, you can't mean Who is it? You'll regret it.
That's why.
Misaki! Misaki! Stay back.
We have to help! We can't.
I see the color of death.
Did you just realize it now? I've known for some time, but I couldn't tell you.
But now It's time for me to stop it.
Wait! No It can't be.
It can't be! It's not true! She's the extra? You're sure? You're sure? Ms.
Mikami Reiko is the extra? Kouichi.
Now, the fourth thing you need to know to prepare yourself for Yomi North is: Keep the line between my work and personal roles clear.
Be careful not to call me Reiko by mistake.
At school, I'm the assistant homeroom teacher, Ms.
Mikami, at all times.
Got that? Does any other class in our school have an assistant homeroom teacher? Um They don't.
The 9th grade's class 3 is the only one.
Our classroom had the right number of desks this year.
And yet the calamity began in April.
Why do you think that is? Because the place short one desk was the faculty room.
She's lying! Move out of the way, Sakakibara.
I'll do it.
I'll send the dead back to death.
Kouichi I'm sorry, Reiko.
Don't! Don't do this! Is this right? Is this really right? Is this really the right choice? There's no mistake? If we're wrong, I'll have murdered Reiko.
Is everything Misaki said true? Can I trust her? I remembered.
I saw it.
I was watching.
A year and a half ago, I saw Ms.
Mikami being killed! Cheer! Cheer up! Why? Why? Rei! Certificate of Excellence Presented to Reiko Mikami I suppose it was about a year and a half ago? At the pet shop.
How does it feel to be back after a year and a half away from Yomiyama? A year and a half ago, I hit you with an empty can.
Remember? After a death, there always follows a funeral.
How very tired I am of funerals My poor Ritsuko My poor Reiko, too Believe me.
Reiko Goodbye, Reiko.
Goodbye, Mother.
Mikami Family Grave You're here, too? Everything okay with your lungs now? I guess.
Probably won't be able to join in gym class, though.
Tombstone October 29 Reiko July 27 Ritsuko None of the others remember Ms.
Only us, huh? I guess she was getting worried that you might become the ninth victim.
So eight people died Strictly speaking, there were ten victims in August.
Who were the other two? The manager and his wife.
They were Takabayashi's maternal grandparents.
I'm told they were in a poor emotional state since his death.
Mikami died in fall, a year and a half ago.
She was stabbed by an unknown assailant near the river.
I can't remember, but I hear Ms.
Mikami was the dead person this year? That means there were seven deaths in the calamity two years ago.
Homeroom: Reiko Mikami October 29, murdered Yes.
There were seven "X" marks.
I saw the name "Akazawa" on the file from that year.
Was that Yes, he was Akazawa's cousin, but they were raised more like siblings.
Shall I drive you home? No, we'll be fine.
All right, then.
Take care going home.
Oh Actually, I guess the calamity is over, huh? When did you figure out that Reiko, that Ms.
Mikami, was the extra? When was it I forget.
Why didn't you say anything? What good would it have done? I obviously couldn't tell you.
Mikami was special to you, right? I mean, Reiko.
Want to go check out that amusement park? Huh? The Ferris wheel.
I don't ride those.
No? I tried to call your cell phone from the hospital the other day, but I couldn't connect.
That's because I threw it in the river after that day.
Why? I hate those devices.
Do we really need to be connected through them, all the time? She'll probably give me a new one soon, though.
If she does, can I call you sometimes? Sure, sometimes.
Oh, yeah.
Mochizuki gave these to me.
You can see Reiko in them, right? Yeah.
None of them could see her.
Even Mochizuki didn't realize she was there.
Really? What about the color? What color is Reiko? I see the color of death on her.
I wonder if we'll slowly forget all this over time, too.
The trip, everything that's happened since April Everything that had to do with Reiko Mikami Everything You really don't want to forget? You want to remember, forever? It's over now, isn't it? That's how to stop the calamity.
To: The Students of Grade 9, Class 3 How you interpret this is up to you.
Just make sure to carefully consider your actions.
Think it through, and discuss it with your friends, so you'll have no regrets.