Another Self (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I'm not buying him more glasses.
It's pointless.
He keeps getting beaten up anyway.
He's worthless,
does nothing but cost me money.
And he's no different in the shop.
Just useless.
I don't know who he gets it from.
Don't say that.
He's good at school.
Spare me, for God's sake.
That boy's not gonna amount to anything.
Life will crush him like a bug.
Selim. I'm here. I'm here, baby.
Hey. Open up.
What do you think you're doing
outside the house?
Didn't I tell you to go get a room?
Hey, it's okay. I'm actually used to this.
Is Ada awake?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Let's just stay like this.
I've missed you so much.
I have to get up. I need to pee.
Come back here.
I really need to go.
What is this, Ada?
What are you doing?
- Has she gone insane?
- Ugh, voicemail.
Instead of trying to save her marriage,
she goes out and
Ah, Mom, I only told you about all of that
so you wouldn't let it slip
if Selim comes here.
- Don't make me regret it.
- Okay, okay.
I couldn't even get him to go to a hotel.
He's been sleeping in his car.
Here, take this one. Last one.
Hey, take that.
If he's still here, and that's him,
this is gonna be so bad.
You like your eggs over easy, right?
And with thyme?
I don't eat eggs anymore. Thanks though.
Enjoy your breakfast.
Whoa, wait a minute.
- You're going?
- Yeah.
Why? What's wrong?
Yeah, Toprak, what is wrong?
Why did we do this?
It doesn't make any sense.
What happened was stupid.
It was pointless.
Was it, though?
Yeah, it was.
Do we really need to pretend it wasn't?
I don't think so.
I'm I'm gonna
Downtown's far. I'll give you a ride.
Don't worry. I'm good. I can walk.
You'll just walk.
You're an idiot,
and you had it coming.
What did you expect?
This is Zaman's fault.
Stranded between my mind and my heart?
Fuck my stupid, stupid heart.
Ah Ah
Pole dancing is finally paying off.
Are you guys up yet?
Oh, good morning, sweetie.
- Good morning.
- Oh, I guess I really overslept, didn't I?
Hey, Leyla, look at me for a sec.
- You went to bed with all that makeup on?
- Uh-oh.
Did I really sleep with makeup on?
I didn't even notice.
Sarpie boy.
Sarpie boy.
Come on, baby. Wake up.
Let's get up. We have a guest visiting.
What? My dad's here?
No, honey, it's not your dad. I mean
I don't think your dad
would drive all the way out here, babe.
Where have you been?
You've had me worried sick.
I'm okay, Sevgi. Don't worry about me.
Please don't ask me
anything about last night. Okay?
No, wait. I have something to
tell you, but please,
please don't get mad.
You said you had something to tell me,
but you're not saying anything.
Just tell me.
How are you?
Wasn't me.
I asked Belgin to come over.
You were so upset.
I thought it'd be a surprise for you.
Look, your tea is ready. Come and join us.
Thanks, but you shouldn't have, Muko.
There's a reason I didn't invite her.
Ugh! Was she bitten
by a snake as a child, Belgin?
She's definitely venomous.
Ada, wait.
I had no idea about this.
Belgin, please don't be
too irritated with her.
She's been really upset lately.
Just the other day,
she literally chewed me out.
I slept with someone.
Are you Ada's mother?
I am, sweetie.
And where is Ada's dad, then?
Honey, um,
Ada's dad is
He's in a place that we can't see.
The same place as my dad?
No, honey.
Not exactly like that, uh, God forbid.
Sarp, um, have you
learned to read, sweetie?
Come over here.
I'll draw you some letters.
Just give me one minute.
I have to
You can draw what I do, okay?
Here you go.
Hello, to all my darlings!
It's a very windy day out here in Cunda,
and we're all feeling a little chilly.
If you still haven't explored the area
and all of its amazing taverns,
don't worry, because I have
a fantastic recommendation for you.
Oh, my hair is so
Fiko's place!
Also, I have a discount code for you.
Oh, the wind!
Hey. What's up?
Where is Ada?
Well, things got complicated.
Belgin just came here.
And there was no time
to tell Ada that you're here.
And right now, she's
I get it. What do I do?
So what I was thinking, Selim, is maybe
you should go back to Istanbul for now.
I mean, Ada's not really
in the mood to talk.
- Hey.
- Huh?
- Is that Toprak over there?
- Who? What?
Is that Toprak over there?
It's really him. Right.
I wonder what he's doing here?
Sevgi, look at me.
What's going on?
Huh? What's that guy doing here?
Did he and Ada meet up?
- Shh. Take it easy.
- Easy what? Easy what, huh?
Selim. What the hell are you doing?
You cheated on her,
and now you're acting all macho? No way!
You think this is about Toprak?
Do you even realize how much you hurt Ada?
What's up?
- How are you?
- Fine, fine.
I'm great.
And you? What are you doing here?
- Vacation.
- Vacation?
Just vacation.
Well, I'm here to take my wife back.
But I'm sure you and Ada
have already seen each other, haven't you?
You look good, Selim.
You lost the glasses, right?
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.
Anyway, see you around.
- Did Ada sleep with him?
- I told you, take it easy.
I'm gonna kick his ass!
What? Everyone's looking at us.
I don't give a shit!
Ada wouldn't do that to me.
Do you hear me?
Who was there for her
when that guy fucking left? Who was there?
- Let's go, man. Let's go!
- Where is he?
Where is that guy?
- Selim. What's this?
- Where'd he go?
- What are you doing?
- What am I doing?
- Let's go.
- Stop it!
Ada, listen.
I just want to see you for a little bit.
It won't take long, I promise.
Five minutes.
I'm sorry to hear about Selim.
You don't need to be sorry.
We won't be the first couple
to get divorced.
Still, it can't be easy.
All those years together,
you get used to each other.
You build a routine, right?
Why are you here, Mom?
Muko told me you were getting a divorce.
And, after you called me about your aunt,
I just hoped
that I could talk to my daughter.
You were wrong.
Because you and I
have nothing to talk about.
Here. Let me do it.
You always held that mirror
when you were little.
Your grandmother would be upset,
and tell you to put it down.
I couldn't understand
why she'd be so protective of a mirror.
But she had her reasons.
Last night, when you called
about the murder in our family,
it gave me chills.
I'd forgotten all about it.
Just don't want
to remember the bad things.
But I remember them, Mom, quite well.
I remember how you left
without looking back
when Dad was sick and in pain.
You think you know everything, don't you?
You think you're the only one
who's suffered.
No. It wasn't just me who suffered.
Dad suffered too.
And he suffered a lot.
I'm not here to talk about all of that.
I'm only here
because I'm worried about you.
But you don't need to worry about me.
You weren't there when I got married,
and you don't need to be here
for my divorce.
Baby, whatever I did,
it was always for your sake.
I'm not gonna apologize for that.
How could she do this to me?
How could she do this?
- Let's go, man.
- I just made one mistake. One mistake!
- Let's go.
- Just one!
I told her everything.
How could she do this to me?
How could she?
With that guy of all people!
I'm gonna lose my mind!
Fine, go ahead.
Yell, scream, jump, whatever.
- But get a hold of yourself, damn it!
- I'm not gonna leave without her.
I'm not going anywhere without her.
I'm not going anywhere without her!
Do you hear me?
I'm gonna find that fucking guy!
Then, why?
- Tell me why.
- Why what?
Why would you cheat on Ada,
if you loved her so much?
- How many times do I
- For God's sake, spare me, Selim.
"Oh, 'cause I was drunk.
That girl was hitting on me."
I'm not talking about any of those things.
I'm asking you about the real reason.
Maybe there are things about yourself
you don't realize.
Maybe you're not
as happy with Ada as you like to think.
No, I don't get it.
I don't get it.
You've been our friend for 15 years.
You've been my friend for 15 years.
You know everything about us.
You know I can't live without her.
Maybe that's the problem. Don't you see?
I mean, you always did
whatever Ada wanted you to do.
Maybe you were too much of a pushover.
Please, just think about it.
Would you have slept with someone else,
if you loved Ada that much?
Think about it, buddy.
You want some?
- Nah.
- Hm?
Fine. All right.
People just can't seem
to stop confessing these days.
Selim kicked it off.
- Oh.
- Hey.
That's right, honey.
We really need to get serious now.
So what happened last night?
Toprak and you?
Or this morning?
Or, um, last night and this morning?
No. Please don't say you slept together.
Are you really that naive, Segvi?
They played house till the break of dawn.
Come on. Just look at those cheeks.
- They're orgasm pink, cute, and flustered.
- Hey! Leyla, stop it!
- Ada, no, please.
- Ada, yes, please, yes!
"Oh yes, Ada, yes, yes!"
Hey, uh, you know that
she's still married to someone, right?
That is only in principle, girl.
Does she have a ring on her finger? No.
And is Selim around? No, he's not.
Yes, he is.
Wait, seriously?
Selim is in town. He came here last night.
And I told him you were sleeping.
Wait, you're kidding me. Aren't you?
- Uh-uh.
- Yeah, Selim is a joke.
You know, in the town where I come from,
they say, "That ship has sailed."
Or more accurately, "Toprak on the stage!"
- Toprak's not an option, Leyla. He's not.
- What do you mean he's not?
Toprak is actually seeing someone else.
And now he's cheated on them with me.
Wait, what?
- Are you sure about that?
- Mm-hm.
Oh. So this is news to you?
"Honey, Toprak has changed."
"He's a new man.
I'm telling you, Toprak is harmless."
Well, there you go, your harmless Toprak.
If I'd known this would go down,
I'd never have let her go.
And now it's all on me again?
Oh my God. Come on
It's not anybody's fault, okay?
It's nobody's fault.
It's just, what goes around comes around.
It's fine, sweetie. Okay?
You guys are like fire and gunpowder.
You were clearly bound to explode
sooner or later,
and much better a good bang
than having to bottle it up inside.
If Selim hears you talking,
then we're really in for an explosion.
May God have mercy on Selim's soul.
Amen, amen, and all that.
Oh, Leyla, come on.
You always forgive Erdem
for any of the shit he pulls.
- Why is she not allowed to forgive Selim?
- Okay, dear friend.
Well, let me remind you, then.
Who said that, if Selim ever did something
so ridiculous, she'd never forgive him?
Yeah, and I won't forgive him.
See, I'm right again, aren't I?
And let me tell you
the difference between us.
See, I am in love with Erdem,
and she is not in love with Selim.
You know that
I'm still sitting here, right?
- Hm.
- Yeah.
What do you really want?
That's all that matters. All right?
I want the tremors in my hand to be gone
so I can go back to work.
Since you mentioned tremors,
I need to ask.
Any good ones?
Last night, hm? I mean
Orgasms are back, girl?
Oh, come on, Leyla.
You are really hopeless.
You're the one who's hopeless, you know.
Girls, all I'm saying is you should
try to change your perspectives a little.
Your lives will get
so much easier, seriously.
I'm going to work. I'm late.
I'll leave the kid to you.
See you, then.
Don't you think
she's acting kinda weird lately?
Have a good summer, guys.
Have a good summer!
Boss man, a word, please?
Oh wow, all of the tables are booked?
Look. what I want you to tell customers is
that you're fully booked up for the night,
but you could make
a special exception just this one time.
Wait. You want me to lie?
You have to understand that
the harder it is to get a table somewhere,
the trendier a place becomes.
I get it, but I can't lie.
- Leyla, I have your takeout right here.
- Oh, thanks so much.
Well, Sarp asked me to pick up fish.
I need to take this to him now.
- Enjoy it.
- Do what I told you.
- Some wine?
- You think they have cognac?
That serious, is it?
You don't want to talk
until you get drunk.
Should I order something?
What would you like?
I'm not hungry.
I regret it so much.
I'm so sorry.
I mean it.
I could have said nothing.
You know?
You'd have had no idea.
But I don't want any lies
between us anymore.
- Selim
- Let me finish.
This is
not en excuse,
but, um,
I was furious.
Hearing you say
you'd go to Brussels for two years
drove me crazy.
I was heartbroken.
I thought,
"I guess Ada doesn't love me anymore."
I just felt so alone.
I don't want a divorce.
I can't lose you.
We can go to therapy, hm?
What do you say?
You want to go to Brussels?
Fine. I'll come with you.
Fuck the construction.
I'll quit my job there. I'll leave.
I'll leave everything and go with you.
I'll follow you anywhere.
- I can't lose you.
- It's too late now, Selim.
No, no. No, it's not.
I ran into Toprak here earlier.
Nothing happened between you, did it?
Please tell me nothing happened
between you two.
I'm so sorry, Selim.
I mean, yes, you broke my heart.
But, still
I never wanted to break yours too.
I'm sorry.
Very sorry.
- Please, wait.
- Selim.
Let's just drop it. This is going nowhere.
How could you?
- How could you do this?
- How could I do what?
- How could you do this to me? Come on!
- What? Was it me?
You just You did it
because you wanted to hurt me.
And to hit me right where
you know I'm the weakest.
Are you happy now, Ada?
- Selim, we're separated.
- No.
- We broke up.
- No.
You know I've filed for divorce.
Don't you?
We are not divorced!
- You're giving me the third degree?
- I am.
You, of all people?
- I'm giving you the third degree.
- Why is that?
It's okay when you do it
but not when I do it?
It is not the same.
Why not, Selim?
Because you're a man,
it's just a one-night mistake,
but it's the end of the world
when I do the same thing?
- Is that it?
- No.
It's that I had no fucking feelings
for that woman!
None at all! And you?
Selim, we were separated.
I didn't cheat on you.
But you cheated on me.
You took the first opportunity.
That is not fair.
All those years
I waited for you to get over him.
And now you and him, you
I'm gonna lose my mind.
How could you?
You were a complete mess when he left you.
And didn't I save you, Ada?
Huh? Isn't that what you told me?
Didn't you say you didn't know
what you'd do without me?
Selim, don't do this.
Stop it. We're about to lose
all respect for each other. Please.
This is a mistake.
That guy doesn't give a damn about you.
And you know what's funny?
The fact that he never has.
Erdem, damn!
You scared me half to death. Ah!
You said you'd put the light on.
And you said
you wouldn't take so long, right?
Here's your damn food.
Now listen up.
We couldn't talk about
anything important last night,
but right now we're gonna sit
and talk about everything, okay?
No time to talk last night.
Because I missed you too much.
You know?
- That was pretty obvious. I mean
- Yeah.
Five times is a new record for us.
Guess being a fugitive did you good.
Cunda did you even better.
Hey! Hands off me.
All that I could get as an advance.
That idiot give you this money?
Don't call my boss an idiot,
because, if it wasn't for him, honey,
you wouldn't have found us.
No, he didn't help me find you.
It was the stories you posted, babe.
Didn't you post them
just for me to see? Hm?
Sevgi told me
that my phone could be tapped,
so I knew you couldn't call us,
and I had to do something.
My brilliant wife.
My brilliant wife, come here.
Hey. Stop it. Don't kiss me
with those greasy lips. Get off!
Now, don't get horny on me,
because we're gonna talk. You hear me?
Sarp asks about his dad
the minute he wakes up every morning.
What the hell are we gonna do, Erdem?
Can you please just tell me
what it is that you did?
Baby, listen to me.
I didn't do anything at all.
The guys I was doing business with
were assholes.
All of them
totally stabbed me in the back.
When I couldn't clear the goods
through customs, they were all over me.
That's what happened.
Wait, who even are these people?
What guys are you talking about?
What assholes? What goods?
Oh, come on.
Why you wanna know who they are, Leyla?
It's over, that's it.
And I need to go to Greece.
You must be crazy.
They'll catch you immediately.
No, because I'll be taking a back route,
so don't worry about it.
We'll take a boat to Lesbos.
From there, Switzerland.
I have a bank account there.
The rest is easy.
Are you telling me that you have
a Swiss bank account, all of a sudden?
- I really need to put 10,000 euros there.
- What?
Ten thousand euros?
Where am I gonna find 10,000 euros, Erdem?
I don't know. To be honest,
I don't care where you get it.
Ask Daddy dearest, the girls.
But you have to come up with it
somehow, Leyla, or I'm gonna go to prison.
Do you understand me? I'll go to prison.
Leyla, damn. My phone's driving me nuts.
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
"Yo, sup, girl"? The guy can't even
type a complete sentence.
How am I supposed to date him?
Dear Athena.
I brought you an olive sapling
as a way to give you my thanks.
I wished for recovery,
and now I am recovering.
Maybe you'll hear me again this time.
I want to fall in love.
I want you to
to send someone who will love me
for who I am, exactly who I am, please.
- From your lips to God's ears.
- Fiko?
Sev Sevgi, it's you?
What are you doing here?
Planting an olive sapling. What are doing?
I'm picking herbs.
Thyme, zucchini blossoms,
anything under God's sky.
You need help?
I can't say I don't
can't say I don't, Fiko.
But I don't want
to distract you from your work.
It's okay. No worries.
Fiko, I have something
I wanted to ask you.
Ask away.
You've, uh you've been visiting Zaman
pretty regularly, right?
I do as much as I can.
But he thinks I'm in too much of a hurry.
Been telling me to give it time.
So can I ask, what exactly
are you going for?
Long story.
Mind if I hold onto it?
Of course, of course.
Okay, then can I ask you,
if you had any real,
concrete changes in your life yet?
Of course. It's inevitable. Haven't you?
I definitely have.
I had cancer.
But I'm okay now.
Thank God.
And maybe I'm asking for too much.
But it still oddly feels like
something's missing from my life.
May you stay cancer-free.
All right.
Where I come from,
they say that God never gives you
more than you can handle.
If the Lord has given you something,
you should believe in his plan.
Look for the big picture.
That's what he says.
Zaman's words. "Big picture."
Where do you come from? I'm curious.
Originally from Adana.
The Greek appetizers
are a different story.
Ugh, Leyla!
Leyla put this awful app thing
on my phone. Online Flirting or something.
This thing dings non-stop.
Ding, ding, ding.
Oh, so that's how you found that asswipe?
So you got any good matches?
I just don't think it's gonna work.
Yeah, I'm just looking around.
- How about you? Do you have a girlfriend?
- Me?
No. I mean, not really.
"Not really." Right.
Come on, get up.
We're gonna miss the shuttle.
It's a long way back from here.
Hey, Leyla, honey.
I didn't see you around last night.
What were you up to?
Fiko and I had some work. Why do you ask?
Tell me the truth.
Erdem hasn't called you yet, has he?
Of course he hasn't.
I'd tell you if he had, wouldn't I?
Why do you ask?
Something real strange
is going on with you, lady.
I mean, you've stopped
talking about Erdem completely,
and I wonder why.
You're too calm.
You don't seem to be worried at all.
Sevgi, it's time for your meds.
I already took them, Mom.
Well, I suppose we'll know what's up
soon enough, won't we?
So I guess
it's impossible to surprise you.
So did he call you?
Well, last night,
I was busy trying to find love
for a little lady named Sevgi.
I was trying to set you up, all right?
You have dates later today.
Speed dates, okay?
Remember that. Speed dates.
You'll have five minutes
to talk with each candidate, okay?
You're gonna do great, darling.
Sarp, we're done with this, honey.
I think that's enough for today.
No, we're not done. Just one more.
Color this one.
Don't color outside the lines, okay?
Well, I can't make any promises,
because my hand is
Leyla, my hand's not shaking.
I'm not shaking.
I'm not shaking.
Zaman, hey!
How is my hand not shaking anymore?
You owe me an explanation.
I'm very happy for you, Ada.
You don't know me.
You don't know my family.
Those people in there,
none of them know me.
I mean, I didn't even know about
what happened to my great aunt,
so how is it that you know?
- chuckles]
- Please tell me.
I don't have time for that.
Here's what we'll do.
Take one of those bikes, and ride with me.
We'll talk on the way.
Does that work for you?
- Good morning.
- Good morning,
Have a good one. See you later.
Will you slow down? I haven't been
on a bike since I was a kid.
Don't worry. It'll come right back to you.
There are potholes. Watch out for them.
We're in the olive business.
We have our own brand of olive oil.
Ayvalık olives, very interesting.
I mean, that's great.
- What you're doing is great.
- You look so great.
Bless you. You're like one of God's
miracles right in front of me.
My mom would love you.
I'm sorry. It wasn't clear.
Do you live with your mother?
- You have such beautiful hair.
- Thank you so much.
Hey, do you mind
if we share a pineapple pizza?
Uh, I'm not really that hungry.
I mean, it's actually not my real hair,
but it's not a wig.
It's not a wig either. I It's actually
I had a treatment for cancer.
Oh, I hope you're doing okay now.
I'm better now.
We could go over to my hotel.
I have some good weed.
Okay, fine. No weed then.
Hey, um, I need to go do something,
but I'll call you, all right?
I'm sure you will.
- How are you İlyas? How are things?
- Welcome.
Sir you shouldn't have come
all the way down here.
- I'm sorry about this.
- Don't mention it.
I've been tending to your olives
as if they were my own,
but these are infected,
and pesticide hasn't worked, either.
It's all right.
It's all right.
All right.
Doctor, what do you think?
What's wrong with this olive tree?
I don't like speculating
on things I'm not qualified for.
So, are you gonna
answer my questions or not?
İlyas, can you please
get me a pick and a shovel?
Right away.
Okay, then.
This will do.
So, all right.
This tree here is at least
50 or 60 years old.
You only see the part of the tree
that's above the ground,
but the part underground is almost as big.
If the roots of this tree are sick,
is there any point
in trying to heal its branches?
I don't think so.
the roots start dying,
the veins that give it life clot up.
And, of course, when that happens to them,
the cells lose their source of food.
Slowly, the cells
which lose their source of food
They die.
I passed my cardiovascular exam
ages ago, Zaman.
And I watched Avatar a long time ago.
Have a great rest of your day.
Hey, Dr. Ada.
Just wait.
What are you doing?
Just wait.
Are you too impatient to wait
for the answers to your own questions?
Or even to just rest under an olive tree?
Now, imagine
you are this olive.
This is your family tree.
From the deepest roots in the ground,
veins come up to feed you.
These veins carry stories,
carry pain, carry riches and treasures.
Your mother, her mother, and her mother.
You're all intertwined
with invisible bonds.
Ignoring that bond
is to shut out your feminine side.
Your feminine side is
the creative part of you.
Your compassion,
your ability to give and receive love.
What we do is find those
little wounds in the roots
and apply a little bit of care to them.
How is that?
[rhythmic meditative music plays
Now that's the mystery of it.
You neither deny nor prove it,
but only observe the effects.
When the one picked to represent someone
comes and stands in the middle,
a flow of information is initiated.
You may open your eyes
when you're ready.
You can move forward, left, or right
inside the space.
It is at that moment
that we start to see
the wounds in the roots.
When you were 12 or 13,
you suffered great pain,
and you lost someone.
Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody hear me?
Is anybody down there?
Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody hear me?
Anybody down there?
I couldn't save her.
I couldn't save her. I couldn't save her.
I couldn't save her. I couldn't save her.
It appears
you have replaced
your late mother with your wife.
That is bullshit.
What you do here is a total joke.
I'd like to finalize
this expansion right here.
Confrontation, sometimes it, uh,
needs to develop gradually.
Our friend
needs both experience and time.
Like all of us.
What if the past is not yet history ♪
And it's why my future
Gets away from me? ♪
The bliss, the joy ♪
and the victory ♪
Are hidden in another self ♪
Could it be
Somewhere we've lost the harmony? ♪
The muse, the spell, and the irony ♪
Are sailing in another self
Deep inside of me ♪
I came to smile
I came to cry ♪
I came to fail, then grow up high ♪
I came to fall
I came to love ♪
I came to remember we're born to fly ♪
I came to sing ♪
I came to lose, then look upside ♪
I came to trust ♪
I came to remind you
No one's born to die ♪
I know we're both
stuck inside a perpetual car crash,
but, if you want,
I'm ready to climb out of it.
We've both been through so much.
We've been up and down every road.
And I think we
I think we can survive this.
Let's not give up.
Please, Ada.
Born to fly ♪
Can we just talk?
How do we choose
the people we fall in love with?
Is the combination of adrenaline,
serotonin, and oxytocin really enough
to fall in love?
- Fiko?
- Hello there.
Or is it possible
that what we perceive as choice
is affected by someone
calling out from the past?
Hello, Mom. Yes.
Leyla, baby.
Something extraordinary has happened.
Are you listening?
Yes, I am.
A title deed for some land
was uncovered in Crete.
It was your grandmother's.
It's ours now, baby!
And they say it's very valuable.
Oh! Mom, are you serious?
Why did you come here?
I didn't want to disappear this time.
I had to say goodbye
before I head back to the Netherlands.
You shouldn't have bothered.
Ada, what happened
- It meant something to me.
- Oh really?
Is that what you're gonna tell
your girlfriend? Or maybe your wife?
I caused someone the same pain that
I've always been terrified of, Toprak.
It's because of you.
Just go, please.
Have a nice trip.
I don't have a girlfriend.
Or a wife.
I have a daughter.
Her name's Flor.
She's in the Netherlands.
With her mom and her mom's boyfriend.
So you have a daughter?
Son of a bitch!
What the hell are you doing here?
- Selim?
- Selim.
- Selim what?
- Stop it! Calm down, please.
- Womanizing asshole! I'm gonna kill you.
- Bro, easy.
- What are you doing?
- Calm down.
- I'm gonna rip you a new one!
- Please, stop.
I've had enough of this!
- Selim.
- What?
Selim You okay?
Are you okay?
What if the past is not yet history? ♪
And it's why my future
Gets away from me? ♪
The bliss, the joy, and the victory ♪
Are hidden in another self
deep inside of me ♪
So tell me
If the past is not yet history ♪
Could it be
Somewhere we've lost the harmony? ♪
The muse, the spell, and the irony ♪
Are sailing in another self
Deep inside of me ♪
I came to smile
I came to cry ♪
I came to fail, then grow up high ♪
I came to fall
I came to love ♪
I came to remember we're born to fly ♪
I came to sing
I came to fight ♪
I came to lose, then look upside ♪
I came to doubt
I came to trust ♪
I came to remind you
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
Don't you see
The past is not just history ♪
It's why you are you ♪
And it's why I'm me ♪
The spark, the taste, and the destiny ♪
Are dancing with another self
Deep inside of we ♪
So tell me if your past is not history ♪
But it's why you're here ♪
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