Another Self (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- [folk music plays]
- [people clap to the beat]
1960, THRACE
[girl] Cemil, you don't wanna jump?
[man] Come on, kid. Let's jump.
No, Papa. I'm scared of fire.
Tell me this.
What is it that makes our stoves work?
Fire is not your enemy.
Fire protects us, feeds us, keeps us.
If you know how to handle it.
And if you don't,
that's when it burns you to the ground.
And, if you're smart enough,
you will rise from the ashes.
But, if you're not,
there's no healing the burns.
Now jump over it,
so you can get your courage back. Huh?
Come, my boy.
Come, Çiçek.
Make way, my boy's coming.
[Papa] Yusuf! Yusuf. My boy's here.
Make way.
Make way for the chief. Make way!
- [Papa] Let's go.
- Papa, I don't know.
- [Papa] Don't worry, boy.
- [Yusuf] Come on.
- Papa, please. I'm scared!
- Don't be scared, son. I'm here.
Yusuf. One
- Two, three.
- Two, three.
[Papa] Let's go! There we go!
- [Papa laughs]
- [crowd cheers]
[Papa] Wow! Good job.
- [Papa laughs]
- [soldier 1] Stop the music. Stop!
- [soldier 2] All of you, stand back.
- Who's Gypsy Chief Adem Ayaz?
That's me.
Last night, you killed Master Eşref.
You're coming with us.
I didn't do it.
[crowd chattering]
Commander, he wouldn't do that!
- Tell that to the judge.
- I didn't.
The rest of you, take down these tents.
Pack up and leave.
Hey, I didn't do it.
- Take them down. Let's go!
- [Adem] I didn't do it.
- [Yusuf] Please, wait. Please. Please!
- [Cemil] Where are they taking him?
[mournful music plays]
[Ada] You wouldn't believe
that a fire lit years ago
could still burn today, would you?
What if that fire was put out too early?
And all that was left
was thick, black smoke?
Is it possible to be reborn
from those ashes?
[Sevgi] Why would you even need
to do something like this?
I mean, making up fake names like Tevfik.
It just seems like it's beneath you.
[sighs] The Earth is my Eden
Humanity is my nation
And I believed only those
who understood that could be human
We are the devil, the demon
There is no Satan, nor angels
The Earth will become Eden with people
I believe
I don't understand any of that.
Tevfik Fikret.
My dad was a fan.
He decided to name me after him.
My first name is Tevfik.
No lie. I don't lie.
If you like Tevfik, I'm Tevfik. Or Fiko.
Take your pick.
Okay, I get it. I get it.
But, still, you didn't have to pretend
to be someone else just to text me.
I wasn't sure,
if I asked you to go out with me,
that you'd say yes.
[chuckles] Fiko, come on.
"Go out with you"?
We're not in high school anymore, are we?
Okay, whatever you call it now. A date?
- A meet-up, perhaps?
- A meet-up.
Listen, Fiko.
I'm sorry, but I just never
thought about you in that way, really.
I mean, you and I and
I see
- [Sevgi] Mm
- I see.
So, some random guy you found online
has a chance apparently, but I don't.
- Is that the case?
- Come on, Fiko.
That wasn't even my idea.
It was all Leyla's plan.
I didn't want anything to do with it.
Anyway, you should eat.
The appetizers here aren't bad at all.
- I mean, not as good as ours. Still
- Mm.
[cell phone chimes]
Yeah. What's up, Ada?
[policeman] All right, Toprak Ayaz.
Toprak Ayaz, son of Cemil.
Have a seat.
Why did you assault Selim Saban?
Oh, fuck me. Babe
I totally forgot.
The only night I'm not on call.
The only one. And you come home wasted?
Thank you very much.
Eh wasted or not, you still love me. Huh?
Look at yourself.
Ada, enough.
Stop scolding me like I'm a child.
Then why don't you grow up?
Every day
Every day I'm trying
to save people's lives out there,
and what are you doing, Toprak?
Seriously, what you do all day?
What do you do?
What, you wanted me
to be on call with you?
Just grow up, Toprak. Grow up.
You have to grow up eventually.
So I'm not a man, huh?
You're three months behind on your rent.
I'll pay it once I finish the album.
Album? What album are you talking about?
I haven't heard a single song of yours.
What album are you talking about?
Are you my girlfriend or my father?
Your father?
Seriously, Toprak?
Yeah, father, give me a break.
[Toprak sighs]
A break. Here's your break.
Is that better? Happy now? Is that enough?
- Ada, you need to calm down.
- [sobs]
[shouts] Just calm down!
How long do you plan on
living your life like this?
This is me.
I don't want to save the world
like you do.
I don't care about that shit.
I don't give a fuck.
You can live like that.
But I'm not going to be here.
Ada, I love you.
Why is that not enough for you?
[policeman] Selim Saban.
All right, what are you
pressing charges for? How did it happen?
[Selim] Why do you care so much?
The guy hasn't changed at all.
He's not relationship material.
Then what've we been doing
the last two years?
You and Toprak are doomed.
You don't even get to see each other
that much, anyway.
Either you're on call, or he's got a gig,
or he's on tour or whatever.
[Selim] Wait a second.
Let me ask you this.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Like, do you see yourself getting married?
Give her a break, Selim.
What's with the questions?
The girl's confused enough.
She needs to focus on her exams.
I think I do.
[Sevgi] What?
So what are you doing
with a guy who doesn't want that?
The guy's a punk.
Am I wrong? He'll let you down.
Selim, come here for a second.
- Toprak.
- What the hell?
- Talk to me like a man.
- What for?
- [Ada] Stop it.
- What do you want from me?
[Selim] Shut the hell up!
- You. You're trying to steal her.
- [Selim] Shut up!
- You think I don't see it? Weasel!
- Why are you even here?
- [Ada] Come on.
- [Leyla] Selim, ignore him!
- [Ada] Come on, Toprak.
- [Leyla] Get out of here.
Look at me.
Are you in love with Ada?
[soft music plays]
[music continues]
Please take care of it, okay?
I don't have time.
Here's my attorney.
Thanks for coming.
I'm gonna sue that bastard over there.
Excuse me, officer. Could we have
a couple minutes alone, please?
[policeman] Sure, sure. Of course.
Selim, come here.
Hey. What happened?
Selim, don't press charges, man.
[Selim] I'm going to.
Sevgi, I talked to my attorney.
My visa isn't renewed.
To be eligible,
I can't have a criminal record.
I don't fucking care.
I'm gonna press charges. You got that?
- I'm gonna sue this guy.
- Selim.
For heaven's sake,
just work it out between you two.
Just do it for me, Selim, please.
Do it for me, please.
I'm not gonna just work it out.
He made a move on my wife.
Why should I? Son of a bitch.
- [Sevgi] Hey! That's not okay.
- What did you call me?
Calm down. Calm down.
- Say it again. Say it again!
- [Sevgi] Toprak!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- [Toprak] Bastard!
[policeman] That's it.
We're taking you in.
[Ada] You're kidding.
[Sevgi] I'm really not.
They'll let him out in the morning,
but he'll spend the night inside.
He already has a criminal record
in the Netherlands.
So now we might not be able
to renew his visa.
Since he's got a record there,
getting another one here
would prevent him
from going back home again.
Not even to see his daughter.
Did you know
he had a daughter in the Netherlands?
[clicks tongue]
I thought making peace with the past
would fix everything.
According to Mr. Zaman.
What does this have to do with Zaman now?
I had a pretty normal life before him,
didn't I?
And just look at me now.
I got fired from my job.
I'm getting divorced.
Out of the blue, I ran into my ex.
First I push him away,
but then I sleep with him.
So all of this is Mr. Zaman's fault.
Is that the case?
After all these years,
my mom just shows up?
"Oh, your heart,
your mind, our ancestors."
I'm a logical person, damn it.
And I like being that way.
And what the hell is all this?
So you're asking if Zaman
really heals all wounds? [chuckles]
- Sevgi, stop it.
- [Sevgi laughs]
Stop laughing. Stop it.
Oh, come on. I'm messing with you.
Come here. I love you. Come here.
Shut up. You know I do. Come on, come on.
[both chuckle]
[Turkish pop music play]
[song continues]
[singing along in Turkish]
What are you doing? It's so early.
[continues singing]
Leyla's trial by poverty is over,
and we're celebrating!
What's up? Did you inherit something?
Love, how'd you guess?
- Don't tell me it's that obvious?
- [Sevgi] What?
Come on! Hey, come on! Dance with me!
It's over, ladies. It's all over.
Come on. You should be happy for me.
I'm gonna be filthy rich.
- Uh, Leyla.
- Yes, darling?
Okay, tell us about it.
What is it? How is it possible?
Who left what to you?
Okay, listen. It's in Crete.
A huge piece of land.
My grandma left it to us,
and they say it's really valuable.
I'm gonna be so rich. Filthy rich!
What was that move you had, Ada?
- Leyla, no. No freaking way.
- [Leyla] Come on. Please?
- Please.
- [Sevgi] Come on.
- Ada, do it for us. Ada!
- Yeah!
- Ada, come on.
- Okay.
- [Leyla] Wow!
- [Sevgi] Whoo!
[Leyla and Sevgi] Whoo!
[all exclaiming]
[Leyla] Yeah. Mm.
[Sevgi] Hey!
[Leyla] Muko! Muko!
Dance, dance, dance.
You've turned this into a madhouse.
Look at that.
One of you's a surgeon,
the other an attorney, and the other
- Is rich.
- [Sevgi] Woo-hoo!
Sweetie, from now on,
you can just call me rich.
Come on. Come here.
Tepsi börek, fresh from the oven.
- I'll finish all of it!
- [Muko chuckles]
[Leyla] Oh, looks good!
- Tepsi, tepsi!
- [Muko vocalizing]
[Leyla and Muko chuckle]
- [Muko] Ah.
- [Ada] Mm. Smells delicious, Muko.
[Muko chuckles]
Hey, but you know what, Leyla?
Don't you think there's something strange
about the timing of this inheritance?
Think about it. Remember what Zaman said?
"You'll be able to claim
what's rightfully yours."
And this is your grandma's land.
Huh. Wait a minute.
- This land came from Eleni, right?
- [Sevgi] Mm.
And now it's coming back to the family?
[Leyla] God, that really is so weird.
Does this mean Dad can come back now?
He should stop working
so we can come back home.
Oh, Sarp.
Does that mean you'll be leaving us?
That's too bad.
- Psst, kiddo! Come on, let's make tea.
- Okay.
Can't spend the day dancing and sitting.
- [Sarp] Okay.
- Come on. Move it.
[chuckles] Right.
So tell me. What's the plan for tomorrow?
Ah! Yeah, what's the plan?
What are we doing?
- Ladies leave that to me.
- Mm-hm.
We don't have much time.
We have to work as a team.
And, as your captain,
I have a lot to do. Okay? [kisses]
Dude, I have to go back.
My daughter's there.
It's so fucked up.
You should've thought about that
before attacking the guy, don't you think?
What was I supposed to do? Just take it?
I'm talking about Eva's boyfriend.
Isn't that why your visa was revoked?
Yeah, well, he yelled at my daughter.
He's lucky I let him off easy.
See? You hear that?
You should've let this guy
stay inside a little longer.
I told them. I swear.
I asked if they could keep him
a few more weeks,
but they didn't wanna hear it.
All right, just keep doing
what you're doing.
You can just beat up anyone you don't like
and then just sit here and sulk, okay?
I want to see you in tomorrow's session.
No, thanks. I'm done with the past.
I have things to do.
- [Leyla laughing]
- That's my amazing wife.
Yes! We're out of the woods, thank god.
Now go to the docks, okay?
There's gonna be a boat called Liberty.
You gotta find the captain.
His name is Sadık.
Tell him that he's gonna get
a special price for a trip to Midilli,
and that you'll get his money
very soon. Okay?
But wait a second.
How am I supposed to sell the land so fast
let alone get all that money on time?
You can do anything you want
when you put your mind to it.
Give my regards to your dad, okay?
Tell him to sell that land
as fast as he can.
And kiss my son for me.
He'll be back with his dad
very soon, okay?
Ugh, Erdem.
Can I see the place on Monday?
Yes, right.
I'll be using it as a doctor's office.
Okay, thank you very much.
Good day to you.
[melancholy music plays]
[young Ada] Toprak?
[woman and man moaning]
- [springs squeaking]
- [woman chuckles]
[woman] Oh
[moaning continues]
[cell phone chimes]
[people chattering]
I'm here to have
a civilized conversation, please
You want to be civilized? Huh?
After you broke my nose?
Sit down, please.
This is my daughter.
Her name's Flor.
She was named after my mother.
Every day she asks when I'll be back.
It's not me who you're punishing.
It's her.
And what did Ada say about her?
- What should she say?
- [chuckles] See, you don't know jack shit.
You think the world revolves around you.
You always gotta be
in the spotlight, right?
Selim, come on. Let this go. I apologized.
You can't, damn it.
You have no right to apologize.
It's not even about me.
I don't forgive you for Ada.
And what exactly did I do to Ada?
Didn't you make the same mistake?
Don't do that. Don't.
Don't you ever compare yourself to me.
I'm not dropping the charges.
I don't care what happens.
You're leaving so soon? Already?
[sighs] Wait. Who's going where?
- Ada's going back to Istanbul.
- Ah.
But why?
- Don't eat those, Leyla.
- Mm.
Muko's gonna make jam. Mm.
- The jam. I get it. The jam.
- [Ada] Jam.
[Leyla] Hm.
[whispers] Don't worry. I got you.
I hear what you're saying.
She's dying to go back to work.
That's why she's abandoning us.
As long as my hand behaves,
I have some patients waiting for me.
Well then, good luck to you, love.
And good luck
with your love life as well. [kisses]
- [kisses]
- [Sevgi] Hey.
Ada's love life aside,
where have you been? Hm?
Fiko's been looking for you all morning.
Come on. Fiko's just looking for
any kind of excuse to talk to you.
If Fiko's the only option,
I think I'm just going
to have to stick to abstinence, baby.
Why'd you rule out Fiko
so fast, now, love?
The sexual chemistry
could surprise you, you know.
Oh really? [scoffs]
In bed it might be
a whole different story, just sayin'.
What's she gonna say?
"Hey, Fiko, can I just quickly test out
our sexual chemistry?"
[all laugh]
Of course not, babe. That's impossible.
In order to understand
if you have sexual chemistry,
you have to pay attention
to how a guy eats his food.
The way he handles and treats his food
is the same way he behaves in bed.
Now, for example,
if the guy
eats slowly, mm
enjoying every bite,
that's how he is in bed.
[Fiko] Mm.
[Leyla] He takes his time.
Takes pleasure and gives pleasure.
Or, if he
[eats noisily]
stuffs his face,
and he's just trying to fill his stomach,
then, obviously,
he's going to finish early in bed too.
'Cause he just thinks about
his own pleasure.
Oh, and also, if his mind
is wandering around while he's eating,
then that means, in bed,
he's what we call an absentee.
And, ladies, are you ready for this?
It's gonna blow your mind.
If he adds salt to his food
before even tasting the damn thing,
just run!
They're the worst.
They're boring, distrustful, insecure,
and afraid to even touch you. God forbid!
You made all that up, didn't you?
Ah! That's offensive, honey.
I studied psychology, didn't I?
- [Leyla chuckles]
- Oh, Leyla. Come on.
[all chuckling]
Guys, I got really used to the three of us
being together all the time.
I'm really gonna miss you.
- [Sevgi] Mm.
- [Leyla] Oh, love.
Who wouldn't miss
the beautiful scenery we have here?
Especially the view of Toprak.
- [kisses]
- [Sevgi] Leyla! Shut up.
Let her be. [shushes]
[mouths] What?
I'll take this to the kitchen.
[Flor] Papa, when you back?
I need to stay in Turkey
a little longer, okay?
I miss you.
I miss you so much.
When I get back,
we'll go to the beach, sound good?
But Dani says Papa won't come.
Dani should mind his own business.
Put your mother on.
Okay, Papa.
[in Dutch] I love you.
[in Dutch] I love you too, sweetheart.
Hello, Eva?
- [line disconnected alert]
- [sighs]
[line ringing]
[line disconnected alert]
[Zaman] Whatever happened in the past,
it's not our job here
to look for a culprit.
Blaming our families or parents,
uh our past traumas,
and using them as excuses
for things that aren't going our way,
that isn't that isn't what we do here.
We just Hello.
We just look at what's happened.
All right, who's going first?
[clears throat]
Fiko, what do you have,
like, season tickets?
You're here all the time. I'm in a hurry.
- I'm in a hurry too, dude.
- [sighs]
All right.
Let's start with you, Toprak. Come on.
Go ahead and pick someone for yourself.
What's up? You're scaring me.
[Leyla whispering] Yeah.
Sh Quiet, quiet. Oh, he's there.
[Muko] Quiet, quiet.
- Are you ready?
- I am.
- Surprise!
- [Muko exclaims]
- [screams]
- [all laugh]
[Ada] Happy birthday!
[Muko] Oh, baby.
[Sevgi] I thought you forgot it!
- [Leyla] Baby!
[Muko] Happy birthday, sweet girl.
Come on, did you seriously think Muko
would ever let us forget your birthday?
[Leyla] Come on, come on.
Let's go. Come on.
[Muko] No, wait.
Someone's coming too. Wait a minute.
- [Selim] I'm here!
- Who's coming?
- [Muko] Well
- [panting] Sorry I'm late.
- Where on earth have you been?
- You didn't give me much notice.
- Well, okay. Okay!
- [kisses]
- [Leyla chuckles]
- [Muko sighs]
- Happy birthday!
- [screams] Yay! Everyone remembered.
- Ow, my nose!
- [screams, chuckles]
Easy now.
- [Sevgi] You remembered.
- Okay, let's go.
[Sevgi kisses] Ooh!
- [Selim] How are you?
- Hey, welcome. [chuckles] Aw.
- All right, let's go.
- Come on. Let's go.
[Zaman] All right, how are you?
How is Toprak?
[Toprak's proxy] I feel like I'm not me.
I'm feeling like
my feet are buried in cement.
Can't I can't breathe.
Pick someone for the suffocating feeling.
[Adem] Fire is not your enemy.
You will rise from the ashes.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
How are you doing right now?
I'm so lonely.
Uh, in your family
was someone put in prison,
captured, or taken prisoner?
- [Toprak] Yes.
- [Zaman] Who?
[Toprak] My father's father,
Gypsy Chief Adem.
[door clangs]
[melancholy music plays]
[Yusuf] Come on, kids.
We're gonna hit the road.
Where's my dad?
Your dad's not coming back, my boy.
But why not?
You have us now.
Look around. We have plenty of food.
Huh? And you wanna go to school.
When we get to the city,
I'll send you to school. Okay, my boy?
[Zaman] Pick someone
to represent your father.
Bro, forget my father.
I'm here for my kid.
Okay, sorry.
[groans softly]
- [Cemil] Toprak!
- [Toprak] Papa?
[Cemil] You're hopeless.
[soft music plays]
How are you feeling?
I feel a lot of pain here.
[Fiko] I don't feel good.
[inhales deeply]
Out of place
[Zaman sighs]
Can you move closer to your father?
[Zaman] Hm?
I'm mad.
He left me.
[Zaman] Your father abandoned you,
so now you do the same to your own child?
Look. You turned your back on him.
He was imprisoned,
so you imprison yourself too. Is that it?
Did your grandfather get out of prison?
No, he was hanged.
[Zaman] Oh.
They found the real killer later.
He was innocent.
Can you move closer to your father?
- [sniffles]
- [Zaman] Hm?
No. [sniffles]
I don't want to go there.
[Zaman] Then, tell your grandfather,
"Grandpa, I'm just like you."
I'm just like you, grandfather.
[Zaman] "My hands are tied."
[Toprak's proxy] My hands are tied.
[Zaman] "I'm alone, with no support."
[Toprak's proxy] I'm alone,
with no support.
[Zaman] "I'm far away from my loved ones."
[Toprak's proxy] I'm far away
from my loved ones.
[Zaman] For the one
far away from their loved ones, that is
your daughter,
pick someone.
Toprak is it possible
you have another child?
No way.
- [Muko] Happy birthday, Sevgi ♪
- [Ada] Happy birthday to you ♪
[all] Happy birthday, happy birthday ♪
[all] Happy birthday to you ♪
[Sevgi] Happy birthday to me ♪
- [Sevgi] Happy birthday to me ♪
- [Ada] Happy birthday to you ♪
[all] Happy birthday, happy birthday ♪
[all] Happy birthday, Sevgi ♪
- [Muko] Love you.
- [Ada] Whoo-hoo!
[Leyla] Whoo-whoo!
Oh, this is so touching, you guys.
[Muko sniffles]
I lost my father on my birthday,
so I never liked celebrating
this kind of thing.
You all know that.
Uh, baby [chuckles]
Why don't you light the candles?
[Muko] Stay away from sad stories.
No, Mom. It's not gonna be a sad story.
Don't worry.
[Sevgi] My dad would have liked me
to celebrate life.
Not grieving for him in anger and in pain
and making myself the victim
of every single thing
that doesn't go right in my life.
But rather live my life as a celebration.
[Sevgi] So that's why
I'm lighting each of these candles
for my dad and my ancestors
who made it possible
for me to be here today.
So I just have one little wish. [chuckles]
Whatever happens to me,
I want to take it
as an invitation to get up and dance.
And I'll make all of my steps
dancing steps, as we all should.
Even if we step
on each other's feet sometimes.
Sevgi, come on.
Blow them out. Blow them out.
Sarpie, boy.
I have an idea.
Let's not blow them out. Why not?
Let's just let them burn
until they go out on their own.
If we blow the candles out,
we're also blowing out
our wishes with them.
I guess that means
no cake for any of us, then.
[Sevgi and Selim chuckle]
[all chuckle]
[Sevgi hums]
- Happy birthday, sweetie.
- [Leyla] Happy birthday.
I'm lucky to have you.
These people
represent the seven generations
of your father's ancestors.
Feel all their power
and all of their love.
[fire burning]
[Zaman] Let them touch you
care for you
heal your wounds
You can leave behind
all the responsibilities
you took on for them.
Whatever captured them can set you free.
When you're ready,
you can thank them.
[Zaman] You can release
a bird from a cage.
This will also set you free.
[Sevgi] Mom?
Where have you drifted off to?
- [sighs]
- You haven't even touched your cake.
I don't want cake now.
What's wrong?
- Sevgi.
- Yeah?
What did Zaman tell you about your father?
You never told me.
He said there was some kind of mystery.
And it would eventually reveal itself
when the time was right.
You have any idea
what he could be trying to tell me?
How would I know? [chuckles]
Sarp, get back here!
He's gonna fall.
Where's that boy's mother?
Agh. [chuckles]
[classical music plays on radio]
- Here you go. Please enjoy.
- Thank you very much. You're too kind.
[radio station changes]
[traditional Turkish music plays on radio]
[clears throat]
- Captain Sadık, excuse me.
- Ma'am?
Would you, um, mind
if I asked you something?
- [whispers] Um, It's about Midilli.
- Pardon?
- Midilli.
- Yes?
Yeah. Yeah, well
I was told you were, um, giving
a special price for that trip, right?
[Sadık] Uh-huh.
So do you have it then?
No, I don't have the money.
But don't worry.
You know I'm good for it, right?
Well [chuckles]I mean,
you don't really know me, thank God.
But I'll find it, of course. Uh
So when is that trip?
Just find the money first,
and come find me again back here.
Uh, after that it shouldn't be very long
only a few days, okay?
- Oh, okay. Got it.
- Mm-hm.
- That's great, okay.
- Mm-hm.
- Thanks, Captain. I appreciate it.
- My pleasure. Goodbye.
[Leyla] Thank you. Thank you.
[soft music plays]
It's positive.
- [Leyla gasps]
- [Sevgi] Oh shit.
Ah! This is amazing!
How are you feeling, honey?
and then civil service.
How do I do it?
And what if he doesn't want it?
How am I gonna do this alone?
Hey, listen.
You will never know if you don't ask,
so go talk to him.
Besides, if you don't want
to keep the baby,
you could just have it,
and its aunts will raise it. [kisses]
[mockingly] Just have it.
Its aunts will raise it.
You need to get your head
out of the clouds, Leyla.
- You think it's easy to raise a kid?
- [sighs]
First you need to talk to Toprak, I guess.
[melancholy music plays]
[Selim] Ada.
We're heading back. It's gonna rain.
That's okay. The rain's gonna cool us off.
[raindrops patter lightly]
Why don't we head back there? Hm?
I mean it, Selim. I'm just fine here.
We got caught in the rain like this
on the way back to Lycia, remember?
It was Mount Ida, actually.
Oh, no way. It was our anniversary.
And we burned down the tent. [chuckles]
It was for my birthday. [chuckles]
That's right.
Your birthday.
Mm. My birthday.
We were great campers.
We only camped
because you couldn't stay at a hotel.
It's true.
You know I can't sleep
in a building I didn't build myself.
But you did sleep here.
I slept on the balcony, my love.
Sorry. I said it out of habit.
You and I, we were shelters.
For each other.
When it rained, we would get wet together.
Or, if we stayed dry,
we'd enjoy that together.
[Selim sighs]
We were good, damn it.
I'm so sorry, Selim.
For hurting you.
And making you feel lonely.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[thunder rumbling]
Hey, look.
[uplifting music plays]
Mom, look. A rainbow.
[Muko] Come on, come on.
- [Leyla] So beautiful. Oh!
- [Muko] Ah.
[Sevgi] Ah!
- [Muko chuckles]
- [Leyla] Beautiful.
[Sevgi kisses] Muko.
[music intensifies]
- [Ada] Thank you.
- [Sadık] Thank you, everybody.
- Bye. Come back soon.
- [Selim] Thank you.
[Selim] Ada.
I'm going back to Istanbul.
Would you like to come with me?
Let's go home.
Come on. Give us another chance.
Selim, I'm not sure.
I understand.
Just take your time, okay?
And think about it. All right?
[melancholy music plays]
[Ada] Sometimes we may find ourselves
entangled in the same type of tragedy
as our ancestors before us.
And we may think,
"Look, I'm just like you."
"I'm a prisoner too."
"I'm far from my child like you."
"I'm a victim like you."
[exhales deeply]
[Ada] "I have lost, just like you did."
And we may try to honor them
with these words.
[Ada] In reality, we're not aware
that we have a much bigger power.
And it's possible
for us to break free of that cycle.
Because that was the plan for their life,
not for ours.
- Toprak!
- Sevgi?
What is it?
Selim dropped the charges against you.
And I'd like to be your attorney,
if you'll have me.
I promise I'll do everything I can
to get you back to your daughter.
At the end of the day, no little girl
should be separated
from her father, right?
[saz playing traditional music]
Thank you so much.
[music continues]
I saw the sage today ♪
I saw the sage today ♪
Blessed is the sage's door ♪
Blessed is the sage's door ♪
I bowed down at his feet
And kissed his robe ♪
I bowed down at his feet
And kissed his robe ♪
Blessed is the sage's robe ♪
Blessed is the sage's robe ♪
[clears throat]
Oh, Ms. Mukadder. Welcome.
- [Muko] Thank you.
- [chuckles]
Can I offer you anything?
- Some lemonade, tea
- Oh no, thank you.
I won't take too much of your time.
Don't worry.
- I need to tell you something.
- I'm all ears.
Zaman, I worked hard to raise my daughter.
[soft music plays]
Whatever you did has her confused.
You talked about some kind of mystery.
After all this time,
the last thing we need is more trouble.
All right?
[knocking on door]
Who's knocking like that
this early in the morning?
Are you Leyla?
Yes, that's me.
This is from my commander.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Leyla] "If you want
your share of the inheritance,
you'll divorce Erdem."
"Your dad."
I'm a ghost now ♪
It's time ♪
We will soon be apart ♪
Our love cannot be ♪
When we're torn between two worlds ♪
It's beautiful.
Is it one of yours?
It's from the album.
I'm leaving soon.
I just came to say goodbye.
You kept it.
The best gift anyone ever gave me.
It was your mother's.
And now it can be your daughter's.
Thank you.
She's gonna love it.
When we broke up
I was pregnant.
[soft music plays]
That night, I came home to tell you, but
I never got the chance to do it.
So I made the decision on my own to get
to get an abortion.
Ada, I'm
so sorry. Why didn't you tell me?
What difference would it make?
You were already with someone else.
And then you disappeared.
It's okay.
It's all in the past, right?
Have a great life, Toprak.
You're leaving with him?
What's it to you?
It just doesn't make sense to me.
I mean, can't you see that we still have
We're not in our twenties anymore.
Look at our lives.
We both have responsibilities
and real problems.
You want us to leave everything behind,
live like we don't care.
[Toprak] Stop talking.
Let yourself go for once.
Your logic, your job, responsibilities
Everything that should be?
I'm not asking what should be.
I'm asking what you really want.
If you don't want me,
okay, I'll accept it.
[dramatic music plays]
[Ada] You wouldn't believe
that a fire lit years ago
could still burn today, would you?
What if that fire was put out too early?
And all that was left
was thick, black smoke?
Is it possible to be reborn
from those ashes?
Accepting the past is never enough.
To change, we must take new steps
without fear.
Isn't that the story of the phoenix,
reborn from its own ashes?
[music intensifies]
[line ringing]
Hey, Mom?
[woman] Hi. I'm sorry to inform you
that Belgin's had a heart attack.
We're prepping her for surgery now.
[theme music plays]
What if the past is not yet history? ♪
And it's why my future
Gets away from me? ♪
The bliss, the joy, and the victory ♪
Are hidden in another self
deep inside of me ♪
So tell me
If the past is not yet history ♪
Could it be
Somewhere we've lost the harmony? ♪
The muse, the spell, and the irony ♪
Are sailing in another self
Deep inside of me ♪
I came to smile
I came to cry ♪
I came to fail, then grow up high ♪
I came to fall
I came to love ♪
I came to remember we're born to fly ♪
I came to sing
I came to fight ♪
I came to lose, then look upside ♪
I came to doubt
I came to trust ♪
I came to remind you
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
Don't you see
The past is not just history ♪
It's why you are you ♪
And it's why I'm me ♪
The spark, the taste, and the destiny ♪
Are dancing with another self
Deep inside of we ♪
So tell me if your past is not history ♪
But it's why you're here ♪
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