Another Self (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Looks like he's got an infection.
I'm gonna have to take him
to the hospital to treat him.
What are you saying, Doctor?
But the tribe's about to leave.
and we need to get on the road.
What are we supposed to do?
If you take him with you now,
it will only make it worse.
He could infect others too.
You'll be putting everyone at risk.
Listen, Yılmaz.
I can take care of him if you let me.
I'll do my best. I promise.
My wife, Meryem, is a nurse.
We'd take good care of him. I promise you.
It's your choice.
Always carry this
with you, Kemal.
It should bring you luck in life.
The most powerful bonds we have
are those with the people
who brought us into this world.
The years that pass,
the betrayals that happen
even the suffering
that a family goes through,
do not matter.
Our bonds with them will always endure,
at the cost of our own will.
Stick it in here, then pull it out.
I think you should study medicine,
become a doctor,
and heal people
with those tiny hands of yours.
My dear daughter.
My beautiful daughter.
Anything that's trapped
in our bond with the past
somehow manifests itself
in our current lives.
Maybe what we call fortune or misfortune,
is the consequence of a step taken,
or not taken, in the past.
Mom when is Ada coming back? Do you know?
My love, you have been
asking that question for a month now.
Ada has lots of patients,
so she can't stay here.
When are we going back?
And when will daddy be coming back?
We'll be here
until your dad's business is finished.
Hang on. Someone's texting me. Let me see.
Oh my God!
Oh my God. Oh my God!
My love!
- Mom, what? What is it?
- Oh, honey. Oh, honey. We're in the clear!
We're clear, baby. We're clear!
Yes! You have my word.
I promise. From now on,
everything's gonna be great, okay? Hurry!
Hey, wait. Where are we going?
You promised we would get ice cream.
Oh right. Let's go get ice cream then.
I told them over and over
to keep their goats away.
They let them into my yard
to pillage my herbs and sour grapes.
But, ma'am, you told me
you didn't have a deed for the house.
So how am I supposed to file a lawsuit?
How on earth can they ask for a deed
for a place like that?
The lands have been ours forever.
Pretty lawyer,
you have to sue them for us.
We need you, please.
These damn, damn goats.
These are wonderful, Muko.
What would we do without you?
For pity's sake, Fiko,
when is your cook coming back?
I can't do it all alone, kiddo.
I'm exhausted.
I really have no idea when,
but, if the place sells,
it won't matter anymore.
What were you thinking, Fiko?
You haven't been saving
anything at all this whole damn time?
This whole place could have been yours.
You could have owned it.
Just my luck, right?
If I'd known you before,
you could've advised me.
Yeah, I would have, but, still,
his is your livelihood.
Aren't you bothered?
It's good you're single, Fiko.
If you had a family,
you'd be devastated, my boy.
Yeah, well, you never know, right?
Don't give up on me, Muko.
Ha! Fiko, who would let you
marry their daughter?
Good one!
You should get your shit together first.
Then maybe you'll get lucky.
Here you go. Enjoy.
Oh, Toprak? Welcome.
Uh, thanks, Fiko.
Have a seat.
Culuk! A cup of tea for Toprak.
So, got any reservations for tonight?
Of course.
We're fully booked, thanks to you.
I don't know how to repay you.
Hey, don't mention it.
What about you? You talk to Ada, yet?
Not yet.
That's for Toprak.
Appreciate it, thanks.
You've been preaching to me,
but you're putting it off, yourself.
Here, take this phone.
You should call her.
Live while you're alive.
Ada. How are you?
I'm fine.
Not bad.
I'm okay. And you?
I wanted to hear your voice.
You weren't replying.
I was busy.
I started working at a new hospital,
and I had to clear out my mom's place
I'm I'm sorry.
No, it's fine. As long as you're okay.
- Toprak
- Ada
Sorry, you go first.
No. Mm. You first.
We need to talk.
We're talking right now.
Not like this, not on the phone.
I can come to Istanbul
to see you, if that's okay?
Toprak, no, I'm
not sure.
Ada, we still have something between us.
Toprak, listen. I'm just trying
to put my life back together.
I mean
with Selim.
And you're going back to your daughter.
I think it'd be best if we didn't meet.
I see.
Well, if you ever do
feel like you're ready,
just give me a call.
Toprak, I'm very sorry.
I have to go, okay?
Take care of yourself.
You too.
There's "something between us"?
There's only distance between us.
All good?
She said don't come.
Somehow, I'm not convinced.
We can push people away,
when we really want them there.
Hi, this is
the Ayvalık Central Police Station.
Is this Leyla Işık?
Yes, it is.
Uh Uh Go on.
Ma'am, we'd like you to come down
to the station to give us a statement.
Uh, a statement, okay.
Uh, but, well,
what's this statement about?
We've received reports
that your husband was seen around Ayvalık.
We're hoping
you'd be willing to help us,
if you had some information
on his whereabouts.
I have no idea. I'm sorry.
I mean, I haven't heard from him
in months.
And, anyway, I have nothing else to say.
I already gave you my statement on this.
Well, we'd still like to have you in
for a cup of tea.
Leyla, my amazing wife.
Thank god.
Finally, this is over.
This nightmare is over and done with.
Watch out. Watch out. Don't open that.
They're looking for you everywhere.
Just you, me, and our son.
We'll have a totally fresh start.
Now go find the captain.
Tell him we need to leave now,
and give him half the money.
You'll give him the rest
when we get there. Okay?
And what are you gonna do, huh? Tell me!
It's not safe here anymore.
You shouldn't come back here.
I'll find you, okay?
You decided to trust me.
And you chose to stay by my side.
Nothing can ever stand in our way now.
- Okay?
- Yeah. Nothing, right?
We'll figure it out. Trust me.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Hm?
- Hm.
I love you so much.
- Darling?
- Selim.
I'm at home.
What's up? What are you doing?
Oh no.
Darling, I have to go to
a last-minute business dinner.
I would've canceled it
if I'd known you were coming.
No, it's okay. You don't have to.
Okay, don't worry about it.
Enjoy your dinner, then.
How are you, Yeşim?
I'm fine, Selim.
And you?
What did you want to talk about?
I'm pregnant.
What's this?
It's my dad.
But that girl in the photo isn't me.
And that's not my mother.
My father had another family, Selim.
How many more hits am I supposed to take?
I just don't get it.
- Who's that?
- Got it.
- Toprak?
- Sevgi, we gotta do something.
- I have to get back to the Netherlands.
- Okay. Calm down.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
I talked to Flor. She was crying.
- I can't just wait for all the paperwork.
- Okay, listen
I'm gonna end up
just getting on a plane and losing it.
Wait. I'll get my computer
while you catch your breath.
Hey. Are you Ada's ex-boyfriend?
I know everything.
If you're here for her,
she's already gone.
Sarp, what's Ada
got to do with this?
You shouldn't eavesdrop.
So it's okay for you to talk about it,
but not for me to listen to it, Muko?
I'm gonna get you.
You said Ada
shouldn't go back to Toprak,
because Toprak was just going to hurt Ada,
and Ada should be trying
to save her marriage.
Sarp, watch it.
You're on thin ice.
Violence is wrong, Muko. Please.
Heaven help me.
Anyway, you don't have to wait.
Ada is gone.
Just like my dad.
My dad's gone too.
He said it's for business,
but I don't believe that.
He used to call me wherever he went.
I think he forgot about me.
That's Flor, my daughter.
I'm far away from her.
I can't call her.
We can't talk to each other.
Because there are things
that make it impossible.
But, you know, sometimes,
we can't do what we really want.
We can't be there for the ones we love.
But I'm sure your father's thinking
about you all the time.
Your daughter's really pretty.
Why don't you bring her here with you?
Sarp, just give me the phone.
Wanna come play soccer with me?
You guys go play.
I'll make a few calls first.
- Then I'll come find you.
- You got it.
When Flor comes,
I'll take her to see places.
Sarp, just keep your eye on the ball.
Focus on that.
I talked to the consulate.
They're gonna call the Immigration Office
to issue a special permit for you.
- How long will that take?
- They said as soon as possible.
Also, I took the case
to the administrative tribunal, right?
Social Services is gonna send someone
to make sure Flor's safe.
Calm down now, okay?
Sevgi, thank you.
You're leaving too? Everyone's leaving!
Toprak's not going anywhere.
He'll stay for dinner.
I just don't get it.
How could my dad do something like that?
I just can't wrap my head around
how anyone could hide
something like that for years.
And I actually blamed my mother for it.
Turns out she went through hell.
This is the first time I understand her.
But it's too late now.
Would you rather know about it?
I mean you'd prefer that he told you?
Of course I would prefer that he told me.
I'd want him to be honest with me.
Just like you were.
You came clean with me.
I mean, that's why I'm still here.
Selim, you okay?
Selim, are you okay?
I'm okay.
Something didn't agree with me.
- Sign here.
- Okay.
Would you please relax, Toprak?
We're almost done.
You're gonna get to go back.
- Sevgi?
- Hm?
You think Ada's happy?
What's it to you?
She's trying to pick up the pieces
of her broken marriage.
That a yes?
Why do I find that hard to believe?
Now that's a little funny, isn't it?
Who on earth said
you had to believe anything?
Toprak, your case is closed.
It's over, the end, finito.
Put it to rest.
Sevgi, do you think that I'm stupid?
You think I'd want to hurt her?
Well, then, maybe
you shouldn't have hurt her, Toprak.
Isn't that right?
Don't you think I thought
about that, Sevgi?
While I was working at the bars,
and she was working in the ER
every single night,
you think I didn't think about that?
When she lost a patient,
she'd cry all night.
And you know what I did?
I couldn't hold her.
I'd go get drunk.
Come home late on purpose,
so she'd be asleep.
I couldn't handle seeing her like that.
Every time I looked at her,
I used to feel worthless.
Maybe I still am.
I can't even be there for my daughter.
Good night.
You still love Ada
after all that's happened?
I mean, really?
I never stopped loving her, Sevgi.
The man I love
is just like you, Dad.
A nomad
with no idea where he should take root.
Love, you can have this dress too.
It'll look great on you.
Leyla, this place is gonna be
so lonely without you guys.
No, it won't.
Anyway, don't you have a boyfriend now?
He's not gonna leave you alone.
Are you doing this on purpose?
She'll hear you.
Let her hear me, then.
I mean, what's wrong with that?
Uh, have you met my mom?
There's no way she's gonna think
Fiko is worthy of her precious daughter.
Well you need to forget about her for now.
So how are things going?
- You two still haven't had sex?
- No, not yet.
We haven't really had a chance.
Anyway, I'm not even sure about it.
I mean, we kissed once, and then what?
Nothing. That's it.
So what are we doing?
It's just not going anywhere.
Love, come on.
You probably have to find a way
to give him the green light.
I bet he's just trying
to work up the courage.
And, I mean, besides, remember
Fiko's a shy, innocent kind of boy.
And what am I supposed to do?
Learn how to pole dance for him?
Oh, girl. Oh, girl! Stunning!
Poor guy can barely keep it together.
You're gonna totally destroy him.
Listen to me.
You're gonna wear this exact dress,
and take this bikini with you.
- Whoo!
- And take Fiko to the beach. Okay?
Then, when you're in the water,
things just start to happen,
if you catch my drift.
What more do you want from me, huh?
Come here.
Are you sure you have to leave?
What am I gonna do without you?
Yes I am, love.
It's time for my dad and Sarp to meet.
And maybe I can start a business
in Antalya, like on social media.
Sevgi, time for your meds.
- I already took them, Mom.
- Ah.
Here, honey. Check this out.
My gift to you, okay?
Maybe you can wear it on a date
with Mr. Zaman or whoever you like.
Totally up to you.
I'm getting
sick of this nonsense.
Zaman, Zaman, Zaman.
That's enough!
What's wrong, Mom?
Mom, no.
Why don't you tell me what's wrong, okay?
I can see you're upset.
I don't like that guy.
I don't even want to joke about it.
I don't want you to see him,
all right, Sevgi?
You're not allowed to see him.
Uh, Mom, do you really think
I'm gonna ask you
who I can and cannot see?
Oh really, missy?
Really, Mom.
I want you to take a good look at me.
I'm not getting any younger,
and yet I still can't
make my own decisions.
"Don't upset Mommy.
Don't make Mommy worry."
"Careful, careful.
Mommy shouldn't get anxious."
"Oh, and God forbid I get sick,
'cause Mommy has to chase me down
and make sure I take my meds."
Mom, listen to me. I'm not a kid anymore.
Just please give me a break, damn it!
Please just gimme a break!
I I see, baby.
I see it clearly.
I'm serious.
I'm about to lose the restaurant.
Sevgi won't even hold my hand,
so nothing to lose there.
I need this.
Just let me attend today's session.
Fikret, have you done
what I asked you to do yet? Huh?
Have you sorted out
the issues with your father?
You haven't.
That means you don't
attend the session today, man.
Because it's important
that you take care of that first.
Man, I'm going to, but
after all these years, it's not easy.
Say I call him,
and that pig answers the phone.
What am I supposed to do?
What if I just lose it? What would I say?
Fikret, look. We've already
talked about this, remember?
Father represents abundance and blessings.
It's essential in order for you
to make money.
Unless you sort out
your issues with your father,
you won't be able
to get your life back on track.
Am I wrong?
Hey, Zaman.
Do you have any children?
Why do you ask?
Well, I don't know. Just curious.
You're providing us guidance.
You're helping us, mentoring us.
But you're all alone.
We can talk about that sometime.
But this isn't about me, Fikret.
Mr. Zaman?
Yes, hold on.
What is it?
There are charges against you.
Yeah. No, it's closed. Thanks.
- Have a nice day.
- Have a nice day.
Fiko, you staying
for the session today?
I can't.
They sealed the place. No session today.
- Someone's filed a complaint.
- What do you mean?
God, what a shame.
Think Ada could have done this?
No, she wouldn't do that.
Zaman's not picking up.
Fiko, if you can get a hold of Zaman,
can you tell him that I'm here,
and that, if he needs an attorney,
he can just call me right away, okay?
Sure, I'll tell him. Thanks.
I had to postpone everything
I had planned today to make it here.
And I closed the restaurant today.
What do you say
we do something together, if you're free?
How about we go for a swim?
Sounds good.
You worked hard for that place.
You've been helping people.
We could talk to
whoever made that complaint.
Let's deal with this.
One door closes,
and another one opens.
Man, no offense, but sometimes
you need to make the door open.
You've been preaching about
how you should cherish
the things you love and work for.
You said I should be there
for my daughter.
That place is your child.
I'm gonna call Sevgi.
She can help you out.
No, don't disturb her.
She's dealing with your thing already.
Yeah, she is.
But knowing my luck
it won't have gone anywhere.
Same goes for you.
With me, I mean.
I did everything.
My family, ancestors,
the whole nine yards.
We dug into our trauma. We really tried.
It didn't change shit.
Maybe we've been doing it all wrong.
Maybe they were right to report me.
Since we're not getting anywhere
with what we do.
Bro, that's not what I mean.
But if you don't stand up for yourself,
people will assume you're guilty.
It's been a long time since I cared about
what other people thought.
Maybe it's me who needs to change.
I appreciate that everyone's
doing their best to help,
but the money they want is impossible.
The restaurant's lost.
So what are you gonna do?
What else? Work for someone else?
Maybe I can cook on a boat.
If all else fails, open a market stall.
I don't understand
how you do this every time.
You just keep getting back up.
Do what?
Nothing can dampen your mood.
You still think the world is
an amazing place no matter what.
You're not so different.
Look what you've been through.
And you're still okay.
I still remember
the first day that I met you.
What day?
At Zaman's place.
Remember how I got up to represent
your father and I laid down on the ground?
As I did,
I felt something right here, you know?
He loves you very much.
I can still feel it.
He wants you to be happy.
I don't know
who filed the complaint or why,
but I don't think you can put
a price on what Zaman is doing.
You wanna take a dip?
Yeah, let's do it.
- It's cold.
- Let's go.
This is great.
- You're beautiful.
- Me?
No, I'm not.
You really are a very beautiful woman.
Well, Fiko, I'm not used to hearing
things like that.
What can I say?
They should've told you
when they had the chance.
Hey, Fiko.
I have something to tell you,
but I just I just
Listen. I'm just gonna
come right out and say it, okay?
Okay, what is it?
Sometimes I find myself
thinking about you.
Out of the blue,
I just start thinking about you.
And then I just
Then I start to think about
- About our kiss.
- Yes.
But I I mean, you and I
Do you think it's possible?
We're so different, right?
the thing is, I think I like you.
I really like you too.
I mean, a lot.
You know, every morning,
I open the restaurant, hoping
for the slightest possibility
of seeing you.
But what you're telling me right now
asking if we could be good together.
I can't answer that for you.
- May I come closer?
- You mean right now?
Yeah, now.
Yes, Fiko?
May I kiss you?
Yes, you may, Fiko! You may kiss me.
do you feel anything?
Look. If you feel it, you feel it.
If not, it's okay.
Damn it, Sarp. You can't
Have you lost your mind?
What are you doing? Muko's inside.
Where the hell did you come from?
- How's it going with the boat?
- It It's done.
We're leaving before dawn.
I told the girls
I was going to my dad's place,
but you should meet us
at the bay before dawn, okay?
- Okay. Good.
- Okay.
- Daddy!
- Hey, Sarp, my boy!
That's my boy.
We're screwed.
We're totally screwed.
We're not telling our secret
to anyone, okay?
You got that?
You promise?
You promise too, then.
Dad will never leave us again, right?
Never again. From now on we stay together.
We're leaving this place.
But we're gonna go to another country.
That's a secret, a very important one.
We're not telling anyone about it, okay?
I know you'll do great, love.
Sevgi's not here, Leyla.
Do you know where she is?
I have no idea.
Don't worry, though.
I'm sure she'll be here soon, okay?
Hm. Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I reported Mr. Zaman.
Are you crazy?
What have you done? And why?
He's got Sevgi all confused.
She's not the way she used to be.
She's acting weird.
Muko, my dear. Sevgi is okay now.
And you were so happy.
What happened? Why did you report him?
And, besides, everything Zaman did
was really helpful for all of us.
And what good did that do?
What good has it done for you to learn
about your grandmother from Crete, Leyla?
Does she know anything about this?
She's drowned and gone.
And what good has it done that boy?
He's still asking for his father.
Muko, my dad
His dad, um He misses his dad so much.
He misses his dad so much.
You're actually right. You're right, Muko.
You've done a good job reporting him.
It's a good thing
that you reported Mr. Zaman. Good for you.
Great, great. Sevgi should be here soon.
You can wait outside.
Mom, come on. I wasn't gonna say anything.
What, do you think I'm an idiot?
Why the hell did you say "Dad," then?
What about Dad?
Why are you sitting in the dark?
What is it?
Hey, what's wrong?
Selim, what is it?
I couldn't do it.
I messed everything up.
What is going on?
And I
I couldn't save you either.
Sh. It's okay.
It's okay. I'm right here.
It's gonna be fine.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It's okay. I'm with you.
I'm here, Selim.
It's okay. Please, calm down.
What did you want to talk about?
I'm pregnant.
There's no need for you to ask.
The baby's yours.
Wait a second. Um
Uh That's impossible.
That's impossible
because you and I, that night
You were drunk, Selim.
Look, I want nothing from you.
I mean it.
I just thought you had a right to know.
That's very good thinking.
Do you need a doctor or something?
If you need help with that,
I can find one for you.
I'm not having an abortion.
That's crazy.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna tell people about it?
They'll ask whose it is.
You're gonna say it's your boss's?
Listen, I don't need to explain
anything to anyone, Selim.
I already heard the baby's heartbeat.
Nothing matters more than this.
Fine, it will be okay.
Really, you're never
gonna hear from us again.
I'm quitting my job today, you know?
What do you want from me?
I want you to be okay.
That's because, for me,
it wasn't a one-night thing.
From the first day,
the first moment I started working there,
I tried my best to avoid you.
But I couldn't.
I should get going.
Will you please say something?
Aren't you going to say,
"God damn you, Selim"?
Just say it.
Selim, that's enough.
- We should end this.
- No!
Let's end it, please.
Don't you understand?
Life keeps trying to show us this.
You always wanted to be a father,
and I always avoided it.
Not like this.
Not like this!
Selim, look at me.
Come on. Look at me.
You're gonna need
to be there for that kid.
So let's end this.
But I love you so much, Ada.
I love you very much too.
And thank you so much.
Thank you so much
for everything you've done for me.
Girls, listen
I knew it would be too hard
to say goodbye,
so I'm gonna try
to do it this way instead.
My dear Muko,
bless you for being a mother to all of us.
You did more for Sarp
than his own grandmother.
I can never repay you
for what you've done.
Zaman may not be a good match for you,
but you can always check
Sevgi, please, take good care of yourself.
You deserve to be happy too.
Just let Fiko love you.
And love him back.
Life is too short, Sevgi.
You've always known
what's best for you, baby.
But you also know
I have to say what's on my mind.
And you know how much I love Selim.
I've never seen your eyes sparkle
as bright as when you were with Toprak.
Everyone makes mistakes.
And mistakes are made to be rectified.
Just give yourself a chance, baby girl.
Listen, man. Listen.
- I just told you. Get in the fucking boat.
- I've already paid.
I paid half of it.
I don't have time for this.
We're leaving whether
you're with us or not.
That's what I'm trying to say.
My wife, she paid ahead of time.
- The other half when we get there.
- All right.
Come on. We need to be on that boat.
I'm a ghost now ♪
It's time ♪
We will soon be apart ♪
Our love cannot be ♪
When we're torn between two worlds ♪
Sevgi, please
take good care of yourself.
You deserve to be happy too.
Just let Fiko love you.
And love him back.
Life is too short, Sevgi.
I let my hopes take root ♪
Maybe my flower will blossom one day ♪
I'm a ghost now ♪
It's time ♪
We will soon be apart ♪
Our love cannot be ♪
When we're ♪
Torn between two worlds ♪
It's over ♪
I'm at the end
Of what I thought was endless ♪
The most powerful bonds
are those we have with the ones
who brought us into this world.
Maybe what we call fortune or misfortune,
is the consequence of a step taken,
or not taken, in the past.
Off the coast of Ayvalık,
earlier this morning
So sad.
Erdem Işık who's been on the fugitive
list for some time for various crimes,
and has evaded the police thus far,
was discovered after a major accident.
Details are still emerging
in this rapidly evolving story,
but we will update our viewers
with the most recent developments.
Ada, turn on the TV now.
Off the coast of Ayvalık,
a boat transporting illegal immigrants,
including the fugitive businessman,
Erdem Işık, has sunk.
Işık has been arrested,
and search and rescue efforts
for the remaining 20 people
are still underway.
We have reports that women and children
are also among the missing.
What if the past is not yet history? ♪
And it's why my future
Gets away from me? ♪
The bliss, the joy, and the victory ♪
Are hidden in another self
deep inside of me ♪
So tell me
If the past is not yet history ♪
Could it be
Somewhere we've lost the harmony? ♪
The muse, the spell, and the irony ♪
Are sailing in another self
Deep inside of me ♪
I came to smile
I came to cry ♪
I came to fail, then grow up high ♪
I came to fall
I came to love ♪
I came to remember we're born to fly ♪
I came to sing
I came to fight ♪
I came to lose, then look upside ♪
I came to doubt
I came to trust ♪
I came to remind you
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
Don't you see
The past is not just history ♪
It's why you are you ♪
And it's why I'm me ♪
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