Another Self (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

This was my mom's.
She gave it to me before she died.
She said, "Some day,
if you find a woman you really love,
give her this."
"May your life blossom."
"Even though she could be pretty cranky
a smart-ass,
very harsh when she was
really pissed off."
"And looked at you
like she was about to kick your ass."
Is that how she put it?
Mm yeah.
She said, "If she's driving you crazy,
and you're not sure what to do with her,
and you really need her,
then never let her go."
Stop looking ♪
Deep into my eyes ♪
I want nothing ♪
To do with you ♪
You've never been ♪
Loved so much ♪
I can see it ♪
In your eyes ♪
Yet you don't even realize ♪
You're killing me ♪
Don't ask me ♪
Where I am ♪
What I drink ♪
Or what I wear ♪
Let my troubles ♪
Cure you ♪
I speak ♪
From the heart ♪
Yet you don't even realize ♪
You're killing me ♪
My heart is ♪
Running rampant again ♪
I'm drifting ♪
Towards you ♪
Here goes ♪
Another life wasted ♪
I bid you ♪
Farewell ♪
Yet you don't even realize ♪
You're killing me ♪
- What's wrong?
- Where is Leyla?
Where have you been? I was so worried.
- Leyla.
- Good morning.
Not here. Not here!
Who's not here?
What's going on?
Still switched off.
God, they must be gone.
Who's gone?
- My head.
- Sevgi?
- My head.
- Sevgi!
- Sit down.
- What's going on?
Are you trying to drive me crazy?
Yes, who is it?
- Yeah, Officer, that is me.
- What?
I'm her lawyer. May I come inside?
Oh, thank God.
Thank God you're all right.
- Sit down. Sit down.
- Sevgi.
What happened? Tell me.
Tell me what happened, honey. Tell me.
Me and Sarp were supposed to leave
with Erdem, but I couldn't.
I couldn't do it.
I remembered Eleni.
I thought, "Leyla, listen to your gut."
"Don't fail yourself
and your kid for Erdem."
So I left him out there.
But then it all got crazy.
People were jumping in the water.
The Coast Guard showed up.
I ran away with Sarp,
But they found us too.
- Oh
- Poor baby. No, it's okay.
Please tell me,
Is Erdem screwed? Is he? Tell me.
Erdem is way worse than screwed.
Way, way worse, Leyla.
We just need to pray that I can
get you off the hook, all right?
Baby, please get me out of here.
I'll get you out. I'll get you out.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
- Oh God. Leyla.
- Sh.
Take care of Sarp.
Take good care of him, Leyla.
- Sh.
- No, Erdem.
Okay. Sh. Calm down. Calm down.
Yes, it's okay. I promise.
Thanks for bringing Sarp here.
I'll walk you out.
Muko, ma'am.
Well, I know you're upset with me.
Um, but I want to say something.
- That Sevgi and I are
- Just spare me your nonsense.
Sevgi's an adult.
And if she wants to go ahead
and make a huge mistake, that's on her.
So you're convinced
that this is a mistake?
Do you see the shape that kid is in, huh?
I'm not angry with Erdem.
It's Leyla's fault for believing in him.
They say all things in life need balance.
Love, compassion
Life is not about those things, okay?
You are the son of a mother too,
and you seem like a nice guy.
I don't want to hurt you, but just
some things are meant to be,
and some are not.
All right.
Leyla, baby.
Come on. You need to try to eat something.
You need to pick yourself up for Sarp,
if not for yourself.
Come on, look at the silver lining.
No one's pressing charges against you,
and you get to keep your money.
I'd kick your ass
if you weren't this miserable.
- You know that, don't you?
- Yeah, I know that.
Kick my ass.
And kick Erdem's ass.
Everyone's ass
Cause Leyla is on her own now.
You idiot. You're not on your own.
Don't you see?
You'd never even think to leave with Erdem
if you understood this in the first place.
Right exactly.
Ada. Grab her.
Come on. Come on.
No, don't do anything.
- What do you mean?
- I'm not in the mood for this.
- Stop it.
- Whoa, whoa
- She's resistant.
- Stop it!
This one's become resistant to tickling.
We're not letting you off the hook
until you finally get it.
You are not alone. Hello!
You have us, you dummy.
All right, I get it! Hey!
I know that I have you two.
Idiots, I'm so lucky to have you.
- Sweetie.
- Uh, honey?
Where, uh
Honey, where's your wedding ring?
They'll be getting divorced.
She's getting divorced?
Are you sure?
At least, that's what I heard.
Hey. You didn't hear it from me.
This is for you, bro, for the gig.
Thank you.
Don't be silly. When you get a new place,
just save me a glass of raki.
Hey, you can't do this. Take it.
Please, come on.
Fine. Bless you.
Don't be hard on yourself.
It's not the restaurant I'm worried about.
I'm worried about Sevgi.
Little drop?
Couldn't hurt.
Wow. Selim's gonna be a father for real?
- How are you feeling about this?
- I'm not sure.
It's all so much, I don't even know
how I feel at this point.
You've always been super hesitant
about having a baby anyway.
I really think this is the best
for both of you, Ada.
Honey, no. Come on.
You're missing the real point.
It's not that
she's been hesitant, actually.
In reality, she was escaping
the traumas in her past.
Leyla, sweetie.
I see you're back with us, then.
We're all ears,
so please, give us your take on this.
Honey, listen.
There has been a little thing,
a little thing you've been avoiding
talking about for some years, remember?
That's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, maybe it's time
you and Toprak hash this out, Ada.
Guys, Toprak and I
have nothing to hash out.
So stop digging up the past, please.
Let's just move on. Hm?
Ada, come on.
You're running away again.
What you're doing now is trying
to cover up your dad's family thing.
You realize that, right?
You can't avoid everything all the time,
and you can't cover it all up.
You need to start facing things head on.
And you're gonna need to make peace
with your past.
Take Sevgi.
She finally started facing her fears.
And look how cute she is
with Fiko, all of a sudden.
Uh, no.
Please don't. Don't take Sevgi.
We're not cute at all.
He's been avoiding me for two days.
I've been avoiding her for two days, man.
I'm just at a loss.
Her mother's right.
What have I got to offer her?
Seriously having these feelings,
they're way too painful.
I thought you liked pain.
You're from Adana.
I like when my tongue burns,
but not so much my heart, Toprak.
Someone like Sevgi,
with a good education and profession,
why would she be with me?
I'm sure she wants marriage and a family.
Don't you want to start a family, as well?
I do.
I would.
I'd like to have that with her.
But would she want me?
And where would this go, anyway?
The guy just lost his restaurant.
He's focusing on getting
his life back on track.
You should've seen
the way my mom looked at Fiko.
Oh, come on.
Sevgi, stop worrying
about Muko's thoughts.
I mean, excuse me, but is she going
to be the one taking Fiko to bed with her?
Oh God, forgive me.
- So now tell us
- Hm?
Did you end up sleeping with him?
- Oh God. Did you, honey?
- Oh my God, really?
I can't believe it happened.
And how do you feel?
it was absolutely the best
that I've felt in many years.
Oh God, thank you for everything.
Thank you, God, so much!
I'm on cloud nine right now,
but I hope I don't crash down soon
Why can't you just enjoy this?
Yep, she's right.
I mean, nothing's wrong,
so just don't create a problem.
I'm gonna tell you something
you'll rarely hear me saying.
- So cherish it.
- Hm.
I think you should just roll.
- I'm serious. Just roll with it.
- Just roll with it, honey.
And you should roll with it too.
Nothing stopping you guys now.
You got a ring on your finger? Nope.
Let's see if she does, huh?
- Uh-uh, nope.
- No.
Are you trying to set me up?
I made the same mistake.
Be careful, Fiko
We feel like impostors
when we love strong women.
You convince yourself you're
never gonna be good enough for her.
All of those fears
and doubts in your head.
You can't seem weak or imperfect.
Gotta keep pretending to be strong.
Like we have something to prove.
Maybe being loved
is all that Sevgi wants, Fiko.
But not that bullshit.
I'm talking about true love.
You are a man of true love, Fiko.
So stop doubting yourself.
You don't want to end up like me.
You're no different, Toprak.
You're also a man of true love.
So are you saying a reboot is impossible?
I think nothing is possible with us.
Oh, come on. Ugh.
- Ada, hon
- Hm?
Toprak is a very nice guy.
And he's just as damaged
as everyone else is, so that's all.
And he loves you very much, you know.
Any day now, he'll get his visa.
And then he'll be off.
I mean, if you feel like
you're missing out on something,
I suggest you start moving quick.
And she's gone.
Are you going to find Toprak, or what?
Well great. She's hyped up.
- Mm.
- Cheers to us, darling.
- Hello, Zaman.
- Hello, there.
How's the tree? Is it healed already?
Uh, not yet.
It always takes some time
for the healing in the roots
to reach all the way up to the branches.
Oh, but, look. Luckily,
even now, the fruits are plenty.
How are you?
Can I ask you something?
If this isn't a bad time?
Of course. Let's go.
I'm tired, Sarp.
- Get over there.
- Oh, my sweet Muko.
Hey, rosy cheeks.
How are you doing?
- Huh?
- I am not talking to you anymore, Leyla.
Hey. What, you're mad at me?
So, okay, maybe I made a mistake,
but, please, I'm already upset enough.
- Don't do this.
- Please move.
All right then, Muko.
Do the girls know you reported Zaman?
I guess it turns out I'm not the only
sneaky one in this house, now am I?
Mom, what?
Oh, she called me om.
Looks like Sevgi's finally remembered
that she has a mother.
- Listen to me!
- You
Wait a minute. Leyla, just wait.
Do you even realize
how unfair this is to Zaman?
I think we should ask Muko
to explain to us why on earth
she would do something like this?
I just felt like doing it.
You know how you like running around
until who knows what hour
with those people?
Not answering your phone,
and getting your mom all worried?
It's almost like that.
Tell me, Mother!
I just asked you a question.
Look, Sevgi.
I won't allow you
to be with that little bar owner.
Or let you near Zaman.
Or let anyone interfere with our family!
- Step aside. Move, move.
- Ow!
The first thing I'm going to do right now
is have that sealing order revoked.
Do you understand what I'm telling you?
Now, if I'm getting this right,
we need to accept the past
as it is, correct?
But what if we can't do that?
What if I just can't forgive my dad,
or my granddad for what they did?
No, we'd better not call that "forgiving,"
but rather "accepting" or, um,
maybe even "termination," you know?
Because, when you say "forgiving,"
it's almost like we're feeling
like we're maybe superior to others.
But we're not superior, is that right?
We're not.
Especially to our ancestors,
who came before us.
- Right, but here's a question.
- Hm?
We can't choose our family.
So why would I care what they did
or the things that they went through?
Why should I have to deal with that?
I mean, it's not fair.
Come on. I have something to show you.
Come on. Come.
- Thank you, man.
- Thank you.
It's shut down?
Yeah, I closed it.
Don't worry.
There will always be
another way out, am I right?
Now that you're holding my hand,
all my troubles washed away.
Fiko, can you help me with something?
We need to reach out to people
who've had sessions with Zaman.
We can do that.
During the early 1900s,
a great wave of immigrants
coming from Iran,
were on their way over here.
Thousands of people
died of horrific illnesses.
My grandmother, Mrs. Ummugulsum,
had lost her husband to war.
And her two children
and the baby she'd been carrying
during the migration.
When she finally reached these lands,
the only thing she had left
was an olive seed she'd been carrying
since she left her homeland.
She planted that olive here,
with prayers, in memory
of the family she'd had to leave behind.
Here, she met my grandfather,
and she married again.
They helped each other,
planting and growing these olive trees.
This is it.
This tree is the reason
that I'm back here.
What my grandmother had to endure,
was that fair?
Is that all that any of this is about,
or is there something more to it?
What do you have with you
in your palm, Ada?
Do you want to carry the past
on your back like a basket full of anger?
Or do you want to take it off your back
and take what you need from inside
to carve a new path for yourself?
It was in that moment that
I finally started to understand Zaman.
I started to realize how I was changing,
and how the girls were changing too.
The answers that I'd been looking for
were actually right in front of me.
I want to ask you for a favor.
That day,
we mourned together
for a loss from years ago.
With the hope that
that unborn baby would meet with the sun,
the earth, the air, and water,
we planted a tree for it.
I wish everything were different.
If everything were different,
then you wouldn't have had Flor.
I hope you'll get to see
your daughter very soon.
And I hope you can trust me again.
There you are. Hey, welcome, man.
Thank you.
Mr. Zaman?
You have a lot of defenders.
We're convinced
there was nothing illegal here.
- Apologies. Have a good one.
- Don't worry. It's okay.
Zaman, it was my mother who reported you.
I want to apologize on her behalf.
Please, you don't have to do anything
on her behalf.
Everything is all right.
And I called my father.
Because of you. Thanks.
That's great news.
It really is.
Thank you for this.
Zaman, you remember you told me there was
something mysterious in the family?
Is there a way we can do a session
to find out about that?
Uh, guys
We won't have sessions for a bit.
Just give it some time.
I mean, uh
I just need to rest for a while.
Thank you.
You've written a wonderful song, you know.
When is it out?
I'll start recording it
when I'm in the Netherlands.
What are you gonna do?
Go back to Istanbul.
Pack up my entire life.
Divorce papers and all.
Beyond that, I have zero plans.
I better be going. No cabs here, you know.
Can't you stay?
What happens if I stay here, Toprak?
You'll be leaving anyway.
I don't have a visa.
But you will soon.
Come with me.
The Netherlands.
We could both go.
What are you saying?
You're crazy.
I'm serious.
Yeah, ten years ago, I messed up,
but it's in the past,
and now everything will be different.
You can practice medicine
at one of their big hospitals.
You can meet my daughter. She'd love you.
Toprak, this is insane.
Wouldn't it be insane to lose all of this?
You don't have to answer now.
Just think about it.
Will you?
Okay. Now, will you please
give me a ride home?
Have a seat.
Yeah, Leyla.
Why did you tell me
to come here in such a rush?
What do I do if Muko sees me here?
Muko's out to the farmers market.
She's not at home.
You just sit and relax, will you?
You and I needed to have a meeting anyway.
A meeting for what?
We need to start looking for a cool space,
to open our new restaurant.
I know you were affected by this.
But I can't afford a new restaurant.
I wish I could, but I can't.
I'm sorry.
You know it's up to us
to create our opportunities, Fiko.
I'll be putting up the funds.
You're running the place.
And we're gonna be partners. You got that?
Uh Are you serious?
How much more serious can a girl get, now?
So, come on. Are you down
for a partnership with me, or not?
Yeah. I mean, what can I say?
"Why not, coconut?" is what you say.
But there's gonna be one condition.
I get to choose the restaurant's name.
Of course.
"Eleni's Tavern."
Eleni's Tavern, yes.
Is it possible that our past,
regardless of whether we recall it or not,
is already saved somewhere?
Fiko, I'm gonna fall down.
I got you, don't worry.
Okay. We're here.
Oh, Fiko, you are so sweet.
So are you. You're so sweet too.
Please, darling.
So what are we celebrating?
New restaurant opening?
Something else, hopefully. Okay.
I've fallen in love with you.
Head over heels.
You may say it hasn't been very long,
and we still don't know each other.
But I knew it the moment I first saw you.
I knew that we'd have a story of our own.
And then, later on, at the restaurant,
when I was putting that asswipe in line
after everything he said,
you stood up for me.
You said you'd taste the appetizers.
I realized I hadn't misread it.
"This girl could be my companion."
I don't know any fancy words.
I'm just Fikret.
And I'm not a poet.
I'll say it in the only way I know.
You'll say what, Fiko?
I want to spend my life with you.
Life is short.
Pomegrenates are going bad, Sevgi.
What do you think?
Do you think we can make this work?
Why not, coconut?
What do you say?
Look. I can't hear you, Sevgi.
Yes! Of course I'm saying yes!
Sevgi, I can't believe this!
Wow, congratulations!
Oh my baby! Baby, baby, baby!
Mom. Fiko just asked me to marry him.
Ah, good for him. Good job.
Muko, please. Please don't do this.
Little miss has already
made up her mind, I guess.
She didn't even bother
to ask me or anything.
Sure, who am I, anyway?
That's my cue to leave.
Muko, please. Look.
I'm begging you, don't do this.
You'll regret it. Fiko is a wonderful guy.
And he's madly in love with your daughter.
- I mean, what else could you ask for?
- Move.
- Please, don't don't do it!
- Hey, Mom.
Listen, I'm sorry.
If I hurt or upset you,
please forgive me, okay?
And if you're hiding things from me, then,
I'm sure that you know what's best.
It really doesn't matter to me at all.
You have to know that I will love you
forever and ever, don't you?
And I can't get married without you.
All All I want is for you to be well.
I will be.
Didn't you used to tell me
that you would know the guy
who was good for me
from just looking in his eyes?
Have you ever looked Fiko in the eyes?
I have. I have.
What'd you see?
A nice guy.
Very nice.
But I'm a mother, and
- Oh, Mom, come here.
- This is so hard.
Mommy! Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom.
All righty then, I say it's time
to let the preparations begin!
At the narrow streets ♪
Girls play marbles ♪
This is amazing.
Honey. This is wonderful.
- Look at this.
- Yes?
Sarp. Sarp!
Wait. Wait.
Your shirt is still unbuttoned.
Hold up your chin a little higher.
Look at you. You're so handsome.
- All done. Ready, love.
- Is it good?
Yes it is. Sweetcakes.
You look absolutely beautiful.
- Am I? Really? Huh?
- Mm-hm.
Sevgi, you look amazing
You're just so cute.
You look so pretty, honey.
Honey, stop this nonsense!
Look, girls. I put a lot of work
into this wedding,
and anyone with runny makeup
is gonna get a beating.
Let's liven things up a bit.
Leyla, no. Is that a timpano?
- Of course it is.
- God, are you serious, Leyla?
Yes, of course.
We can't send out our girl
without a timpano and a shrill pipe, huh?
Come on.
Go on. That's it, mama's boy.
What? Wait, really?
Okay, get well soon.
Man, this is ruined.
The officiant is sick. He can't make it.
- Should we postpone?
- All right, man, calm down. Take it easy.
They're just some signatures, okay?
You can just go to the city
and sign the papers later.
- Well, what about today?
- We'll figure it out.
You go get your bride.
- Welcome! Come here, Sevgi.
- Thank you.
Come here. Yeah.
You look gorgeous.
We're gathered here today
to celebrate Sevgi and Tevfik Fikret
on their new journey,
which we're about to witness.
Sevgi, are you ready
to be the hearth in Fikret's heart,
and to walk this path with him
for the rest of your life,
while embracing him with love,
and the wisdom that your feminine
ancestors weaved, knot by knot?
What's your answer?
I'm ready.
Tevfik Fikret, are you ready
to keep Sevgi from harm
with the power
that flows from your ancestors,
while embracing her
with your love, compassion, and devotions?
To hold her at all times
in order to strengthen
your roots and your wings?
Well, I've been preparing
for this moment my whole life.
I'm ready.
Bravo! Bravo!
May your union endure eternally.
Bless you all.
- Cheers to you!
- Thank you so much. Cheers guys.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
They look amazing.
- Mm-hm. They do.
- I've never seen Sevgi so happy.
This was such a perfect day.
You can call me anytime.
You know that, right?
For anything you might need.
You too, Selim.
How's the baby doing?
Well, they said it's a girl.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
You're gonna be a great dad.
Thank you so much.
But I think I need to go now.
If you ever hurt Ada again
I won't, Selim.
- Cheers.
- Thank you.
Great, thanks to you.
- Cheers.
- Thank you.
So you come to a decision?
We can give it a try, I suppose.
For real?
So I'll need to find a job there,
and I'm gonna need a work permit for that.
'Cause, right now,
I just have a tourist visa.
Can you drive a motor home?
- Because I need to sleep too.
- Hm.
Go and get your passport.
We'll leave tomorrow.
Um, if you'd allow me,
I'd like to say a few words.
The first time I saw Sevgi
was in this house, right beside that door.
And from the moment I saw her,
I couldn't stop thinking about her.
Um, so I'm overjoyed
that this wedding is taking place here,
a place full of love.
Um, and I'd like to thank Zaman
for making this whole day possible for us.
You're welcome. Thank you so much.
- Whoo-whoo!
- Really, thank you.
Well, okay.
Then I'd like to make an announcement.
I've made a decision.
Um, I'll be going on a trip.
You can call it a retirement of sorts.
- What?
- What do you mean?
Why would you do that?
- Where's this coming from?
- I just need to rest for a while.
I consider myself lucky
because I got to have my final sessions
with this amazing group.
And I thank you for everything
you've taught me. I appreciate it.
Man, this is totally unexpected.
I mean, I still really need you.
No, no. you don't need me.
We've just started to learn how you work.
Thank you for helping us understand
so much.
Thank you for all the things
you helped me remember.
Zaman, everyone.
Too much to drink, Leyla.
Mm. Oh, hey, babes.
Have you gotten bigger or what?
We haven't taken a picture yet.
- Come on. Get up.
- Yep, let's take some pictures.
Get up. Up, up.
So the journey
we set out on months ago
brought us to totally different
versions of ourselves.
Our wishes were granted.
Sevgi found love,
and Leyla has bigger boobs,
and I was asked to go abroad.
Not to Belgium, but the Netherlands.
Of course, life had
other surprises in store.
You can put me down now.
We passed the threshold.
I'll go get changed now, and you
You can maybe get me
a glass of water, hubby?
Yes, wifey.
Sevgi, my baby.
I'm gonna tell you a story now.
The story of Aram,
who worked at a jeweler's in Kurtuluş.
One day, a young girl
walked into the shop.
It was love at first sight.
But Aram was a revolutionist.
One night, a meeting he was hosting
was raided.
Trying to save his friends,
Aram was shot three times
and lost his life.
The young girl he loved was pregnant.
Aram's comrade stepped in
and took take care of the young girl
and her daughter.
They named the baby
And the name of the girl
Aram fell in love with
was Muko.
Is Zaman here?
Why didn't you tell me
that you studied medicine?
And that you're even practicing?
Sevgi, is she okay?
She's not.
She stopped taking her medication.
So her cancer's back.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And you're here to question me, right?
Yeah, exactly.
Ask away.
Sevgi believed in you.
She thought she was healed.
She quit her meds.
And now she's gone back to square one.
Now, I
never, um, promised Sevgi
a medical treatment.
And I never told her
that she should throw away her meds.
I wouldn't.
I know that.
But you told her that diseases
had emotional scars in their roots.
I did.
And you were right about that.
So, that's why you can't
You just can't retire.
Sevgi's disease
and my hand and Leyla's problem
I know for a fact
that what you do is working
I can't prove it, but I know it.
Teach me everything you know.
We can work together.
We can help Sevgi and a lot of others.
I'd love to, but I can't.
Excuse me.
How long has it been
since you saw each other?
Saw who?
Your son.
Based on that old photo you have of him,
I'm guessing it's been a long time.
Is that why you're trying
to be a father figure for everyone?
How about you give me some time?
To think about it.
All right?
I don't think I can come with you.
I just can't leave Sevgi.
I know you can't.
Is there anything I can do?
But you know, I'd like to stay with you.
Just get back to your daughter, okay?
When you come to the Netherlands,
you can give this to Flor yourself.
Sevgi will be all right.
And you'll come to me.
I don't know, maybe I'll come with Flor.
We'll figure out a way.
I just can't lose you all over again.
You should go now.
Eva, what are you doing here?
You said that you wanted to see Flor,
and I brought her to you.
Look at her. She missed you.
And I missed you so much.
What the fuck? What are you doing, Eva?
I'm Eva.
And you are?
Is it a choice
to come into this world?
And is it possible that we
picked our family
before we came onto this Earth?
How could you do this to me?
How could you hide this?
Our genes, our ancestors
Is it possible that they're both
the cause and solution to our problems?
It would take me years
to answer all of those questions.
But the one thing
that I was sure of at the time
was that I had to start somewhere.
Okay, who's going first?
What if the past is not yet history? ♪
And it's why my future
Gets away from me? ♪
The bliss, the joy, and the victory ♪
Are hidden in another self
deep inside of me ♪
So tell me
If the past is not yet history ♪
Could it be
Somewhere we've lost the harmony? ♪
The muse, the spell, and the irony ♪
Are sailing in another self
Deep inside of me ♪
I came to smile
I came to cry ♪
I came to fail, then grow up high ♪
I came to fall
I came to love ♪
I came to remember we're born to fly ♪
I came to sing
I came to fight ♪
I came to lose, then look upside ♪
I came to doubt
I came to trust ♪
I came to remind you
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
Don't you see
The past is not just history ♪
It's why you are you ♪
And it's why I'm me ♪
The spark, the taste, and the destiny ♪
Are dancing with another self
Deep inside of we ♪
So tell me if your past is not history ♪
But it's why you're here
Singing out loud with me ♪
The grace, the grief and the fantasy ♪
Are living in another self
Now that you could see ♪
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