Antihero (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Did you
commit murder?
I'll ask again.
Did you
commit murder?
Let me ask a different question.
What do you think it means
to live as a murderer?
"Killer." "You don't deserve to live."
"Scum." "Pay for your crime with death."
The moment they convict you,
those words will rain down upon you.
Strangers you've never met
will pierce your heart as if it's nothing
with tens of thousands of knives.
And it won't just be directed at you.
Your family, partner, friends, colleagues
Everyone who's been part of your life
will be forced to wear the label
of being associated with a murderer.
Innocent people
will be treated as if they were criminals.
It might even be more cruel
than serving time in jail as a murderer.
Of course, if you
genuinely repent for your crime,
and they consider you rehabilitated,
you might be able to end your sentence.
Legally speaking, that is.
But it doesn't absolve you of your crime.
Even if you've committed an offense,
you can still start fresh.
Do you believe that Japan is
a forgiving country that allows for that?
Consider this.
What if a murderer
moved into a room next to yours?
If they confessed to you,
"I've killed someone,"
could you nod and smile in response?
It's the same with
rehabilitation centers for criminals.
Everyone acknowledges
their importance to society,
but no one desires to live near one.
That's human nature for you.
You understand now, don't you?
Even if you're forgiven
within the confines of the law,
in the real world,
the public isn't about to forgive someone
who's committed a crime.
No matter how much they've reformed,
there's no place for them
once they leave prison.
They can never find happiness.
Eventually, they succumb to despair,
kill again, or end their own lives.
It's the only future that awaits them.
The instant you become a murderer,
your life is over.
It can't be helped. After all
you've committed murder.
Let's get back on track.
Today, I've come to share
something important with you.
What you decide to do
with this opportunity is up to you.
I will ensure
you receive an acquittal.
Will we arrive on time?
We're cutting it close.
But I can't go any faster.
Aren't you going too fast?
What's going on?
Pull over after the traffic lights.
For crying out loud!
Open the window, please.
You were going pretty fast.
Please step out.
I'm so sorry.
My passenger, he
How fast were you going?
Here's my card.
For speeding, the protocol is
to tail the vehicle for 100 meters,
assess their speed,
and then activate the siren.
At what speed were you pursuing us?
-Seventy kilometers.
-I see.
Let's start here.
One, two, three, stop.
That's three seconds.
To pursue us
from that alley for 100 meters,
you would have had to drive at 120 kilos.
I hate debating
whether one did something or not,
so I've taken to recording videos
for self-protection.
Also, if you want to crack down
on drivers, don't lurk.
I suggest you patrol boldly
in the middle of the road.
Especially since
the roads in Tokyo are dangerous.
Good day.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
I'm glad to see you seem so busy.
Thankfully, I believe I've finally
caught up with your level, Mr. Himeno.
You're being too modest.
But punctuality is crucial.
Despite how it may seem,
we're quite busy as well.
Though perhaps not as busy
as the hotshot lawyer.
Thank you.
I was able to get ready
while you were lecturing me.
Shall we begin?
By the way
I've also had to wait.
You've invested much time
in the interrogation.
How many rearrests did you make?
It's my policy to conduct
thorough investigations.
Is that right?
Your Honor, since time is limited,
shall we start?
As stated in the indictment,
the victim is Asao Hanegi, aged 54,
the president of Hanegi Seiko,
a small factory located in Ota Ward.
The accused is Keita Hiyama, aged 35,
an employee of the said factory.
He's accused of homicide
under Article 199 of the Penal Code.
On January 30th, 2024,
around 9:45 p.m
The victim was murdered
at his residence adjacent to Hanegi Seiko.
According to Mr. Hitoshi Ogata,
the first person on the scene,
Mr. Hiyama, the accused,
was assigned overtime work that day.
Please, let me go home already.
Sure thing.
Once you've finished what I asked,
then you can leave.
Don't make me repeat myself.
Did your parents not teach you anything?
As he hid in the shadows,
waiting for the argument to end
You'd better clean that up.
I'll kill him.
What now?
You still have a problem?
That's the perspective of the prosecution.
But we're still uncertain
about its accuracy.
The motive seems to stem
from your typical power harassment.
They should enact laws recognizing
self-defense in cases of harassment.
It won't justify murder, though.
Thirty-five years old,
no prior criminal record,
a first-time offense
Mr. Akamine, is this your first time
dealing with a homicide?
Yes, it is.
I've handled an assault case
at my previous workplace,
but I'm new to lay judge trials.
Well, you'll adjust soon enough.
By the way,
what's the evidence
linking Mr. Hiyama to the murder?
Security camera footage showing
the accused entering and leaving.
His fingerprints found at the crime scene.
The accused's DNA
found under the victim's fingernails.
And the testimony of Mr. Hitoshi Ogata,
the accused's coworker
who was first on the scene.
Based on these four,
we will prove his guilt in court.
Very well.
Anything from the defense counsel?
Allow me to confirm once more.
Is this all the evidence you've requested?
It is.
Thank you.
Will the focus be on how
to mitigate his sentence?
Mr. Akamine, could you join
Mr. Akizumi from now?
Of course.
You have arrived at your destination.
This is the place.
You must be out of your mind!
I have nothing to say. Leave!
Wait, please! I beg you!
Ms. Shinomiya, right?
It's me, Akamine.
Mr. Aoyama instructed me to come here.
Isn't it risky to visit the crime scene
and meet the victim's family?
We're not on their side, after all.
Go home, then.
Raise your arm up to your shoulders. Good.
If you throw the ball now,
you should get some good distance.
Did you know? Ueno Zoo
got a new red panda called Sei.
remember not to talk to strangers.
And wasn't that at Tama Zoo?
Was it?
And Sei went abroad already.
Here, Minato. That was fun.
Let's play again.
-Yeah. Bye-bye!
Let's go inside.
Excuse me.
Come on. Let's go.
How'd it go?
Not good.
As expected.
Minato seems to be doing okay.
That's a relief.
-Is Mommy home?
That man back there is
Mr. Ryo Sato, an employee.
Is something bothering you?
No, not yet.
Not yet?
Starting today,
I'm officially joining your team.
-I'm Aka
-Akamine, how would you defend this case?
Me, sir? Um
Given the circumstances
of the crime scene,
it seems clear
that Hiyama committed the crime.
So I'd focus on his motive
and mitigating
Mr. Hiyama is pleading not guilty.
True, but the prosecution has presented
four pieces of evidence.
That's quite a lot.
Let me tell you something.
For us, the more evidence
there is, the better.
What do you mean?
Is Mr. Akizumi a masochist?
Are you stupid?
The footage is from this camera.
It shows Mr. Hiyama leaving the factory
around 9:45 p.m.,
the time the crime allegedly occurred.
However, this doesn't prove
that Mr. Hiyama committed the murder.
On the contrary
What would constitute
strong evidence in this case?
The murder weapon.
When he left, he wasn't wearing the jacket
he had on when he arrived for work.
Maybe he removed the jacket
because it was stained with blood?
It might be inside this bag,
or he might have disposed of it
somewhere within the factory.
Locating either the weapon or the jacket
would provide the prosecution
with an advantage
in proving Mr. Hiyama's guilt.
These two items were not among
the evidence presented by the prosecution.
The fact that they deliberately
submitted weak security camera footage
It's like a hedgehog.
The prosecution lacks
decisive evidence for this case.
So they're relying on camera footage,
eyewitness testimony, and DNA.
They're trying to establish guilt
with multiple pieces of evidence.
It's as if they're acknowledging
that each piece of evidence alone is weak.
Even a hedgehog without
its thousands of spines is just a rodent.
One spine alone is weak, which is why
it defends itself with multiple spines.
The more evidence, the better.
In other words, we just need
to pluck the spines one by
Is that him?
Yes, he's Mr. Hitoshi Ogata,
the first on the scene.
You can't.
Engaging with the prosecution's witness
can raise issues!
Akamine, take that off.
Mr. Ogata.
You're Mr. Ogata, right?
Who the hell are you?
Sorry for interrupting your break.
Could I have a moment?
Apologies, Himeno couldn't make it today.
Oh, the prosecutor.
We're here to hear more from you again.
He may seem pleasant,
but he's quite the taskmaster.
But I've already told him everything.
Do you enjoy the races?
Sort of.
I've been considering
getting into them myself.
Are they exciting?
Well, yeah.
Sorry, please let us double-check.
Mr. Hiyama is claiming innocence.
Are you aware of this?
You only found the victim on the floor,
and you didn't see the perpetrator.
What led you to suspect Mr. Hiyama?
Why does it matter?
I just need
to follow your instructions, right?
You're not the one
who actually killed him, are you?
You know how they always say
in detective dramas,
suspect the first person on the scene?
Did I get it right?
Absolutely not!
I returned to the factory
to get my glasses around 9:40 p.m.
Did your parents not teach you anything?
That's when I overheard Hiyama
arguing with the boss.
Then, I heard a scream from his house,
so I hurried over there.
What's going on?
Honey, what happened to you?
-Talk to me!
Then I witnessed the boss
lying on the floor near the entrance,
and I promptly called
the police and ambulance.
Very good.
Your account is quite precise.
You must have rehearsed it a lot.
By the way,
the machine Mr. Hiyama was using
Which one is it?
That one?
Um, may I ask you something?
When you were reading earlier,
you weren't wearing your glasses.
Are you nearsighted?
On the night of the incident,
you headed home
without your glasses, right?
That's why I went back to get my glasses!
Give me a break already.
I told you I'm showing up
for the trial, okay?
Sorry about that.
Apologies for taking up your time.
Why did you ask about his glasses earlier?
Well, I'm nearsighted as well.
I can't step outside without my contacts.
So when he mentioned forgetting
his glasses, it seemed odd.
-Sorry if I overstepped.
-It's fine.
By the way,
I couldn't confirm from the footage
whether Mr. Ogata was wearing glasses
when he returned to the factory.
I see.
they'd be furious if they found out
we contacted their witness.
We even lied we were the prosecution.
There's no law against
contacting the prosecution's witness.
And we never claimed to be
the prosecution in the first place.
Mr. Akizumi, you have evidence
that Mr. Hiyama is innocent, right?
Um, I mean
Given the false accusation case
six months ago,
I'm curious how you'll get
an acquittal for Mr. Hiyama.
I don't have any evidence.
Does that mean we're actually
trying to help a murderer, then?
A murderer?
Tell me, Akamine,
why do you believe
Mr. Hiyama committed murder?
he suffered severe power harassment.
That's why he killed?
An attorney's duty
is to defend the legitimate interests
of their client, the accused.
Regardless of how heinous the crime,
until convicted, they should be
treated as innocent and protected.
Any attorney who presumes
Mr. Hiyama's guilt at this stage
should resign immediately.
Anyway, whether
he actually committed a crime or not
is not our concern as attorneys.
But if we're unsure
about a client's guilt,
how can we protect them?
You crush it.
It's the prosecution's job
to gather evidence and establish guilt.
And our role, as attorneys,
is to take the evidence presented
by the prosecution
and crush it in our hands.
The race has started.
Dammit! He got a late start!
Come on
Pass him!
What the hell? Dammit!
I delved into Mr. Ogata's background.
He's been changing jobs quite frequently.
Whoa, that's a whole lot.
There must be a reason
he can't hold down a job.
A reason?
Mr. Ogata only repeated
what was written in the statement.
The prosecution has coached him well.
I witnessed the boss
lying on the floor near the entrance,
and I promptly called
the police and ambulance.
Like reciting a script?
Is it normal for the prosecution
to micromanage their witnesses?
Maybe they didn't want their witness
to speak freely for some reason.
It's inconvenient for the prosecution
that Mr. Ogata was the first on the scene.
So they coordinated the narrative
and scripted a testimony.
This might be related to
why he's constantly changing jobs.
Maybe we should tail him a little.
And it falls on me to tail him.
Regarding his motive,
Mr. Hiyama has admitted
to experiencing power harassment.
Although it's not strong evidence,
the security camera also shows
that Mr. Hiyama was present in the factory
at the time of the victim's death.
If it's true that Mr. Hiyama's DNA
was found on the body,
all that remains is
I'm back.
The fingerprints.
Mr. Hiyama's fingerprints were found
on the inside of this door and this shelf.
Could they have been left
before the incident occurred,
rather than on the day of the incident?
The prosecution claims these fingerprints
were left on the day of the incident.
However, they haven't substantiated
that they were indeed left on that day.
Fingerprints indoors
can persist for up to two months.
Sounds too convenient
Welcome back.
Keep going, Ms. Shinomiya.
In 2019,
there was a case where the accused
faced charges of burglary and murder.
But they couldn't verify if the prints
were left on the day of the crime,
resulting in an acquittal.
The prosecution is operating
under the assumption
that Mr. Hiyama is the culprit.
They've cleverly woven together
the evidence they've collected
and crafted a narrative
that aligns with their agenda.
In that case, our task
is simply to reshape the narrative
to steer toward the conclusion
that Mr. Hiyama is not the culprit.
So that's what he meant
by crushing the evidence.
But to achieve that, we'll need to prove
that Mr. Hiyama was inside
Mr. Hanegi's house before the incident.
I have nothing to say. Leave!
Wait, please! I beg you!
That day, is that why
I think we still have options to explore.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
So, how did the defense counsel react?
Despite the abundance of evidence
we presented, they remained unfazed.
They even seemed to expect
more evidence from us.
That's attorney Akizumi for you.
I've heard
they're requesting the victim's family
as witnesses for the upcoming trial.
It's outrageous.
They'll exploit even the victim's family
to secure their desired verdict.
They're despicable.
And what's your take?
Her husband was murdered.
I've never heard of the bereaved
testifying on behalf of the accused.
I even gave her a warning, just in case.
-I'm impressed.
-But Ms. Midorikawa.
Why did that man appoint
himself to defend Hiyama?
He must be confident
he can secure an acquittal.
There's concrete evidence against him.
If it were that easy
to get an acquittal for a murderer,
this country would be hopeless.
I'm back.
Well, I'm calling it a day.
See you.
How did it go?
Did Mr. Hanegi's wife talk to you?
I got you a pastry
if you want it.
If you're hungry
No, thank you.
I'll have it, then.
Go ahead.
Don't worry.
Shinomiya's always like that
with newcomers.
Got it.
I've emailed you the details
regarding the mass food poisoning.
Thank you.
But I suppose this matter
takes precedence.
It's a tough one, isn't it?
This household never invited
their employees inside?
That's right.
But I'll try to speak
with Mr. Hanegi's wife again.
Only two more days
until the trial. Good luck!
Anko sweet bean paste and cheese.
Good day.
Um, Ms. Shinomiya isn't here yet.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Mr. Akizumi.
Are you trying to stage a performance
for the lay judges?
You want the victim's wife
to testify for the accused.
I highly doubt she'll show up, though.
Mr. Himeno.
Let's do our best.
All rise.
The court is now in session.
I will address the accused.
On the day of the incident,
you pursued the victim who had
returned home from the adjacent factory.
You subsequently struck
the victim's head with a blunt object.
You are denying this accusation.
I didn't kill him.
I'll proceed with my questions.
What were you doing around 9:45 p.m.?
Mr. Hanegi instructed me to keep working,
so I was cutting and shaving metal parts.
Can anyone corroborate this?
In order to refresh his memory,
I'd like to present evidence number 7
as requested by the prosecution.
May I?
You may proceed.
This is camera footage
from the day of the incident.
It shows you arriving at the factory
and leaving in a hurry.
Do you notice anything?
That's right.
On your way out, you're not wearing
the jacket you had on when you arrived.
So, where did that jacket go?
Is it inside this bag?
I don't know.
When you killed the victim,
his blood got on your jacket,
so you disposed of it along
with the weapon. Am I wrong?
That question unfairly assumes
the accused is guilty.
Prosecutor, what is your stance?
I believe it's acceptable to pose
questions based on logical assumptions.
Objection sustained.
Prosecutor, please inquire
about the facts based on the evidence.
You endured verbal abuse
from the victim on a daily basis,
with insults such as "idiot,"
"moron," "sluggard," and "useless."
I have statements
from other employees corroborating this.
You were experiencing power harassment.
And on that day, your pent-up frustration
reached its breaking point.
I'd never take a life for such a reason.
Then why were your fingerprints
found at the murder scene?
Apart from the victim's family,
only your prints
were discovered in the home.
Additionally, DNA from your skin
was found under the victim's nails.
Isn't this because you had a tussle
with the victim on that day?
We'll move on to the defense counsel's
interrogation based on their evidence.
First, the victim's family,
whom they requested as witnesses
What now, Mr. Akizumi?
Defense counsel?
Your Honor, we will examine the witness
we have previously requested.
Here is our witness.
The witness is Minato Hanegi,
the son of the victim.
He's five years old.
Wait a moment.
How could you put
such a young child on the stand?
He's the victim's family!
He's present with his mother's consent.
This is outrageous!
He's a witness listed
in the evidence request.
Minato, can you share with everyone here
what you told me earlier?
What's your favorite game?
You enjoy playing ball?
Where do you play?
In front of my house.
With your friends from kindergarten?
No, with a young mister.
A young mister?
Who is this young mister?
Is he here?
That man.
The man you pointed to,
is he the one seated next to the men
dressed like police officers?
-Your Honor!
I believe the defense counsel guided
the witness to point to the accused.
Is that so?
It didn't appear that way to me.
Defense counsel, please proceed.
Thank you.
do you often play ball
with the man you pointed to?
Yeah. He fetched my ball for me.
He fetched your ball?
Where was the ball?
Behind the doggie.
To clarify his statement,
I'd like to present a photograph,
evidence number 32,
as requested by the defense counsel.
You may proceed.
You said the ball was behind the doggie.
Do you mean
this white doggie in the photo?
Your ball ended up behind the doggie,
and that man helped you retrieve it?
Yeah. I couldn't reach it even if I tried.
The prosecution's evidence shows
they found the accused's prints here too.
And Minato's testimony suggests
the accused would've been
inside their home prior to the incident.
Can you get that ball
behind the doggie for me?
Found it.
Here you go.
In other words, the prints
the prosecution presented as evidence
can be traced back
to before the incident happened.
The witness is just five years old.
Children's memories can be vague.
His testimony isn't reliable!
True. It's normal to doubt
what a young child says.
I find it hard to believe
the witness is lying.
Article 143 of the Code
of Criminal Procedure states,
"The court may, except as
otherwise provided in this Code,
examine any person as a witness."
That was a legitimate testimony.
It is up to all of you
to determine its credibility.
That is all.
See? There's Mommy.
-Were you okay?
Thank goodness.
I'll see you out.
Let's go, Minato.
I'm amazed you got Minato to testify.
You're incredible, Ms. Shinomiya.
I'll never testify for you.
I don't recall ever allowing
that man into our house.
My husband was murdered!
I'll call the police
if you keep harassing me.
I have LEGO sets of a zoo.
And ANIA toys too!
Excuse me.
Minato said he wanted to show me his toys.
Stay away from my son.
He might receive the death penalty.
We don't believe
Mr. Hiyama is the culprit.
Minato testified
that he let Mr. Hiyama inside the house
before the incident occurred.
This testimony
will be absolutely pivotal in the case.
Minato, go inside.
I heard that
Mr. Hanegi's relationship with Mr. Hiyama
took a sudden turn
for the worse in the last six months.
Do you know what caused it?
Well, there's a rumor going around
that you were attracted to Mr. Hiyama.
That's ridiculous.
Hiyama, did you get a haircut?
You're looking even more handsome.
I just
gave him a simple compliment
about his appearance.
You can't assume I was attracted to him.
Let's consider a hypothetical scenario.
Even if it was just a joke
and you didn't intend anything by it,
what if Mr. Hanegi overheard your words?
What if his misunderstanding led
to the deterioration of their relationship
and played a role in this incident?
We're not asking you to lie on our behalf.
I believe it is true
you never let Mr. Hiyama inside your home.
However, Minato told us clearly
that he let Mr. Hiyama inside.
If we don't clarify this in court,
Mr. Hiyama will be convicted,
and he'd have to live
the rest of his life as a murderer.
There's a precedent for this.
A person was arrested for murder
and sentenced to death.
They spent over ten years in prison,
waiting for their execution day.
But what if they were innocent all along?
They lost their family,
and endured life inside
a dark, cold, grim cell,
simply waiting for death.
Strangely, the evidence in that case
was deliberately covered up,
and everyone involved still carries
with them a deep sense of sadness.
Could you live a life like that?
Thank you for your cooperation.
That's the last time.
Akamine, isn't it time soon?
Welcome back.
Let's play.
May we?
Yeah. Thanks.
Thank you very much.
Let's play ball inside.
We'll play outside.
If we play indoors, the ball might
end up behind the doggie again.
That lady is good at magic tricks.
Come on, Minato.
Last time you mentioned it was
The witness is just five years old.
Children's memories can be vague.
His testimony isn't reliable!
Excuse me!
I'll go get my ball.
What you mentioned just now,
about getting the ball for him.
Did you tell Akizumi about that?
Uh, yeah.
The other day,
he asked me
if I've ever been inside the house.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I've taken the video.
This is part of an attorney's job, right?
Rest assured, this action
doesn't breach any regulations.
I understand that.
Do you always do this kind of thing?
Excuse me.
Are you free now?
I just got some leashes.
The old one is getting worn out, right?
So, I bought new ones.
But I couldn't decide on the color.
Which do you think
would suit Mill better? You choose.
Go with whichever you like.
Oh, please!
Fine. I'll get back to you later.
I'm still working.
Right, sorry. I'll text you later.
You dropped this.
I've been following him for a while,
but besides the fact that
he's into gambling and drinking,
I didn't notice anything odd.
That explains his debt.
Check this out.
He's borrowing a total of 1,5 million yen
from consumer finance.
That implies he's spending
that much on gambling.
How did you find that out?
You want to know?
He was borrowing money
from the victim, Mr. Hanegi, too.
How much?
About 300,000 yen.
One of the employees witnessed
Mr. Hanegi shouting, "Give back my money!"
In other words, Mr. Ogata
was quarreling with the victim over money.
You know, it's been bothering me.
Mr. Ogata always
wears glasses when he's out.
How could he forget them that night?
Did he really just go back
for his glasses?
What if it was actually Mr. Ogata who
Let's bet on the next race.
We picked the wrong one!
Trio, 5th, 8th, 15th!
If only 5th and 15th
were swapped, we'd have hit it!
No beginner's luck, huh?
Let's tear this up!
Wait a minute!
Huh? Mr. Prosecutor?
You won, you know.
This is a trio.
The order doesn't matter.
If all these numbers
place in the top three, you win!
You won 300,000!
That's amazing.
What's going on?
This isn't a coincidence, is it?
I forgot to ask you something
the other day.
Give me a break.
You've won 100,000.
If you hadn't intervened,
we would've tossed away 300,000 yen.
You deserve at least 100,000 yen.
What do you say? How about we grab drinks?
The drinks are on us, of course.
Let's call it a day soon.
Thank you.
No way we newbies
could've known what trios mean.
Are you sure I can take this cash?
What sort of jobs have you had, Mr. Ogata?
What's this all of a sudden?
I'm just curious.
I've worked at a bar,
a karaoke joint, traffic control
I've done a bunch of stuff.
Why so many?
They all fired me, saying I was useless.
They all looked down on me.
Is that so?
Do you think your current job will last?
Excuse me. Here's your order.
Thank you.
You really are nearsighted.
That's why you took them off at work.
Your job did seem to demand precision.
And you happened to forget your glasses
on the day of the incident.
Come on, drink up.
Sorry. Let's stop talking
about the incident.
When did you start getting into races?
Any thoughts on which horse
might perform well next week?
Let's stop talking about work.
It puts a damper on the drink.
You're right.
So, do you say stuff like,
The defense counsel is leading
the witness with their questioning."
I don't.
I'm the one
who receives those accusations.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I'm defending Mr. Keita Hiyama.
I'm Akizumi.
You're not a prosecutor?
I see.
You guys made me drink and buttered me up
to win me over to your side.
Attorneys sure use dirty tricks.
But I'm still going to testify
that it was Hiyama who did it.
I don't mind.
However, please keep
today's events between us.
I gave money to you, a witness,
and even treated you to drinks.
I could be accused
of witness interest extortion.
And, naturally, you'd be just as guilty
for accepting them.
you'd like to return
the money I just gave you.
I'll keep quiet about this.
There's no such law.
Ignorance can be dangerous, can't it?
But you knew and didn't tell him.
You're just as guilty as me.
I just want to uncover the truth.
Well, see you tomorrow in court.
Good evening.
All rise.
Mr. Ogata,
on the day of the incident,
you realized you had forgotten something
and returned to the factory, correct?
I had left my glasses behind
and went back for them.
I assumed the factory would be closed,
but the lights were still on.
And there, I overheard an argument
between Mr. Hanegi and Mr. Hiyama.
Please, let me go home already.
Sure thing.
Once you've finished what I asked,
then you can leave.
Don't make me repeat myself.
But making one takes quite a bit of time.
Are you really talking back?
You're worthless to society,
and I'm only hiring you out of kindness.
Is this how you were raised?
Did your parents not teach you anything?
Bring your mom,
and I'll give her a talking-to!
Oh, she died, didn't she?
I figured it would be a hassle
if they found me,
so I decided to stay still
until the boss left.
I'll kill him.
After a while,
the two left.
So I tried to leave discreetly.
Then, I heard a scream
from the boss' residence.
And when I went to check it out
My apologies for bringing up
the distressing memories.
the security camera
inside the factory shows
Mr. Ogata entering
the premises at around 9:45 p.m.
This testimony
presents compelling evidence
that the accused was present at the scene
and murdered the victim.
That is all.
Now, defense counsel,
commence the cross-examination.
I'm Akizumi, representing the defense.
I have a few questions.
Mr. Ogata, you overheard
an argument between the victim
and the accused at the factory, correct?
I mean, yes.
Did the victim truly
utter the words "I'll kill him"?
I see.
Very well.
Your Honor,
I request permission
to conduct an ex officio inspection.
What type of inspection?
And is it crucial
to the proceedings of this trial?
Yes, Your Honor.
This inspection
will provide the crucial material
necessary to establish the uncertainty
of Mr. Ogata's testimony.
may he proceed?
Well then,
please listen carefully.
Please, let me go home already.
Sure thing.
Once you've finished what I asked,
then you can leave.
Don't make me repeat myself.
but I've already finished.
You've already made the part?
All right, you can go home.
Pause there.
Mr. Ogata,
this reconstructed dialogue
reflects the ambiance
of the interaction between the victim
and the accused, based on your testimony.
In this audio,
what did the man at the end say?
He said, "Don't leave
until you finish making the part."
Mr. Ogata, I'll ask you another question.
What was the tone of voice
used by this man?
He gave an order in a commanding manner.
Did he say, "You can go home"?
H-He never said that.
Do you confirm that the conversation
between the accused and the victim
that you heard was akin to this audio?
We intentionally integrated
machinery noise into this audio
to replicate the ambiance of the factory.
Next, please listen to this audio clip
without the machinery noise.
Please, let me go home already.
Sure thing.
Once you've finished what I asked,
then you can leave.
Don't make me repeat myself.
but I've already finished.
You've already made the part?
All right, you can go home.
Mr. Ogata, I'll inquire once more.
At the time of the incident,
was Mr. Hanegi shouting
at Mr. Hiyama, just like in this audio?
Did you truly hear an argument
between the accused and the victim?
Is it possible that you couldn't discern
their conversation amidst the noise?
And are you sure
about forgetting your glasses?
Perhaps, to conceal the true motive
behind your return to the factory,
you and the prosecution fabricated
the story of retrieving your glasses.
But, in reality, you went back
for something else entirely.
Let's see, for instance
a hearing aid.
That is mere speculation by the defense!
Auditory Processing Disorder.
It's the condition you have.
While it may not significantly impact
comprehension of everyday conversations,
in noisy and bustling environments,
voices may become muffled
and comprehension may be challenging.
It seems you like races,
yet even at the racetrack,
you always listen to radio commentary
through earphones.
They rent out radios to individuals
with visual or hearing impairments.
The racetrack is always
bustling and noisy, after all.
I have questioned the neighbors
about the circumstances of the incident.
They reported hearing the sounds
of machinery late into the night.
The machine Mr. Hiyama was using
is used for shaving metal pieces
and produces considerable noise.
To clarify the witness' statement,
I request to play the audio,
marked as evidence number 38,
as requested by the defense counsel.
This recording captures the ambient noises
of the factory under similar conditions.
Very well.
Mr. Ogata, you maintain
that even amidst this machinery noise,
you could accurately discern
the contents of the conversation.
Is that correct?
You've changed jobs frequently
due to this condition.
No matter what job you got,
you were dismissed
because of your hearing.
It must have been hard.
You can't keep mistaking orders like this.
It must've been painful.
Mr. Ogata, you can't keep doing this.
It must've seemed unfair.
I offer my sympathies.
This isn't what we discussed!
This is why I didn't want to do this!
-You bastard!
-Calm down!
Screw you! You bastard!
-I order the witness to leave!
You bastard!
Order in the court!
The court will adjourn for the time being.
You're not surprised.
But that's expected.
There's no way you would be
unaware of the witness' condition.
If it were to become known,
it would undermine
the credibility of his testimony.
You told Mr. Ogata,
"I'll handle this discreetly
so your condition remains hidden.
Just testify as instructed."
Isn't that right?
It was an impressive statement indeed.
Did you approach me
only to learn about my hearing impairment?
Will you even expose my condition
just so you can win?
That's why I invited you to that place.
Sorry. Let's stop talking
about the incident.
When did you start getting into races?
Any thoughts on which horse
might perform well next week?
Let's stop talking about work.
It puts a damper on the drink.
Amidst the noise of the trains,
I wanted to see
if you could discern my words.
What grudge do you have against me?
Hiyama killed the boss.
He's a criminal! A killer!
My apologies.
I'm driven to win, even if it means
revealing someone's disorder.
It's simply part of my job.
Screw you!
I might lose my job again!
You want me to die, is that it?!
Do you want to die?
Whether you live or die
is none of my concern.
I'll exploit anything,
even a person's disability.
As long as your account of hearing
their conversation remains unclear,
I'll stop at nothing to prove that.
I'll go to any lengths
to serve my client's interests.
That's what attorneys do.
I have only spoken the truth.
You have no grounds to resent me. Goodbye.
consider this a form of reparation.
Dismissing someone due to a condition
that doesn't impact business operations
constitutes unfair dismissal.
If you pursue legal action
against every company that dismissed you,
you could probably
win 10 million at least.
Since we've shared drinks together,
I'll handle this case at no cost, anytime.
Consider it.
It may seem unusual coming from me,
but you should never forgive those
who discriminate against you
because of your disability.
Stay in line.
Mr. Akizumi says he'll return
after making a call.
He's probably calling his daughter.
Saya, was it?
How do you like the leash?
Hey, I want to take a picture.
Mame, look this way.
Stop that.
I'm trying to take a picture!
Okay, let's have Class 2 go first.
You're so full of energy.
A prosecutor's job is
to teach people that it's important
to say sorry when they do something wrong.
Tell us.
I bet your mommy and daddy
tell you that too.
If you do something wrong,
you have to feel sorry for it
and never do it again.
Oh? Don't they tell you that?
-They do!
But the thing is,
it's human nature to make mistakes.
So we help people who have done wrong
by giving them time
to reflect on their wrongdoing.
What do you think happens to them?
They become better people.
-Better people!
-Better people!
I really hope so!
Japan is a country
where even people who've
made mistakes can make a fresh start.
Do you believe that?
Consider this.
Think about it.
After someone who did something wrong
leaves prison,
how can they find a place
for themselves in the world?
How can they find happiness?
They can never find happiness.
Eventually, they succumb to despair,
kill again, or end their own lives.
It's the only future that awaits them.
The instant you become a murderer,
your life is over.
It can't be helped. After all
you've committed murder.
The court is back in session.
Your Honor,
we would like to request
an investigation into new evidence.
New evidence?
What kind of evidence?
We've been searching
for this for a long time.
It's the murder weapon.
Defense counsel, could you please confirm?
Please confirm.
What's the plan now?
There's no need to worry.
Carry on as usual.
But that hammer is mine
Mr. Hiyama,
try to remember.
Before the incident,
did you happen to misplace the hammer?
Subtitle translation by: Ai Matsuoka
We're doing all this
to prove your innocence.
I'll show you how to win a trial.
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