Antihero (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

It's been a long time.
Every month
you've been writing me letters.
I have.
Please stop.
I want
to die quietly.
We're done here.
Excuse me.
There was an error
in the visiting request form
submitted by Akizumi
from our office earlier.
He asked me to fix it up for him.
Mind if I do that?
Mr. Akizumi?
He was here to see Mr. Yusaku Shimizu?
That's right. To see Mr. Shimizu.
Since the visit's already over,
there's no need for corrections.
I see. Thank you.
Yusaku Shimizu
Is it too hot?
Well? Do you like this?
There are currently 64 dogs here
at the facility.
Do you know why these dogs were abandoned?
Their owners found them
to be too much work,
couldn't take them along to new homes,
or their kids got bored of them.
All for people's selfish reasons.
In Japan, about 14,000 dogs and cats
are euthanized every year.
That many?
Just like humans,
they don't get to pick their parents.
This place has actually been around
for quite a while.
We've been working hard
for quite some time now.
This girl
That's Saya. She's over there.
Good, Mame.
By the way, this Golden Retriever, Cocoa,
is the mother of Mame over there.
Nice, Mame.
who's this woman?
That's Ms. Momose.
Where is she right now?
She passed away a long time ago.
Sentenced to death for murders
The incident took place in 2012,
twelve years ago from now,
in a residential area in Hanamigawa Ward,
Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.
Makoto Itoi, a 42-year-old office worker,
his 38-year-old wife Eriko,
and their 9-year-old daughter Natsu
were murdered in their home.
No money or valuables were taken,
leading the police to investigate it
as an act of revenge.
And Yusaku Shimizu,
Itoi's colleague, was arrested.
It really wasn't me.
Itoi and Shimizu had been colluding
to embezzle company funds.
They had a dispute over this money,
resulting in Shimizu murdering Itoi.
Initially, Shimizu denied
committing the crime,
but he later confessed his guilt.
He then received a death sentence
in the first trial.
The defense counsel
chose not to appeal the verdict,
and the trial came to a close.
This office was established
only five years ago.
And Mr. Akizumi
wasn't an attorney before that.
What was he doing?
He was a prosecutor.
Twelve years ago
Mr. Akizumi would've
still been a prosecutor.
Why did he visit a death row inmate?
Isn't that him?
Masato Uno is a charismatic attorney.
Do all attorneys stay
at such luxury hotels?
Are you jealous?
Curiously, he makes frequent trips
to a hotel for "business reasons."
Maybe I should've gone too.
Don't worry. Mr. Akizumi trusts them too.
-Excuse me.
-Excuse me.
I left something in the lobby!
Seriously? Let's head back then.
So, that woman back there isn't involved?
Oh, crap.
What are you
If they don't come out
for over an hour, we'll know for sure.
But I'll hit you in five seconds.
That's a pretty good angle.
Well done.
Good work.
Ms. Shiraki, the rundown, please.
There's been a series of rape
in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.
The first victim is Ms. Sena Moriya.
Late one night, when she returned
to her home where she lived alone,
a man trailing her
threatened her with a knife.
The man was wearing a balaclava,
so she couldn't see his face.
The second victim is Ms. Kasumi Toyama.
She was targeted in the same way.
Both reported the incidents
to the police after some time had passed.
Consequently, there's no evidence linking
to the culprit, like DNA.
With no eyewitness accounts
or physical evidence,
the investigation has been difficult.
And on February 21st,
the third incident occurred.
The third victim is Ms. Eri Sendo.
She was also threatened
with a knife in the same way
and nearly pulled into her apartment.
Please stop!
She fought back desperately,
causing the man's mask to come off.
Panicked, the man fled the scene.
The prosecution suspected Mr. Reiji Kurusu
of being the man and indicted him.
Kurusu was arrested on suspicion
of sexually assaulting three women
within Chiba City.
Why this case?
A high-profile case like this
is the perfect chance
to get your name out there.
By the way, Kurusu was found guilty
of committing an indecent act
without consent a year ago.
But in this case,
the only conclusive evidence
is the eyewitness account
of the third incident.
Upon questioning, he confessed
to the first and second incidents.
He confessed?
But he hasn't admitted to the third.
I assume
this was on Attorney Uno's advice.
you wanted to snatch this case
from Attorney Uno. That's why
If you see a tasty fruit,
you have to go and pluck it yourself.
I'm happy for you.
What should we have for lunch?
I want omurice!
-Let's see.
-What else?
-What about this one?
Here you go.
It won't fly away anymore.
-I'm so sorry.
-No worries.
So cool!
What's on yours?
It's been a while, Mr. Uno.
Mind if we have a little chat?
What's this about?
Do you want me to spell it out?
So, you're the Akizumi.
I don't know what this is about,
but not today.
I understand Yua is enrolling
in a private elementary school next year.
How do you know that?
I have a very simple deal for you.
If you accept it,
you can protect both your job
and your family.
Seriously, you attorneys are so willful.
You say you'll do something,
then change your mind.
Everyone's got
their own circumstances, after all.
But still, you're lucky.
I'll be handling your defense now,
and I want to confirm something again.
You were maintaining your innocence,
so why did you confess?
Because that attorney told me to.
"If the interrogation drags on,
it'll work against us."
"You can tell the truth in court."
I see.
Just to confirm,
when the third incident occurred,
where were you?
I went to my regular bar after work
and then headed straight home to sleep.
Anything to prove that?
The last time I got arrested,
it was such a pain,
so I turn off my phone when moving.
they don't have much evidence against me.
Is it true
I'll be found innocent in the trial?
Of course.
I promise to secure an acquittal for you.
Getting a confession from him
only to overturn it later.
What was Attorney Uno's strategy?
He is the guard, Osawa.
I'm Osawa.
-Here are Mr. Kurata and Mr. Onishi.
-Ms. Shinomiya?
This way, please.
Are they the prefectural police?
Why are they here?
Has there been any change in the accused?
None. He's carrying on without any issue.
As you're probably aware,
once we arrive at the investigation room,
we'll move the accused.
Have a seat while you wait.
Mobile phones aren't permitted for use.
-So I'll hold onto them.
I still don't understand
Mr. Uno's intention.
Why did he make Kurusu
confess to the crime?
If Kurusu was claiming innocence,
Mr. Uno could've told him
to deny the accusation or remain silent.
Defending him
would've been simpler that way.
It's quite a stretch to have him say,
"I confessed, but it was a lie."
It's also odd Mr. Uno didn't make him
confess to the third incident.
If only Kurusu had his phone turned on,
he'd have had a straightforward alibi.
Anyway, the eyewitness account
for the third incident,
which is the conclusive evidence,
conflicts with Mr. Kurusu's account.
Wait, where's Mr. Akizumi?
Do you have an appointment?
Despite facing that ordeal,
you're still fulfilling your duties.
Your resilience is remarkable.
I'm impressed.
Who are you?
Mr. Kurusu
and I have been acquainted for some time.
Could I speak with you later?
My shift ends at 7 p.m.
I'm heading home.
-Good night.
-Good night.
I've been waiting for you.
You finished work an hour early.
I've told the police everything.
Ask them for details.
My apologies.
You see, a few aspects
of your testimony trouble me.
-Who are you?
-May I ask a few questions?
Keep it brief.
On the day of the incident,
you were threatened with a knife.
You fought back desperately,
and saw the man's face.
The man panicked and fled the scene.
I hear that is your testimony.
Is this correct?
What about it?
Were you acquainted with Mr. Kurusu?
Ask him yourself.
It's a minor detail,
but there's a convenience store
just 13 steps from the crime scene.
When you were threatened with a knife
in front of your apartment,
why didn't you rush into the store?
I was overwhelmed with panic
and couldn't think clearly.
If you had shouted,
surely someone would have noticed.
But no one has come forward
with such testimony yet.
Two days later, you went to the police
to submit a victim's report.
Why didn't you report the crime
to the police right after it happened?
It's difficult to speak out
against sex crimes.
You wouldn't understand.
Can I go now?
It appears Uno really did resign
from Kurusu's defense.
Were you aware?
It's fine.
Kurusu has already confessed to the crime.
Nothing will change now.
Anyway, about the incident in Funabashi
Why make him confess?
The Itoi family murders
happened in Chiba as well.
Up until now,
Mr. Akizumi has never chosen cases
solely for the client's defense.
In many cases, including those
involving Mr. Hiyama and Shoichiro,
he's remained steadfast in his beliefs.
With this case,
he went as far as threatening
another attorney to secure it.
Is he planning something again?
Still working?
I've been looking into what I can do
until Mr. Matsunaga's retrial.
I see. Good luck.
My own path, huh?
It seems
Mr. Akamine is beginning to catch on.
But it's not time yet, right?
This case might be the crisis.
So keep pretending
like you're oblivious to everything.
Mr. Matsunaga.
Just a little longer.
Please wait a little longer.
I will
your innocence.
That day, he was drinking
until 1 a.m. as usual.
How do you feel about Mr. Kurusu's arrest?
The way he looked at women was creepy.
It looked like
he only saw them as objects of desire.
"All women fall in love with me."
He was completely misguided.
He could actually be quite kind.
When taking out the trash,
he'd help out the elderly woman downstairs
by taking out hers too.
Good day.
Good day.
Thank you.
People have different sides to them
depending on the situation.
It's not about one
being the real Mr. Kurusu.
Both versions are probably the real him.
-Excuse me.
-A noodle refill, firm, please.
-Sure thing.
Can I share a hypothetical scenario?
What if I mean, it's a big what if
Mr. Akizumi has a motive again
for taking on this case?
I mean, it's odd for him
to actively pursue a case in Chiba.
Especially considering the client
didn't approach him.
He took the case by force.
Here you are.
It's like his past cases.
Hiyama had committed a crime.
But in exchange
for securing Hiyama's acquittal,
he exposed the prosecution's corruption.
In the following case, he didn't secure
another acquittal as expected.
But instead, he exposed
the corruption of politicians.
In both instances, he exposed
the people behind the incidents,
condemning those who sought to gain
an advantage through unlawful means.
Maybe he has another motive.
For instance,
if Kurusu confesses to his crime,
it would benefit the police, who have
struggled to arrest the culprit until now.
I think Mr. Akizumi is selecting
these cases deliberately.
If the police
Don't you have to get that?
It's fine.
I got a message.
The next public trial
will take place in the same courthouse.
All rise.
Ayuka, I never thought
you were on Mr. Datehara's team.
It must be tough working under him.
Not at all. I learn a great deal from him.
That's what a good subordinate says.
I'm just being honest.
Ms. Seko, you and Mr. Datehara
have quite a history, right?
We're just stuck together.
Prosecutors and judges
have an inextricable link, after all.
Anyway, he's risen to the position
of Chief Prosecutor.
Quite impressive.
I've heard rumors about you
becoming a Supreme Court Justice soon.
Oh, please. Who told you that?
Good day.
He snatched the case?
Yes, the serial rape case in Chiba.
Is Mr. Akizumi planning
another dramatic move?
I see.
Hey, you.
Could I
ask you a favor?
Excuse me.
You recalled something about Ms. Eri?
Actually, that gentleman over there
How about you join me
for a drink for once?
So, in a nutshell
she's a romantic.
A romantic?
She can't sit still unless she's in love.
Anyway, she falls for people quickly
and even says she spends money on them.
I see.
Based on your appearance,
you're a detective, right?
You're looking into
Ms. Eri's twisted habit.
-Her stalking habit.
Any clue who she's fixated on?
She brought me here saying
there was a guy she's interested in.
Then he started flirting with me.
That made her really upset.
Um, do you have a picture?
You want to see it?
I can show you
if you go on a date with me.
Huh? Does that mean
she gave false testimony?
That's right.
The incident involving Ms. Eri Sendo,
the third victim, was fabricated.
But that's too
In this case,
there were two
consecutive instances of harm.
However, it took time
to catch the perpetrator,
and media coverage intensified.
The Chiba Police,
facing ongoing criticism,
must have been feeling quite nervous.
And then, the third incident occurred.
Ms. Eri Sendo provided
an eyewitness testimony as the victim,
prompting the police
to finally arrest Mr. Kurusu.
There's a big difference between
the first two incidents and the third.
What is it?
Mr. Kurusu confessed
to the first two but not the third.
Right. Anything else?
In the third incident,
the victim was stalking Mr. Kurusu.
She was following him everywhere,
it was really terrible.
How did Ms. Eri get acquainted
with Mr. Kurusu in the first place?
I think this is how.
He sure is handsome, isn't he?
Ms. Eri saw photos of Mr. Kurusu
and fell for him instantly.
Then, according to her colleague,
she began frequenting this bar.
She pursued him relentlessly,
even ambushing him every day.
Due to Mr. Kurusu's
prior criminal record for a sexual offense
and resemblance
to the suspect's description,
the Chiba Police suspected him
and began surveilling him.
So, it wasn't hard for the police officer
investigating the case
to encounter Ms. Eri at the bar,
who was stalking Mr. Kurusu.
Then, Ms. Eri discovered that
Mr. Kurusu was a rape suspect.
It must have been a shock for her
to learn that the man she loved had
a liking for other women besides herself.
Ms. Eri was infatuated
with him enough to stalk him.
It's not surprising if she felt betrayed
and wanted to make him experience hell.
So, did Ms. Eri invent the story
and report it to the police?
Who knows whether it was the police
or Ms. Eri who came up with the idea?
It's just one possibility.
As for the police,
they could arrest Mr. Kurusu,
whom they were convinced was the culprit.
Once arrested,
they could question him extensively
about the previous two incidents.
And if they could get a confession,
it wouldn't be a mistaken arrest.
As for Ms. Eri, she could punish
the man who had hurt her.
It's not a bad deal for either party.
There's another thing
that could be explained.
Here's Attorney Uno's
defense record thus far.
He's famous for highlighting
mitigating circumstances and defending
the human rights of the accused.
In other words,
he has secured a guilty verdict
in every case he's handled.
What if there was a deal
with the police behind this?
I've been hearing bad rumors
about Attorney Uno for some time.
Upon investigation,
I confirmed his frequent contact
with Onishi from the Chiba Police.
That's the detective
who arrested Mr. Kurusu.
The police and Attorney Uno
were colluding in secret
to convict Mr. Kurusu?
So, if we expose this Detective Onishi
No, this is where it gets tricky.
-Mr. Aoyama.
That's Ms. Eri's apartment.
He is Isao Kurata.
It is significant
that the Chief of Criminal Investigations
personally visited the victim's home.
Was he aware of Ms. Eri's false testimony?
He likely visited her to strategize
after hearing about the change
in defense attorneys.
But this picture alone
won't prove anything.
Chief Kurata entered Ms. Eri's apartment.
That is the crucial point.
who should we bring down first?
Thank you so much for coming all this way.
Please don't be so guarded.
Now and in the past,
the police and prosecution
have always been friends.
Please relax and take a seat.
Why did you want to see me today?
Is your daughter doing well?
My daughter is 12 now,
in her first year of junior high.
Take a look at this.
Isn't she cute?
The thing is
Lately, it seems this attorney
called Akizumi or something
is causing quite a stir.
I happened to hear
that he might be involved in your case.
Are you aware of this?
I'm relieved to hear that.
Well, I knew that you,
as the Chief of Criminal Investigations,
wouldn't let your guard down.
We will never cause any trouble for you,
Chief Prosecutor.
Oh, please.
Don't misunderstand.
I'm not concerned at all.
In fact
I trust you.
If you make a face like that,
your daughter will dislike you.
Don't you agree?
It's Chief Kurata, isn't it?
That's who Mr. Akizumi
wants to bring down.
I don't think he's targeting
Ms. Eri or Attorney Uno.
I think he was after
Chief Kurata from the start.
Ms. Shinomiya
I believe
that if someone has committed a crime,
even if they're our client,
they should repent and serve time.
That's why
I still can't accept Hiyama's case.
But that's also why I believe
Mr. Akizumi has acted with a motive
in the cases
involving Hiyama and Shoichiro,
as well as in this current case.
Yusaku Shimizu.
That's the name of the culprit
in the Itoi family murders 12 years ago
in Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba City,
Chiba Prefecture.
Twelve years ago?
Mr. Akizumi went to see this man.
This case was also
within the Chiba Police's jurisdiction.
It occurred when Mr. Akizumi
was still a prosecutor,
before becoming an attorney.
-Could it be a complete coincidence?
Excuse me!
I'm sorry. I mistook you for someone else.
Is something the matter?
May I have a moment?
What is it?
It looks like Attorney Akizumi's staff
is watching outside.
I see.
It's safer to leave from the back,
just in case.
I have something to discuss with you.
Well, I don't.
Reiji Kurusu.
It's about the man
who was indicted on suspicion of rape.
You're aware of this case, right?
You're in the way. Move aside.
Please wait.
I understand.
Excuse me.
I had no idea
that Chief Kurata is your
Do the others know about this?
I think Mr. Akizumi
was targeting my father from the start.
If you're willing
could you tell me
about you and your father?
My father
was also my role model.
He was kind,
and had a strong sense of justice.
I wanted to be just like him.
But my father stopped smiling.
After a certain point 12 years ago.
Twelve years ago?
Do you mean
It was around the same time
as the Itoi family murders.
Back then, my father
was in the First Investigation Division
of the Chiba Police.
I'm really busy right now.
He began devoting himself
even more to work.
And he started fighting constantly
with my mother.
Are you stupid?
A few years later, they divorced.
You think this is okay?
Why did my father suddenly change?
Back then, I had no way of knowing.
I respected my father.
So, I talked to him a lot
about me becoming an attorney.
six years ago
On the day I graduated university
A man was visiting my father.
I couldn't tell clearly
what they were discussing.
I remember the man's face.
It was Mr. Akizumi?
Go away.
Answer me, Mr. Kurata.
You unlawfully
covered that up, didn't you?
Covered up.
Those words
they're etched in my memory.
My father didn't say anything back.
I don't know what happened after that
because I wasn't living with my father.
after I passed the bar examination,
I suddenly received an official job offer
from the Akizumi Law Office.
When I saw Mr. Akizumi
I instantly recognized him
as the same man.
So, you joined this office?
I figured if I stayed with Mr. Akizumi
I might learn more about my father.
Have you questioned
Mr. Akizumi about this?
But when you mentioned that Mr. Akizumi
had been meeting Yusaku Shimizu,
the culprit of the Itoi family murders
everything fell into place.
So, 12 years ago,
Chief Kurata was handling this case
And he might have
unlawfully covered something up.
Just as I suspected
Mr. Akizumi is using Ms. Eri's case
to bring down Chief Kurata.
Perhaps to reveal the injustice
in Yusaku Shimizu's case?
Mr. Shimizu
was falsely accused.
I want
to die quietly.
We're done here.
Mr. Shimizu!
I promise
to secure an acquittal for you.
Right from the start,
Mr. Akizumi knew I was Kurata's daughter.
That's why he invited me here.
Being my father's daughter
makes me a vulnerability for him.
To expose Kurata's unlawful dealings,
Mr. Akizumi is trying to use me.
Excuse me.
It's from my father.
He wants to meet and talk to me.
I hear you've been doing pretty well.
Not as much as you, Mr. Datehara.
Subtitle translation by: Ai Matsuoka
What did you cover up?
One lie connected three parties
that shouldn't have been linked.
Are you saying
we need to break their ties?
The hero of justice
who clears a false accusation
Is that your aim?
From now on, it's in your hands, Akamine.
I'll reveal this fact in court.
Shall we get started soon?
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