Antihero (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

It's been a while.
When was the last time we met?
I think it was around the time
you resigned as a prosecutor
Why did you want to see me today?
Now, now, no need to rush.
No, thank you.
Our relationship isn't one
for drinking sake
and getting lost
in memories together, is it?
I see.
I guess your admiration for me
is a thing of the past now.
How sad.
Organizations are so terrifying.
Even when you think
you've created one where everyone
is straightened out and aligned,
there's always someone
who steps out of line.
I'm talking about Prosecutor Himeno.
Who else?
I'm grateful to you.
Thanks to you,
we were able to get rid of the rot
in the organization.
I hope
you'll continue to be relentless.
That's my intention.
How promising.
By the way
I heard you're handling the case in Chiba.
Chief Kurata, huh?
Who are you talking about?
It's from my father.
He wants to meet and talk to me.
Will you?
Mr. Akizumi
is trying to use my relationship
with my father.
Then I'll use that as well.
I heard you visited Yusaku Shimizu.
What about it?
It's moving.
An innocent person has been living
in fear of death for 12 years.
And a hero of justice
clears his false accusation
Is that your aim?
He's guilty.
Yusaku Shimizu has admitted to his crime,
the court has convicted him of murder,
and the case is closed.
You agreed with the decision too,
didn't you?
You remember, right?
After all,
you're the one who put him on death row
As the prosecutor of justice!
A friendly word of advice
Don't expect everything to go your way.
Mr. Akizumi,
you were aware
that I was Kurata's daughter, right?
I was.
Then, please tell me.
Six years ago,
you showed up in front of my father.
Answer me, Mr. Kurata.
You unlawfully
covered that up, didn't you?
My father unlawfully covered something up.
I heard you accuse him of that.
related to the Itoi family murders
12 years ago, isn't it?
Regarding that case,
it appears Akamine is also interested.
If you're going to tail someone,
do it better.
This time, you caught onto the possibility
that the Chiba Police were colluding
with Attorney Uno and Ms. Eri Sendo
behind the scenes.
And so, you took over this case.
Isao Kurata, the Chief
of Criminal Investigations, is behind it.
You invited me to this office
because I'm Kurata's daughter, right?
I did.
Please tell me.
did my father cover up?
Was he always engaging
in such unlawful activities?
Ms. Shinomiya
I believe you're aware that I'm using you.
What you want to know
and what I want to know
might lie in the same place.
If there's use in you,
we might uncover something.
The truth we both seek.
We share a mutual interest.
So, let's work together.
Very well.
What should I do?
Regarding this case
of three consecutive instances of rape
The Chiba Police decided
to arrest Mr. Reiji Kurusu
based on the eyewitness testimony
of Ms. Eri Sendo, the third victim.
However, Ms. Eri Sendo's testimony
raised several doubts.
Furthermore, it was found
that she had been stalking Mr. Kurusu.
We've learned that
the Chiba Police and Ms. Eri
might have been using each other
to fabricate this incident.
And Attorney Uno,
who has a history of connection
with the police, is also involved.
He pretended to assist Mr. Kurusu,
only to make him confess
and wrap everything up.
One lie connected three parties
that shouldn't have been linked.
And in a delicate balance at that.
So, if we can find evidence
to expose their relationship
Such evidence doesn't exist.
The Chief of Criminal Investigations
would never leave any evidence.
if their relationship
only stands on a delicate balance
Are you saying
we should sever their connections?
We'll use Attorney Uno.
-Okay. Can you get in?
Daddy! It's the man with the magic tricks!
Yua is really cute, isn't she?
I heard you lost your consulting position
at that big trading company.
I imagine stepping down
from Mr. Kurusu's case
has pushed you into a tight spot.
And meeting with the police after that
must have been awkward too.
What are you getting at?
Ms. Eri Sendo's story
The police filled you in on that, right?
I don't know what you're on about.
I don't know anything.
If you want to expose my affair, go ahead.
But if I did that,
you'd really lose everything.
You see, I have this feeling
that you aren't to blame for most of this.
You can play dumb and wiggle out of this.
You took on Mr. Kurusu's case,
and he just happened to confess.
That's all.
What are you thinking of?
are we going to get Attorney Uno
to blow the whistle on the invention?
In order to upset this balance
all we need
is a little cooperation from him.
What's going on? Hey!
He's one of my staff.
He's capturing us together.
What are you planning?
It's simple.
For your precious family,
you can't afford to lose your job, right?
we chip away at the weakest link.
Thank you.
I come here often for business.
And I've always appreciated
your welcoming smile.
I'm sorry I don't remember you.
I do look rather plain.
No, not at all!
if you're up for it,
how about some tea once you're off?
She's wary of me.
From now on, it's in your hands.
Handle it smoothly.
So, Mr. Akamine, you're an attorney?
But I'm still kind of in training.
I work under a tough boss, you see.
This here's Akizumi, my boss.
He's a real piece of work
and a real taskmaster.
We're working on the defense
for Mr. Reiji Kurusu.
What do you want?
You recognize this man, right?
I can't say.
This is Attorney Uno, the man
initially handling Mr. Kurusu's defense.
Aren't you curious about
what they were discussing?
Here's the recording.
The third incident.
Wasn't that story cooked up
by the police and Ms. Eri
to fit their agenda?
And you knew about it
when you took on the case.
Isn't that right?
"Don't be absurd."
"Do you have proof?"
Right here.
Will you keep making excuses?
With this evidence,
I won't let you play ignorant
to the fact that it was a setup.
"I had nothing to do with it!"
"Why should I care?"
What on earth?
You and the police
invented the third incident.
We've got proof.
What's the evidence?
We can't tell you that.
I really am a victim.
I'm leaving.
can I give you a glimpse of your future?
In upcoming trials,
we'll bring forth evidence
of your dishonesty and that of the police.
You'll face charges
of false accusation, perjury,
and fraud if you accept settlement money,
with a prison sentence of up to ten years.
Even if you receive a suspended sentence,
this case is receiving
much media attention.
If it becomes known that a victim lied,
you'll become their prime target.
Your face and name will remain online,
leaving a digital footprint
that will stay with you forever.
This will make it difficult
to find a new job.
Even if you find someone you love,
they'll eventually learn about this.
I wasn't lying.
this is just one potential future
that can still be changed.
You might as well finish your order.
It's quite delicious.
How did I do?
The photo?
I sent it.
Now, it's in Ms. Shinomiya's hands
and how she decides
to confront her father.
Welcome back.
Sorry, I only have random stuff.
Will tea do?
Here's Asuka.
She's turned eight years old.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
a police officer!
Then, when you're all grown,
do you want to work with Daddy?
When was the last time you've been here?
The day I graduated from university.
It's been that long, huh?
I haven't come here
since I became an attorney.
What did you want to talk about?
You actually don't want to talk,
you want to ask me something.
About Mr. Akizumi.
Does he know
about us?
He invited me to his office
knowing all along.
This string of rape cases
You know why Mr. Akizumi
took over the defense for it, right?
Mr. Akizumi suspects the third incident
involving Ms. Eri Sendo was fabricated.
He thinks too little of the police.
If he brings that up in court,
he'll be the one facing public backlash.
Not if we've got evidence.
There's no way there's any evidence.
Are you here to rattle me
on Akizumi's orders?
You never know what might become proof.
So, an attorney should always
record conversations.
That's what Mr. Akizumi taught me.
it makes me careful with my words.
I've always looked up to you.
But now, I'm not so sure
if I was right.
The Itoi family murders 12 years ago.
It was after that incident
that you stopped smiling.
I was there.
The day I graduated from university,
Mr. Akizumi was pushing you
for answers about that incident.
covered something up
about the Itoi family murders.
You've been regretting it
ever since, right?
Tell me.
Are you still the hero of justice
whom I looked up to?
Tell me.
Is Mr. Yusaku Shimizu behind bars
due to a false accusation?
What did you do?
Working under an eccentric attorney
warps even your perspective, doesn't it?
The police work
tirelessly day and night
to ensure citizens can live in peace.
A false accusation?
Cover up?
You're terribly mistaken.
We'll reveal the truth in the courtroom.
We do have evidence.
Sorry. I just got concerned.
You were here the whole time?
I've got a ton of work to catch up on,
so Ms. Shiraki will be mad at me.
It's hard, isn't it?
Lying to a parent.
I've been prepared for this
from the beginning.
I'm fine.
Do you want a donut?
No, thank you.
Wait, so you're not into sweets?
How about salty stuff?
I prefer salty foods.
Salty, huh?
Will this upset the balance?
Thanks to both of you,
a crack has formed among the three.
People carrying guilt in their hearts
are bound to feel increasingly anxious.
The number you are trying to call
is currently unreachable.
Excuse me.
We've rechecked the security cameras
at the station and the surrounding area,
but found nothing
to contradict the testimony.
Just as we initially thought,
this case should be airtight.
As we suspected,
Akizumi's goal is to shake us up.
Don't let it get to you.
Kurusu has a history of sexual offenses.
He deserves to be punished.
Um, are you sure everything is okay?
Can you avoid contacting me
unless necessary?
-If something comes up, I'll call you.
Don't worry.
You are a victim.
That's why we took action
and arrested Kurusu.
Put your mind at rest.
Excuse me.
This is Kurata.
Oops, my bad.
It seems I called you by mistake.
No worries.
But since I have you on the phone,
I might as well ask.
Everything's good, right?
There are no issues at all.
I'm glad to hear that.
Um, it seems Akizumi is looking into
that incident from 12 years ago.
That incident?
What do you mean?
By the way,
your daughter's become an attorney, huh?
I heard she's working
at Akizumi Law Office now.
Parents always want what they think
is best for their kids,
but kids just can't help
but rebel, can they?
Anyway, you wouldn't want
your dear daughter
to witness you in a sorry state,
would you?
So, that woman was lying?
Seems like she's got
some serious resentment toward you.
Screw her!
First, she pestered me relentlessly,
and now this?
"You were only good for your looks."
Maybe she came to that conclusion.
Are you looking for a fight?
Not at all.
You're going to expose her lies, right?
Then, the first two cases
Mr. Kurusu.
You confessed to those
because you were coerced
by your previous attorney, right?
But now, I'm the one on your defense.
All right.
Well then.
Ms. Sendo.
I was asked to give this to you.
I had no clue you knew that hottie.
Excuse me.
What should I do
about this person's exit record?
-Just a minute.
These are?
No idea.
These were sent to my workplace
by that attorney!
That attorney?
Do you mean Akizumi?
Forcing me to see pictures
of Kurusu with other women
Do I have to endure
this harassment forever?
They're trying to mess with your head.
Once we win the trial, it'll all stop.
Fine. In that case
Can we use this in the trial?
Next, we're moving on
to the witness examination
requested by the prosecutor.
Prosecutor, please get ready.
Set them up, please.
I don't need the partitions.
I want to handle this fair and square.
Well then, prosecutor, you may begin.
In terms of privacy protection,
we sometimes keep
the victim's name confidential.
However, in this instance,
we have the victim's consent.
Could you please state your name?
I'm Eri Sendo.
As outlined in the indictment,
on February 21st, in Chiba Prefecture
Are you feeling unwell?
I'm okay.
I'm just
Is it because the accused is so close?
The attorney
questioned me relentlessly.
This is what you mentioned
before the trial.
That's right.
Your Honor,
we've discovered that the defense
contacted the victim
and was using intimidation tactics.
Could you clarify?
I've obtained an audio recording from her
and I request an investigation
into this evidence.
Defense counsel,
I won't let you get away
by pleading ignorance.
You wouldn't object to this, would you?
In that case,
can we use this in the trial?
I was intimidated.
In upcoming trials,
we'll bring forth evidence
of your dishonesty and that of the police.
You'll face charges
of false accusation, perjury,
and fraud if you accept settlement money,
with a prison sentence of up to ten years.
You recorded this?
I did.
that will stay with you forever.
Even if you find someone you love,
they'll eventually learn about this.
That wraps up the recording.
Based on this, I'd like to continue
the questioning. May I?
You may continue.
is this the voice of Attorney Akamine,
seated over there?
Yes, it is.
Not only did the defense
reach out to the victim,
they also intimidated her
with non-existent evidence
and tried to get her
to retract her testimony.
They pressured you to distort the truth.
Is that correct?
What's the matter?
Are you feeling unwell?
If there's anything
That's not true.
It wasn't intimidation.
I begged Attorney Akamine
to give me advice.
What do you mean?
I have something to share
about the evidence you were interested in.
What exactly does this prove?
It shows that Mr. Kurusu was acquainted
with many women other than you.
That's not what I came here for!
At the time of your assault,
Mr. Kurusu didn't have an alibi.
That's what you thought, right?
there's a location record for Mr. Kurusu
at the time of the incident.
You're lying.
Kurusu said his phone was turned off.
This woman had secretly placed
a GPS tracker in Mr. Kurusu's bag
to find out who
he was playing around with.
That can't be.
We will reveal this truth in court.
You collaborated with the police
to fabricate charges for a false incident.
This is totally a crime.
If you were simply
manipulated by the police
and had no choice but to cooperate
in fabricating the incident,
it's a different story.
You're a victim.
A victim?
If you admit that you were threatened
by the police
and still complied with them
despite your conscience,
the blame will be directed at the police.
All you need to do is testify
that you were intimidated.
You wanted to bring Mr. Kurusu down.
Isn't that right?
We won't let him go unpunished.
You have our word.
You have two options.
If we present this evidence,
you'll be seen as accomplices
with the police.
You'll be arrested on charges
of false accusation and perjury,
while Kurusu will go free.
You can accept this outcome,
or you can cooperate with us.
You can send Kurusu,
who caused you pain, to hell.
Do you want this outcome?
Consider very carefully.
What should I do?
I hated Mr. Kurusu,
and lied about him harming me.
after speaking with the attorneys,
I've come to realize the gravity
of the crime I've committed.
No matter how much I hated him,
it was thoughtless of me to be used
for his unlawful arrest.
I'm truly sorry.
What's going on here?
You accused even our quest
for truth as intimidation
and tried to fabricate
a crime out of thin air.
What are you looking at?
Surely, you won't suggest
this was orchestrated by the police too.
Don't tell me you presented
this recording without even verifying it.
No, I
Never mind.
The truth will come out.
Isn't that right,
Chief Kurata?
Order in the court.
We will conclude today's trial.
We will review the situation
and decide how to proceed
with future trials.
Prosecutor and defense counsel,
please come to the chambers
immediately after adjournment.
The court is adjourned.
How serious will my crime be?
That depends on your attorney.
Can I ask you to represent me?
We're partners, after all.
The GPS tracker in Kurusu's bag.
You lied about it, right?
It doesn't matter.
You'll handle Kurusu, won't you?
I will.
You even expected Ms. Eri
to see through it?
Kurusu is actually guilty
of the first and second cases, right?
What will you do next?
Good grief!
The police are such a disappointment.
They can't make an arrest
without inventing evidence!
My bad.
I've been complaining a lot lately.
Maybe it's my old age.
Come to think of it,
your ex-husband is a UTokyo graduate
and a police official, right?
Could I ask you a little favor?
So, Mr. Yashiro,
the third incident was fabricated
by the police, correct?
This is quite unprecedented.
The police fabricating an incident
is utterly disgraceful behavior.
What about the woman who testified
she was threatened by the police?
What will happen to her?
If the police coerced
her testimony through intimidation,
she shouldn't be charged
with a serious crime.
Ms. Eri will face
a difficult time after this.
Were you in on everything, Mr. Aoyama?
Who knows?
It's time.
Attorney Akizumi, please go ahead.
The police's unlawful conduct in this case
was incredibly sloppy
and undermines Japan's justice system.
As an attorney,
I feel it's crucial
to investigate past cases as well.
On the other hand,
I uncovered something
while defending this case.
Mr. Kurusu, my client,
was also found to be making a false claim.
I believe an attorney should act
as a guardian for their client,
but I must stick to my principles.
I've stepped down
from Mr. Kurusu's defense earlier.
I'd like to hand the case
back to Attorney Uno,
who led the client to confess
and encouraged him to repent.
Daddy, what's wrong?
Daddy will work hard for you, Yua.
He's handing the case
back to Attorney Uno?
He'll have to make a fresh start
for the sake of his wife and daughter.
Even the lowest of the low wouldn't want
to let down his beloved daughter.
Well then
Are you moving?
I'll be investigated internally.
I'll either face disciplinary action
or be kept on the payroll
with no real work.
Either way,
I can't continue living here anymore.
In this case,
First Investigation Division Chief Onishi
was forced
to take responsibility and resign.
Were you trying to protect him
by any chance?
Were you protecting something
back then too?
Answer me, Mr. Kurata.
You unlawfully
covered that up, didn't you?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please leave.
What are you trying to protect
even at the cost of breaking the law?
I just
want you to smile like you used to.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Kurata, you're home, aren't you?
It's the police.
Please open the door.
You're Mr. Isao Kurata, correct?
This is the Chiba Police
Second Investigation Division.
We have an arrest warrant for you
for aiding a false accusation and
violating the National Public Service Act.
We will take you to the department.
Additionally, we have a search
and seizure warrant,
and other officials will conduct
a search of your home.
Forget about me.
Wait, Dad!
I see.
Thank you.
He might have been silenced.
What do you mean?
Was his arrest unlawful too?
They acted awfully quickly,
but there was nothing unlawful
about Kurata's arrest.
I suppose not
what should I do now?
You can either continue
to see him as your father,
despite his crime
or reject him.
The choice is yours.
You have a clear mind of your own.
Act on it.
Both as an attorney
and as a daughter.
Thank you.
Take care and come back.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
He just went in.
I believe he went to see Akizumi.
Is that so?
I suspected as much.
So, it's connected to that incident.
Can you get your hands on that thing?
Well then
shall we begin?
Subtitle translation by: Ai Matsuoka
Maybe Mr. Akizumi got an acquittal
for Hiyama for a reason.
The evidence speaks for itself.
As if begging to be arrested.
She's maintaining her innocence,
insisting she was framed by someone.
If all these cases are connected
I want to uncover
what my father is hiding too.
Please join me in this fight again.
I've been eagerly awaiting you.
None of the evidence was accepted?
This made their connection clear.
Now that I know, I can't back down.
You anticipated this, didn't you?
Akizumi is relentless.
Don't let him catch you out.
I'll expose their corruption.
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