Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

The Devil Resides in Human Souls

1 Don't be scared.
Continue your holy chant.
Eradicate your hesitation.
Please stand back.
Don't be foolish.
If we were to draw back who is going to protect Assiah? You damn devil! Is this guy a devil? This is bad, seriously bad! Let's get out of here.
Who are you calling a devil? You're the ones who are more of a devil.
Ah, I did it again.
What am I doing? The first story The devil lives in the heart of people O, lost little lambs, Confess your guilt and offer your prayer.
I haven't done anything bad enough to confess.
What is that injured forehead I saw? I just fell on the stairs.
Your back is also dirty.
I fell big time! Then explain the reason for that nosebleed.
After I fell, I bumped into a damn sexy lady.
What? Hosorin, guide me to her right this instance.
You tricked me! It was probably a fight again.
Why do you do this every time? Let me go, old man! I just got off the phone with your part-time employers.
"We fired him because he never showed up right after we hired him.
" I'm fine with that.
At any rate, a guy like me can't do a normal job to begin with.
Don't be so spoiled.
You will one day have to leave this church and live alone.
As your guardian, I have a responsibility to watch over you till then.
Or do you want to serve this church by becoming a monk? Who would get involved with this wretched church of yours? Father.
I'm done with moving out the packages.
Now all that's left is carrying out the luggage.
Good work.
Welcome home, Nii-san.
You fought again? Shut up will you.
My Lord, why are these two so different even though they're twins? Yukino as the younger brother, has good grades, a good athlete, and is going to attend True Cross Academy this spring.
Compared to that, the older brother is always causing trouble.
TL Note: It means if he does so, his brother's good qualities might rub onto him.
How about you boil the dirt from Yukino's fingernails and drink it? I told you to zip it! I think I'll have to replace this heater after all.
Father Fujimoto, we have guests.
Finish cleaning before the prayers.
Yukino, attend to Rin's injuries.
Let's go, Nii-san.
Ow! That stings! Just a bit more, so please bear with it.
Ah, that's right.
You're going to live in a dorm.
School is going to start next week.
Tomorrow I'll say farewell to this church where I've lived for 15 years.
I think this is the last time I'll receive your first-aid treatment.
If I become a doctor, I will take care of you every time.
Of course you'll have to pay.
It's your dream to become a doctor, isn't it? Do your best.
If it's you, you'll definitely succeed.
You're going to ignore the fees, aren't you, Nii-san? Tell me, are you going to be fine without me? W-What's with you? You're going to preach to me too? I'm worried.
Not only me, but Father and everyone else in the church.
Nii-san, you fight everyday.
You don't even last that long at part-time jobs.
I'm trying to do things fast as well, you know.
Something like trying become normal as soon as possible.
But One straight hit! As expected of Shiratori-san.
Man, there sure are a lot of them.
These bunch are just a bother.
Oi! What are you doing? Shut it! I'm just weeding out the trash.
Just keep quiet.
I am sure that you are being tested, Nii-san.
By whom? By God.
You've been acting like that old man a lot lately.
There, found you.
There's a part-time job opening in the southern shopping district.
Part-time job? They replied 'Come this instant' when I contacted them.
Wai why did you contact them without telling me? Go already! I will lend you my suit.
Wearing a suit for the interview of a part-time job? Here, shoes.
Don't chicken out.
Here is the map and your resumé.
Paste your picture in by yourself, ok? Nii-san Seems like I have no other choice.
What is this? How do you tie this? Whatever.
Forget it.
Thank you for taking care of us.
Hm Please, it's no big deal.
You sure are pretty happy.
You have parents by your side who you can rely on.
If you are afraid, just call your father or mother.
If that doesn't help, then it is our turn, The Exorcists.
Sure is hard to be an Exorcist.
Exterminating things that don't even exist.
Devils do exist, you know.
In our hearts.
Stop lying.
They only exist around you.
More than that, what's with that clothing? Well, um, everyone told me to go to the interview, so I borrowed it.
Necktie? It's faster if I don't wear it.
You just don't know how to tie it.
Hand it to me.
I'll show you how to do it.
Put up your collar and do your buttons.
Sheesh, only your outward appearance got bigger.
You were cute when you kept saying, 'Father, Father'.
How old is that story? It'd be weird if I was still cute after turning into an adult.
Adult? Hey where is this 'adult'? Look.
If you're frustrated, then show me that you've grown.
Hmph, looking down on me! I will prove to you that I can do it by myself.
Fill your eyes and take a good look! You don't fill your eyes.
Shut up, old man! Okumura Rin, 15 years of age.
Your hope is to find a job while in middle school? I don't like school much you see.
If you think this world spins around just by likes and dislikes, then you got it wrong.
You sure are right! For now, I want you to stack these in the front.
Is this all? You can't do it? No, I'll do it.
There it is.
Chief's 'bullying the new hand' routine.
That much can't be finished in one day, can it? Chief! This is the last one.
As I thought, I'm not suited for work.
What's with you, Mr.
New Guy? Be more cheerful.
Here, come eat this.
What is this? Tastes awful! You think so? The Chief put it out on the racks because it was cheap, but it isn't selling at all.
Can I do that a bit? Huh? Come get your good quality fried noodles! How about it? What is this? So tasty! The smell is also very important.
The secret of the taste is the pancake sauce over here.
And putting these sardine toppings on it gives it that grand, fish noodle taste.
I want some of that too.
Me too, me too.
Chi-Chief!!! Staff meeting is at 8 A.
every morning.
Being late is forbidden.
Be in high spirits starting tomorrow as well.
Eh? That's how it is! Good for you, Mr.
New Guy.
You got hired?! Ya, "Come tomorrow as well" was their reply! Congratulation, Nii-san.
Thank you! I am very happy I got the good news before I left.
What are you crying about? I'm not crying Come back as soon as you can.
We are having sukiyaki for Yukino's farewell party.
Oh, hell yeah! Stop it.
Please give it back.
Here, this is yours, isn't it? This girl was just at my house earlier.
Hey, wait! Ah, I'm sorry.
What is that thing? Monkey? Watch out! Yui! Hang in there, Yui! Yui! Rin-kun sure is late.
I'm going out a bit to look for him.
I'll go too.
So you were here after all.
The sukiyaki will be finished, you know? Let's get back already.
Even if I go back, I won't be able to face them.
What's wrong? I was fired.
"Someone as violent as you isn't needed in my store," I was told.
What happened? I don't get it as well.
Please don't tell me that sort of vague explanation.
Everyone was happy thinking about your employment, and here you are, acting so down.
Please explain so that everyone can understand.
There are things you wouldn't understand even if I explained.
My bad.
Anyway, let's go back already.
Father is waiting.
Oh, you're back.
Okumura Rin-kun? Who are you? I am Yui's father Thank you so much for saving her.
What about her injuries? She just received a bit of graze thanks to you saving her.
Good for you.
Yui has always been sort of careless.
She would fall down the stairs or trip and fall, so she's had many injuries.
That's not it.
She isn't careless.
She's being teased.
Her hair is being pulled and things are getting taken from her.
You saw it? What did you see, kid? Something I've never seen before.
It was a bit small and had a face like a monkey.
What a ludicrous thing to do.
Where are you going? To the school.
I'm going to contact the parent teacher regularity committee and flush out the people teasing Yui.
You are wrong.
I'm not being bullied by a human.
It's bad fairies.
Fairies? They come into my room at night and play pranks.
They've been outside our house lately.
Yui does like day dreaming.
I have been hearing that fairy story a long time, but her day dreaming is getting mixed up with reality lately.
It isn't day dreaming.
Why won't you believe? If the parents don't believe their child, who will the child rely on? Please think about this more— Ouch What are you doing? This is a four leaf clover charm.
It will only help by having it on you.
Thank you.
Please don't blame your daughter.
The ones she's relying on most are you, her parents.
Let's go home, Yui.
What is that? She agreed with just that charm? You're a hundred years to early to serve strangers.
More than that, Rin, you're grounded for the time being.
Eh, why? The shop chief came just before you got here and left this.
This is the demand for reimbursement for what you destroyed.
What the hell is this? Rin, you get no sukiyaki.
This can't be happening.
As I feared.
The luggage that I sent is going to arrive at noon today, so I'll be leaving first.
Please take care of yourself.
Please don't do anything which might cause Father to worry about you more than he already does.
Cold-hearted bastard.
At least go after you say goodbye.
Huh what the?! What is this? Bugs? Why isn't anyone worried about this? Akumura-kun! Can we have a chat? you're grounded for the time being.
What are you so scared of, Okumura-san? Would you like to hide behind your mother? Sorry about yesterday.
I was only playing with the pigeons, but I went a bit overboard.
What's wrong with this guy? Well then, how much do I need pay you? Huh? My parents are famous, and I'm going to the True Cross Academy.
It would be bad if there were strange rumors swirling around about me.
You guys are going to True Cross like Yukio? That may be bad.
That's right.
Just keep quiet about it, will ya? I'll pay you.
Let's leave this incident a secret.
Thought you had something to tell me.
I don't need your money.
Well, I have things to do.
Are you acting cool? Just be straight.
You guys are so poor that you can't transfer schools.
Take it already.
Your little brother, didn't he get into a new school after desperately borrowing money from everyone? In other words, he's just a debt holder.
How pathetic.
Now he has to cut his school expenses.
Bastard, I don't mind what you say about me, but don't make fool of my little brother.
Man, that hurt.
What are you acting so high and mighty for? This guy isn't human.
Why doesn't anyone notice? Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, wasn't it? I'll give you back the pain I felt two-fold.
Isn't this a bit over the edge, Shirotori-san? If you do more than this— Shut up! Where do you want to get burned? Nose? Lips? Or eyes? This guy is serious.
It's going to be a human barbecue.
Stop it! It's burning.
Blue flames.
Crap, this is bad! Run for it.
That blue flame is surely evidence of the descendant of Satan.
As I thought, my eyes can't be deceived.
My name is Astaroth.
Shall we go, young master? Satan-sama awaits your arrival.
S-Satan? In that heart, the devils are many! Work according to their deeds, and their evil deed which is thus further tangled with; Providing them the brunt of one's work, and make them uncapable.
Destroying them in such a way, so that they may not stand against you twice.
You bastard, you're an Exorcist, aren't you? Lord bless me! Old man! You may keep saying those cursed words, but I will shut that mouth of yours.
My wishes were heard.
Thus The Lord saved me.
Thus The Lord is my shield.
And so you shall perish.
Are you all right? More than me, is he all right? I relinquished him of the devil which was possessing him.
He will come to his senses in time.
Devil? You can see them, can't you? This is? The coal-tar which hangs on like a fungi.
It gathers around dark places and people with bad intentions.
This world has two sides.
Like mirrors reflecting what is seen.
The one we live in is the material world, Assiah.
The other one is an empty world named Gehenna.
At the moment, the two worlds are supposed to be apart and no connection should be there.
But now it seems, if they have an object of this world, they can slip between either.
Now, stand.
Your identity has been released by the commotion just now.
Many will come for you for many purposes.
You must hide before that.
Wait a sec, I don't get you at all.
Devil, more like what do you mean, "I must hide"? What the hell am I? You are not a human.
You are a child who was born from a devil.
And not any simple devil.
You are the child of the devil among devils, the Evil Lord Satan.
Next Episode Don't ever say that you are my Father in front of me.
Rin! I can finally meet you, my son! I will surely become an Exorcist.
Gehenna Gate