Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Gehenna Gate

1 I knew from the time I was little the fact that I wasn't normal.
Why is such an evil child here? It would be better if he just left this place.
He's the child of a devil! You're wrong, I'm I'M NOT A DEVIL! Fureai Southern Cross Mall Shopping district The way of the righteous will not be shown to the evil, I let go of Jacob's Ladder with my Lord's aid.
Let's go! Are you serious?! Stray dogs? It stinks! Those are ghouls.
Corpses taken over by the Devils.
Ghouls?! It's actually good, you know? If this wasn't Japan, then human corpses would be used as ghouls.
It is not good at all! Wha a bomb? Don't worry! It's just holy water.
Babysitting is hard at my age.
Who the hell are you calling a baby? Well now, let's go home while we've got the chance.
Isn't it over yet? I told you.
Many Devils will come to you for many things.
Soon the sun will set, then the Devils' power will no longer be restricted.
The Second Story Gehenna Gate You really don't remember anything? About you pinning down Okumura? About his body bursting into flames? No good, I can't remember anything.
I gave you 500 yen for dinner.
I paid for your medical treatment.
I paid for the Magical Poemi daki-makura you said you wanted a while back.
I see.
You did all that for me? Well then You think I look stupid? I seriously paid for the medical treatment.
Huh? Why? Like I said, you had a fight.
With Okumura Rin.
Okumura? The one we were supposed to beat up, but we got beat up instead and had to go to the hospital.
Now that you mention it, my body is aching all over.
Is Shiratori-san all right? Maybe he's in a lot of pain.
I get it, it was that Okumura bastard.
Okumura was making a fool out of me.
Okumura, that son of a bitch may have done this.
Okumura, it has to be, that bastard! Okumura, Okumura, Okumura, Okumura, Okumura! Who do you think you are?! Challenging me?! Shiratori-san! Okumura, Okumura, Okumura! I can't take this anymore.
This looks bad.
As I thought, this body is the best to take over.
My Young Lord, where are you? Welcome back! What about the seal? We removed all the Coal-Tar.
There are about 30 barrier seals around the church.
Double that, or we won't last till morning.
The one on his way here is a descendant of the Astaroth line.
Make sure to spread type C-node strength holy water in the sewer.
Don't let a single one of them in.
Holy water Holy water Holy water Holy water Holy water Holy water Holy water Holy water Come with me.
Devil Slayer.
Also called, "Kurikara".
A legendary Devil sword passed down since ancient times.
Your Devil powers are sealed within this sword.
My powers? This sword is more precious than your life.
Never give it to any other person.
When you sleep, make sure to keep it by your side.
But you must never wield it.
If you do so, then you will awaken as a Devil, and you will never be able to return to being a human.
Wait, if I'm a devil, then what about Yukio? Could it be, he too You two are fraternal twins.
Yukio had a weak body from the start, so he could not bear the power.
The power of Satan had only been imbued in you.
Everyone knew? Everyone knew that I wasn't a human, that I was an illegitimate child of Satan? Here it is.
So, this is where the Young Lord's true self is being imprisoned.
Dumbass! Why did you suddenly jump out like that? Hey! That hurt, bastard! Here I come, Young Master.
Why would you keep something so important from me till now? I could only raise you as long as you were human.
That was the only condition they would let you live, knowing Satan's power was within you.
Condition? I planned to raise you as a human.
That's why I didn't tell you anything.
Not a single thing about the agonizing truth that concerns your two's birth.
I have come to pick you up, young master.
Let's go back to Gehenna.
The Devils become powerless when the sun rises.
You leave this place and hide somewhere that Satan's eyes can't reach.
Where do you want me to hide? This is my cellphone.
Only one number is registered.
It's my best friend's.
Call him as soon as you're out of the church.
I'm sure he'll protect you.
Wai- I still haven't finished talking.
The path of the righteous shall not be shown to the misled.
The mist of uncertainty shall hide the gates of heaven.
Protect Rin.
God rests in my fists.
And Devils dwell within this heart.
Answer my call, Guardian of Fertility, Morkin! You damned Exorcists! Let me out of here old man! Let me out! I'm a Devil? Damn it Why is such an evil child here? Like a devil's child.
I am not a devil.
I really am Nii-san Where are you aiming? Morkin! He's fast! Kyodo-san! The Lord gives and takes away, life and happiness.
In excellence is the name of the Lord.
Rot away, you worthless beings.
What does that human think he's doing? Maruta! I won't let you off that easily now! Huge! I will tear each and every one of you into little pieces.
I told you that our talk is still not over, old man! Young master, what are you doing? O Lord, bind a heavy collar to it's neck so it may never again resurface from the depths of the deepest grounds.
Stop, stop! Neither shall it see nor shall it hear, make it plunge into eternal darkness.
Nagatomo, get the car ready.
Right away.
Izumi and Kyodo, put Tetramorph's seal on this boy, and don't forget to purify him.
Wait, I said! Shouldn't healing everyone's wounds come first? Our first priority is to hide you.
Understand that Satan's aim is you.
I get it now.
You just want me to leave so everything will be settled.
Rin! Fine then, I'll leave.
That would be best, wouldn't it? Rin! Let go of me! You wanted to throw me away anyway! I've always been a troublemaker to you.
No, we're not even related, just complete strangers.
Rin! Tell me the truth.
Tell me you were tired of making it look like we were family.
Can't you say something like that as a Clergyman, or do you want to be a nice father till the end? Don't mess with me, you are not even my father! Don't call yourself my father in front of me.
The sun will rise soon, hurry and pack up.
I get it.
Oh crap Father Fujimoto! Stay away! Get away from me! What is this? I've finally taken over this body! I finally get to meet you, my son! Just kidding! What's wrong with you, old man? He's possessed! He was taken over by Satan.
What?! As he said, I am Satan! The God of Gehenna and your true father.
You can call me papa if you want! Father Fujimoto! Shut it! Everyone! Don't ruin this touching father-son reunion! I don't have much time! My powers are too strong to be in Assiah.
So the people I take over don't last long.
Neither will this man's body, nor did your mother's.
What the hell is this? Gehenna Gate.
A magical gate connecting Assiah and Gehenna.
Now then, let's go to Gehenna.
Don't come, stay away! What is that? Did you wet your pants? Pathetic, take your Devil's power back already! I am not a Devil, I am a human.
This is So I am I am You have my blood, the God of Gehenna.
Yet your body belongs to this Assiah.
You are a special existence.
What a nice scream! You will be reborn as a Devil today.
Someone! Help me! Happy Birthday, my son! You're wrong This is my son and I will make you give him back! Why you?! Exorcist! Taking your life with your own hand? What a dutiful priest you are! But it's too late.
The Gehenna gate won't let go of anything twice.
Old man, get a grip! Damn it! Say, Father! Hmm? Why am I different from others? Am I really a devil's child? No, you're not.
You are the child of a human! Yes! Devil Slayer.
Stop Rin! Did you forget the words of Father Fujimoto? If you draw that, you will Old man! If you're frustrated, then show me a bit of that growth you talk about! I haven't showed you anything yet! Don't die, old man! Father! Nii-san! Welcome home, Rin! Did you find a job? Sheesh, only your outward appearance has matured There is only one number registered, It's my best friend's.
Call him as soon as you are out of the church.
I'm sure he'll protect you.
Nice to meet you.
I represent the Japanese division of the True Cross Knight Order.
My name is Mephisto Pheles.
I was the best friend of Father Fujimoto, please accept my condolences.
Are you people Exorcists as well? Yes and we are well aware of you.
It seems like Father Fujimoto had been raising you as a human.
But now you have awakened, which conflicts his will.
If the son of Satan walks around Assiah, it's a threat to humanity! In the name of the Vatican, we must lay you to your eternal sleep.
You're not here to protect me, are you? I don't make it a hobby to mix private and public matters.
Thus, you only have two choices.
Get killed by us, or kill us and make your escape.
You can also take your own life.
That makes three choices.
Now, which is to your liking? Make me your comrade.
What? What you say or think doesn't matter to me.
I am not the son of a Devil.
My only father is Fujimoto Shiro and no one else.
I see.
You want to follow Father Fujimoto's dying wish? But before that, think about it! What are you going to do by becoming an Exorcist? I'm going to beat the shit out of Satan.
What's so funny? Well you say, Satan's son becoming an Exorcist? This is over the limit! I haven't laughed like this in a while! I'm serious! Interesting! I'll allow it! But, Chief Pheles! Huh Are you Though beyond the law, the path you chose is a path full of thorns! The pain that awaits you will make you wish you had died here.
Like I care, I am neither a Devil nor a human.
I don't have any other choice but to move forward.
I will become an Exorcist.
Welcome to True Cross Academy.
Next Episode You will be attending this school starting today! What is this all about? I didn't hear you say that! Just die, will you? Brothers