Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e09 Episode Script


1 You Rin Okumura, the son of Satan! Yukio He is an enemy.
Mephisto? Well done, Pages! Thank you for your good work! Principal? What's going on? Did you think I'd allow demons over mid-class to enter the Academy? Doctors, please tend to the wounded.
You can't Surprise! I can! Surprise This training camp was your Esquire exam at the same time! During the camp, teachers were observing and testing you.
I'll decide your final grades after reading their reports.
Wait for the announcement, 'kay? The Blue Exorcist After birth, people live as they wish sei wo uke sorezore ga jinsei wo ouka nou no black box wo shiru sore wa kou ka They then learn the black box in their head; is that bliss? Just cross over, beyond the line of your limit you wa limit line wo subete ryouga saa ikou ka fumidasu sore wa kyou da Let's go, take a step, and I mean this minute Life's a bitch, so if it's easy, you're doing it wrong yappa hibi wa ika sen kou sotsunaku konashitecha no no stop nagare wo mikiwamena mazu mono to mo sezu ikou ze (here we go) Stop, which way is the world going? Then ignore it and go wherever (here we go) There are things I could never have, things with time todokanu mono ya kagiri aru mono ni Is there a reason I force my heart upon them? atsuku naru mune wo osaetsukeru no wa rikai mo sezu osaetsukeyou to shitekita I never tried to understand, I just forced it on them I'm no better than those lifeless adults ano otonatachi to onaji jan ka yo Even if it's just a pipe dream I could never have doushitatte kanawanai esoragoto darou ga But no one can put out the fire in my heart mune wo moyasu hi wa dare ni mo keseya shinai The black rain may pour hard and leave me drenched sora kara furu kuroi ame ga kono mi nurashi furitomanakutomo mada ore wa kawareru jibun de kaetemiseru But I know I can change, I will change myself kore ga sou "pride" sorezore no basho de This is my pride, what makes up my core mada mada kieru na kokoro no hi wo I won't let my fire be put out; not yet mada mada ikeru zo ikeru zo I'll keep going, and I'll never stop Damn it! I can't believe it was a surprise exam They had us completely fooled Episode 9 szia Memories We should've considered it Will I be all right? It's pointless to worry about that now.
Compared to you and Shima, I did hardly anything worth mentioning! You guys will be fine.
Okumura told us right before the exam.
An Exorcist cannot fight alone! get on well and cool your heads.
They tested our qualities for Esquire in a real battle situation But in that case, I was the worst of all.
You'll be fine, I guess.
Those two just sat back and did absolutely nothing.
Don't you have anything to say? I did it! I got the Claw of the Scaly Dragon.
Shut up, stupid brat! There's nothing I'd want to talk about with you! He talked! He was so mysterious all the time.
He's so good at ventriloquism! Damn Sorry.
I woke you up.
It's okay, I'm more or less fine by now.
What were you talking about? About the exam.
You'll get the best grade, that's for sure.
I don't even want to imagine what would have happened without you there.
Thanks a lot.
Huh? That no! I should thank you! You'll pass, that's for sure.
Or we all are failing.
By the way, Okumura, how did you defeat that Ghoul? Well I just slashed it with this Amazing! You're really fit for a Knight! Slashed it with that? Would it hurt to be more specific? You're the greatest mystery.
Yeah, just look at me, I'm a great mistake! Hey, a mistake? Mistletoe Mistilteinn You mean mysterious? He's just a Page but he defeated a mid-class demon without support.
And with a sword? Impossible.
He really is a mystery.
Professor Neuhaus.
May we talk? What do you want? Your actions yesterday clearly deviated from the arrangements of the exam.
What are your intentions? True, there were other teachers on the watch, but independently putting a student in danger like that risked the exam itself.
Also You tried to make Rin Okumura use his powers in front of other students.
Only a selected few teachers know about him.
Sir Pheles should have briefed you on that.
I acted as I was ordered by Sir Pheles.
Try to kill him, he told me.
What? Just as you're acting as the brake to his powers, I was chosen as the accelerator.
It was to understand Rin Okumura's powers as much as possible.
What do you mean? I mean what I said.
The demon was examined to find out if he's fit for use as a weapon of the Order.
You little genius of an Exorcist are always so busy.
At least share the burden of watching over a demon.
My brother is in relatively good control of his powers and emotions.
At least for now.
You should have seen that yesterday.
Don't underestimate his abilities.
Come on, it's not like I'd actually kill him.
You can relax.
Yesterday was tough, wasn't it, Ni? Thank you.
But thanks anyway.
Thanks a lot.
Welcome! Good evening, Shiemi.
Yuki! Sorry to disturb you this late.
Is the Manager here? She went to stock up so I'm taking care of the shop.
Can I help you with anything? Aah! It's just the two of us! Aah! I wanted to talk about your future.
Do you have some time? I didn't enter the cram school determined to become an Exorcist like the others, so I didn't really know what to choose It's embarrassing to be so half-hearted about it.
Shiemi, do you remember our first meeting? I had just become an Exorcist, and I was so nervous.
Don't freak out.
Where will you end up if you're already so anxious? It's just a supply store.
Yes! Hey, Manager! I told you about Yukio earlier and today I brought him with me.
He's an Exorcist from today! He's not even 14 yet, so take good care of him for me.
Nice to meet you! Oh my! Nice to meet you, too! So young and yet so splendid! Ah, right, Shiemi! Shiemi, come out for a second! That's my Shiemi.
She could be mistaken for a household spirit, couldn't she? She's my daughter, but she's way too shy.
Shiemi, he's the same age as you but he's an Exorcist teacher already! Hello I'm Yukio Okumura.
Hello She's as shy as ever.
Sorry I hoped she'd be interested.
Don't mind her.
Mister! Mister! Huh, me? It's a charm.
Good luck with your work! Thanks.
That sounds so strange, just call me casually.
For example Yuki? Can I call you Yuki? Well it sounds cute really.
Yeah, that's fine.
Sorry, I was so terrible back then! I totally admired you! I thought you were amazing! I'm not that impressive a person.
When I was little I was a crybaby, and my brother had to help me all the time.
You? He was always doing stuff I couldn't.
So back then I admired him a lot.
Rin is so kind, isn't he? Yeah.
But people can't stay children forever.
I know that you've worked hard to change.
But you need determination to continue further with your training.
Even more now that you know you have talent as a Tamer.
Talk it through with the Manager and decide before tomorrow's announcements.
With Mom? Yes.
If you become an Esquire, you have to be prepared to risk your life.
You need the consent of your guardian.
I see During that test I thought it was useless Sorry that it ended up a bit tougher than it should've been.
But a test is a test.
It was controlled not to go beyond a certain level supposedly.
The teachers were there to ensure your safety.
it's not like I'd actually kill him.
Sorry, excuse me.
Yuki? This doesn't feel right.
Mameshiba Babyshiba tuwned into fwuits.
drinking milk oppai ni melon-melon mero mero melonshiba meronshiba milk oppai sui sui water-water suikashiba watermelonshiba milk oppai don't want yada mon lemonshiba remonshiba milk oppai app-app rin rin appleshiba ringoshiba oppai ni drinking milk sukedachi little fighter sudachishiba limeshiba milk oppai ran ran ram-ram rambutan ranbuutan /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Didn't you say you wouldn't kill him, Mr.
Neuhaus? Splendid, Yukio Okumura.
Rin! Shi-Shiemi?! What are you doing here? Were you trying to seduce me in my sleep? You wouldn't wake up, so Yuki carried you to another room.
He told me to just stay he- Come forth! Why is killing my brother necessary to you? You're slow.
Look, it is here.
For wherever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together.
This is the strongest Naberius I have.
If I could just erase the circle You were an enemy after all! Filthy demon! Holy water works, even though you wear a human skin.
You can't hide your true nature.
Holy water? As if What? You erased it? You'll damage your body if you try to summon another.
Do you want to die of blood loss? Who are you? I'm a survivor of the Blue Night.
The Blue Night The Blue Night took place 16 years ago, when Satan simultaneously slaughtered many of the world's prominent clergymen.
That? For a moment Satan possessed my body.
I lost my eye, and my family who tried to help me.
Satan used my own hands to kill them! I will never forgive Satan Nor any of his demons! And definitely not the son of Satan! I will kill you, even if it costs my life! Are you satisfied now? Rin! If this still isn't enough for you, I'll fight you as many times as you want.
I'm used to this shit Just please Don't drag innocent people into this! As if you'd get away with this! There are others like me.
Be prepared.
Yuki?! Rin? Mr.
Neuhaus! You're wounded Leave me.
It's closing already.
My wounds have always healed fast.
I'm really a beast.
Yuki! Rin! Shiemi? Rin! What happened?! I'm fine! A Ghoul wound! That must be treated right away! It's okay, I'm fine! No! Lie down here, right now! Don't overdo it! Lie down already! Ni, can you give me some sancho? Thanks I'm fine already.
Rin, I've decided.
Huh? I've made my decision.
What? He is always doing stuff I can't.
I'm no match to him after all.
Eins, zwei, drei! You all passed! Congratulations, Esquires! Hurray! Congratulations, Esquires! Yes! To celebrate we'll have pancakes! Huh? Pancakes? Can't we at least have barbeque?! Pancakes Ice You as an Exorcist Yeah! I'll help everyone! Can you fight at all? I'll do my best! I'm sorry about professor Neuhaus' actions.
I didn't think a teacher would get so carried away by emotions.
I'll prevent further events like this.
Okumura, are you okay with lemonade? Yeah, lemonade's fine.
Amaimon Amaimon Amaimon Amaimon Amaimon Amaimon Amaimon Amaimon It's me.
Neuhaus did just as I instructed him, but apparently it was too much for him.
Come to True Cross Academy right away.
I can't enter the campus because of your barriers, Brother.
Neuhaus will lead you through.
We'll talk about the details later.
Get it? Understood.
This should be ready! Whoa, looks so yummy! I'll help myself! Oi! Wait a second, hey! Father and Brother are so obsessed with this Rin Okumura.
I wonder how strong he is.
Hope he'll be good to kill my boredom.
Kimi to deatta no wa It wasn't by chance Tada no guuzen ja nai that I met you.
Kore wo unmei to yobunda This is what they call fate.
Reflected in your eyes is Sono hitomi ni utsuru the way we keep on shining together.
Bokutachi ga kagayaite Irareru youni zutto Let's keep our gazes locked so it won't fade away.
Mitsume tsuzukete (Please be) Maybe the day will come (Please be) Dakara moshi kono mune ga (With me) Michi ni mayou hi ni wa (With me) that we'll lose our way while looking for the door to the future.
Mirai e no tobira wo hiraite hoshii Ready, ready, ready for the take off We'll soar high Michinaru sekai e to Mai agarunda towards an unknown world.
So don't let go of my hand.
(Buddy) Dakara sono te hanasanaide (buddy) Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Yume ga mezasu basho e Hold on to the bonds we have while aiming for Tsukanda kono kizuna Nigiri shimete the place of our dreams.
Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Yume ga mezasu basho e Hold on to the bonds we have Te ni shita kono kizuna while aiming for Nigiri shimete the place of our dreams.
Now, let's have some Hey, don't touch that! Cheese, pork and mochi pancake is one of my top three favorites! You might be the Principal, but this is first come, first serve.
Hot! Too hot! You demon! Next Episode Preview You will kill it? There's no Exorcist at the Academy able to tame a demon of that level.
Shiro is dead.
He's dead.
You're liars! Cat Sith