Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Black Cat

1 Ah, it's so hot I'll fry to death I gotta eat this before it melts.
Yeah, there is no summer without this.
Hey, Blackie.
Shift change.
He hasn't moved from there lately.
Even if I give him food he doesn't even look.
Yeah He's smart so he might have realized it already.
What happens to familiars when they learn that their master has died? Ssh, what if he heard? Sorry I thought he wouldn't hear from this distance.
Probably he'll revert to a demon with the connection gone.
That wouldn't be nice.
The Blue Exorcist sei wo uke sorezore ga jinsei wo ouka After birth, people live as they wish nou no black box wo shiru sore wa kou ka They then learn the black box in their head; is that bliss? Just cross over, beyond the line of your limit you wa limit line wo subete ryouga Let's go, take a step, and I mean this minute saa ikou ka fumidasu sore wa kyou da Life's a bitch, so if it's easy, you're doing it wrong yappa hibi wa ika sen kou sotsunaku konashitecha no no stop nagare wo mikiwamena mazu mono to mo sezu ikou ze (here we go) Stop, which way is the world going? Then ignore it and go wherever (here we go) todokanu mono ya kagiri aru mono ni There are things I could never have, things with time Is there a reason I force my heart upon them? atsuku naru mune wo osaetsukeru no wa rikai mo sezu osaetsukeyou to shitekita I never tried to understand, I just forced it on them I'm no better than those lifeless adults ano otonatachi to onaji jan ka yo doushitatte kanawanai esoragoto darou ga Even if it's just a pipe dream I could never have But no one can put out the fire in my heart mune wo moyasu hi wa dare ni mo keseya shinai sora kara furu kuroi ame ga kono mi nurashi furitomanakutomo The black rain may pour hard and leave me drenched But I know I can change, I will change myself mada ore wa kawareru jibun de kaetemiseru kore ga sou "pride" sorezore no basho de This is my pride, what makes up my core mada mada kieru na kokoro no hi wo I won't let my fire be put out; not yet mada mada ikeru zo ikeru zo I'll keep going, and I'll never stop Episode 10 sziasztok Cat Sith Welcome back.
They were sold out at the shop so I had to go all the way to the one behind the Academy.
And it's so hellishly hot in here.
A fancy school like this really should at least have aircon.
There's no helping it, this is an old building.
And we didn't have aircon where we grew up, either.
A fan should be enough.
But still Anyway, did you buy the mineral water I asked you to? Umm sorry, I forgot.
You see, the shadow of water is too pale since it's transparent.
Anyway, want my ice cream? You bought two for yourself No thanks, I'll go buy some myself.
What's wrong with you? Ah, why do I have to do homework and reports on a sunday like this? I became that Esquire something, but nothing's changed from being a Page.
And look at this, Esquire is still at the bottom of it! Aria Tamer Doctor Dragoon Knight Esquire Page Where are you on this? Middle First Class.
Upper Second Class Middle First Class Honorary Knight Upper First Class Middle Second Class Lower First Class You're not so high either! You're one to speak.
How long would it take to become the top, a Paladin? Upper Second Class Upper First Class Honorary Knight Arch Knight Paladin Exorcist Ranks and Titles I really want to go on missions and get some practical experience.
Paladin is a title given to only one person at a time.
It's not a rank that anyone can get.
But you won't be going on missions for a while.
Huh?! You often ignore orders and act on your own.
You still can't run errands at your age.
No surprise there, though.
What's the problem, I said I was sorry! That's not all of it.
You depend too much on Satan's power when you fight.
You should stop drawing your sword all the time.
And you shouldn't use your body as a shield just because you heal quickly.
If you keep on like this you'll get possessed by Satan's power.
What does it matter, I helped you! Don't preach like the old geezer! You were about to go down! I'm telling you this for your own sake! Father would do the same.
He's probably rolling in his grave worrying about you.
As if the shitty old geezer was such a worrywart! Shitty old geezer? How long are you going to act like a rebellious child? Won't you grow up already? And how long are you going to act all cool and adult? Don't get so full of yourself just because Shiemi always stares at you like you're the Eighth Wonder! Huh? What does Shiemi have to do with this? She's not staring at me at all, and I'm not full of myself! Of couse she is! You're wearing glasses but you don't even notice that! That's one stupid four-eyes for you! Stupid? Says my brother who can't even run errands at his age? Are you still going on about that? Come on! Your fighting is the same.
You rely on power because you have neither knowledge nor skills.
Use your head a little.
What did you say? A miracle! A miracle just happened! This is nothing to laugh about! Incoming Call Yes, Okumura here.
I'm coming right away.
A mission? It has nothing to do with you.
How many spares does he have? I'm Yukio Okumura, Middle First Class Exorcist.
Middle First Class Exorcist Yukio Okumura True Cross Knight Order Japan Subdivision We've been waiting for you.
And Rin Okumura, Esquire.
Rin! What are you doing here? I'm worried about your glasses.
You're not even making sense.
And I don't have time to play with you now! Go home! Not gonna happen.
Explain the situation.
Blackie, the guardian Cat Sith of the southern rear gate has gone berserk.
We have sealed a mile of the road.
Liars! You're all liars! Are you all right? What happened? Suddenly he got all big and attacked us.
I let it slip that Reverend Fujimoto is dead.
He probably heard us.
I'm sorry.
What's going to happen to Blackie now? It'll be all right.
We Exorcists will sort it out.
Sort it out? What do you mean? What's going on? What does this have to do with the geezer's death? That Cat Sith was Father's familiar.
The geezer's? What's a Cat Sith? They are demons that look like cats.
The Japanese ones' tail splits if they live long enough.
That Cat Sith was a protective god of silk for hundreds of years, and people worshipped him.
He protected silk from mice and fire.
In exchange, the people celebrated him and they lived in peace.
But as they stopped manufacturing silk, he was forgotten as well.
Then Having lost his place, he became a demon.
Now! Yes! This is bad! It's not working! Liars! You're all liars! Liars! Are you all right? Okumura! Holy water, holy silver, holy wine and holy medicines don't work either.
And we don't know his fatal verse yet, so Aria can't help.
We hit him with lots of tranquilizers so he's slowed down a bit, but he recovers fast.
Didn't Reverend Fujimoto tell you anything about him? You were there on that mission, right? Yes.
That mission? Yukio was still an Esquire back then.
At a construction site in a certain village, more and more accidents happened.
The locals feared that something was haunting it, so they called worshippers.
But no matter what they did it didn't help much, and the situation got hopeless.
As their last reserve, they called the True Cross Knight Order.
Paladin Fujimoto was appointed to kill the demonic god.
Don't worry, I'll be fine by myself.
It was really impressing how he calmed the situation without spilling a drop of blood.
The old geezer was a Paladin? So that's how it started Then Father named him Blackie and made a familiar contract with him to guard the gate of the Academy.
But he's a demon after all.
He lost his master and returned to his true nature.
Father prepared this just in case a situation like this would come.
If something happens to me and you can't cope with Blackie, use this.
I made this myself, it'll calm him down.
It's a reworked grenade, so it will probably kill him.
That's good.
But we don't know what kind of grenade it is or how powerful it is, so I'll do it alone.
Liars! Liars! Shiro is the strongest! Need assistance? I only need to throw it at him so I'm fine by myself.
Then let's prepare for the worst and evacuate all other personnel.
Everyone, fall back to the gate! Shiro can't die! Shiro will be back! He will be back! I see.
Rin, you should retreat as well.
This drug might work on you, too.
Are you going to kill him? Yeah.
There's no Exorcist at the Academy who could tame a demon of this level.
Now we have no choice but to kill him.
Shiro will come back! I won't die until then either! Retreat already, Rin.
What? He's just sad.
You shouldn't kill him.
How do you know? I don't, just Telepathy between demons, I guess? But even then, we can't leave him like this.
Then before that, let me try convince him! Convince? Don't worry, I won't draw my sword.
I'll fight using my head and without relying on Satan, just as you told me.
Huh? Hey! Rin! I'm Rin Okumura! Shiro's son.
Shiro's? Shiro is dead.
Rin! He's dead.
Liar! I don't believe it! He's dead.
Liar! Don't lie! He really used his head? You loved my dad a lot, didn't you? That's why you got so sad.
I'm the same.
Let's be friends.
Rin You loved humans a lot, didn't you? That's why you got so sad when they forgot you.
Let's be friends.
I brought you some catnip wine.
Shiro Shiro! We won't meet anymore? Shiro! Did you really die? How is he? It's too early to say.
He didn't fight at all.
Yeah, he's always like this.
It annoys the hell out of me.
Don't you want to go serious on him? I do.
But before that I'd like to learn more about this Japan you love so much.
That's lovely.
But I didn't give you the infinity key for sightseeing.
Then see you later.
Will it be all right? Yes, it will.
He looked interested enough.
Sorry for the wait.
Hey! He's already attached to you.
What's going to happen to him? I went to great lengths and made them let you take him as your familiar.
Some other familiar will become the guardian of the gate.
That's poison! This smells like Shiro's present! Huh? He says it smells like Dad's present.
This is catnip wine! Catnip! Shiro's catnip wine! Give me! Give me wine! What's wrong? I should've known Father wouldn't hurt Blackie.
I didn't expect the old geezer was this amazing.
I didn't say anything! So good! It wasn't by chance Kimi to deatta no wa Tada no guuzen ja nai that I met you.
This is what they call fate.
Kore wo unmei to yobunda Sono hitomi ni utsuru Reflected in your eyes is the way we keep on shining together.
Bokutachi ga kagayaite Irareru youni zutto Let's keep our gazes locked so it won't fade away.
Mitsume tsuzukete (Please be) Maybe the day will come (Please be) Dakara moshi kono mune ga (With me) Michi ni mayou hi ni wa (With me) that we'll lose our way Mirai e no tobira wo hiraite hoshii while looking for the door to the future.
Ready, ready, ready for the take off We'll soar high Michinaru sekai e to towards an unknown world.
Mai agarunda So don't let go of my hand.
(Buddy) Dakara sono te hanasanaide (buddy) Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Hold on to the bonds we have Yume ga mezasu basho e while aiming for Tsukanda kono kizuna Nigiri shimete the place of our dreams.
Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Hold on to the bonds we have Yume ga mezasu basho e while aiming for Te ni shita kono kizuna the place of our dreams.
Nigiri shimete Let's raise a toast to Blackie and the old geezer! You can't, Rin.
This isn't made for humans.
It's fine, just a gesture.
Come on, as a memory! Don't drink it.
Cheers! Cheers! Stupid! It's terrible.
Shiro's catnip wine's so good Summer! Sea! Next Episode Preview I I I Swimsuits! Girls! I love the sea! Demon of the Depths