Aquarius (2015) s02e09 Episode Script

Sexy Sadie

1 Previously on "Aquarius" Oh, Kenny.
Buddy, you can't - Aah! - [gunshot] What? What did he say? Hal's gonna live.
Doctors say you'll never walk again.
I have to think there's some cosmic justice at work here.
I need you to take a drop from a CI with the black separatists.
Hey, Wanda? I'm Perry's friend.
Thank you.
It's ready, Dennis.
My new song.
- Give up your world - That's great.
That's great, man.
Hold on a second.
I was just thinking, instead of "Cease to Exist," what if it was "Cease to Resist"? Hell, this isn't a damn sing-along! I found it, the needle.
[groaning] [vomiting] When do we finally get to meet Emma? Semester must be over soon.
Daddy, they keep asking about Emma.
I think we need to do something.
Miss I'll tell Ken once we have her.
Thank you.
I want to remember this forever.
This is the moment that everything changes.
You did it, Charlie.
We're here, and you got us here.
- [chuckles] - Savor this, okay? Let us love you.
- All right.
- Yeah.
Let's, uh All righty, let's let's hear the Beach Boys sing old Charlie's sweet, sweet song.
All right.
[tape reels whirring] [music plays faintly in headphones] Pretty Give up your world [tense music] Did Dennis do that to my song Change it? Charlie, man, it's a process, with the boys.
It's always kind of, like, evolving.
It's not It's not even my words, my melody.
It's, um it's all my nothing! It's it's got to be mine.
Change it back.
Look, I liked your version.
We both did, right? Ooh.
Change it back now.
But only Dennis can.
Talk to Dennis.
We'll do whatever he says.
[intercom buzzing] [intercom buzzing] Yes? Hey, hey, man, it's Charlie.
Open up.
- Who? - Charlie.
- We live here.
- Hang on.
[intercom buzzing] Mr.
Wilson isn't here.
Man, the girls are hungry, and I got to pee, so You'll have to contact Mr.
Wilson directly.
Get him on the horn, then, now! [intercom buzzing] Hello? Man, you open up that gate, or I will hand-feed your frickin' ass to Mr.
Wilson! [dial tone] - What is it? - My daughter Emma She she's gone.
Sam get my little girl back.
[screaming] No, no, no, no! You're the Devil! Did my mom send you? Can I go now? Your mother doesn't know you're here.
This is a mistake.
I don't belong here.
No, no, no, no, please.
Detective, please come back! I'm not the mother you want? Well, you're not the child I want.
I came to ask if you'd found Emma.
Not yet.
I'll look for Emma today.
[ominous music] And I get it.
I do.
- [sighs] I can't.
- I understand.
- I don't think you do.
- I do.
I really do.
- Then, okay, so - Here's the thing.
Detective, I'm I've got to get back to I understand.
- You keep saying that.
- Because I do.
But here's the thing It's not worth it.
- Sorry.
What's not? - I say some things.
You say some things.
It ends up with me not seeing her.
And I don't want that to happen to you.
You don't want what to happen to me? Exactly.
I'm really not following you here, Detective Sorry, I didn't get your name.
But I got yours.
Now, I know, they said no one sees her, but I'm going to see her, aren't I Dr.
Katz? Wasn't that hard, actually.
Phone company logs everything, and it's not exactly the Pentagon.
I met a girl there who was a big fan of See's candy named Candy, actually.
Weird, huh? Anyway, there's records of your mom calling here a lot.
She come visit? Uh-huh.
Well, we She calls me.
I ask to speak to Daddy, and she says he's busy.
Detective, why am I here? Did you put me in here? No.
I can't leave, though, right? I mean, it's like jail.
What did I do? I think your mother is worried about many things, and it's complicated.
No, it's not.
I'm an embarrassment, right? To the election.
How could they have the perfect Republican family when I'm out there with Charlie and Dennis? [voice breaking] I'm never getting out of here.
[tense music] - Hey, Sarge.
- How you doing? Lock her up like that, all to get this guy in the White House? - Yeah, I don't get it.
- I do.
Problem is, I don't know what to do.
Hey, Hodiak, new batch of Polaroids for you.
I don't suppose any of these are from the actual doer.
I don't know.
Out of focus.
Too skinny.
That knot isn't even tight.
That knot is not even tight.
More copycats.
How do people have so much time on their hands? It's a long summer of reruns.
Good thing the new TV season starts tonight.
When was the last time you got something from the real guy? It's been months now.
You think the press you did scared him off? No, I don't think so.
Something happened to him.
This guy's bread and butter is sexual assault and homicide.
That's a fairly risky career path.
What do you think? [mumbles] About? About what we're talking about.
[clears throat] Sorry.
I'm not myself today.
- Thank you, Charmain.
- Sure.
We got a meeting with Cutler.
- We do? - Yeah, we're late, actually.
Come on.
I thought yosa we were late.
You were better when you were using.
- Excuse me? - Heroin.
You were a better cop when you were shooting it into your veins, not as good as before, but - Don't talk to me this way.
- Apparently I am.
- And I don't have to listen.
- Yes, you do if only because I guarantee you wherever you think this is going, it is not.
No, I know exactly where this is going.
Yeah, you're gonna tell me you're such a crack detective you've known since day one.
Eh, day three or four maybe.
And all this time you've been practically autopsying me.
So here it is, your big final report I'm weak, stupid.
You saw this coming from a mile away.
Hey, look, I've seen this more than you.
And you're not gonna kick it by white-knuckling.
So, what? Go rip off some dealers, you can tie me off? That's actually not very far from what I'm thinking.
What? Well, let's just lose the jacket and tie.
We're gonna see a friend of mine, all right? Trust me.
Your rebel heart is gonna love this.
- What's his name? - Smith.
The last one was named Smith.
All my informants are named Smith.
- It's weird.
- So first name, "John.
" No, John was the last one.
This one is Jim just to keep them straight.
- He's awful clean-cut.
- Pardon? For a heroin-addicted snitch, he's shiny.
Well, I ran him through a car wash on the way over.
[chuckles] - You want some? - Uh, no, thank you.
I-I have an actual mortal hatred of tea.
You know, sometimes I think you just say things 'cause you like the way they sound.
- That could be true, actually.
- Hmm.
It'll be 50 a session.
I'll keep him on a low dose and gradually taper him down to methadone.
Who's your supplier? - Wow.
- What? You just sounded like a cop just now.
Sorry? I'll take good care of him, Sam, just like all the others.
He'll get clean, and after that, it's up to him.
Here, smell.
That's tea? That smells good, actually.
It is pretty good, actually.
[clears throat] Jim Smith, Billi Gunderson.
Pleasure, Mr.
Jim, like I told you, Billi is the best at what she does, and nobody knows what she does.
See? You just like how that sounds.
But it is true.
Go ahead and take a seat.
Oh, I got something for you.
Here, it's a St.
Don't get too verklempt.
It's a loaner.
I give it to people who are going through a time.
It's got good history.
All right.
It's not just looking like a victory for Richard M.
, but an almost unprecedented landslide victory, as the final electoral college votes are tallied.
Everybody's happy.
Maryland governor Spiro Agnew as his running mate You don't seem happy, Detective.
It's okay.
I know you wanted to fix this, but some things can't be fixed.
You want me to say something? To who? Your mother.
[thunder rumbles] Thank you, Maria.
I don't think I need to say it, do I? Well, Maria let me in.
I'll leave as soon as you listen.
Tonight It has to be tonight.
I waited for tonight because I knew tonight was important.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I found her, Grace.
Three months ago I found her.
And I've visited every other week since.
My daughter.
You visited my daughter.
Have you? Ever? I hope, Grace I really hope that now the election is over that you let her out of there.
Don't you tell me what I can and can't do with my own child.
You asked me to find her last year, remember? You came to me and you asked me to help bring your baby back.
What you brought back isn't my girl.
All she did All she ever does Is embarrass me.
Just let her go and live her life.
What about my life? I helped win this election as much as Ken or my father Me, and I'm gonna help win more.
And you would rather do that than be a mom, than help your I helped.
[scoffs] I loved.
I bandaged, kissed, drove, nursed, worried myself sick.
Stayed with a man I barely know.
For what? To see her in jail Where she tells me I put her there 'cause I'm such a loveless bitch.
I think that's what being a parent is, Grace.
You love them and eat a lifetime of pain in return.
Tell me how to be a parent.
You raised a traitor and put his mother in the ground.
- Grace, do not - Touch me, and I'll kill you.
No, you'd have the help do it.
Right on cue.
- Grace - He was not invited.
Detective, we have eight Secret Service agents on the premises.
Whatever the plan is here, amend it, now.
I always wondered what kept you two together.
Never thought it'd be Dick.
[indistinct chatter] Excuse me.
- I'm looking for Detective Shafe.
- You are? His wife.
Uh Sergeant, is my husband here, yes or no? Apologies for not exactly sure what.
- When will he be back? - It's hard to say.
Thank you.
What's the problem, Lindenoff? I got a run in my hose or something? [slaps backside] Where is he? You told Sarge this has a police matter.
I happen to be a policeman.
Maybe I can help you.
[Walter & the Admerations' "Life of Tears"] It's about Bunchy Carter.
He was arrested for assaulting a police officer Which doesn't sound like Bunchy at all.
Sounds exactly like Bunchy, actually.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Hey! It's smaller than the other day.
Guess I'm doing okay.
How do you feel? Good.
Yeah, I feel good.
Thank you.
When do you switch me to methadone? I already did.
Two weeks ago.
You're a sly one.
Can I be straight with you, Jim? Yeah, if I can be straight with you.
I know your name's not Jim, and I know you're not Sam's snitch.
I'm pretty sure you're a cop.
Is that what you were gonna tell me? Pretty much.
And what were you gonna tell me? I'm an addict.
- You still? - No.
See, the thing is, after the first time I kicked it, I started saying I was an addict.
Second time, same thing.
By the fifth time I kicked, well, I just figured, you know, maybe this isn't something you ever leave behind.
So you're saying you're just gonna get me clean, and I'm just gonna relapse? I'm saying you're gonna get clean, and, yeah, I think you're gonna relapse not because you're weak or bad, but because relapse happens more often than not.
And I'm saying this to you, because if I'm right, I don't want you to lie or hide, and don't kill yourself.
I'm not gonna kill myself.
You don't know what you're gonna.
Neither do I.
Just promise me you'll come back here and get clean as many times as you need to.
Thank you.
- You punch a cop? - I did.
Do I know my man? And your reason was righteous? Fully and inarguably.
More magnificent than Carnac.
So, details.
Without warrant or provocation, half a dozen uniformed officers and three detectives from your Vice Squad disarmed, searched, and assaulted my security personnel.
When I objected, verbally, they assaulted me and began a search of our headquarters.
When you want to hear an actual police report, Sam Brez, I will swing by.
In the meantime, you maybe want to ice that eye a little bit.
All right, what'd they say they were looking for? - Narcotics.
- Hmm.
"One no Black Panther party member shall have narcotics in his possession.
Two if a Panther member should have narcotics in his possession, he will be expelled.
" Rules one and two of the party, right? Close enough.
And yet that's what the policemen found.
Because they brought them.
And you're 100% sure that 100% of your foot soldiers and their women and their kids are 100% clean? Just as sure as you are that 100% of your fellow officers never plant evidence.
All right, well, now you're just trying to hurt my feelings.
What'd they say they found? - LSD.
Now, by this point, they'd already begun to draw weapons and lay hands on us.
- At which point, you - Defended myself.
By throwing the first punch.
Don't lie, now.
He threw the first punch.
But the man hits like he plants evidence [scoffs] No technique.
I dropped him in one pop.
And? Retaliation from his brothers after they hooked me up.
I don't know, Bunchy.
If they convict you of this, it's 13 years.
I mean, it was a hell of a right cross, but was it worth it? - The evidence was planted! - So you say.
And which you can prove.
We got history, Hodiak! I'm calling it in.
You want riots? Just leave me right here.
So, if he admits he hit a cop, then what can you do? Believe him, which I do, mainly because it's LSD, which is kind of a groovy, way-out, touch the stars, "what's your white suburban pain?" drug, you know? These guys, they're into loading magazines and storming the barricades.
It's not them.
- So you want me to? Yeah, well, this feels too sophisticated for Vice.
It bears the sticky fingerprints and bumbling competence of the Red Squad.
Yeah, I kind of thought that was the direction you were headed.
So just a little fishing, wee if you hear anything.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Babe, how's that supposed to come up in conversation, huh? I tell the guys you're my wife, Kristin.
Not "my Negro wife," not "my old black ball and chain.
" No, but that's a good one.
Of course you're taking his side.
I'm not.
I don't think he's wrong, but I don't think you're wrong either.
I've been his wife almost as long as he's been working here and it's never come up, not once? It came up with me, and the world didn't end.
'Cause you kept quiet.
Well, I don't know if you've noticed, but most things that aren't my business, I keep pretty mum about.
You didn't want a picture of me on your desk? Honey, no.
- See? - Because nobody does that.
Kid pictures, fine, but wife pictures tend to get - They get decorated - Yeah.
So you want me to bring in a picture of Bernadette, that's fine done.
I want you to want to put a picture of Bernadette on your desk.
I want to bring in a picture of Bernadette.
Whoa, there it is.
Why not? The exposition's already out of the way.
So are you good for now? 'Cause I think I've got a way to get Bunchy out.
But I need the police expertise of your very charming, very handsome husband.
See, babe? Charming.
Keep me informed.
You know, I'm not positive, but I don't think I'd get married again if it cured cancer.
He didn't call? He didn't even leave a message with the maitre d'.
- Well, maybe he's sick.
- He is.
- Daddy.
- Jamie.
He's sick to know that one of his main lieutenants, major fund-raiser, trusted confidant, and future White House counsel is a degenerate.
[tense music] What, no probing question as to why Bob Haldeman might try to impugn your manhood? No shocked denial? No asking your husband how such a mistake might happen? No wondering how much they know, Ken? I'll save you the embarrassing questions.
They know everything, from your high-school doubles partner, the busboy on your wedding night - Enough.
- The hippie freak who kidnapped Emma, that South Vietnamese minister last week.
Every sick secret you thought you had on lockdown is in a file as fat as a phone book! And when the thing they care least about is what a flagrant slut my daughter is, what doesn't have to be said is that every single thing my family has been building towards for 19 years is over.
I'm calling in the loans on the firm.
You and Hal are terminated.
I hold the mortgage here.
I want you out.
Hope you have some money in a shoe box.
Daddy, wait.
What are we supposed to do? [scoffs] My advice? Become Democrats.
That loser freak show will throw their arms wide.
I'm looking for Hal Banyin.
Come on in.
[soft psychedelic music] As life is going by You can stop and hear They're in the bedroom.
It's just this way.
That's enough! No! No! No! No! No, no! [grunting] Enough! That's enough! - What what is - Aah! You want to watch? They like it.
- Come in.
- [grunting] [grunting] No! No.
Don't stop.
He's gonna love it.
Hiya, pal.
[grunts, screams] [inhales deeply] Ahh.
All that vodka, when there was this What a waste.
Sure you don't want a little toke? Who did you tell? That's a tough question, Ken.
Easier question is, who didn't I tell? [chuckles] 'Cause I told everyone Every client, secretary, reporter, associate, my soon-to-be ex-wife.
Jehovah's Witness came knocking Told him.
He's not gonna forget that anytime quick.
[chuckles] Poor kid.
So now I guess I tell what I know about you, and we finish the job of completely destroying each other.
Really? You gonna tell about the dead hooker you chopped up and buried, Ken? - She was yours.
- When she was alive, sure.
But it was all you, Ken.
So go ahead and tell, 'cause boy toys might get you bounced from the country club, but a dead girl? Mm.
[clicking tongue] That'll get you jail.
Your word against mine.
I don't think so.
Hey, Chuck.
- Hey.
- [inhales deeply] - Oh, hey, there, Kenny-Ken.
[chuckles] Oh, hey, uh, Hal's been a real good friend to us, letting us crash here.
Of course, uh Sadie and he have a real bond.
[chuckles] Sweet deal for everybody.
I can work on my music without having to, you know, scramble for food and shelter.
Hal's been generous.
But then the girls are generous right back, right? [all chuckle] Communal living Wave of the future.
[laughs] Yeah.
Hey, Ken bygones, babe.
Okay? Atta boy.
So, I, uh I kind of didn't tell you everything.
He's a cop.
This is a line of work you should think about going into yourself.
Would I have to wear shoes? Can I ask you H-how do you keep them so clean? Top-secret hippie voodoo.
So my partner, is he, what, 80%, 90%? I need to know, 'cause work's piling up and he's also he's got some domestic issues, so We're down to our last session, so we're closing in on 100%.
Thank you, Billi.
And thanks for the tea.
Well, it's tea, right? What's it called again? What are you doing tonight? Hmm? Working.
- All night? - Late.
How late? If you're not asking what I think you're asking, then I-I pre-apologize, but if you are, then I am too old for you.
Mm, see, now, I thought the same thing, but in kind of a different way, like Are you too old for me? - Do you see the difference, Sam? - Yeah, I do.
Your way, end of discussion.
My way, we find out.
Well I'd need you to wear shoes.
[chuckles] [indistinct chatter] And I'm just trying to get a wider view of things, so, um is the Bunchy Carter arrest one of our operations? What does that question have to do with your job? Like I said, I, um I just like to know what the bigger plan is.
Because? - Because - Your rabbi Hodiak is looking to help his buddy Bunchy.
E wants to do something that's done, it's his choice.
But it's not yours unless I cut you loose which I will do if you ever ask me another operational question.
You know where this is going.
Yes, sir.
I apologize.
Bust in Laurel Canyon nine days ago Pot, speed, coke, a lot more of that going on, and 14 tabs of acid, blue unicorn, to be exact.
Found on the Panthers.
- See here? - Mm-hmm.
What about the actual tabs from Laurel? Misfiled, I'm told.
But that case is gonna go fine.
All the other drugs were accounted for.
And Bunchy's? Lock and key.
Thank you.
I owe you one.
Quite the opposite, actually.
You were right.
Pass it on.
[tense music] Hey.
Are you guys sure you know what you're doing? What I'm doing is surviving.
What the cops are doing, that's up to them.
People gonna get hurt no matter what.
Trick is, don't be one of them.
- You need to fix this.
- Fix it how? They know.
Everyone knows everything.
- Everyone always knows.
- Not this.
This and worse, believe me.
Your father pulled his money.
Daddy is old and scared.
It's making him weak.
He's living in the past.
We are the future, Ken You and me.
It's over, Grace.
It is not over.
It is not.
This isn't just about you.
I have a future in this party just as much as you do, and we are sticking together to get to that future.
No house, no firm.
Everybody laughing at us, excommunicated? Ken, this is This is a test.
Did Haldeman tell you directly it's over? Did he? - No.
- No.
This is a warning and a punishment, but it is not the end, for either of us.
Screw Daddy.
I have my trust and and the property in Santa Barbara.
I know you hid money overseas.
We'll barely miss a step.
So, what, we beg and threaten, and I get a scrap of what I'm owed, and you get to be assistant committee chairwoman? For now.
We keep fighting.
We make them need us.
I'm just so tired.
Ken, what we have to offer the party this country, matters.
But we have to do it together.
Ken, look at me.
I don't love you, and you don't love me, and that's a relief, because we want the same things.
So, as long as we are both discreet in private and together in public, nothing can stop us.
And what happens then, Grace? We have all this power, but what kind of people are we? Our daughter locked away, for what? Ken, do you know when it's time to let go of your children? When you don't recognize them anymore.
That's the time you let go of anyone.
Becky Goodale has a rental in Bel Air that's empty.
I'll move in there this week.
Brez, I love a good frame-up, I do, but this is just sloppy.
[sighs] I don't get it, Sam.
I mean, him, sure.
The wife and all.
Ooh, I would tread carefully here.
But you, you know what these animals are after.
- They need to be put down.
- Brez, Brez, Brez.
I'm doing you a favor here.
Just stop and walk away.
You threw a punch.
He defended himself.
Walk away.
Or you're taking this to IA.
Me, IA? No.
I am.
[sighs] Well, then you're gonna get fired.
And then it's gonna be in the papers, then you're gonna have the Panthers marching outside your house until forever.
All right, now, you tried to do a favor for the Red Squad.
You screwed up.
You got sloppy.
Now walk away.
You're right.
I couldn't care less about any of this.
And I'm glad to get some breaking news on you.
Really? What's that? You like your officer brothers, but you love you some nig [chuckles] Brez that's not the same eye, is it? He got the same eye? Brez, you really got to learn to keep your hands up.
[grunting] Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Doesn't it hurt? - It kills.
- A little bit, yeah.
- That's the point, right? - Yeah.
- What? You want it harder? Yeah.
[fluid sloshes] Wait.
Why'd you stop? - Did you hurt him? - No.
No, that's hers.
I need to go to the hospital.
- Why? - Charlie said no hospital.
I don't care.
I need to go to the hospital now.
- Okay.
- Guys, you Sadie, you can't lea Hello? Ken.
[sighs] Thank you.
I wasn't sure if I could do this alone.
I didn't know who else to call.
Well, there's some papers ready to be signed, so, but - It's just - What? There was a decision made, and no one will say who made it.
Is Emma all right? She's had electroshock therapy.
You can ask her doctors about the details.
But apparently she's not quite herself, and the recovery can take some time.
It could be permanent? Y-you have to talk to her doctors about that.
I'll pull up the car.
I'll just be a minute, then I'm taking you home.
We're gonna get you all well again, my sweet girl all well.
He's my father, isn't he? Yes.
- He's nice.
- Yeah.
Oh, Emma, I want to, uh give you something.
- You're giving this to me? - Yeah.
To keep? Yeah.
- I forgot your name.
- Sam.
Sam, it's beautiful.
It feels like love.
Why am I crying? I think those are happy tears, Emma.
[vehicle approaching] [R&B music] What do we mean when we say "The Man"? We mean "The Beast.
" That is what The Man is.
That is how The Man must be dealt with.
Fixed on a woman You train a beast, or you kill a beast.
There are no other options.
Train or kill.
Both involve discipline of purpose seriousness of intent Loyalty of our brothers and sisters, in both the threat and unleashing the violence.
Just got to keep on holding on Oh, just got to keep on [clock ticking] The Man is armed, we are armed.
- That's right.
- [people murmuring] The Man kills, we kill.
- That's right.
- [people murmuring] This is the only relationship respected by The Man, because it is the only form of relationship understood by The Man.
From this point forward, we are a military organization not in defense of our lives, but at war for our future.
[people screaming] [gasping] [chuckles] Yep.
Too old for me.
[chuckles] Well it was nice.
[sighs] Is your mother single? Um, she acts like it, but, no.
- Even better.
- Sorry.
[both laugh] Oh, come on.
This is what comes from not having any hobbies.
[chuckles] - Can I at least go pee? - Mm-hmm.
Not in the bed.
[sighs] [telephone ringing] Hodiak.
Where? How many? Well, find out.
I'll be right there.
- Yes? - Hey, there, friend.
Uh, I'm looking for Terry Melcher and Dennis Wilson, if he's here too.
Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if Whatever they're doing, tell them to stop now and listen.
This is the Revelation, the end of days, beginning of all time.
Look, we are in the middle Hey, tell Dennis I ain't mad.
I get it, I get it.
The Beach Boys are a corporate asset.
What they done to my song, that's his business, but this, the Beatles, is prophecy.
And I am their instrument.
Dennis and Terry are gonna know that the second they hear.
Um, I'm sorry.
Terry doesn't live here anymore.
Hey, there, hell flower.
- Uh, do you know where he is? - I'm I'm sorry, I don't.
Could I maybe use your phone? I'm Charlie.
I'm a friend of Dennis's.
Uh We're in the middle of a shoot, but, um It wouldn't take more than two shakes of a lamb's tail.
Okay, I'll get the phone.
- All right, thanks.
- No.
You need to go now.
Well, the lady said yes We'll tell Terry if we see him.
[lock clicks] [eerie music]