Aquarius (2015) s02e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Aquarius" She's had electroshock therapy.
She's not quite herself.
The recovery can take some time.
- I'm taking you home.
- You like that home cooking? Go ahead and lay down, Ralph.
All your boys are waiting for you up there in the green pastures of the Lord.
So you're saying you're just gonna get me clean, and I'm just gonna relap? This isn't something you ever leave behind.
Relapse happens more often than not.
Hal's been letting us crash here.
I can work on my music without having to scramble for food and shelter.
I need you to take a drop from a CI with the black separatists.
Wanda? I'm Perry's friend.
Did Dennis do that to my song? Change it back now.
Talk to Dennis.
The evidence was planted.
We got history, Hodiak.
I'm calling it in.
[gunshots] There's only one thing left to do.
Now, you and Sadie know what I'm asking you for, don't you, Tex? Tie 'em up.
Use knives.
Paint the walls with blood.
[dark music] Yes.
Have him call me back.
Hold on.
I have a new business number.
It's 213-450 Yes, that's right.
No, that's no longer my home number.
Thank you.
Can I read here while you work? I-I don't want to be alone.
Of course, sweetie.
Ah, rereading your favorite.
You loved Jo.
Wanted to put on plays like she did and be a writer.
I don't remember any of it.
It'll come back.
I spoke to a doctor who assured me the memory loss is temporary.
Meanwhile, you get to enjoy your favorites like they're brand new.
Daddy, what happened to Charlie? I don't know.
I found you at the hospital.
I remember being with Charlie, and then I left.
Does anybody need a reason to run away from a creep? I'm damn glad you did.
You don't want to tell me.
Daddy, what did I do? Nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
You were a high-spirited girl with a mother who wanted to squash you.
I I blamed you for your rebellion, but that was just I was scared.
I thought you hated me.
I was so miserable, Emma.
I lied to myself that you were ready to be on your own, but you were still a little girl.
Forgive me.
I love you, Emma.
I just didn't know or or trust.
Forgive me.
I love you, Daddy, and it's okay, you know.
It's really okay.
I don't care that you're homosexual.
Like Jo, you have to be true to yourself.
That's all that Charlie wants for himself, for me, and you.
You have to go to the now, to the real.
I was I was trying to help Charlie.
I wasn't running away.
I wanted to save him.
[dark music] [police radio chatter] They had to be from United Africa.
Had to be? What? Were they wearing signs? I can describe them.
If you just bust everybody at U-A, I'll spot them.
Maybe I'll just set her up with a sketch artist.
I don't want to draw no damn pictures! I want you to go to U-A headquarters! What happened? They came blasting in, and Bunchy tried to get away, and I-I couldn't get there.
They just kept shooting.
[crying] It's okay.
Sit down.
Why are you sitting there? They're getting away! Look, ma'am, right now, my job is just to find out what you know.
Hey, is this your case? Yeah.
I got the call.
- I want it.
- This is Westwood, not Hollywood It's Wilshire's case.
I'll clear it with Garrick.
He'll approve it.
Ain't gonna be an easy case to close.
Shooter or shooters got away clean, like a gang killing.
You can't trust the witnesses, not even pretty boy's African queen.
Lucky for you.
Less of a headache, then.
- Hey.
- Come on.
Don't you want to question the other witnesses? - Send me your report.
- Yeah.
You'll get it, Hodiak, in triplicate.
You're gonna send them in triplicate? That'll show me.
[upbeat funk music] All I need is your love All right I don't want no Where's Dennis the Menace? Hmm? Where's Dennis the thief? - Mr.
Dennis not here.
- No, no, no, no.
He's not recording.
He's not at the Brothers office, not at the Whisky a Go Go.
That means he's here, chica.
Esta aqui.
Go anywhere you like.
Go and see.
He not here.
Dennis, man, let's talk! Let's let's talk about singin'.
[gasping] Now, tell Dennis that Charles Manson would like him to have this deep in his heart.
[dark music] [gasping] You, go.
I'll question her.
You question her.
I'm staying.
She's a witness.
You're her husband.
I don't question witnesses in front of their hubbies.
- I'll keep my mouth shut.
- Well, then she's gonna have to come back to the precinct.
It's already a big break that she was allowed to come back home.
Move along.
There's nothing to see.
Sam, I'm not going.
Then I'm gonna bring her to interrogation.
Look, aren't you busy, anyway? Isn't this a follow-up session day? Bernadette's staying at Mama's today, and I don't want her seeing me like this.
Well Honey, I'll be back in, like, two hours.
You're going? Yeah.
You know, clinic night.
[door opens, closes] You want coffee? Sure.
What makes you so sure it was U-A? Well, it's just like I told that dumb-ass detective.
The FBI's been using U-A to get at Bunchy.
They have been tapping the Panthers' phones, sending in spies, sending hate mail.
You know that.
And you know they even planted drugs.
That was our very own Red Squad.
Well, it's the same difference.
The FBI are working through the LAPD, and don't deny it.
And Bri's been making excuses, but you're smarter than that.
Just arrest everybody at U-A, and I will pick them out.
This ain't Russia.
I can't just round up 100 people on suspicion.
So you're not gonna do nothing, just like Bunchy said.
The when it comes down to it, a cop is loyal to cops - Kris - Not the law.
I admired Bunchy as much as you did.
He was arrogant.
He acted like he was a law unto himself, and he was brave as a god, and he hated cops.
And we hated him.
So I understand that you don't believe that we're gonna do right by him, but this is me.
You know me.
I am arrogant, and I am a law unto myself.
You give me a description, and I will get them.
FBI or no, I will get them.
How do you think Bunchy's death will affect your marriage? I guess we'll be rough for a while, and Kristin's real upset.
No, what I mean, Brian, and this is to your credit When we talked about what it was that triggered you to go back to using, you talked about Kristin working with the Panthers.
In one session, you said, "I need to know she's got my back, like we're riding together, riding life together.
" Yeah, for sure.
I rely on her.
So, since it bothered you that she was working with the Panthers, how do you feel about Bunchy being dead? Are you suggesting that I'm not sorry he's dead? Are you not sorry? No, it's bad.
It's bad for the black community.
He was a leader.
But? Yeah.
I hope it'll mean Kristin will be home more.
I need her.
Bernadette needs her.
They say it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.
So maybe that's not bad for my marriage.
You're kidding me.
Kidding? [laughs] Man, I do love to kid.
What do you want me to kid you about, huh? Your cheesy suit? Where'd you get it? Did you make a deal with Monty Hall? Vick.
Huh? You don't recognize me? Shafe? My man, what happened? You inside of there? - Hi, Vick.
- Hi.
So, I guess this means you're using again? Me? No.
I'm just I'm here to pick up chicks.
These addicts are, like, easy pickings.
[chuckles] Oh, man, you're blowing my mind.
Are you hooked? For real? That's heavy, man.
I don't The worm He's slow to move, but he loves to turn.
[women laughing] Oh.
[siren wailing] Meg? Wilshire's Here's a preliminary witness description.
They'll have a sketch this afternoon, and I'm sure Cutler wants to see you.
Sam, get in here.
I'd ask you why you stole the Bunchy Carter murder from Wilshire, but I know the answer.
You love trouble.
And I'd tell you to give the hot potato back, but I don't have to.
All right.
I'll talk to Garrick.
- He'll let me keep it.
- Yeah, no, he won't.
This comes from Garrick's office.
The FBI's taking over the case.
Why? What makes this a federal case? They use out-of-state bullets? - Attempted kidnapping.
- Kidnapping by murder? And the killers are suspected to be foreign agents.
- From what country? Oakland? - It's the FBI.
They can make up any crap they want.
This is a break for you.
This is a case that'll never close.
Okay, fine.
It's the FBI's headache.
No, no, Sam, don't.
I don't know what wrench you're about to throw in my ass, but I beg you, don't.
I love it when you beg.
[classic rock music] No, no, I can't breathe.
Oh, no, I can't breathe! - Hi.
- Hi.
- Who are you? - Who are you? - I'm Bobby Beausoleil.
- I can't breathe! - What are you doing to Hal? - It's not working.
It's not working.
It's not working.
- Hal, man, Hal - No.
- Hey, breathe, breathe.
- Hi, hi.
Who are you? No.
It's Bobby.
Oh, Bobby gets the best girls.
Girls yeah, I do, Hal.
Hal's far out, for a quad.
No! Bobby, it's stuck.
Air's stuck.
- Hey, massage his forehead.
- Ugh! I can't [gasping for air] - Acid's freaking him out.
- Acid? Are you crazy? You can't give a quad acid.
- Air - He needs mescaline.
The guy I'm crashing with He makes mesc.
- Okay.
- Yeah, that'll clear your jets.
All right, Hal? I'll give him a call.
But I need this chick's help to score.
- Can I have her? - Okay.
Go, do what he says.
Bye, Bobby.
What the hell's the rush? I was on my way to dinner.
Sorry, but the information I have for you is urgent, and I need to be at a consciousness-raising group in half an hour.
Anyway, I needed to see you pronto, because Wanda says that U-A is gonna take down the Panthers while they're weak and leaderless.
She wasn't positive when, but she thinks it will be tonight or tomorrow.
What are you gonna do? I'm going to have a steak and catch the Lakers game.
So you're just gonna let U-A hit them? This is what we wanted to happen.
Do not make me regret this.
I'm only telling you because no one else will care that if we don't do something, innocent people will die.
I love you too.
United Africa is attacking Panthers HQ tonight or tomorrow.
- How do you know? - I thought you love me.
If you love me, then trust me, and do what I say.
Well, with that kind of attitude, you're never gonna get married.
Even if I told you everything that I know, nothing will help you more than knowing U-A will massacre the Panthers, okay? [rock music] Baby, don't call me a liar Hey, Dennis.
Long time no see [screaming] [both grunting] Kill you, Charlie.
Kill you Get this ape off me! [all grunting] I will kill you, Charlie.
You hear me? I'm gonna kill you, Charlie! [overlapping shouting] [shouting quiets] Let's go.
What about my brothers and sisters? I can't make bail for 75 Panthers.
I can only afford my wife.
Come on.
You ain't doing nobody any good in here.
[all shouting at once] Sorry to be calling you at home, but I needed to talk to Bill as soon as possible.
Oh, and when does he get back from Paris? Right.
Thank you, Mary.
Hoping to see you soon.
Emma, where were you? I went to look for Charlie.
Why do you want to find him, Emma? You told me yourself he frightens you.
Sometimes everybody frightens me.
That's probably not gonna help your memory.
I went out to Spiral.
They're gone.
The whole Family's gone.
How's the new firm? The old clients coming along? Haven't heard back from a few.
Traveling, you know.
Making progress.
[dark music] [dark funk music] Dream away Mescaline, an invitation to the self to know itself.
It's only mesc, right, Gary? It's not cut with anything? This guy's a cripple.
We got to be careful.
It's a totally clean batch.
No impurities.
- Great.
- Sad but true.
Even something totally pure costs money to manufacture.
How about feeling good instead? Ah, there's there's no need.
I prefer purity in all things.
If you don't have any money right now, that's all right.
Your friend needs help.
When I need your help, you'll help.
All things come to he who waits.
That's my man, Gary the Hinman.
Doesn't want love, and he doesn't need cash.
It's important to be free of wants and needs.
It's the path to enlightenment.
You have a beautiful soul.
You will arise, Blackbird.
Your 1,000 years are coming.
- Shut that mouth, Charlie.
- You will fly, Blackbird.
Ain't no bird, Charlie.
Shut up.
Oh, you're my Blackbird.
You're blind, and your wings are broke.
You will arise and fly, and that's when Helter Skelter starts.
We will all be free when Helter Skelter starts.
What the hell is Helter Skelter? When all you Blackbirds take over and kill all the whites.
[chuckles] Oh, yeah? Really? Even you? [laughing] Because when we get out of here, I'm gonna kill you slow and ugly, and then slower and uglier.
So slow and ugly that you'll be glad to die.
That's right, Blackbird.
You kill all the white people slow and cruel.
Not all the whities, Charlie, just you.
[laughs] You'll never find me.
I'll be hidden with 144,000 of my children, waiting to save you.
Jesus Christ, you're crazy.
Your mouth is just running like dirty water.
That's right, Mr.
I'm Jesus.
That's right.
You look at me now.
I'm the Jesus that will rise after your rise.
Hmm? I'll rise after your rise.
Helter Skelter.
[dark music] Helter Skelter.
Helter Skelter! [baby cooing] I'll put her to bed.
What are you doing here, Sam? It's been a long day.
I'm here on police business.
Well, come back tomorrow.
You know, Kristin was arrested on a sweep of Panther headquarters.
- I know - You know? The FBI has taken over Bunchy's case.
It's local.
I told you the FBI was behind this.
Hoover's out to destroy the Panthers, and he Listen, if we can coordinate this If I can haul in the probable shooters, and you can identify them before the FBI shuts us down, then we got a case.
But you got to be honest with yourself.
Can you positively identify the shooters? I told you I can.
That's good enough for me.
I'll let you know when to bring her by the precinct.
All right? Can I borrow this? Yeah.
Um "It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at oneself through the eyes of others, of measuring one's soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.
One ever feels his two-ness An American, a negro.
Two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings, two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.
" Is that is that how you feel? Uh-huh.
Is that how Bunchy felt? Yeah.
Doesn't everybody feel that way sometimes? Well, sometimes ain't all the time.
[door opens] So, what was is those Red squad letters you passed to U-A? I didn't open them.
Not even one little peek? No, not one.
So, how did you get them to arrest all those Panthers? Arresting Panthers in L.
is like shooting fish in a barrel.
I called in an anonymous tip that they were torturing a CI, and Newton had two vans there within 15 minutes.
God bless America.
So that's a temporary fix.
They'll be out on bail tomorrow.
75 Panthers? That's a lot of bail.
No, I think we got a couple days.
You tell me who killed Bunchy, and I think we'll be in good shape.
I don't know who killed Bunchy.
You know someone who knows something.
You knew that U-A was gonna move against the Panthers.
That's all I got.
I don't know anything about the shooters.
I have to go.
Charmain, this is simple math.
Red squad and the FBI are working together against the Panthers.
You're working undercover for the Red squad.
You knew that U-A was gonna move against the Panthers.
It doesn't take a detective to figure out that it was your confidential informant within U-A that told you.
Stop insulting me.
Let go of me.
[tense music] [sighs] Who were the shooters? I have responsibilities to my CI, to my case.
Whether you respect it or not, I'm doing my job.
It turns out that part of your job was setting up Bunchy.
If I wanted Bunchy dead, why would I be asking you to stop U-A from killing the Panthers? You're not making sense.
Attack of conscience after the fact.
You didn't know they were gonna assassinate him.
Look, Charmain, your job, whether you meant it or not, helped murder two people.
But maybe murdering a man only bothers you when you're sleeping with him.
You know what? You're right.
I have changed, Sam.
I've turned into a coldhearted cop who manipulates people to close cases.
After all, I learned from a master.
[door opens, closes] All right.
But no alcohol.
That's just as bad as doing heroin.
Hey, we are drug addicts, not alcoholics, so it's cool.
[gasps] Whoa.
Uh Hey, Roy? I don't owe you money or anything, do I? Okay.
So, you're pissed.
Your buddy, the cop, Bri? Give him up, or Yeah.
He's yours.
He's completely yours.
- No, no.
- Come on, let's go.
Oh, no ceilings.
No ceilings.
I want to go outside.
I want to feel the air.
I want to feel the heavens, all China-blue, and air on my face.
Sweet air on my face.
[baby crying] I want to go back.
I want to go back.
No, Hal.
I can't.
I-I have to change the baby's diaper, and there's nobody else here.
Charlie and Tex are still missing.
My eyes my eyes need to breathe, Sadie.
I can do it.
Sweet Sadie.
I want to go to Spahn Ranch.
I was so happy there.
All the horsies.
All the beautiful horsies there.
[dark music] Horses.
Where? Where did you see horses? At Spahn, playing cowboys and Indians on the sets.
Wiggle, wiggle, sweet Sadie.
Like, sets Like, movie sets? Yeah.
Old movie sets.
Nothing but play for miles and miles and miles.
All the boys and girls were so happy together at Spahn Ranch.
Would you like a drink, Gordon? A little early for me.
Well, have a seat.
How's your tennis game coming along these days? I'd die a happy man if I had a backhand.
[laughs] I'd love to play someday.
Any chance for a game this weekend? Oh, I don't play singles anymore.
Knees can't take it.
I'm sorry to get right to the point, but I'm afraid I can't move my firm's business over.
My partners have committed to Walters, Chambers, and White.
I see.
Well, that's disappointing, of course, but I'm glad I can continue to handle your family's personal business? Ken, that's why I'm here.
You've always done a fine job for me.
You handled that mess with Timmy.
You know, I've always been grateful.
'S always been a Ken, I-I want to be blunt.
I have to move my business too.
I came today here because I know you've been calling around, trying to bring in your clients, and I want to save you some embarrassment.
No one in Los Angeles In California, really [tense music] No one will hire you.
No one? [laughs softly] I know that Hal and Grace's father are furious, spreading wild, ridiculous rumors Ken, I'm sorry to interrupt again, but the reason no one will hire you has nothing to do with No one cares where you find your pleasure in life, Ken.
Your father-in-law has made it his business to speak with your entire client list, and he has made it clear to them, if they want his goodwill [sighs] Do you know anyone in New York? I am sure there is a firm in New York that could use a man of your experience and talent.
I'm gonna have my secretary send some names over People I'm fairly confident don't know Mr.
Well I have to be on my way.
Good-bye, Ken.
Hey, this lemonade has turned, and it's warm.
You're a big boy, Charlie.
Guard! Cop! Piggy! I have a right to some ice, you fascists.
I have a right! [slurping] [liquid sprinkling] [spitting] [laughing] [dark music] See, Blackbird has a vigorous stream.
Charlie, all you have is a short straw.
[laughing] - Can you leave town? - You mean L.
? It'd be better if you went away for a while.
Do you have some family you can visit somewhere? Why do I want to leave town? Because of me? You followed me? And they say you'll never make detective.
You could blow my cover and Wanda's.
He's a cop? Let me explain the situation to you.
You tell me the shooters who did John Huggins and Bunchy Carter, and I don't tell all your friends at United Africa that you're a police informer.
- You're bluffing.
- I never bluff.
Ask Charmain.
[dark music] They'll kill me.
You helped murder two men.
Your death would only be justice.
You don't know what you're messing with.
This is an FBI operation.
I don't care.
- Sam, you can't hold - Watch me.
Meg? - Kristin's in the break room.
- I need some First lineup's ready to go.
Line-up for Shafe's wife? Him, second from the right.
He shot Huggins.
Take your time.
Defense attorneys can make It's him.
I'll never forget his face.
We'll get corroboration, Cut.
There were plenty of other witnesses.
I'll start the second line-up.
If you got other witnesses, get them here.
All right.
Now, no disrespect.
You're a cop's wife.
Okay? So any dumb-ass attorney can say you were unduly influenced and throw this out.
We'll do another line-up tomorrow with other witnesses, but we need them booked and arraigned today so the Feds don't interfere.
Oh, so that's what the rush is.
Yeah, we need to get them into the system.
The Feds can't stop us.
Then I'll leave you to it.
What? No grousing? - I got no complaint.
- No bellyaching about how I'm ruining your career and destroying my own? Hey, like the book says, "I'm okay, you're okay.
" Hey, Cut, I'm okay if you stay out of my way.
Sam, from now on, I won't try to help you.
Okay? I won't try to stop you.
But you're on your own.
Good luck, old friend.
[dark music] That's him on the end, on the left.
He killed Bunchy.
[cell door cranks open] - Where you taking me, man? - To freedom, as long as you to get your black ass off of my beat.
I don't want to do the paperwork for a drunk and disorderly, so I'm giving you a break, as long as you get your butt out of West Hollywood.
What about the hippie? Bye-bye, Blackbird.
Take those broken dreams, and learn to cry.
Ugh! [laughing] Ugh! Oh, okay.
She's down? Mm.
Okay, Jamal.
Um I'll make some calls to help raise bail.
Okay, I'll I'll call you later.
Um Bail? You raising money for the Panthers? The DA's piling on charges, saying they found drugs, which is some bull, because Bunchy made sure there were no drugs.
Yeah, but Bunchy's dead.
So, what are you saying? As soon as Bunchy's dead, his people just gonna toss out the ten-point program? No, I'm just why are you still working with them? Still? I mean, it's just You think I worked with the Panthers because I had a thing for Bunchy? No.
Damn it, just let me talk.
Bunchy recruited from gangs, from jails.
Without him around to keep them in line, you're just dealing with criminals.
Well, where do you think that a movement of young black men are gonna come from? Your people impoverished a generation of negroes, and you don't expect that they're gonna end up in prison or in gangs? Wait my people? [tense music] Kristin, we're not gonna make it if, when you look at me, you see a slave owner.
Bri, we ain't gonna make it if, when you look at my people, you only see them as criminals.
Why? Why do you want to go to San Francisco? Charlie used to live there.
Maybe the Family went back to Haight-Ashbury.
Look, I'm sorry.
I I can't stop worrying.
I know they were in danger.
Come on.
Just just some bus money, or enough for food.
I'll hitchhike.
- My God.
- Anything.
[sighs] You don't have a home.
Do you? They left me.
They were my family.
I know.
And I know where I can look for them.
[thunder rumbling] [door opens] Aah! [grunts] [grunts] [dramatic music] Blackbird, bleeding in the dead of night, take your broken dreams and learn to die.
[thunder rumbling] The suspects were apprehended at United Africa's headquarters.
[tense music] Who are the cheap suits? The FBI.
They're taking your suspects.
- Where are they taking them? - To nowhere.
I've been told your suspects are undercover assets, too valuable to be charged Sam, if you interfere with the FBI in the performance of their duties, even Garrick won't be able to save your badge.
Unless you don't care about being a cop, in which case go, blow yourself up.
See if I care.
Kristin won't accept this.
She shouldn't.
Put me on Vice.
I'll be a honey trap.
Just do not send me back to the desk.
They'll have me scrubbing coffee pots.
You should've thought of that before you burned your CI to your boyfriend.
My boyfriend? What the hell are you talking about? Well, I hope Hodiak's your boyfriend.
In fact, considering how he royally screwed up your career, he'd better marry you.
I'd like a refill.
- What's pretty-boy's name? - Bobby Beausoleil.
He's crashing with a weirdo chemist.
Patty said he makes drugs.
Gods, drugs Neither are gonna help.
We can't stay in L.
Hal's plastic stopped working.
Huh? And and and when the Panthers find out that you killed Ralph, then all the Blackbirds are gonna come after us.
Sadie! Play with me, Sadie! No money, no honey, Hal! Charlie, Charlie, listen to me.
I know where we can go.
Hal said there's an old movie ranch.
Movie ranch? What what the hell is that? Wiggle me, Sadie! A little wiggle in my piggle? It's where they used to make westerns, okay? And Hal said there's nobody there.
We could just go there and crash.
Where is it? Way up north.
Play with me, Sadie! So while all the Blackbirds flap around and hunt us with their broken wings, then we can fly north, not south, and right there, on that ranch [tense music] We can play cowboys and Indians.
Sadie! I should've quit on the spot.
I-I don't I don't need that job.
I got my pension.
That'll never happen.
They'll have to carry you out.
You don't know me.
You think you do, but you don't.
Mm, I know you, inside and out.
Oh, yeah? What do you know? Mm I know you're an addict.
Come on, that's easy.
Not the booze.
The booze is your sedative.
Booze doesn't get you high.
Cases get you high.
You, Sam, are addicted to being a detective.
- Oh.
- Mm.
- The wife's complaint.
- No.
I'm addicted to my job.
Not to being a cop.
To solving a mystery.
As soon as you get a case, you get all excited, and it's all you can think about, and you alienate everybody you care about to solve it.
But as soon as you do, you feel empty, and you need another.
You're addicted to solving mysteries to distract you from investigating the real mystery.
Okay, I'll bite.
What's the real mystery? Hm.
Why isn't it enough? Hmm? When someone truly and deeply loves you, Sam why isn't that enough? [laughs softly] [suitcase slams down] I'm gonna move with Mom and Dad until we figure things out.
You want to see Bernadette? Come any time.
Just call ahead.
I-I don't you're moving out? Brian, I don't want to talk anymore.
I'm sick of talk.
You're a part of something that's that's evil.
That's what.
It's bent on keeping me down Me me and your daughter.
That's who you work for The enemy.
I can't live with the enemy.
[upbeat oldies music] She's my kind of girl Yes, she is She is my kind of girl You know she is She never flirts with any other guys Charlie, you're all right.
You're all right.
You're really all right.
She and I go together like sugar and spice I look at her and see love in her eyes Sister Sadie, you're safe.
Yeah, because She's my kind of girl Yes, she is People, she is my kind of girl You know she is She doesn't think that love is just a game For her you know it's got to be the real thing Her love is strong You know it's such a shame Every girl in this world can't be the same Yes because she's my [dark music] Charlie, this stops now.
Tex is his own man, Ken.
We're ready.
Not my girl.
Not Emma.
Please, no.