Aquarius (2015) s02e11 Episode Script

Can You Take Me Back

1 - Previously on "Aquarius" - Use of deadly force, unlawful discharge of weapon, lying under oath.
You can walk down quietly or you can take a long, loud fall.
- [gasps] - Your buddy, the cop, Bri, - give him up.
- Yeah, he's yours.
He's completely yours.
Put me on Vice.
I'll be a honey trap.
Anything just do not send me back to the desk.
You should've thought of that before you burned your CI to your boyfriend.
Well, I hope Hodiak's your boyfriend, considering how he royally screwed up your career.
I want to go to Spahn Ranch.
Nothing but play for miles and miles.
I know where we can go.
Hal said there's an old movie ranch.
There's nobody there.
We could just go there and crash.
You, Sam, are addicted.
Not to being a cop To solving a mystery.
- You're moving out? - You're a part of something that's bent on keeping me down.
I can't live with the enemy.
[dark music] [intense musical build-up] [background chatter] [hinges squeak] [line rings] - [click] - Hey.
- Baby, I'm lonely.
- Mm-hmm.
I've gone feral.
Too much time alone.
Krissy, it's been four months.
Come home.
Well, nothing's changed, has it? I want to see Bernadette.
[clank] Then come see her.
That's hard to do without punching your old man in the face.
You don't have to be the bigger man, Bri, but you have to admit that we have problems that aren't going away.
Are you through with me? Say it.
I'll call tomorrow.
[knife clatters] [dark music] - Where you been? - My car was stolen.
- That's very funny.
- And yet not.
You listen to the radio? The radio that was in the car that was stolen? Commissioner resigned.
- He say why? - No.
But if I had to guess had something to do with you.
Commissioner Garrick resigned because of allegations of gross misconduct, including the mishandling of officer investigations, including yours.
So the mayor has appointed Robert Culpepper as the interim commissioner.
Culpepper, the former head of IA, your old boss? Who Garrick pushed out.
You arranged this.
You wanted Garrick to end my investigation so you could call it a scandal and hang him with it.
Some things are happy accidents.
But most things? They take work.
Detective Hodiak, you're suspended until further notice.
Thank you, gentlemen.
[door opens, closes] [somber music] Morning, Daddy.
- I was just - Don't explain.
When I, uh, first met Charlie, it was like everything I was scared of was gone.
Everything I did was right.
I was weightless.
I don't feel weightless.
I feel old.
All the time I wasted.
Not one more second than you had to, to become what you are.
[laughs] I don't know what that means.
Neither do I.
It's something Charlie says, but it feels true.
Where is Charlie? He's taking a nap.
He was out all night searching for the hole.
The hole? In the desert.
Where we're gonna hide when things get bad.
I was just about to bring him some food.
There's food? The girls got back? Not yet.
We had some hidden though.
Charlie's been having us bury half of everything we bring back.
For what? Charlie! Charlie, we need you! Charlie! [panting] We need you! Mary, what's wrong? [sobbing] Charlie.
They took him, Charlie.
They took our baby.
They took Valentine.
What happened? We were supposed to be using your card to get supplies, but it didn't work, so they cut up the cthey th.
There was nothing left in the dumpster, so we had to beg, and the cops saw us.
They said it's no place for a baby.
- Woman: Charlie - This is on you, Ken.
Easy? Those pigs took my child.
And you took mine.
So put the knife down.
And let me help you.
[tense music] Make and model? - '67 Plymouth Belvedere.
- Color? Kind of a snot green.
You want it back? Yeah, I left your sister in the backseat, so I would like it back.
Any other valuables in the car your purse, maybe? Ha ha.
If you do find it, I'm gonna run you over with it.
I'm not worried.
We probably won't.
[chuckles] [laughing] - What? - Don't stop.
It's too good whatever it is you're doing, just continue.
Guy asked for tea.
Who are you, Miss Manners? What are you doing? Come here.
Don't you have something better to do? - You got the bag, you don't - Oh, right.
You got suspended.
[water pouring] Well, don't you make it look easy.
Jap bastard probably won't even drink it.
- Your suspect's a Jap? - Yeah.
He got in a fight with a white guy while he was filling up his gas.
[spits] White guy's dead.
None of the witnesses [spits] saw the first punch.
You need some help? [door opens] Satoshi, I'm Detective Lyons.
This is Detective Hodiak.
If your tea stinks, he made it.
Okay, so you're at the filling station.
- You see a man - He saw me.
And then he attacked me for no reason.
I defended myself.
But you did more than that.
You did more than defend yourself.
You cracked his head open on the concrete.
You killed him.
That sounds personal to me, like maybe you knew him.
He was a stranger.
You want to see a picture, maybe jog your memory? - It wouldn't help.
- Why's that? All white people look alike? Yeah, you're all pale, freckled, and fat.
[laughing] Satoshi, do you have a problem with your temper? I am the victim of this crime.
I was attacked.
Not him.
But you must have a theory as to why he attacked you.
Prejudice, maybe? He's lying he knew the guy.
We just gotta prove it.
I don't know witnesses saw the end of the fight.
They back up what he's saying.
He pushed the guy, guy hit his head on the way down.
Could be self-defense.
Anyway, thanks.
I'll take it from here.
Whoa! Wow, this is choice.
[laughs] Yeah, I can really feel the woman's touch, my man.
I would've gone with higher ceilings, but your house.
Okay [clears throat] So should I use a doily or Can we not talk while we do this? Yeah.
Little light reading? Okay First thing they'll do is a medical evaluation, make sure the baby isn't sick or malnourished.
Then they can hold him for 72 hours while the county Child Welfare board decide whether to involve the courts.
If they do, it could be months.
Throw some law on them, Kenny-Ken.
- Get my Valentine home.
- It's not that easy.
You need to prove he's in a safe environment.
What can I do? Do your folks live nearby? They live in Wisconsin.
If you can prove you've got a support system in place, that will go a long way.
Otherwise I'm sorry.
We gotta talk.
No more threats.
It's not a threat.
It's a bargain.
You gotta start paying your way, same as everyone else.
Same as sweet Emma.
- Unless you wanna get.
- No, no.
I thought not.
You're blooming in the desert, Kenny.
Come with us to the welfare office.
You can talk anyone into anything.
I don't want to take a a child from his parents, but this? It's not safe here.
- If you could convince Mary to - To leave? If she told the welfare board she wanted to take her son to her parents, they'd let her.
The baby is Charlie's.
Oh, that's a nice one.
You should take it.
It feels like this was someone else's life.
You still have Emma.
Of course.
You're right.
What are you looking for? Signs of life.
Ken fired our housekeeper and our gardener over the phone two months ago.
None of our friends have heard from him.
Are you worried? He's still my husband.
For how long? You sound like my father.
"You are young and still beautiful.
" You think he's wrong? I don't want to stay in your rental forever, but I'm not ready to get remarried.
There's an open seat on the city council.
Robert Culpepper was named the interim police commissioner.
I can't afford a campaign.
Oh, it's not an election.
It's an appointment.
I can't.
My father is supporting me.
He would be furious.
Believe me, I know plenty of rich lawyers with political ambitions, all insufferable, potbellied, and balding.
You can have your pick.
You can have mine.
Spend the rest of your life ignored except for the five minutes a week he's on top of you.
The girl in the photo who hasn't been hurt yet.
What would she do? [snakes hissing] Vick I think this was cut with something.
Bri Man, I think you might be right.
[snickering] Oh Baby spilled.
[laughing] I think there's something seriously wrong with him.
Tet Offensive.
Army officials pin the collapse on his failings as a man and as a husband.
[continues indistinctly] He needs our help.
[distorted] I don't think he knows what he's doing without us.
[dramatic chord] Look he thinks he's alive.
[disjointed sounds] Come on, baby.
[echoing] He'll show you how.
[softly] Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Get more on your level, you know - [laughing] - No.
We have to look rich Something we took from Dennis's, maybe? What's wrong? Charlie already thinks I'm a terrible mother.
He loves you.
He doesn't talk to me.
He hasn't been with me since Sadie brought us Valentine.
You can't be jealous.
We share everything, especially Charlie.
You don't have to share.
Charlie's punishing me because his son, his real son died, and it's my fault.
What your dad said about going to live with my parents, I've thought about it about going in the middle of the night not telling anyone Please don't.
I need you here.
You barely see me.
Promise you won't.
- I'm sorry, I didn't - Oh, no, that's okay.
Nothing to hide here.
Um which do you like better? The one you're wearing.
Why? My son got taken from me by the county welfare board.
Is there anything I could do to help? We need to look rich.
- Hey, Meg? - She's not working today.
- Do you need something? - Yeah, Lyons's vic.
- I need a name.
- It's not in the file? - I don't have the file.
- Because it's not your case.
And now we're back to the beginning of the question, yes.
- I'll get you a copy.
- Oh, ah, ah I also need some personal history, anything you can find, background with the doer.
I know the things you say when I'm not there But when you're here alone with me Baby, why pretend that you don't care Come on, let the feeling begin Come on, baby, come on Let it happen Terry Melcher.
[chuckles] - Yeah.
- Ferrari in the shop? Yeah.
Just let it happen Didn't expect to see you out here, man.
Yeah, well, we had a deal, Charlie.
I'm here to record your songs, like I promised.
Well, hell yes, you are! [laughing] You're, uh, most welcome.
I've seen the look of love upon your face Why don't you set out a feast for our guest? - How much? - All of it.
So come on, baby, join the human race Come on, let the feeling begin Come on, baby, come on Let it happen Come on, baby, come on Let the feeling begin Vick Vick! Vick! Vick! [retching] Oh, God God.
Vick? Vick? - [phone line trilling] - Come on, come on.
- Hello? - Billi.
Billi, oh, thank God.
- Listen, I screwed up.
- You're using.
Vickery, he's OD'ing and I need to know what to do.
- Heroin? - Yeah, but I think it was cut with something.
- Call an ambulance.
- No, I can't.
You have to.
Hang up with me right now I can't, okay, I'm a cop.
I can't have people OD'ing at my house.
- Do you have any laxatives? - What? If you have a laxative, give it to him.
Like a suppository.
- Bri[gasping] - Hold on, he's he's talking.
- Yeah, Buddy? - Put ice on my balls.
You have to put ice on my balls.
I think he's saying he wants ice on his balls.
Is is that a thing? Addicts swear it helps with overdoses.
Well does it have to be his balls? It's an old wives' tale, Brian.
- How is it gonna help? - I don't know.
Why does a laxative up the ass help? Because it gets the drugs out of his system.
Okay, the fact that he's talking is a good sign.
- Can you carry him? - Uh yeah.
Load him into your car and get him to the ER.
Just drop him there.
You can leave him out front - if you need to.
- Yeah, okay, I'm hanging up.
Try the laxative.
- [groaning, muttering] - Stop.
Stop it, you dick.
- Come on! - [groaning] Oh, God! Ah! [knock at door] - [whispers] Shut up.
- [knocking continues] Hey, there, Bri.
Long time no see.
[retching] [phone rings] - Hodiak.
- Sam, this is Billi.
Thought you might sleep all day.
Brian called.
He relapsed.
And I thought you should know.
Oh Thanks for telling me.
Is he okay? He called me.
That's something.
- Hold on a second.
- Lyons' vic.
His name was Herman Rodreick, by the way.
He was army enlisted, World War II.
Where was he stationed? Pacific theater? Never went overseas.
He was military police.
I gotta run.
I'll call you later, all right? Tea.
Were you born in Japan? I'm Issei.
First generation in America.
I was born in Japan, but I don't remember it.
I remember Japan.
I remember dysentery, crapping in my fox hole, my friend Allard dying in his sleep.
I remember the next night getting bayoneted through the back and thinking to myself that Allard was the lucky one.
I spent the war a prisoner of the United States government.
Rounded up and held in a horse stall until the barbed wire fences and guard towers were finished at the camp.
What relocation camp were you at? Manzanar.
And calling it a relocation camp is an insult to the 10,000 people who were forced to live in it.
We weren't relocated; it wasn't an internment camp.
It was a concentration camp.
Tell that to my father, the Jew, whose people were exterminated in real concentration camps.
One tragedy doesn't erase another.
In this case, I think it does.
If you believe that, then you're no better than the Third Reich.
Say that again.
- Say it again! - Sam, damn it! - What the hell are you doing? - He was in Manzanar in 1945.
Same camp Herman Rodreick was a guard at.
- You knew him! You knew him! - Get out! [dramatic music] You're supposed to be riding the desk, catching up on paperwork.
Instead, you backset-drive Lyons' case? Somebody has to.
Lyons missed the connection.
No, that don't explain trying to choke a guy to death.
- What's your angle? - You should have heard what the guy was saying.
You served.
Don't tell me you don't understand.
- I was in Italy and France.
- It's bad enough we gotta use their radios and cameras, and now this guy's telling me Manzanar's a concentration camp - and I'm a Nazi! - I shot at a lot of Krauts.
But I gotta say, the German people make a fine automobile.
The vic was a guard at the camp.
The guy was at the camp.
That's not nothing.
Hey, you're suspended.
It ain't your case.
You go in that room again, and you're fired.
[laid-back music] Wow.
You set an odd table, Charlie.
Variety in all things, my brother.
[laughs] Eat anything you'd like.
I heard you were, uh, looking for Dennis.
Indeed I was.
I have half a mind to sue him for stealing my song.
What do you think my odds are on that there, Kenny-Ken? You gotta leave him alone.
Okay, if I record you, you have to stop.
[laughing] If you want me to, I will.
Let's get recording.
I don't wanna be out all night.
It would mean so much to me Can you tell Do you see Can you tell I love you [song ends] - [background chatter] - [phones ringing] [door closes] You wanted to see me, sir? Yes.
Have a seat.
You were on the Red Squad.
That's an amazing assignment.
I was honored.
You should know that opportunities like that are rare for women in this department.
[chuckles] What? When I told my father I got into the police academy, he said "That's great news.
I love you.
I'm proud of you, and you shouldn't do it.
" Because there was a man out there who couldn't feed his family because I took his spot.
Opportunities like that don't come often for a woman in this department? You don't say.
I can get you back undercover.
You'd like that? I would.
Now you're probably worried that I'm gonna ask for something in exchange that might make you uncomfortable.
Like maybe a date or a trip to the evidence locker alone.
After working with Sam Hodiak, I can only imagine.
You're one of the good ones, Tully.
It's not fair the way that you've been treated here.
And I can fix it.
But you have to help me fix my problem.
[dramatic tones] You sneak out with the dirty laundry? I made a deal.
Didn't figure you a snitch.
You know, I always knew there was something squirrelly about you, Bri, but Charmain? [scoffs] She surprised me.
Charmain just did what I told her.
Call her and let's ask.
How'd you find me? See, him being a snitch, that makes sense.
Call Charmain, get her down here.
We can hash all this out.
If you knew where Charmain was, you wouldn't be here.
If you think it'll take more than a minute for the cops to put together you getting out and me taking a bullet after I put you away I don't know this looks like a drug deal gone wrong to me, but what do I know? You're the cop.
[door opens] [screams] [gasps] Baby! Oh sh [whimpers] Charmain.
Call for you.
Thank you.
Hello? Tully.
Charmain, I need your help with something.
What's wrong? Nothing, I just need you to stop by the house as soon as possible.
I'll explain when you get here.
- Can I help you? - Yes.
My, uh, son was taken by police officers.
His name is Valentine Michael Manson.
[sighs] Yes.
Your son was taken because he appeared malnourished.
He wasn't wearing warm clothing.
He didn't have a secure source of food.
So now what's gonna happen is a social worker Excuse me.
I am so sorry to interrupt, but there's been a misunderstanding.
You see, Mary here is my secretary, and I, uh I have a strong interest in the well-being of the child.
These are plane tickets to Wisconsin where she and the boy will be living with his grandparents.
I think I see Jesus Charmain's on her way.
Let Kristin take Vickery to get help.
You know about the Wheel of Karma? Something Charlie told me about.
The wheel turns and turns and some days, it just sends you up to that bright starlight, and then the next, it crushes you.
[breathing heavily] We have a daughter.
She's never done anything to anybody.
She's got no bad karma coming.
Your husband does.
[tense music] [knock at door] Let her in.
Is Brian here? Hey, sugar clam.
Thank you for coming in, Mrs.
If there's any chance you recognize him from the camp, it would help us in pinning down a motive for your husband's murder.
Anything I can do to help.
I've never seen him before.
Are you sure? You want to take another look? It was a long time ago.
I hoped I'd remember the faces, but I don't.
I'm sorry.
Lyon's Jap killer case, which I told you to drop - Did you call this widow in? - I did.
Don't let them go.
Tell me about Esther.
I don't know any Esther.
You knew her at Manzanar in 1945.
You knew her very well.
Esther was the wife of a guard.
She volunteered to be a teacher at the school where I worked.
You and Esther became intimate.
But her husband didn't know until after the war when his son was born half-Japanese.
She has a son? And a very angry husband.
[crying] I didn't want to hurt him.
But he wanted to hurt you the man who humiliated him and disappeared.
I have a son.
Wow, Sam.
It's justifiable homicide.
Catch and release.
I'm gonna go take credit for this.
[somber music] This uniform it's a nice fit.
Although, I think I liked your old look better.
So it's standard operating procedure to ball people undercover now? Or were you breaking new ground? Maybe I loved you.
Or maybe controlling my gag reflex was part of the job.
[chuckles] I know that ain't true.
No one was meant to get hurt, Roy.
They did, though.
If you kill us, you won't be able to cut a deal to get off.
You'll get the death penalty for sure.
Well Better get one last ride then.
[chuckles] [intense musical build-up] [all shouting] - [groaning] - [Kristin whimpering] [gunshot] [screams] [glass shatters] [choking and gasping] Ah! Uhh [panting] [groans] Uhh Nights in white satin Never reaching the end Letters I've written Never meaning to send Beauty I'd always missed With these eyes before Just what the truth is I can't say anymore 'Cause I love you Kristin.
Yes, I love you Oh, how I love you Oh [whispering voices] She should have used the tickets.
She wasn't going to leave Charlie.
She would never do that.
The food's all gone.
What's the baby gonna eat? Daddy.
Daddy, I'm pregnant.
That's How'd it go? It all came flowing out, Cherry Pop.
I was inspired by your success in bringing Valentine home.
I might just write a new song about it.
What's this? It's a recording contract.
You wrote this? I'm Mr.
Manson's attorney.
I apologize I didn't have a typewriter with me, I had to improvise, but it's largely boilerplate.
It stipulates that under no circumstances may my client's music or lyrics be altered or abridged without his written consent.
You know, I gave you my word that I would come here and record you.
But if you think that I'm gonna sign some legal mumbo jumbo, then you are a lot crazier than I thought you already were.
Melcher, it was just No one is gonna put a song about eating garbage on the radio.
No one.
You can't write.
You can't sing.
You certainly can't play the guitar.
I don't ever want to hear from you again.
And neither does Dennis.
[tense music] Charlie, I can I can fix this.
I had some money hidden away from the Nixon campaign.
If I can just get to it, I can fix it.
[dark music] You could talk to him.
What would I say? He's spent his whole life wondering who you are Trying to picture you, trying to figure out what he is.
Meeting me won't help.
You may not get another chance.
You're his father.
I killed his father.
Am I free to go? Charmain.
- Come here.
- No.
Young Miss Tully, whatever Kellaher offered you, you should take it.
They're coming for my head either way, so some good should come of it.
Thank you for your permission.
But I don't need it.
You don't need it.
You're sloppy and vindictive and self-destructive, and this whole time, you've thought maybe if I'm a good girl, you'll gift me your job when you're done with it.
Well, you're done with it, whether you know it or not, and I don't want your job.
I don't want your boss's job.
I want the Commissioner's job.
So no.
I don't need your permission to tell the truth to Internal Affairs.
Sometimes I wonder, did I create the monster or did I just drag it back from the swamp? [chuckles] Ken.
No one knew where you were.
I was worried.
I thought something might have happened to you.
Sure you were.
You were struck dumb with the thought of my slowly-decaying corpse.
Spare me your bull.
What do you want here? A divorce.
Your father crawled out of his carapace and offered you up to a new host? You always had a way with words.
You can tell your new suitors you're gonna become a grandmother.
You took Emma from the hospital.
Yes, I did.
Good for you, Ken.
You figured out how to be a father just in time.
[door closes] [keyboard clacking] What's up? Taking my 20.
[scoffs] Like hell you are.
Accept it or not.
It won't change anything.
What are you doing? I'm done, Cut.
I quit.
You quit? Give my love to Jeannie.
Beauty I'd always missed With these eyes before Can anybody give me a ride home? I can't say anymore 'Cause I love you Yes, I love you Oh, I love you Oh Oh, how I love you, oh 'Cause I love you Yes, I love you Oh, how I love you Oh, how I love you Oh [dark music] [woman sobbing] Please please Please help me, please.
- Stay down! - Please help me! [screams] Please help me, please, help me, please! Please, take the baby out.
Please just take the baby out! Please, please, please! Please let my baby aah!