Aquarius (2015) s02e12 Episode Script

Mother Nature's Son

1 Previously on "Aquarius" I thought I had a way to get you out, but I don't.
Don't go, Dad.
- Good-bye, Walt.
- Don't go.
It's a dangerous assignment.
We've been trying to infiltrate the SDS One of those anti-war, anti-everything protest groups.
- No one will hire you.
- No one? Your father-in-law has made it his business to speak with your entire client list.
- What do you want here? - A divorce.
If you don't have any money right now, that's all right.
Your friend needs help.
You have a beautiful soul.
My son got taken from me by the county welfare board.
Is there anything I could do to help? Mary here is my secretary and I, uh These are plane tickets to Wisconsin, where she and the boy will be living with his grandparents.
You're addicted to solving mysteries.
When someone truly and deeply loves you, Sam, why isn't that enough? - Taking my 20.
- What are you doing? I'm done, Cut.
I quit.
You quit? [dark music] [grunts] [grunting] [gun clicks] Why the beating? All the others you strangled, but you never touched the face ever.
Answer me! Sometimes I think God is punishing me with your stupidity.
It's Sunday, most of the store are closed.
- We'll go back - Time's up.
War's starting.
And we're stuck here in the middle for the coloreds to come at.
We need to get to the desert for our children, We got others to think of now.
All right.
Who do we know with money? Everyone's mad at us, Charlie.
Wilson and Didn't one of our little birds just get a ticket to fly away to save her little chickadee? Right, Mary.
But Mary's broke.
Not her, dum-dum, the guy who gave her the money for the ticket.
- Gary.
- Gary.
He gave us some broke-down mescaline, right - So by my accounting - We have it handled, Charlie.
I know you do.
[chuckles] Bet you're gonna square up that ledger too, huh? And get anything extra the man might have.
We need it all for our pilgrimage.
[smooth jazz playing] Should've got milkshakes.
- We could go back.
- That would mean pants.
You are such a square.
What do you need pants for? - Oh! - Ooh.
Sorry, just forgot my biology book.
Is that my sweater, Roberta? Ha, ask the girl stretching out my T-shirt, Wilhemina.
I think we just scandalized your poor sister.
My eyeballs are burning.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[door closes] - I got an idea.
- Yes, okay.
That's stupid.
You haven't even heard it yet.
Stupid is my bag now.
I'm an unemployed lug eating fries on a rug - with some young blonde.
- Yeah, you are.
You look more alive than you did the day we met.
Longer, baby.
What's your idea? Well, there's this beach in Malibu.
It's perfect sand, nobody around for miles.
Back when I was quitting everything, you know, some days would get really bad and I knew if I stayed home all day long, I'd end up picking up the phone and calling my dealer, so I'd hitch a ride out there, get myself stranded.
I want to get stranded there with you.
- Quitter Beach, huh? - Yeah.
You earned a spot there.
Well, I could use a little color I've been thinking about joining the Panthers [upbeat music] And hold you tight All you're talking is boys All through the night, yeah You don't kiss me like you should You ain't giving so long, honey I don't think you could, all right Hey, there you are.
I got a homicide with your name written all over it.
Hurry up.
Hey, you really gotta quit that crap.
I know.
It'll kill me, right? Come on.
Let's go.
I gave you my car To go out for the night But when you got home You look thin.
You eating? I haven't been hungry lately.
Been thinking about Mom a lot.
Yeah, I've been thinking about her too.
What is there to say about it? Nothing.
So let's not.
- All right, but - I, uh I've been thinking a lot about what you said, about what you asked me to do.
And I'll be honest.
It made me angry.
I know you're angry, Walt.
I'm just trying to help.
I'll do it.
You'll do what? I'll recant in writing.
And then I'll just shut up for the rest of my life.
Are you sure? She didn't want me to die in here.
She was afraid that I would die in here.
Son I have to I have to tell them where I'm going.
Can I can I stay with you? Yes.
It's your home.
Thank you.
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo nam-myoho-renge-kyo nam-myoho-renge-kyo [knock at door] Hey, man.
We were just down the street and Mary insisted that we stop by.
To thank you.
Can we come in? Sure.
Do you guys want some tea? Oh, sure, that would be great.
Have a seat.
[door slams] Better do as he says, Gary.
[tense music] [lock clicks] Don't do that.
You'll get hurt.
Hey! Well, what do you want? What do you think? I gave you my entire stash.
That was some stash.
The mescaline might as well have been bubble gum.
I'm sorry.
I have a little grass.
Check under the sink.
There's a bottle of wine in the fridge.
I'm sorry, please put that away - We need your help.
- I gave you what I had.
I actually I borrowed some of that money.
- And I'm grateful, but - Call my bank, I swear.
Okay, just take a deep breath.
- You have to have something.
- He better.
You better, Gary! Here we go.
So you hungry or thirsty? Thanks for picking me up.
Of course, this is This is your home.
I was thinking maybe Maybe we get dinner, maybe some Italian, celebrate the end of this I'm tired.
Okay if we just stay in? It's not your world that I live in 'Cause it just couldn't be You're flying on wings That no one can see But baby Oh, baby Detective Shafe.
I'm here about I did it.
Her body's in the bedroom.
I'm sorry, man.
Thanks for your honesty.
Your hands seem to touch me and your words touch me too - Okay.
- Watch your head.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't apologize to me.
So, baby Oh, baby Listen, uh you sit here and think about what you've done.
I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
The doors close behind you And you're dark But when you've done your time Just come looking for me Please come down [tense music] [groaning] [phone ringing] Hodiak.
You're kidding.
[chuckles] All right, thank you.
Wonder of wonders They found my car.
Gonna go get it.
You wanna come? No, thanks.
I got some reading I want to get done.
All right, well, maybe when I get back, uh, we can go for a ride.
If it's still got a steering wheel.
[somber music] Explosion on campus.
The bomb was reportedly planted in the unoccupied office of a professor of economics.
The university employee It was them.
It was them.
It was the SDS.
This professor, he co-authored a paper about a factory production method that the military uses to make weapons faster.
They were talking about it when I was there.
They couldn't stop talking about it.
And you have proof of this? No.
But I think I can get it.
I can get it [grunts] I said I'll [shouts] We heard you the third time.
And then we asked you where to get it and how, and you still have no answer.
Who loaned you the money for the plane ticket, Gary? Why are you doing this? I'll tell you why.
Look at me.
Look at me! The end of the world, it's coming.
Charlie told us.
And we need to act as fast as we can to save the future of our planet.
Look, man, Charlie told us to get the money from you.
Wait, I I have two cars.
Louis left his VW bus with me.
It's banged up, but it runs.
- And I have a Fiat.
- That's something, right? I know where we could take 'em, get a few bucks for 'em.
We need to ask Charlie first.
All right, I'll go call him.
Probably won't find who took it.
No prints, not a shoe scuff.
So clean I thought my mom stole it.
- Huh.
- Yeah.
One thing to show you, Sam.
Needs to be turned in immediately, of course.
I know you've stepped away and everything, but I just thought you were the right man to run it over to the station yourself.
[exhales] I'll run these right over to Cutler.
- Thank you.
- Any time.
Take care of yourself.
I will.
[tense music] That's not enough! Fiat might get us a few hundred.
Thing is, I think Gary here is a dead end.
Is he or are you? Come on, Bobby.
You're my right hand.
You know why? We're the same.
We're from the same place The so-called home they stuck you in.
I never [stammering] How'd you know that, Charlie? A certain glint in the eye from fighting in a pit of snakes when you should have been out playing stickball.
Where was it? Juvie? Foster homes full of screaming harpies, thieving children, big men with wandering hands? Something like that, yeah.
I was in juvie when I was ten.
They were big and I was little.
Whole world's built like that to teach you you're the little one.
Know what I learned? What? Carry the right weapon and you're ten feet tall.
And don't let some big man push you around.
You're the boss now.
Now, Hinman's a teacher.
He's from good stock.
There's cash in that stone.
Squeeze it.
It's the worst idea you've ever had.
You think so? I've been an attorney a long time.
- As have I.
- Not a divorce lawyer.
I know how these things go.
If you choose to hit below the belt Choose to? Have to.
Let me be blunt.
You might scare them, sure.
Or make them angry.
Grace's father has all the power and all the money in this.
And by the way, there won't be a corner of the Earth where they won't Where everyone You're blushing.
Everyone will know what I do with men.
Is that what you're trying to say? My advice, do this quietly and give your wife what she wants.
You're a good lawyer, thinker.
You're strategic.
That's not gonna work for me.
I need a maniac who's gonna burn the house down while he's standing in it.
Who the hell's going to do that? I'm gonna represent myself.
You're fired.
[singing indistinctly] Damn it.
- Jeff? - [car honks] Jeff? Damn it.
Jeff? Ah.
[car horn honking] [gasping] Anna, there you are.
Been looking for you.
I thought you fell off the Earth.
Yeah, kinda did.
Family stuff.
Hope it's okay.
For now.
So how are you? Are you a cop? [laughing nervously] [stammering] - What? - Please don't lie.
You're gone for months, a bomb goes off, and now you're here.
- What bomb? - Don't do that.
It's insulting.
Okay, fine.
You're right.
I'm a cop.
I didn't expect you to admit it.
Leonard's gonna go jail.
He seemed pretty free when I saw him this morning.
It's a matter of time.
They're mounting a case.
They? You.
Look, the way I see it, you can help us - Please.
- No Help us.
And save yourself.
Or stay loyal to a man who wouldn't stay loyal to you.
It's your choice.
Sit still.
You broke my ribs, I think.
Be a man, Gary, okay? Your ribs probably aren't even bruised.
[knock at door] Oh, that'll be Charlie.
Oh, Charlie, thank God.
Things are getting out of hand.
Let's figure this out.
Gary, Gary, Gary.
Man, I Man, listen.
Money, Gary.
I promise you, I will find money, I just [clanging] God hates a liar, Gary.
I'm a protector.
Ain't nothin' I won't do for my family.
I need $1,000.
Officer Shafe.
Answer this call, Shafe.
Where are you? Shafe.
Shafe, what the hell is taking you so long? He's, well I had to pull over, you know, calm him down.
Didn't want to drive around while he was banging his head on things.
I'm on my way now.
[radio feeds back] Sh I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.
You were so stoned.
I was just laying here the whole time.
- Just take me in.
- Let's go.
No, no, I don't want to go to jail.
Jeff? Jeff, stop! Jeff! Damn it, Jeff! You confessed! - [gunshot] - Oh! Jeff! Stop! Don't be like this, okay? Stop it.
God! [groans] You shot me in the ass.
Yeah, well, I was aiming for your head.
You messed up my whole day.
How the hell am I gonna explain any of this? My wife is dead.
My wife is dead.
Yeah, well, whose fault is that? Just shoot me again.
You know, I'm tempted.
Ten nine eight - Charlie, maybe he - Maybe what, Mother Mary? - Seven - Maybe he's telling the truth.
- Six and a half - [whimpers] See this couch? Where'd you get it? - Six, five, four.
- At the store? Three Not the dumpster? You paid full price.
- I-I think it was on sale.
- [laughing] See? This is a man who buys his couch new.
Two I told you, my account's empty.
[screams] [laughing] Well, hell! Baby's sharp.
You see? Warrior! [laughing] Oh, man.
Oh, Gary, Gary.
This is what happens when you don't listen.
I'm gonna give you some time to think.
But, uh, not too much.
[sobbing] So think.
[laughing] Never thought I'd live to see the day.
Why do I feel like crying? I heard about the moon landing from a guard the day that it happened.
Never thought that I'd be sitting on the couch watching it with you.
We're both lucky, buddy.
- Walt, with - Dad, it's okay.
I left a man behind once.
We were taking sniper fire and he got shot.
I got shot too, but turns out it was a clean graze, but he's through the neck Dead.
So I thought.
We were ordered to pull back, and out of the corner of my eye, he moved.
Maybe it was nothing.
It was probably nothing.
But maybe he moved.
And we went on.
- That's different.
- Is it? Yeah.
I don't know.
'Cause every morning, I wake up and sometime between standing up and coffee, I remember, "Oh, I'm a coward.
" You were shot, Dad.
You were trying not to die.
- So were you, Walt.
- No, no.
Same thing.
No, you did what you had to do.
I sold my soul, Dad.
I did.
I betrayed my friends.
I betrayed a cause that I believe in.
- I betrayed Mom.
- No.
Even you look, I know that you're relieved that I'm here, - but I betrayed you too.
- You did not betray me.
Then what was all this talk about the strength of your convictions, Dad? That's what you teach boys.
What, you didn't believe it? I did.
It's just you get older and you realize life is messier, a lot more brutal.
And you can hold a conviction and still make the decision to live.
How's that? Give up on being a saint.
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo nam-myoho-renge-kyo Nam-myoho-renge-kyo nam-myoho-renge-kyo Stay away from me.
You need stitches.
I couldn't find any thread, but that's okay.
This dental floss will work.
This may sting a little.
Okay, so I think I can sew it back on.
I washed it first.
Don't pass out on me, Gary.
[panting] I don't want anything to happen to you.
Okay? Get me out of here, please, Mary.
[crying] Sadie and Bobby are right in your bedroom.
They'll be out any minute, okay? Just They really are evil, but you're not.
You're good.
Mary, please I can't.
[crying] I don't want to die.
Let's get you sewn up, okay? And then Then you'll remember where the money is, and this will all be over soon.
[knock at door] - Hey.
- Hi.
- I was in the neighborhood.
- This neighborhood? And I brought you something for our beach date.
Well, blue is my color.
Can you stay? I got a client to check on, but yep.
Wouldn't mind having a cigarette with the handsomest nutcase I know.
You sweet talker.
So did you go to work today? Work? Oh I dropped an envelope off.
Yeah, but no.
How'd that go? I can imagine you'd want to get it figured out.
I want it to get figured out by an officer of the law, of which I am not, last I checked.
I've got plenty to puzzle out here in my own castle.
How is Walt? Can you do me a little favor and just tell me in that sweet voice of yours that everything's gonna be okay and he just needs time to adjust, please.
You know, where he just came from and what happened to his mother, he shouldn't be better.
Sam, there's no reason why he would be, is there? - Mm-mm.
- Nope.
He makes excuses, doesn't want to go outside.
Most of the guys that I see deal with it by shooting up a world of heroin, but I wouldn't recommend that.
[chuckles] That wasn't the sweet, reassuring voice that I asked for.
Do you have any recommendations? You know I wish I wish there was a cure for guilt and shame.
But if there was, then I would be out of a job.
Does Walt have any friends? Yeah, yeah, they're military or anti-military I can't even I don't know anymore.
Well, he's got one friend.
Somebody who doesn't think he's bad.
His father.
What do I do? Show him that he's wrong.
And if he isn't, well the only way you can know is if you talk to his friends and find out if they're still friends.
Thank you.
Deposing me is a waste of time.
Don't give me that look, Kenny.
You know why.
Would you like to state why for the record? Because I can destroy you in ten words or less.
For the record.
Let's talk about your campaign finances.
Let's talk about the mysterious and large sum of money that appeared with no source.
This is stupid, Ken.
Why is it stupid, Grace? Stop.
Stop typing for a second, please.
Do it.
Destroy me.
Just be sure you want me to tell the world about the women.
I dare you, Ken.
I dare you to go there, because we can talk about what you stole first.
What women? You can start recording this.
You sure you want me to answer that, "What women," Hal? You're bluffing.
Bluffing is for someone who might have the cards.
You know what I have, Hal? Nothing.
Okay, Ken.
Let's just Let's just? I ever tell you the time I took three hits of acid and watched the sun go down? It was like a fire.
It looked like it was destroying the world.
In fact, I was convinced it was.
And yet, the night came, and then the morning, and I was still there.
It was like God touched me on the shoulder and said, "You have to let it go "so you can move on.
Move on.
" What do you want? You know what I want.
You want me to let you go? Leave me alone.
We'll call it even.
But we're not.
You want to explain the concept of paying me off or should I? My checkbook's in my back pocket.
Be a love and fetch it out for me, won't you? You little piece of crap.
[chuckles] [phone ringing] Hello? Samson Benedictus Hodiak? - Who is this? - Did you get my gift? I left it in your car.
Thanks for the loan.
Drives great.
You can easily fit two in the back seat.
Who are you? You know who I am.
You looked different then Skinnier, less confident.
Your uniform was much neater, better pressed than your partner's.
What you're doing takes a lot of work.
I just want to understand why you're going to all this trouble.
Some things are worth doing right.
But why? I want to give you what you want.
You just just tell me what that is.
You're a smart man.
Maybe I'm dumber than you think I am.
Huh? Just tell me what you want.
[sirens wailing in distance] Why don't you use that celebrated brain of yours and figure it out before I take the next girl? [phone line clicks] [eerie music] You think you won't be punished? You can't just hurt people.
You can't tie them up in their own homes.
We're only doing what we have to.
This is about survival, Gary.
Is that what I should tell the police? That Charlie cut off my ear to survive? I know what happened to Ralph Church.
- You let me go or I'll - Or what? Bobby, Sadie, talk to you a minute? Walt? Abe? It's good to see you, man.
Dad, how did I'm a detective.
You've got an address book.
I'll leave you to it.
So you still Yeah, whole group's still together.
Still trying to do some good.
Look, my dad's worried about me, so I'm just happy to see you.
Abe, you don't know what I did.
So Of course I do.
Everybody heard.
What, you think I'd judge you for it? I-I think that anyone would.
Well, then they're idiots.
I haven't spent a single day over there.
I haven't spent the day in jail what you went through I failed all of us.
No, listen to me.
You did more than 99% of us ever could.
Anyone in your shoes would crack.
No one blames you.
I hear you haven't been doing much in the way of getting out of the house these days.
Um, not lately.
Well, why don't you come to a meeting sometime? Thank you.
- You shot him? - Yes, sir.
- In the ass? - Yes, sir.
- But you didn't crack or - No, sir.
- On the cheek.
- Which cheek? - Left cheek.
- Left cheek? - Right.
- Right or left? Left.
- Left cheek butt shot.
- Yes, sir.
Did you miss day one of grade school? You kill them or you let them go.
Either one is less of a hassle and much less embarrassing for the both of us.
- Sorry, sir.
- Let's face it, Shafe.
I mean, it's not exactly like you were mentored by the cream of the crop or you'd know these things.
- It's not - It's not Hodiak's fault? It is, but it's your problem.
And you're flailing around out there like an idiot; it falls on me to help you.
I'm sorry, sir.
It won't happen again.
No, not for the foreseeable future, no.
Till I can find a detective to babysit you, you're gonna be spending your days at your desk.
I don't need a cop running around shooting asses.
So go type something.
[indistinct chatter] Shh.
The walls are paper thin.
You need to get out of here now, okay? What are you doing? Um, it was getting loose.
I was just I was just retying.
You know, Charlie, maybe we should Don't be a slut for every crying dog.
That big heart of yours needs to be on your own family right now.
Why don't you play a tune on this here piano? Don't want to bother the neighbors.
[somber piano music] Orders, man.
[both straining] Sadie, little help? Come on, Bobby, hurry.
Just do it and get it over with.
[grunts] [sobbing] [Bobby straining] [panting and choking] Doesn't feel like I thought it would.
It's like a pork shoulder.
[grunts] [panting] You wanna try? [grunts] Don't forget the wall.
Black power, brothers and sisters.
Look at the wall.
[piano stops] That is shot one of the revolution.
What we do is not easy, but it is vital for the world.
Helter Skelter is rising right now.
And you You feel it too, right? And me and you, sweet Mary, me and you are the king and queen to come.
[dark music] [phone ringing] Detective Shafe.
Hey, it's me.
You busy? Yes, and also, I've never been less busy in my life.
I need you to check fire department calls for me between 9:00 and 10:00 last night.
Can you do that? Sure.
Thank you.
Well done, Officer Tully.
We arrested Leonard this morning.
Thanks to the evidence provided by his girlfriend.
- Thanks to you.
- Good.
His apartment was brimming with dynamite.
You should feel good about this, Charmain.
I'd like us to resume working together.
You want me back? You've proved your worth.
All I did was finish what I was doing right around the time you decided I wasn't worth it.
Sometimes these things Save it for someone who wants to work with you.
I did what I wanted to.
I finished what I started.
So thank you, but I have other plans.
[serene music] Sorry I'm late.
Took a left at Albuquerque.
Where's the blue? I got a call from a friend.
Is it about those pictures? [chuckles] Did you even turn 'em in? You're right about me, Billi.
I am an addict.
I am an expert.
At least the thing you can't quit helps people.
I thought you'd be mad.
I'm pretty clear on who the man is I've been sleeping with.
You're a mess.
I like you anyway.
[chuckles] Why don't you sit down a sec? Came all the way out here.
[chuckles] [Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky"] I'm gonna get some funky tan lines.
When I die and they lay me to rest Gonna go to the place that's the best When I lay me down to die Goin' up to the spirit in the sky Goin' up to the spirit in the sky That's where I'm gonna go when I die When I die and they lay me to rest I'm gonna go to the place that's the best Prepare yourself, you know it's a must Gotta have a friend in Jesus So you know that when you die He's gonna recommend you to the spirit in the sky Sorry, officer, I just pulled over for a quick nap.
- What time is it? - See some ID? Oh, sure.
This your car? A friend loaned it to me.
I'm just driving it home.
Mind if I see the registration? Oh, sure.
[dramatic music] Hands up! Step out of the car! Step out now! Come on! Move it! Get out! Come on, right now! Get out! Keep your hands up.
Do it, Sam.
Do it.
You're gonna hear what the hammer claw sounded like when you got it deep in that pretty face of hers.
- Sam, stop.
- Keep going.
Keep going.
Go! Shafe, get out of here.
Put the gun down.