Arctic Air (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

Out of a Clear Blue Sky

This is Arctic Air, - Flight 1-6-6.
We're coming up on Great Slave Lake-- home in half an hour.
There's nothing in India to prepare you.
You haven't seen winter yet.
Wait till it gets cold.
Or an engine fails.
What's going on? We're flying a piece of the fossil record.
Besides that? We're golden.
Welcome to Yellowknife.
The temperature's a balmy 15 degrees, and it's currently local time.
Ronnie? Bobby Martin.
Oh, hey.
Great to finally put a face.
How was the flight from Vancouver? Oh, it was long.
I'm sorry.
Ah, just got in myself.
Your boss has been pumping your tires.
Tells me you're sharp as hell.
Well, Jeremy's very kind.
Jeremy's an asshole.
I should know, I was best man at his wedding.
The question is-- is he right about you? Yes.
He is.
Good answer.
Let's make some money.
Jim McAllister's meeting us at the hotel.
You're going to like him.
Bobby Martin! You bugger.
Long time.
Uh, Ronnie Dearman? Doc Hossa.
We're old friends.
Is that what we are? Yeah, that's me.
We're "old friends.
" Doc had a practice here, back in the day.
Retired and bought an old fishing camp, up in Burgess Lake.
His dad was a legend! The best man I ever met.
And this one Oh, he's smart.
That's what people keep telling me.
He had to move south, with all that ability.
And charming? Whew He's got charm for days, hey.
Just don't trust the son of a bitch.
A lot of old friends like that? One or two.
The DC-3 is a marvel of engineering! My dad tell you that, or did you see it on the website? This very plane flew the missions against Nazi Germany.
Yeah, and World War II was a couple years back.
Ah, but these planes last forever.
I came all the way from India for a chance to fly these planes.
Dev? You came all the way from India because Arctic Air can't keep staff.
The guy before you flew in, took one look at Yellowknife, and flew back out.
Most clearly, he lacked a spirit of adventure.
And I think the starboard engine is fine.
Look left.
I haven't seen Doc Hossa in 10, 12 years.
I left Yellowknife right after High School.
Bob? Three things I've learned-- don't explain, don't justify, don't look back.
This is the future.
The resource boom is just beginning.
In 20 years, Yellowknife is gonna be Calgary.
Tomorrow morning, we have the Diamond charter-- Mel's flying that one-- plus the supply run to Deline.
That's the genny? The town's backup generator went down.
We'll use a DC-3.
Put Blake on it.
No can do, Mel.
We need the DC-3 to fly a hockey team to Whitehorse.
So we'll use the other DC-3.
We've got two of 'em, for God's sake.
Well, not exactly.
We've been stripping parts off the one to keep, uh, Lady Lou flying.
So, practical terms You're telling me we have one and a half DC-3s? Closer to one and three-quarters.
Mel, Krista's got trouble.
We got a fire in engine one.
I'm gonna shut it down.
Copy that.
So you still got number two? Except it's missing like hell.
Oil pressure? No.
It seems okay.
If we're lucky, it's two separate issues.
What's your position? Is there anywhere closer to put down? Great Slave Lake.
We could circle around till December, when it freezes over.
Let's call that "Plan B.
" And, underneath, my sphincter is a walnut.
Back for the wedding? Um, partly.
So, how have you been? I'm really great.
I can see that.
Well, if there's anything you need, just give me a shout.
I'll be here till late.
Same here.
I'm room 357.
I know.
Um, friend from High School.
Wedding? A family thing.
It won't get in the way.
Look at you-- in a thousand-dollar suit.
If I didn't know better, I'd figure you were somebody.
Jim McAllister! Bobby-friggin'-Martin! Oh! Good to see you.
Hell, yeah, it is! Ronnie Dearman.
Jim McAllister.
Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
His old man? Greatest northern pilot ever flew.
Huh? The two of us are with him, flying to Inuvik, new year's Eve.
Must've been -60.
And it gets colder every time you tell this story.
And, one engine dies.
Don't like that, but it's okay.
And then the other engine dies.
And we're like-- "aa-aa-aah!" And he dips down under the cloud, and we see the runway.
Just one problem We're down here.
Runway's up-valley, here-- "spirit world, here we come!" Then he sees the oil company's landing strip, all lit up.
Puts that plane down, grab his bottle of whiskey Frozen solid.
He couldn't even have a damn drink! Man, he was pissed.
Silas Martin.
God rest his soul.
You know, him and Mel built the airline, Arctic Air.
And Mel Ivarson is the guy who's gonna fly us to the exploration site tomorrow.
We've met.
What really matters here Geologist's report, came in this morning.
Gentlemen This is the one you dream about.
Yellowknife tower to Arctic Air Flight 3-7-4, you are clear to land.
Copy that.
A hundred.
I did not doubt.
Not even for a second.
Dev you're a damned liar! The girl can fly a plane.
Now, who do I kill? It's powder blue.
It's "French blue," babe, and we're not changing the bridesmaids' dresses.
And you were supposed to do this last month.
You need socks.
Excuse me-- Once the wedding's over, I get my nuts back.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, right.
Oh, crap.
What? Mel.
What the hell were you thinking? I ask because I'm intrigued.
You sign out a plane that loses both its engines? Mel I'm talking to numb-nuts.
Well, you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking-- there's a greyhound, leaving in half an hour, and I bet you can be on it.
Mel, why don't you let me figure out what happened first? It may not be Kirby's fault.
You're right.
It's your fault, too.
Cece wasn't even there! Cece is head of maintenance, and the pilot has ultimate responsibility for the mission.
"Oh, good job flying, Krista.
" "Oh, gee, dad, thanks.
Glad you noticed.
" The hell I'm fired.
I friggin' quit! This friggin' company and friggin' Yellowknife! My whole life, stuck in this armhole ass-pit-- and the friggin' horse you rode in on! You fired my niece's fiance? "Chief Kitsilano" himself.
Welcome home.
The prodigal son returns.
So, how's life in the gleaming office towers of Vancouver? You can't fire Kirby.
Fire anyone I want.
Come work for me sometime, I'll show you.
He's marrying my niece Saturday.
This way, he gets the day off.
Look, I still own part of the company.
My dad's shares, 25%, so that means I get a say in-- Sure, that's how it works.
Every decade you drop in, and tell me how to run the business.
And I'm saying-- You and Ronnie Dearman, eh? I'm flying you up to Dollarton Ridge tomorrow-- Don't change the subject.
So, the two of you can screw poor Jim McAllister out of his diamond find.
Jim's an old friend of mine.
That's what makes it so putrid.
Look, he's out of money, and he needs partners to get to the next level, and Ronnie Dearman does resource exploration.
I know what Ronnie Dearman does.
I know some people he's done it to.
My company puts up venture capital.
if it all checks out I'll pull the deal together, everyone winds.
Bobby? Don't climb into bed with Ronnie Dearman, then tell me you're virgin.
You can't fire my niece's fiancee.
I didn't fire him, he quit before I had a chance.
He now fires everyone.
Doesn't mean anything.
It sure meant something to Kirby.
He's fired me, twice, and I'm his daughter.
Look He's been under some strain.
I'll talk to him.
Uh, Krista? It's good to see you.
Probably catch up with you at the wedding.
Dad? Dad! Dr.
Benson, to the nurses' station-- Dr.
Has this happened before? No, not like that.
A couple of dizzy spells.
Chest pains? Uh, more like tightness.
Once in a while.
I'm going to schedule some tests.
I-I didn't get much sleep last night A-a-and then I got busy and forgot to eat.
Let's not-- let's not make a big deal of this.
I'm gonna get you in as soon as I can.
Excuse me.
Doctor? What What did she say? She figures it's the flu.
Are you serious? Yeah.
Well, I'm a little run-down, got a little light-headed.
Get some rest, eat some roughage, good as new.
Well, that's great And, um, no one else saw me go down? Relax, dad.
As far as the staff knows, you're still bullet-proof.
So, I'm gonna drive you home.
No, I need to get my truck.
You don't.
You're not going to be flying either, at least not for a few days.
The doctor never said-- you said it yourself.
The hell I did.
I said, "not to come over all Disney on you," "because God knows we don't do that, "but you're kind of important to me, so I don't want you passing out at 5,000 feet.
" And you said, "hey, gee, pumpkin, I promise.
" "Pumpkin"? Judas Priest.
You scared the crap out of me.
Yeah? Well, then, we're even.
You scared me, too.
So, we got 500 left of these, right? Ugh.
Hey! Uncle Bobby! You made it! Of course! How often does my niece get married, huh? Just this once, so far.
Hey! Hey! - Hi, sis.
Well, you are staying with us.
We're a bit crowded, but we'll find you a bed.
No, it's okay.
Where's your bags? I already booked myself at the frontier hotel, I figured that you had enough to deal with here.
Plus, I've got some business stuff to deal with while I'm here.
Uh, yeah.
He says he's gonna call you back.
"Business stuff"? I promise, it won't get in the way.
My daughter's getting married, Bobby! I know, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Mm-mwah! Don't be late! All right.
Tell Jeremy the geologist's report came in strong.
I'm running some numbers, and we're gonna fly to the exploration site this morning.
Hey, somebody's knocking at the door.
Maybe Jeremy could give me a call? Krista.
You got a minute? You've been working out.
Well, this-- this is not the greatest time.
Change of plans.
Mel's staying home.
I'm gonna be flying you guys today.
And you came all the way here to tell me that? Uh no.
There's some other things.
Uh About my dad, kind of Okay, well, let's go downstairs, and we could grab some coffee.
Oh! Am I interrupting? Bobby? Hey, Krista! Candi! Hi! Toss me my bag? Ah.
Mm-hmm! - Bag Um-- oh.
Uh, oh This? Thanks.
- Yeah.
Candi Lussier? Yeah, we bumped into each other.
Everyone "bumps" into Candi Player.
Well, why would you care, anyway? Pfft.
I couldn't give a rat's ass.
This thing about your dad? Uh, never mind.
I'll see you later.
Jeremy? Oh, Deanna? Hey.
What's going on? Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Apparently he's "lost sight" of who he is.
He needs to "get away" and clear his head.
Kirby actually said this? He sent a text.
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
Don't even bother.
Hey, sometimes, guys get freaked out about this.
What does this have to do with you, anyway? We're family.
Every couple of years, you turn up.
I mean, fine, great, it's always nice to see you, but don't act like you're part of this.
He's disappeared.
Probably in a bar somewhere.
You need to go find him.
The hell I do.
You're the one who did this.
Kirby did this.
I'm asking for Hailey's sake.
If he can't manage to grow a pair, she's better off without him.
You know, you can truly be a son of a bitch.
It's not always easy being right.
Good to go? Before we do that If I decide to make an offer, then we both know McAllister's not gonna like the terms, so I'll need you to bring him around.
Jim's an old friend of mine.
He's a small-timer.
And he trusts you.
I didn't know we were choosing sides.
Sure you did.
It's just business, Bob.
So, buddy here's moving to Brazil, right? Brazil or Mexico, I don't know.
Whichever's warmer.
But first He's gonna kick the crap out of some asshole who fired him.
That'd be me.
Buddy? Your asshole's here! When we were kids, there was nothing but snow, this time of year.
Climate change.
Best thing that ever happened to the north.
Friend of yours? Every degree the temperature rises makes it that much easier to get at the resources.
Well, that's one way to look at it.
What's the other? I think it has to do with a way of life.
Bad time to be a polar bear.
Kind of sucks for the first nations, too.
Sweetheart, it always sucks for the first nations.
Ask the man sitting beside you.
That's why Bob went South in the first place.
Am I right? Went to university, got an MBA made something of himself.
We expecting weather? We'll miss the worst of it, but it's supposed to get wild further North.
I pulled an engine from the other DC-3.
A bit of duct tape and baling twine, but it should her there and back again.
Don't pay you enough, do I? Nope.
We could talk about that.
Hey, grab some rampies.
Let's get that generator loaded.
Who's the pilot? I just put Blake on the supply run to Fort Smith.
Dev! The weather's gonna be a problem.
There's a freak storm moving in up there.
Supposed to hit Deline by late afternoon.
We can be on the ground by then.
"We"? I understand you came here to fly planes.
Yes, sir! I'm your co-pilot.
And I'll need a flight engineer on this one, too.
Get Kirby loaded.
Kirby? - In my truck.
You want me to Pilot? Deline, this is - Arctic Air, Flight 7-1-4.
Do you read? Copy that, Mel.
- What's your position? We're South of you, about 35 miles.
How's it looking on the ground? Ceiling's down to 200 feet, and visibility's half a mile.
So what do you think? Depends.
Have you got my barbecue chips? Rudy Would I come to Deline without your chips? Hell, then Give 'er a shot.
Maybe I'll take it from here.
Found secondary deposits down that way, up-ice, left by the glacier.
Found the pipe, three kilometers north.
Crater's about two clicks ahead.
Kimberlite pipe, with a surface of half a hectare.
Indicator minerals, all present.
Olivine, chromite, ecologitic garnet.
I mean The only thing we need to do now is drill.
And all that takes is money.
It'd take half a million just to find out if the diamonds are here.
That still wouldn't prove they were accessible.
We're talking pocket change, compared to the potential payoff.
That's easy for you to say, Jim.
They'd be my pockets.
Rudy! Sure wasn't expecting to see you folks today.
They said that you needed a generator.
Gonna let my friends freeze in the dark? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
First things first.
Thank God for Arctic Air.
Oh, yeah.
Girl's having problems with the pregnancy.
We called for a Medevac to fly her to the hospital in YK, but they're grounded up North.
How you doin', kiddo? You do this to her? Geez, I hope so She's my wife.
Let's get those engines tented, before they freeze up solid.
We're going to need to refuel.
Ran into headwinds, burned more than I counted on.
Can't help you there.
We're out of av-gas.
Rudy That old piston-pounder, Mel.
Nobody else still flies those things.
Look, I'll phone around in the morning.
Why the hell are you still here? Where the hell are we? North of Brazil! Move! Looks like we're staying the night.
The earth talks to me.
That's the only way I can put it.
It sounds crazy, but ask any prospector.
Hey, the earth talks to me, too.
'Course, mainly it says stuff about moose.
This is real-- that's why I came to you-- so we can do this together, partners.
Jim, my company does venture capital.
All I can do is bring money to the table.
That's what I need.
I'm into this for a 100k already.
Every cent I don't even have.
Well, Dearman is the key.
He's the one who does mining exploration.
I'm not so sure he's keen on this.
Well, he's just being a little cautious.
And I'm not so sure I'm keen on him.
Why? What I'm saying If we do this deal with Dearman, we're looking out for each other, right? Jim, it's business.
It's not a question of friendship.
Do you have my back? Yes.
I do.
That's what I needed to hear.
Ronnie Dearman is a reptile.
But, of course, you know that, right? No.
I don't know that.
Glad-hands his friends, screws their wives, tells his kids "nothing matters more than family.
" All that in one trip? From the first five seconds.
The rest of the trip was just Icing on the snake.
He runs the most dynamic mid-level exploration company in Calgary, and he's expanding his operations in the North, which could, by the way, mean new business for Arctic Air.
You said you wanted to talk me about something.
Did I? This morning, when you came to my room? Oh, yeah.
Uh Actually, I was just following the trail of women's underwear.
That's just where it led.
I could do your back for you.
Are you kidding? Oh! So not gonna happen.
Not tonight, not ever.
What? Think back.
High School.
The one girl who wouldn't go to bed with you, no matter how hard you tried? Except the once.
That never happened.
After dry grad? I had been drinking, and it was totally stupid.
And only a dickhead would remember.
Ouch! All right.
We're screwing it up.
All of us this! I always thought that we were too far away.
You know? Too big.
Whatever was happening everywhere else, up here would be okay.
The baby's in there backwards, right, and they're worried it's too big for her, too.
You okay? Sure.
They've got av-gas in Wrigley.
You could take a detour on your way home.
What's our weather forecast? Ah, should be a little window, but there's another front on the way.
We'd better get wheels up while we have a chance.
Generator's unloaded.
Clear the ice off the wings.
We leave in 20 minutes.
Yeah, but the wind's picking up again.
Girl Needs a hospital, and that's what a man does.
Makes a commitment! Stands by it.
Does his job.
Hailey isn't pregnant.
Take the damn point! Great, big brass ones That clank.
Come on! Let's go, go, go! Before the weather closes in.
We're still on the ground.
They decided they wanted to hike back up to the site.
No worries.
You got an E.
? Not yet.
What's the weather doing? Mm.
You should have clear sailing.
Problems are all further North.
I'm a little concerned about your dad.
What are you talking about? He's flying down from Deline this morning.
They're right in the worst of it.
My dad flew to Deline? Snow and lightning in the same day? Welcome to the North.
I think the baby's coming! Tell her she's got to hold on.
Maybe you should tell her.
Deline, this is Arctic Air Flight 7-1-4.
Do you read? Copy that.
- Where are you? We're - 50 miles due South.
Hitting heavy electrical activity.
Mel, it's worse ahead of you.
You are flying into one hell of a mess.
I'd recommend you turn back.
And the girl's gone into labor.
If we don't set this thing down, she's gonna-- Mel? Mel, I'm losing you.
Recommend you turn back, now! Do you read me? Mel? Do you read me? Over.
Breathe It'll be okay! Just hang in there a little longer.
We gotta put this thing down! She's not gonna make it to Wrigley.
This keeps up, we're not gonna make Wrigley.
Then what are we gonna do? I don't want to have my baby on a plane! I just had the one contact from him, Krista.
And nothing since? Negative.
They were in the middle of an electrical storm.
I thought maybe he'd turn back, when he heard about the weather in Wrigley.
If he had turned back to Deline, he would be there by now.
Then, obviously, he was going somewhere else.
Look, on board radios don't have much range.
I'm a pilot, Bobby! I know how aircraft radios work.
Did anybody called Wrigley? They haven't heard anything, either.
Bob, come on! Let's go, buddy.
I'll meet up with you guys later.
What did Rudy say? Exactly.
He was low on fuel, and there was some sort of medical emergency.
So what? The girl goes into labor? He would want the nearest doctor.
There's a health centre in Norman Wells, but that's further North.
The last we know for sure, he was 50 miles South of Deline.
That was about an hour ago.
Where could he be, by now? There's really nothing.
Burgess Lake? Doc Hossa has a fishing camp at Burgess Lake! Doc Hossa? He's crazy.
He's a doctor.
Besides, there's nowhere to land.
No, as a matter of fact, there is.
Used to be, anyway.
The guy who owned the place before Hossa built a sandstrip.
Big enough to land a DC-3? Depends on who's flyin'.
Mel could land in a bowling alley.
Yeah, sure.
He's 10 feet tall, he's going to live forever.
When the sun goes supernova at the end of the world, there'll be the cockroaches and Mel-bloody-Ivarson! You want to tell me what's going on? He collapsed, two days ago, and I had to take him to the hospital.
There's something wrong with his heart.
He told you that? No, no.
He lied through his teeth, so I called a friend who works at the hospital.
They've scheduled him for a bunch of cardio tests, next week.
Hello? Bobby? I got ahold of Hossa's daughter, Petra, at the lodge.
And? They haven't heard from him.
We'd better notify Arctic search-and-rescue.
I'll keep you posted.
We'll find him.
Like we found your dad? Flew off into the clear blue sky, and no one ever found a trace.
I know.
I live with that every day of my life.
But not today.
Last anyone heard from him, he was here.
Okay, burgess lake is down here, and we're straight up over here, maybe 80 miles.
We can be there in under an hour.
What if you're wrong? You trying to tell an Indian that he doesn't know how to track? Hey! Still no word from him, Bobby.
I've tried to raise him on the radio, but nothing.
Try again.
Bobby, if Mel was headed this way, I don't think he made it.
He was low on fuel when he left Deline.
Say he was trying for Burgess Lake, and then he came up short? There's nowhere else to land.
No, look-- It's right on the same route that he was trying.
What is? There was an old uranium operation, years ago.
They had a landing strip.
I went there with my dad once.
It's not on the map.
Look, if I know it's there, then so does Mel.
There was this little lake, I remember that.
Come on, Bobby.
There are thousands of lakes up here! Krista, we're close.
This is Arctic Air 7-1-4.
Can anyone read? Dad? Where are you? Shit Creek! Where the hell are you? Down there! I told you so.
All right.
We got you! Is everyone okay? We're living the dream.
Just get that damn bird down here! We picked them up from the old mine site.
We should be reaching the lodge in five minutes.
We'll be ready.
How's the girl? Baby is on the way! Tell Doc I hope to hell he's still got game! They're here, dad! How's it looking? She's a fighter.
We're doing everything we can.
How's Connor? He's great.
He's in Tuk this weekend, with his dad.
His "dad.
" David is his father.
Connor doesn't even know who you are.
It's going to stay that way.
Holy crap.
You and her? Uh-huh.
It was long ago.
And I'm the douchebag? What? Look-- look it.
This isn't about Hailey.
I already told her that.
You texted her! My whole friggin' life, okay? Yellowknife.
The only friggin' place I've ever been.
The only girl I've ever been with.
Mel is right.
Mel kidnapped me.
Kirby! Just man up! Or do everyone a favour, and get lost.
Yeah? Which one did you do? One thing I asked you to do.
One thing! And you wouldn't do it.
I didn't want you to worry.
No, you don't want to deal with this.
That's what this is about.
Listen, Krista-- No, you listen! I am not going to hang around and watch you drop down dead, with a DC-3 strapped to your ass.
If that is your plan, count me out.
I swear to God, I'm gone.
Ow! Oh It is a most auspicious boy! Yes! They're going to name him "Melvin.
" "Melvin!" How 'bout that? Melvin.
For what it's worth If I'd known Petra was pregnant, I would've stayed.
Yeah? Well, you could've come back when you found out.
I offered and she said no.
Well, you want a manly hug? All is forgiven, let bygones be bygones? No.
It's a structured three-stage investment.
Ron puts in a hundred "K" and takes a 40% equity stake.
Then the equity stake goes up each time.
Well, sure, as I take on more risk.
And I end up with almost nothing.
Bob can walk you through it.
What do you think? Walk away.
What? The deal stinks.
It's even worse than I was expecting, you little pissant! Look, I can help you find different partners.
You're finished.
You just did yourself out of a career, chief! You know what? Don't call me that! I will make it my personal mission.
I'll see you bumming coins outside the liquor store.
That's a promise, Geronimo! You will never, ever-- Whoa! Was that a good idea? It's debatable.
Nice shot, though.
And I just want to say, you know Few bumps on the road, hey? But here I am.
Here We are, and She's just so friggin' beautiful, isn't she? Look it.
The bar's open.
Grab a drink, and just Y'know, give 'er.
I remember when you left here.
You were gonna get an education and come back and help the community.
But you finally helped somebody.
You clean up pretty good.
Thank you.
I don't suppose we dance, do we? I doubt it very much.
Well they said that the dessert is safe, was a little big gun-shoot after the jellied moose-nose appetizer.
Um, I don't know if you two have met.
Bobby Martin, this is Blake Laviolette.
He's one of our pilots.
He came on board last fall.
Good to meet you, man.
I've heard the stories.
Which ones? Okay, I'm gonna go grab a drink.
Can I get you anything? I will come with you, actually.
My daughter's porkin' him.
They think they're keeping it secret, which is a joke.
Can't keep anything secret in this town.
So how are you doing? I'm good.
Mel, you know, as an old friend, and as someone who owns a piece of Arctic Air How is it going? Just told you.
I'm fine.
But if you're ever feeling you could use some help From you? Yeah, I might be sticking around for a while, you know.
Helping out with the family, that sort of thing.
Not gonna answer it? My boss! I think I know what he wants to talk about.
Ronnie Dearman, eh? Boom.
So, did you hear it from the bartender, or from the stripper? Dentist.
Seriously? Three teeth.
Mel? Yesterday, helping that girl out, flying all over hell and gone-- that was good.
That was good.
So, there we are-- in the middle of nowhere.
She's about to give birth, oh, my God, it is looking bleak-- but we do not give up.
No, by God! Mel Ivarson and I will not be defeated! For we are men of the North! We fly aeroplanes that defeated Hitler, and we have the testicles that clank!