Arctic Air (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

All In

Previously on Arctic Air Look.
I still own part of the company.
So every decade you drop in and tell me how to run the business.
Dad? I am not going to hang around and watch you drop dead with a DC-3 strapped to your ass.
You just did yourself out of a career, chief! Don't call me that.
That's a promise, Geronimo! You will never, ever You're coming in fast.
It's under control.
Drop your speed to 70 knots.
Water rudders up, props set.
Fuel mixture rich.
Chill out.
I will when you level out.
You got to lift the nose.
Can you let me focus? - Lift the nose! - What are you doing? Staying alive.
You know, if you're looking to be a pilot, I hear Twin Lakes is hiring.
Okay, so I'm a little rusty.
A lot rusty But flying an airplane's like riding a bike.
Yeah, except there is a whole lot further to fall.
Trust me.
Few more hours in this cockpit, and I'll be landing with my eyes closed.
I thought you already were.
Hah, hah.
When are you heading back to Vancouver? A few days.
Didn't you say that a few days ago? I need to talk to your dad about the company's financials.
If you're worried we're blowing your inheritance, it's too late.
We already imported all this new furniture from Italy.
Feel like grabbing a drink later? Uh, can't.
Got plans? No.
Just don't want to.
Hey! Where you been? Fort Liard.
We had to drop off some medical supplies.
You went? Bobby wanted to get in some stick time.
I didn't know you flew.
That is still up for debate.
You can't cut us off without giving us a reason! Well, just give me one! No.
I already put in my 14-hour day.
I don't want to know.
No, you can't, because it's a load of crap! What's the problem? We lost the Cambridge Bay contract.
You kidding me? That's our cash cow! So you have been paying attention.
Look, Mel, I've been going through the books.
Without Cambridge Bay We don't make this week's payroll.
I know.
Look, forget payroll.
If we don't replace that revenue, we might as well just board up our windows.
Arctic Air 1x02 - All In Original air date January 17, 2012 Oh, you need to go.
No, no, no.
At least give me a minute to catch my breath.
Before the others wake up.
Come on.
Go! All right! Okay, okay.
Dev and Astrid rent a room from you.
Who cares if they know? Well, I am co-owner of the airline.
I don't want anyone thinking that I give you special treatment.
But you do give me special treatment.
Or, at least, I hope it's special.
Meaning? What's the deal with you and Bobby? Nothing! Okay.
Blake, don't.
What we have is sex.
It is great sex But that's it it's just sex.
Nice, Krista.
I love the honesty.
See you at work.
Hi, Ronnie.
How's your mouth? Well, I'll tell you, Bob.
My teeth used to be a little crooked.
Perfect now.
I owe you one.
Aw, any time.
So, I guess you're gonna be staying in Yellowknife, huh? Getting into the airline business, are we? No, I'm heading back to my job in Vancouver.
Nice try at getting me fired, though.
Be seein' you.
Thought you'd skipped town after punching out Dearman.
Ended up needing to stick around a bit longer.
I wanted to call, but I didn't have your number.
Dial "9.
" That's how you reach the front desk.
Is that Rafael Silva? Uh-huh.
I read his book.
The guy's worth a billion dollars.
Know what he's doing in Yellowknife? Me.
Also has a piece of a mine on Margate Island, so he's gonna be around a lot.
Well I guess I had my chance.
Why the hell are you still wasting time with the books? 'Cause they're a mess.
You don't know the first thing about running an airline.
I know how to run a business.
Your dad knew how to run a business.
You know a bunch of MBA crap.
Cambridge Bay's off the sked? After eight years, suddenly, our planes aren't big enough.
For groceries and mail? It's a government contract, so who the hell knows? I'm gonna see if there's any way to get it back.
We don't, we could be screwed.
Already are.
We're short payroll.
We'll get a loan to cover it.
Done it a hundred times before.
So, Mr.
MBA, give Rachel a call at the bank, while I get Cambridge Bay back.
It's not good business to borrow to meet payroll, Mel.
Like I said.
A hundred times before.
I've already gone to bat for you, Mel.
There's nothing more I can do.
You can give me a straight answer.
I'm late for work.
Come on, Ted.
We go back 20 years.
I gave your nephew a job.
You fired him after two weeks.
Yeah, well, the kid was lazy.
We need this contract.
Off the record? The decision to go with another airline came directly from the minister.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why would a politician give a damn about a food/mail run? Well, he doesn't, but you have a well-connected enemy who does.
I've got dozens of enemies.
Well, this one makes contributions to the minister's re-election fund.
I told you on the phone, Bobby.
We can't give Arctic Air the loan.
I don't get it.
Mel tells me this is routine.
You know, the economy.
We've had to tighten up our lending criteria.
What about loyalty? Mel has a long history with this bank.
He's never failed to repay a loan.
Do you plan on hounding me my entire lunch break? Rachel, Arctic Air has been part of the north for 35 years.
People rely on us.
Times change.
Arctic Air's a bit of a dinosaur.
What's really going on? I know Arctic Air's in trouble.
Who told you that? It's pretty low, even for you.
You screwed me out of a diamond deal, son.
You really think there wouldn't be repercussions? You'd sink an entire company just to get back at me? You bet your ass I would.
Whoa! Ho-ho-ho! What? You want to hit me again? Go ahead.
Worked out real well for you last time.
Arctic Air is not going anywhere.
Well, neither am I.
Yellowknife is at the center of the resource boom, so I've decided to, uh open up an office here in town.
See you around, Bob.
Good luck with that bankruptcy thing.
Ronnie Dearman's trying to shut us down.
Why? 'Cause I killed his diamond deal with Jim McAllister.
And knocked out three of his teeth.
You act like a teenager and our company gets trashed.
It's one contract.
Just got word Maitland Rig is dropping us.
Oh! Why didn't you just stay in Vancouver? I get it.
It's my fault.
I'll refinance my condo to cover payroll.
Damn right you will.
Well, that helps today, but what about next week, and the week after that? I have a lead on a new contract.
It's something way bigger than Cambridge Bay.
Then stop talking and go land it.
I will! Okay.
Damage control.
I'll talk to the rest of our clients, see if I can get to 'em before Dearman does.
It's not going to be enough.
I know.
Get the pilots together.
Tell them we're cutting their hours.
They'll love that.
Unfortunately it's not very good news that I have.
Things, as I'm sure you're aware, are really tough right now at Arctic Air, so what we've decided to do is cut hours across the board.
I know this is hard, but I want you to know we're all in this together.
Are your hours being cut? Well, I'm on salary Then you're not exactly "in this" with us, are you? Yeah? Everything is so expensive here.
Including the rent.
You cut Dev and Astrid's hours.
You should cut their rent.
That seems fair.
Too bad we don't all live in your house.
You don't have to shoot the messenger.
You're not the messenger.
You're the boss.
What was that about? Just telling it like it is.
You believe in honesty, right? You didn't need to call me out in front of everybody.
Just like you said, no special treatment.
We just got a call from Twin Lakes.
One of their cargo planes is down.
They need us to cover a run of diesel to an exploration camp outside Caldwell Creek.
The weasels scoop our Cambridge Bay contract, and now they need our help? Sure we can afford to hold a grudge.
Silva's going to need an airline to service the Margate Island mine.
Even if he involved himself with details like airline contracts, Mr.
Silva's flying to Francis Lake in an hour.
Arctic Air can get him there, free of charge.
He doesn't need to save a few bucks by catching a ride on a low-rent airline.
Besides, we've already arranged a charter with Twin Lakes.
Look, come on.
Just 10 minutes.
Try calling next time we're in town.
What are the chances you'll call back? Hmph.
Um, Jacob Markus.
I work for Rafael Silva.
That's pushing 6,000 pounds.
Won't be able to haul any extra av-gas.
Well, the plan's to return via Norman Wells.
We can refuel there.
I don't know, Krista.
Margins on this are razor-thin.
I can see why Twin Lakes bailed.
Well, they can afford to be picky, we can't.
One setback, we lose money.
Has to go perfectly.
I got it.
I confirmed the booking, I swear.
Well, if that is the case, where the hell is my plane? Twin Lakes claims I called and cancelled.
Do I need your excuses? No.
I need to get to Frances Lake.
I couldn't help but overhear.
I'm headed that way.
You're welcome to a lift.
You're a pilot? Bobby Martin.
I own Arctic Air.
Good to meet you.
Let's go.
Just like riding a bike.
You gotta be able to count on your air service up here.
Well, I appreciate the lift.
Not a problem.
This is how people hitchhike up north.
Kind of reminds me of the time your truck broke down in the Sahara.
When you got a ride with the bedouins.
You read my book.
Couple times.
I'm surprised you're still willing to give me a ride.
Is everything alright? Yep.
All good.
The cross winds.
Hard to gauge sometimes.
That rebuilt engine hasn't been flight-tested yet.
So let's get paid to take her for a test drive.
Cece, you better tag along, just in case.
How am I supposed to run maintenance, fix every frigging plane, and still screw off on some arctic tour? I can't afford to send you on a rescue mission when that engine breaks down three hours away.
You had to let Kirby take a honeymoon.
You'll be flying with Krista and Blake.
I'll get my tools.
I thought you were my co-pilot? I've got an appointment.
The cardiologist? Test results.
Well, I'll call Dev back in.
Blake's already on his way in.
Uh, dad? The tests are going to be fine.
Make sure you're back before midnight, or we don't make a cent.
I hear you're expanding operations on Margate Island.
That's the plan.
You're gonna need an airline that can grow with you.
You get to the point, don't you? My company's flown up here for 35 years.
We're not the biggest airline, but we're perfect for you.
The landing strip on Margate is known as a "goat trail.
" Too small for bigger aircrafts, but it's ideal for our DC-3s.
Did you cancel my charter with Twin Lakes? Hey, we're serious about doing business with you.
I own the mine.
I don't care who flies my drill rods, or drops off my workers.
You should've kidnapped the operations manager.
Seems trivial choosing an airline, but when it's -40 and your crew's been working two weeks straight Bring the plane down.
What? Here? I want to take a closer look.
I'm taking my son canoeing down the Nahanni.
But aren't you already running late? They'll wait for me, Bobby.
Glad you called me back in.
Mel's idea.
I wanted Dev.
Well, this is gonna be a fun trip.
Should've thought of that before calling me out in front of the pilots.
Well, you said you were using me for sex, then cut my hours.
What did you expect? That you wouldn't be a total dick about it.
Astrid? Yeah? Take over as co-pilot.
Blake wants to ride in the back.
You seen Bobby? Not since this morning.
Leads us into a shit-storm, then disappears.
What'd the doctor say? Doctor? My cousin saw you there.
Uh, just getting a physical.
Apparently, I have the body of a 20-year-old.
Give or take a few decades.
You went to a cardiologist for a physical? You know so much.
Did we lose any contracts while I was out? No.
Get back to work so it stays that way.
Aren't you coming in a bit uneven? Okay What's the problem? Nothing.
Just sometimes it's hard to judge how close the water is.
On the way back, I fly.
You're a pilot? Unlike yourself.
I have my license, just haven't used it in a while.
You could've killed me.
Way I see it is that you've got another survival story for your next book.
You think this is funny? I will tell you what is funny.
You thinking you could get a million-dollar contract on charm and bullshit.
Stop wasting my time.
Where the hell do you think you're going? I take it we're not doing business together.
You cancelled my charter.
You're not stranding me here.
It's good to see you.
Tell me you hooked some big fish.
Now, do I ever disappoint? Never! You can take that right up to room three.
You don't remember me? Bobby Martin.
Silas's kid? That's right.
Hell, last time I saw you, there were only two territories.
How's Mel doing? Ah, cranky as ever.
Should've seen his old man one of the best pilots goin'.
Then he must have his mother's genes.
Hey, I'm giving Rafael a lift back in the morning.
Do you have a room? Sorry.
Booked solid.
Guess you're sleeping in the plane.
Listen, the gang's all here.
I'm gonna get things set up.
Good to see you again, kid.
You followed me all the way up here just to beg? What the hell are you doing here? My name's on the guest list.
Oh, well, I guess I'm crashing your party.
You're trying to do business with Rafael Silva? Don't waste your time.
Not going to happen.
We'll see.
Well, that's the last of it.
Thank God.
These barrels must weigh 300 pounds.
Closer to 450.
How's the engine looking? It's just fine.
I am so glad I came along.
Start prepping for take-off.
We unloaded all your diesel, so we're on our way.
What about the stuff you're hauling out? Work order didn't say anything about hauling crap out.
Guess someone at Twin Lakes forgot to mention it.
Those drums full? Used oil, expired diesel.
Plus, you gotta haul that busted tractor outta here, too.
Sorry, we didn't factor the extra cargo weight into our fuel calculations.
We can't take it.
Look, miss, all I know is my boss wants this crap outta here.
So, either you take it, or you don't get paid.
With that extra weight we might not have the fuel to make Norman Wells.
I'll figure it out.
Your call.
It is.
I'm at Gerry Mitchell's place on Frances Lake.
What the hell are you doing joy-riding in my float plane? Rafael Silva's here.
He's up here at least twice a year.
So what? He's a major player in the Margate Island expansion.
Yeah? And? I'm working on him for a contract.
I approached them the day the press release came out.
Not just Rafael Silva, but the Aussies and Americans, too.
The whole damn consortium! They're not interested! Yeah, I kind of got that.
So, what, this was your big plan to save the airline? The plan has changed.
Ground speed's at 110 knots.
Air's at 140.
What do you think? We gonna have the fuel to make Norman Wells? It'll be close.
Anywhere en route have av-gas? No.
We land anywhere before Norman Wells, we'll be stuck until someone flies up gas.
Load shift! What the hell happened? We've gotta get the nose down! Yeah, tell me something I don't know! Prop pitch is maxed.
We're running out of elevator control.
Add a little power so we don't stall.
Cece! What the hell happened? That tractor busted loose in the turbulence, and rolled to the back of the plane.
Okay, well, we're tail-heavy and burning fuel like crazy to keep level.
You gotta get that tractor back to the middle.
Go rampie and help them steady the tractor.
I don't need it slamming into the cockpit.
Good start for me, boys.
Room for one more? We're playin' 100, 200, no limit.
Sounds fair.
What's the buy-in? Got that on you? No but, you know, I'm good for it.
Now, look, it's not that I don't trust you, but we got a no-credit rule.
I'm getting too old to break anybody's thumbs if they don't pay.
I think there might be a group of housewives in the next room, playing canasta.
I'll stake him.
For 10% of your profits.
Sounds fair.
And I hold your plane as collateral.
Well Look, my plane is worth more than 50 grand.
I know.
Deal me in.
Mel just got off the phone with Bela Trucking.
They told me this morning they were sticking with us.
Guess they changed their minds.
We can't afford to lose another contract.
Well, you've been through recessions before.
This one feels different.
Yeah, well, this time, you don't know how to fix it.
You tell me.
It's nothing you want to hear.
List of employees, in order of how long they've been here.
Start from the top, work your way down.
Ooh, hang on.
You've got Dev first on the list.
You fired both guys who started after him.
Dev's got the least seniority.
You play a lot? Couple times a year in Vegas.
Bobby, this is Victor Tam.
He's with RCD Energy Corp.
- Welcome to the game.
- Thank you.
And this is Alec Simms.
When he's not donatin' to the poker table, he's overseein' the Diakurtz diamond mine up at Tugluktuk.
Good to meet you.
And Ronnie Dearman.
Oh, we go way back.
Ronnie here's been treatin' this game like his own personal ATM lately.
And I plan on making another withdrawal tonight.
I'm out.
Right behind you.
No shame in knowing your place.
Raise to 3,000.
You even look at your hand? I don't have to.
I saw you look at yours.
Couple of times in Vegas, huh? Come on! Tractor won't budge! We gotta free up these front wheels.
They're hung on this pallet here.
I can't turn 'em.
Tractor's stuck! Can you nose the plane down, let gravity help out? Okay, but you got to keep it steady! That's good! Hold it there.
Whoa! Look out! What's going on? Blake! Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, just get me out of here.
What's going on? Barrels came over on Blake! We're gonna dig him out! I can't get at these barrels.
We're gonna have to move the tractor.
Ah! Stop! Stop! Okay.
Tractor's holding everything up.
We move this, it's gonna bring that whole load down on him.
I'll get something to block the wheels.
Astrid! Get up here! 'Kay! Take over the controls.
You want me to fly the plane by myself? Just keep it steady.
Oh, my God, Blake.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Just get this crap off me.
Cece? We gotta move the tractor to get at the barrels, but it's all wedged together.
We do that, and the whole load comes down.
Well, we can't just leave him.
We don't have much choice.
What we need to do is land, and figure out some way to stabilize the whole thing.
Ah! We hit more turbulence, and this all comes down anyway.
Well, then we should land quick.
There's a airstrip at Bison River.
We need a smooth landing.
Their runway isn't even paved.
Then, the nearest paved runway? Norman Wells.
You already said we don't have the fuel to make Norman Wells.
I said it would be close.
The hell you doing? Extracting my thumb.
What? "Nothing worse than a pilot who thinks he's special.
" "Take your thumb out of your ass" "and be useful.
" You said that when I got here.
I say all kinds of crap.
Don't pay attention to all of it.
Dev, look.
Excuse me.
You've got a great attitude.
You're going to do just fine wherever you end up When you got here, I'll be honest, I didn't think you'd last a week.
Figured you'd take one look and fly straight back to wherever the hell.
I came here from Delhi.
And I came here to be a pilot because it was a dream of mine.
Look, none of this is personal Spit it out! I'm the last to be hired, so I'm the first to go.
"Thank you, good luck, toodle-oo.
" You'll damn well "toodle" when I tell you.
Let's just get this over with! Dev? Finish the damn floor.
Then get your ass in first thing tomorrow, take your thumb back out of it, and we'll check you out on the DC-3.
You came here to be a pilot, let's get you bloody flyin'.
I'm out.
Trying to get a read on me? No.
I'm just wondering what you were thinking when you bought that shirt.
I'd be more worried about losing yours.
Hope you're not planning on doing business with Arctic Air.
They might not be around much longer.
We're fine.
By that, he means, if he wins tonight, big, they might be able to make a couple more payrolls.
Don't tell me that's your excuse for a business plan? Raise you.
Call him.
That's what he does.
He bluffs.
He doesn't have the stones.
Apparently, I do.
I knew it.
Bison River is an unlit strip.
We can't land there after sunset.
I know that, Cece.
So, if we're gonna divert, we have to do it now.
I ran the calculations again.
Even with the extra weight and the headwinds, I think we can still make Norman Wells.
You "think"? If you're looking for a guarantee, you're in the wrong business.
Flying is one big calculated risk.
And you can't let personal feelings get in the way - of your decision-making.
- What does that mean? All I mean is, you'd better be sure.
If you have any doubts at all, we need to head for Bison River before it's too late.
Cece is right.
We need to divert.
When I've made a decision, I'll let you know.
How'd Dev take it? He didn't.
When Silas and I started this company, people said we wouldn't last a month.
That was 35 years ago.
I'm not letting some sleaze-bag in cowboy boots take us down.
I got back the Bela Trucking contract.
What? How? My uncle spends a week moose-hunting with the owner every year.
Called in a favour.
I owe you one.
Add it to the list.
It's gonna be dark in 15 minutes.
We need every bit of that to make it to Bison River.
And what do we find when we get there? You know how these old strips are.
There's no one to maintain them.
There could be frost-heaves, trees, growing in the middle.
If I can't land this plane like silk Blake doesn't make it home.
If we run out of fuel in mid-air, no one makes it home.
I've got a family waiting for me.
We're going to Norman Wells.
You've been bluffing me since Yellowknife.
Then, uh you'll want to call, won't you? It's only money.
Two pair.
Hah! Ho! You must be up a hundred K.
Little bit better, actually.
All right, guys, I'm done.
Gerry, cash me out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're walking away? I got what I need.
For how long? Couple months? What happens after that, when your family business gets sold off piece by piece at some bankruptcy auction? Hell, maybe I'll buy it myself.
I got a question for you, Ron.
Ask away.
Ever wonder why people knock out your teeth? Oh All right, let's do this.
Deal him.
Norman Wells tower, this is Arctic Air flight 1-6-2 starting our descent.
We're losing fuel pressure on engine two.
How far out are we? Five minutes.
We lose that other engine, we'll be a 25,000-pound glider.
How's Blake? Still alive.
Like the rest of us.
You're gonna need to do your best to steady the barrels.
We're losing engine one.
What? Come on! Norman Wells, this is Arctic Air flight 1-6-2.
We're coming in dead-stick.
Repeat we've lost both engines.
Copy, flight 1-6-2.
Astrid, feather the props.
Hey, look, Astrid, listen to me.
I can land this plane, but not without my copilot.
I need you to focus.
Okay, let's just pretend this is a training exercise, okay? - We're just gonna talk it out.
- Okay.
What's protocol when losing both engines? I I I don't know.
Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
Think about it.
Maintain the optimum speed to height ratio so that we reach the runway, we don't overshoot it.
And what's maximum glide ratio? It's 3.
25 miles per thousand feet at 105 knots.
That's perfect.
We're gonna do this.
Raise to 10,000.
Always makes it tougher, doesn't it? Playing with money you can't afford to lose Re-raise 30.
You sure? That's a week's payroll.
Are we talking, or are we playing cards? I put you all in.
Should have walked away when you had the chance.
Flopped a set.
Oh, boy.
Me too.
Oh! Oh.
And the only card that saves you is a nine.
Yes! Tough luck, kid.
Goodbye, airline.
Yeah! Walk away now, pal.
You should get yourself strapped in.
I don't think you should be worrying about other people right now.
I sure hope you're worth all this trouble.
She'll get us down.
Call it out.
Hold on! Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Blake, how are you doing? The landing could have been a little smoother.
But I can help you work on that.
Get something in here to move this crap off him! Yes, sir, captain, sir.
You freaked me out.
If I didn't know better, I'd think that you cared.
You know I do.
But as a rampy, you suck.
Got my keys? What, you're actually keeping my plane? A bet is a bet.
All right I'll get you back the money after I refinance my condo in Vancouver.
Sell it.
And what? Live in my car? You're not going back to Vancouver.
It all went to hell, but you're not giving up on your airline.
You've known me for ten hours.
I had you pegged in the first ten minutes.
Quite frankly, you're an idiot.
But I get it.
Good luck to you! Rafael, chapter 6 in your book who's the man you want to do business with? The one who cannot afford to let you down.
Margate Island.
Watch and learn, Bobby.
This is how you take off.
I like my new plane.
Blake's got a couple of cracked ribs, but that's it.
He's lucky.
You are all lucky.
What, you forget how to calculate fuel consumption? There were factors out of my control.
You could have landed at Bison River.
What did the doctor say? Don't change the subject! - People's lives are on the line, it - Mel! I've got a heart valve that is deteriorating.
What does that mean? Surgery? Yeah, but not yet.
He figures five years, maybe ten.
But if that is what is causing the blackouts, then No.
It was stress.
What? The blackout had nothing to do with my heart.
He figures it was stress.
Can you friggin' believe it? Three decades running this company and some doctor tells me I'm melting down.
How long have you been standing there? Long enough.
I'm sorry to hear about this.
Not sorry enough to mind your own damn business.
Sneaking up on people Yeah, well that is an Indian thing.
This is not funny.
No, it is not.
You've got friends, Mel, we'll pitch in, help you reduce your stress.
Where is my plane? I lost it.
You what? In a poker game, technically, Rafael Silva's only holding it for collateral.
Plus, I got the Margate Island contract out of it.
You lost my plane!? You're not looking at the bigger picture, Margate is huge, way more than what we lost with Cambridge Bay.
Hardly been in town a week and look what you've done to my company.
Well, you're gonna have to get used to it, because I've decided to stick around.
For good? You guys need your partner.
You lost our friggin' plane? Well, we'll buy it back.
As for servicing Margate Island, we need to expand! It is good to be home.