Arctic Air (2012) s01e03 Episode Script


Previously on Arctic Air Bobby friggin' Martin! Don't trust the son of a bitch! David is his father.
Connor doesn't even know who you are.
What's the deal with you and Bobby? [Giggles] Nothing.
Chill out.
I will when you level out.
Dad? The blackout had nothing to do with my heart.
It was stress.
It is truly a beautiful day.
You said that yesterday, and it was pouring rain.
There are many different kinds of beauty.
[Rowdy passengers cheering from cabin] [Sighs wearily] I suppose you can find something to like about that, too.
That is annoying.
[Chuckles] Hey, Bobby.
Yeah? Could you get back there and settle down the animals? I'm management.
I only came along to chill out old man Dawson on the rig.
And you did an excellent job.
Thank you.
We got a couple more years in the contract.
Another two years of flying rig pigs back to Yellowknife so they can get drunk.
Pays the bills.
Yeah, well, this is a passenger flight, and Regs say we gotta have a biscuit shooter.
I see a pilot, a co-pilot You must be the biscuit shooter.
Oh! My plane, my rules.
You're right.
It is a beautiful day.
[Radio playing] Who wants coffee? Hell with coffee! We got beer! What kind of stewardess are you anyway? I prefer "flight attendant.
" I prefer the pretty little girl who was here last time.
What happened to her? Probably got one look at your ugly mug, and ran all the way back to Winnipeg.
[Laughter] Wouldn't be the first one.
[Laughing] I'll take a coffee.
Corporal Hendricks is on duty, otherwise he'd have a beer like everybody else.
Wouldn't you, Reg? More fun with a pretty girl on board.
Can't complain.
I'm just hitching.
Can't leave anyone stuck up north.
That guy there, he's hitching, too.
Too bad about the girl, though! She was lots of fun.
Hey, you ever flown Korean Air? That's where you get your really good stewardesses.
Not me.
This is about as far south as I ever been.
Hey, you! I wanna see the pilot.
Sorry, sir.
No one allowed in the cockpit while we're in the air.
Piss off.
I need to see the pilot.
Not going to happen-- Get back! Back off, or he's dead! Take it easy.
We don't want anybody getting hurt.
Then back off! I'm taking over the plane.
Let's just finish this flight first.
When we get to Yellowknife, we'll fly you anywhere you want, on the house.
That's a good offer.
Take it, and we're gonna forget that this happened.
Shut up! Stay out of this! Krista, get back in the cockpit.
I've got this.
Yeah, yeah, I can see that.
Do what he says! [Gun fires] Eric! Back! Get back! Eric's shot bad.
We gotta do something.
We stick with the plan! Take it easy, guys.
We don't want any more trouble.
You said nobody'd get hurt! - Now Eric, and this cop-- - Shut up, Sean.
Get these off.
Then I'm going to tell the pilot where we're going to go.
Hey, Noreen, I've got that grocery shipment ready for Mel's flight.
We can start loading any time.
Uh, going to have hold off on that.
There's a little problem.
Little problem? I'm supposed to fly that stuff to Sibbeston Lake, and I've got an engine that won't start.
You call that a little problem? Cece is working on it.
I've seen turtles move faster than Cece.
I need another plane.
Well, everything big enough to make the trip is in the air.
When are they back? Blake's coming in from the supply run to Fort Liard.
Should be here in a couple of hours.
I just want something that can fly, and I don't want to have to wait two hours.
Everything's flying.
And that's a good thing, right? Money coming in.
Krista should hit her first checkpoint soon.
I can give you a better idea then.
Why's Krista scheduled to do that run to Fort McPherson tomorrow? That's mine.
Doctor's orders.
You're supposed to be cutting down on stress.
Who the hell told you that? You know you can't keep a secret from me, Mel.
Your cousin the nurse? Well, keep it to yourself.
I don't want anybody around here treating me like an old man.
Then stop acting like an old grump.
[Passengers muttering anxiously] Everybody, chill.
Chill! Nobody else is gonna get hurt.
These guys going to be all right? Yeah.
They're okay.
What about Yellowknife? When are we getting there? Soon.
Hey, you guys know me.
I like my down time as much as anybody.
I just don't really want to go to jail, you know what I mean? You shouldn't have killed Harry Kurvers then.
An accident.
Guys, relax.
We'll get this fixed and we'll get you to Yellowknife soon.
Is it bad? He's gonna need a hospital.
This is messed up.
Both these men are in shock.
A hospital would be a very good idea.
Hospital means cops.
Cops means I go to jail.
You too, and Eric.
We're all in this together now.
We're brothers! We've always been in this together.
You're not going to do your brother any favors by letting him die.
We gotta do something, Wade.
Eric's not going to die.
I mean, what does this guy know anyway? He's not a doctor! He took a bullet.
It's never good.
He needs a doctor, Wade.
It don't matter if we get caught.
Quit being so frigging stupid! No, I'm not going to jail.
I'm not stupid.
Don't say that.
[Whispering] Doc Hossa.
Who? Nobody.
It's nothing.
Look, we can have your brother safe in a hospital in an hour.
Doc who? Doc Hossa.
Since you want us to fly north, we will pass right over Burgess Lake, where the doctor lives.
He's a very good doctor.
No hospital.
Sorry, I didn't think.
We gotta do it, Wade.
I don't know.
It's risky.
It's Eric! He jumped into a frozen lake to save your six-year-old ass when you fell through the ice.
Yeah, I know who the hell it is! Okay.
We go to doc Hossa's place.
You think you could work any slower, Cece? Maybe.
Can't work any quicker on that thing, though.
It's just too damn old.
What's wrong with old? Cranky, finicky.
Sometimes, you just got to haul 'er up on the beach and let 'er rot.
[Hammer clangs] Ouch! What are you saying? Well, all I'm saying is old is old.
No use pretending it isn't.
Look, stop pussyfooting around.
Just spit it out.
I just did! Everything wears out sometime.
You've just got to admit it.
You're just as old as I am.
What's that got to do with anything? No.
Do what I tell you.
Or what, you shoot me? Who flies the plane? The other pilot.
Krista, do what he says.
Forget it.
I'm not putting anybody else at risk.
Burgess Lake.
Burgess Lake, do you read me? Yeah, this is Burgess Lake.
Doc, this is Bobby Martin.
We've got a medical emergency.
We need your help.
What's wrong with the hospital? I don't think these guys are gonna make it.
They need your help right away.
What happened? There was a fight on board.
A couple of guys got hurt real bad.
Look, we can land at the old gravel strip across from the lake from you in 30 minutes.
All right.
I never thought you'd cave so easy.
It's a good thing for you I did.
Okay, we're going to keep our eyes peeled.
Yeah, sure.
Just call me as soon as you hear from her.
Is everything all right? That was Jake at Wrigley airport.
Krista's late at her first checkpoint.
How late? Could just be bad headwinds.
Yeah, I guess.
Weather's supposed to be good.
Perhaps we should tell Mel-- No! Why? You're probably right, it's headwinds.
You know how he worries about Krista.
No point in bothering him over nothing.
What have you done now, you son of a bitch? Grandpa! Connor, go to your room.
Connor? Yeah.
Do I know you? Connor, go to your room.
No We have to stick together.
Got some hurt people down at the dock we need to move up here.
Nice, Bobby.
Really nice.
You getting anywhere with that? I need to get into the air.
You're good to go.
So there was still some life in the old bugger after all.
Hell no.
I swapped in the engine I took from that wreck we bought last year.
That other old thing was done for.
It's important to know when it's time to give up.
What's this all about, Bobby? You're risking Connor's life.
I didn't know Connor was here.
I don't know anything about my son.
That's the way I want it to stay.
If anything happens to him, I swear, I'll kill you.
Nothing will happen.
Because I won't let it.
Coffee? I can't believe wade's screwing up our time off like this.
Well, what with his brother wounded and the police officer hurt, I suppose he's a little desperate I don't give a damn.
Amateur hour starts at Harley's in three hours.
Harley's? A strip club.
The pros are okay, but the amateurs really let it all hang out.
[Chuckles] I can imagine.
Come on, Wade! Let this guy fly us to Yellowknife! [Passengers cheering] Yeah! Yeah! No way, stu.
My brother gets patched up, then we'll go where we need to go.
Then this guy can take you to Yellowknife.
Hell with that.
We've only got three hours to get there.
Hold on.
There might be shooting.
Listen to this guy, Stu.
Yeah, ease up Stu! Wade's a good guy.
Why should he go to jail? He killed Harry Kurvers.
Good riddance.
Yeah, well He was the meanest drunk I ever knew.
So then maybe we should all just relax, hmm? Please.
They're okay for transport.
I've sedated them for pain.
They should be out for several hours.
I'll bandage them up, and then you can get them out of here.
You think you can make it seem worse than it really is? Why would I do that? If you can stall a little bit, maybe I could figure a way out of this for all of us.
I want that man away from my daughter and grandson as soon as possible.
If anything happens to them, I swear, I will kill you myself.
[Door opens] What are you guys talking about? Nothing.
Lie to me, I'll kill you.
Well, you're in back of a long line.
[Groans in pain] [Cocks gun] You think this is funny? Your brother has lost a lot of blood.
He's in shock.
He can't be moved until he's stabilized.
What's that mean? It means he could die if you move him now.
He'd better not die.
Doc'll take good care of him.
Don't worry.
[Game beeping] Look, if you can distract him, I can get the gun.
Are you sure? The longer this goes on, the more dangerous it gets.
I'm Bobby.
This is Krista, Petra, that's Connor.
This some kind of trick? No, uh, we're going to be together for a while.
It'd be good if we know each other's names.
It's gonna be okay.
Everybody's going to be all right, I promise.
I'm not scared.
It would be okay if you were.
I know I am.
How did you know who I was? [Sighs] I'm an old friend of your mother's.
She doesn't look too happy to see you.
Ah, you know, I think, uh She's just surprised, that's all.
Is there still no word? Nothing.
That's not good.
Two hours overdue.
Did you call search and rescue? It's too soon.
You know the rules, Blake.
Well, I don't much care about the rules.
This is Krista we're talking about.
What can we do? I'll work the phones and the radio.
Check with other pilots.
Contact any places with runways long enough for the DC-3.
Somebody have a birthday I don't know about? Because if this isn't a party, I can't figure out why everyone's hanging out here.
Just a little coffee break, Mel.
Well, since Cece has finally fixed my plane, and I've got cargo that needs loading right away, maybe you could do your talking later? Absolutely.
Why didn't you tell him about Krista? He doesn't need the stress right now.
He needs to stay cool.
When is Mel ever cool? [All talking impatiently] We need to kick his ass.
But he has a weapon.
He can't get all of us, and he's a damn hijacker.
You're willing to die for your weekend? It's not about the weekend.
It's about stones! You got 'em or you don't! I say we take back this plane! Who's with me? [All cheering] Sit down, Stu.
Come on, guys.
You all know me.
All I did was get in a fight with Harry.
Everybody has been in a fight with Harry.
It's not my fault he hit his head on the way down.
Who gives a damn? I want to get to Yellowknife! Gimme the gun! [Fires, bullet ricochets] Next one's for you, Stu.
Easy, Wade.
Let's talk about this.
Everybody out of the plane.
Now! We're the hostages! You can't kick us out of the plane.
Watch me.
Get out.
Out? Out where? Out of my sight.
Into the bush.
Anybody tries to come back, they get shot.
This is an excellent idea.
We should go now.
Not you.
You stay with me.
Everybody else, out.
Now! This is taking too much time.
We got to get back to the plane.
Stop it! No-no moving around.
What? Nothing.
Is it cops? What'd you see? Wait-- Hey! [Cocking gun] Don't do it, Sean! Don't do it! You don't want to do this, Sean.
Enough people have been hurt already.
Her fault! What the hell's the matter with you? You want me to kill you? I'll do it.
I will! It was stupid, but she won't do it again.
You asshole.
You said that you didn't want to hurt anybody.
Prove it.
Stupid! Nobody better try anything again.
Nobody will.
You know, if we're going to get through this, we're going to have to think things through a little better.
When did you start thinking things through, Bobby? Was it before or after you brought a gunman into my son's life? Mom, he's only trying to help.
You don't understand.
We're pretty much running out of places they could have landed.
I think these are the people you wanna talk to.
We're looking for the plane from Tulita.
You're not the only ones.
It's overdue.
Is that Krista's plane? Don't tell Mel.
What do you mean, "don't tell Mel.
" There's a plane missing.
You gotta tell Mel.
Too much stress.
"Stress"? [Laughs] Mel's been running this circus for The man thrives on stress.
Surprised you feel that way, Cece.
Well, how else would I feel? We've got a plane missing? Thanks, Jake.
We did.
That was Jake from Wrigley.
A pilot just landed there who saw her plane on the landing strip at burgess lake.
Why so far off course? Could be trouble with the prisoner.
There's a prisoner on board? My daughter's got a prisoner on her plane? Why the hell didn't we know about this? We like to keep these things quiet.
People tend to get nervous about prisoners on planes.
Well, that's pretty damn dumb.
Okay, let's go.
I'll fly you up there.
Who else is going? [Officer]: Looks like just me.
My mom's not usually like that.
She has some pretty good reasons.
I thought you guys were friends.
We were real good friends.
But just I went away.
I didn't talk to her, or keep in touch, I just left.
You could be out of luck.
Well, I can be pretty stubborn.
Me too.
My mom says I get it from my dad.
It's no-no good.
We gotta get out of here.
Go check on the doc.
Tell him to hurry it up.
How are you doing? That one's stable enough to move, so you can tell his brother he can leave my place now.
This one's lost a lot of blood, but he'll be okay.
No more tricks.
I won't risk Connor and Petra any longer.
You're right.
It's time to get Sean out of here.
He's acting a bit shaky.
I thought he was trying to shoot Krista.
Get Petra in here.
She's got better hands for this kind of work.
How-how's Eric? We'll be able to move him soon.
Your dad needs your help.
Come on, Connor-- Connor stays here.
It's all right, I'll take care of him.
You better.
Bet they'll be glad to see us go.
They're coming with us.
You can't do that.
It's the plan.
We've got to stop him before he gets everyone back on that plane.
I tried.
Look, he's scared.
He's like an animal caught in a trap.
He can't see his way out.
If we show him that way, I think he'll take it.
Yeah, you'll talk him to death.
When we were kids, you weren't afraid of anything.
What happened to you? Too long in the south? Is that your way of thanking me for saving your life? You don't have to take of me.
Yes, I do.
Mel will kill me if I didn't.
Get away from him! I wouldn't hurt Connor.
I'd never hurt a kid.
Mom He was just giving me this.
I used to make 'em for Eric and Wade when we were growing up.
And where was that? Inuvik.
That's a tough place.
Not so bad.
Tough after ma died.
What about your dad? Wasn't around.
So you got used to protecting your brothers.
Kind of.
We took care of each other.
And that's what you were doing on the plane, protecting Wade and Eric.
And I think a jury up here might not think that was such a bad thing at all.
I stabbed a cop with a screwdriver.
And doc says he's going to be okay.
That's good.
I was afraid that he I never hurt anybody before, that's all.
I get it.
And I know you don't want to hurt Connor, or Petra, or Krista, and I think the best thing We gotta do what Wade wants.
He was always the smart one.
He learned a trade, got on the rigs.
Me and Eric stayed up north, trappin'.
You're smart, too, Sean.
No more talking.
It's confusing me.
My brothers, they've always been screw-ups.
How hard would it have been to take a guy's gun without getting shot? But even if it had worked, hijacking this plane is a little impractical, isn't it? I'm sorry, but there really is nowhere to go.
I got a plan.
My friend is waiting for me on a private airstrip north of Fort Norman.
You drop us there, we get on his plane, he flies us across the border to Alaska, from there, we get on a boat, and we disappear.
Before you know it, we're drinking margaritas in Mexico.
Actually, that is a pretty good plan.
Damn right.
Your brother's gotten worse.
His blood pressure is dropping.
It'd be impossible to move him now.
He'd die.
You said he was going to be okay.
If you want to help him, the only thing you could do is give yourself up.
But we'll all go to jail.
Even if you do, jail's temporary.
Dead is kind of permanent.
Look, if you give up, my father and I won't have to say anything about the gun.
Okay, you came to us, you asked for our help, and we gave it to you.
Why would you lie for me? Because you did the right thing.
You brought your brother and corporal Hendricks here.
You didn't have to help them.
And you're a good guy.
I know you don't want to scare Connor anymore.
No, no! We're all getting on the plane! Now.
Look, you'll kill your brother.
Is that what you want to do? I thought you wanted to take care of him.
I do, but I can't-- I can't just give up.
It's okay.
I'll fly Wade.
Just leave Eric here.
Petra and the doc will take care of him.
What else can you do? Wade Wade gets away.
And Eric lives.
You're coming with me.
I'll go.
Look, I flew my first DC-3 when I was 10 years old.
Bobby You don't want her going with you.
She's crazy.
She tried to jump you, remember? Okay, you win.
Let-let's go.
Where's the sat radio? It's right here.
Can Bobby fly a DC-3? Not a chance.
[Dialing] Sean, you don't have to do this.
You can just give me the gun now.
Wade has to decide.
It's his plan.
Get us to Mexico.
Mexico? Look, I want a chance to talk to Wade before I get on the plane.
Why? Because I want him to think about what he's going to do.
It's important.
When I get on that plane, all he's going to do is think about is taking off.
He's not going to like that.
What the hell are you going to do in Mexico? You've been up here your whole life.
Everything you know about and care about is here.
You can't just walk away.
Believe me, I know.
This is the rest of his life and yours.
Don't you think it's worth talking about for a couple of minutes? Plane's still here.
There's a boat on the lake.
Coming from doc Hossa's.
We'll fly over high, then drop down and come back fast and low, stay out of sight.
We'll land on the river there, not far from the landing strip.
Fast and low is that safe? Do it all the time.
Won't they hear the engine? Oh, don't worry.
I'll shut 'er off before we start down.
You should sit and relax.
You will wear a hole in the airplane.
Never been good at relaxing.
You know, I got nothing but bad luck.
I worked my butt off on that rig.
Went from a roustabout to roughneck in two weeks.
I would have been derrickhand in another couple months.
Then Harry Kurvers has to go and open his big mouth and get himself killed.
- And now my stupid brother-- - It does seem unfair.
You're damn right.
Wade! Hey, Wade! They're here.
Into the cockpit.
Fire this thing up.
Come on! Hurry up! [Engine roars distantly] You better move fast.
Doesn't take long to get her in the air.
I'll wait here.
If they take off, I can follow.
Where's the girl pilot? This guy's a pilot, too.
Get the others and come inside.
Uh, I-I left them at the doc's.
Why the hell did you do that? So Eric could get to a hospital.
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you.
Get inside! I-I promised him we'd talk out here.
You promised him? Yeah.
That doctor shoot you up with something? I promised the guy, Wade.
Just get your ass inside! No.
No! Stubborn.
Stupid but stubborn.
Come with me.
I wouldn't want you to accidentally take off and leave me.
Just listen to what he has to say.
How frigging stupid can you be? I'm not stupid! I took care of you! I worked so you could go to school and get a fancy rig job! Why are you always bleating about that? Perhaps this is not the time for old grievances.
Shut up! Of course.
The thing is, you might not be looking at a lot of jail time.
Sounds like to me what happened was an accident.
The guy who died fell and hit his head.
They're not gonna go easy on me.
Not if you keep pushing this thing and more people get hurt.
No, that cop, he already got hurt.
Well, that's mostly down to Sean and Eric, and I think Sean would love to give it up now if you will.
Sean's never been to jail.
He doesn't know what it's like! And he's soft and stupid! I'm not! Get on the plane! We're getting on, too! We're out of beer, we're out of time, and we're going to Yellowknife! I told you to stay away! [Fires gun] [Yelping] Oh, not this time, Wade! We're comin' at ya, and you can't take us all! I can't get you all, but who's gonna go first? [Fires] You shot me.
The next one's really gonna hurt! What are you doing, Wade? Freeze! Drop your weapons! Wade, give up, man! They got us.
You're the one I ought to be shooting! Wade, you wouldn't.
[Officer]: Put down your gun! You've got nowhere to go! [Firing] Stay back! Pull it up! Get the door! Get this thing in the air.
I can't.
Well, Sean said you could-- He's wrong.
I'm just a flight attendant.
And a pilot.
All you guys are pilots.
Not all of us.
It's your choice.
You take off or I start shooting people.
Okay, okay, I will.
Aw, man we're never gonna get to Yellowknife.
I knew it! I knew you could get us off the ground.
But there's no way I can land it.
[Engine spluttering] Ah! It's trying to stall.
I can't get any airspeed.
Arctic Air flight 105.
Can you read me? Mel, is that you? Who the hell's flying that thing? That'd be me.
I guess that explains why your landing gear is still down.
What? Maybe that's what's wrong.
We're going to make a few adjustments.
Yeah, okay.
Now, just remember, you're flying an antique.
Kind of like dancing with your great-grandmother.
She might still have a few good moves, but go slow so you don't break anything.
Got it.
What's your airspeed? Uh 110 knots.
What's your manifold pressure gauge say? Bring it down to 27.
The mixture is on auto lean.
And that-that's what? What? The mixture controls are on the right-hand side.
Move them to the notch just above the bottom.
Okay? Okay.
That should keep you airborne for a while.
Hey, thanks Mel.
You really don't know how to fly this thing, do you? It's not like I didn't tell you.
Well, who are you talking to? It's my boss from Arctic Air.
Tell him to head to Fort Norman.
Look, there's cops in Fort Norman, too.
Yeah, well, we're not going to Fort Norman.
I'll give you exact coordinates when you need them.
Just tell him.
My passenger wants to go somewhere near Fort Norman.
Come to a heading of 1-6-0 degrees and hold steady there.
I just spoke with Mel.
Wade's forcing Bobby to fly the DC-3.
Is he going to be all right? Yeah, sure.
Bobby's flown lots of planes.
Those lights? Where are we? We can't be in Fort Norman already.
I don't know.
Get the other guy on the radio.
My passenger wants to talk to you.
Those lights.
Where are we? Yellowknife.
If you want your friend here to stay alive, point us to Fort Norman.
I want my friend to stay alive, which is why we're here.
He's got maybe a 50-50 chance of landing that thing on a real runway with lights.
He's got zero chance of landing it on some unlit strip in the middle of nowhere.
What's his chance with a bullet in his head? Why don't you shut up and let us try to land this plane? Turn this thing around.
I'm not going to Yellowknife.
I swear to God, I will shoot you.
Then shoot me! Look, Mel is right.
I'm dead anyway if I try to land this plane anywhere else.
Mixture auto rich.
Gear down.
Gear down.
What's your airspeed? Full flaps.
Now, ease back on the throttle.
Get her down a little Airspeed's not dropping, Mel.
What do I do? You forgot the flaps! Full flaps.
They're already full.
No, they're not! You pulled the wrong lever! You raised the gear! The landing gear's up? You've got to swing around again.
Full power! Full power! Get your nose up! Get this thing on the ground Please.
No problem, Bobby.
I missed my first time, too.
Okay, start reducing your airspeed.
[Bobby]: Here goes nothin'.
Oh, lord Ah, you religious? No.
Pray anyway.
Hang on! [Mel]: Welcome to Yellowknife.
[All shouting in relief] Oh, thank God.
Pretty good landing, Bobby.
What do you mean "pretty good"? [Sirens wailing] I need my gun.
They're gonna blow me away.
Wade! It's over.
You're not a killer, and you have nowhere to go.
I'll come out with you.
Nobody's gonna be shooting.
He's building up a pretty good head of steam.
Look at that! You buggered up the landing gear.
I ought to dock your pay.
Well, you'd have to start paying me first.
Almost be worth it.
You have to admit it's not bad for a first time.
Lucky I had a pretty good instructor.
What do you mean, "pretty good"? You had a great instructor.
If you'd have been a little more careful, I wouldn't have a busted up plane.
Mel Thanks.
Hey, Bobby.
Hey! What are you guys doing here? Dad wanted to check on his patients.
Sometimes, he forgets he's a retired doctor.
Connor and I thought we'd come into town, have a little fun.
Yeah, I wanted to come.
You want me to show you around the place? Can we? Okay.
I just want to talk to Bobby first.
Cece, can you show Connor some of the planes? Yeah, sure.
Right this way, little buddy.
I'll come see you guys in a minute.
Thought he needed a break after everything you put him through.
I had no idea he'd make me bring him here.
He's a stubborn kid.
He's a great kid.
You did a good job raising him.
Yeah, I did.
He's happy.
He's got a great dad.
He doesn't need anyone else in his life.
He doesn't need you.
I'll have him back in a few minutes.
What are these? Those turn on the landing lights.
And these? Those are the throttles.
Must be really hard to fly.
Yeah, you could say that.
You know, when I was your age, I used to fly everywhere with my dad.
He'd tell me all these stories while we were in the air, about the land, the people he knew.
Sometimes, they were pretty funny.
My dad's away a lot, working.
Hey, maybe I can fly with you sometime.
The thing is, I don't think your mother would want me to.
Why not? Well, mothers worry about things like flying.
I think it's 'cause she's pissed at you.
[Chuckles] Maybe just a little bit.
[Chuckles] Well, I hope not.
Because I'd love to fly with you sometime.
Yeah, me too.
[Sighs sadly] Announcer: On an all-new Arctic Air, a freak storm We're going to need a generator.
I'll get it.
Announcer: Could turn deadly.
They should've come in by now.
Where did he go? I can't see a thing out there! Announcer: Arctic Air Next Tuesday at 9:00 on CBC.
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You won't believe what's inside.
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