Arctic Air (2012) s01e09 Episode Script

New North

Previously, on Arctic Air We need to expand! You know about your "MBA" crap.
I can fly a DC-3.
That's your "thing," isn't it? Always working an angle? So, you gonna ditch us again? You screwed me out of a diamond deal, son.
Dearman? We're gonna kick his ass back to Calgary.
I'll see you bummin' coins outside the liquor store! Thanks.
That was the manager of the Clint falls hydro project.
Their contract with Twin Lakes comes up next month and I got us into the mix to replace them.
How about you? Any contacts? Not really our kind of crowd.
We have to expand our passenger market, go after executive clients.
Yeah, they'd love flying in the ass-end of a DC-3.
They won't have to, after we modernize our fleet and buy a corporate helicopter.
You already ran that by Mel.
His blood pressure still hasn't come down.
Mel is wrong.
We need this.
I don't necessarily disagree, but There we go.
Two votes to one.
The "Republic of Mel" is not a democracy.
I worked up a business plan.
Has Mel seen this? He will in the morning, after you show it to him.
Yeah, right! Look, if it comes from you, he'll listen.
Just soften him up, and I'll close the deal.
'Kay, Bobby You've got to slow down.
The North is booming! If we don't move on this now, we'll get left behind.
Read it over.
Talk to Mel.
Bobby? A "Mr.
Kwan" gave me a message for you.
He said he's an old friend from school.
Gavin Kwan? He was hoping you'd stop by a party he's having, up in his room.
"Crazy Kwan?" We were in the same fraternity.
Bobby Martin, the frat boy? Can't wait to hear the stories.
Panty-raids, keggers It was not like that.
Well, okay, it was, but, you know, not all the time.
We were there working on our MBAs.
I bet you were.
Well, I was.
Gavin had a million big ideas, just never followed through on 'em.
Bobby! Get some champagne and hop in, buddy! The water's great.
Looks like he followed through on something.
Arctic Air S01 Ep 09 - New North Bobby was a great student.
Everyone knew he was going places.
Me? Not so much.
Well, you went to advanced accounting.
Yes, I did.
Look, I couldn't figure out why the hell he would take that class, and then, one day, I dropped by The Wilson twins.
Accounting geniuses.
Let me guess Bobby signed up for that course? Took him five minutes.
And it took me a month to pry one of those twins away from you.
You were dating both? Not simultaneously.
Kind of alternated.
And, look, the funny thing is that we both got damn good at accounting.
So, you're the, uh, legendary "Krista?" Bobby used to talk about you.
And what did he say? You know, the girl he left behind.
Gavin! Well, you've obviously, uh Done very well for yourself.
Yeah, real estate development.
Got into the Calgary condo market at the perfect time.
And you Heard you've been ripping it up in Vancouver.
Something like that.
And now you're running the family airline up here in Yellowknife? Yeah, it was time to come home.
Following your heart instead of the money? I admire that.
Look, it was more than that.
The North is booming.
That's why I'm here, checking out the investment possibi On that note, let's get you guys some drinks.
Open up another bottle of that krug! Whatever you pay for it in Calgary, it's double up here.
That's the nice thing about money You can always make more.
Good morning.
I was hoping we'd be flying together today.
Looks like I'm with Blake.
That's too bad.
I learn more when I work with Blake.
Still We should do something Considering the date today.
Our anniversary.
What? One month, since our night.
You know? Right.
And nothing since, for, of course, we have both been so busy.
But, my thinking is We should go somewhere, to celebrate.
We could Go bowling? Bowling? Get the whole gang together.
No, no, you see, I was thinking we could go to Edmonton, just the two of us.
Everybody likes bowling.
I'll get something organized.
No, no.
But there is There is this mall in Edmonton.
It is reputed to be magnificent! Anabelle Lake feeds into the Deh Cho.
Those are sacred waters.
Lot of people lining up to stop this mine.
That's why I need you onside.
My council's split, and Deanna Martin's group is lobbying hard.
Bobby Martin's sister? Figures.
They're gonna file a petition for a judicial review, if the environmental assessment goes your way.
I would really love to send out a press release tomorrow, stating your support for the mine.
I gotta be careful.
Band election's coming up.
Job creation wins elections.
This project will mean hundreds of them for the North.
Tehjik'ea could use some more.
Simon, I thought we already agreed on a number.
Maybe we should look at it again.
So, what's it costing you? Simon Moise's support for your mine.
Won't be cheap.
Costs a lot to end a way of life.
I'll put you down as "undecided.
" Bob? It's a shame.
What, your plans for my people? The way things worked out between you and me.
If we would have banded together, you and I, we could've made a lot of money.
I could even use that airline of yours, to service the mine.
Somehow, I don't see that happening.
And it's on your head.
What is? Whatever happens next.
A business plan? Successful businesses tend to have one.
And you and the gang at jiffy photocopy did yourselves proud.
Colour graphics The whole nine.
Did you read it? An "executive helicopter.
" The whole industry is changing, Mel.
We've got to modernize our fleet, lease new aircraft, upgrade the avionics For five million dollars? Yeah.
Look, I talked to Rachel at the bank.
She said all we have to do is come up with a million or so, and they'll consider extending our line of credit.
You went to Rachel behind my back? It was a preliminary meeting.
You tried an end-run with my own daughter.
Krista agrees with me! Bob, I want you to look at something.
You see a decomposing corpse of a dignified older gentleman, with "Mel Ivarson" on his pilot's license? - Mel - Well, until you do You won't see a damned helicopter either! Thank you for softening him up.
I told you not to rush him.
Frontiers West has a helicopter, and we can have a great deal on the lease, but only if we act now.
At least he was yelling.
And that made it way better.
No, believe me.
It's when Mel gets quiet, that's when you know it's really bad.
You don't let opportunities pass you by, Krista.
You just can't.
So you're up here looking for investment opportunities? We're looking at other opportunities as well.
How much are you planning to spend? Depends on whether I find the right project.
Arctic Air.
What? Arctic Air! We're expanding.
We need investors, and I want you to buy into my company.
Seriously? Yeah! This is what we talked about at school, remember? Starting a company, kicking ass together.
Hey, the way I remember, I was the one talking about it.
You never seemed so keen.
Well, now I am.
Look, there's a huge market opening up in the North, and we're in a perfect position to take advantage.
"The sky's the limit.
" That's what I'm saying! No, you could use that As a slogan.
Yeah, marketing was never my strong suit.
So, what do you think? I don't know, man.
An airline? Can't say I've ever seen myself owning an airline.
Well, let me show you.
What are your plans, rest of the day? Meetings all afternoon, then a dinner thing with a guy named Dearman? Wait.
Ronnie Dearman? Yeah.
He's trying to re-open an old uranium mine.
Looking for investors.
Gavin, as a friend, and trust me, this guy's a snake, and the project is an environmental disaster.
Look, blow off Dearman.
Cancel your meetings.
We're going flying.
Blake? Drill rods loaded.
We're good to go.
Okay, tell Cece to get himself onboard.
Wheels up in 10.
So this is your world? This is where it starts.
Astrid, this is Gavin Kwan.
How do you do? Hi.
Gavin, this is Blake Laviolette.
Blake is one of my better pilots.
Excuse me? Where're you off to this morning? Up the Nahanni.
Flying drill rods to Andy cousins.
Not anymore.
I'll fly the run.
You? Yeah.
I've been spending too much time behind a desk.
This one's time-sensitive.
If there's a screw-up I can fly the plane.
More or less.
First time in a DC-3.
Quite the machine, eh? Yeah.
So you're the flight engineer? Guess you don't often get mistaken for the flight attendant.
"Ass hole.
" Excuse me? Seven-letter word.
Begins with "A.
" "Having the qualities Of an ass.
" Can't be "asshole.
" "Asinine.
" Mr.
Kwan? Bobby wonders if you want to come sit up here.
Really? Yeah! Definitely dig the view up here.
Pretty impressive below, too.
It gets even better where we're headed.
Outfit we're delivering to? It's an iron-ore operation in a community called McCumber.
Yeah? You know, we're the lifeline for these people.
Now we're aiming to expand to the executive market.
Which is where my chequebook would come in, right? Well, you could come in with it.
Silent partner would be fine, but maybe Maybe you could see yourself being part of the adventure.
You're really laying it on thick.
Well You want to fly? Seriously? Yeah! Just grab on Like this? Okay.
- All right.
You got it? - Yeah.
All right.
There you go! Very cool! Now, you want to climb? What do I do? All right, just ease the yoke back very slowly Like this? Not that much! We need to increase the power.
- I gott-t - No! Those are the mixture controls! What did I do? Killed both engines.
Can we restart the engines? That's the plan.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
Yeah! Thank God.
What happened? It's okay.
Engine one is back up.
Why are we going to the right? The power's not equally distributed.
I got it.
- I should probably - Go.
What's going on up there? I think I hit the wrong thing.
Bobby let you fly? Fire up engine number two.
Why won't it start? I don't know.
Try it again.
It's not working.
What the hell were you thinking? This is not a good time for a lecture, Cece.
Do you know what's going on? Yeah! Your friend shut down our starboard engine.
Is there anything you can do? Not until we get her on the ground.
Closest airstrip is Bison River.
Their airstrip has more craters than the moon.
Do we have another option? Yeah, we could fly around till we run out of fuel, then let gravity tell us where to land.
Bison River it is.
Corporate helicopter? I know.
It's a stupid idea.
Then why'd you lease one? Lease agreement Frontiers West just emailed it to me.
I'm your operations manager.
You didn't bother to tell me? I'm the owner.
My partner didn't bother to tell me.
Bobby? Son of a bitch! We need to make some changes around here.
Oil pressure on engine one is still good.
At least we'll make it to the airstrip.
What about the cargo we're delivering to McCumber? Well, let's survive the landing at Bison River first.
You want to do the landing? Unless you do.
Landing gear down and locked.
We have to maintain single-engine control speed.
Come in steep and fast.
Hopefully not nose-first.
And our profits rose by Well, I'm happy for you, Mel.
So what does this have to do with me? I'm looking for new investment.
You guys expanding? Nope.
Not changing a thing.
I'm buying out one of my partners.
Well, I assume we're not talking about your daughter Which means Bobby Martin.
Does he want out? Nope.
You sure about this? That's why I'm talking to you.
Well, according to your numbers, your airline's been better off since he came back.
Can't work with him.
How much are you looking for? Couple million would do it.
Look, Fred.
You own this damned hotel, plus half of downtown Yellowknife.
You've got two million in your change drawer.
Well, I didn't get rich giving it away.
I remember a time you came to me, begging to invest in Arctic Air.
That was 20 years ago, Mel.
You had a dynamic company.
Still do.
You just told me you weren't changing a thing.
If it ain't broke Mel I'm sorry, Mel.
I'm gonna have to pass.
Ain't my business, but if I were you, I'd try to work things out with Bobby Martin.
You okay? What? Yeah.
Thanks for getting us down safely.
Just what we do.
Well, I'm in complete awe of what you do.
Plus, you're easily the hottest pilot I've ever seen.
Absolutely! Yeah.
We'll get it to you.
I'll be there first thing Andy? You there? Hello? Any idea what's wrong with engine two? I won't know until I pull it apart.
Andy cousins wants the drill rods by 9:00 A.
tomorrow, otherwise he's canceling the contract.
We'd need to be in the air by 6:00.
Any chance we can do that? Well, maybe.
If I work all night.
How the hell would I know? So, we're, what? Spending the night here? Who needs sleep? Let's stay up all night, just like old times.
See what trouble we can get into.
Not you.
I need an extra set of hands.
Astrid? I I show Gavin the town.
Let's go.
Loreen, hold my calls.
Dad! What the hell? You're meeting with investors to buy out Bobby? You can't do this! He leased the helicopter.
What? Locked us in for two years.
Without talking to us? Okay.
He's overstepped his bounds.
Ya think? I'm sure he's just doing what he thinks is best for the company.
So am I.
He's our friend! Okay.
Even if you could get the money, Bobby's not going to sell his shares.
Silas and I made a deal back when we started.
Partners have the right to buy each other out.
It's in writing.
Okay, I will talk to Frontiers West.
I will find a way out of this contract.
- You do that.
- And then we will sit down the three of us, and we will work this out.
Nothing to work out, Krista! Bobby has to go.
I know what time it is, it's just the repairs took longer than I hoped.
Bison River.
Population 72.
No bars But we found one hell of a house party.
Andy! No, listen.
I look.
This is what I can do for you No, seriously! You do not want to take your business to Twin Lakes! We started over at Benji's, then he ran out of beer, then we headed to Johnny's, till his wife kicked us out.
I'll knock off 50%! Andy? You still there? Hello? So let me guess.
Back to Yellowknife? Yeah.
Once my co-pilot here sobers up enough to fly.
I'm fine.
Cup of coffee.
Go back to sleep, Astrid.
That's my fault.
She wasn't going to have anything to drink, but I talked her into it.
What a disaster.
Don't beat yourself up, man.
What was I thinking? That you're gonna go for this? "Bright lights Gavin Kwan," up here in the North? The trendy night clubs of Yellowknife, weekly mail runs to Bison River? We could do this every week.
I talked to the lease company.
And? Contract's iron-clad.
We're stuck with it.
Of course we are! It's a good thing, too.
It's a hell of a deal.
Yeah, and how do we pay for it? New investment.
What new investment? Gavin Kwan.
He sees what we're doing.
He loves my business plan.
And he'd come in for two million.
What kind of interest rate? It's not a loan.
We'd be making him a partner.
You want to give a piece of our company to your old frat buddy? Well, it's a perfect solution.
Arctic Air gets the money that it needs, and this is just the beginning.
You'd actually do this to us? To me? What are you talking about? We're doing this together.
I thought I could trust you.
They'll come around.
Yes! I was thinking you might enjoy I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Roommate? Housemate.
Kind of casual about closed doors.
I'll get a lock.
- Cool.
- Okay.
Hey! Wait, wait.
Look, I thought we agreed that you'd stay away I know, I know, I know.
I'm just stoked to get going.
Krista! Or should I say "partner.
" Hi, Gavin.
And you must be Mel.
Bobby's told me all about you.
Said you could be a little crusty.
Okay! Well, we should Listen, I get it, okay? You built this company from scratch, and now some outsider's going to stick his oar in.
So that's why I want you to know that I'm not investing in Arctic Air.
I'm investing in you and your wealth of experience.
All right? All right, I'll have Loreen give Gavin a tour around the place, introduce him to some people.
We'll talk, Mel.
We'll find the money somewhere else.
There is nowhere else.
Well, maybe he won't be so bad.
Maybe we'll keep him and get rid of Bobby.
Waiting room.
Shipping-and-cargo slash ticket counter And that's Arctic Air.
Well, your people are genuine.
What you see is what you get.
It's kind of refreshing.
That's us Down-home as all get-out.
Well, I meant that as a compliment.
The world I come from, everyone's just in it for the money.
Money trees don't grow this far North.
How long you been here? No.
You a pilot, too? No.
I just wanted to get out of Fort Simpson.
My marriage ended.
I'm sorry.
I was young.
Didn't know what I wanted.
Well, sometimes, it takes a little while to figure things out.
Something you want to say? Perhaps you could explain what is happening between you and that gentleman.
Perhaps you can explain why you came into my room without knocking.
I heard you your voice.
I thought you were asking me in.
Instead, I find You know.
I was hoping you and I we Ay-yi-yi.
Dev It was a one-time thing, okay? Trudy had just dumped you.
You were sad, I was lonely.
- But - Dev.
You're a good friend.
Let's not spoil that, okay? "good friend.
" Lucky me.
With chief Moise's support, the Dene people will be well represented as we move towards the acquisition of a uranium-mining licence.
The New North is about partnerships.
I look forward to working with Mr.
Dearman to develop good, high-paying jobs and new opportunities.
What about the mine's retention ponds? They've been deemed "structurally insufficient" to contain radioactive waste.
I'm sorry.
Deemed by whom? The results of the environmental assessment won't be released until next week.
I have them right here.
The report claims And I quote "The contaminated wastes possess, "significant environmental risks "to the community of Anabelle Lake, located downstream from the mine site.
" How did you get that document? Can you answer the question, please? I will be working very closely with chief Moise to ensure that all potential risks will be addressed.
And are you an environmental engineer? We're concerned citizens who care about the environment, just like you.
"Concerned," my ass! All right.
Thanks very much I wouldn't want to tangle with your sister.
She always scared the hell out of me.
So what's this about you leaving Arctic Air? I'm not going anywhere.
Mel's looking for money to buy you out.
He told you that? Was talking to him yesterday.
So what's Mel up to? He's overreacting.
I talked a friend of mine into investing some money, and I guess it shook Mel up.
Who's the friend? You might know him.
Gavin Kwan.
He's a developer.
Gavin Kwan, from Calgary? Yeah.
He gave you $2 million? What don't I know? He's broke? Gavin's development company went bust six months ago.
We just signed a contract with him.
It's some sort of scam.
That doesn't make sense.
- I know, but - You don't know anything.
$2 million was transferred into our account an hour ago.
Came from a company called "Tonquin Valley Holdings.
" What the hell is going on? Somebody to see you out here.
Kinda busy at the moment.
Says he's your new partner.
Gavin? Nope.
Another one.
Well, howdy, partners! You're "Tonquin Valley Holdings?" One of my many little enterprises.
Gavin was working for you? Thought you might not take my money.
Okay, what the hell do you want with an airline? Well, now, I understand that you've been turning a tidy profit since landing Margate island.
Plus, I need someone to service my uranium mine.
That's not gonna happen.
About that We're gonna make a few changes around here, starting with personnel.
Bob You're finished at Arctic Air.
What the hell is Dearman want with an airline? He wants to drop the community runs, focus on corporate clients, and service his damned uranium mine.
So that means getting rid of our older planes? Hah! Get rid of the older planes, you might as well get rid of me, too.
And Gavin was just working for him? Secretly.
Like an asp in the garden! Now you see his true rancid colours.
Come on! Maybe he didn't know.
You cannot be defending him.
He's fun to be with Unlike a certain self-righteous pilot from Delhi.
And, for your information, colours cannot be "rancid.
" Okay, yes! I should have been upfront with you.
Ya think? Everything's going to work out fine.
Gavin! My company was doing great.
It really was.
Then the economy tanked, I got overextended.
Don't tell me.
You owed Dearman money? Huge chunk of coin.
And then he found out we were old friends, and he wanted a piece of Arctic Air, and he knew you wouldn't sell to him, so So you sold me down the river.
No! No.
Yeah, I mean, sort of.
Omelettes? Eggs get broken, right? Listen, everything will work out fine, all right? You get your money, I get out of debt It's a win-win-win! It's win-win-lose, Gavin.
And I'm the loser! Bobby, you get to expand your company, just like you wanted, right? And we finally get a chance to work together.
It's not my company anymore! - Of course, it's your company.
- Gavin! If I don't leave, Dearman is going to bankrupt Arctic Air.
Dude, I didn't know.
Well, now you do.
Holy crap.
Thanks, buddy.
Well, we can't work with Ronnie Dearman.
Don't have a choice.
Hope Bobby's happy with himself.
You're right.
He has to go.
Bobby isn't going anywhere.
What? Bobby stays.
You were the one who wanted him out in the first place.
That's when it was my idea! Nobody tells me what to do with my own company! Especially Dearman.
Trust me, most of the first nations are squarely behind this project.
Yeah, sure looked that way to me.
What? That little stunt today? That was just some rhetoric from a very vocal minority.
Were they right? The environmental assessment? Speed bump.
Nothing to worry about.
Believe me.
You want in on this.
Dearman! Would you excuse me for a sec? Well, howdy, Mel.
Bob clean out my office yet? Need a place to hang my hat.
No, you don't.
Look, I told you how this works.
You screw with me, I screw with your company.
Do that, you screw with your own investment.
Try me.
You're not gonna blow $2 million just because Bobby Martin cut you out of a diamond deal.
That son of a bitch knocked out three of my teeth.
That'd be, what, $666,000 per tooth? What's Arctic Air's biggest contract? Yellow Rock Petroleum.
I'll start there.
Look here Their CEO Give him a call.
I've got his number.
We both know you're bluffing.
She says she wants to be friends.
Just friends.
Nice guys, we finish last.
You know? And liars and villains like Gavin Kwan? Women love them.
It's true, they like bad boys.
They like assholes.
I must learn to be an asshole.
Good luck with that.
And you must teach me.
- Why me? - Because women like you.
Which makes me an asshole? Yes! Gee, thanks.
No, no.
I meant that in the best possible way.
Dev, Dev Forget about Astrid.
Okay? It's not like you guys were in a real relationship anyway.
Tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me! What would you do if you were wearing my shoes? I'd start by punching Gavin in the head.
Wouldn't solve a damned thing, but I'd probably feel a lot better.
Ronnie Dearman called Yellow Rock Petroleum.
And? He told them Arctic Air could no longer guarantee service, and they canceled our supply deal.
Nobody hates anybody that much.
Ronnie Dearman hates me that much.
Gotta say, I'm starting to see his point.
There's only one way to end this.
Shut up, and stay out of it.
Mel I'm not gonna let that son of a bitch win! Dearman is going to crush Arctic Air, Mel's not gonna back down.
I can't be responsible for killing dad's company.
So quit.
That's what dad would have done.
Dad would never have quit anything in his life.
Dad would never have screwed up as royally as you have, either.
We know dad loved the company, but it wasn't his life, Bobby.
He would have moved on to something else.
I don't think I'd make much of a trapper.
No, you would make a terrible trapper.
But, Bobby, you're a good businessman, and there's lots of opportunity in Yellowknife.
Lots of ways to make contributions.
Dearman is going to use our fleet to service his uranium mine.
Not if that mine doesn't re-open.
You know, I caught your act at the news conference.
How the hell did you get that environmental assessment? Copy got filed with aboriginal affairs.
Weirdly enough, they let Indians work there.
You go get 'em, sister.
You know, I've been asked to run against Simon Moise in the next election.
What? You're going to run for chief? And I can use your help.
Yeah! Put me down for a campaign contribution.
I think that you could probably do more than that.
You're booked in for three more days.
Well, thank you, sweetheart.
Ronnie? Just so you know I'm off early, tonight.
In case you're free.
Well, let's see what we can do.
Hey! You win.
Beg your pardon? You heard me.
Yeah, but I'd like to hear it again.
I'll hand in my resignation tomorrow.
Wish I could say I'm gonna miss having you around.
We'll be seeing plenty of each other.
Big meeting coming up.
Public hearing on your mine.
I'll be in front row.
Maybe I didn't make myself completely clear.
You leave Arctic Air, you leave Yellowknife.
The hell I will.
You've got 24 hours to get out of town.
I've always wanted to say that.
You sound like a John Wayne movie.
- Wasn't he the best? - I hate John Wayne movies.
Well, of course, you do.
The Indians always lose.
Be seein' ya, pilgrim.
The man Kwan Sorry? Gavin Kwan! What room is he in? What room is he in? Please? Kwan! You delude yourself that I am a nice man.
But I am not! I challenge you to open this door! Kwan! You are not a man of honour, and I am an asshole! What do you think you're doing? Okay, Kwan, there is a man here from the hotel.
He will unlock this door, if you do not open it directly.
Kwan! No, no, no He is no! I have to be an asshole! I'm gonna get my gun.
No, you're not.
For use on Ronnie Dearman, Gavin Kwan, and Bobby Martin.
Not necessarily in that order.
You need to keep your cool.
Nice, dad.
Really? Perfect.
Coming from you? I was provoked! Clear heads.
We'll figure this out.
Talk to the staff.
Tell them it's business as usual until they hear otherwise.
Then I'm gonna get my gun.
You're going to hold the fort, and I'm going to drum up enough investment to buy Dearman back out.
How are you going to do that? Fred Lewis.
He turned you down flat.
That was yesterday.
I am expecting a phone call from Rafael Silva's people.
Not sure they have my cell phone.
If, in fact, they call the room instead, just pass this on.
Your flowers arrived.
The ones you ordered.
For your wife? Yeah.
She's arriving on the 2:00 flight.
"Welcome, sunshine.
Love, from Ronnie.
" Isn't that sweet? Just send them up to the room If you don't mind.
You still here? So, the deal with Arctic Air Bobby seems to think that you were using me to screw him over.
Does he really? If there's any truth in that You'd what? Pay back the money you owe me? You got what you wanted, pal.
You're off the hook.
Be happy.
You know what I'm talking about, right? Kwan.
You! I demand satisfaction! You! Is Bobby here? You okay? He said to give this to Bobby, and if I can't find Bobby, I should give them to you, and I said, "do it yourself, you spineless invertebrate!" But he won't show his face here anymore.
And we're talking about? I have seen Gavin's true colours.
He said, "let's move in together.
" And I said, "but, Gavin, you don't have any money.
" And he said, "but you do.
" He said these might help.
Yeah, baby! Hey! I didn't think you'd come.
Don't know why I did.
Old times? Just tell me whatever it is that you need to say.
You want to You want to sit down? What do you want? Hey, man, I'm I'm sorry.
What a relief.
Now everything is better.
I wanted to say it anyway, before I leave town Assuming I can scrape together enough for a plane ticket.
You called me 'cause you need money? I tried asking Astrid, but she started yelling things in Swedish.
I'm really in a bind, man.
Hey, dude, you are the best.
You are the best.
Thank you.
Maybe a little extra, for You know, pocket money? You never change, do you? Neither do you.
Always there for a friend.
Hey I really wish it could've worked out.
Would've been such a blast, running an airline with you.
Have a good life.
Hey, Bobby.
You know, one thing I've learned When you deal with someone like Dearman, you make sure you have some ammunition in reserve.
It's a little late for that.
Hey, Bobby.
It ain't over till it's over.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
Yeah, that's That's a personal favourite.
That isn't me.
They get better.
Where the hell did you get these? You and Candi Lussier And Gavin Kwan just standin' there, with his phone out.
For a smart guy, Ronnie, that was amazingly stupid.
Obviously, he emailed me the file.
And, obviously, I'll send it to your wife.
Unless you sell back your share of Arctic Air.
- That's blackmail.
- Yes, it is.
You'd actually stoop that low? When you're pissing against a skunk, yeah, you get right to it.
Your old man teach you that? No, my father's actually quite the gentleman.
Me, on the other hand? I understand your wife is a lawyer? That could get interesting.
I'd just tell her that they're fakes.
You could try.
You photoshopped the head.
Bet she'd recognize some of the other parts.
So, do we have a deal? Daddy! Hey-hey! Sugarplum! I missed you so much.
So, you think about it, Ron, and let me know.
Hi! The bank's transferring Dearman's money back to him.
We're done with the bastard? Sure as hell no thanks to you.
Now all we have to do is find a way to cover the costs of the helicopter.
I took care of it.
New investor.
Fred Lewis? Came in for two million.
How'd you pull that one off? Told him Ronnie Dearman was investing.
Fred seemed to take that as a vote of confidence, and he likes my plans for modernizing the company.
Your plans? Arctic Air's my company.
That'd make 'em my plans.
You got a problem with that? Nope.
Not at all.
New world out there.
New opportunities.
Guys, listen.
I owe you one hell of an apology.
Yes, you do.
The way you stood by me I can't tell you how much that means.
It's the North Everyone gets a second chance.
Even jackasses.
Krista Don't ever do that again.
C'mon, now, Krista.
Don't stay mad.
I'm feeling better already.
Attagirl! And even if you'd found Gavin, it's not like you'd have done anything.
You're too nice.
This is my curse.
I wouldn't knock it.
I mean, not that I've had a lot of experience with nice guys.
Why would you want to? But I actually think I kind of find them You know Dull.
I know.