Arctic Air (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

Drop in for Lunch

Previously, on Arctic Air He collapsed, two days ago There's something wrong with his heart.
Bobby can dominate a dinner party without even showing up.
Maybe he'll join us in bed tonight.
How many other women have you knocked up? David is his father.
Connor doesn't even know who you are.
From Le Stock pot? Dark chocolate? Just taking them out of the oven when I got there.
You have got to stop spoiling me.
I'm starting to feel guilty.
Yeah, well, I know this was a big deal for you, me moving in here.
Well, if I'd known it came with all these perks, I would've suggested it months ago.
Ever been to Hawaii? I hear Maui's nice.
You think Mel would take a vacation? You want to go to Hawaii with Mel? Yeah.
I mean, sure.
What the hell? I mean, you know, if there was something going on, but, you know, otherwise No.
Not really.
You've had way too much coffee this morning, haven't you? Wait.
Where are you going? Our flight's not till 9:00.
Right? Yeah, I got some stuff I gotta do.
Eat your fruit.
See you at the hangar.
What do you want me to do, Doc? Fly you home in a busted plane? It's just a gauge.
Manifold pressure.
Without it, Mel doesn't know how much engine power he's got.
Are you angling for a job in maintenance? If I'm going up 8,000 feet in an aluminum box, I want to know everything's working.
Do we have to stay here another night? No offence to your family, or your Uncle Warren The funeral was very nice, but I have hunting guests coming to the lodge tomorrow.
Cece will have a new gauge flown down, and we'll have you home by lunch.
No, it's going to take three days to get that manifold pressure gauge.
I'm not spending another night in Watson lake.
Send a pilot to pick us up.
You can fly down next week and fix the 2-0-6.
No pilots.
What do you mean, no pilots? They're all off doing God knows what.
Loreen away, the inmates are running the Asylum.
What about the Aylmer Run this afternoon? Lady Lou got her skis on? Yeah.
She's all dolled up and waiting for you.
How was the funeral? Too much crying and singing, even for a country fan like Warren.
a dozen pilots, and no one can fly us home.
What's the point of owning a frigging airline? Hello? Morning, Cece.
Where's my plane for Fort Simpson? She's not on the tarmac.
Help me load this up, I'll tow her out for you.
I just got some stuff I need to load.
Well, you grab that one.
There's a few more to come.
What're you doing here so early? Don't you need eight hours rest between flights? We aren't flying for another hour.
I thought I'd catch up on some paperwork.
What about you? Aren't you cutting into your beauty rest? Breakfast meeting.
Bobby, you shouldn't have.
That's got to be $500, just for the roses.
Who's Dev in love with this week? No card Probably somebody's birthday.
All I got was a cake.
What? Who's getting engaged? Everyone here is either very married or very single.
What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here till 9:00.
You know, this is not at all how I planned this, but What the hell.
Krista Marry me? ARCTIC AIR Season finale - Drop in for Lunch Well wow I'm I'm speechless.
It's Beautiful.
Can you give us a second? I was going to stash everything on the plane, and surprise you once we took off.
Yeah, just Trust me, I was not planning on Bobby being part of the moment.
You You blindsided me.
Now I've got to go out there and and pretend everything is great.
"Pretend?" That's not what I meant.
It's what you said.
I just hate being the centre of attention, and now everybody's going to want to know Can you stop worrying about everybody else? I just asked you to spend the rest of your life with me.
I know.
You "know"? That's, uh that's it? Yeah, Blake, if you want to help me tent the engines, I can haul the beaver out On the tarmac for you guys.
Nothing left to say here.
Problem solved! Some of Warren's relatives decided to stay an extra week, so I scooped their flight.
This is our pilot Chris, from Copperwing.
You're lucky they canceled.
Could've been waiting a week for a ride home.
I never thought I'd be rescuing Mel Ivarson.
You're like a living legend up here, man.
I'm still alive, am I? Glad to hear it.
Well, yeah.
For sure.
You're like the original northern old-timer.
What're you laughing at? You're older than me, pal.
Warren's funeral is the third one I've been to this year.
We're droppin' like flies! Speak for yourself.
Just spent the last 24 hours with this joker.
Get us home before I wring his scrawny neck.
All right, this way.
So, have you set a date? No.
I haven't given him an answer yet.
Something made you hesitate! Yeah.
I like to think before I speak.
You're actually considering this? Marrying Blake? Yes.
I am.
Why? Well, you guys have been together, what, a couple months? Yeah, all of two weeks.
Okay, is there something you want to say to me, Bobby? You and me There's always been this connection Why the hell are you doing this now? I got Gerry to comp us a suite tonight.
View of the lake, king-size bed, late check-out You two are? Yeah.
Of course you are.
I I didn't mean to interrupt.
It's fine.
Bobby was just telling me an old story.
Krista! Most plane crashes happen in the first three minutes after take-off, or in the last eight minutes before landing.
I can't believe you work for an airline.
When people call to buy tickets, do you, like - try to talk them out of it? - Only the ones I like.
When I graduate, I'm going to buy one of those round-the-world tickets.
How can you not like flying? You've got a discharge on your generator.
It's probably just the gauge.
This plane gets a little high-maintenance, as soon as the Mercury drops.
Don't worry about it.
Humour me.
Shut off the master switch and pull the breakers.
Oh, God.
Is there something wrong? He's all wigged out over Warren's funeral.
Quit contemplating your mortality and let the pilot fly his damn plane! If it's a short, you risk fire in the electrical system.
You're used to those old junkers.
Compared to your DC-3, this is the space shuttle.
Chris I've been through this before.
You wait for the problem to get worse This is bad.
Just to get you off my back.
No radio, no instruments.
Not a fan of flying deaf and blind.
I smell smoke! What? No, you don't.
That's just your fear.
I smell it, too.
Can you see it? Where's it coming from? You need to land.
While you've still got control.
Please, listen to him! Come on, now.
Let's bring her down.
We can't be picky.
Everything's going to be fine.
Right there.
The lake.
Start your descent.
You look like someone just stabbed you in the gut.
Should've told Krista how you felt.
Krista's a close friend, and that's all.
Call her.
So, I guess you don't want to have lunch in Fort Simpson anymore? Okay, we'll just Pick up our cargo and we'll head right back.
Do you have any idea how this feels? You know me.
I hate being put on the spot.
Krista, when we were in Vancouver, you said that you wanted this to work.
You just sprung it on me, out of nowhere! We've been together for almost a year.
But you know what? I'm tired of doing this for both of us.
I'm not going to try and talk you into anything you obviously don't want to do.
Blake, I didn't say I won't marry you.
Yeah? Can you put Krista on? Sure.
Bobby Do me a favour.
Put some champagne on ice.
Krista just said yes.
We're losing elevation control.
Let me try to take her down, okay? Okay.
Turn master switch back on.
Breakers on, one by one.
Oh, God.
I got nothing.
Call A.
Set transponder to 7,700 and squawk ident.
Copperwing Airlines, Flight 6-3-6.
We have smoke Possible fire in our electrical system.
This is Copperwing 6-3-6.
Do you copy? The radio's not working.
Activate the E.
Everyone buckled in back there? Lean your heads on your crossed arms.
Try to relax.
Let your body go soft Go with the motion.
Get ready! This is it! We still taking off for Frances Lake? You know, I should stick around.
Mel and Krista are both away.
Okay, you want to tell me what's going on between you and Krista? That ship has sailed.
Bobby! What's wrong? Copperwing just called.
Loreen and Mel's plane went down.
Do we know for sure the plane went down? Yeah, maybe it was just an emergency landing.
The joint rescue coordination centre got the signal from the E.
Maybe the pilot activated it as a precaution.
Look, what about Copperwing? Didn't the pilot radio them? Hailey! What's the last thing anyone heard from the plane? There's been no contact since it took off.
Does JRCC have the coordinates? Yeah, they were about halfway back from Watson Lake, on this side of the mountains.
How long till help gets there? from Trenton.
Ontario? There's gotta be someone local.
No, there's no rapid air response out of Yellowknife anymore.
But there must be someone closer.
Edmonton? No, everything goes through Trenton now.
If anybody survived They'll freeze to death before the S.
techs get there.
Blake and Krista are there in Fort Simpson.
That's, what, 15 minutes? You can't ask Krista to fly over.
What if there's nothing left? "Might have gone down.
" What does that mean? Do you know for sure my dad was on that plane? He called just before take-off.
He said he was on his way home with Loreen, Caitlin and Doc Hossa.
Okay, well, has anybody done a fly-over to confirm? No.
Has there been contact with the plane? No.
Where are they? Give me their coordinates.
6-2-decimal-0-7 North.
1-2-3-decimal-1-7 West.
We'll be there in under 20.
Krista, what happened? Call me as soon as you get there.
Krista I wish I was there with you.
Just get things moving, Bobby.
You want me to take over? We're changing course To 6-2-decimal-0-7 North, We've got a decent first aid kit onboard.
I did my emergency medical training.
If we can land We're going to land.
What can I do? I've got to call Petra, Doc Hossa's daughter, and let her know that her dad was on the flight, but I'm on hold with joint rescue in Ontario.
Have they deployed the Hercules yet? It hasn't left base yet! We can't wait! We've got to outfit our own medevac.
Middle of nowhere.
No airstrip.
You need a plane big enough for, what? Five people, plus paramedics, plus equipment Lady Lou! She's got her skis on.
The only ones who know how to land a DC-3 on skis are Mel and Krista.
Can't be that different from flying it on wheels.
Just because you can hike up a mountain, doesn't mean you know how to ski down it.
Look, haul the building supplies off and outfit her as a medevac.
I'll find a pilot.
Well, the only one I can think of is Axel Roth.
He used to train pilots for DC-3s on skis.
He retired a couple years ago.
Kirby! It's bad Bobby.
What do you see? Just pieces Wreckage is scattered pretty far.
What do you want to do? Are you going to land? There's nowhere to land at the crash site.
There's a lake, about half a kilometer.
We can hike in.
It's going to take at least an hour, especially carrying gear.
We'll call you from the ground.
The plane's been down under an hour.
You know, Mel's walked away from crashes before.
Not like this.
Any luck tracking down Axel Roth? Well, he's headed to his trapline.
His daughter's trying to reach him.
How long till we leave here? Soon as Axel calls, we're leaving.
Look, I've tagged along on more than a few ski runs over the years.
I know every inch of this old girl.
Thanks, Cece.
Krista! Wait.
My dad would've been riding shotgun.
Stay here.
Let me check it out.
It's not your dad.
I knew him.
He was a good guy.
Is he? Yeah.
Well, we've got to keep looking.
Krista, we don't know what we're going to find here.
Why don't you let me go first? Blake.
I just don't want you to have to see Just help me find my dad.
Over there.
Smoke, through the trees.
Dad! Krista.
Tell me you brought a medevac.
I'm so glad you're all right.
Your dad pulled me out of the plane.
Built the fire.
This is where I found Caitlin.
Didn't think I should move her.
She was thrown all this way? Yeah.
Think we hit a berm.
Tail snapped off, one of the wings.
The nose is way the hell over there.
We found the pilot.
I thought After Warren's funeral, I didn't feel like attending my own.
Where are you going? Got to get Doc to the fire.
He's still trapped in the wreckage.
Doc? Wait! My head hurts a lot.
It looks worse than it is.
We'll get you cleaned up, okay? Dad! Go back to the fire.
Blake and I can move Doc.
It's going to be dark in four hours.
Temperature'll drop like a rock.
You just survived a plane crash! Your body can't take the stress.
I'm fine.
Mel says my back might be broken.
He's just being cautious.
Probably best if you stay here.
Just try and relax.
You're doing great, Caitlin.
We're gonna get you out of here as soon as we can.
How's your dad? Insane.
I'm going to go help him with Doc.
He's supposed to fly the Aylmer Run today.
Let me get everyone stabilized here.
I'll give you a hand.
Call Bobby.
Give him an update, and find out where the medevac is.
Arctic Air.
Hello? Who's this? Loreen! It's Hailey! Are you okay? What happened? How's Mel? He built a fire.
Loreen, it's Bobby.
You and Mel are okay? Yeah.
What about the others? Krista went with Mel.
And who's with you? A girl.
She's hurt pretty bad.
Paramedic's with her.
Paramedics are there? Yeah.
Did the building supplies get up to Gail Bishop at Aylmer? Don't worry about that, Loreen.
What about Doc? What's his condition? They're pulling him out of the plane.
He's alive? I don't know.
I'll find out.
Loreen? Loreen? We lost her.
Let's just get her back.
You know, I'd love to know where those paramedics came from.
Maybe Copperwing coordinated something.
I'll call Axel's daughter and tell her we don't need him.
Petra! I called your cell.
I didn't know you were in town.
I got your message.
Have you heard anything about my dad? No.
But the paramedics are on-site with Krista and Blake.
Well, let me talk to them.
We lost the satellite signal.
Hailey will take care of it.
Where's Connor? I left him at a friend's house.
I haven't told him yet.
I want to call my brother.
Before he finds out about the crash.
You don't need to worry about that.
We'll call Nelson.
Loreen? I don't want him to think I'm dead.
Well, Loreen just called the office.
I'm sure somebody's calling your brother right now.
How far away are the S.
techs? I think I need to sit down.
You okay? I feel a bit light-headed.
You talk to Bobby? Hailey.
And? Loreen? Is help on the way? Everything's fine.
Where's the phone? I don't know.
It hurts my eyes to talk.
What do you mean, hurts your eyes? You have a headache? Yes.
You've been through a lot.
Why don't we move you over here There we go! You and Caitlin need to keep each other warm.
I have to find the phone.
Okay? I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere! I just got off the phone with Copperwing, and they didn't send any paramedics.
But Loreen said they were on-site.
If they are, I don't know who sent them.
It's more likely Loreen's in shock.
She's not thinking straight.
Have you heard anything from Krista or Blake? Still no answer on the S.
We've wasted 25 minutes.
Call Axel.
We've gotta go.
He left for the trapline.
We missed the only window we had to reach him.
The temperature's dropping.
If-if the wind comes up I'll take the DC-3 with Shontal.
How many hours have you logged on skis? Look, I've flown on other planes on skis, and I flew the DC-3 with my dad.
I've watched him land on skis a hundred times.
Explain to me how crashing is gonna help bring our people home.
We're not going to crash! You flew in war zones! If anyone can handle this, it's you.
You don't even know the situation yet.
Let's just wait until we hear back from Krista.
Look! I'm not gonna sit on my ass and do nothing while five people freeze to death.
Look, Hailey, call our paramedics.
Let 'em know that I want to be wheels-up in 15.
You are not flying without a co-pilot.
I was supposed to fly to Aylmer with Mel today.
Dev! I've been studying the section in the manual.
I guess you're hired.
It's wedged tight behind the tree.
If it's cut the artery, we can't move you.
Just be ready to put pressure on it.
We need to build a fire and wait for the S.
Best chance for survival is keeping everyone together.
And Caitlin's hurt be good to have a doctor over there with her.
Stop talking and bloody well do it! No.
We need leverage.
I'll find something.
Stay here.
Don't die.
I don't want you traumatizing my kid.
Stop playing superhero, Mel.
You were in the crash, too.
You need to rest! I know.
I tried.
He's impossible.
Just take a break! Listen to her.
You look like shit.
Here we go.
This'll work better.
Krista, give me a hand.
Ready? One Two three! Pads! Pads! More pads! From the kit! Pressure point.
On the inner thigh.
Put pressure on Where's the phone? Couldn't find it.
Blake! Stay close.
Keep warm! I'll be right back.
His artery's cut.
You've got it.
Tie it off tight.
Doc Hang in there.
Hold it tight.
Looks like he's lost a lot of blood.
Check the wound.
Has it stopped? I think so.
Okay, let's get him bandaged up.
You buggered it all to hell this time, Ivarson.
Well, we'll see about that.
Unlike you, I don't lose patients.
We'll give you a minute, then we're hauling you back to the fire.
You can't wait.
You've got to get him out of here now.
We don't have room for everyone.
I'll stay with Caitlin.
Loreen's in shock.
She lost the S.
What? Something's not right, but she can probably walk to the plane.
I'm not gonna leave you and Caitlin here.
I'll build a shelter, keep the fire going.
We'll be fine.
Doc's going to die if you don't get him to a hospital.
I'll send Loreen over.
But don't wait.
She'll catch up.
I'm gonna radio for help as soon as I get back to the plane.
Fly safe.
I'll see you at home.
Where's Loreen? She said she went to find Mel.
I thought you'd all left.
You see which way she went? I told her not to go.
It's okay.
Everyone's all right.
I just need to find Loreen, okay? I'll be right back.
No! Don't leave me! You're safe here.
Everything's all right.
I'll be right back.
Please! Don't leave! Gonna be a hell of a trek back to the plane.
Are you okay? What happened? Probably just a cracked rib.
Thank God.
That's a DC-3 engine.
It's ours.
Who the hell's flying my plane? The snow's nicely drifted.
Lots of open space.
We must avoid the overflow there.
Break through the crust, it'll take us two days to dig her out.
We'll stay away from the dark patches.
We've got room.
It's gotta be a solid three-point landing Skis and tail wheel, down at the same time.
I know.
Once it's down, we can't turn her around.
We will need every inch of the lake for our take-off.
So bring her down short and stop her dead.
We didn't fly all the way here to screw it up now.
Strap in tight, folks.
This landing might be a little rough.
Stall speed is 65 knots.
You wanna touch down just before you hit that.
Air speed That's too fast.
The prop levers? Full forward.
Coming in way too fast! Flaps down? Selected Traveling.
Airspeed Take-off power.
Remove power? Or full power for take-off? Maximum power! Maximum! What the hell are they doing? Pilot's probably just doing a quick low-and-over, getting a look at the ice.
Where are you going? To get Doc loaded on this thing.
No! We're not gonna load him now.
They're going to come around again.
Bobby can't land her on skis.
Bob what makes you think it's Bobby? Sure as hell isn't someone who knows what they're doing.
That's it.
Bring her back around.
Airspeed 73.
Wind looks about That'll do.
Land smack into it, we might even have a shot at slowing her down.
All you gotta do is steer straight.
Loreen! Loreen! Loreen.
It's cold.
You have a pretty good sized goose egg here.
You remember hitting your head in the crash? Crash? Okay.
Let's get you back to the fire.
Caitlin's waiting for us.
Up you go! I don't think I can see anything out of this eye.
Just relax.
We'll keep you warm.
Come on! Dad! Dad! What happened? My God, he's having a heart attack! We're coming in steep.
Nice and slow.
Easy does it.
Sink rate's too high.
You're behind the airplane now! Don't you leave me.
Not like this.
Where's the pain? Here.
On his side! Do you feel a tightening in your chest? A pressure? No.
This come on suddenly? Is the pain getting worse? Bad for a while.
Come and go? Constant.
Lift his shirt.
Check his abdomen.
It's rock-hard.
It's not his heart? Did you take one to the gut, during the crash? Yeah.
What is it? Internal bleeding.
What do I do? Get him to the hospital.
They're coming around again.
I told you Bobby No frigging clue.
You can't wait.
Take your dad.
Go! Easy.
Loreen? Loreen? Blake she isn't moving.
Loreen? Loreen.
Is she breathing? No.
Come on, Loreen.
Come back to me.
Loreen! Loreen! It's getting late.
He's right, kid.
We're running out of time here.
I can do this! I watched my dad do it over and over.
He said there's a sweet spot you can feel, just before 65 knots.
She wants to come down in that perfect three-point landing.
Just gotta steer her steady.
What's wrong with her? May be swelling on the brain.
Her body's shutting down.
Please, just land.
Come on Steer her true, Bobby.
Here we go.
Put 'er down right on the button of 65.
Find that sweet spot.
That's it! Bring her up short! That's good! Now drag her tail! Way to go, Bobby Martin! Krista! Krista! Krista! Krista! Bobby! You okay? Bobby thank God.
Loreen's got a closed-head injury.
How bad is she? I don't know.
But at least she's breathing again.
What about the others? Looks like the pilot died instantly.
We should be touching down in about 25 minutes.
I hope they can last that long.
The paramedics are doing everything they can.
Mel regained consciousness.
That's a really good sign.
Three tries to land? I'll do better next time.
Mandatory ski training.
Everybody gets practice.
I'll leave the pilot-training to you and Krista.
Just because we're modernizing doesn't mean you let old skills go.
No final words, Mel.
You're not dying.
Do you hear me? Four of us Bad shape.
If one makes it Better hope it's Loreen You need her.
Shut up.
Save your energy.
We're almost home.
My worst nightmare when you were kids you two getting together Now If you can get past whatever shit You two make a hell of a team.
Hang on, Mel.
Are they out yet? Well, fortunately, Caitlin's young, her bones are made of rubber.
- She'll be fine.
- And what about Loreen? She's in post-op.
Surgeons relieved the pressure on her brain, they think she's going to be okay.
Blake probably saved her life.
So did you.
You guys got there just in time.
Mel is gonna be in surgery for a while.
Doctor say it's a miracle he made it this far.
What about grandpa? Is he going to be okay? Yeah.
He's a tough old guy, and he's got good doctors.
Where's David? He's in Tuk.
He's lives up there full-time now.
We separated last month.
Well, sorry.
I had no idea.
Connor and I were in Yellowknife looking for a place when you called.
Well, tell me if you need some help.
I might take you up on that.
How're you doing? I should I should've known he was hurt.
If he hadn't tried to save Doc All that extra stress and exertion.
I He was killing himself.
I didn't even know! Look, stop.
You did good.
And he'll be out of surgery soon, and he'll be yelling at me before you know it.
You're an idiot.
What the hell were you thinking, trying to land on skis? "Trying?" I did it! Thank God for your giant ego.
Thanks? And your total lack of impulse control! Okay, you can stop any time now.
You saved his life.
The doctor needs to talk to you.
Is my dad out of surgery? There's been a complication.