Arctic Air (2012) s02e05 Episode Script

Old Wounds

Previously on Arctic Air I wanted to call, but I didn't have your number.
Dial nine.
Your flowers arrived.
- For your wife.
- Yeah.
I end up with almost nothing.
Bob can walk you through it.
The deal stinks.
Walk away.
I'll see you bumming coins outside the liquor store.
That's a promise, Geronimo.
Whoa! Hey, what can I say? Making deadlines and I fail, I fail making mistakes I excel, excel faking interest One of those for me? Hey, what are you doing here? Ambushing you, apparently.
Well, I'm meeting with Jim McAllister.
Helping him with his diamond claim.
You should join us.
It's Loreen's birthday.
What are you doing later? Sleeping.
Well, don't bet on it.
Say midnight, your place? Ring the doorbell.
See if anyone answers.
Why did I let you guys drag me here? To celebrate.
Celebrate what, one year closer to 40? Don't be silly.
You have nothing to worry about.
No? Nah! You are still a hot cougar.
I'll get more shots.
Such a phony oh, well, oh, well hold everything to pieces I have a confession to make.
I can't stop looking at you.
Really? Is that the best you can do? I know.
It's a terrible line, but it happens to be true.
That's your name, right? I asked the bartender.
Remind me to thank her for her discretion.
I'm Cole.
Can I buy you a drink? The diamonds are there, Bobby.
And we both want to believe that, but if I'm an investor I've got a new geologist's report coming in this weekend, and it's going to prove that I'm right.
And if it does, that's what we sell.
Except I'm up to my eyeballs in debt.
I've got no money to pay the geologist.
And I've got to put down another 10 grand by Monday just to renew the claim.
How much do you need? I'm not asking for your money, Bobby.
What I need is a cornerman.
A what? This weekend.
First prize? I want one of those for my birthday.
Well, I'd better get going.
Someone waiting? Do you need a ride? Nah, 12 hours, bottle to throttle.
I've still got an hour.
Well, you won't be drinking alone.
You want to get out of here? Yeah.
We're taking off Ya, you are.
Are you okay to get home? Oh, Astrid is coming home with me.
Only because we're roommates, Dev.
I thought maybe it was one of those nights.
Hey! How was the rest of the birthday? Can we please just pretend that last night never happened? Cole? And this is the rest of the arctic air crew, Loreen and Astrid.
Ladies, Randy Collier, my best bud, and a killer pilot, as I'm sure he'll tell you.
Hey, Loreen.
Randy? Really appreciate you getting up here so fast.
Shontal really boned us.
Hey, when Blake called, it was perfect timing.
I was looking for a change.
And the chance to fly DC-3s again? Come on.
So from '03 to '07, you were flying in southeast Asia.
And then Fiji? A pilot's license, it's a great way to see the world.
But then there's a gap.
According to this, you haven't flown since '09.
Sounds about right.
What happened? Dominique.
I met her when I was flying in Fiji.
Took a couple of years off, and we travelled Asia.
Dominique? Hmm.
Is she going to be moving up here? No.
No, it's over.
It's a long story.
I won't bore you with it.
So, how good is your buddy? He's good.
As good as I am.
Yeah? Maybe better.
Well, what are we doing standing around? I've got a food/mail run that needs to get up the valley.
Let's get you in the air.
Yes, buddy! Jim was one hell of an amateur boxer.
Yeah, yeah, I've seen him fight.
He won the regional championship one year.
But which year? He's kept himself in great shape.
Come on, it's like riding a bicycle.
Yeah, and landing on your head.
Do you know who enters these northern tough guy competitions? Northern tough guys, obviously.
Guys who open beer bottles with their eye sockets.
Bobby, do Jim a favour, if he's that desperate, sell one of his kidneys.
It'll hurt less.
Oh, I don't know, McAllister has all the tools.
If his corner knows what they're doing I'll be with him.
His prayers are answered.
I owe you an apology, don't I? Hey, why would you give your real name to someone you met in a bar? That could lead to honesty, or something.
It had nothing to do with you.
It's just, sometimes, you want to be somebody else Sure.
I'm sorry about that stuff in the cab.
That was really stupid.
Yeah, it was.
Bobby My geologist hasn't checked in yet.
He's staying here? Supposed to be.
Look at these guys.
Looks like out-takes from "Deliverance.
" Yeah, well, I booked you a dressing room upstairs.
Whoa-ho, fancy! First class all the way.
Thank you, sir.
Let's get you registered.
My man, Bobby Martin.
It's always good to see you, Russell.
Not particularly.
Nice of you to say so, though.
Gonna throw your hat in the ring? Yeah, I think I'll give it a go.
Good for you.
Signature on the dotted line, the handsome fella's hand.
So, who are we up against? Well, I'd say the favourite has got to be my brother, Kimbo.
Pardon me, boys.
The Comstock brothers.
It's a regular scumbag convention.
Well, well, well, Bobby Martin, as I live and breathe.
And here comes the keynote speaker.
You're signing up for this? Well, I have to say I'm impressed, Bob.
You finally grew yourself some cojones.
Tell you what, if you sign up, I will, too.
I'm just here to back the winner.
And he's standing right here.
In your dreams.
Afternoon, Jim.
Life's been good to you, I trust? Since you turned weasel and screwed me out of that diamond deal.
Nobody screwed anybody.
Jim turned you down.
You say tomato.
And here comes the tournament champion.
A big Yellowknife welcome for Alvin "the Hammer" Hammarstrom! I believe you two know each other? Hey, Hammer.
How's it going? Jim McAllister.
Last time I saw you, you were lying flat on your back trying to get your eyes to focus.
So those two years you were travelling, did you do any flying? A little.
Don't you miss it? I go a week between flights and I'm jonesing for it.
You didn't know Dominique.
She had a way of keeping my mind off everything else.
Watch your air speed.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I'm serious.
Add power, we're losing speed.
Blake, relax.
How many flights have we done together? Your angle of attack is too steep.
Down! Get the nose down! We're going to stall! I got it.
What the hell was that? Just get off my back.
Alvin the Hammer.
I fought him when I was 18.
So, you were just kids.
A lot of things can change.
Yeah, Alvin changed.
He put on 40 pounds, grew four inches and turned pro.
He's a professional boxer? Yeah, he fought for the Canadian title a couple of years ago.
Lost a split decision.
Jim, look.
You know, you don't have to go through with this.
I'm not going to lose my diamonds.
Even if you win, it's only 10 grand.
You're going to need more money anyway.
And that's where you come in.
Me? The big money is in the side-bets.
Look, I don't have to win the tournament.
I just have to hang in there for the first couple of fights.
And you, you have to bet every cent we've got.
Gentlemen? I have brought you a cut-man.
I have done first aid.
Guys, we're kind of in the middle of something.
They just announced the match-ups for the first round Wait, hold on.
And? You're fighting Kimbo Comstock.
Every cent.
So I'm rusty, okay? That's all it is.
Are you sure of that? It's been a while since I flew DC-3s.
It'll come back, no worries.
Tell me something.
What time did you have your last drink? Last night.
Hey, I know the drill, What about today? How many drinks did you have this morning? Are you serious? No way.
You are so far out of line I asked you a question, buddy.
You asshole! Your friend's a pretty angry guy.
He never used to be.
He lost it on a cab driver last night.
What? I told the driver to take us to my place.
Randy decided the guy was missing lights to run up the fare.
In Yellowknife.
Wait, you and Randy? Not after that.
I went home.
Randy went to crash with his buddy.
Apparently, that was you? Yeah, that was me.
He's not the same Randy I knew ten years ago.
Ladies and gentlemen! Not that I see very many ladies here Or gentlemen for that matter.
Who's a northern tough guy? I can beat him.
Like a rented mule.
And don't worry about the organized crime thing.
Organized crime? Yeah, them Comstock brothers, got their fingers in all sorts of crap Cece I'm only sayin'.
Mob's always been involved with boxing.
They killed Sonny Liston.
The Comstock brothers? The mob.
The Fighting Pride of Yellowknife, Kimbo "the Assassin" Comstock! You're goin' down, McAllister, you hear me? You're going all the way down town! Did you make the bet? Thousand bucks.
Good man.
Weighing in quite reasonably, for a fella his age, the battling prospector himself Diamond Jim McAllister! Seconds out! Dude, don't lose.
Let's do this thing! Get up! Come on, Jim! He ain't nothin'! Get up.
Are you okay? Hey, who's your daddy? Hey, old man? Who's your daddy? Okay, he's young, he's fast, and he hits like a truck.
I think Jim's noticed that.
But he's gonna punch himself out.
All right, deep breaths, buddy.
Relax in there and just stay away from him.
You've got him, Jim.
He's nothing at all.
He swings like a rusty gate.
That's baseball.
You've got him anyway.
Go get him.
All right! That's it! Now, follow it up! Right hand! Right hand! You can do this! My God, he actually can.
The rustiest gate I have ever seen in my life! And then the big right hand, like a wrecking ball from heaven.
He calls that punch "The Diamond Drill.
" No, I don't.
You do now.
This boy is going all the way.
I do believe.
Okay, people! The champ has got to rest.
The Diamond Drill.
And now Kimbo Comstock is not anyone's daddy at all.
You know, not that being a father is everything.
I am not one myself.
Congratulations, dude.
Fair and square.
Thanks, man.
Not bad at all, for an out-of-shape amateur who hasn't fought for a decade.
It's that generous spirit of yours, Ronnie.
That's why everyone loves you.
The Hammer's fighting at 3:00.
You'll want to get there early, 'cause it ain't going to last long.
It's just coffee, buddy.
We need to talk.
I'm sorry.
What else do you want me to say? I want to know what's going on with you.
What I saw up there, that wasn't you, not the Randy I used to fly with.
So I take some time off to go travelling and I'm a bit rusty You weren't travelling.
I called your brother in thunder bay.
He said you've been back there drinking your face off my personal life is none of your business.
I vouched for you.
What else did my brother tell you? He said I should ask you.
So you asked.
And I'm telling you to keep your nose out.
We don't have to make a big deal of this.
I'll talk to Mel, maybe we can keep you on as a rampie or something till you can find something else.
A-a rampie? Dude, come on I wish there was something else I could do.
Blake, I need this, okay? I really need this.
Please I'm sorry, man.
And now making his way to the ring, Alvin "the Hammer" Hammarstrom! Hammer! Hammer! Alvin! It looks like someone welded him together.
The bigger they are The harder they hit.
That's been my experience, anyway.
Mel, I didn't think you were gonna be here.
What, and miss the concussions? Besides, no point in going to work.
It's not like I have a staff.
I wasn't feeling too well.
I hear Jim McAllister looked pretty good.
Knocked out Kimbo Comstock.
Kimbo isn't Alvin Hammarstrom.
Three two-minute rounds of boxing.
You know the rules.
No kicking, no gouging no hitting below the belt.
What are you doing here? I thought you had a flight.
Apparently not.
You're pissed.
Hey, Blake went to bat.
What the hell is wrong with you? Mel, I could tell you, but we'd be standing here for hours.
And we wouldn't even scratch the surface.
Who's a northern tough guy! This guy could be a good test.
You think? I hear he's got a couple of black belts.
Mixed martial arts.
Know thy opponent.
Like I said, that mixed martial arts crap, all show, no go.
Hey, can I help you with that? Oh, hi.
I-I got it.
What's up? They didn't tell you? I'm taking this flight.
Really? I didn't hear anything.
Yeah, they bumped you to the Margate run or something? I don't think so.
I think Loreen would have called.
Hey, I'm new, I just go where they tell me to.
You'd better check.
Hey, it's Astrid.
Is Loreen there? Uh, well, do you know anything about a change in my flight this afternoon? Hey! Randy! Collier, where the hell are you? I know you can hear me.
Collier, bring back my friggin' plane! Let me try.
Randy, it's me.
You know you don't want to do this.
Come back, we'll work Randy, do you read? I turned around for 10 seconds, I swear.
I looked back, and he's taking off.
So we find him.
Did you fuel up? Full tank.
He could be anywhere then.
And he has to come down at the end of it.
I'll put the word out to the other airlines.
Maybe somebody else's pilot will see something.
We'll call the cops is what we'll do.
Wait, just give me a little time.
I'll fix this.
He stole a plane, Blake.
I'm calling the police.
His name is Larry Kinaschuck.
He's a geologist.
He hasn't checked in yet.
Okay, let me know when he does.
They just announced tomorrow's draw.
McAllister's fighting at noon.
Against? Don't tell me Diamond Jim McAllister, up against the Hammer.
Doctors will be in attendance.
Well, you'd better tell the Hammer good luck because he's gonna need it.
You're not serious.
Wow, you know, people usually know when I'm joking, because I have a huge friendly smile.
Well, I'll tell you what, Bob.
If that's the way you really feel about it, I've got one hell of a proposition for you.
He wants to bet 10,000.
You against the Hammer.
I don't have $10,000, that's why I'm doing this.
Dearman knows that.
He puts up the money, and you put up your diamond claim.
No! That claim could be worth millions.
I know.
It's nuts.
Tell him I take the bet.
Jim, whoa.
Bobby, I need that money.
Not this badly.
Look, we both saw the fight, and I'm sorry, dude, but let's be honest, there's just no way.
If you're not with me, I'm going to do this by myself.
Sorry, man.
Bobby Martin? Girl at the front desk said you were looking for me.
Larry Kinaschuck.
Oh, hey.
You're the geologist.
Okay, the Hammer is not invincible.
Is he? Well, he's bigger than Jim.
This is true.
He's tougher than Jim.
Also true.
And he's a way better fighter than Jim.
You're right.
It is hopeless.
He's got a flaw.
I spotted it.
When? That last fight.
Cece, I would never doubt your word, but that fight lasted 12 seconds, including the referee's instructions.
One flaw, trust me.
And it's a big one.
I got $500, right here, girls, that says the guy who knocked me out is gonna kick the Hammer's ass.
Five bills, on McAllister.
Any takers? You're on, buddy! Unless you want to round it up to a thousand? Hell, yeah.
Hell, yeah.
Anyone else? Jim takes the bet.
His diamond claim, against 10,000.
Except it it's not 10, it's 20.
Fine by me.
It's not as if I'll ever be paying up.
One more thing Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're not going to gob on your palm, now, are you, Bob? I mean, I try to respect your northern customs and all.
I need to see your stake, up front.
The size of the bet.
What, you don't think I'm good for it? We'll give it to a third party, a stakeholder.
You know, your money, against Jim's claim registration.
Someone we both can trust.
Bob, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I can't stand you.
Thanks, Ronnie.
Of all the people I know in Yellowknife, you're pretty much the one I can stand the least.
Now, I'm not saying that in the spirit of personal vindictiveness, you understand, it's a practical thing, because you can't stand me either.
You know, I wish I could deny it.
My point is, how the hell are we going to agree on someone we can both trust? We pick someone who hates us both.
Candy Lussier.
You guys are serious.
Candy, you put the money and the claim in the hotel safe.
Tomorrow after the fight, you hand everything over to me.
To the winner.
Like I said.
And what exactly do I get out of this? The satisfaction of watching one of us lose.
You guys are both crazy.
So is that a yes? It's a turbo Beaver, Arctic Air logo.
Call numbers are Yeah, same plane.
If we'd heard anything, would I be phoning you again? Yeah.
Thank you.
You should go home.
I told you I can fix this.
I'm going to fix it.
It's not your fault.
You were just helping a friend.
Where would he go? I have no idea.
I think it depends if he's planning on coming back.
Look, he's probably just in a bar somewhere, and he's gonna sober up tomorrow morning, and realize this was seriously a bad idea.
Go home, Blake.
Hello? Is somebody there? Hello? Hey, buddy.
Randy What the hell are you doing, man? Are you okay? Oh, yeah.
I'm golden.
Selfish prick! Stealing a plane? I guess I screwed up.
Look, listen to me.
We can straighten this out, okay? Randy? It was a great flight up here.
Perfect weather.
You know how it is The best feeling in the world? I'm coming up there.
No, forget it.
There's no point.
Randy, sit tight, okay? I'm coming, buddy.
Do you hear me? I'm coming.
The claim registration of Jim McAllister's diamond find.
And he knows you're doing this? Cross my heart.
Okay, I'll put it in the safe.
With Dearman's 20 grand.
Oh, he dropped that off half an hour ago.
I can still smell the after-shave.
Uh, Candy? Um, a question for you.
If Ronnie Dearman and I were both drowning, and you could only save one of us, what would you do? Sell tickets.
Why? Randy, you in there? It's open.
You came.
Of course, I came.
I'm your friend.
What, did you boost another one of Mel's planes? I should just kill you.
That works.
Things weren't working out in Yellowknife, eh? Figured I'd try further north.
Fort Good Hope.
I'm starting to run out of planet.
Look, I called your brother back.
He told me about your girlfriend, Dominique Wife.
We'd been married six weeks.
Oh, man.
Look, I am so sorry.
That makes two of us.
Your brother said this was down in Fiji? Two years ago.
Island hopping.
I was flying some aussies back to Suva.
Dominique was with me.
A storm came out of nowhere.
The engine stalled.
And I couldn't get it back.
It wasn't your fault.
It's something that happens.
Does it happen to you, buddy? Of course not.
You've always been perfect.
And now, the fight we've all been waiting for! Three rounds of boxing, between Diamond Jim McAllister and Alvin "the Hammer" Hammarstrom.
Let's go, Hammer! It's his left hand.
He drops it after he throws a jab.
I've seen him fight before.
He does it every time.
No hitting below the belt.
But most of all, no running, no hiding, and no crying like a little girl.
Jim, I'm not going to let you take a beating out there.
Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, buddy.
Seriously, if His left.
You wait for him to drop it, you come across with the right.
Huh! Huh! Huh! Yes! The Diamond Drill! The Diamond Drill, boom! Gentlemen Let's do this thing! Hello? Okay, it's done.
You bet the money? I took it to Russell Comstock, he's running a sports book.
Candy, you are the best! This is theft.
You do get that, right? It's not theft, it's leverage.
If you do lose, how the hell do you pay Dearman back? Don't worry! I'm not going to lose! I should've just let you drown.
He's in rough shape! Come on! The left hand, Jimmy.
He keeps dropping it! Don't you see it? The problem is he keeps hitting Jim in the face with it first.
You're getting killed out there.
I'm going to stop the fight.
Don't do it.
Don't you stop this fight.
You don't have to do this! Gimme that.
Go, Hammer! That's it! Ooooh.
It is magnificent.
It is like the 300! Hit him! Atta boy! Now that left! There it is! Hallelujah Hallelujah hallelujah What's your name? Do you know your name? Apparently, four people died, including Randy's wife.
Blake told you this? He called about an hour ago from Fort Good Hope.
He hitched a ride up there with Twin Lakes.
He's flying them back now.
How's my plane? Never mind your plane.
How's Randy? You're going to get through this.
Thanks, buddy.
I'll do what I can, okay? Whatever you need.
Look at you, up there on top of the world.
Fixing people's lives.
Blake, what's your position? Hundred Miles southeast of Fort Good Hope.
Everybody okay? Yeah, we're good, Mel.
What's your ETA? I was always the better pilot.
You know that, right? Yeah.
I do.
Flight school? I was the one who covered your reckless ass.
I mean, the risks you took, it should've been you.
This isn't getting us anywhere.
I trusted you.
The one guy I could always count on.
Randy, look I could've started over.
You could've covered for me.
I could still be a pilot.
Blake, are you still reading me? Yes, I read.
Look, Randy, I promise you Forget it.
It's over.
What the hell are you doing? End of the road, pal.
What, are you crazy? You'll kill us both! What the hell is going on up there? Blake! I'm in a spiral, I don't think I can get it back.
Opposite rudder and power.
I can't maintain altitude.
Opposite rudder, wheel forward, full power.
We're too low! Pull the nose up.
Oh, God.
Blake, I've lost you.
Can you read me? Blake? Yeah, I read you.
We're on our way home.
You battled nobly.
In the end, this is all that matters.
Actually, no.
No, it's not.
Well, the guy is a professional, and you almost had him.
And now Ronnie Dearman has my diamond claim.
Geology report.
Bobby Martin said I should give it to you.
Yeah, well, Bob's a good loser.
Boy's had plenty of practice.
I wish I was giving you better news.
Excuse me? They're down so deep, you'd never get to them.
So You're telling me my claim was worthless? Still You come out of it okay.
Once Ronnie gets his stake back, there's 20,000 left for you.
What are you talking about? I bet Dearman's money with the Comstocks.
You bet on the Hammer? Sorry, Jim.
With Ronnie Dearman's money? Leveraging.
Look, I'm your biggest fan, but there was no way you were going to beat that guy.
You traitor! Stay out of this.
You could've told me.
I tried, but you weren't listening.
You could've told me louder! We've checked the plane over.
A few scuffs on her belly, but she'll live.
So you had some problems up there.
We hit some rough weather, almost ditched.
And where is he now, the guy who stole the plane? That's not what happened.
Like I said, it was a mixup.
I was supposed to fly with Randy on a cargo run up to Fort Good Hope.
I forgot to tell him, and he left Yellowknife without me.
So, you went up there after him? He's new.
Doesn't know the area.
I thought he could use a co-pilot.
That sound about right? Yeah.
Sorry for dragging you down here, Gayle.
This was my fault.
I take responsibility.
What the hell happened up there? We hit turbulence.
Sure you did.
You're one of my best pilots.
You're telling me you got into trouble because of a little weather? That's what I'm telling you.
I talked to his brother.
He's going to get Randy into rehab.
He won't be flying again.
You make sure of that.
For his sake and everyone else's.
Don't worry.
Hey, Blake.
Good piece of flying.
Don't recommend any more of your friends.
Wait, wait, wait, he bet 20 grand against his own guy? He got Candy Lussier to make the bet for him.
That means they threw the fight.
I told you! What the hell is so funny? Nothing's so funny.
Bobby Martin's a dead man.