Arctic Air (2012) s02e06 Episode Script

Dangerous Cargo

Previously on Arctic Air Bobby! Blake What are you doing here? We never talked about what happened! When you agreed to spend the rest of your life with me, then I cared that you were kissing Bobby, not now.
I hope someday you find someone that can really love you.
Great visibility.
I love my job.
It doesn't get better than this.
Shh I'm sorry, Lucy.
It's not going to be too long.
She does realize it's just a bear, right? This is too slow Hey, they're like her family.
Try to sleep, Lucy.
You two know each other? Yeah.
Do you have any idea how much stress Lucy's under? This is This is insane, Bobby.
She doesn't belong in Siberia.
I thought Lucy was having a tough time.
That's why the government agreed to transfer her, right? She lost both her cubs this spring.
Four months old.
Died while she was trying to teach them to hunt.
So it's good she's going to Wrangel Island.
They get down to, what, minus 70 in the winter, don't they? They have climate change in Siberia, too.
Okay, well, if this is such a bad idea, why are you here? Because I can't stop it.
But I can make sure her new environment is as suitable as my supervisor claims it is.
I'm sure it is.
Okay, okay.
We all want what's best for Lucy.
I'm the only one who knows what she needs.
And you're going to be on the flight to Russia with her.
For what that's worth.
A lot.
What do you want me to do? We've got to move it just outside the door.
We have to transfer her again when the truck gets here.
Bobby, Krista, this is Dr.
Hui, and Vladimir Andreyev from the Russian conservation place.
I am so sorry, I can't pronounce it.
It's okay.
Thank you very much for picking up our cargo.
Uh, where's Loreen? Dentist.
I am the office chick today.
Lady? Woman? "Manager.
" Office manager.
When will the truck be here? We'll call them as soon as you're ready.
Well, call them now.
We don't want to miss our flight.
Just sign right there.
Let me see the animal.
I gave her five cc's at 4:30 this morning.
She was under for approximately two hours, so it should have cleared her system by now, but she's obviously still stressed.
Don't worry.
We will drug it before we get it on the plane.
And send her into cardiac arrest? Of course not.
We will not be drugging this animal again.
What exactly is your experience with polar bears? I'm speaking to you.
What is your experience? What is the problem? I don't trust him with Lucy's care.
Now, we need to find a qualified vet to fly with us to Siberia.
You are not coming to Russia.
I most certainly am.
I am very sorry for the misunderstanding, but these are not the arrangements that we made.
I am not leaving Lucy's side until I see for myself that she is being cared for appropriately.
We simply do not have room on the flight for you.
Our team is in place.
This is Totally un-unacceptable.
The bear is in very good hands Get away from her! She is not going anywhere with you.
Tara, what are you doing? You're fixing this.
Fly us back.
Lucy Stop.
Stop moving.
Lucy should never have been removed from her natural habitat.
Your government recognizes the bear is not thriving.
Your vet intends to kill her before she even gets on the plane.
I'm recommending a very low dosage, with minimal risk I should put you down.
Okay, they're not going to hurt the bear.
You can come to Russia with us It's too late for that.
I'll fly you and Lucy back.
Just put the gun down.
I think I'll hang on to it for now.
Look, I've flown a DC-3 solo.
You only need one pilot.
It's safer with two.
She's coming.
Tara Okay, fine.
But you don't need them.
The fewer people, the easier it is to escape.
Es-escape? You know, I am not the bad guy here You're the one with the gun! Okay, relax.
Let's just move everybody out of here, okay? Krista and I will fly you.
Okay! Get them out of here.
Kirby Okay.
Not you.
This doesn't feel right, leaving you guys.
Kirby, just go.
Okay, all right.
Bolt it! And shut the blinds.
All of them.
Don't I already called the police.
They said the best thing to do is clear the area and let them handle it.
Yeah, but I should call Loreen.
You know, the office manager? The police will call her.
And Mel, oh, he's going to freak.
But you represent Arctic Air right now, yes? Uh, yeah.
I-I guess I do.
We have paid a great deal of money to your company.
The least you can do is come and speak with polar jet about postponing the next leg of our journey.
I don't really have a lot of pull.
If you refuse, we will call your boss.
No, no, no.
Yeah, cool.
Let's do this.
I told you to turn on the air conditioning.
Lucy starts to overheat at zero degrees celsius.
How soon can we be in the air? We'll need rampies to help us load.
Not until the last minute.
We need to minimize Lucy's time in the small cage.
It takes a while to refuel and run a safety check.
And there's that thing with the engine.
That's right.
Oil leak.
Gotta get that checked out.
That means we need to call in our mechanic.
Do it.
Put it on speaker.
Whatever it is, no.
I told you guys I was going out for lunch today.
Hey, Cece.
It's Krista.
This is an emergency? Hey, easy.
How come you sound like you're in a submarine? Because you're on speaker phone.
What for? We need you to prep Lady Lou.
What do you mean "prep"? Have one of the rampies gas 'er up, she's good to go.
Something's not right with engine number two.
An oil leak.
It could be dangerous, and it's a rush.
For Christ's sake.
It's always a friggin' rush.
What's the run? The shipment's sensitive.
And, uh We want to keep the flight quiet, so What are we, the CIA? Just Can you please, can you just get down here? Do I have time to finish my chowder first? Get it to go.
What's going on? I don't know.
We're locked out.
The door is bolted from the inside.
Where's Kirby? We called the office and his cell.
No answer.
Loreen, it's locked.
It's probably our mechanic.
Or the police.
It's suspicious if we don't answer it.
Everything's normal.
Arctic Air.
Bobby, what the hell is going on? Uh, the tranquilizers are wearing off and the bear's getting freaked out.
Well, she's in the cage, right? Yeah, but the people and the noise, it's just getting to her.
Have you called wildlife control? No.
We've got a fed biologist here, and she has everything under control.
Where's Kirby? I stupidly put him in charge.
He was with our clients, Vladimir and Hui.
You haven't talked to them? No.
Well, maybe he's out showing them YK, um, while they wait.
How long is this going to take? I've got eight flights in and out today.
Look, the bear just needs some space.
Mel's inbound from Fort Res.
Those doors better be open for business by the time he lands.
Working on it.
I've been working with this population of bears since I was 22.
I watched Lucy grow up.
That office, go.
And you've watched it get harder for her.
Less ice, shorter hunting season.
So we send Lucy to Siberia, how does that address the issue? Are we just going to keep shipping our bears away? Of course not.
I was only talking about Lucy.
It's so typical of this government.
Sweep it under the rug, muzzle our scientists.
Pretty screwed up.
It's my last month in the field.
Oh, you're being laid off? Transferred, to a desk in Edmonton.
I won't go.
What are you doing? Please, Tara.
Move! Look, she's just scared.
No, actually, I'm pissed off.
You know what pisses me off? Four billion years of evolution destroyed by 200 years of greedy humans like you.
You're not a killer, Tara.
You don't know anything about me.
You think you're at the top of the food chain? You need some perspective.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Don't do anything stupid.
She needs to see for herself what I'm trying to protect.
How long are you going to keep this up? Do you really think Bobby and I can just take off with you and the bear, and nobody's going to stop us? You spend five minutes with Lucy, and you'll see.
I'm not crazy.
Five minutes, you will want to do the right thing.
Just go.
You don't have to lock her in there.
She needs to see, Bobby.
You are something.
You can let her out.
You made your point.
It's not a punishment.
She's lucky to be in Lucy's presence.
Vladimir said he'd take you to Russia.
Maybe if we call him, we could still work something out.
Lucy's not going anywhere with those people.
What's wrong with them? The vet wanted to tranq her for the flight, after I specifically told him how much I had already given her.
Any idiot knows you keep drugging an animal, and you'll kill it.
I saw Lucy's export paperwork myself.
It all checked out.
And a government stamp of approval means that everyone involved is capable and professional.
That's a nice bubble you live in.
We tried to reach you on the radio, the phone.
What's going on? There's an 800-pound polar bear inside that needs her space.
Oh, the bear is here? I really want to see it.
Seriously, we can't go inside? Who says? Bobby.
He's inside with Krista and the bear biologist.
Why don't we call Russia? You can ask every question you've got.
If you hear anything you don't like, we stick to your plan.
We're sticking to the plan.
There is no question.
You said so yourself that this year is a bad year for Lucy, and it's only going to get worse.
Look, if she has a chance to survive Okay, I will talk to the Russians.
It's good to know your enemy.
Aw, this is stupid.
Blake, you can't go in there.
- It's locked.
- It's locked.
I'm just going to go check and see what's going on.
Blake Look, I'll be quiet.
I won't upset the Teddy bear.
So, where's the fire? I thought you were going out for lunch today.
Apparently, my date is with Lady Lou.
We're holding all work till the polar bear calms down.
That's not what Krista said.
When did you talk to her? Right after I got my friggin' chowder.
Really? Thanks.
Sorry to wake you.
That was the director at Wrangel Island.
They're not expecting a polar bear from Canada.
So they don't even know Lucy is coming? And they've never heard of Vladimir or Dr.
This doesn't make any sense.
How the hell did they get their paperwork through? They must have greased the right bureaucrat's palm.
If they're not taking Lucy to wrangel island, what's their plan? Gall bladders fetch about ten grand in China.
It's got to be more than that.
Ten grand won't even cover the fuel.
I'm sorry.
I have no idea how long it's going to be.
Okay, thanks.
Polar Jet.
Our client, Vladimir, asked them to delay the bear's flight for a few hours.
So, what's the problem? Kirby wasn't with him, and he's still not answering his cell.
It just rings and rings.
I hope the sound is not irritating the bear.
You'd better call the cops, 'cause something ain't right here.
What's your emergency? This is Loreen Cassway from Arctic Air.
We're locked out of our building.
Two, maybe three of our pilots are inside, but there's been some confusion about what's been going on.
Dev, enough with the fire drills.
Mel, this is a far stranger situation.
Our cargo has turned on us.
Tara? Bobby? Tara, let me out! You're okay.
It's okay Bobby told us to stay out, but then Krista called Cece, and then And you're just calling the cops now? Bobby said that Oh, give your head a shake.
There's no plausible reason for him to lock my daughter inside with a cranky polar bear.
And then Blake went in, and he hasn't come out yet.
What does wonderboy think he's going to do? Cops are on their way.
Get these people out of here.
Last thing we need is a bunch of lookie-loos standing around.
And keep your phones on.
It's not a holiday.
I'll call you as soon as we know anything.
I'm going to wait.
They are my family, too.
Well, stay out of the way when the cops get here.
Who's in on this bear contract? Our clients, the fed's polar bear biologist.
What do we know about them? Call what's-his-name, that cop who keeps asking you out.
Oh, jeez, Kirby, where the hell are you? Hey! You guys seen Kirby? Not since last night.
His car's at work and he's not.
Got a new girlfriend, or Maybe a buddy who picked him up from work? Um Is there any chance you boys could pool your brain cells for one second and come up with a single useful idea? Uh You could try Gary's.
Where would that be? Northlands.
He's got a blue trailer, plastic flowers, flamingoes Can you put that thing away now? What's going to happen? First, we're letting out Krista and then we're calling the cops.
But all that Vladimir and Hui have to say is I drew my weapon on them, and Look, let's get Krista out first, okay? We'll tell her the whole story, and she'll have your back, too.
I'll let her out, if you help me expose these guys.
Everyone will see that you were right.
And we'll take Lucy back home.
You know, I don't like people.
But for a homosapien, you're okay.
Bobby! Krista! What's going on in there? Nice, Blake.
Why do I always fall for your bullshit? Give me your phone.
Tara, I'm on your side.
And you said you'd call me, too.
After the weekend? In Rankin? I thought we both knew what that was.
Is that what this is? You get me to drop my guard, and then your buddy attacks me? He's not my buddy, and I didn't know that he was going to play action hero.
Okay, what the hell is going on? Where's Krista? Look, I'm sorry about him, but nothing's changed.
Vladimir is still a fraud, and we'll call the cops You'd better confirm that that plane is ready to fly, or I will shoot someone just to prove I'm serious.
And I'm really not picky right now.
Yes, a single gunshot.
Our people are in there, and we can't get to them! How long does it take to cross town? Oh, I spent the last year convincing my parents there are no polar bears in Yellowknife.
I know.
Everyone South of 60 thinks we live in igloos.
Or that we take our dog sleds to work? Is anybody sitting here? No.
Just you, Thomas.
So, Tommy, first day, how do you like your new job? Loading a polar bear, taking the rest of the day off, hanging out with beautiful women.
We're going to get called back any minute.
Oh, but until we do, we might as well relax.
Want a coffee? Yes.
But I'll get it.
Do you want to go check out the lake? Yes! She does.
I've seen the lake.
Not with me.
I should probably stay here.
In case Loreen calls.
I have a cell phone.
Closer to the office here.
What, by a minute? Or is there a little tunnel underneath the bar that leads right to the hangar? I should help Astrid carry the coffees.
What? I can't believe you just did that.
You're hot.
You're single.
He is hot.
He is single Shh! What is the problem? He's a total player.
Oh, okay, so you know him already? No.
But I know his type.
You really like him.
Aw, but you're afraid because he's so good-looking.
- What? - Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
My best friend and I talk about this all the time.
Boys are afraid to talk to us because we are so beautiful.
Okay, but we're also fun and sweet.
And that relates to this how? Don't judge him by his looks.
Okay? Just Drink them in.
Don't leave me alone with him again.
Okay, I will.
Who did you just call? It's my partner, Mel.
What's he doing right out there? He's the owner.
Hello? Who is this? Mel Ivarson.
Who's this? Is the plane ready? We heard a gunshot.
Is everybody okay? Yes.
When do we leave? Engine's leaking oil.
I've got my best mechanic on it.
How long until we're ready to load my bear? Half hour, tops.
Who's inside there with you? Okay, easy.
It's okay.
You're okay.
Critical incident team's on the way.
Any change here? We haven't heard from Blake since he went in.
One of your pilots? Mm-hmm, yes.
We think Bobby, Krista, and Blake are inside with the polar bear biologist.
We have no idea where Kirby or our two clients are.
After you called, I ran the names that you gave me.
The biologist checks out.
There's no priors on Vladimir Andreyev.
And the vet he's travelling with? Dr.
Hui? He's not a vet.
He's an exporter.
With ties to a triad in mainland China.
Drugs? Animals.
Exotic species.
They paid a fortune just to get the bear down here.
It can't be worth all this You'd be surprised what people pay for their private collections.
And if he's working for a triad He's got a lot of pressure on him to deliver.
Dude I told you, I'm not going to say anything.
Whatever you want to do with the bear, or whatever, that's totally cool with me.
Stop talking.
I don't know that crazy chick with the gun.
I'll testify for you that she went psycho, okay? It wasn't your fault! You were the victim Enough.
If this is like a ransom thing, then, honestly, you've got the wrong guy.
It's like I said, I'm just a mechanic.
Nobody's going to even notice I'm missing for probably at least a day.
Maybe a week.
Well, Mel might, but he'd probably just hire somebody else.
Hello? It's okay, shh It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh, shh Yeah, this is Kirby, out doing something awesome! Where the hell are you? Why don't you tell us what else we can do to make Lucy a little more comfortable? We can't wait! I told you! We have to get her out of here right now.
The cops are already here, the big guns are on the way.
If we can end this, you and me, it'll be better for everybody.
You've got to help me.
I know most of 'em pretty well.
I can help you, but you've got to let my pilots and staff go.
I don't have your staff, and I only wanted two pilots.
You don't have Kirby? Dopey-looking kid in overalls.
I let him go.
With Vladimir and Hui.
Yeah, the cops know those guys aren't what they claim to be.
The police told you that? Yeah, they're wanted for questioning.
You tell them that Vladimir, he doesn't even work for the Siberian Conservation Area.
Bobby, he called the director, and they didn't know anything about this.
They know that, too.
Well, then, they can't send Lucy to Wrangel Island.
She's not going anywhere for a while.
But she can't No, she can't stay here.
No, she can't.
We'll figure something out, take care of her the best way we can.
You'll get her home? No matter what happens to me? I'll do everything I can.
Can you put my My female pilot on the phone? Okay, but I need to know that Lucy You still there? Hello? I had her.
She was ready to give up.
She said that? I could just tell.
But she hung up on you.
I think the phone died.
Power outage? Why would she turn off the power? She wouldn't.
Air conditioning's keeping the bear cold.
What happened? Cops probably cut the power.
Sometimes, the air conditioning blows a breaker Lucy's going to overheat.
Where's the panel? I'll show you.
What about Krista? You, too? What makes her such an ideal mate? Power's out, and Krista's in there with a wild polar bear.
Okay, let's go get your friend.
Lucy's going to be upset.
It's okay.
It's okay Okay, new plan.
Shh shh It's okay.
I'm taking my cargo.
Who are you? It's okay.
You don't need the gun.
We worked everything out.
The truck is waiting.
We load now.
Next time, I'll be pleased to take your head off.
In there.
Wait, where? There! Move! What are you going to do with Lucy? The bear is going to a private collector.
Where? Who is it? No! You can't do this! Tara, are you okay? Please! Don't worry about me.
Hey! Okay.
It's okay.
What the hell is going on? Is Lucy okay? Sit.
I thought you said she was going to give up.
Makes no sense for her to shoot at anybody.
Somebody fired a gun in there.
Go! Go! Hey, Mel.
Sorry, you can't go any closer.
My daughter's in there.
Mel, these guys are the best.
Let's just stay out of their way and let them work, okay? Thanks.
Still not going out with you.
Okay, Kirby where are you? Is she going to break in here? She's a wild polar bear.
She's pissed off, overheated, and she hasn't eaten since yesterday.
Is that a yes? She'll do what she needs to do.
We've got to get out of here.
I'm not leaving Lucy.
Hello? - Tara? - Yeah.
My name's Jeff.
I'm with the Critical Incident Team.
I was hoping we could talk.
Not right now.
Take up position.
- Ken Sahcho.
- Jeff, C.
Who was that? Some cop trying to be my friend.
You did not say the bear was loose.
Yes, because they will shoot her! Only if she hurts somebody.
Look, if we get out of here now, we can call natural resources, let them handle it.
I'll tranquilize her again.
What? You said that could kill her.
Not if I give her a small enough dose.
Are you out of your mind? We need to get out of here before that thing breaks through the glass.
Tara, look at your shoulder.
You can't shoot.
She doesn't deserve any of this, Bobby.
We took her from her home! Where's your tranq kit? Bobby - It's in your cargo room.
- Okay, stay here You are not serious.
You can't.
We have to go.
- Just stay here.
- Hey You can't go out there.
I have to.
No, you don't have to go out there and run in front of a bear just to prove what a great guy you are.
Jeez What are you doing? You're not calling the shots anymore.
Nobody is going out there.
All right, thanks for your support.
We'll take it from here.
The bear is loose.
Shoot it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, shoot what? What's going on in there? Sir, let us handle this.
The bear's loose? Sir, you're going to need to step back You can't shoot, my daughter's in there! Stay back and let us do our jobs.
What do you think? Should we break that window? I don't know.
What if that freaks it out? Let me go out there.
Look, Lucy knows me.
Maybe she'll focus on my face, and you can run by and get the kit Okay, if you have a death wish, fine.
Don't drag him into it.
It's just too risky, Tara.
Give me your phone.
I'm going to call the cop back.
We're ready to go, right? Tell them there's a polar bear loose in here.
You okay? Thanks.
Tara Shh Subject's within 10 feet of the bear.
Do you have a shot? I'm working on it.
Why can't you just get them out of there? Blake, no, that's only going to make it worse How can things get worse? Bobby What are you doing? Slow No get back.
Sit down and shut up.
Yeah? What's going on in there? The bear's loose.
Yes, we see that.
And we've got a possible shot.
Can you get everyone down? I'd like to, but Over here! Hey, hey.
What's going on? Talk to me, Sam.
One of the hostages is playing bear tamer.
Okay, go now.
Get out of here! Go! I need the tranq kit.
Shh It's okay.
Shh Get down.
Don't move.
They can't shoot her.
Tara, get down.
Blake, please don't go out there.
Subject's blocking the animal.
Take the shot.
I have a shot.
The bear's tranq'd.
Get everyone out of there now.
It's okay.
Guys, she's not armed.
Go easy on her, she's been shot.
I'm never going to see her again.
Right now you've got to take care of yourself! But she needs to I'll take her home! Thank you! I hated being a rampie.
I did it for eight months before Mel finally checked me out as co-pilot.
It's not that bad.
Till your first double shift in minus-40.
I'm used to working nights, hauling gravel with a bunch of rednecks.
Trust me, this is a pretty sweet gig.
So, you don't want to be a pilot? Nah.
I'll just try to pull as many cargo shifts as I can.
Save some cash for my little brother.
He is the smart one.
Wants to go to university down south.
How old is he? so I've still got a few years left.
Aw That is so sweet.
Isn't that sweet? She's subtle.
Maybe we should go for a walk.
Little brother story.
Works every time.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding Kirby? Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Kid, are you all right? This might hurt.
Oh, dude It was our clients, the Russian dude and the Chinese guy.
Okay, just simmer down now And I don't think they're taking the bear to a conservation area Don't worry about that right now.
I felt so bad leaving Bobby and Krista with that crazy bear lady, but then I was like, "whoa, these guys!" "These guys are bad news," you know what I mean? I kind of got, like, a vibe.
Well, where are they now? Oh, the Russian dude left soon as they brought me here, and the Asian guy bolted when he heard the sirens.
I didn't think anybody was going to find me.
Well, your car was here, and you weren't.
I don't think I've ever seen you walk any farther than your car to the door, so I figured you had to be here somewhere.
Whoa Um That might be enough hugging.
Weird day.
Whose bright idea was it to ship a polar bear? Oh, that would be yours.
You said it would cover a week's payroll.
I must have been heavily medicated.
I want it out of my office.
We'll take care of it.
Might want to keep it in the cage.
Better not have crapped in there! Another bear story for our grandchildren.
Hey, are you okay? It's over.
How could you risk your life for that crazy woman? I didn't do it for Tara.
I did it for Lucy.
Lucy? It could have killed you.
All of us.
I'm sorry she locked you in cargo.
I was trying to get you out.
You put the bear's life ahead of yours.
Look, do you want to help me take her home? Think I'll sit this one out.
I much prefer the view of her from up here.
Me too.