Arctic Air (2012) s02e12 Episode Script

Fool Me Once

Previously on Arctic Air He asked me for a list of my enemies, and I gave it to him.
My sister on that list? You both are.
Like old times today, eh? Easy.
Felt good.
What happened up there? Thanks again for flying us, Bobby.
Yeah, anytime.
Good to see your dad back in the lodge again.
I haven't seen him that happy in months.
It was hard for him, being stuck down here in the city.
Why does grandpa call you "the mouthpiece"? Oh, Connor.
Go get your backpack from Bobby's office.
The mouthpiece? It's an improvement.
I guess I'll see you guys Monday? Well, why don't you come over? We can order a pizza, hang out, just the three of us? That sounds great, but I should be getting ready for my Calgary trip tomorrow.
What? It never changes.
We spend a wonderful day together, and you pull back.
I'm not pulling back.
It's not fair to Connor.
It's not fair to me.
Do you expect me to just wait around while you figure out how you feel about all of this? Petra I'm with Krista.
So there's nothing here, then? Mom? My backpack isn't in there.
I'm sure the cleaners did something with it.
We'll go ask Loreen.
Hey, Petra.
Everything okay? Yeah.
It's fine.
Is something going on between you two? No.
I mean, nothing's happened.
Hasn't gone that far.
How far has it gone? Origianl Air Date April 10, 2013 of hangar space.
Only one problem.
It's in Calgary.
Look, we need a satellite hangar.
Cheaper labour.
Access to parts.
Better weather.
How much? It's a new market.
Alberta's booming.
- How much? - Krista and I are meeting the guy from Radkey Properties this afternoon.
He said we could get the lease for about 13.
Thousand? It's worth at least 20.
You and my daughter fly to Calgary for a weekend in a five-star hotel, and you want to commit us to 13 grand a month.
That about the size of it? The hotel is four stars, Max.
And on the way back, we could pick up the drill rods for Abe.
It's a win/win.
Every time you say win/win, I lose money.
Krista, what happened to you last night? I tried calling.
A few times.
Uh, yeah, I just I went to bed early.
At nine? You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Hey, you two! You guys ready? Alex and Blake heard that we are heading South for this weekend.
Figured we could hitch a ride, get away for a few days.
Yeah, and my sister's in Calgary now, so Miranda? Great.
I'd love to meet her.
We're not crowding or anything? If you two want to No.
Are you kidding? This'll be great.
The four of us.
Couples weekend.
Looks like another storm's coming down from the north.
Have to cancel the Fitzgerald run.
Uh, no, we can make it there and back in time.
Too far.
Loreen, I really need those hours.
I'm putting you on the food run to Tulita instead.
Three hours there, three hours back.
You should be okay, if you move.
I'll grab my stuff.
Cece's going with you.
Cece? You know Mel's rules.
When it gets this cold, you take a flight engineer.
But I have nothing in common with Cece, and if we take the beaver, I won't even have a co-pilot.
What am I going to talk to him about for six hours? Cece is harmless.
All he ever talks about is wrenches.
Ready when you are.
So how long has your sister been in Calgary? About a year, I think.
You think? Miranda's great, but she kind of comes and goes.
She moved out when I was still in high school.
Travelled around a lot.
Ah, free spirit.
Yeah, that is putting it mildly.
Well, you're introducing her to Alex.
Big step.
Is it? I knew you guys were serious.
I didn't know you were Serious.
Yeah, well, you know Moving on.
Bobby's prepping for landing.
Do you mind taking it? Um, s-sure.
This is a nice place.
You stay here before? Couple of times, for business.
Hey! Check it out.
David Chilton.
He's doing a seminar here this weekend.
You know, "Dragon's Den.
" Maybe I should sign up.
Money's been pretty tight lately.
Well, why don't you ask for a raise? Seriously? No.
We made, uh, reservations at this funky little fusion restaurant.
And right next door, there's this great little jazz bar.
You're taking Blake way outside his comfort zone.
What's that supposed to mean? Come on.
Your idea of fine cuisine is, like, a plate of hot wings.
Is that my little bro? Hah! Ah! Miranda! Hi! It's so good to see you.
Yeah, it's great to see you.
You look great.
- Hey! - Hi.
We're coming up on Tulita.
We should be touching down in 30 minutes.
Copy that.
How's the weather looking? The temperature is dropping fast, but so far no problems.
Copy that.
This is stupid.
What I said to Loreen, I didn't mean it.
I It was a long week and I was venting, you know.
Uh Girl talk.
Blah, blah Uh, anyway, it, uh It came out wrong, and I'm sorry.
I'm a nice person.
I really am.
And-and, uh I would like to be friends.
I'm sorry.
Did you say something? I was just noticing that strange cloud formation.
Looks just like a A wrench.
Well, I'd like to say that I've heard a lot about all of you, but, um, Blake doesn't say very much.
I mean, except about you, Krista.
You're gorgeous.
He wasn't kidding.
Miranda Sorry.
Look at me.
Here you are, trying to check in, and I'm blabbing on and on.
I'll let you guys, uh, get settled.
If I could just borrow this guy for a second.
- Okay.
- Bye.
How can I help you, sir? Ah! Look at you! It's been way too long.
Yeah, it has.
Y I th I thought we were hanging out tomorrow.
Yeah, we were.
We were.
I just, um I've got a bit of a problem.
It's not a huge deal, I'm just a tiny bit short on my rent.
Blake, it's this city.
It is so expensive.
And now my landlord says I have until tomorrow.
How much do you need? Blake, I promise.
I am not that person anymore.
And I swear I will pay you back.
How much? Uh, thousand? Even 750 would help.
I'm I'm sorry.
I know it's a lot to ask.
It's all I have.
You're the best.
When I was 11, Miranda asked me to sell raffle tickets to raise money for a school field trip.
Went door to door.
Sold a couple hundred bucks' worth.
Gullible kid brother.
Except it turned out there was no field trip.
You're kidding.
Miranda pocketed the money, and I shoveled snow for a month to pay it off.
That's Miranda.
You gotta love her.
Just be careful.
No, that's great.
Thank you.
We get to see the hangar today at five.
All right.
What did I do? You've barely said a word to me all day.
Is this because I invited Blake and Alex? What should I say? Alex asked.
Petra seemed upset.
Petra? I saw you guys talking last night.
I guess she was.
What happened? Connor.
I mean, that's what it comes down to.
How do you see your relationship with her? It's like I said.
We're friends, and everything we do is for Connor.
That's it? That's it.
And you'd tell me if it got to be something more? Krista Of course.
It won't.
Trust me.
I'm interrupting? Miranda.
No, not at all.
I was just meeting a friend and I saw you guys over here, so I thought I should Yes.
Okay, just for a second.
I don't want to intrude on a romantic evening.
Don't worry.
So, I talked to Blake.
I just wanted to say thank you.
We really appreciate it.
Thank you for? Blake told me that you'd consider a donation.
To our charity, Christmas Hope.
Christmas Hope? - You are unbelievable.
- Blake It's one thing to hit me up for money every time you see me, but I work with these guys.
I work for these guys! Maybe I'm desperate.
Did you ever think of that? Blake, I wouldn't ask if I wasn't.
Yes, you would.
You take advantage.
It's what you've always done.
And every time, I get sucked into thinking, "maybe it's different.
Maybe she just wants to see me this time.
" I do.
I do.
But I also have this problem.
More like this crisis.
Take it.
And do me a favour.
Just stay away from us.
We've got strong headwinds and heavy snow.
We're getting hammered down here, too.
What's your location? We left Tulita about an hour ago.
We should be touching down in Yellowknife in three hours, but with this headwind You might want to land wherever you can before the storm gets worse.
Uh, no, no.
We can get through this.
We're losing oil pressure.
What? This could be a problem.
Property manager's on his way.
What do you think? "Trust me.
" What? That's what you said when I asked you to tell me the truth.
Petra told me what happened.
"What happened"? Nothing happened.
That night outside Tuk? Is that what we're talking about? I don't know.
Is it? It was just a kiss.
That's all.
Connor was missing and Petra was scared.
It just happened.
But that's it.
What did Petra tell you? I gave you a chance to come clean.
I really wish you had taken it.
Krista! Wait! Dearman? Evening, Ivarson.
What the hell are you doing here? Trouble in paradise? Let her cool down, then buy her an afternoon at the spa.
That's what I do.
You're on your third wife.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Normally, I have my property manager handle small leases like this, but when they told me who the client was, well I just couldn't resist.
Radkey Properties? One of my subsidiaries.
You got it.
I don't believe this.
Oh, come on, now.
You flew all the way down here to talk about a lease.
Let's talk about a lease.
I could let you have it for, say Your property manager told me 13! Bob, this is Calgary.
Prices rise.
Since Tuesday? I could see my way to 21.
This is pointless.
Come on! Hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're negotiating here.
Now, look.
Having a Southern hangar makes sense for you people.
Hangar space is scarce down here.
Come on! A facility like this? Fine.
It's daylight robbery, but I'll live with it.
Why? Because this little feud between us is getting old, Bob, don't you think? Honestly, we should be looking for ways to do business together.
What's the catch? Is this how you are with your girlfriend? No wonder you got dumped.
Nobody got dumped.
Oh, sure.
Be an optimist.
I'll have my people draft the contracts.
Deal? Come on, Romeo.
I'll give you a lift.
It's gotta be a leak in an oil line.
You know these engines.
Oil starts to thicken in the cold, it's like trying to push a hard-boiled egg through a garter snake.
- Next thing you know - Ruptured snake.
How bad is it? Pressure's still dropping.
You need to find somewhere to land.
And spend the night in the middle of nowhere? Look, that oil line could burst completely at any minute.
It's no time to be choosy.
Where are you right now? Good.
There's a lit runway there.
Wrigley it is, then.
I'm the pilot.
Yeah, and it's my flat old arse up here too, honey.
The snow's really piling up on the roads.
If we're gonna leave tonight, we're gonna have to do it quick.
Yeah, as soon as we hear that Cece and Astrid are down safely.
I'll get the sleeping bags.
Well, thanks a lot for coming out.
Nice meeting all of you.
Thanks again.
Uh, yeah.
So what What I want to discuss with you, Mr.
Chilton, it's basically an investment.
It's a great opportunity.
For you or for me? Exactly! I have this proposal, and I'm looking for backers.
A man like yourself I could introduce you to Kevin O'Leary.
Uh, who? Were you even at the seminar? Uh no.
Pay yourself first.
You'll sleep better.
Good luck.
The, uh, hangar thing go okay? Not exactly.
What's wrong? Yeah, I don't need a shoulder to cry on.
Try me.
Well Turns out Bobby and Petra have been having some sort of Thing.
Bobby told you this? Petra did.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I knew what I was getting into.
- I didn't say that.
- You didn't have to.
Krista? Don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes it can get a little challenging, being your friend.
I've heard that before.
If I liked more people, maybe I would hear it more often.
Glad I still make the list.
People you like.
I'm not crying.
I don't cry.
Maybe I still care a lot.
Blake I'm just telling you the truth.
Sorry to disturb.
I just saw your sister out front yelling at some guy the size of a sasquatch, so I figured you might like to know.
$700? You said he'd be good for two thou, at least.
Look, I said I would do my best.
Well, you're gonna have to do a lot better! And you need to back the hell off! Blake, it's okay.
Will be, once this guy disappears.
Both of you, stop it.
This was your idea.
And now we're both dead.
Okay, you want to tell me what the hell's going on? The truth, this time! Hillsie's sort of my boyfriend.
Maybe more like friends with benefits.
I don't need the details, okay? What did he do? He took some money from a guy he used to work for.
Took? As in "stole"? No, more like a short-term loan.
I had some debts.
We figured we could take the money, double down, and pay it all back before anyone noticed.
And this, uh, guy he used to work for? His name's Anton.
He's Czech, he loans money to people.
Hillsie helped with, you know, collections.
Hillsie's a Teddy bear.
But he's big, obviously.
He had a try-out with the stampeders once.
People take him seriously if he threatens to break things.
You and your Teddy bear ripped off a Czech loan shark.
I was desperate.
Miranda? When are you not desperate? Well, not recently, Blake.
That's why I came to you.
How much do you owe? Lots.
$20,000? If we could just come up with a couple of thousand, maybe we can buy some time.
Otherwise, we're screwed.
Where do you find these guys? Right.
Exactly what I need from you right now.
A lecture.
Room 1412.
Your room? Yeah.
Mine and Alex's.
Go up there, stay out of sight, and in the morning, I'll get you out of Calgary.
You'd do that for me? I'm not going to let you get killed.
Yeah, it's okay.
Pressure's 45.
Still dropping.
Oil on the cowlings or leading edge? There's nothing I can see.
What's your position? Lights.
Just ahead.
It's the runway.
Never thought I'd be so happy to see Wrigley.
How's your visibility? Uh It's not good.
But don't worry.
I can Astrid? Do you read me? Astrid? Hillsie! Where the hell did you go? Okay, look, as soon as you get this message, call me.
Okay? This is really important, because Hillsie? Help.
Astrid, Cece? Do you copy? No wonder people are so dopey around here.
Frozen pizza things and a bag of chips.
I can't get Astrid on the radio.
Well, the storm probably knocked out the repeater tower.
They were making their final approach.
It's a lit strip.
They'll be fine.
Arctic Air.
It's Astrid.
Everything okay? Uh, everything's great here in Wrigley.
The power just went out, so Is there anybody else there with you guys? Nah.
The airport manager went home long ago.
Who would be stupid enough to fly in this weather, right? Did Cece figure out what's going on with the plane? A blown oil line.
He's working on it.
Okay, well, keep in touch.
Stay warm.
Ah! Colder than a well-digger's arse.
Well, it's a patch job, but it should get us home.
Some spare tubing, a couple of old clamps from the storage room, and you fix an engine.
A regular old MacGyver.
That's me.
"MacGyver"? Ah, a guy on television.
He used to make bombs out of toothpaste and underwear.
What century? That's true.
Was a few years ago.
You would have been in Sweden.
Probably still in diapers.
So let me guess.
You were probably always really good at fixing things.
Look where it got me.
Pulling wrenches at 40-below in the middle of nowhere.
Oh, but you're doing what you love.
Am I now? Who says I ever wanted to be a mechanic in the first place? Maybe it's just something I turned out to be good at.
What would you have wanted to be instead? Nah.
Doesn't matter.
Come on! Tell me.
No, no, no.
You make your choices, you live with 'em.
I wanted to be an astronaut.
In Sweden? I don't think you guys have a space program.
So I'm here instead.
About 250,000 feet shy of outer space.
Well, it's close enough, I guess.
For a Swedish astronaut.
I wanted to be a pilot.
Nah! Even took a few lessons, way back when.
Well, what happened? Hah.
"What happened?" Life happened.
I always figured it was something I could get back to, but then I met Marie.
She turned pregnant And that's all she wrote.
And if you ever tell a single soul that I Nobody would believe me.
I got the engine tented, but we still got to keep them wings from icing up.
What, you didn't take care of that? No.
That is pilot's work.
That's me! The pilot.
Krista, listen We really need to talk.
You! Excuse me? You're Laviolette's friend, right? Blake Laviolette, Miranda's brother.
What's going on? I need to find him.
I need to find him now.
I was just with her.
I gave her my room key.
They called me 10 minutes ago.
They want to meet.
Blake Do me a favour.
Stay out of this.
You need to listen to him.
Miranda! You're the brother? Who the hell is this? I'm the guy she ripped off.
Hang on there, kiddo! Reinforcements on the way! Astrid? Astrid? I just slipped.
It's nothing.
This is my fault.
I should never have let you go out there alone.
"Let" me? Come on, Cece, I'm not one of your children.
Anything else hurt? I I'm fine.
It stopped snowing.
You fixed the oil line, right? What, you thinking of going back to Yellowknife? - Tonight? - Ja.
Let's fuel up, let's go.
You only got one good hand.
It's fine.
And the storm could get worse again.
We could be stuck here for days.
If we have a window, we have to take it.
Here's to snowstorms and good scotch.
Nothin' but the best.
I've always wanted to go there.
Scotland? That's where my family comes from.
Since when is Ivarson a Scottish name? Norwegian.
A psychotic in a kilt with horns on his head.
I can picture you.
Maybe I'll get there, one of these years.
I've never been past west Edmonton mall.
Get out.
When would I go anywhere? I work all the time.
You know what? We should just go.
To Scotland? You and me? Yeah.
Take a trip.
Expand our damned horizons.
I don't fly.
We'll take a boat.
That sounds like a dare.
Call it whatever you want.
I don't back down from dares.
Next summer.
Three weeks.
Let someone else run this place.
Well? Pizza! To hell with the damn pizza.
Answer the question! Go find some plates and napkins.
Oil pressure holdin' steady.
So far, so good.
Hah! We'll be home in time for the late news.
Hey, you might want to look at your heading there.
You're veering a bit.
Are you okay? Uh Just a little dizzy.
Dizzy? What do ya mean, dizzy? Did you hit your head back there? Yeah.
Maybe a little.
Uh, what day is it? If you don't know what day it is, you No! No, no.
We can't be too careful here, you know? A concussion can come on really You need to go see a doctor, okay? A guy your age, first you forget what day it is, and then you put the laundry in the freezer.
It's Friday, Cece.
My name is Astrid.
You got no idea what these guys are like.
Anton's crazy.
Then why'd you rip him off? People make mistakes.
They were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago.
You shouldn't even be here.
She's my sister.
My problem.
You're my friend.
Well, I wouldn't go that far.
You'd have my back if I was in trouble.
Appreciate it.
Listen, when we get back to the hotel, you need to talk to Krista.
Not really my business, but you've got a situation.
What do you mean by that? Miranda! If this thing goes sideways, there's three of them and three of us.
I'm sorry, guys.
Hillsie! Goddamn it.
Don't worry.
We catch up with him later.
So? You got my money? Or is this when I have to stop being happy-friendly guy? A thousand dollars? We can get you more.
We just need a few days.
Just let her go.
Here's how it works.
You get me 19,000 more dollars, everything so happy.
We're businessmen.
Right? We could find a solution.
Oh, no.
I have a bad feeling.
Great sadness coming on.
Get in! Miranda! - Get them! - Yes, Anton! We're about I think.
Let me talk to Astrid.
Astrid isn't doing so good.
She needs to kind of keep her eyes closed.
Then who the hell is flying the plane? Trust me.
You don't wanna know.
Cece, talk to me.
Kind of need to concentrate here.
Flying is the easy part, then you have to land.
I know! I know! I've done it.
What do you mean, you've done it? Flight school.
When the hell did you go to flight school? It was a few years ago.
Decade or two.
Maybe four.
Why the hell didn't I know this? Will you just shut up and tell me what to do? Cece, it's me.
How long can you stay up there? I got about, mm An hour's worth of fuel left.
How did you get here? The roads are closed.
I borrowed a friend's snowmobile.
I thought Astrid would like a ride home.
Has she landed? We may have a problem.
May have? They're on their way, Astrid and Cece.
Astrid's too sick to fly right now.
Then who's flying? Somebody gonna talk me through this or not? Cece? Cece can't fly a plane! Just stay on course, Cece.
We'll talk you down.
He'll be fine.
He's seen it done a zillion times.
Like a eunuch in the harem.
He sees it done every night, but he can't do it himself! I heard that.
Aww They were they were heading east along 10th.
Please, just get some cops down there! Did we lose 'em? Yeah.
I think we lost 'em.
Ah! You're completely sure Astrid can't do this? Well, I could ask her, if she ever stops throwing up.
Okay, Cece.
Here's what you need to do.
It's a strong cross-wind, Cece.
You must land zero flaps.
Reduce speed to 70 knots.
Do you hear me, Cece? Just let me handle this.
It's a short runway, Cece.
You need to bring 'er down on the button.
You must land with your wing down, into the wind.
Brakes and rudder to keep it straight.
It is very simple, do not panic! For God's sake, hit him with something heavy.
Okay, we're We're at 300 feet.
It's a 25-knot cross-wind.
Gonna be tricky to land 'er straight.
You got a light load.
Land zero flaps.
Prop into fine pitch.
70 knots.
Mel If anything happens to me, you make sure that Just fly the damn plane! If we ever get out of this, I swear to God, I will never trash pilots again.
End of the line, my friends.
I'm sorry I got you into this.
You're sorry? You've got to be kidding.
Come on, everybody.
Hands in the air.
Hands in the air! Blake! Blake! Hands in the air.
You too.
Move it.
Right there.
Up on the wall.
Now spread your legs.
Come on, you know the drill.
Face the wall.
Let me see your hands.
You are the absolutely the best brother in the world.
As a sister, you basically suck.
Stay where you are, sir.
It's a tail-dragger.
Remember, wing down, into the wind.
Use your brakes and rudder to straighten 'er out.
Otherwise, that wind'll I know, I know.
About 30 feet over the button, throttle back on your flare.
You've got this.
Stop, you sucker! Cece? He's down! He's down! The eunuch has landed! Aw! Slicker than snot! Cece, you son of a bitch.
Ha, friggin' flyboys.
Bunch of overrated prima Donnas.
Oh, if it wasn't so gross, I would kiss you.
That's okay.
It's gross.
They're gonna try and get an ambulance through.
What? Nah.
I don't need an ambulance.
Okay? I look like hell, but nothing's wrong.
You do not look like hell.
Dev, I threw up in the cockpit.
That is lovely.
Follow my finger.
Uh, you are not a doctor, and I do not have a fractured skull.
Just do what I say.
Astrid? You are such an idiot.
But you are a lovely man.
And I did not say that.
No, of course not.
I checked with a friend of mine, and he's in commercial real estate.
And? Turns out there's a whack of new hangar space in Calgary.
In six months, Dearman's hangar won't be worth half as much.
Ronnie Dearman turns out to be a snake.
Knock me over with a feather.
Yeah, well And you just wasted a trip to Calgary.
That about right? I got Abe's drill rods.
And I almost got beat up, if that makes you feel any better.
We couldn't go to Scotland.
There'd be boards on the windows when we got back.
A dare's a dare, Ivarson.
I feel like I need to apologize.
Um, you don't have to.
You and Alex are okay? Uh, not exactly.
You two It was a matter of time.
I'm sorry.
Maybe it's for the best.
I meant what I said last night.
I know you did.
This could still work.
- Blake - No, listen.
I know how I feel, and I think that you feel the same way.
Everything got screwed up, but it's not too late for us.
I think it is.
It didn't mean anything, and it didn't go anywhere.
I thought it was best to just let it be, and I was wrong, and I should've told you.
Bobby I love you.
Well That's just great.
You dump that on me? It's the truth.
Well, I love you too.
We both said it.
We did.
But It has to be honest.
I know.
No, listen to me.
It has to be honest, or it is over.
If I can't trust you You have my word.
And did I mention I love you? Negotiating with loan sharks? Seriously? I survived, didn't I? But what happens when they get out on bail? They're going to want their money.
I left a message on Anton's voicemail.
I gave him the address of a business associate in Calgary.
He says you owe him money.
He pass the debt on to me.
Bobby Martin said what? Look, my friend.
We can do this the happy way Or the not-happy way.
You get the hell out of my hangar.
Don't you touch me! Hey! You keep your hands off Help! Help!