Arctic Air (2012) s02e13 Episode Script


Previously on Arctic Air - You do have feelings for me.
- I came here not to get stuck.
They're not gonna hurt you, Caitlin.
I'm gonna fix this.
That Nelson kid, he saw you.
I know enough to put you away! A second murder victim has been found Heard you took over your uncle's business - after he died.
- After he was murdered.
The only reason why I'm still alive is because they think I'm dead.
I heard about some guys who are real good exterminators.
Petra told me what happened.
It was just a kiss, that's all.
Listen to me.
It has to be honest, or it is over.
You have my word.
It's just a weekend in Edmonton.
I'm sorry.
It is not going to happen.
Tommy and I have been saving up for weeks.
Well, you can forget about it.
What's wrong with you? I have asked you to slow things down with Tommy.
Why do you hate him so much? I just don't want to see you do something stupid.
I don't care what you say.
We're going.
I am responsible for you.
You're not my mother! I can do what I want! The hell you can! Not while you're living in my house.
I'll move out.
Perfect! Caitlin.
Caitlin! Come back here! Teenage girls Nothing quite like 'em.
I am not cut out for this.
Nobody is.
Trust me.
Krista was a whole lot worse.
Yeah? Not possible.
Used to really wind me up.
Thought I'd blow a gasket.
I'm supposed to be the adult.
I suppose I should go talk to her.
Couldn't hurt.
Caitlin? Caitlin! Season finale - Ts'inada - You want us to pick it up today? Hold on a second.
I think we can.
W how many tons? That'd take a DC-3.
We can have one there In a couple of days, maybe? No.
Well I-I'm not sure.
Look, I don't usually Hold on a sec! Dick Welsh.
Wants a cargo pick-up today.
Loreen here.
No, not today.
I've told you before.
We're not a cab company.
Tomorrow, nine A.
best we can do.
You too.
Mel and Krista not back from trout lake yet? Should be here soon.
Where the hell were you? Looking for Caitlin.
She didn't come home last night.
Well, did you check with her friends? No one's seen her.
Well, she's probably out with Tommy.
It's his day off, and his phone is going straight to voice mail.
If she's hiding out at his place, I swear How about I go over there? I was going to.
You're needed here.
- Bobby? - I'm looking for Caitlin.
She isn't at work? No.
She didn't come home last night, either.
That's weird.
When's the last time you talked to her? Yesterday.
You know, she never texted me goodnight, though.
She never forgets.
Well, did she say anything about going anywhere, visiting a friend? Nothing.
And she would.
I mean, maybe she might have gone up to Jackson River.
I know one of her cousins called her from there a while back.
Not likely.
Jackson River wasn't a great place for Caitlin.
Then where is she? Are you guys getting along? Yeah, yeah, we're great, except for the whole Loreen thing.
Yeah, right.
I don't get it, though.
Why would she just take off? We'll keep looking.
I'll come with you.
All right.
Hey, I'm flying with you today.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Astrid and I are going to San Francisco.
Just the two of us.
I hate to spoil your plans, but I need you to drop me off so I can pick up the plane that was grounded last week.
Where is that? Abbotsford.
That is okay, then.
Astrid and I will still be alone for part of the trip.
We know he's not used to traveling unaccompanied.
I understand.
Only the best for Boris.
Okay, then.
Is this about our trip to San Francisco? It's about our passenger, Boris.
Mark is very nervous about his flight.
It's crazy.
I would be the same way about my child.
You know, should I become a parent some day.
So how old is Boris? Seven.
That's young to be traveling alone.
Not if you're a dog.
Boris? Boris! The dog I was reading about in the Yellowknifer? He inherited $10 million from his late owner.
And now he's going to live in San Francisco with our client.
Who would leave $10 million to a dog? Surprisingly, many people.
I googled it! I'm very excited to meet Boris in person.
He is a celebrity! Okay, thanks.
If you hear anything, call me back, all right? Thanks.
Can you think of anybody else? That's everybody.
Nobody's seen her.
Hey, maybe I can just drive around town and just look.
I know you want to help, but I don't think you're gonna find her like that.
- I have to do something.
- Thanks.
She's not at the hospital.
Are you Loreen? - Yeah.
- For you.
What is it? Some guy told me to drop it off here.
My God.
We have Caitlin.
We'll trade her for her brother.
Call the cops, and she dies.
What are we supposed to do? - We have to wait.
- They're gonna kill her! They'll contact us again.
But we can't give them what they want! No, but once they're talking, we'll work out some kind of deal.
We'll get her back.
Bobby, we have to go to the police.
Look, it's too risky.
Any news on Caitlin yet? - We have to talk.
- So talk.
You guys want to grab something to eat before we split up? Excellent idea.
I will join you shortly.
I believe Boris needs a walk.
He was rather cramped in the plane.
He had the whole cargo area to himself.
I know, but he is used to the wide-open spaces of the North.
Of course.
And now we're taking him to live in the big city.
What? Dev is taking Boris to have a last look at nature.
Okay, let's go, boy.
Bye! You two really speak the same language, don't you? Hey.
Did they find Caitlin? No.
She's It's okay.
Nelson has to know.
That's crazy! He's gonna want to trade himself in for Caitlin.
- It's suicide.
- That's his decision to make.
Right now, it's ours, and we got to talk to these guys to try to make a different deal.
We have to tell him.
She's his sister.
I'll see if I can get him on the sat phone.
Meantime, there's something I need you to do.
What are they doing? Maybe they're just trying to work out a plan.
Well, why aren't we a part of it? - Hey.
What's going on? - Just trust me.
What's that supposed to mean? We're doing everything we can to get Caitlin back.
Well, then, tell us what's going on.
- We want to help! - I'll be back soon.
But you see, Astrid is a very complicated person.
Nevertheless, I have become very attached to her.
Actually, more than attached.
But the problem is, I cannot comprehend her feelings for me.
You know, sometimes she is warm.
Incredibly warm.
Even hot.
Yet at other times, she can be as cold as a frozen arctic char.
It is very perplexing, and I can see no clear course for our relationship.
You are a very good listener.
I'm sorry about the girl, but I don't know anything about it.
You had a problem with Nelson.
No, my uncle had problems with Nelson.
So did some bikers down South.
I don't got a problem with anybody.
Maybe Nelson should make the trade.
Him for his sister.
Nelson is dead.
Well, then the girl's in big trouble.
Okay, maybe I can help.
Really? Yeah.
I know we've had our disagreements, but I just want us to work together again.
I'll see what I can do.
I thought you didn't know anything about this.
I don't.
But I still have my uncle's contacts.
I'll try to get in touch.
See what I can find out.
And you'd do all this for Arctic Air? I don't like this whole thing.
There's too many missing aboriginal women out there.
This is terrible! One minute, we were having a pleasant conversation, and the next, he was gone.
- Who was gone? - Boris! He has run away.
You lost a $10-million dog? I took off his leash to give him some privacy.
You know? And then he was gone! Please! - All right.
- Please, please.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Another message? That envelope was outside the door with the cell phone in it.
Is that it? No note? Nothing.
Who the hell is this? Please.
Please help me.
They say they want Nelson, and they'll kill me if they don't get him.
I've told them he's dead, but they won't believe me.
Please, I English! She's still alive.
You want to keep her that way, give us her brother.
We don't get him, she's dead.
You'll get another call.
Better answer it.
She looked so scared.
- Go tell Kirby to refuel the beaver.
- But You still work here, don't you? You gonna fly up there? Yeah.
Not getting through on the sat phone.
You're flying? Where? You're gonna tell me what's going on, and you're going to tell me right now.
Nelson's alive? We've been keeping it quiet.
Forget that he's my dad.
Forget that you and I are together.
We're partners, the three of us.
Business partners.
And you didn't tell me that there were bikers smuggling drugs on our planes! We didn't think you needed to know.
Nelson shot Zach Ward? I-I can't I can't believe that he would do that.
Kid saved my life.
Zach was gonna kill me.
What about that biker? Yeah.
That's why they took Caitlin.
Drug smuggling, shooting, bikers.
And I didn't need to know? I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
I'm sorry! What do we do now? I'm flying up to get Nelson.
I'm going with you.
From now on, I'm in this all the way.
Bobby told you? Yeah.
We need to keep this quiet.
If anyone asks about Caitlin, make up some story.
Tommy's seen the videos.
Okay, but he doesn't need to know that Nelson is alive.
Well, why keep it a secret if the bikers already know? But maybe they don't.
This whole thing might be a fishing expedition, a way to smoke Nelson out.
If you're in this, then come on, let's go.
If that was my child, he could have been kidnapped.
He might have broken his collarbone falling off a swing set.
Somebody saw Boris in a playground? No, nah.
Dev is talking about how he will neglect his imaginary child.
You didn't find him? No luck.
It's getting late.
Maybe we should go back.
We have to keep looking.
Boris may be afraid of the dark.
He's a dog.
Dogs love the dark.
They do? If we don't find him, we'll crash tonight, we'll try again tomorrow.
Boris! Hello? The side bar.
15 minutes.
Come on foot.
No cops.
Wait! We need time to You can't go without Nelson! Nelson is dead.
Look, I'll talk to them.
Try and cut a deal.
- It's too dangerous.
- There's no choice.
I'll go with you.
I need to help.
Those guys get one look at me, they'll be scared to death.
In that case, let's go.
Where's the kid? He's dead.
Couple of your buddies killed him.
Wrong answer.
We're willing to pay to get Caitlin back.
I can get a hundred thousand cash by tomorrow.
Another wrong answer.
We don't want money.
We want Nelson.
We don't get him, the girl dies.
After that, maybe your pilots start getting hurt.
We don't quit till we get what we want.
You get one more chance to save the girl.
Don't screw it up.
What the hell happened? The negotiation didn't go that well.
Where's Tommy? He's getting cleaned up.
The kidnappers called again.
They want us to take Nelson to Ts'inada.
Why there? Small community.
Easy to spot any cops flying in.
They want to meet at the terminal tomorrow morning at 10:30.
Did Mel find Nelson? Yeah.
He was out hunting.
It was too late to take off by the time they found him.
They're spending the night.
I'll call Mel, let him know what's happening.
Thanks, Bobby.
They want to do the exchange at Ts'inada tomorrow.
Well, let's go now.
We'll go first thing in the morning.
We can't go at all.
They'll kill you.
Look, I've made a lot of mistakes, I know that, okay? But Caitlin can't be the one who pays for them.
It has to be me.
We gotta call the cops.
We'd have to explain what this is all about.
Nelson could go to jail.
Better than getting killed.
Easy for the bikers to get to him in jail.
Doesn't matter what happens to me.
Bobby and I have a plan worked out.
I really think we can handle this on our own.
Like you've handled it so far? Astrid said she might join us after her shower.
You want me to disappear after she shows up? That would be very helpful.
You can't let this thing drift along forever.
I don't believe I follow.
You think that if you stick it out, things'll change.
Yes, that is correct.
You can't live like that.
In the end, it's just gonna make you miserable.
Well, what do you advise? Put it out there.
Either she feels the same way you do, or she doesn't.
And if she doesn't? You make a clean break.
Move on.
That would be extremely painful.
It is.
But it's not as painful as pretending that you got something that you don't.
Hello? It's coming together.
Nelson will be in Ts'inada tomorrow.
You're doing great work.
Pull this off, and you'll get a bonus.
I like the sound of that.
Just make sure you get it done.
The son of a bitch killed my uncle.
I want him dead.
Okay! What are we drinking? Time to switch to gingerale.
Come on! It's early! No, I was gonna crash early anyway.
Thank you.
You would have to be very lonely in the world to leave all your money to a dog.
That's true.
I mean, what a waste! What is Boris going to do with $10 million? Buy gold teeth? I hope he has the opportunity to find out.
What would you do with that kind of money? Buy a nice house in Yellowknife, spend money on my children.
They would grow up spoiled.
If they grew up at all, I'd probably lose them in the woods first.
Dev! You're going to make a wonderful father.
Do you think so? Astrid I must tell you.
My feelings for you, they are very serious.
I would I would probably Use that money To go traveling.
We can go on holidays.
Dev I would like to buy that house with you.
To have those children with you.
I meant travel alone.
Please listen.
Astrid, I love you.
I do.
And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
And I don't understand why you won't let me love you the way I would like to.
You know I'm not looking for anything like that.
But why? Please? It is very painful for me.
I came here to be a pilot.
That's all! So do you want to end up with no one in your life? No one you care about, or who cares about you? Do you want to leave all your money to a dog? I don't need a family.
I don't need a dog! I don't Need you.
Two machines? Got one left.
Neighbor's got another one.
Fishing? Yeah.
Got my kids with me from down south.
A friend's daughter told us about a lake around here.
Which lake? She swore me to secrecy.
If you get more fish than you can handle, I'm happy to take 'em off your hands.
Sure thing.
Hey, you know She said she might be up here herself.
Who? My friend's daughter.
Maybe you saw her.
Young Dene girl.
Tall, pretty.
Name's Caitlin.
Might've been hanging around with a few of her low-life friends? Might've seen her.
She didn't look too happy about her fishing trip.
Did she happen to say where they might be headed? She didn't say a word.
The two guys she was with, they did all the talking.
Her dad was hoping she wasn't traveling with those two.
I don't blame him.
One of those guys was a real shit-brick.
Rented him a damaged machine.
Damaged how? Boris, come! It is hopeless.
Well, a trained dog should know how to come when he is called.
Boris! He has to cash in his inheritance.
Come! Be rich.
His money won't do him any good if he is run over by a car.
This is all my fault.
We will find him.
What? I would prefer that you not touch me.
Last night, you wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.
When we get back to Yellowknife, I will be moving out of Krista's house.
And what will you do on very cold nights? Get another blanket.
We still have to work together.
We will be civil.
We will be co-workers.
That is all.
And friends.
Not anymore.
If that's what you want.
The guy says Caitlin's here.
- Is she okay? - Sounds like it.
Bikers kept her at a distance till they left town.
Did he see where they went? No, but he told me one of the snowmobiles had a damaged track.
That's good.
I can follow that.
Yeah, but then what? We have to call the cops.
We can get Nelson out of this.
Right, look, I want back-up.
They've got my sister.
Loreen? Need you to make a call.
Boris might still show up.
Life is not about happy endings.
Are you sure about that? Yes, I am.
Boris! Boris, my friend! Boris! Boris.
Boris, my friend.
Are you all right? Of course he is.
Aren't you, big guy? He seems okay.
He looks fine.
Ready for a new adventure.
Okay, then.
Well, I guess I'll see you guys back at home.
Hey, Boris.
Nice knowing you, buddy.
And I'm not just saying that 'cause you're rich.
Come on.
This one! The tread's skipping.
We're on the right trail.
Should take you an hour.
You show up without the kid, you'll find a dead girl.
You touch her, and I'll kill you! Hey! There's no point.
What are we going to do? - Follow the map.
- No, that's no good.
You show up without Nelson, they're gonna kill Caitlin.
Okay? We need another plan.
Nelson will be there.
- Nelson's dead.
- He's not.
Mel's bringing him.
I'll let him know when and where it's happening.
Hello? Everything all right? Yeah.
Don't worry.
Nelson's a dead man walking.
Don't worry.
I'll let you know everything as soon as I can.
That's not good enough.
You told me since the crash that you don't fly.
Today I do.
This is it.
Put the gun down.
- Where's Nelson? - Where's Caitlin? You'll see the girl when we see her brother.
It's not gonna work that way.
You don't call the shots here.
We do.
Show me the kid.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! We don't know how many guys are in there.
Does it matter? Show me Caitlin! Don't move.
Go ahead.
We're too late.
Nice, big, fenced-in yard.
There'll be lots of space for Boris to run.
Hopefully not by himself.
He will need interaction.
You're a day late.
We had some mechanical difficulties.
So you said on the phone.
I hope Boris will be well taken care of.
The dog will be fine.
Who is this? Natasha.
Hi! Dev I hope Boris and Natasha will be very happy together.
Goodbye, Boris.
You are a very lucky dog.
All right.
Hey! Where's Caitlin? Calm down.
Her blood's on the floor! He's not gonna tell us anything.
Let's go.
You wanna stay here and watch this guy? No.
Didn't think so.
There's more blood.
Can you tell which footprints are Caitlin's? There's too many.
Spread out.
We'll cover more ground.
Bobby! I killed him.
He didn't give you a choice.
But My brother's still out there.
So are Mel and Krista.
Stay with Caitlin.
It's me! You're lucky I didn't blow your head off.
I figured you'd be too slow.
Ha Look, I think there's only two of them.
Seems like enough.
Cops! All right, keep them pinned down.
I'm going after Nelson.
You're shaking.
You know, I never thought I could do something like that.
Tommy, you saved my life.
You know, I could've said something or told him to drop the gun, but I just couldn't I just couldn't take the chance.
If anything ever happened to you, I wouldn't know what to do.
I'm so lucky I met you.
Thank God they're here.
Found 'em! Over here! Hey.
Okay! You guys can come out now.
Kidnapping, assault, attempted murder.
These guys are going away for a long time.
- They say anything? - Not the type to talk.
What were they after? Money.
Next time, call us first.
I flew up with the cops.
You got on an airplane for me? I had to see you were okay.
- Are you? - Yeah.
I'm sorry about our fight.
Doesn't matter.
You! Thank you.
Thank Bobby.
Where's Nelson? He's probably gone back into hiding.
"Probably"? Don't worry.
He's a survivor.
We'll be in the cafe.
- Wanna fly back together? - No.
You're in trouble.
Me and Mel both.
Well, mostly you.
No matter what Mel does, he'll always be her dad.
They'll never find the body.
Animals'll take care of that.
Uncle Zach can rest in peace.
Nelson's dead.
Good job.
Did you see who killed Johnny? Johnny? The guy who was killed up there.
Bobby Martin shot him.
That is the last one.
You've made your point.
Can you put them back now? We have to move on.
I'll rearrange my bedroom.
I am sure that will look very nice.
Well I have to make room.
For what? If we are going to travel together, we have to save money.
The best way to save money is to share A room.
Well, are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna help me? Is it okay if I take Caitlin home? She's been waiting for you for half an hour.
- You ready? - Yeah.
See you later.
I'll be home soon.
For everything.
- So flying again? - A one-time thing.
You really think Nelson's okay? I hope so.
Some people put their lives into a dream I put my life inside a song Krista! Dev said you left with your suitcase.
What's going on? I'm going to Bali.
To see your mother? No, I've got to get out of here.
I need some time to figure things out.
Figure out what? Everything.
My life.
When are you coming back? I don't know.
Look, I'm sorry we didn't tell you about Nelson.
I cried when you told me he was dead.
And for what? Because you and Mel didn't think I could take it.
We wanted to protect you.
Well, it's not just about Nelson.
Then what? This whole time we've been trying to make this work, I kept telling myself I could trust you, and You lied about Petra, and this, and everything.
Look, Krista, I I knew what I was getting into And I thought I could handle it.
Just turns out I can't.
Just like that? Krista Goodbye, Bobby.