Arctic Air (2012) s03e02 Episode Script

High Water

Previously on Arctic Air I met somebody while I was in Bali.
Everybody, this is Tag.
[Overlapping greetings] [] [Explosion roaring] That bomb made quite the impression.
That girl hates my guts.
We all do.
Might want to remember who your friends are.
Is that supposed to be a threat? You want my company? It's yours.
The two of you.
Figure out a way to run it between you.
[] [Locked handle clicks] [Muffled voices giggling] [Taps] There's a game Well, it looks like I will once again be washing my vitals in the kitchen sink.
with the boys and the girls I really need to get going.
I have to catch my flight to Nahanni.
We're probably wasting water.
Well, two showers in one Oh, I wish I could fly you down there.
Why don't you just come with me? Mm.
I want to Babe babe I have to go to work.
Just a few more minutes.
[] Let's fall in love I have to go.
All right.
I'll see you later.
Ahh ahh-ahh-ahh ahh, ahh [Loreen on radio]: I'm getting calls from all over about the flooding.
The roads are washed out.
We need to add more supply runs.
Yeah, it's the fastest spring melt I've ever seen.
I can't believe how much things have changed since we were kids.
[Laughs] Careful! That's the sentence that triggers turning into a grumpy old fart.
Until Metallica breaks up, I'm still cool.
[Krista]: Hey, it's me.
You're up in the air early.
I couldn't sleep.
Might as well make myself useful.
I've set up a pilot interview for this morning.
I didn't mean to chain you to the cockpit.
Ah, it's okay.
I'm happy to be up here.
Where are you now? I'm about an hour into the sked run, over Barrel Lake.
Barrel Lake Didn't we go there one summer when we were kids? Yeah.
I have cousins in Deti Creek, just below the dam.
I might have to bail out and go for a dip.
Copy that.
[Engine humming] [] I don't know when I'll be back in the office! No point in me sitting in a chair when the problems are out here.
I know we've had cracks before, but they've been above the waterline! [Trickling] Dammit.
It's worse! A week ago, this was just a trickle.
There's a whole lot of people down in the valley who are gonna meet their maker if this thing lets go.
[] Originally Aired January 14, 2014 So he doesn't even show up for the interview.
I give him a call.
Turns out he got hired by Bruce Ward to drive a truck.
Ah! Here it is.
Well, Bruce Ward pays more.
He's a thug.
Pilots should be willing to fly for free, because the profession of flying is like, uh, painting, or making the perfect vodka.
It's art! And notable for its gender-blind promotion of capable women, such as our boss.
Vodka's art? Astrid, you just had your appendix out.
Till the doctor gives the okay, you're grounded.
I've been mauled by grizzly bears that have more finesse than you do.
She is different since she came back.
More focused.
And I don't like it! [Radios crackling] [Cece]: I don't know what time zone you're livin' in, but in this one, Then tell Loreen not to keep me up all night telling me what a screw-up I am.
Well, alternatively, have you tried not screwing up? I'm an apprentice.
I don't get paid for that.
Well, is she still upset that you're studying for your pilot's licence? Well, before I graduated, the guidance counsellor told her I'd make a good nurse.
Well, we do need more nurses.
I'll buy you some white shoes.
You wanna hit the books at lunchtime? Absolutely.
Yes, I heard you.
I He won't be back until this afternoon.
No! You can't call him.
You can talk to his partner, Krista Ivarson.
His partner.
Hello? What was that about? Some guy named Harvey Degroot.
Works for Hydro.
Sounded upset.
Why? Did Bobby not pay his electric bill? Said he was up at Barrel Lake Dam.
What'd he want to talk to Bobby about? Wouldn't say.
Okay, I'll get Bobby on the sat phone.
[] [Bobby]: Evacuation? That's what I'm thinking.
You'll need a bunch of planes.
How did this problem come up so quickly? The dam's been out of commission since the '50s.
We got by for years, just letting it rot, but nowadays, water's coming in too much and too fast.
How bad is it? The crack's grown by two feet in the last week.
If it passes a load-bearing threshold, the whole thing could just give way.
I have family here.
What's Hydro doing about this? Sending some young engineer down here to see if we can make the repair.
[Sighs] Why don't you just tell the people to drive out? Well, that's the problem.
You see? This is the only road, and people can't drive out, because the damn thing is blocked! That's my cousin's house.
Why do you think I called you? Any airline can fly people out.
I need you to take care of this situation, or nobody will leave.
[Bobby]: Deanna.
You'll be glad to know your name comes up as the brother of the biggest pain in the ass in the Northwest Territories.
I'll talk to her.
You do that.
I gotta head back to the airport and meet this young pinhead.
We're dumping water as fast as we can, but to be safe, we need to get this road clear and get these people the hell out of here! Uncle Bobby? [Bobby]: Hailey? What are you doing here? I worked it out with my environmental studies prof to make the party - an independent study.
- "The party?" Yeah, we've been up here for about a week or so.
It's kind of like a block party.
In the middle of the road.
We want to make sure nobody misses it.
And what kind of block party gets political? Well A little offshoot might be a blockade to stop the test wells.
Since when is anybody drilling test wells around here? Oh, come on, Bobby.
You didn't just happen to "stop by" Deti Creek.
You know that there's natural gas deposits out here.
I'm here because of the dam.
What? Barrel Lake Dam has a crack.
A crack? [Scoffs] And you've seen it? Well, the guy I was with in the truck, he works for Hydro.
Hydro? Yeah, and they're owned by the government.
Hello? This is just another trick to break up the blockade.
A trick? Deanna, if that dam breaks, people around here are gonna die.
This isn't about the dam, Bobby.
This is about money.
You know I support you when I think you're right, but this time, you're wrong.
Just tell me who to talk to, so we can move this truck.
[] [] [Krista]: Bruce Ward is up there? The cell reception was terrible, but the disgust came through loud and clear.
Well [Grunts] Possible evacuation.
What can we throw at this? We've got six planes on northern runs.
We're still short two pilots for the deliveries we were supposed to make yesterday.
- [Thud] - [Fuming grunt] Agh! Can somebody please clear a path in there? The good news is, the pistons in the Beaver are shot, so, really, we're only short one pilot.
Okay, well, I need to fly up there.
Oh, that's a great idea.
Then we'd be short one pilot and one C.
Bobby needs air support.
Okay, in case you missed the point of the last 36 years, Mel didn't run Arctic Air from a cockpit.
We need you on the ground.
- [Thud] - [Shattering] Hey! That's glassware.
How about Astrid? What about Astrid? You could put her back in the air.
- She's grounded.
- It's not like she's gonna pop her stitches wrestling with the wheel.
Okay, why the sudden concern for somebody besides yourself? I'm just being supportive of a fellow woman.
Is that not okay? You're all feminist and everything.
How much did she pay you? [Exasperated sigh] I'm guessing about 20 bucks.
Hey! What are you doing here? Did you miss your flight? I heard you got a situation developing.
With complications.
We're gonna have to get some people out.
How many? How many planes have you got? Including the one Bobby took up there? That would be none.
We're leasing that one.
All right, what can I do? If I'm gonna stick around, I want to help.
You're going to stick around? Yeah.
I was thinking about it.
Find me a topo map of Deti Creek.
All right, I'm on it.
[Kicks box] [Grunts dismissively] [Broken glass rattles] [Phone beeps and chimes] [Groans] Oh So exactly when did you grow a social conscience? Since your sister and I started talking.
She knew she'd need some muscle for this, so she came to me.
I mean, do you really think he cares about the issues? I care for my people.
That's why I'm here.
You're not buying this, are you? Well, the thing is, when trying to save the land, everyone says they care, but nobody shows up.
Bruce showed up.
Who's that? How long's it been since you've been here? Bobby? Yeah? [Chuckles] I can't believe it.
Hailey was showing me pictures of you on her phone.
It's me.
No way! Man! I haven't seen you since you were in diapers.
Where's your mom and dad? I got to talk to them.
Well, they moved up to Fort Mac, like three years ago.
You didn't hear? It's just me and grandma now.
Auntie Belle is here? Good.
People will listen to her.
- About what? - Barrel Lake Dam is cracking.
We've got to get everyone out of here.
Oh, wow.
What? The thing is, she's the one who asked Deanna to set up the blockade.
[Sighs] [] So how is life at the top of the food chain? [Laughs] There's always a bigger shark.
I'm gonna do an evacuation.
How soon can you get the Beaver ready? Well, I could gnaw a new set of pistons out of wood with my teeth, but other than that, we're waiting for parts.
Ugh! Pfft.
Which are coming when? When we have a plane available to fly them in.
[Fuming groan] Look, it's, uh None of my business, but if you're gonna play authority figure, you might want to confine your public displays of affection to Mel's office.
Uh, okay.
That is my office now.
And He who takes his kilt off to snog his wife at the Christmas party shouldn't throw stones.
Ah, like father, like daughter.
Okay, what's that supposed to mean? Well, Mel tried to split that difference, too.
Married a free spirit, brought her to Yellowknife Ahh.
But like I said, none of my business.
You know why don't you start gnawing some pistons? [Phone rings] Hello? Bobby! Hey, sorry I didn't call earlier.
I just got to a landline.
Don't worry about it.
What are the logistics? Ryan says there's about Oh okay.
I know, it's gonna cost.
I'll deal with it.
Uh, airstrip? About a mile away, belongs to Hydro.
Big enough to land the DC-3.
What's the Bruce Ward situation? Ah, he's just a guy.
I can take 'im.
Spoken like a real caveman.
[Laughs] Look, no one's controlling the airspace up here.
You're gonna have to set something up at your end.
Got it.
Anything else? [Hip hop music blasting] Yeah.
I'm gonna have to call you later.
[Hip hop playing on blaster] [] [Radio blasting] Your friends? I spread the word.
Bruce? We need to talk.
Some people are asking about the dam.
Maybe we should talk to Hydro.
Wise up, kid.
There's a bigger game happening here, and it's all about who's gonna get the money from the gas deposits.
The dam has nothing to do with the test wells.
Come on.
It's a big lie.
Dearman's paying off some bureaucrat to force these people to leave their homes.
Dearman? He's got a new company.
Dearman Resources.
You didn't know? Yeah.
Bobby and, uh, Ronnie Dearman are old pals.
Dearman is not my friend.
Yeah? Maybe.
[Deanna]: It just makes sense, Bobby.
This is something that Dearman would do.
You know that very time the government relocates us, they end up with our land.
If we leave, how do we know we'll be allowed to come back? Guys, there's no conspiracy here! Dearman's got all the money on his side.
We need all the friends we can get.
Deanna, I know these guys, and it could get violent.
You know, I have some friends on the local road crew.
Maybe I can get them to blow a few potholes in the road, keep Dearman out permanently.
Are you really trying to impress my sister by showing how much damage you can do? Back off, Martin.
Hey, hey.
You go talk to him about the dam.
I'm gonna talk to these guys.
I thought you were gonna get this thing cleared out? Did you get another opinion about the dam? Young fella nearly popped a blood vessel when he saw the crack.
Turns out the old man knows what he's talking about.
Hydro's going public.
We've got to evacuate in case it lets go.
How much time do we got? Now would be good.
Yesterday would be better.
_ _ They're trying to protect everyone's homes by letting water out of the dam, but we can't take a chance.
I have friends from all over the place writing me on Facebook about the flooding, so I think Uncle Bobby's telling the truth about the dam.
It's all over Twitter, too.
[Bobby]: Hailey, just keep it simple.
Auntie Belle, if you stay here, your life is in danger.
All these people are in danger.
You know, they respect you.
If you say go, they'll go.
_ [] Do you think she'll look at the dam? She won't go anywhere she can't walk to.
Then I'm just gonna have to find another way to convince her.
[] Yeah.
What? Why? All right.
Uh, bye.
What's up? Bobby wants Dev and Blake to bring up Ronnie Dearman.
When is bringing Dearman into anything ever a good idea? I guess when you have no other choice.
[Sighs] When did you get in? Oh, about 20 minutes ago.
I love what you've done to the place.
So we're doing an evacuation up at Deti Creek? [Stammers] If Bobby can clear the road.
We can borrow some pilots from Copper Wing, and we have to call Hydro about who's gonna pay for all this.
What are you doing here? I thought you vowed never to touch the ground again after you got your licence reinstated.
I'm just checking in to see how things are going.
Well, great.
Things are great.
Now, did you give me this horse or not? Meaning I should let go of the reins? Ahh! One of the many things I love about you is your ability to take a subtle hint.
Well, I'll, uh, leave you to it.
I'm getting used to the death masks, but who's this supposed to be? Ratih.
"Goddess of Lust.
" Hmph.
[Dispatch radios crackling indistinctly] What was all that about? Oh, don't take it personally.
He doesn't like any of my boyfriends at first.
Oh, and later he warms up? No.
I've gotta sort some stuff out.
Look okay.
This is probably outside your area of expertise, but is there any chance you could find a way to Jerry-rig the Beaver? - Okay.
- Really? [Laughs] Mwah! Jerry-rig the Beaver Hey.
Where's Dearman? He's been trying to sell us on his fracking deal the whole way up here.
He's planning on fracking the gas deposits? Yeah, he says this whole thing about people lighting their tap-water on fire is urban legend.
I suppose it could be the type of too-good-to-be-true opportunity that actually could be true, and not a scam at all.
What's the deal, Dearman? You don't mess with small investors.
Hey, Bobby.
Thanks for the free ride up to Deti Creek.
Does this mean you finally decided to bury the hatchet? That's not an ethnic slur, now, is it? I need you to solve a problem up here.
Yeah, I know about the blockade.
You find a way to talk some sense into your sister and the other restless natives? I believe that is an ethnic slur.
The dam is gonna bust.
I need you to convince the people that you're not lying about it to screw them over.
That is a fantastic idea.
Is it too late to use that? After you.
I'm telling you, fellas, you need to buy in now before the gas starts flowin' and I up the minimum investment.
All my money's tied up in the yacht.
I've been in that movie.
[Mel]: So is he planning to stick around? Like, what was he doing in Bali? And what kind of name is "Tag"? Mel, I work for Krista now.
Did you not get that memo? Because you wrote it.
She's still in charge.
I'm just doing my due diligence as a father.
And I'm trying to figure out which boxes of moose meat are gonna go bad if we divert all our planes to Deti Creek.
I know you guys talk Look, if you have some lingering desire to stick your nose in the business of the younger generation, how about helping me with Caitlin? Caitlin? Yes.
I'm trying to get her to go to University, we end up arguing over body piercings.
I'm not sure I can help.
You raised a daughter.
Yeah, and it almost killed me.
You keep nosing around in her business, she might take another crack at it.
[All shouting]: Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! Off our land! [Deanna]: Hey! [Louder]: Hey! Stop! Back up! That is enough! Stop! Calm down! Back up! Stay there.
[Engine rumbling] You called the cops? Do you want this to get violent? It wasn't me.
Hydro must have called them.
Well, well, well If it isn't the mad bomber of Yellowknife.
Well, this seems to be a family affair.
If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna check out the buffet.
[Crowd]: Off our land! Off our land! I can't believe you brought him here.
How else am I supposed to convince people to go? If this thing turns ugly, everybody's gonna get into it, and you'll never get anyone to leave! [Crowd]: Off our land! Off our land! - Off our land! Off our land! - Please! [] [Hip hop playing on stereo] [] Howdy, folks.
Ronnie Dearman.
I remember you from my powerpoint presentation.
Nice blouse.
How's it going, Bruce? Didn't realize you're into the whole activism thing, defending the dignity of your people.
That's really heart-warming.
Or do you just think Bobby's sister is hot? [Chuckles] You know why I like you, Dearman? Because we're both strategists.
- Really? - Sure.
You paid some people off to lie about the dam, and I got my strategy too.
And what, pray tell, is that? Well, I think there's some opportunity here.
And once you get that gas development going, you're gonna need some trucking.
[Chip crunches] So if I give you the trucking contract, you can get these people out of the road? I'm impressed.
Man, did you think that up all by yourself? You're not a strategist, Bruce.
You're an idiot.
That dam really is gonna burst, and drowning isn't in my business plan.
Next time you want a contract, pick up the phone and ask me.
Man, you've pulled a stunt so stupid, you actually made Bobby Martin right.
[Crowd]: Off our land! Off our land! This is urgent, guys! We have to get out of here! [Crowd]: Off our land! Off our land! Okay, everybody.
Can I have your attention? [Protester]: Now you're a rich man.
Now, as you can see, I have put myself at considerable risk by walking into a pretty hostile crowd.
Some of you might be wondering why I'd do that.
Greed? Well, now that's a good answer, but it would take more than that for me to put myself in the way of a flood.
No, the truth is, I am doing it to save the good people of Deti Creek.
And it is my hope, that when you finally return safely to your homes, we can make a fresh start and actually begin to discuss how we can bring jobs and prosperity to your community in an environmentally responsible way.
Now, if you're wondering who to believe, I'll tell you right now that drives-with-a-fist over there, he ain't doing this to "Fight The Man.
" He is using all of you to get my business.
Now, I'm gonna get the hell out of here before this dam breaks, and I suggest you all do the same.
Let's go.
[Scattered quiet murmuring] [Engine starts] Does it hurt? I've suffered much worse injuries from biathlons.
This is nothing.
But it is keeping me from having sex, which doesn't make it any easier listening to you and Krista go at it.
Well, we'll try to keep it down.
Her walls are very thin.
Earplugs might help with that.
And I should be helping with this evacuation.
I'm sure everyone knows you want to help.
Mostly, I hate it when Dev gets to fly and I don't.
What are you looking for? [Awkward chuckle] I didn't want to ask Krista.
You wouldn't happen to know anything about a a broken Beaver, would you? [Radios crackling] Yes, the blockade's down.
We've already sent up three planes.
We're working on more.
No, we haven't heard back from emergency management, but can't Hydro pay us directly? Look, we're not gonna wait for a purchase order to save these people's lives, but we haven't got the cash flow to cover an operation like this, so find the money and call me back.
Does Tag like it when you talk hard-ass? 'Cause it's kinda sexy.
Our connection is purely spiritual.
Any luck with Twin Lakes? My cousin said they can loan us two Skyhawks.
Skyhawks? No! We need to get the kids and the elders out, and that's just a start.
We can't do that in four-seaters.
You want me to tell them no? No.
Take 'em.
And see if you can raise them a King Air.
Four-niner-three, be advised Copper Wing Twin Otter enroute heading two-five-zero at four-point-five.
[Bobby]: Got it.
Thanks, Mel.
How's it going? Not easy being the control tower from 400 clicks away.
I got a few more planes.
Do you mind if I fly up? Oh, I'll muddle through somehow.
Sorry I snapped at you.
I was deeply wounded.
But stay out of my office.
I won't try to take over again while you're gone.
And? What? [Sighs] Nothing.
Do you like him? No.
[] [] [] Hold on, everyone! We don't have room to bring all of your stuff.
Just enough for a couple of days.
Just put it towards the back.
You used to give me that look when I burped at the dinner table.
They're doing the best they can.
Come on.
[Plane approaching] That's Krista.
I gotta go fill her in.
There are people missing.
From town.
They're out on the land.
How many? We don't know yet, but now other people have gone to look for them.
How long have we got? Not long enough.
[Sighs heavily] [] We can't have half the town out searching for the other half.
Can't leave people out in the bush.
That dam breaks, there's gonna be a flood.
Just get me a head-count, all right? And make sure the houses are cleared.
I'll be back soon.
[] _ _ [] [Auntie Belle]: This is the bed I shared with my husband.
Where my children were born.
My grandfather set down roots on this land, then they built the school.
And the town grew around it.
_ [] The dam's filling up faster than we can dump water.
If those bureaucrats Harvey, even if we can find everybody, some people are not gonna want to leave.
Come on, isn't there something we can do to buy some more time? I got one idea but it's a long shot.
Are they out of their friggin' minds? Wait, you don't actually have to build the bomb.
Bobby said they can take care of all that.
I have to come up with a rig that'll turn a DC-3 into a bomber? The engineer thinks that there's an old earthen dam at the far end of the lake And if they can blow a hole in it, they can relieve the pressure on the main Hydro dam.
Yes, but there's no roads up there.
They have to do it from the air.
Yeah, well, forget it.
It's impossible.
I'll tell them you said no.
I said it can't be done! Okay.
Don't know how you live with that woman.
Try talking her into a nipple ring.
Maybe I can help you figure something out.
Oh, I really appreciate that, but I think it might require a little more expertise than hookin' up with the boss's daughter.
He knows some stuff.
Darlin', you've been at this job for six weeks.
You don't know a poppet valve from a rocker boss.
Don't start with that crap.
What, you two think you can find me a way to build a bomber? Go for it.
So it's gotta be a side of the lake that borders on unoccupied land.
Unoccupied by humans, maybe.
Better hope the badgers can swim.
Something wrong? I just don't think this is gonna work.
'Cause you're in a mood.
Yeah, it's You know, we've been in a cockpit a million times.
Yeah, and now it's uncomfortable, I get it.
Look, I'm sorry [Softer]: I'm sorry about the way things played out with Tag.
You could've told me that he was coming, more than a minute before he walked in the door! I wanted to, but But you thought I was still in love with you.
What do you think? Maybe.
Now, where do we find a bomb? [] And-and then, even if I can find a way to rig a bomb-holder, we're still have to find someone good enough and crazy enough to fly the bombing run! If you're referring to me, yes, I'll do it, but I can't do it unless you quit complaining and build the thing! We did the research you asked for.
I think we found something.
There's this website about the Royal Air Force The Dambusters Raid? May, 1943.
- You've heard of it? - Most amazing piece of precision flying in the 20th century.
Yeah, they blew up a couple of dams in the Ruhr Valley.
Didn't stop the Nazis, but slowed 'em down for a while.
There's old footage of the tests.
- Ah, there it is! - Yeah, that's it.
They built the bombs inside those barrels.
[Cece]: Then they had to spin the barrel to make 'em skip.
Actually, it was the speed of the planes made them skip.
The bottom-spin was for the Magnus effect.
The what? The rotation of the barrel caused it to hug the dam on the way down, allowing it to reach the base of the dam before the hydrostatic pistol set it off.
He majored in mechanical engineering.
Well, before I dropped out.
If you guys knew about this, why didn't you say something? Well, they had two years to practice this.
There's no way he could fly like that.
There's no way he could build it.
Well, I've got the specs.
So, Cece, if you'll give me a hand, I think I can rig something.
Well, get your asses in gear, kids.
We have work to do.
[] This is not my problem.
You have friends who could blow potholes in the roads.
That means they have explosives, am I right? Sure.
I work this miracle, and you end up looking like the hero.
This whole community is in danger and you're worried about who takes the credit? There's still some people refusing to go without their stuff.
You've got the truck.
Will you take some loads to higher ground? [] Tag? Hi, babe.
What are you doing here? Making the best modification to a DC-3 since turboprops and wet bars.
[Chuckles] Eh? I'm just trying to help out.
Well, thanks.
This is great.
Yeah, theoretically, this little electric motor should give us enough rotation in the barrel once we get it loaded.
Ready to blow some stuff up? I can't believe Ward actually came through.
Well, he had to redeem himself to get out of Deti Creek in one piece.
Tag and Cece have just about got things ready.
Tag? The bomb rig was his idea.
That makes it harder not to like him.
I'm working on it.
As soon as the bomb's ready, we're gonna help with the evacuation.
You okay taking right seat? Not a problem.
No chance this thing will blow up the plane, right? It's a depth charge.
It won't blow up until it sinks.
That's assuming it doesn't blow up while we're building it.
[] We're gonna need airspeed to pull up after we unload this thing.
What's our altitude? - 1,200 feet.
- Good.
I'm holding 130 knots.
Tag figured 145 to get the bomb to skip.
I think the barrel might be too heavy for that motor.
RPMs are down to 910 from 1,000, and dropping.
If it goes below 700, we're hooped.
So much for our engineering genius.
Hey! He did his part.
You do yours.
If this doesn't work, what are the chances of getting those people out in time? [] [Grunts] You really want to go down this road? What's that? Search and rescue.
Well, the north needs it and I can do it.
I think.
Am I crazy? I think it's a fit.
You're a save-the-world-type.
[] Thanks.
I'm not sure where your heart is right now, and I don't even know if you know, but Thanks for this.
[] [Creaking] We should be about a hundred feet over the water now.
I'll level out.
RPMs on the bomb? - Still dropping? - Yes.
It looks like this is our shot.
[] I'll grab the next flight.
[Seatbelt clicks] [] Okay.
[Taps window] [] I think that's it.
You're sure? Not gonna get any surer.
- RPMs? - 720 and holding.
Looks like the kid's rig works! Stand by.
[] We just need to wait until the planes get back.
There will be room for everybody.
[] [] What are the chances the bomb will blow when it hits the water? Zero.
[] Pull it! [] [] [] [Cece]: Nothing! Bomb didn't break through.
[] [Cece starts cackling] Whoa! Ho-ho-ho! [Laughing giddily] He nailed it! - Yes! - [Cheering] Have I still got it? Yeah! And I hope they never find a cure for it! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! It worked! The water's going down! Yes! [All laughing] _ _ [] [] [Jovial chatter and laughter] [] The clouds hold a storm over this road you're dreaming reminds me of Bali.
Sitting out at night, drinking rum, waiting up for your mom.
[Laughs] What did you think about her? She's pretty wild.
I mean, the guy she had an affair with was younger than me.
That was kind of messed up.
She's great.
My mom would never go to Bali with me.
You guys do that a lot? Uh no.
No, we've never done that before.
And now [Inhales sharply] What? Uh She died.
When? About a week after I left Bali.
I knew she was sick, but we were emailing.
Why didn't you tell me? It's it's okay.
I just I just wish I'd been with you.
You pull back and you angle towards the window I'll fly you down to Nahanni tomorrow.
Really? Well, unless you want to take the bus.
I wish you could come.
I can't take two weeks.
I know.
I could meet you.
For the last few days.
Yeah? Yeah.
I'm so unsighted still I pray you'll hold back your escape from in these walls [] Announcer: Next Tuesday Headlong into a violent storm.
More power.
This is all she's got! We're not going to clear those trees.
Announcer: A desperate life-threatening search.
I can't see a thing.
But this must be where her plane went down.
Announcer: An all new Arctic Air, next Tuesday at 9:00 on CBC.