Arctic Air (2012) s03e03 Episode Script

The Fling

Previously on Arctic Air If I'm going to stick around, full partners.
You want my company, it's yours.
The two of you, figure out a way to run it between you.
I met somebody while I was in Bali.
Everybody, this is Tag.
You could have told me that he was coming more than a minute before he walked in the door.
I wanted to, but But you thought I was still in love with you.
Come on More power, Krista, punch it! This is all she's got! We're not going to clear those trees.
Everything's socked in.
I can't see a thing, but this must be where her plane went down.
Bobby, listen to me.
Fly east.
Get out of it now.
You can't help Krista by getting yourself killed.
Bobby, do you copy? Originally Aired on January 21, 2014 I'll be back tomorrow.
I'm not saying cancel your trip, just postpone it.
Already did.
Look, we've got a meeting with a paramedic set up for Monday morning, for search and rescue.
Can you sit in? I'm flying the Hydro guys to Port Radium.
Make sure Blake knows.
Don't forget to call Deke Smithers.
Tell him we still want his Bell 412 for parts.
How are we going to pay for that? Maybe I'll have a bake sale when I get back.
Did you put Blake and Dev on the Inuvik run today? Yeah, but it would make me feel a lot better if it was you shaking Ted's hand.
All he wants is his mining equipment to show up on time.
They can handle it.
You can't put Astrid on Hay River.
Doctor cleared her.
Why didn't I know about that? Because you don't check your email.
I'm too busy taking orders.
Okay Time to go.
Have you gone through all the rampie resumes? I want to set up interviews for Thursday and Friday.
Krista, we survived for three months without you.
We can get through the next 24 hours.
Yes, of course, I just Look, you've been working flat out.
You deserve a night of wild sex.
It's weird.
He's only been out there for two weeks, but I miss him like more than I should.
Of course you do.
You're in love with him.
I think I am.
No guilt.
How many times have you had his back, on much shorter notice? You can never leave this company, you know that, right? Have fun.
Where are you going? You know where I'm going, Mel.
To run off with your boyfriend while the company goes down the crapper.
That's the plan.
Who's going to check out that sweetheart of a deal I lined up? Tag and I are going to check out the Cessna on our way back tomorrow.
Oh, so we run every aircraft by Tag now, do we? I'm checking out the plane.
But you know he went to M.
And dropped out.
Don't pretend this is some great addition to the fleet.
It's a single-engine, two-seater the company won't miss when you decide to take off and go fishing.
Call me from the air, let me listen to her.
I don't have to do this.
You and Cece could go.
We booked this trip months ago.
Took Cece some doing to convince Marie she'd love being alone with seven kids for a week.
And I wouldn't dream of making you change your plans.
Safe flight.
Thanks, dad.
I dreamed last night I saw your face bold And bright like city lights so let's move we'll dance upon this town live it loud Tonight we'll make the rounds and I'll get up, get up get up so you notice me I'll stand up tall so watch out you'll never leave whoa and I'll sail next to you we'll go away hands up! Watch out sail Sail of my eyes Stay Get to know my sense of humour Room for One more? Sure.
I thought you were I was looking for Tag.
You must be Krista.
I'm Hanna.
Where's Tag? He left yesterday.
Yeah, a couple of the guys from the kayaking company came by to check on us yesterday.
They were flying up to Fort Simpson to catch a band, and Tag decided to go with them.
Of course, right? Uh, is he coming back? I don't know.
He's an amazing guy.
He's been everywhere.
We started calling him "The Travel Gnome.
" Do you know where he's staying? I think one of the guys said he had a friend there.
They were going to crash at her place.
Yeah, it was nice to meet you.
Oh, if you find him, tell him there's still time to change his mind.
I want him to come to the Antarctic with me.
Research trip.
We could really use an experienced diver.
I'm surprised he turned you down.
Yeah, he said he wasn't done seeing the north yet.
I'm guessing he meant you.
You're lucky.
Your timing is impeccable.
Thanks for your business.
Hope to see you again soon.
I was looking for our cargo so we can get out of here.
Well, where is it? It's still at the site.
The truck broke down.
We will go home and come back when it is here.
Yeah, no, I talked to Bobby.
He said we wait.
Overnight? Yeah.
No, no, no, no.
The doctor finally cleared Astrid for physical activity.
We were going to celebrate.
In the house where Krista and Tag will not be.
Yeah, I know, it sucks.
I was supposed to meet my girlfriend at Bullocks tonight.
What girlfriend? Exactly.
I was hoping to meet one.
Hello? Hey, how are things going? Was Ted happy? Uh, yeah, um, I already talked to Bobby.
Wait, are you calling me from your kayak? Uh, no, there's been a change of plans.
I'm on my way to Fort Simpson to check out a Cessna for Mel.
Is Tag with you? No.
I set up a meeting with a paramedic for Monday morning.
Can you be there? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll be there.
So, what's going on? With what? You didn't call to ask about meetings.
If you knew your girlfriend was flying in, would you take off to see a band? Depends on the band.
You haven't seen your girlfriend in two weeks.
Uh, well, did he know for sure you were coming in today? I was supposed to be there yesterday.
Right, right, so he probably thought you couldn't make it.
Right, well, he left a message with two babes in bikinis, so Oh.
Krista, you still there? I just feel like an idiot.
I thought this was more than an extended fling.
Uh yeah.
I mean, if it helps, we thought it was, too.
We? Well, me.
Dev and Astrid, and Loreen.
You guys seemed really real.
I shouldn't have called.
No, no, no, it's fine.
Any time.
I'll see you tonight.
Well, actually, Dev and I are stuck Hello? Jeez.
That was Krista.
She called you for advice about her boyfriend.
Yeah, I guess she wanted a guy's opinion.
If Astrid crushed my heart like Krista did to you, and later sought my romantic advice, I think I would hang up and compose a very terse email.
Which you would never send.
That is likely true.
It's been almost two years.
We just want each other to be happy.
I do not know why I always assume the accommodations will be nicer.
Well, we'll flip for the bed later.
Let's grab something to eat.
I think we both know who will end up sleeping in the bathtub.
Perhaps if I drink enough, it will seem more appealing.
Hey! You found me! Uh, it would've been easier if you'd left a number with Hanna.
Yeah, I didn't know where I'd end up crashing.
You knew I was coming to meet you.
Yeah, yesterday.
When you didn't show, I figured you couldn't get away.
But this is a good surprise.
I bumped up the meeting to go look at the Cessna.
I don't want to keep the owner waiting.
So, when Krista was away, Astrid and I spent a good deal of time at home, but with Krista there, and now Tag, Astrid and I go to the movies a lot.
When is Tag ever there? It seems like he's always sailing, or rock climbing, or something Oh, no, no, he is most definitely living there.
Even when he is not physically present, Krista is skyping him, phoning him, sexting him Why are you doing this? I promised Mel I would check it out, so I'm checking it out.
I'm not talking about the plane.
She's been a great little puddlejumper for me and my wife.
My son learned to fly on her.
You got the maintenance records? My mechanic's bringing them.
He should be here by 4:00.
You want me to take a look? Uh, you're not a mechanic.
We were expecting you tomorrow, so when you called Can I take her up for 20 minutes? You'll be in love with her in 10.
Your Inuvik Ice Maiden is coming this way.
This is the land of the midnight sun.
The end of the dempster highway.
Home to north America's most northern greenhouse.
It is a lovely town with so much to offer.
And you're missing all the attractions sitting in this hole.
I'm not missing anything.
Aren't you sweet.
If you weren't spending your day drinking in a dump like this, I might be interested in knowing you.
I would've left an hour ago, but then you walked in.
I'm Blake.
This is Dev.
Too clean for a rig pig.
Too rough for an executive.
Prospector? We are pilots.
Where do you fly? We travel all over the north.
You'd be a good friend to have.
What time do you get off? Well, I guess that'll be up to you.
Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to get away? And then you couldn't even be bothered to wait for me? I did wait for you.
For two weeks.
You knew I couldn't get away until the end of your trip.
I'm not interested in being one more thing on your list.
Do you want to be with me or not? I do When your schedule allows.
What am I supposed to do, quit my job? Of course not.
Why's it doing that? Probably just a bad plug.
Fort Simpson radio, this is Cessna 1-5-2, Charlie-Oscar-Alpha- Charlie-Lima.
Do you read? We're Cessna 1-5-2, Charlie-Lima, about 30 Miles west of Fort Simpson.
Does anybody copy? Nothing.
It was working when we took off.
Do you want the sat phone? Do you smell burning oil? What? Is that coming from the engine? Yeah.
How far to the airport? Too far.
We need to get down now.
Where? That is the question.
The smoke's getting in here.
Plug it with something.
What was that? The wind shear.
Tell me what to do.
Call in your karmic favours.
Can you land that tight? Try and relax.
I'm going to do my best to keep us alive.
Are you okay? Not a scratch.
You know how amazing you are? Okay, get out.
Breathe some air.
Grab the rag.
I'm hoping the spark plug was just shorted by the leaking oil.
I wonder what's causing the leak? Probably something any idiot would've caught in a half-assed check.
Not me.
Yeah, well, we'd be too dead to have this conversation if it weren't for you.
Why don't we go somewhere? Won't your boss mind? I quit hours ago.
That's crazy.
I hate this place.
Take me out of here.
Well, no more backfiring.
So it'll be quiet till the smoke and flames engulf us.
I did help you rig a bomb on the DC3.
I'm sure between the two of us, we can find an oil leak.
I'm going to hike up higher, see if I can get a sat signal.
Bobby! Hey, guys.
Whoa, right.
Sun never sets in July.
I had no idea it was so late.
Don't sweat it.
But you are the third base umpire tonight.
Krista took off to see her boyfriend, and dumped everything on me.
Don't worry about it, but we gotta go.
The game starts at 9:00.
Petra, I'm sorry it's so crazy.
You don't have to come.
Are you kidding? I'm not going to miss your game.
Bobby! Yeah? Shane McClory called.
Who? The guy selling the Cessna.
He said Krista stole his plane.
He's threatening to call the cops.
Did you call Krista? Yeah, no answer on the radio or the sat phone.
Where was her test flight? Out of Fort Simpson.
She told Shane she'd be 20 minutes.
That was six hours ago.
And this loser waited till now to call? Sorry, guys, I gotta deal with this.
Mom, it's fine.
Let's just go.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Yeah.
Good luck.
Come on.
We don't wanna be late.
Oh! Oh Dev.
Oh, I'm sorry! I put the sign out.
I-I-I am so sorry.
I am going now.
Perhaps there is another bathtub I can sleep in.
Well, that was I've already forgotten.
Me too.
Any luck? I'll try over there in the morning.
You haven't stopped a second since we landed.
We're gonna get eaten alive out here.
There's nothing more we can do tonight.
Look around you.
People pay thousands to experience wilderness like this.
We have no food, water, first aid Come on No radio, no sat signal, no flares, no gun.
Do I need to go on? Shane's missing his plane, people are going to come looking for us.
Where do they even start? We didn't file a flight plan.
The E.
is missing.
We're not that far from Fort Simpson.
That's a search radius of 1800 square Miles, of wilderness.
We're about as easy to spot as fleas on bison from 6,000 feet.
Okay, bear, bison, whatever.
It's impossible.
Okay, don't move.
Okay, now, slowly back up.
Keep watching him, but don't look him in the eye.
Slowly Go.
Go away.
Get out of here, go! Shh.
Just Just slowly.
Easy Easy Easy.
Inside, now! Well, you said you wanted to see a bear.
Yeah, from a kayak, with a fast-moving current between us.
Let's hope this tin can is enough.
He's probably just looking to fatten up for the winter, right? Did I mention we don't have a gun? Isabella? Good morning.
Bear finally left around dawn.
Maybe he went to get his can opener.
What are you doing? I think the rocker cover's loose.
It's not something anybody would catch in a pre-flight.
If oil leaked in, hit the exhaust Smoke and flames.
Did you learn that at M.
before you dropped out? No, when I was 13, my dad bought a Trans-Am.
Father and son bonding, right? Then he got promoted, started working 24/7, and I hardly saw him until I left for college.
But I did learn a couple of things about old engines.
Well, a Cessna's not a Trans-Am, and now our engine's in pieces, so I guess there goes any hope of us flying out of here.
You thought that it was hopeless before I pulled it apart.
You were going to hike to go find a sat signal.
That was before the bear showed up.
I'm not going to hike anywhere now without a gun.
If it comes back, this is all we've got.
All right, well then I'll make sure I leave the doors on.
If you had any concept of how totally screwed we are Thanks, Clive.
Keep me posted if you hear anything.
Will do.
Okay, that's it.
We've talked to everyone between here and Fort Simpson.
Based on the weather yesterday, I'm guessing she would've done the test flight around here Pretty rugged terrain.
Old single-engine plane.
If something went wrong odds are it didn't turn out well.
Did you call search and rescue again? No change.
They can't deploy anything until tomorrow Cancel the sked.
Send every pilot we've got.
I'm flying out there now.
Should we tell Mel? Let me find her first.
The clouds are moving in different directions.
Wind's coming in from the east.
What? Nothing.
There's no bird song.
There's a storm coming.
Hah! Yes! I was right.
See the oil here? Leaking right on to the exhaust.
Well, great, so you've confirmed what we already know, we're not getting out of here.
No, I think I can fix it.
With an army knife? Yeah, so far, so good.
If oil leaks on the engine while we're flying, this whole thing could explode.
So what, we just sit here and do nothing? You made it clear nobody's ever going to find us.
I said it was unlikely.
We can either try to get out of here, or starve to death.
Is that about right? If we keep working at cross purposes, we are screwed.
I can do this, but I need your help.
If that storm hits, there's no taking off.
You know what, forget about the storm, I'm not spending one more night out here with that bear.
He's probably coming back and with friends.
Blake! Blake! Where's Blake? I thought he was with you.
Are you all right? My husband, he came home last night.
Husband? From the mine.
I wasn't expecting him for another week.
Did Blake know that When I got home this morning, Len asked me where I'd been.
I hope you concocted a very convincing lie.
Everybody at the bar saw us together.
As soon as Len leaves the house, he'll hear about it.
You have to take me with you.
I am sure you and Blake had a good time, but things are suddenly becoming quite serious It's just a ride.
Just get me to Yellowknife and I'll figure out the rest from there.
Blake is the captain.
You will have to talk to him.
Look, I don't always make great choices Running away is perhaps further proof of that.
Len's temper is Let's just say I'd rather have a thousand kilometres between us when he finds out.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Isabella.
No, you're not.
What the hell do you want with my wife, pretty boy? Your-your wife? N-nothing.
I was just looking for a friend.
Different Isabella.
There's only one.
And Griff here tells me she left last night with some pretty boy.
Look, I think there's been a misunderstanding Now, she's crazy.
But you? I should probably go You came to my town.
You banged my wife.
And now you think you're just gonna walk outta my bar? You're crazier than she is.
Last night was the first time we didn't make love.
No food, no water, bear threatening to rip open the plane.
I can't imagine what spoiled the mood.
Would've taken our minds off some of that.
Maybe it was the fact that when I came to meet you, I met a half-clad Hanna instead.
All right, that's about the third time you've mentioned her.
What exactly do you think happened? Don't know, wasn't there.
But you working with two of your exes, that's no problem, right? Bobby and I are just good friends.
We never should've tried to make it more.
And Blake? He's your pal, too? That was two years ago.
Yeah, but it was serious, wasn't it? We were engaged.
Engaged? For, like, 12 hours.
And? It didn't work out.
Let me take a wild guess here and say you shut him out.
The bolts are stripped.
I can't re-attach it.
Go ahead, say it.
I wasted our time.
How many bolts do you think this thing actually needs to fly? Dev! Let's go! Dev! Blake! Blake, I have to tell you, Isabella is married.
Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
And her husband I met him, okay? Look, we'll talk at 6,000 feet.
We gotta go! We're heavy.
I've got the plane, you've got the instruments, okay? Yes, I will be right there! Dev, get up here! Now! Is that the husband? Yeah.
How did he find you? Uh, I went looking for Isabella.
Why would you I liked her.
I wanted to say goodbye.
Look, can we just go? Okay, tell me if the needles leave the green.
Okay The door! What? Dev! Hurry up! No.
No, you can't.
You cannot Get outta my way! You can't! Get off.
Get off.
Get off.
Get off.
Get off My apologies.
I think we will both regret this.
Hang on, Dev! Taking off in a broken plane, from a postage stamp of dirt, headlong into a Gale.
You promised me northern adventure.
Hell, when I make a promise You really deliver.
Here's two more.
I'm sorry.
For getting you stuck out here.
Don't be.
We're going to make it back.
And when we do, I'll hit the road with a good story.
These are too big.
Can you grab me about four more bolts, half this size? If I take out any more bolts, this whole thing's gonna fall apart.
Find me four more, and let's get the hell outta here.
Bobby, there's a massive storm moving in from the east.
Any sign of it where you are? I'm in it.
- Anything yet? - No.
How many eyes? Six planes looking now, but they're all turning back to wait out the storm.
I'll call you when I find her.
You sure you fixed it? Yes.
Are you sure you can fly in this? Yes.
Are we being brave or stupid? Stupid would be letting this moment pass.
We've got the chance.
We have to take it.
No, no! Attacking the pilot is a very bad idea! Screwing my wife was a bad idea! Please sit down.
She's in there with him now, isn't she? They're just laughing at big dumb Len! I'm going to kill 'em both.
She's not here! We left her behind so the two of you could work things out.
There's nothing to work out.
This might be one of those not great choices you mentioned.
No backfiring.
Do you smell anything? Other than my own fear? No burning oil if that's what you mean.
It's not too late to change your mind I'm not changing my mind.
Come on More power, Krista, punch it! This is all she's got.
We're not going to clear those trees.
Everything is socked in.
I can't see a thing.
You need to get out of there.
They've upgraded the storm to severe.
I'm going to drop down for a better look.
Bobby, don't be stupid.
Bobby, do you copy? Come on I get it, bang a pilot, get a free flight outta town.
I didn't plan this, okay? It just happened.
Oh, yeah, like, "Whoops, you just slipped and landed You're such a pig! I'm a pig? Dev, you okay? Don't worry about us.
You just fly.
I've been faithful to you.
Five years, not so much as a lap dance.
Wow, what a sacrifice.
Tremendous willpower.
Did you think I wasn't going to find out? Perhaps we should all sit down The whole town saw you leave with the guy.
Well, maybe if you were ever around, I wouldn't have slept with him.
Oh, he's dead.
No, no, no, no, no.
Stay away from him.
Blake! Come on.
Him over me? Take another step.
Find out.
Let's not find out.
Leave Dev out of this! He had nothing to do with it! Blake.
Where are you? We're just out of Inuvik, heading south-southeast, but Change course, divert east.
Nasty system over the MacKenzie Mountains.
Loreen! We have psychos on board.
Okay, we've got to find a way out of this, 'cause through's not going to work.
Is it the storm, or is the plane falling apart? Here's where we find out if we pulled too many bolts.
How far back to Fort Simpson? into the storm.
We can't risk it.
Are you trying for Yellowknife? Yeah.
If we can just get to the other side of this system.
Isn't that a lot farther? With this headwind, three hours.
On the bright side, we might have just enough fuel left.
What was that? A panel on my side right beside the wing.
Guess we needed that bolt.
You still want to try for Yellowknife? We're on the edge of the storm, flying away from it.
If we're falling apart in this, what's it going to do if we fly right into it? I talked you into this.
No, you didn't.
Sitting around waiting for someone else to rescue me? That is not in my DNA.
I'd say me neither, except right now it feels like you're rescuing me.
And I'm not complaining.
There's still time.
It's a long flight.
What happened? The wind shear caught me.
I thought I was going down.
I didn't find them.
It's okay.
They called.
They're coming home.
Coming home.
But when you're back, all you do is drink and fight! Yeah, so I don't have to be alone with you! This is a stressful situation.
I am sure you do not mean that You don't have to worry about that, 'cause I'm not coming back! Get the hell out of my way I'm serious, Len, I can't do this anymore! Perhaps now is not the best time.
Just stop.
You're not going to kill the pilot while he's flying the plane.
You don't want us all dead.
She makes an excellent point.
Well, you're leaving me anyway, so why the hell not? No, Len! Oh! Don't move! Give me that.
Put your hands together, like this And you, put that knife away.
Sit down and buckle up.
I'll throw you both out.
Don't you threaten my wife.
She tried to kill you.
But I still love her.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
I never thought I'd be so happy to see Yellowknife.
I just hope the bolts I took out of the landing gear aren't going to be a problem.
Oh, so dark and twisted.
Don't go slagging my home town.
I've been thinking about my next move.
Yeah, I'm sure you've had your fill of the north.
Feeling pretty humbled by it.
You were right about Blake.
I did shut him out.
I'm sorry I freaked out.
I don't want you to remember me like that.
Remember you? When you leave, I want you to remember us like how we were in Bali.
Bali was great, but it wasn't real life.
It was, for three months.
Being up here with you, seeing you in your element, I'm not ready to leave.
Yeah, you say that now, wait till it's 30 below.
Krista, I'm serious.
I'd rather freeze my ass off all winter than be away from you.
Un-unless you don't want that I want.
Just try it, Shane.
We'll countersue for criminal negligence.
If you want it back, come and get it.
Thanks for coming, Lindsay.
Figure out who I'm arresting yet? The husband.
Or the wife.
Maybe both.
Take care.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
There's my answer.
Don't move! If my wife hadn't screwed you, I might've lost her forever.
No, it's okay.
I'm not pressing charges.
These people very nearly caused an emergency It's a misunderstanding.
It's resolved.
Well If you change your mind, give me a call.
Uh We're home.
Well, thanks for getting us down alive.
I'll see you inside.
Hey What do you think, should we buy it? You scared the hell out of me.
Yeah, well not exactly the day off I had planned.
I'm serious, I can't lose you.
Well, that's just 'cause you don't want to run this place all by yourself.
I was a jerk to you before you left.
Well, I dumped a lot on your plate.
I'm your partner.
That's what my plate's for.
This was a wake-up call.
I need you in my life.
Like you used to be.
Bobby I want my best friend back.
Me too.