Arctic Air (2012) s03e10 Episode Script

Last Drop

Previously on Arctic Air Constable Gallagher.
Blake Laviolette.
Blake! Blake! [Sobs] [Lindsay gallagher]: Blake saved my life.
He's a good guy.
Yeah, he is.
The only difference between you and me is luck! You really hate me that much? Choke on it.
Bobby Martin's a dead man.
You're not like your brother.
Every time I see him, it looks like he wants to rip off my head.
[Lindsay]: Why didn't you invite me? You were there on police duty.
I didn't think you wanted to Blur the lines.
A cop's still gotta eat.
What if somebody rolled a joint after dinner I'm not saying that that happened But, you know, it could get awkward.
I'm supposed to build relationships in the communities.
If you took me along when you went to your friends' houses Okay.
Next time I get invited for caribou pie, you'll be my date.
Happy? I'm a lot of fun in social situations.
I'm sure you are.
Dinner's on me tonight.
You can decide for yourself if I'd embarrass you in front of your friends.
I never said you'd embarrass me.
Blake, this is Krista.
Do you read? Copy, Krista.
Go ahead.
Where are you? About 15 minutes south of wrigley.
Divert southwest to Collins bay.
Sergeant Lauderhill just called, and there's been a death up there.
He needs an officer on the scene, and Lindsay's the closest.
A death.
Who? An accident.
That's all he'd tell me.
Roger that.
We can be there in 45.
Well, you're off the hook tonight.
You can't even buy me a drink.
Collins bay is dry.
Constable Gallagher.
What's your name? Ben.
We were told not to move the body, so a bunch of us have been keeping the dogs away till you got here.
Appreciate that, Ben.
So, what happened here? Guess she froze to death.
That's Desi Clement.
You knew her? Flew her down to yk once, but Bobby She was like his little sister.
[] [Shutter clicking] Who found her? Her neighbour.
Came out this morning, and Saw her lying there.
Real shock for all of us.
She was a nice girl.
What was Desi doing last night? I don't know.
That's her house, right there.
I can smell booze on her.
Probably drinking Passed out.
It was pretty cold last night.
I thought your community was dry.
Doesn't stop the stuff from getting in.
Yeah What are you going to do with her? We'll take her down to the coroner in yk.
He'll determine the official cause of death.
Let's get her in the shed.
Keep her frozen till we're ready to fly.
Should be able to fly her down tomorrow.
[Sighs] Can you go find Francine? Is it okay if I call Bobby now? Sure.
I need to take statements.
If I leave my equipment up there over the winter, it'll be nothing but a pile of rust come break-up.
And we'd love to take your money, Russell, but for what it's going to cost to bring it down, you're better off paying for storage.
Yeah, but where? There's nothing up there except the lodge we just built.
I need my stuff down here in case another job comes up.
Okay, but it's not going to be cheap.
Okay, man, whatever you can do for me.
I can probably to tack your gear on another flight.
Aw, that'd be awesome! [Cell phone rings] I should take this.
Yeah, take it easy.
Blake, what's up? I'm sorry, Bobby.
I know she was like family.
Yeah, my dad pulled her out from foster care and she lived with us for two years.
It's awful what happened.
It's just a really sad situation.
[Voice breaking] I appreciate you calling.
Um I'll break the news to my sister.
She was so happy with Sam.
Selling her beadwork.
Things were finally turning around for her.
Sober over a year.
She told me that Moving to Collins bay saved her life, Bobby.
Then the booze always finds its way back in again.
You know, we don't even know how she got it.
You know, maybe she brought it back the last time she was in the city.
Come on, Bobby.
She's been in Collins bay for months.
Somebody had to have sold it to her.
Nobody's going to do anything about it.
No, our sister's dead.
Somebody's got to be held accountable.
[Sharp knock on door] I'm sorry.
If there's anything I can do I thought you'd be with the others at Desi's.
I don't want to see her like that.
What about your friends, your family? You shouldn't be alone.
I don't want to talk to anybody right now.
I just came by to tell you I didn't know Desi that well, but I know how much she meant to you, and I We broke up.
When? Three weeks ago.
Oh, man She started drinking again.
Clean 18 months And then I know you helped her get sober Yeah.
But she was my rock.
I brought her here to start a new life, and it was Better.
Uh Constable Gallagher's here.
She'll want to talk to you Why? She's just getting the info she needs to complete her report.
But she doesn't know me and Desi broke up? I'm sure she'll hear about it.
Why? Well, it just sounds bad.
Sam, nobody's saying this is anything but a terrible accident.
It's just Talking to cops, it never goes well for Indians.
Thanks for coming.
Means a lot.
Did Desi have a lot of arguments in the middle of the night? No.
You didn't think that was strange enough to get out of bed and take a look out the window? None of my business.
Did you recognize the man's voice? I already told you, no.
All right.
Thanks, Francine.
I've got your number if I have any more questions.
She heard Desi arguing with a guy last night? Yeah.
What? I just talked to Sam.
Desi's ex-boyfriend.
I'm not asking you to shut down every bootlegger in the north.
I'm asking you to find the person who brought the booze into Collins bay.
You know how much a bottle of whiskey goes for up there? Couple hundred bucks.
That's right.
And the penalty's a $50 fine.
Our priority has to be enforcing territorial laws.
What you're talking about is a local bylaw infringement.
It's the folks of Collins bay who voted to go dry.
And you need to respect that.
Look, Desi moved to Collins bay because it was supposed to be a safe place to recover.
I'm sorry for your loss.
And I appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns, Mr.
I mean, his girlfriend froze to death.
So anyone would act weird, right? Hey, it's Gallagher.
I need you to run a name for me.
Sam Gordon.
Send me the details.
Your buddy, Sam, has a record.
For what? Aggravated assault.
His gun's gone.
It was over here.
[Sighing] He's pulled a runner.
Sir? It's Gallagher.
Yeah, the death in Collins bay, it's starting to look like a possible homicide.
Where would Sam go? I don't know.
Everyone here's got quads.
He could be anywhere.
Sam's a trapper, right? How far does his line run? North of here? South? He's my friend.
I'm just trying to get his side of the story.
How wide of a stretch does it cover? His dad left him a good line.
Does he have a cabin up there? He's gotta have a cabin.
Can you find me a quad? Thanks.
I'm going with you.
Look, he's armed and potentially dangerous.
I can't ask you to You didn't ask.
I volunteered.
Look, I know him.
When we find him, maybe I can help.
Okay, but you're not a cop, and you don't have a gun.
So, ground rules.
You drive, I cover you.
But if we run into any trouble, you stay the hell back and let me handle it.
Of course.
[Bobby]: Well, the cops aren't going to do a damn thing.
Collins bay has no road access.
The only way to get booze in there is by plane.
We've got to find the pilot who flew it in.
And then what? Wring his friggin' neck.
How do you know it's a him? There are about 20 female pilots in town and none of 'em would be this boneheaded.
Do you really think this was just stupidity? Some idiot pilot left a bottle in his plane? It's way more likely it was somebody selling it.
Well, let's start by finding out who logged flights to Collins bay in the last two weeks.
Murray Carter's up there all the time, and he's in town, I saw him at the coffee shop this morning.
All right, I'll take a run to his hangar, ask him if he's seen anything.
Yeah, look out.
He's still sore at your dad and I for firing him in '91.
Murray Ivarson send you? Heard you were short on pilots.
That's not why I'm here.
Actually, I was just wondering if you were in Collins bay recently.
Why? - Somebody flew booze in there.
- So? Where were you last night? I was in tuk.
Ask Laird.
He saw me come in this morning.
Thanks for your time.
Bobby Martin.
Laird Buchanan.
So, I've gotta ask Nah, nah Murray's an idiot, but there's no way he's running booze.
He was in tuk.
You're a pilot? Ever fly to Collins bay? No.
I mostly do hay river, but, uh A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine saw a pilot unloading some boxes.
It was sometime after midnight.
In Collins bay? Who was the pilot? No idea.
But apparently he's got a 150, a real beauty.
Don't suppose you've got her call letters.
Think it was blue and white.
Two sets of tracks.
Which ones do you want to follow? Looks like the same tread pattern on both.
We don't even know if the tracks we've been following are Sam's.
Could be anybody's.
It's a strange way to go, unless you're trying to disappear? Maybe.
It's worth a shot.
Let's try it.
How many more pilots logged flights into Collins bay? I found another three we should track down.
I just got off the phone with Gail Marchand.
She flew some American hunters in there last week.
Any booze? She got into an argument with them.
They didn't understand why she wouldn't let them bring beer on board.
They never do.
She swears she left it on the tarmac in yk.
I'm going to double check her story.
How's it going with you? Struck out with the commercial outfits.
If their pilots are flying into Collins bay, it's on their own time with their own planes.
We're probably looking at an independent.
Any leads on that 150 Bobby called in? No, not yet.
Maybe I'll take a box of donuts over to Gordon epp at transport.
His office has a file on every aircraft in the territories.
He'll be thrilled to you see you.
Wait! Look who flew into Collins bay yesterday.
Anything? [Sighing] He could be anywhere by now.
You want to go back, follow the other set of tracks? Even if they're his, he'd have a huge lead by now.
He could be ahead of us.
We don't know for sure this is the wrong trail.
I'm calling for backup, but we need to find him before we lose the light.
I need a bird's eye view.
Hey, Bobby.
That pilot who gave you the tip about the blue and white 150, what was his name? Laird Buchanan.
According to flight logs, he flew into Collins bay yesterday.
He lied to me.
We called the strip manager to confirm.
He said that Laird's plane was already gone when he showed up for work this morning.
Hey! Where's Laird? He left.
Where'd he go? What am I, his babysitter? He took off right after you did.
He told me that he doesn't fly into Collins bay and I got proof he was there last night.
- So? - Why'd he lie to me? How the hell would I know? I think he's flying booze in there, and I'm guessing you're his partner.
What, are you kidding me? You think I'd risk my license, my business like that? But you knew Laird was bootlegging.
Nah, I barely know the guy.
I just sublet hangar space to him.
Well, do you have a number, or an address? I think I might have his cell written somewhere.
I need a favour.
And here I thought you were giving me a break on our cargo 'cause we're buds now.
Look, I'm looking for a pilot who might've flown booze into Collins bay.
His name is Laird Buchanan.
He lied to me outright, but we know he was up there.
[Scoffs] What are you, "bush pilot cop" now? [Laughs] My little sister got drunk and died in Collins bay last night.
I'm sorry.
Look, I need to know if Laird's a bootlegger.
Come on, if you know anything Last I heard, Laird was working for Bruce.
Bruce Ward? I heard he was running booze, but I don't know if he was in Collins bay, so Listen, you didn't hear that from me, all right? I don't need the blowback.
Yeah, not a word.
You got a lot of balls showing your face here, Martin.
Stay away from me, Kimbo.
What the hell's he doing in here, Russell? He's bringing my gear down for me, okay? Just chill.
Biggest moose he ever got.
No bullet holes.
Hit him between the eyes.
How much? Five grand.
It's a good deal, Bruce.
This how you treat your own? Trying to scam me like I'm some city Indian? You got a problem with that? Bruce Somebody's flying booze into Collins bay.
Yeah, so? It needs to end.
I don't got time for this crap.
I know Laird Buchanan works for you.
Get the hell off of me.
You sent him up there with booze! Even if I was bootlegging, which I'm not, you think I'd hire that screw-up? I fired him from a warehouse job six months ago.
You stop.
Or I'll shut down Ward trucking.
Yeah, right.
How you gonna do that, wonder boy? Piece by piece.
[Scoffs] Bobby Martin, on a quest to save his people.
My heart soars.
This one of your sister's latest crusades? Desi is dead.
What happened? She passed out and froze.
So she drank herself to death.
No surprise there.
You went out with her.
[Scoffs] Yeah, in high school.
So she means nothing to you now? What do you want, a freakin' eulogy? Desi was weak.
Like all the others who can't get it together.
I could call my contact at city hall.
She'll make it hell for Bruce when his permits come up.
Going after his company is not going to stop him.
We have to hit him where it hurts.
That's all he cares about.
And his grandmother.
Deanna Dorothy's luncheon today is at the hall.
She's being honoured for her work in the community.
[Loreen]: My cousin and I are going.
All her family and friends are going to be there.
That's why Bruce was buying that moose hide.
He adores her, Bobby.
She's the one person in this world that he cares about.
You can't do that.
You don't turn family against each other.
And today of all days? A few months ago, I still believed that Bruce had some good in him.
But this? He has to be stopped.
Bruce Ward is not the source of all evil in this world.
He sent up the booze that killed Desi.
That's enough.
Who told you Bruce is behind all this? A friend.
How reliable is this friend? Does he have proof? Why are you defending him? I'm not, but you have tunnel vision when it comes to this guy.
He burned down a chief's house and he tried to run me off the road.
You are talking about ripping his family apart.
If that's what it takes.
Bobby, what do you want to do here, stop him from bootlegging, or destroy him personally? Look, this is not personal.
It's about stopping a criminal, and we should've done that a long time ago.
Did you talk to him? He didn't care Desi Clement was dead.
Said she brought it onto herself.
I'm sorry about your little sister.
I know it isn't, and I mean no disrespect, but for years, he has been hurting more and more people, and for me For us This is the last straw.
You lost your parents and a daughter to drinking.
Bruce lost his mother.
You've always been there for him, when nobody else was.
He'll listen to you.
You and Bruce were little devils growing up.
We were.
I never could tell who was the worst.
Probably me.
Well You made your choices.
And you learned from your mistakes.
My grandson has to make his.
Excuse me.
I've got to get ready.
When your grandson shows up today with a gift for you, remember who he hurt to pay for it.
Feels silly, me at the centre of all this fuss.
You've done so much for all of us, and we're grateful.
Denise brought her smoked char.
Better get some before it's gone.
I'm going to put this away.
This is for you.
Not a scratch on it.
Jimmy football, he killed it.
Adele keenowosae, she tanned it, and said it was the nicest moose hide she'd ever seen.
It looks very expensive.
You deserve it.
How can you afford it? The company's been doing good.
Desi Clement is dead.
I heard.
Did you sell booze to Collins bay? [Crowd murmuring] No.
Who told you that? Look me in the eye, Bruce.
Have you been selling alcohol into dry communities? Can we talk about this later? [Firmly] I have nothing more to say to you.
Bobby Martin did this? He went to my family? [Sighs] [Kicks door open] You got what you wanted.
Dorothy disowned Bruce, in front of everyone.
I'm not the bad guy here.
We are here to honour an elder, Bobby.
It should have been a great day for her, for all of us.
I'm sorry it came to that, but Bruce put her in that situation, not me.
You knew what would happen! If you had seen his face He was crushed.
Desi is dead.
I'm supposed to care that Bruce's feelings were hurt? Don't kid yourself this isn't personal, 'cause he certainly took it that way.
You'd better watch your back.
Blake, this is Krista.
Do you read? Loud and clear, Krista.
Go ahead.
I've got three officers here with me.
They'd like an update.
I'm not sure how much they told you.
That's Lindsay's tracking a person of interest in a possible homicide.
[Lindsay]: Yeah, it's the victim's ex-boyfriend.
We're about 15 minutes northwest of Collins bay.
Still looking for his cabin.
Tell them the suspect may be holed up there, but we don't know for sure.
Copy that.
How far away are you? Hmm, about 45 to an hour, depending on headwinds.
See you soon.
What's that? Could be his cabin.
Let's check it out.
[Sighing] He's not here, but he was.
I can still smell his cigarette.
What do you want to do? Call Krista, give them our coordinates.
Tell them the suspect's on foot now.
[Krista]: There's Blake's plane.
It'll be tight, but I think I can touch down beside him.
If we want to cut off the suspect's escape route, we need to land on the opposite side of this Ridge.
[Scoffs] That's a lot easier said than done.
I thought you were a bush pilot.
Let's have a look.
[Branch cracks] [Sighing] I think he faked us out.
Led us on a false trail.
That means he's close.
And he knows we're here.
Stay alert.
Stay with the plane.
[Dialing sat phone] Yeah, we put down just east of the Ridge.
That must've been a hell of a landing.
Are you all right? Yeah.
How about you? [Twig cracks] We're in the bush just east of the coordinates we gave you.
What do you mean, "we"? You're not a cop.
Blake, you need to stay out of this.
The cops are headed your way.
Good to hear.
No, I'm serious.
Let them handle it.
Hang up.
Do it now! Just relax - Krista? - [Beeps phone off] Krista! - Get me out of here.
- You don't want to do this Now! Where do you want to go? I don't know, over the border.
Everybody's going to be looking for this plane.
- Just start it! - Okay! Okay, easy.
Easy If you shoot me, we're not going anywhere.
I have to do my pre-flight check.
You just landed.
The plane's fine.
Let's go! [Flicking switches] What did you do? [Stammering] Nothing.
- The battery's overheated.
- Fix it! I can't! I can't, it needs to cool down.
How long's that gonna take? I don't know, a couple minutes maybe.
We gotta go! The cops will be coming back.
What do they think you did? They think I killed her.
The plane's still there.
We don't have a visual on the suspect or the pilot.
Copy that.
Standing by.
Back-up's moving this way.
Wait, wait.
We don't know what we're dealing with yet.
He's got Krista.
We don't even know if they're in that plane.
They could be anywhere.
Let me check it out.
If Sam's in there, he knows me.
If you take one step towards that plane, I will cuff you to a tree.
[Sighs] We won't let anything happen to Krista.
You went to setsi.
I told you to stop bootlegging, and you blew me off.
When we were kids, I used to show up at your place every night around dinner.
Remember that? [Sighs] Yeah You ever figure that one out, Martin? My mom was dead.
Dad was in jail.
Who do you think was making dinner at my house? Nobody.
Till setsi moved from deline to look after me.
I'd be dead if it wasn't for her.
And you know what alcoholism did to her, to your family.
How could you go selling booze to Collins bay? I lost everyone.
My parents.
Uncle Zach.
Now you take the only family I've got? You can stop, and you can make this right.
You crossed a line, Bobby.
You went after my family.
You just remember that when somebody goes after yours.
[Krista]: What happened last night? I went over to her place.
Just to talk.
She was drinking, with her new boyfriend.
She was doing so good But soon as he started bringing in the whiskey, there was nothing I could do.
She left you for the guy flying in the booze? White guy.
From the city.
Who? Laird something.
Laird Buchanan? Yeah.
I kept begging her to leave him.
But last night, he threw me out.
She told me she never wanted to see me again.
So Laird might've been the last person to see her alive.
Did you tell the cops what you know about him? Why? I have a record, and my girlfriend's dead.
He could've killed her! Don't you want to clear your name? Cops won't listen to me.
The investigating officer Lindsay Gallagher, she is a friend.
I can talk to her.
Even if the cops did believe me, I'd have Kimbo Comstock after me.
Why? If I ratted out his pilot, Kimbo would kill me.
Laird works for Kimbo Comstock? [Laird]: We had a fight, things got rough.
[Kimbo]: Did you kill her? I didn't mean to! [Whispering] Shh! I pushed her, she fell, she didn't get up.
Did anybody see you? No.
I was real careful, I swear.
What did you do with the body? Nothing.
I left her there.
Looks like an accident.
Like she froze to death, right? I told you never to come in here.
I said no connection between us.
None! Did the cops talk to you? - No.
- Good.
But Bobby Martin came by the hangar this morning, asking how the booze got up there.
[Laughs wryly] What did you tell him? I made up a story to throw him off the trail.
He doesn't know it was me and there's no way it could lead back to you.
If the cops grab me, I-I'll keep my mouth shut.
You don't have to worry about that.
Thank you.
It was an accident.
It will never happen again.
Just relax, Laird.
We're gonna make this all go away.
So you'd rather go to jail and let Desi's killer go fre? You don't know what Kimbo's like.
Cops won't be able to protect me.
Are you sure Laird works for Kimbo? That's what he told Desi.
Kimbo is just one guy.
Give yourself up.
Tell the cops everything you know.
They won't let him near you.
My word against a couple of white guys? It's the difference between being a cooperative witness and a fugitive.
We can clear your name, but you're gonna have to trust me.
[Lindsay]: Sam Gordon! Drop your weapon and step out of the plane! Slowly! Sam, please Step out of the plane with your hands where I can see them! You're the same as all the others! - No - In the air now! - Sam - Or I'll kill us both.
Sam! That's Krista Ivarson in there with you.
She's a good person.
She's got a family in yellowknife who love her.
They want to see her come home safe, Sam.
We don't want anyone else getting hurt.
Go! Blake, get out of there now! Sam? - Let her go.
- Get out of the way! You're not taking Krista.
You want a pilot? You take me.
Move, or I'll shoot.
I saw you and Desi together on that flight we took.
I know how much you loved her.
Whatever happened, I know you never meant to hurt her.
Drop your gun.
Sam? I don't know if you killed her [Krista]: He didn't.
He's innocent.
Then I believe you.
I won't let you go down for something you didn't do.
It's okay.
[Handcuffs rattling] You okay? [Sighing] Yeah.
Just hang out here with Mel till I get back, okay? Where are you going? I'll be back soon.
Mel! I need you to keep Connor safe.
From what? Where are you going? To deal with Bruce Ward.
Deal with? What does that mean? What the hell's going on? He threatened my family.
Well then, you call the cops No.
I'm not going to let him hurt Connor.
- [Phone ringing] - Hey, hey, no, you're upset.
I get that.
But you're not thinking straight.
- [Banging urgently] - Bobby! It's Krista, she wants to talk to you.
Says it's urgent.
Krista, I can't talk right now.
Did you find Laird Buchanan? No.
Why? The cops are looking for him.
He's their prime suspect now.
Suspect, for what? Desi's death might not have been an accident.
They're treating it as a homicide.
And they think Laird killed her? Why? He and Desi were seeing each other.
Laird flew in some booze last night for Kimbo Comstock and somebody heard them arguing Wait.
Kimbo? Laird worked for Kimbo? Yeah.
If Sam's telling the truth, I'll do everything I can to clear his name.
Then I'll make sure that everybody knows that.
Next time we fly up, they'll be inviting you for caribou pie.
Yeah, right.
You'd make a hell of a cop, Blake.
I'd take you for a partner.
I should, uh, check on Krista.
Where the hell have you been? [Whispering] Listen, Russell! When Bobby Martin was here this morning, did he ask you who was running booze into Collins bay? Yeah.
What did you tell him? Nothing.
He was already onto one of Bruce's guys.
Laird Buchanan? Yeah.
Why? Laird was working for me.
What? [Sighing] You're bootlegging now? I'm making good coin, Russell.
You idiot.
Collins bay is crawling with cops? You heard about the dead woman.
Yeah, I heard about it.
Did Laird kill her? [Sighing] How long do you think it's gonna be before the cops pick him up and he sells you out? He's in my truck.
He's not gonna say anything.
Uh, if he's facing a murder rap, he's gonna talk, and his first two words will be "Kimbo Comstock.
" You didn't hear me.
He's in my truck.
Holy shit, Kimbo.
What the hell It had to be done.
Okay, you are out of your mind.
Hey, he killed a woman, remember? Kimbo, I have two kids.
I can't be involved in this.
Just help me get rid of him.
[Scoffs] No.
This is your problem, not mine.
You can't jam on me now.
We're family.
[Bobby]: Let me talk to him.
Bruce, you're going to want to hear this.
Nothing I want to hear from you.
Desi was murdered, and I know you had nothing to do with it, or the booze in Collins bay.
Look, I've wanted to kill you for threatening my son.
So do it.
Leave my family out of it and man up.
I'm not that guy.
You never were.
I hate what this thing between us is doing To us, to the people we love.
I want to stop it.
So, what? We shake hands.
Go for a beer? I'll talk to Dorothy, let her know I was wrong about Collins bay.
You took the only person I had left.
You threatened my son! You know who the bootleggers are.
We could stop them.
Come on, we were friends once, Bruce.
Screw you.
I've changed my mind.
Forget the kid.
I want Bobby Martin dead.
[Russell]: Just hurry up and dump it.
This ends here.
After this, you're done.
There's no more bootlegging.
There's no more of Of this.
One problem.
No, not this crap anymore.
Kimbo, you've got to let it go, man! Why the hell do you think we're out here? Martin asking questions.
Martin going to the cops.
Yeah, exactly, and they're gonna be all over you.
You need to lay low.
You should've let me shoot him when I wanted to.
[Grunting with effort] All this could've been prevented.
Now it's just gonna be even harder to kill him.
[Body bubbling as it sinks] [Gently] Kimbo.
Listen to me No.
I'm done listening to you, Russell.
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