Arctic Air (2012) s03e11 Episode Script

The Fall (1)

Previously on Arctic Air [Connor]: So, you and mom Looks like we're gonna try to be together.
- Do you like it? - I love it.
I can't follow you around the world forever.
I don't know what else to do.
So, I guess that's it.
[Krista]: Laird flew in some booze last night for Kimbo Comstock.
[Bobby]: Laird worked for Kimbo? Kimbo, I have two kids! I can't be involved in this.
You can't jam on me now.
We're family.
[Bobby]: I know you had nothing to do with the booze in Collins Bay.
Come on.
We were friends once, Bruce.
Screw you.
Really? You're thinking of giving up your place? We've been talking about it for a while.
I'm spending so much time at Petra's lately, it seems like the next logical step.
Or condolences? No, I think it'd be good.
That way I could take care of Connor.
Petra too.
That sounds noble.
But I'm not hearing you're in love.
You don't think I should take care of my family? No, all I'm saying is, right decisions get righter, and wrong decisions get wronger.
If you're going to bail out, do it now.
I can't do that to them.
Yeah, well, your call.
You said the cops still haven't found that guy who was flying booze in here for Kimbo, right? Yeah, Laird.
Kimbo probably told him to get outta town for good.
Why? I think somebody's taken over his route.
Hey, what are you doing? Saying hello to a fellow aviator.
We don't know what's in those crates.
That's exactly what I'm thinking.
I'm working out a strategy with the cops to stop these bootleggers.
Sounds promising.
Let me know when you get that going.
Evening! How's it going? Whatcha bringing in? Oh, just some stuff for a friend.
Yeah? We know pretty much everybody in Collins Bay.
Who's your friend? What do you care? Curious by nature, I guess.
Yeah, well, it killed the cat.
Bugger off.
I don't think so.
Hey! Hey This is my brand.
Mind if I try some? I don't want no trouble.
Why don't you go ahead and take that one, and we'll call it square, huh? You can't do that! Take this.
You're done here.
I suggest you get in your plane and fly back to wherever you came from, and tell whatever maggot you work for that Mel Ivarson says hello.
[Pilot chuckling nervously] Two climbers? A married couple on their honeymoon.
They went ice climbing on Cap Mountain on their honeymoon? Guess they wanted to put any future marital problems into perspective.
Well, they've sure done that.
Lindsay give you any details? They set off a personal locator beacon.
All she had was their names and coordinates.
Kyle and Zoe.
Is everybody ready to go? Bobby's picking up Petra.
Dev and Astrid are loading up the chopper.
Cause we only have five hours of daylight, and the sun's been up for an hour and a half already.
How long to get there in the 212? - Couple hours.
- Skids up ASAP.
Let me change, I'll do the flight plan.
Hey, it's me.
How soon can you guys get here? Petra's just getting somebody to cover her shift.
Well, can she do it on her cell? We'll be lucky if we have 45 minutes to get these climbers off the mountain before it gets dark.
- I'll find her.
- Okay, see you here.
Hope you're wearing long underwear.
Just about froze my ass off coming back from Inuvik.
Okay, I'll show you the route.
I'm not saying I don't want to meet them.
So what is the problem with them visiting? [Sighs] Come on, Dev, you know what it means when parents come to visit.
It implies expectations.
My parents may already have expectations.
We should get moving.
No, no, uh, what do you mean? What, uh, what kind of expectations? They may have the impression that we are engaged.
What? I was on Skype with them, preparing them for the news that we had moved in together.
I told them we had taken a big step, and my mother assumed we had gotten engaged.
And you did not correct her? My father burst into tears.
I'd never seen him cry before.
You will call them right back, and and you will tell them.
It was actually three months ago.
[Sighing] All you have to do is play along for a week until they return to Delhi.
Absolutely not.
These are my dreams, Astrid, to get married, have children and if I ever get married, it won't be to fix some confusing Skype call.
Okay, you created this situation, and and you will deal with it.
- Are we all set? - Yes.
We are.
Let's get this thing in the air.
He certified you? After all this time.
I thought he'd never speak to me again after I borrowed that plane Stole that plane.
Well, he certified me, so he must think that I'm a good pilot.
You're no crazier than he was.
[Mel]: Thanks for flying Arctic Air.
A lovely couple with their grandson.
You're in an awfully good mood.
Am I? Yeah, I guess I am.
Is that why you certified this lunatic? Her solo flight was a little unorthodox, but she didn't kill anybody.
Can't ask much more than that.
See? Okay, so, uh, what's up with you? CeCe, last night I realized, I have fire in the belly and piss in the tank.
I am ready for the next chapter.
Of what? My life.
I figure, the business is running smoothly, Krista has her Search and Rescue, doesn't need me anymore, so I'm ready to start chapter three.
Which is what? Answering that, my friend, is the next great adventure.
[Kimbo]: Hey, Ivarson! Kimbo Comstock! Let me guess, you're missing some whiskey.
Martin put you up to this, didn't he? Bobby has been an inspiration to all of us.
You two are messing with the wrong guy.
No, apparently we've got the right guy this time.
Don't get smart-ass with me, you geriatric piece of crap.
I will take you apart [roaring] Hey! Hey! Get the hell off of him! [Blow thuds] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Get him out of here.
Mel You are still crazy.
That was great! I haven't had a good scrap in years! Yeah, and now you're done.
Let me take a look at you.
I am definitely back in the saddle.
That's it.
Cap Mountain dead ahead.
[Krista]: Do you see them? [Bobby]: Nothing yet.
[Astrid]: I don't think they're on the plateau.
Maybe they didn't make it to the top.
Let's try lower.
[Bobby]: I've got 'em.
There, on the side of the ice face.
[Astrid]: In the shadow of that overhang.
[Shutter clicking] But there are more than two.
Bring us around.
I don't know what happened, but I don't see any ice axes.
They're stuck.
I think one of them is dead.
[Dev]: There's no way a line will reach them under that overhang.
[Blake]: Somebody's going to have to climb down and bring them up.
We only got 45 minutes of daylight left.
What are they doing? I need to talk to them.
If I get any closer, I could bring the rest of that cornice down on top of them.
Hey! We need help! We can't move! We're going to have to come back tomorrow, first light.
What? You can't leave them out here overnight.
They're injured! I can see that, but we can't get to them in the dark.
I need something to write on.
Astrid, I need photos of everything.
[Shutter clicking] "Can't reach you.
" Wait, what does that mean? No no, no, no, no, no, they can't leave us out here for another night! No, you can't leave us! Please! We have people here who are hurt! Rachel.
Rachel, stop No, you can't! We have to get off this mountain! There's nothing there's nothing we can do! [Rachel sobbing]: Please don't leave us! It's okay.
They're coming back.
[Sobbing] Sun-up is at 10:03 tomorrow.
The chopper will have to leave early to re-fuel at Wrigley.
Thanks, but I think we've got bigger problems.
Hey, guys, can you clear the table? Astrid's printing photos.
And maps, whatever you can get.
Can you grab CeCe? We're gonna need ideas.
I'll explain everything once we're all together.
Okay, but, um Well, you'll see.
Tag? I don't understand.
Why are you here? I thought you were staying in Patagonia, spending Christmas there.
That was the plan.
Then I realized I didn't want to be there without you.
So If you can't leave to see the world with me, I figured I'd bring the world to you.
Oh, come on, I spent 39 hours on airplanes figuring out how to say that.
I can't get into this now.
Yeah, right, I'm sorry.
It can wait.
Loreen said that you were on a Search and Rescue? Yeah, we're still in the middle of it.
Krista We're set up.
Tag? Hi! Are you joining us? I believe we could use your help.
I don't get it.
How could you leave those guys out there? We didn't have a choice.
The question is how do we get them off in the morning.
In five hours of daylight.
That's if they survive the night.
All right, well, we've got five ice climbers stuck on the north face.
We couldn't get to them using the longline because they're stuck under a cornice.
My guess is, somebody already tried to rescue them.
The cornice is broken off here, in this wind bowl, and they've cut ropes on the right side of the ledge.
It looks like somebody tried to get down to them and set off an avalanche.
[Quietly]: Tag, you're not a part of this.
To get down to these climbers, you're gonna have to free climb down this fracture wall, and then traverse all five of them across an ice face they obviously can't cross by themselves.
Look, by tomorrow, they're gonna be in worse shape than they are now.
I've got the experience to do that.
You aren't the only one who can climb.
It's not about training, it's about weight.
The ice in the fracture wall will be unstable.
The more people we put out there, the more chance the ice breaks and we kill everybody.
All right.
How long to get the climbers up? Wild guess, at least Does that include hoisting them up to the chopper? I'll start my next traverse while you guys pull them up.
We can hoist them from there.
Okay, you've got five climbers to bring up, not counting a dead one.
That's almost four hours just to get 'em to the chopper.
Where they won't fit.
There's a nursing station in Wrigley.
How far away is that? After Tag brings them up, we can take them there and drop them off.
[Loreen]: Leaving him with no backup on the mountain.
[Astrid]: We're gonna have to refuel with that many trips.
[Cece]: Sounds like you're gonna need two helicopters.
[Loreen]: Which would be fine if we could find another helicopter.
Joe has a 210.
What do you think I've been doing for the last two hours? All the private choppers are helping out with the flooding down south, and Trenton's got all their people on the 737 that went down in Northern Ontario.
I've got some maybes.
We can't make a plan based on maybes.
Okay, there is another option.
We could use the DC3, outfit it as a Medevac.
We've done it before.
Oh, we remember.
[Bobby]: We can't land closer than Wrigley.
How is that going to save us time? You're talking about landing it on the mountain.
I've been looking at Astrid's photos, and based on the scale on the map, it looks like this should be a long enough landing run.
Can you do it? What's the elevation? About 1600 metres.
We'd need at least 4,000 feet of roll-out.
You mean you wanna land the plane on skis? That's what skis are made for, landing on snow.
On frozen lakes, not mountain plateaus full of crevasses and rocks, and whatever else is hiding under the snow.
I'd do a short field landing, minimize my run.
Well, what about take-off? You're gonna need a lot more runway! We could turn the plane around, go back to our original landing position, use the tracks in the snow for take-off.
[Astrid]: I think it's too risky.
It's dangerous.
Nobody should volunteer to go unless they're prepared to accept that.
How long will it take to put on the skis? It takes five people all day.
[Krista]: We need to leave here at 7:00 A.
To make sure we touch down on the plateau at first light.
That gives you and your crew 12 hours.
I don't have a crew! At least, not one that can do this.
I remember.
I'll give you a hand.
I've been reading the manual.
Somebody should.
Just tell me what to do.
I'm gonna need you on the ice tomorrow.
I'll be fine.
Well, if he's staying up all night, so am I.
Let's do it, then.
[Krista]: All right, so that means we still have 12 hours to outfit the DC-3 as a Medevac.
Can you take point on that? Look, I know you have Connor to think about, so if you want to bow out Uh, no, I just, I need to inventory your supplies.
And I want to go to the hospital to pick up some units of blood because I don't know what kind of condition those people are going to be in.
[Bobby]: We can take my truck.
[Petra]: Okay.
Um, can you guys show me what we have in stock? [Hum of busy crowd] [] Excuse me! We've got a take-out order for Arctic Air.
Yeah, I'm kind of busy right now.
[Groans] Look who it is.
Who the hell do you think you are, huh? You got a problem, Kimbo? Yeah, somebody broke into my storage locker and smashed 20 cases of my product.
Maybe it was Ivarson.
Word is he's the one who poured out all your booze in Collins Bay.
Maybe you should ask Martin about it.
We should go.
No, this is something that I started.
I don't do that kind of business anymore.
Liar! Kimbo, stop it! [Chuckling] Or what? Oh, you're on his side now? I'm not on anybody's side! You're dead.
Both of you.
I wonder which one of us he'll go after first.
Let's go.
Zoe, right? Zoe [Shivering] Could you check on Marty? So I got you a present.
It's not Christmas yet.
[Chuckles] It's a key to my place.
[Sighs] What? Nothing.
It's great.
Thank you.
Do we have an issue? Definitely not.
Petra Why do I feel like you are always on the verge of telling me what you really think? [Tires squealing] [Glass smashing] It just happened so fast.
And I tried to grab Petra, and What kind of vehicle? Uh a pick-up truck.
Didn't sound like a diesel.
We might get lucky.
A lot of hit and run drivers turn themselves in.
Is that what you're gonna call this? A hit and run? That's what it sounds like.
Kimbo threatened me.
So I've heard, but it's Saturday night, and there's a lot of drunk drivers out there.
I think I was the target and Petra got the worst of it.
Look, we're not gonna get a conviction based on assumptions.
Just let us do our job and we'll see where the evidence leads, okay? Bobby! Hey - Are you okay? - Yeah.
But Petra, she's in surgery.
What happened? Hit and run.
Maybe a drunk driver.
We'll find 'em.
I'll be in touch, all right? See ya.
What can I do? I talked to Connor already.
Deanna's gonna pick him up, and we'll just wait until Petra's out of surgery.
I'm gonna stay here with you.
I'll put Blake in charge of the rescue.
As far as I can tell, Petra's gonna be okay.
You're the leader.
You have to be there.
Okay, but I'm gonna stay here until Deanna and Connor get here.
Blood's in the fridge for the night.
Are those for the chopper? So we can re-fuel on the mountain.
That's one good thing about this plan.
What are we doing for a paramedic? Loreen's making some calls.
You get that first ski on? Almost.
So, hit and run.
That's all they said? Yeah, Krista said she'd call if anything changed.
[Wincing] [Slides hatch open] How are the ribs? [Grumpy] They're fine.
Is Petra gonna be okay? They'll know more once she gets out of surgery.
Know where I can find your brother? Why? Oh, you think Kimbo did it.
All I know is that he threatened Bobby Martin publicly.
Bobby see who hit him? Where's Kimbo? He's innocent.
That's not what I asked you.
I just want to talk to him.
I'm not my brother's keeper.
Call me when he turns up.
[Quietly] Really? You hit Bobby and Petra with your truck? I told you, the truck was stolen.
Petra's in a coma.
Someone's trying to frame me! Come on, man.
Cops are all over you now.
I don't care.
I didn't do it.
Russell You don't believe me? I've spent my whole life believing you.
Right now I'm wondering if I'm a sucker.
Yeah, I never lost faith in you.
I lost faith last time we went ice fishing and put a body in the lake! Hey.
Hey, any word on Petra? Deanna and Connor are with Bobby now.
I talked to the police.
They don't have the resources to help with the rescue, but they want us to keep them informed.
Can you push on Lindsay? She's on the hit and run.
Any luck finding a paramedic? Yes, actually, a friend of Jim McAllister's named Nazim.
[Sighing] Oh, that's great.
And Jim volunteered to fill in for Bobby.
They'll both be here at 6:00 A.
[Mel]: Thanks for all your hard work, everyone.
We've still got a couple of hours.
Try to get some rest.
And that includes you.
I need a functioning copilot.
Hey Thanks for all your help today.
I'm just gonna crash here if that's okay.
Yeah, sure.
Good night.
[Sighs] Nurse, I'd like an electrolyte balance, stat.
Bobby How is she? Well, the surgery was successful in as far as we've set her fractures and we stopping the retro-peritoneal bleeding.
But? She has a closed-head injury.
Now, we've induced a coma to allow the swelling in her brain to go down, and once it does, we'll be able to better determine the extent of the damage.
You can see her now if you like.
You guys, go in.
[Monitors beeping steadily] Tag? Tag [Groaning sleepily] Hey.
Wheels up in an hour.
[Sighing] - Morning.
- Morning.
Good morning.
Hey, Krista.
How's Petra doing? Yeah, we're still waiting to find out.
You must be Nazim.
Thanks for coming on such short notice.
My pleasure.
I'm just going to be at my desk.
Let me show you our Medevac setup.
Skis are on, Medevac's set up.
We're fueled, ready to go.
[Krista]: The chopper's already on its way to Wrigley so they can top up their tank.
We're going to meet them on the mountain at sun-up.
Is everybody ready? You're gonna need heavy coats in the cockpit.
Mel! Here you go [wincing] [Krista]: Are you all right? Just a little sore from my scrap with Kimbo.
So, uh, put your coat on.
Yeah, I will.
On the plane.
I think you should put it on now.
[Groaning in pain] Dad? It's just a cracked rib.
If you're in that much pain, it may be broken.
Yeah, yeah, tape me up, I'll be fine.
You need to see a doctor and get some painkillers.
The hell I do.
There's no way you can land a DC-3 on that mountain in your condition.
You're putting everybody's lives in danger.
[Loreen]: Mel's the only one who's ever done anything like this before.
So what are we gonna do? I think your daughter could pull it off.
She can do it.
[Door shuts] Uh you're copilot.
Everybody, let's go.
[Sighs] Dev, you have control.
It'll be another hour before we get there.
You should try and get some sleep.
[Chuckles] You came back here to tell me that? I'm grateful that you're coming with us.
I figured it was the only way we'd get a chance to talk.
Tag, you broke up with me.
No, you're wrong.
I didn't have the guts to break up with you.
So instead I just pulled back - until I made you say it.
- Still Still, it was my choice.
So what's changed? That's the problem.
Nothing's changed.
I still love you.
I was hoping it would fade, but it didn't.
Watching you drift away was excruciating.
I don't ever want to feel like that again.
It'll be different this time.
We know each other better.
We can work it out.
The reasons we broke up are still there.
I the point is, I don't know if I want to open that wound again.
I mean I don't.
You should get some rest.
[Krista]: Charlie-Echo-Tango-Victor-Lima, this is Whiskey-Echo-Sierra, come in.
[Blake]: Tango-Victor-Lima, it looks like the winds on the plateau are from the southeast, not the south, repeat, from the southeast.
Okay, that means we'll have crosswind, not headwind.
And it means my calculations for our landing are not correct.
We will need a longer run.
We picked this landing site because of the terrain.
We have to stick with it.
We're gonna be tight on approach so we have maximum landing distance.
That is a very good plan.
I bet you're glad you joined us! Who gets to do this, huh? This is not good.
If that wind gets behind them, they could go over the edge.
Okay, now we see.
They're down.
With no brakes.
Stand by.
Stand by Stand by.
Whoa whoa That was awesome.
You are the man.
Blake? Copy.
Epic landing, by the way.
Let's get those people off the mountain.
We gonna be here long enough to cover the engines? If those engines freeze up, we'll be here till next spring.
We're gonna get you out of here.
[Tag, quietly]: I'm under the cornice now.
It looks like a second climber is dead.
[Grunts with effort] How's everybody doing? [Shivering]: Paul's in really rough shape.
Rachel and I, we can't feel our hands and feet.
All right.
I brought some more equipment.
There's axes and rope in here.
Now, I know you guys have had a rough night, so I'm gonna take you out one at a time, all right? Why don't you tell me your names? Jase.
[Shivering] Zoe.
Marty, he, uh, he died last night.
My husband Kyle.
I'm sorry.
So, what happened? We were almost at the top.
Kyle's ice axe slipped.
He slid and took me with him.
Rachel and I were on top of the cornice.
We heard her yelling, so we got Marty and Paul [shivering] To to belay us over the cornice.
The whole thing just broke away.
Then Paul and Marty fell.
We pulled them back up, but all the gear was gone.
And we didn't find her beacon till the morning.
You guys have been out here for two nights? Yeah.
Okay, well, I've got an anchor station set up on the fracture wall.
If it's all right with you guys, I think I should start with Paul first.
Okay? Once we get out from under the cornice, I'm going to hook you up to the hoist line, and they'll pull you up.
But in order to get there, I'm gonna need you to do some of the work, okay? - Mm-hm.
- All right.
Okay, all right.
Okay All right, let's get you out of here.
[Equipment beeping steadily] [Gentle knock on door] We found Kimbo's truck.
Where? Burned outside the sandpits.
So he got rid of the evidence.
Forensics will go over it, but finding anything we can use is a long shot.
You haven't found Kimbo yet? We're looking.
But I don't get why he'd use a vehicle you could recognize.
I guess he didn't think I'd live to talk about it.
Where do you want him? There.
You got it? [Groaning in pain] Here you go.
You're gonna get my friends too, right? Absolutely.
[Kimbo]: Wow, there you are, Bruce.
Kimbo? It's Sunday.
You want a job, you'll have to come back during regular business hours.
Oh, cut the crap.
I know you stole my truck.
Now, why would I do that? To set me up for that hit and run.
That was you.
when that happened.
You got nothing.
[Laughs] Come on.
What, you think I'm stupid? You hired someone to do it.
You've been playing everybody.
But it's over now.
Yeah, it is.
[Distant sirens wailing] Alarm company called me when you broke in.
Figured it would be a good idea to call the cops before I came by.
Loaded gun.
Empty bottle [Siren wailing closer] Good thing I'm here to do the explaining.
- Gun! Gun! - Get back! Put the gun down! Now! Get out of the car, Kimbo! Kimbo! [Shots blasting] Let's go! Let's go! [Sirens wailing] [Shivering] I can't.
I can't leave him.
Zoe, you said you wanted to go last, and now it's time.
No, I can't leave him here.
We'll come back for him.
When? All right.
I'm not going to lie to you.
We won't be able to take your husband today.
But once everyone is at the hospital, we'll come back for him.
I'll even get him myself.
- [Crying] - I promise.
Okay? I'm sorry, but we gotta go.
I can't I can't feel my left hand.
Well, then, you're gonna have to use your right.
No, no, no [Gently] Hey.
[Sobbing] I'm sorry.
No, no [Sobbing] No! Here.
Come on, I got you, I got you.
I got you.
Rachel Rachel! Hey, baby Thank God We're gonna make it.
We're gonna be okay.
Your hands They're okay.
So he's got the worst of the frostbite.
I'll probably have to put him under.
He's gonna be in agony when his hands and feet start to thaw.
How's he doing? He's in shock.
Blood pressure's low, and he may lose a couple of toes, but he's stable.
Base to Lady Lou, do you read? Uh, five by five, Loreen.
Krista, I'm getting some crazy reports about the winds at your altitude.
You need to load everyone up and get off that mountain.
Okay, just one more climber.
Shouldn't be long.
[Groaning with effort] Okay.
Just one more and we can hook up to the hoist line.
All right? Okay? [Groaning] [Yelps] I'm slipping! Tag! No! Announcer: Next Tuesday, the final episode.
Can't hold it off.
They're going over the cliff! [Dramatic] She's buried in an avalanche.
Who's inside? Everyone! Announcer: Arctic Air, series finale, next Tuesday at 9:00 on CBC.