Arctic Circle (2018) s03e01 Episode Script


What is that?
Well, we just call it
need to know basis stuff.
It's me. It's the reindeer,
I had to stop.
I don't know for how long!
I know shit about reindeer.
Apart from we've got
the whole population of them
in front of us.
Alright. I'll call you back.
Hey! Hey!
Move, move!
Move! Come on!
Select destination, route and estimation.
70/30 self-driving cars, -
all our projected customers
want them, not even an issue.
The only thing we have to sell is safety.
Mr. Venter,
you are the face of the company.
And your surveys say the same.
But must we involve
my family in all of this?
Nothing is more convincing to the public -
than you yourself trusting your child
in the care of a self-driving car.
Nothing can beat it.
Don't get me wrong,
I love our tech, absolutely.
Just not the idea
of my daughter's pictures
in every corner of the net.
Mr. Venter, you need to trust us.
This is the key element to for the event.
The landscape in Lapland
is perfect for this. Pretty.
But it sure looks like a place
where no one can survive on his own.
One VX06 is transported to Ivalo
next week for final tests.
Yes. We had it already painted
for the shooting.
Sorry, I have to get this.
Hey! We were just talking about Ivalo.
Oh, oh. Calm down.
What do you mean?
Dead? Oh Jesus
How many?
Was Brendan hurt?
No, not Brendan Hurt,
Brendan Goosen.
Hello, handsome.
How are you holding up, buddy?
I'm fine. We are fine
Except for the security team, of course.
Will this affect the event?
I've already sent somebody
over there, Brendan.
Someone to take care of everything.
Are you guys still coming?
You and Lotte.
Yeah, of course we are.
Anyway, I promised Lotte we'd stay there
for a couple of days.
Like a winter holiday type of thing.
Good, good.
I look forward to meeting my goddaughter.
That's great.
We want to see you too, buddy.
Alright, see you later.
Okay, okay
My parents were big on
Scandinavian design.
My friends had wallpapers
with pictures on them.
Spaceships, cowboys, planets, flowers
My own room was white, all white.
Even the furniture was white.
Brings back memories?
Fucking lifeless colour of death.
I hate white.
The whole LDU kernel was next generation,
as well as ASCC.
There were also two AVM link radars,
mainly to help LKAS.
'Lane keep assist system'.
Because the new kernel allowed us
to link the Ovum's navigation -
and other adaptive assist systems
directly to lidars -
and ultrasonic sensors for the first time
Is that your daughter?
You don't look like her.
- She is my goddaughter.
- Instead
You look like this one guy
I used to bully in school.
- Well
- In layman's terms:
What did we lose now?
With this hijacking?
Ovum 9
Or any of the former Ovums -
are not prototypes for any new model.
They're concrete platforms -
where we pack all of the new tech
that we have come up with.
All of it.
I'll ask you again.
In layman's terms?
What did we lose?
Our head start in the car business.
Our future.
The Ovum models are equipped
with self-destruction systems.
Just in case
a case just like this one.
Fucking blow it up then.
For that, we'd have to locate it.
First thing the hijackers did
was hide the Ovum's signal
from our sight.
We can't track it.
The hijackers killed the signal.
On top of that, there was
heavy snowfall last night.
Ok Local police?
Have you informed them?
With all due respect, sir,
how would that help?
We identified one of the hijackers,
it's a crew for hire.
They specialise in high profile,
high risk cases just like this.
- Ex-military all of them.
- A bit like yourself, Walter?
We must find out who they're working with.
Who they're working for.
I mean who they're working with
inside the company.
Someone knew the schedule
for the public test drive, -
someone who knew
how to take care of the Ovum -
and they knew how to hide it from us.
Alright, Walter.
I'll let you go.
Boss. I think we're ready.
That's one expensive-looking watch.
Is it a Patek Philippe?
Must we can the watch too?
Devil's in the details.
You know what they are worth?
More than a luxury car.
Carry on.
And our guys?
One thing I don't want to do
is to explain to anyone else -
all these bullet holes in our own staff.
We need them to burn to ashes.
Make it a car accident.
On Norway's side of the border,
just to be sure.
Yes, sir.
So here you will have more information
on the compensated hotel night -
and as well the other possible
compensations, if you
- That next flight to Stockholm?
- What about it?
- I want it, is it full?
- Let me check.
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go!
Mrs. Matsuda, we're with Pharada.
We need you to come with us.
I was leaving for my vacation,
this was agreed a month ago.
I understand, ma'am,
but we really need you
to return with us to Ivalo.
Please kill me.
No one can see us.
Hey! What's your name?
Stay with me, you won't die.
Hey, hey!
Don't die!
Hey, Brendan, don't die!
This isn't legal, is it?
Just open it up for me.
What is it that you think
I've done?
You can't keep me here.
You do not exist
for the world outside this room.
Do you understand?
They told me no one will get hurt.
They always do.
The van driver.
Will we send him home?
He's from the UK, I think.
A long sick leave.
Just make sure he doesn't tell
anyone what he saw.
We found your mole.
She didn't give any new info
on the hijackers or their client.
They contacted her online.
But we did find something better!
- Something better?
- In her personal emails.
I've a room full of very clever
people here, Walter,
who are worried to death.
After the attack,
the hijackers contacted -
Mrs. Matsuda several times -
wondering where the hell is the vehicle
she promised to deliver -
- and where are all their men.
- What do you mean?
They didn't get the Ovum.
They seem to think
we got it back.
- So?
- It's still here, sir.
Somewhere. Nobody has it.
We just need to find it first,
before anyone else does.
- Walter.
- Yes, sir?
You just made everyone here very happy.
Do you think perhaps
you could look
a little happier yourself, too?
This is my happy face, sir.
Good God, man.
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