Arctic Circle (2018) s03e02 Episode Script


This is what we are looking for.
Make sure everyone gets one of these.
You and John go south along this road.
Amos and Rex, east along this big lake.
Got it? Good? Let's go.
What was that last sharp turn?
It was not in your script.
It was a- I think it was a bird.
A big bird.
It was good data.
Couple of things
we still need to run indoors.
- Come back home.
- Roger.
- Hi. Sorry it took me a while.
- Hi.
- Short notice. We appreciate it.
- Yeah. Your cell phone?
It's the camera.
- It'll be quicker if I do it.
- Okay.
Unless the test driving compound
is officially under investigation, -
accused of being part
in some illegal activities
or conduct on its behalf.
Then all the basic
confidentiality policies
will apply to your visit.
- You can sign the NDA while I drive you.
- Okay.
Hop on in!
It's just standard procedure.
With new digital technology, -
it's quite easy to test and simulate
lots of new safety protocols.
Not everything can be simulated,
and that's where we come in.
Now all car makers still need
actual test driving -
just to be absolutely sure.
And our most important clients
such as Nissan,
McLaren, Chrysler
They have all been
running their tests here
for over twenty years.
Why here?
Well, you happen to have -
absolutely the worst winter
driving conditions
on the planet.
"World's shittiest conditions
at their best."
- Watch your step.
- Thank you.
So! We got three testing
facilities like this one.
Here we can conduct tests
even if the weather is too nice -
which it never really is,
and we can make it rain here.
And during summertime,
we can even make it snow.
This whole place, this area,
is as big as an airport.
In fact it's bigger than most.
I've lived here all my life.
I've never realised how big
a business this really is.
That's good. We sort of like
to keep it that way.
Okay, we've got a customer.
We should get going.
You gotta be kidding!
At least half of these are taken here.
Why would he photograph cars tested here?
Is it
industrial espionage or
No. These guys are more
like car paparazzi.
There is interest for photographs of cars
not yet on the market.
I mean, photos like these
are published in car magazines -
and on websites as a sneak preview.
And there's money in that.
Did you recognise any other
locations in the photos?
Well This one is from
Pharada's own compound.
This one too.
Pharada also runs
their tests here with us, -
but they got their own labs
and a place for storing their new models.
Our chief of security happens
to be elsewhere, ma'am.
But the head of the unit,
Mr. Goosen,
said he'll have a talk with you.
Follow me.
Please, officer, come right in.
Hi. I'm Nina Kautsalo,
I'm from Ivalo Police.
- It's you.
- Yes, it's me.
- You didn't die.
- You told me not to.
- You're still a police officer.
- Yeah.
Thank you, you can leave us now.
You came back here? Why?
I've been here, right here,
ever since the accident.
- For what Seven years?
- My spine was badly shattered.
They didn't dare to fly me back
to States immediately,
so I stayed.
After they operated me, here,
and I was more stable
I didn't want to go back home.
There was nothing for me
back home. Nobody.
I'm sorry for your wife.
I asked her to join me out here because
Everything looks so beautiful
in the winter.
Piet was kind enough to set up
Pharada's whole AI unit -
here, just for me.
My wife and I were close
friends of his at MIT, and
He was very sorry for what happened to us.
- Who is that?
- That's his daughter, Lotte.
She's my goddaughter.
She's beautiful.
You said you had something to ask?
We are investigating a murder -
and this victim turned out to be
secretly photographing cars -
that are being tested here in Ivalo.
Now that your company
is building this test site
here in Ivalo
I was wondering if there's a connection.
You wanna know why Pharada wants
its own secure test site.
In rented premises, basically
with the majority Please.
With the majority
of car makers of the world, -
we can run some final tests -
on models that will soon
be ready for market.
For any more innovative prototypes
We need something like
a hundred times more secure, -
and photos you've got are a proof of that.
Are we talking about industrial espionage?
We are.
Have you experienced that here?
I didn't know your name.
You were the last person I saw.
I mean in my previous life
I can't believe that now you're here.
Industrial espionage.
Have you experienced that here?
- Lately, or ever?
- Don't even
Officer Kautsalo.
This is our head of security,
Mr. Blakeney.
Sorry I wasn't here to meet you earlier.
This way, please.
Thank you.
What exactly was
the purpose of your visit?
There was a homicide.
And the victim turned out to be
secretly photographing cars -
that are tested here in Ivalo.
- Exclusively Pharada?
- No.
Different brands, but also Pharada.
I'm just simply trying
to find out more about
this whole testing business.
Have you heard of Sami Kirkinen?
- Who is he?
- The victim, local pharmacist.
Officer Kautsalo,
I just flew here.
Is that you?
The head of your AI unit
- Mr. Goosen?
- Yeah. Why is his hair white?
I was there when he was in
that car accident with his wife.
When he drove their car to a ravine.
I'm aware. The wife died.
His hair didn't look like that
seven years ago.
After the accident, Mr. Goosen
was paralysed from head to toe.
Physiotherapy he went through
was quite experimental.
Seems Mr. Goosen at least wanted
to have the use of his hands.
I suppose we have to give him
at least that much.
If you fear your vehicle
will not be able
to make it back to Ivalo, -
Lindsay here would be glad
to call you a cab.
No thank you.
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