Arctic Circle (2018) s03e04 Episode Script


- Welcome, sir.
- How are you, big man?
Your country looks so beautiful!
But you look scary.
Are you the director?
I'm sorry. Lotte is excited
about the shoot.
Not a problem, Mr. Venter.
The director is flying
in tomorrow, darling,
like I explained to you.
We're tracking the local guy
who's got the Ovum.
I got men keeping an eye on his house.
People combing through the woods.
The guy went hunting and
What about this mole you found?
Meiko Matsuda, AI engineer,
works directly under Brendan Goosen.
It's not yet clear
if Ms. Matsuda would have had
the ability to engineer
the hijacking all by herself.
How well do you know your friend Brendan?
He was on the wheel of the car
when it drove into the ravine near here.
Test model 1020.
Wife was killed and he was left
paralysed himself.
Until he wasn't!
When a person loses their eyesight,
they tend to sharpen their other senses.
When a person can't move at all,
what does he sharpen?
His ability to move
other people around him.
I've known Brendan from college.
The same place I got
to know Lisa, his future wife.
They were my best friends.
We were the fucking trio
who basically founded Pharada.
I am the only thing between you
and the Interpol. Right?
The only thing between me and
bankruptcy is probably Brendan.
So please
don't make me have to choose
between the two of you.
Oh, you poor little pony.
If I stuck a needle in your hoof,
you wouldn't feel a thing?
Would you like to stick
a needle in my toe?
- Yes!
- Lotte, please
We must learn to get to know each other.
We need to be straight.
It's been too long, you know.
I am your godfather.
Why would you wanna stick me?
- To prove your superpower!
- Which is?
To feel nothing!
The saddest superpower there is.
- But it's still a superpower.
- I like your thinking, kiddo.
They are ready to proceed
with the press conference,
I have to
- I'll help you, you scary man!
- Please don't.
No! Wait up!
I am sorry, it's been
You're the head figure
of the best company on the fucking planet.
Had you moved here to keep me
company, I would have killed you
in my disappointment.
I remember you trying to kill me
already in Bogota!
You remember that?
Two young guys trying to find funding
for completely insane ideas.
Man, I miss those days.
But I am sorry for not bringing
Lotte here before.
She's so lovely.
She's perfect.
The script is ready.
Sorry, what?
Have you read the script?
The script is what?
I can't hear you.
The script.
It's on the computer.
Okay, yes. Copy that.
Sorry, I couldn't hear you.
Where the hell are you?
I can't hear you
- I can't hear you.
- Bad connection. Sorry.
So next, I would like
May I intrude?
Hello, everybody.
I've come to share with you
a dream this afternoon.
I was never from a wealthy background.
My father had two jobs.
Mother was always at work.
They made a lot of sacrifices
for me to follow my dream
and it's that dream
that I want to impart to yourselves today.
To make technology accessible.
Not just for yourselves
but the future generations.
Here. In Ivalo.
The first complex, autonomous
robots amongst us!
The first robots everybody here
will have at their use
will not look like us.
They will not look like
police officer Kautsalo.
Oh no!
They will look like cars.
Because they will be cars!
Isaac Asimov, my idol,
was known as science fiction author,
you may have heard of him.
But above all, he was a man of vision.
He gave us the rules for robotics.
And rule number one:
Under any circumstances
a robot must not hurt a human being!
And that is truly our own
objective here at Pharada also.
Under no circumstances
do our cars just run people over.
And here is the thing:
You can't make such cars
By getting involved
for example in murders.
New things
are always and inevitably scary.
That is how we recognise them
cognitively as new things!
Every time we at Pharada
have sought for new footing
anywhere across the world,
we have been faced with all kinds
of inconceivable accusations.
My favourite probably
was when Pharada was accused
of being a disguised alien invasion.
I know, right.
Well, we are not.
We are simply a car manufacturing company.
And we seek brave people to work with us.
To bring the future
So please
Let us!
We will fire this police officer.
No, you won't.
It'd just make this worse.
We'll get legal onto it,
get them to draw a paper
stating Pharada is not involved
in any of these local killings.
And you'll get every fucker
in this village to sign it!
You got twelve hours.
Here is our chief of police.
Explain to him what needs to be done.
Fury road
Precisely, sir. Everything here
goes horribly wrong.
Bloody hell.
Walter would kill me
with his own bare hands
if he knew I was here with you.
Yeah, he seemed like a serious guy.
Everyone's pretty upset
about the police investigation at work.
Your name was mentioned.
Look, I can't tell you anything
unless there's an actual subpoena.
- Probably not even then.
- Yeah, I know.
That's not why I asked you here.
It was fun last time.
And I just needed some time off.
I needed some time off
from like everything that's been going on.
Something Let's see.
- Something is going on here!
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
- Yeah. Keep it tight.
Just roll it in.
- Look at that.
- Good.
Come on!
That's pretty cool.
It's still too light!
- I can't see the Aurora Borealis.
- Yeah, I know.
I wouldn't see them anyway.
I can't see them.
Really? Why?
It's a light-wave thing.
My eyes don't detect them.
It was the same thing with my mom.
For both of us, the night sky
has always been just
You know, black.
There is something wrong with me.
It's hereditary.
My child was born disabled.
And I don't wanna have another one.
I'm scared that she or he would be
What's her name?
Your child?
Is this mine or yours?
Let's just say it's ours.
- So good.
- Yeah.
We tried to have a kid.
My wife and I.
For seven years.
We tried all the treatments there are.
In the end, things just got pretty nasty.
Injecting my wife's belly
full of hormones.
Calendar on the wall
staring at you
like an actual doomsday clock.
It was bullshit.
And it didn't lead to any
I was not meant to have a child.
We were not meant to have a child.
I'm so sorry.
But that's not what I wanted to say
If there was an elegant way
of moving this sleigh any closer,
I would certainly try to kiss you.
I'm sorry.
Is this elegant enough for you?
I feel like a fish!
- I'm a mess.
- You're a mess?
- Look at me! I'm a mess.
- And I have an appointment.
Let me pack the rest of the fish
for you, to go.
Look. Her allegations
made international headlines.
Since she made her statement,
Pharada's stock has plummeted 0.9%.
That's hardly the point.
That's exactly the point, young lady.
We're talking 95 million dollars
in ten minutes.
This is about people's lives!
I mean people who are still alive!
I was wrong.
The Pharada Event.
The script is not about speed,
it's all about safety.
So you should like it,
as the chief of security.
- Is it an ad or an event?
- Both.
Shooting the ad that we will use
later is the event online.
Mr. Venter and his daughter
have gone ice fishing on a remote lake.
Lotte says she wants to go,
but dad wouldn't want to.
So he calls for his car with his phone.
The new VX06 model drives there
and stops next to them.
We can see there is no driver.
Mr. Venter tells the car
to take Lotte home to her mom
and then come back for him in two hours.
And he tells Lotte:
"Don't drink all the hot
chocolate before I get home."
- I wrote that line.
- Yeah. That's perfect.
The giggling girl goes into the car
and car drives away.
We can see how the car
drives through wilderness.
In the end we see
how Mr. Venter catches a big fish.
It paid off that he stayed.
The end.
You need to clear
the location with me first.
Yeah. Sure no problem.
From a security point of view,
I don't like this.
Well, I mean it's not their fault.
Originally the whole idea
for the whole thing came from Brendan.
- The idea came from Brendan?
- Yeah.
I need you to fly back to States.
I need you to find out everything you can
about Brendan Goosen.
And his late wife.
Their time before college,
the time at college,
their connections, their background,
medical history, everything.
I can do that with my computer.
The excruciating stuff
is never on the computer.
This guy is a computer wizard.
I need you to be there, see people
and shake them the fuck up.
What exactly am I looking for?
Anything out of the ordinary.
Something ain't right with that guy.
Why'd he come up with the idea
for the fucking ad?
Why did he want Mr. Venter here?
What does he want?
And that physiotherapist!
The one who got his hands
moving again after the accident.
- Find him too.
- Roger that.
- Hi, Brendan.
- Hi, Nina
The first time we met
you asked me about industrial espionage,
had there been any cases
There have.
A week ago,
a competitor tried
to hijack our mobile lab,
- which is still missing.
- Mobile lab?
Yeah, I know that Walter
arrested my young colleague,
Meiko Matsuda, who works for me.
And he still keeps her here, imprisoned.
And that can't be legal, right?
I mean I can't free her.
I can't sneak around
in this goddamn wheelchair.
And Walter, he watches my every move.
Wait a second.
- I'll call you back.
- Okay.
Who's the whore?
Whores in general?
Or some particular whore?
You stole our Ovum.
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