Arctic Circle (2018) s03e05 Episode Script

Murto ja varkaus

You stole our Ovum.
We know that.
It's not in your shitty shed.
Not anymore.
We found the body of the driver!
Where did you hide the Ovum,
you fucking Neanderthal?
- What's that?
- I live alone.
I have no one.
I drive snowmobiles
I don't know anything about cars.
Your your what it was?
Look, you fucking leatherfaced Flintstone
We will keep you hanging
here in the cold -
- until you start speaking.
- You are very stupid man.
This is not cold.
How long have we had him like this?
At least an hour.
He's not even shivering
I have an idea.
Where is it ?
Tell me.
I'll let you go.
Is it possible someone -
moved it from the shed
without you knowing?
Give me the Ovum.
Or give me a name.
I give you name.
Your name is
Fuck you!
Fucking wake up!
- Why are we stopping?
- I need to take a piss.
It's only few miles left.
Mister Venter
- I'm sorry, Mister Venter, I
- Tss-tss.
From the company's point of view,
the only thing that matters now -
is that this mess that you've made -
doesn't get any messier.
- I will never talk to anyone.
- You'll never talk.
A greedy creature like you?
Four people have died, Matsuda.
Because you think
I didn't pay you enough.
If you were to join them
Not only would that be fair, -
but also the best way to ensure
that we never see you again.
Wouldn't you agree?
I don't wanna see her again.
- Nina, hi!
- Hi, we're on the way.
Did you get the layout
- I sent you?
- Yeah.
I marked it where they keep her,
Mrs. Matsuda.
And the place where I hid the keycard.
Yeah. I got it.
Door number 13.
The seal's intact.
I'll break it now.
Go back in the truck.
- Sorry?
- Go in the truck.
- One cigarette, then I go back.
- No cigarette.
Go in the truck.
Like last time your colleague
Tarp looks okay. And seal
number two looks fine as well.
Can I check one thing, 'cos this electric
- No.
- Okay.
- Go in the fucking truck.
- Okay, okay.
Okay, friend? Friend?
Okay. You can leave now.
It's problem with the truck,
it doesn't run.
- I need to fix it.
- Well fix it.
I'll fix it. Very good. Okay.
Shh !
- What are you doing here?
- Shh!
I am here to help you.
I am from the Finnish police.
We are better off without getting
law enforcement involved.
- That's what they told me.
- Okay, okay.
I'm not sure what they told you
but they can't keep you here
against your will.
I am not here against my will.
It's with the electricity.
And if no air, no brakes.
- We know about the mobile lab.
- I am here -
until they make sure
they'll get the Ovum back.
Okay. You can tell us more about it later.
I was given a letter of recommendation!
I will not endanger
any financial agreement -
made between me and Mr. Venter.
Mrs. Matsuda, please!
Let's go now! Follow me and I
Just leave, lady.
Don't tell anyone I was here.
Did you notice how easily I got in here?
Ask yourself: do you want me
to visit you again?
Do you?
I guessed it.
I guessed it is grey.
Look, look, look, look.
Okay. Master control processes
operating normally.
All subroutines working.
She's alive
Main clock functioning normally,
RAM chips: operational.
Wheels: four. Good.
The cable doesn't give electricity.
I have to guess.
I have to go blue, and red, yellow maybe
Another green.
- It's working now. Move on.
- We got lucky.
Always have to guess witch one.
Okay, okay, okay.
Yes, yes, yes. I go.
Take it easy.
Yes, yes. Good, good.
Nina. All good?
I couldn't get
Meiko Matsuda out.
Did you what, get caught?
She wouldn't leave with me.
She was talking about
some letter of recommendation -
and some financial arrangements and some
Piet must have gotten to her.
He's paid her off.
Matsuda confirmed the hijacking.
Can you tell me more about this Ovum?
Later Sorry.
I have to go now. Sorry.
Fuck! Fuck!
Select destination
Obstacle on road.
We noticed that one of the drones
that got shot down earlier, -
its camera got activated!
It sent us feed before the battery died.
Fury Road.
I know this fucking thing!
I saw it myself.
- Where was the drone shot down?
- At the south-east area.
Those fucking rascals!
You need to put down that weapon now.
Weapon on the floor.
We are going in to check
what we are looking for.
Put the weapon on the ground now!
You don't understand what's gonna happen -
if you don't put down
that weapon right about now!
Police! Put the guns down!
Put the guns down! Now!
Put them down boys, put them down.
Miss officer Kautsalo.
We have reason to believe these people
are keeping our company property in here.
So the other boy's father
found this mobile lab of yours, -
this Ovum that got lost in the woods.
We have been trying to locate
the boy's dad ourselves,
- but so far
- Where is the Ovum now?
We are looking for the boy.
And your lost property.
Now that we know
they are clearly connected.
They boys have been
modifying the car here.
Until today,
the other one drove off with it.
How did you lose it?
The Ovum.
Under what circumstances?
You never reported anything
to the local police, to us.
I guess you want us to contact you
if we find your lost lab.
- That's the safest option.
- Safest?
At Pharada, everyone's safety
becomes one's second nature.
..access to the archives.
You were right.
A private clinic.
They had nothing on computer,
only paperwork.
- I mailed you copies.
- Okay.
The miracle-working physiotherapist
you wanted me to find,
he's mentioned here.
But he's not from here.
He lives right there in Ivalo.
- Really?
- They didn't have his name.
- Good work! We'll dig him out.
- This is just the start.
Mr. Goosen and his wife
had been trying to have a child for years.
And she was actually pregnant
when the accident happened.
Just read the records
I mailed you.
Two-faced, white-haired
fucking son of a snake!
You watching?
I know your secret now.
I'm driving straight to Mr. Venter,
and there's nothing you can do about it.
I've got you now, you crippled
son of a fucking fuck.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Hey, we found your mobile lab.
- You did?
- Yeah.
What do you want me to do with it?
Have you informed our security personnel?
Walter? Are you sure?
Well, that's what Walter came
here for. To secure the lab.
Let him have the fucking thing.
- Yeah but
- Call him!
- Now!
- Yeah.
- Nina! Please.
- Okay. Okay, okay
- Yes?
- Mr. Blakeney.
I got news for you!
- We found your lost lab.
- Where is it?
At the police station.
You'll have it back in no time.
In no time?
The vehicle is connected
to an alleged murder attempt.
So it will take a while.
And also, we'd need your professional help
in accessing the car's computer
As long as the Ovum is secured,
for our part we are in no rush.
You came alone.
- Fuck!
- I knew it.
I was sure from the beginning -
that you were behind
this hijacking fiasco.
I am not there, stupid.
You activated the camera
when you plugged in the modem.
When things didn't work out,
you had to come here yourself.
You had to find a way
to get the Ovum to your buyers.
- You going to stop me?
- I don't care for the Ovum.
Is this about your accident?
The unborn child that was killed.
Well, I was ready to let
bygones be bygones.
Jesus, man, I'm in love
But then you started meddling in my past.
Can't have it.
What are you going to do?
Run me over with your wheelchair?
I told you.
The Ovum models were equipped
with a self-destruction protocol.
The camera was not the only
device that you activated.
What was it you said?
"I got you."
You bullying fuck.
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