Arctic Circle (2018) s03e06 Episode Script


- Do you know him?
- I don't know him.
All I know is that Colin
Colin McGrady, our test driver,
he called.
He said that they had to stop the Ovum,
there was a reindeer herd
in the middle of the road.
Then he was ambushed,
got injected with something -
and passed out.
I don't know him either.
We know him. He is local.
Where is this Colin now?
When Walter took over here,
I think he sent Colin home.
I am glad that you are okay
Mr. Goosen, I'll call you later.
We'll need a clearer picture of all this.
Yes ma'am.
I will be right here.
There was one hijacker?
- I only saw the one.
- And you shot at him?
I did, before that stuff got to me
- I thought I missed him, tough.
- Why?
I saw him driving off with
the Ovum. Before I passed out.
Thank God the security guards
where so close.
They found me before I froze to death.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- So how did I do?
- You did fine.
Stick to that story
and you'll be fine in the future, too.
This is not an interrogation.
This briefing was requested
by your lawyer, Larry Ahlgren, -
also present here today, -
to give your company an update
of ongoing investigations.
We found two used syringes
in the custody of the alleged hijacker.
They contained sevoflurane,
the same anaesthetic drug -
that was found in the blood
of a local reindeer farmer -
who was found on the hills
frozen to death.
We assume that the hijacker
paid the local farmer -
to steer the herd of reindeers
on the road to stop the Ovum.
But he didn't want the farmer
to witness what he was doing.
The hijacker was identified.
In the Afghanistan war,
he served under your chief of security, -
Walter Blakeney.
Walter, yeah
He kept us all in the dark.
He even sent his right hand man back to
woman back to the States -
on some bullshit excuse
so she wouldn't get in his way.
Yes. This Lindsay Cole.
Walter was looking for the Ovum
Not for us, but the people
he promised to sell it to.
I should have taken your
suspicions way more seriously.
I only hope that you found
our staff co-operative -
and I want you to know
that all our data and resources
are at your disposal -
until all of this is sorted.
Great. Tell me this:
how did the lab explode?
- I am sorry, Ms. Kautsalo, we
- Shut up Larry. Simple.
Ovum models are not meant
for public traffic.
They are mobile labs where
we pack all our latest tech.
They are all equipped
with the latest self-destruct systems.
So in the event of a security breach, -
we would rather blow them up
than have them in the wrong hands.
Walter Blakeney was your security chief.
Deep down, Walter was a soldier,
not an engineer.
He must have made a mistake
with the override.
Head of our unit,
Brendan Goosen,
he should be more informative about this.
Have you spoken to him yet?
- We did.
- Yes.
Thank you for this.
We'll need to ask you
some more questions later.
So I need to ask you
to stick around, please.
- I have Pharada.
- Oh right?
- Yeah.
- Which model?
Mmh !
- The best car I have ever had.
- Yeah, it suits you. Nice.
Well primarily, we flew here
to shoot an ad with my daughter.
Which is tomorrow, -
so hanging around here for a few more days
is absolutely fine.
You're shooting an ad?
Well I am terribly sorry
for all these lost lives,
I truly am.
But the only thing
I'd say we are guilty of
is hiring one wrong person.
And we don't need any more
negative attention.
And anyway, this entire event
was scheduled months ago.
If we cancel now, people will
only start asking questions.
And it's our biggest
launch ever. We can't cancel.
We simply can't.
Why don't you both join us tomorrow?
Thank you.
But no.
You are a Pharada man, aren't you?
I will come.
Great! It'll be fun.
- Brown?
- I had it dyed.
Suits you.
It's the same colour
as it was when we first met.
When you told me to stick around.
Mr. Blakeney told you that he sent
Meiko Matsuda back to the States?
That's correct. But I actually
found out that he kept her here.
You must excuse me for a moment.
I am sorry for Walter, -
but I am very glad this hijacking thing
- is finally over.
- Yeah.
The whole compound was like
a fucking military camp.
And it made me see the whole place
for what it really has been for me.
I mean, all these years
after the accident, it's a prison.
I have decided to move out.
I'm gonna buy myself a house.
It's time
I start living again. Finally.
Yeah, a place of my own
Makes it easier for us to see each other.
Brendan, I really like you.
And I'm so glad
I got to know you.
But um
I am pregnant.
And I've decided to keep the baby.
That's wow
Who is
It's messy with the child's father.
I don't know. But it's something
I need to sort out with him.
Of course. Does he
I can't see you anymore,
Unless it's police business.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't!
Don't be. Don't worry.
I'm really glad
I got to know you.
You've already said that.
Okay. Okay, okay.
Where we left off?
Could you show
Mr. Venter the fishes?
Which one, Mr. Venter,
you would like to see?
White fish would be nice.
Arctic charr maybe,
we had some of that
for lunch the other day.
- I think white fish.
- White fish.
Okay, we take white fish.
A super look.
Camera 1, camera 3, can you hear me?
- One.
- To the left.
Camera three going.
And the feed is rolling?
Just ask you to make sure.
I want a super look.
Hi everyone!
My name is Piet Venter.
And today we've decided to try ice-fishing
with my daughter Lotte.
Lotte darling.
Have you got any fish?
- No, Dad
- Closer.
Camera one. Closer. Closer!
- Are you sure?
- Okay. It's better.
Dad! Look! Look!
I caught a fish.
Just hold it tight
Good. And now,
with the other hand, reel it in.
Dad, why is the fish so heavy?
And the fish!
Where is the fish?
That counts the viewers
of our feed in real time.
Help with the fucking fish.
And get ready with
Mr. Venter's catch.
Wow, look at that. A bit more,
bit more, bit more.
Yeah! Look at that!
That - ugh - is white fish.
Look at that.
Give us a kiss.
Well done.
Dad, can we go back to the cabin?
Oh darling,
I want to catch one too.
How can anyone resist that face, eh?
Let's sort out your ride.
Let's get you home, eh, love.
VXO6 on its way.
Do you see what I see?
Ready, my love?
Bye darling.
Dad! Let me out!
- What the hell is it doing now?
- We have to stop the car.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Police! Stop the car!
I wish we could.
The AI is driving it!
It's going too quickly.
Slow it down! What's going on?
Stop it.
- What the fuck is going on?
- Dad!
Slow it down now!
Next stop
Slow it down guys, slow it down!
Slow it down!
Where is it going?
No idea.
It's going the wrong way!
Who is doing this?
We don't know.
We shut down the cameras.
But we cannot kill the feed.
Someone hijacked them too,
there's no way to override it!
- I'm coming with you!
- Get in!
- Who the fuck is that?
- It's Nina.
Are we losing it?
Sorry sir. I can't drive
as fast as a computer.
Just don't flinch, man.
Punch it.
Manual controls deactivated.
Dad! Help! Dad!
Hi there!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
How did you get out of the car?
When the car stopped, the doors
unlocked and I could get out.
- And you're not hurt anywhere?
- No.
You will be charged for
the murder of Walter Blakeney.
And also for murdering your pregnant wife.
I confess. I killed them both.
I mean, very few police officers -
get to retire with a solved case.
He actually retired. Just now?
And you will be his successor?
You will also be charged
for the attempted murder -
of Piet Venter's daughter,
Lotte Venter.
"I can't see you anymore,
Unless it's police business."
Why did you let her out?
Why'd you let Lotte out of the car?
Falling in love
It's not just falling in love
with one person, I guess.
- You know what I mean?
- I know.
And anyway,
I got to kill something
that Piet and I started.
Have you seen Pharada's stock market value
the last couple of days?
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