Army Wives s02e08 Episode Script


ROLAND: Previously on Army Wives ROXY: We did it.
Yes! What have I gotten myself into? I know what it's like having a husband away.
It gets pretty lonely around here.
You make me nervous.
I got this really weird vibe from Carla.
I already told you most of it's fake.
Yeah, they're just the most amazing fakes I've ever seen.
Do you think I'm lying? I've been thinking about applying at the high school to become a counselor.
I just saw Steve and he doesn't want you to be around Carla anymore.
I can't afford to have somebody on my team pissed off at me because my wife can't keep her nose out of other people's business.
- Hey.
What's going on? Who were you talking to? It's nothing.
Nothing? It's 3:00 in the morning.
It was just one of the guys from the team, okay? Come on.
Let's go back to sleep.
- Denise.
- Morning, Roland.
- I was just thinking about you.
- Yeah? Something good, I hope.
- Just wanted to talk.
- I would love to.
I'm running late, so It's important.
Of course.
Have a seat.
You must be crazy busy.
I've been wanting to sit down with you for over a week.
Yeah? About what? Thought there might be something going on that you might want to talk about.
What do you mean? The doctor that came to Betty's opening.
Getti? What, he's just a friend from work.
Look, you have my permission to punch me in the face if I'm wrong.
But the look you had in your eyes when you were talking to him? I had that same look not so long ago.
And it almost cost me my marriage.
Roland, it's just friendship.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
It just felt like I needed to say something as your friend.
Well, I love Frank.
And I loved my wife tremendously when I messed up.
But a new person, showing you a lot of attention, it can be very intoxicating.
We just have fun, that's all.
And I guess I guess I feel more like me when I'm with him.
At least, the me I thought I would be.
- It's a slippery slope.
- Yeah, and I'm on top of it.
All I'm saying is, when it happened to me, I wish I'd just walked away.
(DOOR OPENS) Okay, Doc.
What is it? Well, according to your blood tests, - you are definitely not pregnant.
- Good.
Of course, if you and Michael want to try, this might be the right time.
Phillips, I love being a mom.
It's the most wonderful thing I've ever done, but, being pregnant right now, having a child at this stage in my life I thought, maybe, you know, under the circumstances - What do you mean? - After what happened to Amanda.
Her name is Amanda.
You can say it out loud.
I'm sorry.
It's just that a lot of parents, after the loss of a child Replace them with another? That's not what I meant.
I'm just saying it's not an unnatural way to feel.
I've had my children.
I've raised my family.
This is good news.
SANDl: "See Deductions and Adjustment "worksheets or enter the number "from Line H on line 5 of Form W-4.
" I wish there was a waitress box I could just check and be done with it.
You know, sometimes I think that whoever writes these things does it with the sole intention of just turning my brain to mush.
- Hey.
- Hey, babe! Come here.
I want you to meet Sandi, my new waitress.
Food System Delivery Engineer.
This is my husband, Trevor.
- It's nice to meet you.
- You too.
Wow, her own business.
Smoking hot husband.
Who says a girl can't have it all? - Excuse me.
- Okay.
- Let me help you with that.
- That's okay.
So what did the doctor say? Did he clear you? No.
He says it won't be healed enough in time to deploy with the 85th.
But he did give me some medicine for the pain, so - So, it's getting better though, right? - Yeah.
It's just I got to hit the physical therapy a little bit harder.
- Not too hard, babe.
- Rox, it's fine.
I've got another exam scheduled for next week and hopefully - it's just going to be all better.
- You'll get there.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You can help me with those now.
JESSICA: Seriously, I don't know how I would've gotten through this without you.
- Lf anyone ever knew I - It's okay, Jessica.
I told you, this is a safe place.
What we talk about here, stays here.
I guess I should get home.
Thank you so much.
- Weekly schedules.
- I got to go.
- Bye, Dr.
- Jessica.
It's school policy for teachers to leave the door open - when they're alone with a student.
- You're right.
It won't happen again.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) MALE MP: Military Police! Open up! (KNOCKING CONTINUES) - Military Police! Open up! - Chase? - Sergeant Moran? - Yes.
You need to come with us.
You're under arrest.
What are you talking about? Wait a minute.
- Ma'am, please.
- No.
What are the charges? - Pamela, this is a mistake.
- Chase? What is going on? Don't worry.
Everything's going to be okay.
Chase, what is happening here? Hey! Carla.
Pamela! Oh, my God.
They took Steve last night.
- And Ken in the middle of the night.
- Yeah, Chase too.
What's going on? - You guys know? - No.
But if you're trying to get anything out of these storm troopers, you're just wasting your time.
They won't tell us anything.
Excuse me.
My name is Pamela Moran.
My husband, Chase Moran, is being held here and I'd like to see him.
Sergeant Moran is on a 48-hour restrictive hold.
No visitors.
- Well, I'm not a visitor.
I'm his wife.
- No exceptions, ma'am.
So, no visitors.
You're not allowing him any phone calls.
And you won't tell me what the charges are? Damn it! Somebody needs to talk to me! I can't believe it.
They still haven't let you see him? - Have they told you anything? - No, they haven't.
And I've called everybody.
I even called the Trial Defense lawyer assigned to his case and the CID won't even tell him anything.
It's the damn Army.
I mean, it's just the way it is.
- Things work differently here.
- I called Michael.
He's trying, but no luck so far.
Delta Force is a separate command, so it's out of his jurisdiction.
But the post containment center is not, so I'm working on him to get you visitation.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
It's got to be a mistake.
I mean, there is no way that Chase did whatever it is that they think he did.
I know.
And it's not just because he's my husband.
I was a cop.
If Chase were doing something illegal, there'd be signs.
Phone calls, e-mails, bank deposits.
Hell, I'd at least have a washing machine that actually worked.
Pamela, you know we're here for you, right? We're going to get you through this.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You know, I finished the book.
It was beautiful.
Thank you.
The way he describes how light hits a window - I got to run.
- Want to grab some lunch? You know, I can't.
I'm going home for lunch.
- Frank might call.
- Maybe later then.
Maybe later.
Thank you for meeting me here, Dr.
I really felt like I was losing it.
What's going on? Well, everything you said I should tell Karen was really cool and she felt better.
But now I got accepted to West Point.
- That's fantastic.
- I know.
My dad is freaking out, he's so happy.
He's always wanted an officer in the family.
But Karen's freaking out in a completely different way.
She doesn't know if we can be together anymore as a couple.
- Lf she even wants to - Because if you're career Army, it means a lifetime of keeping your secret a secret.
We won't even be able to hold hands in public.
It's don't ask, don't tell, but if someone sees us and reports it, then my life in the Army is over.
I guess what it comes down to is what are you more prepared to lose? Karen, or your dream of a career in the Army? Why does it have to be one or the other? - Maybe it doesn't have to be.
- What do you mean? I mean, you and Karen love each other, right? - Very much.
- Then you tell her not to give up.
To wait and see how it goes.
But what's going to change? I mean, the rules are the rules.
Most change is unexpected.
Just don't make any drastic decisions right now.
Give it some time.
At least give the unexpected a chance to happen.
Thank you.
CLAUDIA JOY: I put a few things together for you.
Now these are some of my best memories.
When they were little, reading to them before bed.
This one was Amanda's favorite.
Are you sure you want to part with these things? Yeah.
They brought such joy to our family.
I want them to do the same for yours.
- Thank you.
I'm honored.
- You're welcome.
- Can I ask you something? - Sure.
How'd you do it? How did you raise two great girls? Oh.
Well, I'd like to take the credit, but I happen to believe our kids come to us who they are.
I mean, sure, we can mess them up.
We try not to, but the good stuff? Just luck.
It's not that complicated, Joan.
You just love her for who she is and then you love her more.
TREVOR: Here you go.
Your waitress will be right with you.
MALE COOK: Sandwich special, coming up.
Well, well.
Didn't know you were a maitre d', too.
No, I figured as long as I'm here, I might as well help out a bit.
That's too bad.
We could use some eye candy around here.
- Hey, babe? - Yeah.
That new waitress of yours? She's pretty flirty.
She's not flirty.
She's being smart.
I mean, with what this job pays, you got to use what God gave you to get the big tips.
You see? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - You wanted to see me? - Roland.
Come in.
Come in.
It's been a while since I was called to the principal's office.
I think the last time involved a contraband Walkman.
Wanted to talk to you about Jessica Foster.
- Lf this is about leaving the door open - That.
And the embrace.
And the fact that two teachers saw you two together at a bar.
A bar? No.
You mean Betty's? - That's a restaurant.
- Restaurant.
It doesn't change the fact that the two of you were seen holding hands.
- We weren't holding hands.
- The witnesses say you were.
Off hours.
Off school grounds.
Jessica came to me with a personal issue.
I was helping her deal with it.
That's all it is.
And what's the nature of this personal issue? Look, the kids know I'm a psychiatrist and that what they say to me is confidential.
So they feel safe coming to me with their problems.
But you can't say what you talked about? I can't.
And as a man of my word, I won't.
Jessica has a very bright future.
We can't have it destroyed by any kind of scandal with an adult teacher.
There's no scandal.
Burton, this was a temporary position.
Let's just make this easy all the way around and say your time at this school is up.
You're firing me.
I'm afraid you've left me no other option.
MICHAEL: All right, everybody buckled in? CLAUDIA JOY: Yeah.
I suppose this is it.
Your maiden voyage.
- Daddy? - MICHAEL: Yeah? - The keys? - The keys? The keys.
- Michael! - That's right.
- Look at that.
They're right in my hand.
- Look at that! Wow! - Have fun.
- We will.
CLAUDIA JOY: Make good decisions.
Be careful.
(EMMALIN CHUCKLING) Do you want to run after them and hide in the back? I thought about it.
I figured it might be too cramped with the golf clubs in there.
I can't help it.
I just feel like I blinked and she went from her baby seat to the car seat.
It seems like everything has changed so fast.
Except for you.
Somehow you are as beautiful as the day we brought her home from the hospital.
I love you.
(SIGHS) I had a little bit of a scare.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
It's just Well, for a minute there I thought I might be pregnant.
But, thank God it was a false alarm.
- Why didn't you tell me? - I didn't want to worry you.
- Why would that worry me? - What if I had been pregnant? - I would have been thrilled.
- Really? You'd want another child? You never said anything about that to me.
- We agreed to stop at two.
- I know.
But a lot has changed since then.
All I'm saying is this, Emmalin's becoming a young woman now and she doesn't need us as much as she used to and Is that where we are now? Needing someone to need us? I don't know.
You know, in a way, isn't that what life is all about? Not necessarily.
What's happening here? I don't know.
Apparently, we don't agree on this issue.
- Apparently, we want different things.
- Okay.
Hey, listen.
But You know, I can't talk about this right now, Michael.
Burton! Wait! He fired you? You are the best teacher we ever had.
Don't worry about it, Jessica.
But now everyone's going to think what Principal Gates thinks is true.
And you're a doctor, that could really hurt you.
All that matters is what we know to be true.
I'm going to talk to him.
I'm going to tell him that nothing happened.
Tell him I'm gay.
You'll get your job back.
Jessica, this is a school on a military post.
Telling Principal Gates is like telling the Army.
- You can kiss West Point good-bye.
- I can't let you get fired over me.
Hey, Jessica.
The Army needs great leaders more than this high school needs me.
I'll be okay.
You just make me proud at West Point.
- I am so sorry.
- I'm not.
PAMELA: Carla? Carla? Carla? It's Pamela Moran.
Like what we've done to the place? Remind me and I'll give you the name of our decorator.
- Oh, my God, Carla.
- It's what the CID calls an "inventory.
" They froze our bank account.
Bastards! What the hell is going on? Did Steve do something illegal? Is that why Chase was arrested, too? Don't give me the innocent crap.
- Excuse me? - Come on.
Do you honestly think your husband tells you everything? No.
He doesn't have to.
But I know Chase.
He wouldn't do anything illegal.
Then why is he locked up with my husband and Jill's? I don't know.
That is what I'm trying to figure out.
- Well, I'll tell you.
- Okay.
War profiteering.
It's about taking a few artifacts that no one is even going to miss in that desert hellhole.
But you didn't hear that from me.
- Chase wouldn't do that.
- Of course he wouldn't.
- That's why he's behind bars.
- I'm not listening to this.
Suit yourself.
Either way it won't be long before the MPs are paying your house a little visit, too.
- Roland.
- General.
MICHAEL: How's the baby prep going? T-minus three months, you must be getting excited.
I never realized how many things a little baby needs.
How about the nursery? Never too early to start getting things ready.
And the strollers.
My God, have you seen the ones they have nowadays? It's like something out of Road & Track.
Well, we haven't gotten all of it yet, but we're making headway.
You're a lucky man.
The bond between a father and a daughter, nothing like it.
Just make sure you cherish every second of it.
Because let me tell you something, it goes by fast.
- I will.
- Yeah, listen to me.
You probably want to get in there and see your wife.
- Good luck with everything.
- Thank you, General.
All right.
Excuse me.
- It's no problem.
- I just had to get the sugar packets.
It's kind of cozy in here, don't you think? - Are you serious? - I'm just saying, a person could get into a lot of trouble here, you know, - if they wanted to.
- All right.
As weird as this sounds, I'm actually in love with my wife, so just watch it.
Nothing is going to happen.
- Unless you want it to.
- Hey! I think he just said he doesn't want it to.
Because I got that department covered just fine, thank you.
I was just Leaving.
That's what you were just doing.
You're fired.
And unless you want this jar of mayo on your head, I'd leave right now.
(LAUGHING) - Babe.
- What? - That was so hot.
- Well, thank you.
- JOAN: You got fired? - A first time for everything.
I hate it when clich├ęs come true.
But why? There were allegations of inappropriate contact with a female student.
They were false, of course.
She was upset.
She wanted to talk.
It was a very personal matter.
It needed to be behind closed doors.
Obviously, Principal Gates jumped to conclusions.
That's all it was, Joan.
Nothing improper went on.
I know that.
But can't you fight this? Why won't you tell them what really happened? I did.
But he wanted to know the nature of the personal matter.
And you didn't want to breach a confidence.
- Is it worth losing your job over? - Joan.
I get it.
Not the first time I've been on the outside of your doctorlpatient confidentiality.
But I didn't realize the teacherlstudent was the same thing.
In this case it is.
(SINKIN G SLOWLY PLAYING) Sinking slowly I can't find my baby I thought you were ignoring me.
- We need to talk.
- Uh-oh.
We need to talk.
Four words that never lead to good news.
Getti, these past few weeks Man, they've been amazing.
But I've been married to Frank for 20 years.
- Denise - And in that time, I've never even once thought about another man.
But I can't keep pretending that there's nothing happening here.
I can't either.
I don't even know what I'm feeling.
Am I attracted to you because my husband's away and I'm lonely, or would I still feel this even if he'd never left? Well, I just feel that when I'm around you, I feel like I don't want to be anywhere else.
This can't happen.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- I am.
- Good.
Then, I'll bow out gracefully.
- Not too happy about it, but - I'm sorry.
No, don't You're nice and warm.
- Emmalin call? - Yeah, she's having fun.
I spoke with Monica's mother and they've been up in Monica's room texting boys all night.
Pretty quiet around here without her.
Michael, I was short with you earlier.
I'm sorry.
Just talk of another baby It threw me.
It upset me.
Claudia Joy, I apologize.
When I thought I might be pregnant, you know, before I got the results of my blood test, I tried to picture it.
You know, what if it did happen? The birthing, and nursing, teething, diapers.
- Yeah, serious sleep deprivation.
- Yes, all of that went through my mind.
I suppose it was kind of selfish of me to expect you to go through all of that again.
Well, that's the thing, though.
I mean, for a minute there, you know, I thought maybe I would be up for the challenge.
Really? And then when the doctor told me I wasn't pregnant, I was relieved, of course.
But for a minute I was, you know, a little disappointed.
So I wasn't completely out of my mind to entertain the notion? No.
- But - I know.
I know.
Come here.
(GATE BUZZING) (DOOR OPENS) Oh, my God, Chase.
I started to think I don't even know.
Are you okay? They treating you okay? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Come on.
How did you get past all of the restrictions? Claudia Joy, she wouldn't let up on Michael until he found a way.
When are you getting out of here? I know that you can't be mixed up in this whole Steve thing, right? So what are they charging you with? Profiteering? I can't tell you that.
What do you mean you can't tell me that? You're just going to have to trust me.
Trusting you is not the problem, Chase.
But what am I supposed to tell our kids? I don't know.
Tell them I'm away on a mission.
For how long? A month? A year? I have to know.
I get this whole Delta Code of Silence crap.
But in case you haven't noticed, I am losing it over here.
You've got to give me something to go on.
Or I don't know what to do.
I need the man I love to talk to me.
CID OFFICER: Time's up.
- (WHISPERING) I got to go.
- Are you Roxy LeBlanc? - Who wants to know? - Hey, babe, what's that? - Papers from some lawyer.
Oh, my God.
That waitress I fired, Sandi, she's suing me for wrongful termination.
ROXY: Well, how would she do this so fast? Roxy, I would love to help you.
I have not cracked a law book in years.
I'm not a real lawyer.
Yeah, but you went to law school, right? - Well - Please, Claudia Joy.
I can't afford a real lawyer.
Just tell me what you think I should do.
Well, ordinarily, I would say offer her some cash and she'll probably go away, but she's asking for a lot of money here, just to settle out of court.
Well, I don't really care what she's asking for, I am not paying that tramp a dime.
Well, so what am I supposed to do? Just lie down and let her do to me what she wanted to do to my husband? (CLAUDIA JOY LAUGHING) No.
You know what? The one thing I learned in law school, they always said take the fight to the other side.
Find out everything you can about your opponent.
What do you know? I don't really know that much about her.
I do have her social security number.
How's that for a start? - Excellent.
- Yes.
(GRUNTS) Mommy? Huh? What are you looking for? (SIGHS) I don't know.
Where did you get these? Oh.
Claudia Joy brought them by.
She used to read them to her girls.
Yeah? That's nice.
You know, I think Michael would like to have another kid.
You know, when I think about all the wonderful friends that we have here, I just feel so blessed.
You know, our little Enid is going to be surrounded by such incredible people.
- Sorry.
Enid? - Mmm-hmm.
It means "spirit of life.
" (CELL PHONE RINGING) It sounds like an insect.
What, now? Why? Okay.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
- Who was that? - Principal Gates.
He wants to see me.
Sounded serious.
- How serious? - Not half as serious as me.
I explained everything to him, Dr.
He knows I'm gay.
He knows you were just trying to help me.
It's over now.
They're going to let you come back.
I apologize for any accusations I made.
- Jessica.
- You helped me.
You really helped me.
So I had to help you.
West Point is all about loyalty and duty, right? So I thought, what kind of officer would I be if I just sat there quietly and let you take a bullet for me? Would you excuse us for a moment? I'll see you outside.
So how's this going to go, Mr.
Gates? Are you going to forget what you just heard, or are you going to ruin this young lady's future? This is an Army school.
Teachers wrote letters to West Point.
I lobbied personally.
I even had General Holden make a call.
I can't betray the Army by not telling what I know to be the truth.
The policy is don't ask, don't tell.
And she told.
What choice do I have? Is she a different person today than she was when those letters were written? - No, but - But nothing.
Is she not just as smart? - Just as strong a leader? - That's not the point.
That's exactly the point.
She's in love.
That's her crime.
We don't choose who we fall in love with, we just do.
And now because of it she won't be allowed to serve her country? Or be willing to die for it? Does that make any sense? (SHOW ME WHA T I'M LOOKIN G FOR PLAYING) Wait, I'm wrong Should have done better than this Please, I'll be strong I'm finding it hard to resist Don't let go I've wanted this far too long Hi, Sandi.
You got a minute? Actually, I'm late for an interview.
So unless you have a check for twenty grand in your purse, move your damn car.
I don't have a check, but I do have my legal advisor.
Well, maybe you should explain to your client here that unless I get that money, I'm going to sue her and that roach-infested diner of hers for all they're worth.
We were afraid you'd say that.
I guess I wouldn't be the first victim of one of your bogus lawsuits, would I? What are you talking about? This isn't your first wrongful termination suit.
There have been two others before this one.
And a slip-and-fall case against a grocery store.
You have been one greedy little beaver.
You want us to go on? No.
I don't.
See, I might not know any legalese mumbo jumbo, but I do know a low-down, dirty scammer when I see one.
So you can go ahead with this lawsuit if you want to.
And since you like courtrooms so much, I'll make sure that you see the criminal kind.
Have a nice day.
Hey, that's mine! Give it back! - No! You're not even using it.
- I don't care! Hey! Listen, you two! What does your daddy always say? You have to learn to work these things out yourselves.
Mommy, she hogs it all the time.
CHASE: Lucas, listen to your mom.
(DOOR CLOSES) - Daddy! - Daddy! Daddy, we missed you! Yeah, I missed you.
Listen, guys, I need to I need to talk to Mommy, okay? Okay.
Go play.
Go play.
- Hey.
- Hey.
(SIGHS) - Is it over? - I think so.
You think so? For God's sake, Chase, what does that mean? Are people still going to show up in the middle of the night? - Hold on! Let me talk! Okay? - Okay.
- I can't tell you everything.
- Okay.
Tell me something.
Your instincts about Steve were right.
He was part of a smuggling ring working out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
- So why did they arrest you? - To protect me.
I don't understand.
My superiors ordered me to go undercover, to help in the investigation.
If I hadn't been arrested in the sweep, people would have known that I helped to bring Steve down.
Dangerous people, outside the Army.
It was the only way to keep us safe, Pamela.
Are there people still out there? I mean, can this come back to us? No.
They're being watched.
I made sure of that.
I would never do anything to jeopardize this family.
I know that, Chase.
I know that you do everything you can to protect us.
And I love that.
And I love you.
But this was not okay.
It really wasn't.
You are not the only one here trying to protect this family.
- GETTI: What do we got? - Twenty-five-year-old male, gunshot wound to the chest.
- Apparently, self-inflicted.
- GETTI: How long has he been down? Unknown.
Neighbors found him.
Our time was three minutes.
All right.
Get him hooked up! He needs fluids.
- MALE PARAMEDIC: Let's go, people! - Give epi and start compressions.
- Epi's in.
- GETTI: Thank you.
It looks like v-fib! Let's shock at 360.
We need to get him out of this rhythm.
- FEMALE NURSE: Make room.
- Clear, everybody.
DENISE: All clear.
GETTI: Another milligram of epi.
Looks like asystole.
Continue CPR.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You're not going anywhere.
Another dose of epi and atropine.
FEMALE NURSE: Atropine is in.
GETTI: He's only 25.
Why would he do this? What a waste.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
Why are you stopping? Don't stop.
Why are you stopping? Resume CPR.
Son of a bitch.
All right.
Call it.
Time of death, 22:38.
We just wanted to thank you for the books and the dresses.
Oh, please.
You didn't have to.
Well, that's not the only reason we're here.
I know we've only known you both for a short time, but we've seen you as parents and as people and it really doesn't get much better.
We were hoping that you would be a part of our daughter's life.
We'd be honored if you'd consider being our daughter's godparents.
I don't I really don't know what to say.
Except yes, of course.
MICHAEL: And thank you.
Thanks a lot.
That's sweet.
- We appreciate it, General.
- Thank you.
(AN GELS IN WORDS PLAYING) And angels in words once said Breaking pride and raising heads (DOOR OPENS) The writing on the wall is read The people clothed and mouths are fed Getti.
If we had gotten him sooner he might've had a chance.
Yeah, but he didn't want that.
He wanted to die.
Could have gotten blood into him faster.
Maybe cut him open, plugged the hole in his heart.
You did everything you could.
You're the best trauma surgeon I've ever seen.
But some cases are just hopeless.
Nothing is.
Oh shine Shine So write your tales and sing your songs Don't forget what went wrong With all the lies we hear and say Everything is gone today We close our eyes and hope for sleep In our dreams we find our peace To fill the cracks where once we leaked And set our souls to be free