Army Wives s02e09 Episode Script

Casting Out the Net

DENISE: Previously on Army Wives ROLAND: The doctor that came to Betty's opening.
Getti? The look you had in your eyes when you were talking to him? I had that same look not so long ago.
And it almost cost me my marriage.
But I have a good life, you know, and I don't want to miss that.
Jeremy! They stationed us early.
But I've been married to Frank for 20 years.
- Denise - And in that time, I've never even once thought about another man.
We'd be honored if you'd consider being our daughter's godparents.
Of course.
What did the doctor say? He says it won't be healed enough in time to deploy with the 85th.
Some cases are just hopeless.
Nothing is.
(FALL DOWN PLAYING) Heaven knows you're scared when you're on your own In the saddest walls You are not yourself Now I, I know a better place Where you never fall down Where you never slow down (DOOR BELL RINGING) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) I have everything you need, including bad magazines.
I have to warn you things are not going well with one of the Jessicas.
So, I have chicken soup, apples, vitamin C drinks, crackers, brownie bites.
- Why don't you look sick? - Because I'm not.
I called the hospital and they said you've been out sick for a few days.
It was a white lie and it's not even that if you count emotional health.
Frank? Jeremy? What? No.
Everybody's fine.
It's another situation.
What's going on? Well, I couldn't go to the hospital because there's someone there that I couldn't deal with seeing right now.
The doctor with the motorcycle.
What happened? (SIGHS) We kissed.
And then? Well, there's no then yet.
How did it happen? I don't know.
I let my guard down.
I lost my mind.
It was just a kiss.
It's not the end of the world.
Who am I? What am I? You're a woman married to a man who leaves all the time on a moment's notice and can't tell you much about what he's doing.
That's who we all are.
We get lonely.
But the important thing is you didn't act on it.
And if you're calling in sick, I don't think there is a yet.
How's Denise feeling? CLAUDIA JOY: Just a little under the weather.
Try to be home for dinner, okay? I'll see what I can do, but my day is loading up.
Why? I think Emmalin could use some father time.
- She say something? - No.
She's 16.
So, it's that mother-daughter psychic connection thing? - Yeah.
- Lf only the Army could harness that.
I trust Emmalin.
It's just, you know, the world is what it is even on post.
Sex or drugs or something I haven't even thought of? It came up at the FRG meeting.
Apparently kids in the high school are getting drugs from soldiers.
Since the dawn of time.
We'll catch them.
We always do.
Emmalin knows the rules.
If she went to public school, she'd be getting drugs off the street.
If she went to private school, she'd be getting drugs from parents.
I know, I know.
We have to trust that we've raised her right.
But not every 16-year-old has to deal with peer pressure and losing her sister.
- I'll take care of it.
- Five of my favorite words.
- See you.
Love you.
- Okay.
Love you.
(GRUNTING) You don't have to audition, babe.
You already got the job.
Not with a bum shoulder I don't.
That's not the job I was talking about.
FINN: Can I have a turn? I want to be ripped.
You can't be ripped.
You're too little.
Hey, cleaning your room really builds muscles, right, hon? Faster than the Bowflex.
All right, soldiers.
Go! Go! Come on, T.
Run! You're already in physical therapy.
You don't want to push it.
You know, you could hurt something extra.
You know, quicker I get my shoulder back in shape, the sooner I can redeploy.
- Sorry, hon, it's just - I know.
I'm figuring it out.
You're a soldier.
Much as you love us, a man away from his job is only half a happy guy.
FINN: Dad! Dad! I made my bed! - TREVOR: What? - Am I ripped yet? All right.
Let's see it.
Not ripped yet, buddy.
All right.
Go back in there and pick up toys.
Go! Go! Go! Faster! It sure is nice to have another boss around here.
When you're away they just run me ragged.
I look in the mirror and see What? Hey.
You are more beautiful than ever.
You just don't remember.
You know, I wish I could deploy to a five-star spa.
By the way, I got my post assignment.
I report to Colonel Burton.
Joan? That's who you're working for? It looks like it.
That is great, Trevor.
They finally figured out there's some brains behind that brawn.
I wonder what you're gonna be doing.
JOAN: Take me over to Advanced Airborne School.
I have a budget meeting at 0900 hours.
Yes, ma'am.
You know, being my driver is a plum job, Specialist.
You were awarded it primarily because of your heroic actions in Iraq.
Yes, ma'am.
I appreciate it.
No, you don't.
But you will.
PAMELA: So, if you blow your car horn, unless somebody's life is in danger, you're using your voice.
You're yelling.
I mean, we live on an Army post, people.
We've got choppers, sirens, giant planes.
Do we really need more noise? Anyway, this is my pet peeve of the day.
Feel free to e-mail me yours.
This is Have At It with Pamela Moran, and I will talk to you tomorrow.
MALE ANNO UNCER: You've been listening to Fort Marshall Army radio.
Here's what's happening in the local news.
The 171 st - BRENDA: Pamela Moran? - Yeah.
Brenda Foyle.
Do you have a moment? Brenda Foyle.
Your name sounds familiar.
I write human interest stories for the Fort Marshall Paratrooper.
Oh, you wrote the story about the Family Bungee Jumping.
- Yeah.
- It almost made me want to do it.
You know, in another life.
Yeah, I got mixed reactions on that one.
I'm kind of wondering if I could turn the tables and interview you.
Me? What for? Well, the wives on post are curious to learn more about you.
I think they hear plenty on the air.
Oh, come on.
You've got to have some kind of backstory.
I just don't know how interesting it is.
I'm the writer.
I'll make it interesting.
Why not? Thank you.
The MPs have some leads on who the soldiers selling drugs might be, but they also have a lot of other things on their minds.
Yes, sir.
Eventually some kid is gonna rat out his supplier, but we can take a more proactive stance.
Sir, the two of us can work together to spearhead an anti-drug campaign on campus.
Backed up here by a series of rolling health and welfare inspections.
- Get that started for me.
- EVAN: Very good, sir.
Joan and I are gonna make a great team on this.
JOAN: We're doing a spot check of random barracks later tonight.
Throw out a net, see what we catch.
(GASPS) What? Somebody either likes or hates that idea.
For all my complaining, did I mention this is the most exciting ride ever? And I've jumped out of planes.
LAMAZE INSTRUCTOR: Okay, everybody, listen up.
I hope you've been practicing your pain-control breathing method because tonight we're going to test it out.
Husbands, I want you to take the inside fleshy part of your wife's arm and pinch.
Start easy, gradually intensify, and then as hard as you can.
I promise, nothing you can do is going to approach the magnitude of her easiest contraction.
Ready, go.
(CONTROLLED BREATHING) You're holding back, babe.
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
Okay, now you're not.
Now you're not.
Okay, I get it.
Did the breathing help? Sorry, babe.
You know what they say about payback.
She told me to do it.
Photosynthesis? I mean, who cares? Your SAT's and your lungs.
I've got to go with Emmalin on this.
I never really got biology either.
The grass is green.
I never really needed to know why.
Thanks for your support, sweetheart.
(CLEARING THROAT) - Can I borrow the car? - It's a school night.
- It'd just be for an hour.
- We have rules.
You know them.
- But what if it was important? - Is it important? Some of us are getting together for green tea bobas.
Oh, well, that changes everything.
- Who's the guy? - There's no guy.
Okay, there's a guy.
But, I'm not sure if he's my guy.
So I'm trying to figure that out.
Over green tea bobas.
In public.
With other kids present.
The smart kids, who get good grades Okay, enough.
These are not the details we want.
His name is Quinn and he's a senior at Loomis High.
CLAUDIA JOY: Loomis? Where did you meet him? A football game.
A bunch of us got together afterwards.
You're not driving off post to see an older boy that we've never met.
- Dad! - No.
There's no wiggle room on this.
Let's meet him.
Invite him over sometime.
That's great.
Because the full parental interview? That's not embarrassing at all.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Hey, get that biology work done, please.
Yeah, Joan.
That was fast.
All right.
We'll go over it all tomorrow morning.
Thank you.
What was that about? One of our health and welfare inspections turned up a stash of marijuana and ecstasy in one of our barracks.
Joan's on her way over there right now.
Three of our soldiers are in custody.
When you say you'll take care of it - Five of your favorite words.
- Yes, they are.
MALE GUARD: Room attention! Jeremy? I asked them not to call you.
- And why would they listen to that? - I'm an adult.
I'm in the Army.
The other guys don't get their mothers called every time they put a foot wrong.
You didn't fail an inspection, Jeremy.
You got caught with drugs.
They aren't mine.
Mom, they aren't.
Blankenship and I were minding our own business, there was a spot check, no big deal.
I didn't even blink when they went for my duffle bag.
I don't do drugs.
- Well, how did they get there? - I have no idea.
Mom, believe me.
I would never let you or the Army down this way.
I just wouldn't.
DENISE: We'll get through this.
Dad will know the best lawyers.
I've already put together a list.
Do you have to tell Dad? - Of course I do.
- Mom, please.
Just Just give it a couple of days.
If we do figure this out, he'll never have to know.
Open for visitors? Long as they don't want anything to eat or drink.
Saw your car out front and I figured there'd at least be coffee.
- Well, yes.
There is that.
- Yes.
Unless that puts me in violation of Health Code 8503, subsection whatever.
Bureaucracy blues? There are just so many forms.
And every day more come in the mail.
Ordinances and codes and payroll tax deposit slips.
Hire a bookkeeper.
Do you know one that does it as a hobby? Because I'm kind of wearing all the hats right now.
That's what Betty gets for handing her business over to a high school dropout.
- It's too early for the pity pot? - Little bit.
- DELIVERY MAN: One delivery, ma'am.
- Okay.
You could probably take an online business course.
Thank you.
Roland, I'm working with eighth grade math here.
Last thing I remember is prime number trees.
And I don't even remember what those are.
So why don't you get your high school diploma? How? From the back of a comic book? My GED class.
I teach it off post three nights a week.
Sign up.
I got a new group starting this week.
I don't really have any money.
Community service.
It's free.
- I don't have anyone to watch the boys.
- Okay.
You're gonna work your way through all the arguments.
Everybody does.
Then you're gonna get to the point where you say, "I deserve to have a high school diploma.
" So why don't you just skip all the steps and sign up? - Michael just told me about Jeremy.
- Thank you for coming.
- Of course.
- I didn't have time to call.
- I haven't even told Frank yet.
- Don't worry.
Come in.
I've been wading through all this information.
The arrest report is so confusing.
They said he had drugs, but his drug test was negative.
That's good.
Is JAG involved? Yeah, they assigned a lawyer.
I've talked to him.
He seems fine.
You have to tell Frank.
Jeremy asked me not to.
Denise, is that smart? You're asking me about smart? I'm the woman in the lounge with the doctor.
I'm just trying to put one foot in front of the other.
What about the doctor? I'm still avoiding him.
- Probably a good idea.
- I know.
And I know this is totally inappropriate, but Getti is the person that I really want to lean on right now.
I'll call Frank.
I just want to have a few more answers.
Ma'am, I am so sorry.
I didn't realize JOAN: At ease, soldier.
It's your first week.
I'll give you a break.
Everyday Gourmet? Do you have hidden talents, Specialist? I sure hope so.
I'm trying to put an evening together for my wife.
Special occasion? Special occasion being she works really hard and has to put up with me.
It hasn't been easy since I've been wounded.
I can't really help out and I do my share of complaining.
You should get a handle on that.
Yes, ma'am.
I know.
She said something about wanting to go to a five-star spa.
I don't really know what a spa is or why they have stars.
I've been to one.
There's a lot of lavender and patchouli.
I was just gonna cook her dinner and maybe rub her feet.
Sounds like a two-star spa, LeBlanc.
Better kick it up.
(DOOR BELL RINGING) Hey! I better not find any more SpaghettiOs in this carpet.
(VIDEO GAME BEEPING) And whatever it is that's making that noise, turn it off! (CHILDREN YELLING) - Bad time? - No.
It's always pretty much the same time around here.
- Come on in.
- Okay.
Well, I can't stay.
I just came to drop this off.
Front page? Are you kidding me? Marketing 101.
You slap a good-looking woman on the cover, papers fly off the rack.
Mommy, that's you! Yeah, how does it feel to have a famous mother? You don't really look like that.
And that's why God made Photoshop.
I hope you like the article, okay? Let me know.
Yeah, thank you.
Thanks again.
- Mummy.
- Hey, what's going on? KATIE: Look, Mommy got famous.
And Photoshopped.
I always wanted to marry a cover girl.
I hope you always wanted to marry one who needs help cleaning the oven.
Exactly what I had in mind.
Nobody has to eat the asparagus.
I think I overcooked it.
Just a little bit.
It tastes great to me.
So what are your plans after high school, Quinn? Way to get right to the point, Dad.
(QUINN LAUGHING) Well, it's okay.
I think about it all the time.
I've decided I'd like to take a year or so off.
And do what? Travel.
Work odd jobs.
Get a little life experience before I jump in.
My English teacher never should've assigned Kerouac.
He's this writer from the '50s who hit the road and kept a journal.
We read him, also.
Things just went a different way.
What if you fall in love with it? What happens to college? This is a job interview? QUINN: That's a very legitimate question, sir.
I'm hoping that some time spent wandering now will keep me from wandering when I'm older and I've realized I rushed into a career I didn't want.
CLAUDIA JOY: What career are you thinking about? Something in music.
You know, playing, composing.
But I'm realistic.
I know I might have to get a day job to support that.
QUINN: Something in journalism, maybe.
He's an amazing guitar player and songwriter.
You should hear his CD.
- You recorded something? - Anybody with a computer can do that.
Don't be modest.
He's better than Jack Johnson.
(CLAUDIA JOY EXCLAIMING) For whatever that's worth.
Another crazy thought I had was ROTC.
Living so close to post, you can't help but consider it.
It's not such a crazy thought.
The Army's a good life.
It's just so radically different from the Kerouac idea.
But it is a way to support my travels.
It is that.
Quinn, we need to go.
- Everyone's meeting us at the theater.
- Right.
I lost track of time.
Thanks for listening to me ramble about my future.
It was interesting.
Thank you for sharing it.
See you.
- Great to meet you, sir.
- Pleasure meeting you, Quinn.
You have fun.
- He's cute.
- Thanks.
QUINN: Dinner was delicious.
Thank you.
Nice meeting you.
(DOOR OPENS) Well? Well Other than the bumming around, the music and treating ROTC like a bank loan, the kid is everything I've ever dreamed of.
Oh, you wouldn't like Gandhi if she brought him home.
He's polite, he has dreams, he likes her, and they aren't getting married.
We aren't gonna have to listen to his music, are we? Probably.
You know, I never read Kerouac.
It won't make you feel better.
The whole inventory system needs to be redone.
Med supply looks like a rummage sale went through it.
I couldn't even find a suture kit.
Could someone please straighten this mess up? Yes, ma'am.
I'll get someone right on it.
Feeling better? You know, I can't really talk right now.
- You weren't really sick, were you? - Getti, this is not the time or the place.
Denise, listen.
I can't do this to you.
As much as I want to know what was behind that kiss, I see you avoiding me and now there's that look in your eye.
I'm causing a lot more pain than happiness.
(STAMMERING) I'm just confused.
That's all.
I know.
And I don't want to be the source of that.
I'm taking myself out of the equation.
I've set up some job interviews across country and I'm just gonna hit the road.
I leave in a week.
If you want to see me before then, you know all the places you can find me.
Not in the lounge, though.
That was a onetime thing.
There's that smile I want to take with me.
(PAMELA EXCLAIMING) I love seeing you get in touch with your feminine side.
My unit's all about self-sufficiency, Pamela.
Not a lot of seamstresses waiting behind enemy lines.
I guess it doesn't have to look pretty, huh? I'd be lost if it did.
The last time I had to use a cactus needle.
Hey, what are you doing up? You're supposed to be in bed.
What's this? From my teacher.
Career day at school again.
It looks like you're gonna get a chance to show off your needlework.
Just let me know when it is.
I'll set aside the time.
I want Mommy to do it.
Sweetheart, Mommy doesn't really have a career.
But I want you to.
Come on, hon.
She's right.
You should do it.
Please, Mommy.
Okay, sweetie.
Thanks so much.
All right.
Off to bed.
- Okay, goodnight.
Goodnight, Daddy.
- Goodnight.
Hey, this is really your kind of thing.
You should do it.
She wants you to do it.
She's proud of you.
- She's proud of you, too.
- There'll be other career days.
He's not just an emo guy with a guitar.
His songs are solid.
And he's cute, you know? But he's not like Abercrombie cute, he's like Vampire Weekend preppy kind of cute.
I take it you're saying he's talented and handsome.
He's awesome.
I mean, he's way out of my league and he likes me.
I feel like it's some kind of dream and I'm just gonna wake up.
I don't think anybody's out of your league.
I think you're at the top of your game, kid.
I always feel like I'm a step away from blowing it.
Hey, look, I don't know this guy, but I do know you.
And I'm sure Mr.
Awesome is off somewhere having the same conversation with one of his friends, wondering if he can measure up to the incomparable Emmalin Holden.
- I doubt that.
- Bet on it.
When can I meet him? You just missed him, actually.
He's out running errands for his mom.
Isn't that great? He does stuff for his mother.
- Am I going overboard? Am I losing it? - Oh, yeah.
You are terribly afflicted with a condition we call young love.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) I'm just I'm constantly checking my texts and my e-mails and my phone to see if he still likes me.
I just wish I could somehow know.
You got to take your hand off the SOS button, Emmalin.
These things have their own timetable.
- Yeah, you're right.
- Just try to enjoy it.
- Okay.
Stop while you're ahead.
- Okay.
I'll see you later.
And I'm sure all of your news will be good.
- Thanks for listening.
- You're welcome.
(JUS T BLUE PLAYING) Just blue Just blue Just blue Just blue Okay, so this area right here? That's gonna be the quiet room.
Now I've got everything.
I've got candles.
I got geranium, lavender, patchouli.
I got this Yeah, no? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Okay, and I got this fountain at a yard sale.
It's broken but I think I can fix it.
Did you know that the sound of trickling water offers a calming effect to the nervous system? - Really? - Yeah.
It always makes me feel like I got to pee.
- Anyway, what about dinner? I haven't figured that out yet.
But I'm thinking maybe Peking duck? You can cook? Like on a stove? No.
But it's like chemistry, right? Okay, how about takeout? No.
No, no, no.
I'm not gonna skimp on her.
You know, sometimes with us it really just is the thought that counts.
Pamela, I have enough compromise going on in my life right now.
I went from soldier to driver just like that.
I Driver? You haven't heard? I'm Colonel Burton's chauffeur.
So Well, at least it gives you something to do while your shoulder's healing.
You know? And patience really is part of the training.
So I keep hearing.
Well, thank you very much.
If you'll excuse me, I have a three-course menu to prepare.
When in the hell were you gonna tell me about it? DENISE: I'm calling you now.
No, you should have called me first thing.
You waited a whole day? I had to get a lawyer in place.
You picked a lawyer without me? They assigned one and I checked around.
I talked to him on the phone.
I'm meeting with him tomorrow.
- What's his name? - Atwood.
- Atwood? - Yeah.
Well, I've never heard of him.
Babe, you sure you're not in over your head on this? No.
I have it under control.
Jeremy's innocent.
We're gonna get it cleared up.
You sure bought that hook, line and sinker, didn't you? I believe him.
Hey, you know, I have to run.
I have an appointment, okay? I love you.
D (CALL DISCONNECTED) Hi, sweetheart.
I made some tuna salad.
It's in the fridge if you want.
I'm not really hungry.
How are things with Quinn? Mom, not everything is about a boy.
He passed the test with us.
He's kind of charming, no? Yeah.
What's wrong? Talk to me.
I saw him on post with another girl.
A soldier.
He told me he had to go home and then there he was.
With her.
Maybe she's just a friend.
But why would he lie? I don't understand.
It's not all that complicated, sweetheart.
We're ready for them sometimes before they're ready for us.
Maybe he's just getting cold feet.
Needs a little room to freak out.
- Even if he likes me? - Especially if he likes you.
I knew it was too good to be true.
I mean, why would he want me? He could have anybody.
Because you are not just anybody.
Talk to him.
Ask him about the girl.
I can't.
Assume the worst, be miserable and I'll stock up on junk food.
What, the barbecue chips you like? The ice cream I hate it when you do that.
I know.
I like when you smile.
I'll be back in a little bit.
Hey, how's it going at Spa LeBlanc? Did you know you can't just buy a whole duck? They're not just sitting around at the grocery store? ROLAND: Mmm-hmm.
Well, see, I didn't know that.
Now I have to start over with this menu and Yeah, Pamela told us you might need some reinforcements in the kitchen.
So we have poached chicken with Dijon mustard sauce.
Serve this cold.
Roasted baby beets with fennel and goat cheese.
This you pop in the oven for 10 minutes, ready to serve.
This is my famous arugula salad with heart of palm.
Crisp lettuce, crisp palm hearts from Costa Rica.
That's the secret.
Ridge's Three Valley Zinfandel.
It's foolproof.
You guys.
I don't even know how to thank you.
Just don't mention we were here.
Okay, what happens if she asks how I pulled this whole thing off? You say a chef never reveals the secrets of his kitchen.
Yeah, we got some more stuff.
We'll be back.
(WHOOPING) Are you okay? You're kind of quiet.
Look, I saw you yesterday, okay? On post.
After you said that you had to go home.
I saw you with that girl.
What girl-woman? Are you talking about Gina Crampton? I ran into her when I was leaving.
I was in grade school with her.
We played foursquare.
She's a friend.
I hadn't seen her in years.
All I know is that you said you had to go home and there you were.
Emmalin, I'm flattered you're jealous, but I've known her since the sandbox.
I think she's seen me in Batman Underoos.
We know who you are, Ms.
I don't have another girlfriend, okay? I'm not that kind of guy.
So - So, you do have one girlfriend? - Yes.
(STAMMERING) I mean, I guess I never technically asked.
Do you want the gig? Yes.
I do.
So we're doing something a little different today on Have At It.
It's career day at my daughter's school, and instead of taking my career to her classroom, I thought I'd take her classroom to my career.
And since most of us on post are two-job families, I thought I'd have the kids interview one of my favorite soldiers about his career.
My husband, Sergeant Chase Moran.
Who's first? You? Come on down.
So, is it fun being a soldier? Yeah.
Sometimes it's very fun.
It's always challenging, fulfilling, and very, very important.
I love what I do.
And I'm very lucky because I look forward to doing it every day.
I think that's about all you can ask for in a career.
But right now, it sure feels great to be home with my family, you know? During this course if it feels like I'm being hard on you it's only because I want each and every one of you to pass.
I'm looking for a 100% success rate.
Sound good? All right.
I'll see you next week.
How'd you do? I have definitely left some brain cells behind.
That's just because you're a little rusty.
It's been a while since you thought like a student.
Ask anyone.
I never thought like a student.
There's a first time for everything.
See you later.
- Bye.
- WOMAN: See you later.
Hey, you coming? Coming where? Wherever they're pouring cheap pitchers.
I actually got to get home.
My husband's watching the boys.
Come on.
- I can't.
- Just for half an hour.
- Okay.
- Yeah? And I know a great place.
All right, girls.
We're going to Betty's.
WOMAN: Sharon, you're driving this time.
Yes, I understand what a probable cause hearing is.
I just don't understand why we're waiving our right to one.
(DOOR CLOSES) Can you hold on for a minute? Jeremy.
What happened? It's all okay, Mom.
Everything's okay now.
It's all over.
The charges were dropped.
You live with a guy, you think you have a handle on him.
Blankenship was dealing drugs the whole time.
He panicked when he heard about the spot check and put them in my bag.
- So, why did he confess? - I didn't stick around to find out.
Look, I got cleared.
They let me go.
Why do I still feel like I'm being interrogated? No.
It's just a lot to digest, honey.
That's all.
You told Dad, didn't you? Well, he had a right to know.
He decided I was guilty and he got you thinking that way.
He was just concerned.
You know, it's hard for him being so far away.
- He doesn't know.
- What either of us been up to? What does that mean? I can see you're different.
Going back to work, making friends.
You seem happier.
And that's a bad thing? It's just different.
I'm sure Dad picks up on it, too.
Thank you.
I know.
I'm past my pregnancy time limit at work.
Wasn't gonna say a thing.
How'd you get the roommate to confess? I interrogated him, too.
I leaned on him pretty hard.
I let Corporal Blankenship know that Jeremy is the son of a prominent major and that he has a close, personal connection with the Commanding General of this entire post.
So if he was to confess The powers that be might be more inclined to leniency than if he let an innocent soldier go to jail.
That's very wily of you.
It's a legitimate interrogation technique.
I'm learning at the foot of the master.
Don't get too comfortable with the win.
It's unlikely that we've brought down the entire operation.
It's probably just the tip of the iceberg.
They don't stand a chance.
- Goodnight, Colonel.
- Goodnight, Colonel.
Oh, no.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where were you? I got carried away at darts.
Trevor, what is all this? It's a five-star spa dinner.
We're in the quiet room.
Oh, my God.
I feel so bad.
I had no idea you were doing this.
That's the problem with surprises.
Look, it's okay.
We can just heat everything up tomorrow.
It's fine.
A spa night? Just for me? Five stars.
It's what you deserve.
Not anymore.
Because I'm an idiot.
You never had that hanging-out- after-class high school experience.
So you're getting it now.
It's fine.
Look, the whole point is I just want to see you happy.
Just doing a little something for yourself.
And it's kind of a relief.
Because I don't have any idea how to give a legit massage so Then I will just have to take the other kind.
(OCEAN WIDE PLAYING) If love is an ocean wide We'll swim in the tears we cry They'll see us through to the other side (CELL PHONE RINGING) We're gonna make it When love is a raging sea You can hold on to me We'll find a way tonight Love is an ocean wide (RINGING) Love is an ocean wide Hello? Frank? Hey, Denise? How are you, sweetheart? Hey, I got your message about Jeremy.
(FRANK LAUGHING) That's a relief, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
Did you talk to him? No.
No, not yet.
Hey, listen, I'm coming home early.
You are? How early? Tomorrow.
I've been granted leave.
I'm in Kuwait right now just waiting on a flight.
That's great, Frank.
Now I just got to get things back on course at home, you know? I have no idea how they got so sidetracked.
What things? We just don't seem to be connecting, Denise.
And I can't do my job here when it feels like things are out of control at home.
No, it's not like that.
You know, we're doing okay.
I'm sure you are, but I just need to see that for myself.
Look, I got to go.
I love you.
I'll see you soon, okay? Okay.
I love you, too.
(MA TTER OF TIME PLAYING) You always give the last word (CELL PHONE BEEPING) You fly like a mocking bird Every time I get you cornered You slip through my fingers You do When I'm trying to outrun you You won't leave me alone When I need you to be with me So, what you're complaining about is Evan's complimentary and gracious.
I didn't say gracious.
Flattery isn't exactly a subtle tool.
Is there any chance the guy really does respect you and wants to learn from you? Outside chance, I guess.
But his manner is very disconcerting.
I'm not gonna turn my back on him.
He's the kind of (GASPING) Roland, something's wrong.
- We need some help over here.
- Somebody.
Don't move.
Would somebody call 911! DOCTOR: All right guys, what have we got? EMT 1: He's got excessive bleeding.
Heart rate's elevated.
Motorcycle collision, C-spine injury.
Multiple trauma.
We've got hip, pelvis fracture, dislocation.
EMT 1: Coded in the ambulance.
We got him back, but he's tachy.
DOCTOR: Blood pressure? EMT 2: Fifty by palpation on scene.
DOCTOR: Chest sounds? EMT 2: We're equal.
Bilateral, good expansion DOCTOR: You got any ID on him? EMT 1: Yeah.
He works here.
NURSE: He's set.
EMT 1: All right, he's bagged.
DOCTOR: Charge to 300.
EMT 1: Nothing.
NURSE: Shock him.
Clear the room.
DOCTOR: Charge to 400.