Army Wives s02e10 Episode Script


DENISE: Previously on Army Wives (EXHALES) We kissed.
CLAUDIA JOY: The doctor with the motorcycle.
It was just a kiss.
But the important thing is you didn't act on it.
You know, being my driver is a plum job, Specialist.
You were awarded it primarily because of your heroic actions in Iraq.
Brenda Foyle.
Your name sounds familiar.
I write human interest stories for the Fort Marshall Paratrooper.
I'm kind of wondering if I could turn the tables and interview you.
Why not? It came up at the FRG meeting.
Kids in the high school are getting drugs from soldiers.
I'll take care of it.
Okay, there's a guy.
I'm not sure if he's my guy.
His name is Quinn and he's a senior at Loomis High.
So why don't you get your high school diploma? - How? - My GED class.
I teach it off post three nights a week.
Sign up.
I'm taking myself out of the equation.
I've set up some job interviews across country and I'm just gonna hit the road.
CLAUDIA JOY: He passed the test with us.
EMMALIN: I saw you yesterday, okay? On post.
She's a friend.
I was in grade school with her.
I'm coming home early.
I just want to get things back on course at home.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) Roland, something's wrong.
- All right, guys, what have we got? - MAN: Motorcycle collision.
(CRYING) Getti.
What's taking so long? It must be bad news.
Try not to go there.
Go there? Baby, I live there.
It's my responsibility Joan.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) - LANG: Colonel Burton? Dr.
Burton? - Yes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I have your test results and the news is pretty good.
How good is pretty good? There was a minor tear in the placenta, but it was high enough that it is a bit of a concern.
But the baby's okay? Yes, everything's fine for now.
- Thank you.
- But I am going to have to prescribe bed rest as soon as you leave here.
- For how long? - Until I feel like we're out of the woods.
(CHUCKLES) Well, when is that going to be? When I say.
Yes, ma'am.
All right.
Try and get some rest.
Thank you.
Can I tell you something? I've never been that afraid in my whole life.
Me, either.
(ROLAND SIGHS) WOMAN ON PA: Lab Tech call Region One.
Lab Tech, Region One.
You okay? His father's on his way.
Until he gets here, someone should be with him as much as possible.
What's the doctor say? Well, he says the next 48 hours will be crucial.
You know, it's the closed head trauma they're worried about.
And the fact that this kind of coma is so unpredictable.
I'm so sorry.
You know, he texted me right before He wanted me to meet him for coffee and I said I couldn't.
Denise, you did the right thing.
For your marriage, for your family.
Frank's on his way.
How? He's taking his mid-tour leave early.
He's coming home to fix things.
I guess I didn't do a very good job of hiding my feelings.
- For Getti? - For everything.
(EXHALES) Well, maybe when Frank gets here, everything will get clearer.
Everything might fall right back into place.
That's what I'm afraid of.
PAMELA: All right.
Come on, you guys.
Go in there and learn some stuff, okay? No fighting on the playground, you understand? But what if they pick on Finn again? Okay.
Push a little, but don't get caught.
Yes! - Hey, stranger.
- Hey.
The only time I see you anymore is drop off.
I know.
Between studying and the time at Betty's, I barely see myself.
Hey, let's take a break.
Want to go into town? We'll get a coffee, go to some shops.
Man, would I love to do that.
I Did someone mention shopping? Hey, Brenda.
Did you like my article? I never heard back from you.
I thought you might have hated it.
I'm sorry.
But you definitely made me sound more important than I am.
- Well, that's kind of my job.
- It was great.
- Hi, I'm Roxy.
- Hi.
I thought you guys had met.
I thought that you got Pamela just right.
Well, thank you.
Hey guys, I am in desperate need of some caffeine and a new set of heels.
Do you mind if I tag along with you two? - Yeah.
- Well, no, I can't.
But, you and Pamela go.
I have to go study.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm positive.
Go ahead.
Well maybe we'll stop by Betty's later.
All right.
Well, I'll be there.
- All right.
- Bye.
MORGAN: What's your problem? GIRL: Hey, you guys! ROLAND: Excuse me.
Get up.
Get up.
What's your name, son? Morgan Doss.
Let's walk, Morgan.
You, too.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGING) How's studying going? I know what an integer is.
I know what a participle is.
I know what the Marshall Plan is.
I'm on fire.
Now I'm just struggling with the initial days.
D-Day, V-E Day, V-J Day D-Day, it's deployment at Normandy, June 6th, 1944.
V-E Day, victory in Europe, May 7th, 1945.
And V-J Day, victory in Japan, August 15th, 1945.
How do you just keep stuff like that in your head? I like history.
(CHUCKLES) Trevor LeBlanc.
Were you a nerd? Yes.
You would've never gone out with me in high school.
Do you think I have a prayer of remembering any of this stuff? You're going to do fine.
I know it's just a practice test but the real thing's coming up soon and I want Roland to be proud of me.
He's such a good teacher.
You're going to do great.
JOAN: Yes.
This is the second time I've tried to reach Colonel Connor this morning.
He can't be that busy.
Please have him call me.
Thank you.
(SIGHS) Specialist LeBlanc.
Yes, ma'am.
Let's be realistic here.
You are my driver and I am not allowed to be driven anywhere.
I can't let you be reduced to my assistant, so tomorrow I'll call the Sergeant Major and have you reassigned.
Yes, ma'am.
However, the process can be glacial so in the meantime Whatever you need, ma'am.
I need a big bowl of Cherry Garcia ice cream.
Yes, ma'am.
Normally, I wouldn't ask, but It's understood, ma'am.
Afternoon, Miss Holden.
Good afternoon.
How's it going, Tom? Not bad, Mr.
You know him? I remember names.
- You look good, son.
- Thank you, sir.
- How's your flight? - It was very, very long.
Now I understand the business with your arrest has all been cleared up, yeah? Yes, sir.
That's good.
That's good.
So, your mother's inside? No, sir.
She's at work.
She's at work? Yes, sir.
(HORN HONKING) Frank, I'm so sorry.
There was an emergency.
I thought I'd be back in time.
Welcome home, soldier.
Thank you.
It's good to be home.
It's good to be home with you.
Come on.
What are you doing? Joan, the whole purpose of bed rest is to do it in bed.
Making tea is my big outing of the day.
I really look forward to it.
Don't ruin it for me.
- Yeah.
- How was school? We had an incident.
Two boys got caught in some kind of a drug deal.
Where did the drugs come from? Some place you don't need to worry about.
Why don't you go back to bed? Do you think it's the same operation Connor and I tapped into? I think you're missing all kind of reruns of That's My Mama.
I can follow up on this.
Go back to bed.
I can follow up on this from bed.
You do that.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Everything okay over here? Perfect.
You know, I love how you've fixed up this place.
So, how was shopping? Brenda ended up taking me to a yoga class.
Yoga? Yeah, it was kind of fun.
BRENDA: It will not be fun tomorrow.
You're going to feel muscles you never thought you had.
You're going to be begging your husband for a massage.
PAMELA: Please.
I am the masseuse in our family.
Besides, Chase is on a mission.
My husband's been deployed for four months.
Well, I have work to do.
So, let me know if you need anything.
- Is she okay? - Yeah.
She just has a lot on her mind.
Her husband was wounded.
He's okay.
He's in physical therapy now.
Well, at least he's home.
This is Charlie's second deployment.
I got to tell you, I'm I'm going a little crazy.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
When I put the kids to bed at night, it can get a little lonely.
So how do you deal? What's your secret? For which part of it? For the no sex part of it.
Probably the same as most people.
- Battery powered? - No.
(LAUGHS) No, I've never really been an electronics girl.
Old school.
Anything else? I don't cheat on my husband if that's what you're asking.
No, no.
I mean, I don't I don't either.
I just I was just wondering if you have any extra advice.
Well, if I find a new trick, I'll let you know.
But for now it's just a lot of bad TV, chocolate and, no, no batteries, anyway.
I let you go over by 15 minutes.
You need to turn in your test now.
I've actually been done for a while.
I was just checking it over.
Beware of second-guessing.
The first answer's usually the best.
That I do remember.
How do you think you did? - I don't want to jinx it.
- Understandable.
- I think I did pretty well.
- Okay.
Studying really helps.
I should have tried doing a little bit of that in high school.
Did you like school? Well, my dad was gone and my mom was drunk, and my friends were just like me.
So, being that smart just wasn't that important to me at the time.
And there wasn't really a teacher who cared to explain it to me.
So thank you for being that teacher.
It's my pleasure.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey.
Do you have any idea how this thing works? It looks pretty simple.
I just figure out the old one and she gets a new one.
Why do women do that? Shouldn't someone who bosses around soldiers know how to work a coffee machine? They assign people to do that.
You lose a whole skill set.
How was your date? It wasn't a date.
We went to the beach.
That's not a date anymore? I don't know.
I mean, I think of dates as a night time thing.
He should have walked you to the door.
- Dad.
- Hey, Emmalin.
I'm Hey.
Hey, listen.
I don't know how to ask this but to just ask.
Do you encounter any drugs at school? Do I encounter them? Have you noticed them around? Are you asking me if I do drugs? No.
Just if you've heard of any.
I've heard about them.
Look, Dad, just because I'm dating a guy doesn't mean I'm going down the whole slippery slope.
Do you know someone named Morgan Doss? Sort of.
I mean, he's on debate team or something.
Well, he was caught with drugs which were traced back to post.
We think that soldiers are supplying high school students and we're trying to figure out how the soldiers are getting them.
Yeah, everybody's talking about it.
But you haven't had any direct exposure - Why are you grilling me, Dad? - I'm not grilling you.
I want you to understand the seriousness of this.
Peer pressure is a powerful thing.
- Dad, I don't do drugs, okay? - Emmalin, I'm And I don't hang out with those people, okay? So, excuse me, I have homework.
Did you just call our daughter a drug addict? Of course not.
Did you accuse her friends of taking drugs? No, Claudia Joy.
I was simply pursuing a gentle line of inquiry.
- I don't think she took it that way.
- Yeah.
It looked like you were grilling her.
I'm trying to show concern here.
There's a way to talk to teenage girls, Michael.
And it's very different than the way you talk to your staff.
Deliver that to Colonel Connor.
It's a priority read.
Now, ma'am? It's late.
Trust me, he's still there.
Ma'am, do you mind if I ask? No, I don't.
It's my tactical plan for dealing with the spike in post drug use.
Including the high school.
We caught one soldier but it's a much bigger operation.
That's why Colonel Connor has to see that.
You stand there and you watch him read it.
Yes, ma'am.
He's been avoiding my calls.
I'm sure he just wants you to rest, ma'am.
He probably feels obligated to take over the workload.
Yeah, I'm sure that's what it is.
Make sure he reads it.
I will.
Is there anything else while I'm out, ma'am? Yes.
Caramel Creams.
Is that weird? No, ma'am.
Thank you.
This sure was nice having Jeremy here today.
Yeah, he's doing really well.
After that whole business got cleared up, you mean? Yeah, well, it was difficult for him, you know.
He liked his roommate He felt betrayed by him.
That's a bad feeling.
You know, I thought you would've taken the day off to be here.
I thought I'd be back in time.
Things got crazy.
What happened? A doctor at the hospital.
He was in a near fatal accident.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Is it someone you knew well? I worked with him every day.
Is he going to make it? I don't know.
He's on life support.
Well, I know how that feels.
You get close to people you work with.
It's hard to watch them suffer.
It never gets any easier either.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
EVAN: At ease.
You have something for me? A report from Colonel Burton, sir.
Thank you, Specialist.
How's the Colonel doing? - Doing well, sir.
- Good.
Was there something else? Colonel Burton was hoping that you'd see fit to make that a priority, sir.
I appreciate that, Specialist.
Tell the Colonel that I will.
She was hoping for visual confirmation, sir.
She wants you to watch me read it? I need to confirm that you saw that report, sir.
Bed rest getting to her? Don't know, sir.
(MAN SINGING) Your superstitions It's always a mission A real set condition I need contradiction A form of superstition I see contradictions clearly waste my time Yeah Hey, you're early.
Just a little.
Want to get a table? How do you know them? It's Gina.
I told you about her.
And Morgan and those other guys? QUINN: Friends of hers.
You seem to know them pretty well.
Look, I'll introduce her to you.
She can tell you herself.
That's okay.
You sure? Yeah.
Is that new? This? No.
I haven't seen it before, have I? Yeah, you have.
You just didn't linger before.
FRANK: That was my mistake.
You are so beautiful.
I'm sorry.
I should've shaved, huh? No, I like it.
Speak the loudest When your friends are starting to leave When you're broken by people like me SOLDIER 1: Private, make sure everything's out of that locker! GIRL 1: They can't do that! What? What's going on? GIRL 1: Hey! Hey, we know our rights! GIRL 2: They can't take my things.
Get back inside! Get back inside! SOLDIER 2: Colonel, these lockers are clean.
Check inside the books.
I assume this is some kind of a drug sweep.
Never mind us, Dr.
Just go on back inside and teach your class.
Colonel Connor, I appreciate your intent.
But do you really think this is the most effective way of going about it? Knowing that there's drugs in this school, I can't trust anyone.
My job is to find the source and stop it.
But you're not going to find the source in one of these lockers.
First we find who's using and then we find out who they're getting them from.
Excuse me.
You're going in? Yeah, just for an hour or so.
Check up on the guys who rotated back with me.
See how they're doing.
Always looking after your men.
Is this yours? It's for riding, Frank.
You know, if you fall all the leather protects your skin.
Why are you going through my things anyway? I'm not going through your things.
I was hanging up some of your clothes and it caught my eye.
D, what's going on? I mean, last night, things seemed different.
We're out of practice.
No, it's more than that, Denise, and you know it.
Baby, talk to me, please.
Let me in.
You know, you seem so different.
It's like I'm not even talking to my wife anymore.
You know, I went back to work, Frank.
I took up some interests.
Does that really make the earth shift on its axis? Okay! Okay.
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm sorry.
I I didn't mean to upset you.
You know, babe, can we just start over here? Can we do that? Can we do that, please? How about if I take you out to dinner tonight, okay? Some place nice.
You choose.
- Okay.
- All right.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
See you shortly, all right? Mr.
McDonald, pull your car over, turn off the ignition.
(CHUCKLES) Is there a problem, Tom? Over there.
MAN: Look alive, guys.
That's good.
SOLDIER: All right, guys.
I want a full C search of this vehicle.
I'm actually supposed to meet Emmalin Holden in a few minutes.
You know, the General's daughter.
SOLDIER: Let's check every compartment.
ROXY: Hey.
You look like the horse that walked into a doctor's office.
What? Why the long face? I got your test results back.
What, did I fail? I'm sorry.
Was it even close? But that's why they call it a practice test, right? It's just an indication that you need to study differently for the next one.
I appreciate that, Roland.
Really I do.
But there is no next one for me.
I failed in school and I failed at this.
I mean, how many times do I have to take a test to convince myself that I just got shortchanged in the brain department? Roxy.
Don't sweat it, Roland.
You did your best.
Did you impress upon Colonel Connor how important it was for him - to read my plan? - Yes, ma'am.
Because unless somebody opened it up and added a locker search of the high school by MPs and the CID without my knowledge, it apparently went straight to his circular file.
He's a Lieutenant Colonel.
I can't just I know.
You're right.
That was uncalled for on my part.
Well, I didn't hear a thing.
(SIGHS) I should just let this go.
What am I thinking? I should be worrying about my baby.
I'm going to let Colonel Connor be somebody else's problem.
I can let this go.
I can.
You know, people let go of things all the time.
Yes, ma'am.
Will there be anything else? No.
You're dismissed.
WOMAN: Tomorrow I'll do it, okay? TREVOR: Hey.
You're home early.
And my hours have been a little erratic lately.
They hinge on moods and insane cravings.
But Joan's doing okay? She's frustrated.
I know how she feels.
So, you got class tonight? No.
Class is over.
I failed my practice test.
You failed? Yes.
And it wasn't a squeaker, either.
I just flat out flunked.
How? You studied.
I quizzed you.
You knew your stuff.
Why are you suddenly so invested in me getting my GED? Because you're smart.
And getting your GED was something that you really wanted.
I've got to get back to work and the boys need a bath.
You never played by the rules, Getti.
That's what's so great about you.
But you're not going out without a fight.
You hear me? Just because I didn't show up, didn't mean I didn't care.
I did.
And I still do.
Just pull yourself together, damn it.
Pull it together now.
This does not look good.
Have a seat, sweetheart.
(CLEARS THROAT) We need to talk.
Remember I told you we were trying to find who was supplying drugs to the soldiers on post? The MPs caught him today.
They searched his car.
They found dealer amounts of ecstasy and meth.
It was Quinn.
I had a feeling.
You had a feeling? I'm the one who called the MPs.
I didn't want to believe it, but I saw him at Betty's talking to that soldier.
And all her friends and Morgan Doss was one of them.
And I saw money on the table and And I remembered he was always being too friendly to the guards when we drove on post.
Like he wanted to get them to know him.
And trust him.
How did you pick up on all of that? You taught me.
Ignore what people say.
Pay attention to what they do.
I taught you that? I really didn't want to believe that about Quinn, you know? I thought that if he was innocent, then, you know, it wouldn't hurt to have his car searched at check point.
And, you know, I was really hoping I was wrong.
And MICHAEL: I know.
I am so sorry, sweetheart.
But I am so proud of you.
MICHAEL: It's okay.
Well, that was fun hanging out yesterday.
I had a really great time, too.
You know That's the one good thing about being an Army wife.
You're never totally alone.
There's always some other woman going through the same thing.
You know, I know exactly what you mean.
During Charlie's first deployment When I was at my lowest.
One of my friends invited me to one of her "play dates" and it opened a whole new world for me.
Yeah, well, we do those all the time with our kids.
You should bring yours over.
I mean, an adult play date.
You know, this may sound weird I mean, it did to me at first too, but some husbands think it's okay for their wives to deal with their loneliness in other ways.
What are you saying? They let you cheat? Well, they don't consider it cheating.
I mean, it's safe, it's fun.
Can't get pregnant.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? Look, I love my husband just as much as you love yours, Pamela.
And I vowed never to be with another man.
But there's a really great alternative.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Specialist LeBlanc.
I didn't know you were coming by.
I brought visitors, ma'am.
If you don't mind.
Visitors? Permission to let them enter? Sure.
I guess.
How are you feeling? - Well rested, sir.
- Good.
Specialist LeBlanc said there was a pressing matter you wanted to talk to us about? Joan? The drug issue, ma'am? Right.
Sir, I've been concerned about the manner in which it's being handled.
Well, I appreciate your follow through.
But it's been resolved.
But, sir, I really want to talk to you about how we could possibly I've reviewed the locker sweep situation with Evan.
The students identified the soldiers selling the drugs.
We caught the supplier to the post.
MICHAEL: I'm going to keep cracking down on the high school and the post.
I've commended Colonel Connor on his excellent work.
It was a team effort, sir.
Joan's tactical plan was an important contribution.
MICHAEL: Well, I appreciate that.
If there's nothing else Sir, permission to speak on the situation? Go ahead.
I can't take credit for any part of this operation.
It not only wasn't a part of my plan, I strongly disagree with it.
Heavy-handed tactics like this one only create distrust in the community and paint the Army in a negative light.
We could have created the same results by going directly to the principal and the faculty members and asking for their cooperation.
We could have brought CID in earlier.
Arranged a locker sweep during off hours under their supervision.
Sir, what I'm saying, is we could have been just as effective with a less visible presence.
I hope you will consider this approach for future scenarios.
Write it up for me.
I did, sir.
I gave it to Colonel Connor two days ago.
I assume you still have a copy.
I have it on my desk.
I'd like to see it.
Submit it to my office.
Yes, sir.
We done? Yes, sir.
Get some rest, Joan.
Yes, sir.
Specialist LeBlanc.
That was completely inappropriate.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't pull anything like that again.
Yes, ma'am.
So I'm not dumb, there's just something wrong with my brain? No.
Roxy, this is actually good news.
A lot of great thinkers have suffered from learning disabilities.
I'm not really sharing your enthusiasm on this one.
It's a common disorder.
It has nothing to do with intelligence.
It just means you have a hard time dealing with written material.
You misinterpret it.
So you'll put down the right answer to the wrong question.
Thousands of people have the same problem.
People who go on to make tremendous contributions to society.
- Are you making this up? - I see it all the time, Roxy.
Some of the brightest students in class struggle with the written tests.
If we'd taken the test verbally, my guess is you would've done very well.
Which is how we're going to do it from now on.
From now on? You're going to take the test again and you're going to ace it.
Why are you so determined about this, Roland? Because I know smart when I see it.
And I can't stand to let it go to waste.
Outside of Trevor, nobody has ever believed in me this much.
Get used to it.
I've been doubling up on my rehab.
I have to say you've made excellent progress in such a short period of time.
Better than anyone I've seen with injuries like this.
Well, that's great news, right? It really is, Specialist.
Okay, so when do you think I'm going to be able to return to my unit? Son, if you work as hard as you have been doing, you're going to gain even more mobility and range of motion.
Now look, if that shell had been an inch to the right, it would have severed nerves that would have left that arm completely immobile.
So what are you saying? I'm saying that rehabilitation doesn't happen overnight.
It takes time and right now that arm doesn't have the mobility you need to return to full service.
And I can't recommend you for combat until it does.
I'm sorry.
ROXY: Shut up! On the mouth? Full on? Full on.
Apparently the boys don't consider that cheating.
Play dates? Yep.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
So, how was it? It was weird.
I don't know.
What am I supposed to say? Well, that's what you get.
What do you mean, "That's what I get"? Well, we kept trying to do yoga together.
And then you dump me, and make Brenda your yoga buddy.
Okay, she is so not my yoga buddy.
And does it make you feel any better that I couldn't even walk the next day? Yeah.
It does.
Well, obviously we need to hang out more.
I know.
You know what? I'm the boss, right? I can do anything I want.
I'll just have my assistant manager cover for me tomorrow and then we can have our own "play date.
" No kissing.
Yeah, and no yoga.
- No.
- No.
See, now you're talking.
You still up? EMMALIN: Yeah.
This is going to be a very short talk.
I was an idiot.
That's all there is to it.
You trusted him, he violated that trust.
That makes him the idiot, not you.
I thought that I was a better judge of character.
You liked him.
And that makes you stupid? Yes and no.
He fooled all of us.
He was a charmer.
And you followed your instincts.
You sacrificed your feelings.
It takes a very strong heart.
My heart doesn't feel so strong right now.
I know.
I wanted to see if you could look me in the eye.
I'm glad that you can't.
It means you have a conscience.
- What do you want me to say? - You could start with "I'm sorry.
" Like that'd help.
Did you teach yourself to be this person? Did you read a book on charming and deceiving? People find all kinds of ways to survive.
I found mine.
Except you didn't survive.
I cared about you.
I'm not ashamed of that.
I'll get over this.
But you? You will have to live with this forever.
The kids are waiting in the car.
I'll be there in a sec.
Do you want me to drop them off before I go meet Pamela? No.
I'll do it.
What are you looking for, babe? My pills.
You hurting today? Yeah.
Well, here's an Empty bottle.
Really? I thought I had more.
Babe, this is not supposed to be refilled for two more weeks.
I know.
I spilled some in the sink.
It was stupid.
Guess I'm going to have to white knuckle it? (WOMAN SINGING) Goodbye my hopeless dream I'm trying not to think about you Can't you just let me be? So long my luckless romance My back is turned on you Should've known you'd bring me heartache Almost lovers always do Goodbye, my almost lover He has a "Do Not Resuscitate" order in his living will.
He's gone.
Time of death, 12:18.
My back is turned on you Should've known you'd bring me heartache Almost lovers always do