Army Wives s02e17 Episode Script

All in the Family

CLAUDIA JOY: Previously on Army Wives Every time you show up, doesn't matter how you gift-wrap it, you always bring a box of trouble.
You know, you've got a great smile.
It's like that Mona Lisa.
Now we're going to hook up while we're over there, all right? No matter where you are.
Share some meals.
Sounds great.
Third one this week.
Some pen pal.
Oh, my God.
Logan got his orders.
He's coming home.
Finally, I get to meet him.
I can feel it.
If my shoulder isn't fit for combat, they're gonna discharge me.
- LOGAN: Emmalin Holden? - What? - It's Logan.
- Logan? You are even prettier than the picture that you sent me.
Where's Emmalin tonight? She's with her pen pal.
They met and she likes him.
- You want me to call the MPs? - He's a lot older, Michael.
Let's take a look at that shoulder.
So, what's the verdict? Looks like there's still some scar tissue.
Nothing too major.
The necrosis to your shoulder appears to be nonexistent.
Specialist LeBlanc, you can return to duty without profile or physical restrictions.
English, please? I'm cleared to return to combat.
Thank you.
You did the work.
Meet you out front.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
Hey, let's see that Mona Lisa smile.
Mac, you're already here? Well, I figured I better accept your invitation before you change your mind.
Wait, wait.
(EXCLAIMS) (EXHALES) - Oh, my God.
Mac, look at you.
- I'm still a little wobbly, but Wow! (GASPS) Weren't you going to hug me or something? Yes! I'm so happy to see you.
Wow! Okay.
So, are you ready for your big speech? (LAUGHS) Well, you realize that I'm not much of a public speaker.
Normally I get the dry heaves and then I faint.
Well, you just have to talk to some other soldiers who are going through what you went through.
Warriors in Transition.
Well, at least they got the transition part right.
Well, my day is pretty full, but how about we grab a bite tomorrow? - Sounds good.
- Okay.
It's really great to see you again.
You, too.
- Why are you putting her in the swing? - She likes the swing.
The swing makes her sleepy.
- Exactly.
- But she just got up.
No, she didn't just get up.
She's been up all night.
Sweetheart, we have to get her on a schedule.
We can't keep letting her be up all night and asleep all day.
Honey, I know what we discussed, but the doctor says that we should give an infant whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.
- He said that? - Yes, I called.
He was very clear.
I thought you and I had figured out a plan.
We talked to that sleep therapist who said it was good for babies to have a schedule.
- Babies, not infants.
- What's the difference? At three months, she becomes a baby.
- You're making that up.
- No, I saw it in one of the books.
Okay, I read all those books, and it never said anything about a difference between an infant and a baby.
Do you want me to show you the book? (STUTTERING) What? Do you hear what we're arguing about? This is ridiculous.
- It's not.
It's important.
- Fine, just let her sleep.
She'll just be nocturnal.
Our daughter will be a bat.
- Don't you have errands to run? - I do.
(DOOR CLOSING) You're not going to be a bat, are you? Mom, can I skip dinner tonight? Isabelle and I are going to be studying for this AP calculus exam together.
You're really focusing on that lately, huh? Yeah, because it's AP.
It's really important.
You really get more studying done in pairs? We quiz each other, and Isabelle is totally focused on getting into Stanford, so she's a good influence.
- What? - You got a letter yesterday in the mail from Logan.
Even though he's home.
You're still writing each other? We enjoy writing letters.
- Are you seeing him? - I don't know.
We're friends.
You know how your mother feels about this.
- We're both concerned about his age.
- And his experience.
He's a man who's been to war.
You're a student.
Yeah, I get that.
Look, how did this turn into a talk about Logan? I'm going to be late for school.
- Be back by 10:00.
- I will.
- Thanks for your support.
- I did my best.
I'm not entirely with you on this.
Didn't our experience with Jeremy and Amanda teach us anything? - Meaning what? - We tried to control that situation.
It only ended up bringing them closer together.
We nearly lost her.
- We did lose her.
- Not to him.
(EXHALES) So let me get this straight.
By pretending not to control the situation, we do control it? Is that what you're saying? Bend, don't break.
That's all I'm saying.
I'll see you later on.
- How's it going? - Great.
Just like riding a bike.
I could swear I'm in high school again, doing eight shifts a week at the Red Lobster.
Thanks for helping out.
Three waitresses either really have the flu or they're just having a great time somewhere.
No problem, Chase is gone, so I need something to keep me busy.
I'm going to clean table eight because they made a mess.
- Roxy? - What? You're never going to believe who just walked in.
Who? That is not Marda, in my restaurant with a man.
It is.
What do you want to do about it? Surprise! What are you doing here? How can you just show up like this? I think I made it pretty clear where we stand the last time I saw you.
But things are different now.
- You always say that.
- I stopped drinking.
You always say that, too.
(SIGHS) Baby, I know I used to fight you on this, but I'm not going to anymore.
I made a trash heap out of my life, and you got the worst of it, but people do change.
Who's the guy? My fiancé.
And when did you meet him? On your way into town? No! We've been together for six months.
It's a real relationship.
He's got a good job.
Computer stuff.
All I'm asking is that you meet him.
Give him a chance.
And give me one more, too.
Here she is, babe.
My Roxy.
- I'm Jerry Bernard.
- It's nice to meet you.
Your mom talks so much about you.
I feel like I already know you.
Well, thanks, I guess.
You sit a minute? Sure.
It's busy.
Lunch rush, but So, how long have you worked here? I don't just work here.
I actually own half of it.
You do? Baby, that is great! Oh my You always did have that good business head.
She had three jobs in high school.
I mean, she could sell you the clothes you're already wearing.
(LAUGHING) - You want some coffee, hon? - I'd love some.
- I'll get it.
- No, no, no.
You stay and visit, I will help myself.
I'm in tight with the owner.
I'm sorry, I know this must feel kind of awkward for you.
No, I'm used to it.
Can you join us for some food? Cocktail, glass of wine? Is it such a good idea for you to be drinking around Marda? (MARDA CLEARS THROAT) It doesn't matter to me.
It's my addiction, not his.
No, Roxy's right.
I don't need to do this.
It's not important.
No, it's okay.
I'm fine.
Well, if you have to get back to work, don't let us keep you.
We're here all week.
We're staying over at the Tide Crest Motel.
Jerry's treating us to a week's vacation.
Well, that's great.
And we want to see you as much as we can while we're here.
(EMMALIN SIGHS) The domain of "F" divided by "G" is given by the intersection of "Df" and "Dg" without the zeroes of function "G.
" So close, so Yeah, it's right.
(MOANING) I almost forgot.
There's a part two to that question.
Why was that the correct answer? Because division by zeroes is not allowed.
Math is so sexy.
- EMMALIN: Is this great? - Mmm-hmm.
- What? There is nobody here.
- I know, I'm sorry.
I just I feel I feel a little bit strange with you being the Post Commander's daughter.
You're still in high school, so if we got caught, I Okay.
Well, we're not We're not getting married, Logan.
Okay? I'm 16 years old.
I can make my own decisions.
But do you realize that your dad is my boss? As a matter of fact, he is the boss of this entire place.
He's even the boss of this bench.
- I mean, isn't that weird? - That is so weird.
- Sir.
We need to talk about coffee.
Yes, sir.
Would you like me to get you some coffee, sir? Not here, in the office.
I think I'm over the French roast.
That was more Colonel Burton's taste.
In fact, I think we had this conversation before, and yet every morning, there's the French roast.
Now, I know it isn't really your job, but I work a lot better if these details are sorted out.
- I'll get right on it, sir.
- As you were.
KANTOR: Just back off, man! You better shut your damn mouth, man.
- Or what? - Or I'll shut it for you.
You're nailing Holden's daughter.
Big deal.
(GRUNTING) SOLDIER: Let's go! Break it up! PFC Atwater, now! Get them off.
Get them off! EVAN: That's enough! SOLDIER: Take it easy.
I want to see you two in my office at 1400 hours.
- Yes, sir.
- Out.
- Hey.
- I hope I'm not disturbing you.
- No, not at all.
Come on in.
I keep forgetting to drop these photographs off.
I took them at the baby shower.
They're the old-fashioned kind.
On film.
Anybody in there? I'm not sure.
You want some coffee? - Okay.
- Okay.
You've got something baby-related on your shirt.
Over here.
How is my godchild? Asleep.
So, Mr.
Mom is getting to you already? (CHUCKLES) Joan and I are both exhausted.
It's not a lot of laughs in the Burton house right now.
That's because you haven't had a date since the baby was born.
Am I right? - We're not ready for a babysitter yet.
- What about Michael and me? What, you're trusting us with her whole life but not two hours while you go to a restaurant? No, it's not about trust.
Look, I know it seems like she's the center of the universe, but you have to take care of the relationship, too.
You're her parents.
Your well-being matters to her.
She deserves happy parents.
You say smart things.
That's because I've slept.
(LAUGHS) I'll try that next time.
- Still hungry? - Yeah.
That sound.
Like music to my ears.
Well, if I weren't such a responsible nurse, I would tell you to hop on.
A bossy woman on a motorcycle.
I'm dreaming.
But, hey, I do better with four wheels, - so come on, I'll drive.
- Let's do it.
Excuse me, General.
Do you have a moment? Yeah, Evan.
I'm late for a debriefing.
I feel a responsibility to tell you of a conflict that I witnessed.
Yeah, I heard there was some kind of fight.
Yes, sir.
PFC Atwater was involved.
It seemed to be about your daughter.
Thank you, Evan.
The other soldier implied a relationship between them.
- His manner was less than discreet.
- I understand, Colonel.
Yes, sir.
You're a natural in that van.
The way you held on tight, leaned into them curves.
Come on, stop it.
You know, in a few months, you'll be riding a motorcycle yourself.
Heck, no.
Motorcycles are dangerous.
A guy could lose a limb riding one of them things.
(CHUCKLING) Mac! Oh, man.
Hey, how's your girlfriend? How's it going with her? Lee Anne? She's good.
It's been a little bumpy, but she's good.
Well, it's tough, you know.
Give it time.
Well, like you said, Warriors in Transition.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've been going through some transitions of my own.
All right, let's hear it.
(CLEARS THROAT) Well, my husband and I are separated.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
I'm making the adjustment, but, well, it's not like losing a part of your body, but it is like losing half yourself, you know? Actually, I do know.
Lee Anne and me, we sort of broke up.
Mac, I'm sorry.
But, hey, on the other hand, did you hear that oil just dropped below $ 100 a barrel? - What? - I had to say something positive.
(LAUGHING) Hey, over there.
I'm really glad you came down.
It's important that these guys see your spirit.
I just don't know if I've got much good to say on the subject.
Just tell them the truth.
Which one? In the old days, the maid used to throw them to the dogs to keep them quiet.
That's why they call them hush puppies.
Do I have to eat it? - Well, you're a doggie, aren't you? - Me? Yeah.
MARDA: With all those spots, I bet you're a Dalmatian.
Can I be a German Shepherd? Hey, eat your dinner, or you'll both go to your kennels.
This is delicious, Roxy.
- My baby has become quite a cook.
- Thank you.
Army life is really agreeing with you.
Roxy was telling us you're about to go back overseas.
Daddy's going away again? That's not going to happen for a while, so don't worry.
- TREVOR: Okay? - Okay.
I'm finished.
Can we go play with the toys Grandma brought? Yeah.
Go ahead.
Okay, now boys.
Now, you know how those walkie-talkies work, right? - Yeah! - Awesome! I better go calm those two down.
I think she's just a little unsettled.
That's all.
- What for? I told her I've changed.
- Look, you Well, someone better address the elephant in the room, so I guess it's going to be me.
What elephant? - It's Al-Anon talk.
- Al-Anon? Isn't that where you sit around, gnaw on your bad childhood? It's actually where you learn to cope with it.
I'm not drinking now.
The past is over.
For you, maybe.
- Hey, we didn't come here to fight.
- TREVOR: Jerry's right.
Maybe we should all just take a deep breath.
Not say something we're going to regret.
Are you talking to me or to her, Trevor? Baby, I'm just trying to keep the peace.
Okay? - I am not ready yet.
- Well, I'm not, either.
Then why are we even talking about it? Because Claudia Joy made some really good points.
Honey, have you looked at our baby? She is barely six weeks old.
And? And what? We can't just take off and leave her.
Joan, I'm not talking about going on a cruise.
It's just two hours in a restaurant.
I wouldn't enjoy it.
Look, we're tense, and we're bickering here.
That can't be good for her.
Claudia Joy and Michael can handle this.
They've done it before.
Years ago.
Babies haven't changed.
- But Roland, I'm - They're her godparents, Joan.
If we can't trust them, who can we trust? Emmalin, we need to talk.
We called Isabelle's mother.
She said you only stopped by for a minute last night.
CLAUDIA JOY: Were you meeting him somewhere? Look, I don't want to lie to you guys.
Okay? I hate sneaking around.
I want to be able to date him like a normal guy.
He's not a normal guy.
We've been over this.
He's a man and a soldier on your father's post.
You are such hypocrites! "He's a soldier?" You're a soldier, and you're married to a soldier.
He got into a fight over this on post this morning.
This is creating conflict for him.
Okay, why even talk about it if you're just going to win? Just give me my punishment.
Nobody said anything about punishment.
She lied to us, Michael! Do what you want.
No, your mother's right.
You're grounded for a week for lying to us.
And no contact with Logan, right? We would prefer that you didn't.
Am I dismissed? TREVOR: Well, that was an adventure.
You didn't seem to mind it too much.
Don't be ridiculous.
- Why are you always defending her? - I'm not.
Look, Rox, I know Marda isn't perfect.
- Yeah, by a long shot.
- Okay, by a long shot.
But at least you've got a mother who loves you and is trying to make things better.
You don't know what I'd give to know who my real mother was.
CLAUDIA JOY: No more chili-cheese fries for me.
- DENISE: Uh-uh.
- Yeah, I need to fit into my car.
Well, these are for me.
They are my special PMS platter.
Shove over.
Are you sure you don't want any food, Roland? Food means chewing and swallowing, right? Yeah, that's usually how that works.
Not enough energy.
(ALL LAUGHING) Claudia Joy, I finally talked Joan into taking you and Michael up on your offer to baby-sit.
Is it still on the table? - Absolutely.
It'll be fun.
- ROLAND: Thank you.
- Hey, how's it going with your mom? - What does it look like? DENISE: Somebody from my past came back, too.
- CLAUDIA JOY: Who? - You guys remember Mac? The guy who gave me the motorcycle.
Well, he's back.
- He just showed up? - No, no.
I invited him to talk to the Warriors in Transition group at Mercer.
And you and Joan, you have a hot date? I guess so.
(IMITATES RACY MUSIC) Well, you better rest up.
Because fancy dinners involve a lot of chewing and swallowing.
Not to mention whatever nightcap Joan has planned for you guys when you get back.
Yeah, I'll get on those push-ups right away.
I'm looking forward to Sara Elizabeth.
A little girl who doesn't talk back or try to sneak around with a man way too old for her.
(EXCLAIMS) Okay, then.
More chili-cheese fries.
(CAR APPROACHING) Hey! - Hey! - Are you looking for my mom? - Yes.
Is she home? - Not right now.
I have some FRG stuff for her.
Can I leave it with you? - Sure.
- Great.
- Studying or Facebook? - Studying.
I'm grounded from Facebook and everything else right now.
Why? Were you making crystal meth in the bathroom again? You would think, with the way they're reacting.
Is it Logan? My husband told me.
He broke up the fight in the DFAC.
I know I was wrong to disobey them and lie and sneak.
What can you do? It's love.
- It is love, right? - I think so.
I mean, how can you be sure? If you're having trouble describing it and staying away from it at the same time, that sounds like the genuine article.
- What does he say? - He hasn't said anything like that.
Just how much he likes being with me, stuff like that.
Give your parents some time.
They'll wrap their heads around it.
I'm having trouble believing that right now.
But, hey, thank you, for listening to me.
No problem.
While I'm thinking of it, do you like Coldplay? Yeah.
I have tickets to see them next week, and I can't use them.
- You'll be ungrounded by then, right? - I would love it.
Take Logan.
That isn't going to happen.
You know what? If you give him a ticket and he wants to go, and you just happen to end up at the same place at the same time, it's not sneaking.
It's a beautiful coincidence.
Be right back with your check.
- Well, how do you like Jerry? - He seems really nice.
He takes really good care of me.
Well, I'm glad.
I feel like you're holding a grudge.
I'm trying not to.
I don't understand why, with Trevor, he can be completely forgiven for the same thing, but with me you judge.
He told me.
Trevor's addiction was situational, and he took care of it, so it's not the same thing.
It's not the same thing if you don't want it to be.
Marda, stop.
I'm not going there with you, and if you don't stop picking at the scab, we are not going to be able to move on.
This looks delicious.
- Should we wait? - For what? Emmalin.
If you don't want to eat again until next June, by all means, let's wait.
We need to come to some sort of conclusion on this.
I know.
This whole Logan thing scares me.
He's 19 years old.
He's been to war.
I'm not completely relaxed about it, either.
It's just that I know that the fastest way to lose her is to forbid this.
It's also the fastest way to heat it up.
- Over here, Son.
Great to see you.
- Great to see you.
- Good to see you, too.
So, how are you getting on? Just, you know, settling in with the unit.
- All right.
- Ready to get to work.
So when does your squad leader want you back? - Major Sherwood? Jordana Davis.
- Ma'am? I e-mailed you before you deployed.
I'll be taking over the Intel section.
- Looks like we'll be working together.
- Yes, I got that.
I got that.
I'm looking forward to working with you, but right now, I am visiting with my son.
- Private Jeremy Sherwood.
- How do you do, ma'am? Nice to meet you.
Well, that's a rare and fortunate event.
- Father and son stationed together.
- He's just passing through.
Heading out to meet with his unit at the FOB.
Well, I will let you two have your time together, then.
- Find me when you're ready, Major.
- Will do.
- So have you heard from your mother? - Of course.
(LAUGHING) - She had a letter for me here waiting.
- Yeah.
- You, too? - Yeah, I've had some e-mails.
You know, she's busy.
She's busy working.
Come on, let's get you something to eat.
All right.
- Hey, Rox? - Yeah.
- I've got a problem over here.
- What is it? The money in the drawer is supposed to equal this, right? Yeah, I mean, within a buck or two.
- Why? - It's a little more than that.
We're short 380.
- Are you sure it isn't a mistake? - Yeah, triple-checked.
Damn it.
There's something I wanted to talk to you about.
Yeah, me, too.
But you go first.
Daddy and I were talking, and we know you feel strongly about Logan, and we know he's a good man.
We still think you're too young, and we have many other concerns, but we also trust you and believe in your judgment.
You're still grounded this week for lying to us, but after that, you and Logan can see each other.
There'll still be a curfew.
You understand, right? Your turn.
I had these tickets to Coldplay, but I decided to not try to sneak out.
It's in Atlanta, so I don't think I would've made curfew anyways.
- Tickets? What? - Jennifer gave them to me.
You mean Mrs.
Connor? Yes.
She dropped off that FRG stuff and gave me the tickets.
- Does she know about you and Logan? - Yeah.
I don't think she was trying to interfere.
It was more like being a big sister.
Mom? - Can I have these? - Sure.
You study.
Hey, Roxy.
Your mom is just taking a nap, so Will you wake her up and send her out? Is something wrong? - It's between me and her.
- Sure thing.
Hey! What's going on? Why don't you tell me? - I was asleep.
- Asleep? Come on, you can smell my breath, I'll take a test.
I was sleeping, Roxy.
I've had enough of this.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us.
- Just give me my money.
- What money? We're 380 bucks short at work.
And you think I took it? It happened the same day you and Jerry arrived.
You went off to get your own coffee.
Same day you bought T.
And Finn some expensive walkie-talkies.
Come on.
I'm not an idiot.
I never took a dime from you.
That was your last chance.
Oh, God! Jennifer, I know we don't know each other all that well.
I thought we'd take the time to do that, but now I feel the need to speed things up.
Going outside the group to promote your own project, encouraging unhealthy competition and just generally having an annoying way wasn't enough.
You needed to form an alliance with my daughter? - I don't know what - Don't! It's beneath you.
She seemed like she needed a friend.
I have a niece her age.
I have a way with kids.
Not with my kid, you don't.
She needed to express herself, and I was there.
I know you don't have children, but you should really watch those wildlife documentaries about what happens when you try to come between a mother and her child.
It doesn't end well.
(DOOR OPENING) There's your money.
He took it.
- Jerry.
- He was embarrassed to tell me, but then after he saw you at the motel, he felt guilty and confessed.
So what does that make him? A gentleman thief? I don't know what that makes him.
I don't know what he was thinking.
Well, you sure do know how to pick them, huh? I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, I admit that.
But I want to do better, by you and by me.
Well, how about you take care of you, and I'll take care of me, and we'll see how that works.
But that's not what I want with my daughter, Roxy.
I don't blame you, the way you feel, but I'm going to change the way things are between us.
Okay? You just watch and see.
She's so precious.
So I just pumped.
There are six bottles in the fridge.
She should only need two.
JOAN: If you put her in the swing she'll get sleepy.
She likes Mozart.
The piano concertos, not the symphonies.
I am cueing the iPod now.
- And you know the rule, right? - No talking about the baby.
- What do you mean? - No baby talk during date night.
- I think it's in the Constitution.
- I think it is.
JOAN: Okay.
No baby talk.
Sweetheart, we should go.
They don't hold reservations there.
All the emergency numbers are on the fridge.
We will be at Le Marcienne, and we both have our cell phones.
Well, Sara Elizabeth, we are going to have a great time.
The only thing you're going to need to worry about is getting your baby back.
Bye, honey.
Mommy's only going for a little Go! - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Have fun.
- She's so sweet.
- A beauty.
- We're going to miss you, sweetheart.
- Go! Go, go! - Joan, for God's sake.
- Colonel, beat it.
Stop it.
Sometimes my voice mail doesn't beep.
I'll have the salad.
Sweetheart, this is a fine French restaurant.
Order something cooked, with sauces.
You love coq au vin.
No, a salad is fine.
It's quick.
Well, the cassoulet looks good to me, and mushrooms to start.
Two courses? You're right.
I'm so glad we did this.
(LAUGHS) This is killing you, isn't it? Yeah.
- Waiter.
- Yes, sir? - I think we're ready to order.
- Very good.
Give me the mushrooms and escargot in puff pastry to start, the coq au vin for my wife and the cassoulet for me.
- Excellent choices.
- And could we get all of that to go? Pardon me? Doggie bags would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I hope these briefs are clear.
I tried to make the language a little less convoluted.
The Pentagon can be terminology heavy.
That's okay.
I speak the language.
It was a pleasure seeing you with your son today.
I'm sure it's great and difficult at the same time.
I'm very proud of him.
- You've got kids? - No.
- Is your husband in the service? - I don't have one of those either.
I've been divorced for five years now, but I've been pretty much career-focused since then.
Is your wife in the military? No, no.
She's civilian.
How long have you been married? Jeez, about half my life.
Wow, that's great.
Yeah, it is.
When I told a buddy of mine at Walter Reed about tonight, he said to open with a joke, but I'm guessing that probably wouldn't go over too well.
In fact, you all are probably thinking just the opposite, right? The joke's on us.
And now here we are.
Well, you know what they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.
On May 2nd, at about 2:00 in the afternoon, I had to let go of most of my plans, because most of my plans involved me having legs.
So letting go.
That's what this is mostly about.
MACCADDEN: The first thing you gotta let go of is worrying about stuff you can't control.
What happened, happened, so take a deep breath.
MACCADDEN: This is your new reality.
Whatever anger and frustration and You know, you've got to let go of that, too.
There's no reverse button on our lives.
MACCADDEN: If there was, I would go back to May 2nd, and I would do it different, but I can't.
Now, it isn't going to be easy because your brain is just gonna want to keep trying to steer you off course.
You know, like some stubborn horse who don't want to stay on the trail.
But the really important things, now those get clearer in your head.
MACCADDEN: I mean it.
I mean, whatever junk you thought you needed to make your life worthwhile, that goes away.
Life gets a lot more basic and a lot richer.
Now the coming months, it's scary, man.
I won't tell you it isn't.
I mean, small changes can be scary and Well, this ain't small.
MACCADDEN: It's like you started out as one person, but a thing like this, it changes you, and this whole new person starts to form.
But until you let go, you'll never realize your full potential.
So that's it.
I mean, all of us here in this room, we were given a special challenge.
And what I have to keep believing is that special challenges allow for something special to float to the surface, something that I may never have known about myself if May 2nd, 2:00 p.
Hadn't have happened.
So it's all about letting go of what could've been and only holding onto the things that really matter.
Thanks for coming.
(BEAUTIFUL DISASTER PLAYING) She just needs someone To take her home She's just the way she is (CELL PHONE RINGING) But no one's told her that's okay DENISE ON VOICEMAIL: Hey, it's Denise.
Leave a message.
She would change everything For happy ever after She just needs someone To take her home