Army Wives s02e18 Episode Script

Departures, Arrivals

ROXY: Previously on Army Wives - I love you, girl.
- I love you, too.
I'm cleared to return to combat.
Hey, let's see that Mona Lisa smile.
I'm so happy to see you.
I stopped drinking.
You always say that.
Who's the guy? My fiancé.
I'm 16 years old.
I can make my own decisions.
But do you realize that your dad is my boss? Well, my husband and I are separated.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We know that you're still seeing Logan.
I want to be able to date him like a normal guy.
He's not a normal guy.
He's a man and a soldier on your father's post.
We're short 380.
- Just give me my money.
- You think I took it? Jordana Davis.
I'll be taking over the Intel section.
Looks like we'll be working together.
There's your money.
He took it.
MICHAEL: I just wanted to wish you good luck today, Joan.
I'll see you at the office.
Joan's first day back.
Just wishing her luck.
How'd she sound? Fine.
Why? It's her first day back after having her baby.
It's Joan.
She's not the same Joan she was two months ago.
- I'll be understanding.
- Hey.
Got to go.
MICHAEL: Hang on a second.
- Dad, I'm late.
- You're going to want to hear this.
- What? - Your father and I have been very impressed with how you've handled your restriction.
So we're ending it early.
As of now, you are out of jail.
Go out.
Smell the sweet air of freedom.
(CLAUDIA JOY LAUGHS) Seriously? Can I go out after school? After your homework's done.
And can I still see Logan? Yes, you can.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
Bye! (CLAUDIA JOY SIGHING) They seem to really like each other.
I think they're officially dating.
What do we do now? What every teenager wants their parents to do.
Absolutely nothing.
Don't you think we should get to know him? I told you I checked him out.
I mean, as a person, not a soldier.
Maybe a dinner.
(CHUCKLING) Like the one we had with Quinn? Okay, I know that one didn't go so well.
And neither would dinner with Logan.
Privates should not be dating general's daughters.
And privates do not have dinners at general's houses.
It's against all Army protocol.
I will not forbid them from seeing each other, but I'm not going to sanction it, either.
So, we just stand on the sidelines? My hope is that like most teenage romances, this one will flame out quickly.
- See you later.
- Okay.
(PANTING) I have to get one of those running strollers.
It'll free up more of your time in the morning.
What's the matter? Are you okay? I don't think I can leave her.
Well, this is what you've been waiting for.
I know.
Sweetheart, she's going to have her daddy all day.
And then tonight, she's all yours.
And I'll bring her by the office, okay? Now come on now.
Come on now.
Hand her over.
There we go.
I didn't think it was going to be this hard.
You're going to be late.
Don't let anything happen to her.
I will guard her with my life.
- Now go.
- Okay.
I think I put enough breast milk in the - Go.
- Okay.
- When you put her down for a nap - You just walk out the door.
There you go.
- She is so cute.
- You are almost out the door.
- I can't wait to come home to her.
- Mmm-hmm.
Hey, Joan? What about me? Thank you.
Now you may go.
Say, "Bye, Mommy.
Bye, Mommy.
" Maybe Marda will pull it together this time.
Her boyfriend stole money from me, does that sound like pulling it together to you? Yeah, but you never stop caring about your mom no matter how bad she is.
Yeah, well, you never lived with Marda.
- Pamela? - Angie.
I was wondering if I could have a word with you.
About what? It's a private matter.
Whatever you tell me, she'll end up hearing anyway.
- We like to share.
- Right.
I remember.
All right.
Well, this is a little awkward, but apparently your daughter has been showing my son her private parts.
That is kind of normal eight-year-old behavior, isn't it? Well, I've been doing it since I was five.
It's how I used to get my lunch money.
I don't find the humor in it.
And Gil has been talking about it in graphic detail.
It isn't funny.
But, come on, it is kind of normal, right? I mean, maybe Gil showed Katie his and then Katie showed No.
My son did not show your daughter his.
He was taught better.
So what are you saying? That Katie wasn't? I don't want it to happen again.
And if it does, I'll be forced to go to the principal.
Fine! I'll talk to Katie! So, you're still here.
(INHALING) I broke up with Jerry.
Sent him packing.
Broke up until you get home, or kicked him into orbit? (CHUCKLES) Take a look at the moon tonight, he'll be circling it.
That I'd like to see.
Sit down.
Oh, I pick the wrong kind of men.
Always have.
Just another thing I need to fix.
I haven't always been aces in that area myself.
Had a long string of losers before Trevor came along.
It seems like the bad guys are the only guys I like.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) Somehow you and I got turned around and confused bad with strong.
Strong isn't the guy that tries to control you.
Like Trevor.
He really loves you.
I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.
So, I have a few days before I have to be back at work.
And Jerry prepaid for the whole week at the motel.
So, do you mind if I stick around? Sending him into orbit bought you at least that much.
(PHONE RINGING) Betty's Bar & Grill.
This is Roxy LeBlanc.
When? How? Yeah.
Thank you for letting me know.
What's wrong, hon? Betty died.
(SOBBING) Really? She blew bubbles? She actually blew? That must have been so cute.
Now, Roland, why would you buy her bubbles when I'm not there? It's her first bubble, of course it's a big deal.
From now on, no more first unless I'm home.
Got to go.
It's good to have you back.
- Is it? - Isn't it? Well, a lot has changed.
Yes, well, our managerial styles are quite different.
Well, that's understandable and expected.
Everything looks to be in good shape.
So, thank you.
I appreciate your hard work.
My pleasure.
But there is one thing.
- Specialist LeBlanc.
- What about him? His unit.
You filled his spot.
Well, he's been out a long time.
They were short-handed.
No, they weren't short-handed.
I talked to his CO in Iraq.
He said they were willing and able to hold his spot until he could return.
Which is now.
His shoulder has healed.
I felt they were better served with a new man.
Since I was in charge, it was my call.
- It was payback.
- For what? You felt he got in the middle of our disagreement over the post drug problem.
He was just following your orders, why would I take it out on him? Because you can't take it out on me.
You dismissed him as your driver, made him an admin clerk.
Now he's driving for you again.
Do you care to explain that? - That's my call.
- Exactly.
What gives you the right to question my orders? You're not my commanding officer.
- Not yet.
- And until then, stop addressing me as if you already are.
- I'm the Deputy Garrison Commander - And as an officer of equal rank, I take my orders from General Holden.
I do this job to the best of my ability, and I will happily fill in for you whenever you need to rush home and watch your daughter blow bubbles.
- Just because I have a baby, that - I have a meeting.
EMMALIN: Hey, Mom.
Hey! How was school? Perfect.
No homework.
Oh! And more time to spend with Logan, huh? Look, I know you and Dad are still a little weirded out by this, so I want you both to meet him.
So you can see what I see in him.
Yeah, I'd love that.
But Can I invite him over to dinner next weekend? Have you asked Logan about that? I wanted to check with you first.
Emmalin, we'd love to meet him, but there's There's Army protocol.
Privates and generals just don't socialize.
I really like him, Mom.
- And I want you guys to like him, too.
- I know.
I'll take you two out to dinner.
Somewhere nice in Charleston.
- But no Dad? - As head of the post, your father can't look like he's favoring one soldier over another.
For his sake and Logan's.
So I can't have my boyfriend over to my own house? - I know it sounds horrible, honey - No.
Mom, it is horrible.
I just don't get it.
I thought she was doing better.
I mean, I just talked to her and she was laying by the pool.
She just didn't want you to be sad, Roxy.
- Thank you, Marda.
- You're welcome.
CLAUDIA JOY: It's nice to have you back, Marda.
- Yeah, you don't have to serve us.
- Here, come sit next to me.
Just sit.
Okay, Marda? Okay.
Betty always said that she didn't have any family, but everybody does, somewhere, right? I got a call from some cousin.
They're not even having a funeral for her.
They're just going to cremate her and stick her in a shoe box.
Her ashes should come here.
This was her home.
Yeah, and you were more family to her than anyone.
You know, what is coffee without cake? I think I'm going to get me some.
You know, to hell with her stupid family.
We should have a memorial service for her here.
Well, but I don't even know who to call to get her ashes here.
Well, you don't need her ashes to honor her memory.
- No.
We'll be here to do that.
- ROLAND: Right.
Let's have a wake.
A big loud one with singing, and drinking, and maybe, with any luck, a fight will break out.
(ALL CHUCKLE) - She'd love that.
- Yeah, I think we all would.
(SARA WHIMPERING) JOAN: Specialist LeBlanc.
TREVOR: Ma'am.
At ease.
Your request to return to your unit in Iraq has been denied.
But, ma'am, my shoulder is all healed.
While I was away, the spot in your unit was filled.
But I have wonderful news.
Due to your outstanding service in Iraq, I've reassigned you to the best infantry unit on post.
You'll be joining them in five days.
Thank you, sir.
I'm going to miss my old one.
Your loyalty is admirable, Specialist.
I'm sure you'll adapt to your new unit quickly.
So when do we deploy, sir? Well, they just returned from a tour.
So it's going to be a while.
I talked to your new CO.
You're going to be a team leader and made a corporal.
That will officially make you a part of the NCO Corps.
Thank you, sir.
Are we done here? I think we are.
I'm sorry, LeBlanc, the orders were already put through and approved.
There was nothing I could do.
I understand, ma'am.
But being put in a team leader position? That's a great thing for you.
Thank you.
- So how long were you married? - A month shy of 10 years.
What happened? The usual, I guess.
We grew apart.
We argued all the time.
(CHUCKLING) He told me once he hated the way I backed out of the driveway.
What, that's funny to you? Splitting up after 10 years of marriage, that's funny? It was the right thing to do.
We made a mistake.
Why prolong it? Because when you make a vow, you stick to it.
It depends on the vow.
I mean, if it's a vow for my country then absolutely, I'll die for that one.
But a vow to stay together till death do us part? It's unrealistic.
- People change.
- It's realistic to me.
I'm not going to stay with a guy I don't love anymore just because I used to be in love with him.
No, you can't just turn it on and off.
You either are or you never were.
- That's not how humans work, Frank.
- It's how I work.
- Then why are you separated? - Wasn't my choice.
Well, if your wife wants out, there's not a whole lot you can do about it.
The quicker you get over it, the better off you're going to be.
You don't know a damn thing about my wife and me.
- So tell me.
- It's none of your business.
My divorce is yours? You're right.
I'm sorry I asked.
DENISE: Oh! You're going down.
MACCADEN: I almost had you that time.
Almost doesn't count.
Now, don't get over-confident now.
Gotcha! Crushed again.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah, well, you were getting too fancy.
I had to put you in your place.
MACCADEN: I guess I better get used to it, right? I mean, a guy without legs, damn fascinating.
It's just curiosity.
They're either feeling sorry for me, or they're feeling sorry for you.
Yeah, well, I'm the luckiest person here.
Yeah, my girl couldn't take it.
The stares.
She cried a couple times.
It's like Lee Anne stopped seeing me as her boyfriend and more like a civic duty.
You know? Like she had to be with me or she was a bad person.
Hey, do you want to get out of here? Yeah.
That way everyone can have a nice long look on the way out.
(DENISE SIGHS) What's going on? - Sweetie? - Yes? You know what private parts are, right? Mmm-hmm.
You know why we call them private? - Because they're only for us to see? - That's right.
So, did you show Gil your private parts at school? Uh-huh.
Why? Because.
Because why? Because he said babies come from there.
And I said no way.
It was too small.
And he said I was wrong, so I showed him.
Okay, you're not going to show him again though, right? No.
All right.
Mom? Yeah? So how do babies get into mommies' bellies? (CHUCKLING) Uh Well, a woman has a thing called an egg and a man has a thing called a sperm.
And when those two things meet, they make a baby.
How do the egg and the sperm meet? Well Okay.
Let's see.
When two people love each other, okay? And they're old, really old, they get married.
Which for you is a long, long time away, all right? They have this way that they love each other.
So they lay in bed (INAUDIBLE) I want to meet your parents, but I totally get why the whole dinner with the Holdens thing won't work.
(EXHALING) I don't.
You're all people under those uniforms.
I mean, this whole Army class system really sucks.
Well, I'm not going to be in the Army forever.
You know? I mean, I like it, but it's not going to be my life's work.
Well, that is okay by me.
Trust me.
Hey, I was thinking about it, and you're going to be getting out of high school around the same time that I'll be getting out of the Army.
And, maybe, if you're not too bored with me by then, we could go to college together, somewhere.
- Seriously, you thought about all that? - Yeah.
I think about you pretty much all the time.
Well, same here.
We're going to get you some food.
I'm going to get you some food.
(SARA CRYING) Oh, damn it.
You know I'm sorry.
I didn't say that.
I didn't say that.
Hold on.
- My house.
- Yes, ma'am.
If anyone asks, you're going on a picnic.
- I thought you'd never get here.
- Sorry.
I had to wait for that handoff.
Yeah, pumping can take a little longer than you might think.
- I try not to think about it.
- Good idea.
Rub it in.
And will you hold her while I make the bottle? - Yeah.
Come here.
- There you go.
There you go.
- Hey.
- ROLAND: That's okay.
Here we go.
- That's the stuff.
- Oh, my God.
There's a General Baxter here to see you from the Pentagon.
Razor? - Stand down, Mikey.
- This is a great surprise, sir.
You call me sir again, I'll have you hit the floor and do 20.
- Lf you still can.
- Oh, I still can.
I only have a few minutes.
I have to be back in Washington by dinner.
Just flew down to give you the news in person.
What news? NATO wants you to be the Deputy Commander for Operations.
NATO? It's a position I had myself a few years back.
It's incredible.
I'm honored.
I'm honored for you.
It's a plum assignment.
And I can't think of any officer more deserving.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Razor.
Pack up your family, we need you in Brussels as soon as possible.
(IF YOU WANNA GET TO HEAVEN PLAYING) ALL: (SINGING) You got to raise a little hell (CROWD CHEERING) I never felt it in my feet I never felt it in my soul But I heard it in the alley Now it's in my rock and roll If you wanna go to heaven You got to raise a little hell I wasn't going to say anything, but only a party doesn't really do Betty justice.
The week leading up to my husband's deployment was pretty rough for me.
And everyone tried to help, but no one really could.
But Betty had me talk about all the horrible things I thought might happen.
Had me lay my fears on the table.
And I cried my eyes out.
And then she told me to go home and see Trevor alive and in one piece and asleep in our bed.
And I just loved her for giving that to me.
Because from then on, I'd know what it was like when someone you love comes home safe and sound, like most do.
But tonight Tonight I know what it feels like when someone you love does not come home.
Enough sad.
Let's just celebrate Betty.
Okay? Cheers.
(CROWD CHEERING) (EXHALES) CLAUDIA JOY: Sweetheart, what are you doing here? You know, I'm not exactly comfortable.
Then why? I needed to.
For Amanda.
You were right.
I have to stand where she last stood.
Claudia Joy, there's something we need to talk about.
Michael, what is it? Mom, Dad, this is Logan.
- Hi.
It's nice to meet you, sir.
- And you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Thank you.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) TREVOR: You don't want to do that.
Oh, yeah, I do.
What good has getting sober done me? Absolutely nothing.
If you did it for Roxy.
I've always done it for her.
And you've always failed.
You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Trust me, I've been there.
It's a very dark place.
I'm her mother.
You gave birth to her.
Betty gave her what she was missing.
(CHUCKLES) (SNIFFLING) And now I'm jealous of a dead person.
Look at me.
It's time to step up.
Roxy needs her mom.
I hate doing this to you again.
This is a huge promotion.
You'll probably get a second star.
And Brussels is beautiful.
We should be toasting with champagne.
I know how much you love your friends.
We both do.
And we knew this day could come.
(EXHALES) But Amanda's here.
(CHUCKLING) Sometimes I let myself think that she's at school.
And that she'll be home for Christmas.
I do that, too.
If we move away, it's going to feel like we're just leaving her behind.
Amanda will always be with us wherever we are.
What about Emmalin? We should've never let her get involved with Logan.
Now she's attached to him.
- Teenage crush, right? - Yeah.
She'll recover.
Maybe this is a blessing.
Things are starting to get a little too serious a little too fast.
It's not going to be easy telling her.
We'll tell her together.
God, I love you.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Look, we have to work together and I feel Look, we're professionals.
There's no problem.
About yesterday.
I lost my temper, which I sometimes do.
It's okay.
I think we should talk about it.
Look, the coffee's pretty bad around here.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah, it is.
And? Well, my mom sends me the good stuff.
So I'll make you some tonight and we can talk about it then.
All right.
Talking about the birds and the bees is one of those moments I always thought about having with my kids, so it was actually kind of perfect.
Well, that is a moment I will leave to Trevor.
Hey, Pamela.
Hey! You're up bright and early.
I work the first shift at the Tuscaloosa Winn-Dixie.
Now, that's early.
(GIGGLING) Hey, Roxy.
I was wondering if it's okay with you if I picked up the boys from school today? The last time you looked after them you left them alone and got drunk.
Well, that's not going to happen this time.
How do I know that? I've got to draw the line with my kids.
But I wasn't sober then.
I am now.
Hey, Roxy, she can come with me when I pick them up.
I've got it, Pamela.
Roxy, please.
I just want to spend time with the boys.
I have no problem with that.
Just not alone.
I can't risk it.
But you can come see them at the house while I supervise.
- Roxy.
- Look, I have to work.
You guys are coming with us today, okay? So get in the car.
- FINN: Good! Yes! - All right.
Hey, sweetheart.
What's the matter? No recess for a week and it's all your fault! My fault? Why did you have to tell me all that stuff? Hey.
What's wrong? They're only eight years old.
Yeah, I know how old my kid is.
Yeah, well, that's way too young for them to be knowing about S-E-X.
ANGIE: Your daughter held court on the playground today and explained in great detail how babies get in their mommies' bellies.
Yeah, well, she asked me, so I told her.
And now half the third grade class knows.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
I did ask her not to tell anyone, but, you know, she's a kid.
We'd appreciate you not bringing that filth into our school.
It wasn't filth.
I mean, according to my son, she told it in a very sweet and innocent way.
Well, who asked you? Thank you.
Listen, you three, I did not tell my daughter anything filthy.
And while we're on the subject, your son is the one that told my daughter that babies come out of vaginas! (GIGGLING) (EXCLAIMING) The hell with it.
My son is still too Sweetheart.
I thought we agreed that you weren't going to talk about that with anyone.
I'm sorry.
I just like it when everybody listens to me like they listen to you on the radio.
It's okay, sweetie.
You didn't say anything wrong.
But next time I ask you to keep something private, you need to listen to me.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, Dad.
You're home early.
I am.
Come sit.
We want to talk to you.
Is this about Logan? He's really great, isn't he? - You know, he really liked you guys.
- Emmalin.
This isn't about Logan.
This is about us.
Is there something wrong? No.
No, no.
Your father's gotten a very prestigious position with NATO.
- Wow.
That's great.
- Yeah.
Well, thank you, sweetheart.
There is one thing.
NATO is in Brussels.
- Brussels? - CLAUDIA JOY: It's beautiful there.
I went on the Internet.
And the schools are incredible.
You always said you wanted to live in Europe.
But I love my school here.
We know this isn't going to be easy on you.
Prom is coming up this spring and wanted to go with my friends.
We could fly you back for your prom.
How about that? - CLAUDIA JOY: Absolutely.
- Well, what about Logan? You knew this could happen.
We talked about it.
It's always a possibility in the Army.
You knew, didn't you? No, I just found out yesterday.
I cannot believe it.
That's why you let me see Logan.
That's why you were so nice to him.
- Because you knew - No.
- You knew that we were going away.
- No, we would never do that.
You know, I'm happy for you, Dad.
And if Mom wants to move, then that's great, but I'm not going.
Look, I know that this is hard on you No.
I'm fine.
I'll ask Denise if I can move in with her.
- Sweetheart.
- Out of the question.
Our family is not going to be separated.
Well, I am not going and you can't make me.
Sit down.
Hey! Come Michael.
Let her go.
Just give her time for it to sink in.
(SIGHING) So I got reassigned to a new unit today.
Are you okay with that? Don't really have much choice.
But that does mean I'm going to be hanging out with you guys a little while longer.
(WHOOPING) Too many plates, Dad.
We are having a guest.
Who? Grandma.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) BOTH: Grandma! Hey! (LAUGHS) Hope apple cider goes with whatever you're cooking.
TREVOR: Tonight is going to be a celebration, guys.
(CHEERING) Marda went to an AA meeting.
Really? Trevor dragged me there.
Been a long time since I'd gone.
But you know what? I'm going to keep it up when I get home.
I'm really proud of her.
Well, sit down, before the food gets cold.
- What new toy did you bring us? - The walkie-talkies are awesome.
Do you like them? FINN: Yeah! MARDA: Yeah? FINN: We've been playing hide-and-seek with them.
(EXHALES) You okay? What's the matter? I have to leave.
Wait, what do you mean? What are you talking about? We're moving.
My dad got transferred and they're making me go with them.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Slow down, slow down.
What do you Where? (CRYING) To Europe.
No, no, no, no.
We can't let that happen.
I don't know what to do.
It's all right.
We're going to figure something out, okay? I promise.
I'm not going to lose you.
(SNIFFLING) I don't want to lose you either.
DENISE: So how are the legs feeling? A little sore.
But I wanted to wear them with you.
Why? Because I like looking at you rather than up at you.
Mac, when I look at you, you're always standing tall.
Yeah, you make me feel that way.
And there's no one on Earth I'd rather be looking at.
Uh You're right.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be talking about this.
You're still married.
No, separated.
So you can say anything to me you want.
Like the other night, at the restaurant, when you kissed me? You just did that to put those people in their place, right? I kissed you because I wanted to.
(HEALIN G HANDS PLAYING) Who knows what fear runs deep and wild inside But the river's in flood tonight "Good night, nobody.
Good night, mush.
" I lay down and the light streamed across my face Oh Good Lord.
I felt the beauty of some deeper grace I am going to put the baby down, and then it's going to be all about you.
Me? Mmm-hmm.
Because you're a really great daddy.
And a really great husband.
And very, very hot.
Take me down under the wishing tree So you noticed.
You bet I have.
Lay your healing hands on me Yes, I got you.
I'll be right back.
I'm not going anywhere.
Been a long time riding this deserted train There's no messiahs out here, baby But I found the holy grail all right - Come on in.
- Thank you.
- Look, I can only stay for a minute - Before you launch into anything, why don't you just have a seat for a second? Okay.
Thank you.
Drunk like a baby on his mama's milk Black, right? Yeah.
Okay, listen.
I just want to make sure that we're No.
I want to say something first.
All the talk we had about vows and commitment and all that forever love stuff.
I'm aware that may sound very old-fashioned to you.
I thought it was the most romantic thing I've ever heard.
(LAUGHS) But I thought that What was that? Well, if you don't know, I must be doing it wrong.
God, you are beautiful.
(EXHALES) I've never been with anyone but I feel your skin as smooth as silk Drunk like a baby on his mama's milk Take me down under the wishing tree Lay your healing hands on me Lay your healing hands on me Lay your healing hands on me Thank you.
I didn't think you'd come.
Yeah, we never have been very good at goodbyes.
Not unless you call yelling at each other good.
I'm glad you came to visit.
Me, too.
And I'm really glad you're sober.
(EXHALES) Me, too.
And the next time I'm here, I'll still be.
And if you bring your family down to see me, I'll be sober then, too.
Maybe Christmas.
It's been a while since we had one of those together.
Or even had much of one when we were.
I've got a bus to catch.
Thank you.
Bye, Roxy.
Hey, wait.
Bye, Mom.
(CRYING) I've been waiting for a really long time to hear that again.