Army Wives s03e10 Episode Script


Previously on "Army Wives" - Are you defending what Denise did? - Just trying to make sense of it.
She dishonored a good man.
That's all there is to it.
What are you saying? How about moving back in? I spoke with Michael today.
Did he offer you the position? He did.
Yes! I said no.
Got my orders.
I'm going back to Iraq.
You stop.
That'll be $8.
50, soldier.
Hang on now.
Are my sideburns even? Yeah.
It's your head that's crooked.
I can't believe you have to go back already.
Yeah, I know.
For the first time in my career, I can honestly say that I wish I could disobey orders just stay here with you instead.
You know, redeployment doesn't change a thing, okay? I love you, D.
I love you.
I always have and I always will.
- Pass it, Lucas.
- And pirouette.
Nice! Remember that throw last game? Finn! I told you, no people food for the dog.
But he's hungry.
Well, then give him a biscuit, not your breakfast.
Those don't really taste like peanut butter.
Come on.
I am not even gonna ask how you know that.
Look out! Hey.
It's time to go.
Get in the car.
We must capture the stolen waffle! I will be so glad when Trevor gets back from sergeant school.
Speaking of school, what's up with our little genius? I'm in the application process to three private schools.
It's a friggin' nightmare.
"Tell us about your child.
" How am I supposed to answer that? Mm, he eats dog biscuits, sleeps in a Batman costume and has a higher I.
than both of his parents combined.
I'm gonna let Trevor handle this.
Well, if you need any other man stuff done in the meantime, Chase comes home this weekend.
What? How do you know that? I thought talking about Delta was, like, double-secret probation or something.
Yeah, but sometimes he can get a message through.
Bow chicka bow bow.
Hell, yeah.
Especially because I'm gonna surprise him with a new reclining massage chair.
You can afford that? Not really.
But the president wants to stimulate the economy, so I'm stimulating.
See ya.
Sorry, dog.
And where have you been? You are not allowed outside without a leash, you hear me? Bad dog.
~ Willow's Team ~ Oh, my God! This is fantastic! That's just one of six settings.
It also has rolling, percussion, kneading-- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You want to sell, I want to buy, - so what's your best deal? - $699.
We both know this is the last thing any sane person would be spending money on right now.
Uh, $599.
How many of these have you moved in the last month? $499.
I was thinking more like $299.
$400, final offer.
And, uh, there goes my commission, by the way.
If you could, you know, give me your credit card before my manager gets wind of this? My wallet.
What the hell? I don't know about this, Viola.
Would you quit your bellyaching? These guys are great.
Maybe, but the jukebox doesn't cost us a dime.
And the jukebox doesn't invite family and friends to come see it play, now does it? Trust me.
Nothing brings in business like a band.
You'll see.
I'm just hoping these cowboys have a lot of family.
Any chance I could do a little work for a meal? Montgomery.
Tuscaloosa mostly.
Food's on the house.
What's your pleasure? That's very kind, but I'll take the work, if you have it.
- I'm afraid we don't exactly-- - Talk to chief in the kitchen.
Hard to miss.
He's the string bean with the ponytail.
What? She's from Alabama.
You're the boss, boss.
I see you're headed back into theater.
Yes, sir.
Have a seat, Frank.
I've been looking over the promotions list.
How does Lieutenant Colonel Shewood sound? Well, to be honest, sir, it sounds a little fancy for a mutt like me.
Well, get used to it.
It's being announced next week.
- Thank you, sir.
- You've earned it.
As it happens, my G-3 is also on that list.
He's headed to Fort Carson as a full bird, which leaves me with a problem that I was hoping you could help me solve.
- Sir? - I'd like you to be my new G-3.
Now I know how much you like being in the field, but you're almost at the end of your third tour, - and my thinking is-- - I accept.
- You don't even want to think it over? - No need, sir.
- Welcome aboard, Colonel.
- Thank you, sir.
- Hey, coach.
- Hey, Jimmy.
I've been working with Jimmy Junior on protecting that football.
We got a tough game this weekend.
He'll be ready.
I'm sorry, coach.
They're backing up here.
Can I see your I.
card, please.
I don't have it.
I forgot my wallet at home.
- Let me see your driver's license.
- Jimmy, I left my wallet at home.
That means driver's license, credit cards, everything.
You know the rules.
I can't let anyone on without proper I.
But you know me.
Not checking I.
is a serious offense.
I could lose my stripes.
Are you seriously not letting me on post? Look, coach, I'm sorry.
I'm afraid you're gonna have to pull it over.
You got a great voice.
I got your lunch.
Almost done.
I didn't get your name.
I'm Roxy.
Not Stella Raye? Oh, my God! Viola, get over here.
We got a singing star in our place.
You know, I knew your voice sounded familiar.
- Singing star? - It's Stella Raye.
Stella Raye-- "Can't go back"? "Lonesome for you"? "It's about time"? Oh, come on.
That one was a huge hit.
- Wasn't that big.
- Yeah.
It was on the radio all the time, and when it wasn't on the radio, it was in my CD player.
I played it over and over.
See, she's from Alabama, like me, so I felt like we were, I don't know, related or something.
You never heard that song? Sorry.
So why'd you stop making records? Long story.
Thanks for lunch.
I get the feeling she didn't want to talk about it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry to drag you out here.
- I didn't know who else to call.
- No, no, no.
It's nothing.
I must have left my wallet on the table last night when I was paying for pizza.
I think God is punishing me for ordering too much takeout.
- Mrs.
- Hello, sergeant.
I could use your help with a little problem here.
Yes, ma'am.
Moran is teaching an important A.
class this afternoon, and I would consider it a personal favor to General Holden if you could let her on post, just this one time, without proper I.
Yes, ma'am.
You may pass.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You rock.
- Rank has its privileges.
Frank! Oh, this is the best news ever.
Lieutenant Colonel and no deployment.
Hey, don't go getting mushy on me.
I know.
It's just with everything's that happened, I thought I had ruined your career.
You can stop worrying.
'Cause this promotion puts everything back on track.
I'm so happy for you.
Pamela, you are never gonna guess who was in here today.
Hey, did I leave my wallet at your house this morning? Stella Raye.
You believe that? Stella Raye! Roxy, I don't know who that is, and frankly, I don't care.
My wallet is missing.
That means my life is missing-- My I.
card, my driver's license, credit cards.
Oh, my God! You lost your I.
card? Pamela, you can't go to the bathroom on post without your I.
I know.
Why do you think i'm freaking out over here? Do you remember seeing it at your house? - No.
Did you check your car? - Yeah.
- How about the laundry hamper? - Yeah.
- The trash or your coat pocket or-- - This isn't helping.
Okay, okay.
Calm down.
I'm fixing to go home and make dinner for the boys, - so I'll look around when I get there.
- Call me as soon as you do.
Okay? Bye.
Pull forward, ma'am.
Come on.
What you doing here? I'm waiting on my son.
He's a soldier.
What are you doing here? I live here.
My husband's a soldier, too.
Is your son coming to pick you up? I haven't been able to reach him.
I left a message with the guard at the gate.
- How long ago was that? - A while.
Why don't I give you a ride in, save your son a trip? Uh, no, thanks.
Why not? Just call him and tell him you're on your way.
I don't have a cell phone.
Use mine.
I don't have his number.
You know, knowing the army, you could die out here waiting for an answer.
Let me give you a lift.
We'll track him down.
No, I think I'll wait.
It's up to you.
Well, all right then.
Short ribs? - When do we eat? - 7:00 tomorrow.
It better be an important occasion or they might not last till morning.
I invited Frank and Denise over to celebrate his promotion.
- How did you find out? - Denise called.
She was so excited and grateful.
Thank you for that.
What? - Nothing's official yet, Claudia Joy.
- Oh, it's not an official dinner.
I just said, "come over and celebrate.
" Still They're our friends.
We've had them over dozens of times.
Technically, it's a breach of protocol.
That's all.
Michael, it's dinner with our friends.
You want me to call them back and uninvite them? No.
I just wish you had talked to me first.
Roland, did you hear that? - Hear what? - She said "mama.
" It doesn't count unless she repeats it.
Come on, baby girl.
Say "mama.
" - Mama.
- Okay.
No, she said it.
You know, it's really early for her to be talking, Joan.
I know what I heard, Roland.
I'm gonna miss everything.
Her first words, her first steps, her first Christmas It's all gonna happen without me.
You want some more hush puppies? No, thank you.
Real good, though.
Mom says you're a famous singer.
Used to be.
Do you know "Row, row, row your boat"? I can sing it in a round.
You start.
Finn, she sang at the Grand Ole Opry.
She's not gonna sing at our dinner table.
Stop bugging her.
Go walk the dog.
- What about dessert? - After you walk Lucky.
Come on, Lucky.
I guess you know how it is, raisin' boys.
Oh, it's my husband.
He'll know for sure how to track down your son.
Hey, babe.
How you doin'? Oh, the kids are fine.
Yeah, they're just walking the fleabag.
Look, I have a question for you.
Come here, boy.
Fetch, boy.
Trevor says you have to call some place called the post locator, but they are closed for the day, so you can try first thing in the morning.
You look young for having them boys.
I was 16 when I had T.
I was 15 when I had Johnny.
You regret it? Raisin' babies that young? I'd be lyin' if I said there weren't some things I'd do differently, but no.
Before Trevor, my boys were the only ones who made me feel like I mattered.
You know how it is.
No, I don't know.
I gave Johnny up.
My older sister raised him.
That must have been hard.
She was married, respectable unlike me.
My folks kicked me out.
You're kidding.
Gettin' knocked up was a little more than they could handle.
But who wanted to stay anyway? I had dreams about Nashville.
I figured once I made it big, I'd come back for Johnny drive up in a big, fancy car show 'em all I was somebody.
Stupid dreams.
Stupid girl.
But it wasn't a dream.
You had a hit record.
I had one little record in the top 20.
Label owned all the publishing rights.
Manager robbed me blind.
I got nothin'.
So you never went back for your son? Last time I saw him was 13 years ago.
My sister told me if I couldn't take care of Johnny myself, then I should just stay away.
Can't blame her.
It was all really confusing for him.
Why see him now? I found out he's in the army, going to Afghanistan.
I wanted to set things right before he leaves.
Don't worry.
You can stay here tonight.
We'll find him.
Okay, smile.
Have a seat, and we'll call you when its ready.
I lost my I.
card, and I need to get a new one.
Power of attorney and photo identification, please.
Well, I've got my husband's P.
, but I lost my driver's license along with my wallet.
And I applied for a replacement, but they said it was gonna take a week or so.
I'm sorry, but I can't issue a replacement military I.
card without some sort of photo identification.
Well, I was afraid that you might say that, so I brought this.
I used to have a radio show on post, and they did a little profile on me.
I'm sorry.
I can't accept that.
What, are you saying that I faked a newspaper article? I'm saying you need an approved photo I.
Okay, look, I can't buy groceries at the commissary without my I.
I can't shop at the p.
or take my kids to the doctor without my I.
And if I go off post to do anything, I can't get back in again.
Yesterday I was Pamela Moran, army wife, and today I'm nobody, nothing, totally off the grid.
I need my I.
I'm sorry.
Okay, here's the deal-- the post locator says that Johnny is definitely on post, but he needs to respond to your message.
They can't just take you to see him.
So I left my numbers for Johnny to call you here.
- How's that sound? - Honestly? A little scary.
Been a while, you know? It's gonna be fine.
There's not a boy on the planet that doesn't want his mama.
- You don't have to do that, you know.
- I know.
Suit yourself.
Hey, Tuscaloosa.
I appreciate it, all the trouble.
What trouble? - What? - Nothin'.
Don't "nothin'" me.
Oh, just seems to me somebody's getting awful mixed up in somebody else's business.
All I'm doing is helping a mother reunite with her son.
What's wrong with that? You ever take in a bird with a broken wing? They usually never heal.
And they leave you with a broken heart.
Girl can sing.
Play another.
No, I just saw the guitar.
I couldn't help myself.
Yeah, that's mine.
She's a beauty.
Stella Raye.
Roxy said you were around.
Yeah, not for long.
Listen, I manage the boys here, and they'd be real honored if you'd sit in tonight.
I don't do that anymore.
Excuse me.
Trick or treat! Roland, what So I was thinking about what you said, missing all of Sara Elizabeth's firsts.
So tonight is her first Halloween.
And next week is her first Thanksgiving.
And then after that, we can-- Okay, stop.
Take her out of that, please.
- Well, Joan… - This is not making it better.
- I was just trying to help.
- Well, don't.
You can't fix this, Roland, so please stop trying.
- How did Jeremy react to the news? - He doesn't know yet.
We've been trying to reach him all day.
- Purely routine.
- Absolutely.
I'm sure he's gonna be thrilled about everything.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's the staff duty officer.
With permission? - Of course.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, there's the chocolate soufflé.
- Here.
- No, I've got it.
- Yeah? You sit.
You know, I want to thank you for what you did for Frank.
He said not many commanding officers would do what you did.
- He earned it.
- Well, still I think I'll see if I can give Claudia Joy a hand.
Can't sleep? I thought you were in bed.
I was, but Lucky snores louder than Trevor.
I was thinking about your son.
I figure Johnny was out on maneuvers.
That's why he didn't call today.
Sometimes Trevor's out for two or three days, and I can't get through to him at all.
What's that you're writing? Just writin'.
That's all.
I was never musical or anything, but I know that G-7 is a guitar chord.
I always seem to have a song runnin' around in my head.
If I don't write it down, I get no peace.
- Could you sing it for me? - I told you I don't do that anymore.
I heard you at the bar, and you sounded great.
- I'm through, okay? - Yeah, but-- I had my shot, and it's done.
- I don't think so.
- Well, then one of us is a fool, and it sure as hell ain't me.
Why are you doin' all this? You don't owe me nothin'.
Maybe they were just words on a page to you, but your songs meant something to me.
My first husband-- he hit me, and I'd seen guys do it to my mom, so I just took it.
And then I heard "No more.
" Remember that song? It was the third cut on your second album.
I never let anyone hit me after hearin' that.
You made a difference in my life.
I felt like you were talking directly to me.
And maybe you weren't, but it doesn't matter 'cause I still thank you for it.
Well, that was a real nice evening, huh? Just like old times.
Boy, if you'd have told me a month ago that I'd be sitting here with you, Lieutenant Colonel and G-3 It's just crazy the way things work out.
I tell you, D.
, this is a whole new start for us.
Yes, it is.
- Claudia Joy - I don't want to talk about it.
- I was perfectly polite.
- Polite? I walk back with the soufflé and Denise is sitting by herself? She was only alone for 30 seconds.
It was incredibly rude.
- You need a hand.
- I did not need a hand.
- I was so embarrassed.
- You're overreacting.
I should have known there was a problem yesterday when you were going on with all that "protocol" nonsense.
- It wasn't nonsense.
- Yes, it was.
The simple fact is that you can't stand to be in the same room as Denise.
You know I have a problem with Denise.
What she did violates everything I believe in.
Then why make Frank your G-3? Because he's the best man for the job.
I can work perfectly well with Frank.
I don't have to socialize with his wife to do that.
Michael, I know-- I know you live by a code.
It's all about duty, honor, country.
I get that.
What about compassion, huh? What about compassion? Where does that fit into your equation? I still say it's too early for solid food.
Well, the books say 4 to 6 months, and she needs to get used to it before you deploy.
You really need to remind me that I'm deploying? Okay.
Reality check, Joan.
It was your choice to deploy, and you made that choice without consulting me.
So where do you get off acting like it's some big surprise that you're gonna miss some milestones? You act as if you're the only one who's gonna be affected by this, but you know something, sweetheart? Sara Elizabeth is gonna miss her mother, and I'm gonna miss my wife.
If you wanna play the martyr, go do it someplace else.
We're not interested.
I thought we were going to your house.
- We are, in a minute.
- What are you doing? Shopping at the only place on post that doesn't require an I.
- We're not a store.
- I know.
I promise I'll pay your mom back as soon as I can.
Now do me a favor and go get me two rolls of toilet paper.
- Do you have any red 3s? - No, go fish.
Hey, give it back.
Mom, Lucky ran outside! I think he's burying it.
- Maybe he thinks it's dead.
- That is so cool! Lucky, stop that.
What is this? It's called a brassiere.
Wait a minute.
Oh! My wallet! Yes! I'm alive! Hey! Bad dog! Bad, bad dog.
You'll be deploying soon.
Yes, sir.
I'm excited to get back into theater.
It's a stressful time, pre-deployment.
It's that obvious? With us, it started about the time I changed the oil in our cars.
All those little things that need to be taken care of in the last month before deployment.
Claudia Joy thought I was trying to avoid the family, shut 'em out.
She was probably right.
By the time I get back, Sara Elizabeth will be a toddler.
She'll be walking and talking, and I'll be a total stranger.
How do you handle that, sir? I was away for desert storm when Amanda was born.
When I got back, she was scared to death of me, wouldn't let me come near her.
It's never easy, Joan for our families either.
No, sir.
Claudia Joy likes to say that we're the lucky ones.
We soldiers, we train for our mission.
But our families-- their mission is to carry on.
How do you train for that? Hey, Stella.
You know, the boys are real big fans, and they could throw one of your tunes in the set tonight if you want to sit in.
Maybe "True romance"? "True romance"? How in the world do they know that one? The record label went belly-up before that was ever released.
Oklahoma state fair.
You sound even better live.
- Thank you.
- Band could draw a lot better crowd - if folks knew you were singing.
- That sounds like a good idea.
Stella Raye headlining at the Hump Bar.
It'd be a good draw and a great way to thank Roxy for the kindness she's shown you.
Well, I ain't makin' no promises, but tell 'em I'll think about it.
Hello? Yes! Yes! She's right here.
- Is that Johnny? - No, wait a minute.
No, no, no.
You need to talk to her.
She's right here.
Maybe he'll call back.
He wouldn't even talk to me.
Stella, wait.
I know things haven't turned out the way you planned, but you can't keep goin' like you've been doin'.
Why not? 'Cause punishin' yourself for the rest of your life isn't gonna change anything, that's why not.
- And what do you know about it? - I know plenty.
You think you're the only girl in Alabama who grew up ashamed of herself? I get that you wanted to show them they were all wrong about you, that you weren't just another tramp from the sticks.
But it's not about that anymore.
I don't care.
'Cause you taught me somethin' these last two days-- One of us is a fool, and it sure as hell ain't me.
- Denise.
- Emmalin let me in.
Claudia Joy isn't here.
She's at yoga.
I know.
I came to see you.
Me? I know how you feel about me, and if I didn't before, well, you made it very clear last night.
So I know it must have taken a lot for you to appoint Frank.
- Denise-- - Please let me finish.
We are both grateful to you, Michael.
I am grateful, and I want you to know that I won't be a problem for you.
I am here to support Frank in any way I can, and if that means you don't want to see me, then you won't see me except on official occasions, when I'll try to keep our contact as brief and cordial as possible.
One more thing-- I'm sorry for what I did.
I will regret it for the rest of my life.
But I don't intend to keep apologizing for it.
What's done is done, and Frank and I are moving on.
I remain Claudia Joy's friend, and that will never change, but I don't have to be yours.
Nothin' you could have done.
Stella had to walk that road by herself.
I have a feelin' she knew all along what was gonna happen.
It wasn't about seeing her son.
It was about… closing that door so she could find another one to walk through.
I tried to tell her that, but she wouldn't listen.
I don't know.
I think you had more impact than you think.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Stella strappin' on a guitar again someday.
- Wanna bet? - No, but I'd win.
How can you be so sure? 'Cause she's strappin' one on right now.
How about "Beat the blues"? Thank y'all.
My name is Stella Raye.
It's good to be back.
This is where I'm stayin' in Nashville-- old friend in the music business.
I'm not expectin' much, but I figure I got a song or two left in me.
Damn straight.
Anyway, it's a start.
And I appreciate it, Tuscaloosa.
I mean it.
Oh, wait.
You forgot somethin'.
If you ever run into him I'll give him your number.
- What's this? - Open it.
My oak leaves.
Congratulations, Lieutenant Colonel Shewood.
Thank you.
You were right.
I was rude.
It won't happen again.
- Can I try it? - Absolutely not.
Nobody sits in this chair till daddy gets home.
You got it? Okay.
"Once there was a little bunny who wanted to run away, "so he said to his mother, "I am running away.
"If you run away, said his mother, "I will run after you, "for you are my little bunny.
"If you run after me, said the little bunny, "I will become a fish in a trout stream, "and I will swim away from you.
"If you become a fish in a trout stream, said his mother, "I will become a fisherman, and I will fish for you.
" ~ Willow's Team ~