Army Wives s03e11 Episode Script

Operation: Tango

Previously on "Army Wives" I just submitted my letter of recommendation.
I expect soon we'll be calling you Sergeant Leblanc.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Brian Day, how's life treating you? - Not bad.
- "Not bad" is good for a start.
I saw one of my soldiers there.
Brian day.
He was there to see Price.
Finn, your teacher wants me to go in for a meeting.
I think Miss Haley says I have a listening problem.
Are you seriously saying there is something wrong with my son? I'm saying that we'd like to test him.
Judging by these scores, your son is exceptionally gifted.
I think the kind of individualized program that he needs to thrive in is best satisfied in a private school.
Private school's expensive.
Let's just take this one step at a time.
It was your choice to deploy, and you made that choice without consulting me.
So if wanna play the martyr, go do it someplace else.
We're really not interested.
Here you go, Sergeant.
Anything else, Sergeant? All right, Rox, enough.
Whatever you say, Sergeant.
To the commander in chief, to the U.
Army, to the 23rd and to sergeant Leblanc.
- Well, someone's having a good time.
- Well, he deserves it.
What about you? You haven't stopped all night.
Who's complaing? I mean, look at this crowd.
- This joint is jumping! - Yep.
Anchors aweigh.
Isn't that the navy? Hey, we got sailors, too.
- Is Joan with you? - Uh, no.
Things are a bit frosty at the moment.
We talking snow flurries or arctic tundra? Pre-deployment tension-- fighting over small stuff, avoiding the big stuff.
Just basically not talking.
- You want some advice? - Do I have a choice? It's up to you to make the first move.
Her mind's already halfway to Iraq.
No, you're right.
I'll figure something out.
What y'all celebratin'? This man just made sergeant.
Does the sergeant speak for himself? Hi.
I'm Lindsay.
What's your name? I'm Trevor.
Tell me more, sergeant Trevor.
I'm very interested.
He's very married.
You're in big trouble, mister.
I'm not married.
Oh, yeah.
What are you? Private fist class Brian Day at your service.
Private? As if.
Guess the lady knows dog meat when she smells it.
Looking for a real man, sweetheart? I'm navy.
Hey, Gilligan, why don't you and your girlfriend swim back to the "minnow"? We can't.
We're waiting for your mama to finish ma-- Knock it off! Come on! Day! Day, stop! Stop! Damn it! Stop! Trevor! Watch out! Babe, take him out the back! Unbelievable, man.
Come on.
Come on.
Hold it right there! The Hump is officially back! ~ Willow's Team ~ Okay, how's the 10th? F.
fund-raiser in the morning, Linda Donovan baby shower in the afternoon.
How's the 12th? - Re-enlistment ceremony.
- That's the 12th? Oh, I'd say the 14th, but we have a street dedication, volunteer recognition ceremony, and you have a dentist appointment-- which you're not going to miss again-- and Emmalin has her hockey practice from 5:00 to 7:00.
- How do you do it? - Do what? Organize everything and still manage to look so damn beautiful.
I mean it.
There's no way I could do my job without you.
And? And I still feel bad asking you to babysit Senator Calhoun's widow.
- It's fine.
- It's only until tomorrow's - groundbreaking ceremony.
- We've been over this.
Jean Calhoun is a national treasure.
No one's done more for education and the arts.
Her husband was a huge supporter of Fort Marshall.
It's an honor.
I know.
But still, it's gotta get old, showing dignitaries around the post.
It'll be a nice break.
Denise is gonna be with me, so we'll make it fun.
I have to run.
- Think we have time for a kiss? - I'll pencil you in for tomorrow.
Whatcha doing? I'm fat.
- What? - I'm a fat cow.
Katie, stop it.
You are not.
You have to say that.
You're my mom.
What I see is a young lady who is healthy and strong and looks great just the way she is.
Now get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast.
- I'm not hungry.
- You have to eat.
Breakfast is the most important meal.
If it's so important, why do you just drink coffee in the morning? Because mommies are all grown up, and they can do what they want.
The support center is the perfect example.
When the senator made up his mind, there was no changing it.
Clayton was like a dog with a bone.
- Really? - Oh, yes.
He'd leave bite marks on your hands and your hide.
And it was that kind of persistence that made the senator such a great friend of the army And of the fine people of South Carolina.
Clayton loved this country.
Felt it was his duty to serve it until the day he died.
- Here you go.
- No, thank you, dear.
Semper paratus.
Always prepared.
That's the army motto, isn't it? Coast guard, actually.
Really? What's the army again? "This will defend.
" Yes, that's right.
Not very lyrical, is it? So, dears, what's our schedule? We have the groundbreaking tomorrow at 10:00.
And today we tour the post, and we'll visit an A.
- Army Family Team Building.
- Right.
And then we'll finish off with a cocktail reception at the Holden house.
You can freshen up in between.
We've had your things sent over.
I don't want to be an imposition.
- It's our pleasure.
- Of course.
Our daughter Emmalin is away for a hockey tournament, so the house will be unusually quiet.
Very well.
I'm your prisoner.
- Take me away.
- I will see you later.
Thank you, General.
And to finish up, the army wants to be sure we don't forget what the team in A.
stands for.
Roxy? What? Team? Together Everyone Together everyone achieves more.
Okay, so I'll see you all next week.
Don't forget your sample budgets.
And I promise it'll be more fun.
Pamela Moran, Roxy Leblanc, this is Mrs.
Jean Calhoun.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
Are you kidding? The pleasure is ours.
Sorry about the class.
It's hard to make power of attorney sound exciting.
- It was informative.
- It was dull.
Well, yes, a little.
What's next on the tour? The library and then the commissary.
I was hoping we could squeeze in the jump tower.
The jump tower? I don't think there's any paratrooper training today.
I don't want to watch, dear.
I want to jump.
- Seriously? - Yes.
It looks exhilarating.
Uh, we'll look into that.
How about the firing range? Perhaps we could blow something up.
Clayton and I used to enjoy that.
That does sound like fun, but, uh, I know everyone over at the library is really looking forward to meeting you.
Of course.
First, nature calls.
Down the hall, make a left, first door on your right.
Thank you.
- We'll meet you out front.
- Lovely.
"Perhaps we can blow something up.
" - You guys want to join us? - Not me.
Riding shotgun with Calamity Jean sounds fun, but I have a meeting at Fordham Academy with the admissions director.
- Fordham's a great school.
- I know.
I gotta make a good first impression.
Oh, you'll do great.
Just be yourself.
No way.
I want Finn to get in.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Have fun with Jean.
- Bye.
Boys! Boys! Stop! Stop! Care to give a senator's wife a lift? You're Mrs.
Calhoun, aren't you? One and the same.
Hop in, ma'am.
- I'll squeeze in back.
- Nonsense.
Plenty of room up front.
Your lap will do just fine.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
There you go.
My, it's big, isn't it? Pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma'am.
Yours, too.
- No sign of her? - I checked the bathroom twice.
- She didn't come out here.
- It's been 20 minutes.
- Where could she have gone? - I don't believe this.
We've lost an american icon.
Just wondering how it's going with Mrs.
Uh, it's going.
Denise and I were thinking of taking her to lunch at the O.
- I could ask her for you.
- What? - I'm looking at her right now.
- Mrs.
Calhoun, right here.
- Where are you? - Outside my office.
- Michael, I can explain.
- No need.
I can guess.
Okay, we'll be-- we'll be right there.
Bye! Bye, Mrs.
Calhoun! Bye, Mrs.
Calhoun! Bye, boys! Thanks again! Aren't they darling? Jean, we were worried about you.
I got turned around.
Next thing I knew I was outside and ran into those nice young men.
And got into their humvee.
Not every day a girl gets a taxi ride like that.
- Sorry if I caused a fuss.
- Not at all.
Ready for some lunch at the officers' club? - Lead the way.
- All right.
Michael, I am so sorry.
But what could we do? - She's a nut.
- Yeah, faulty intel.
I thought she was a doddering old lady.
- Turns out she's the merry widow.
- She needs armed escort, not us.
Just get her to that ceremony tomorrow, she'll be out of our hair.
- Easy for you to say.
- That's why I'm the general.
When that left foot hits the ground When that left foot hits the ground I wants to hear that clapping sound.
I want to hear that clapping sound.
- Are you motivated? - Motivated.
- Fired up? - Fired up.
- Feeling good? - Feeling good.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
What is going on with you? Get off my case.
What was that, P.
Day? I said, step it up! Yes, Sergeant! Don't be nervous.
Leblanc? - I'm Claire Decker.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- This is Finn.
- Hello.
I've heard a lot of nice things about you, Finn.
This is Ms.
She's gonna take you to show-and-tell.
Hi there, Finn.
Did you bring something to show today? My lightning bug collection.
I like beetles, too.
Actually, lightning bugs are in the beetle family.
I did not know that.
I also collect rocks.
I have lots of them.
I was gonna bring them, but Please, sit down.
Can I get you anything to drink? Uh, water, juice, coffee? No, thank you, ma'am.
Leblanc, let me assure you that this isn't a test.
It isn't? The purpose of this interview is to help us determine whether Finn and Fordham Academy are a good fit.
That sounds like a test to me.
I understand.
I can tell you that Finn is real smart and curious.
He loves animals, bugs especially.
Yes, I can see that.
But righ now I'd like to hear about you.
Me? At Fordham, we don't just accept the child.
We accept the family.
Why don't you tell me something about yourself? Oh, boy.
I'm from Alabama, Tuscaloosa, originally.
My husband Trevor is a sergeant at Fort Marshall.
He wanted to be here, but he has special training he couldn't miss.
The army, right? And do you work outside the home, Ms.
Leblanc? Roxy.
Yes, I'm a small business owner.
Oh, that's wonderful.
In what line? Food and beverage management.
Seafood's a specialty.
But I'm never too busy to get to my boys' school events.
And where's your business located? It's, um It's a bar, actually.
The Hump bar.
- Over on the boulevard? - Yes, that's the one.
I pass it all the time.
It looks, um, colorful.
I don't think we've ever had a mother who ran a bar before.
Look, I know I'm not exactly the poster girl for higher education, but that doesn't mean that I don't want the best for my kids.
I understand.
I don't play tennis or speak french or do whatever it is that the other moms here do.
I guess what I'm saying is, I may not be anything special, but I know that my son is.
And I just want a fair shake for him.
That's all.
I understand.
Shall we continue? What's going on with you? - Nothing.
- Nothing? You're pulling extra duty for missing formation.
You've been insubordinate.
And what about last night, huh? Letting those squids get underneath your skin? Throwing the first punch? Right.
Nothing's going on.
So what? I'm not some hotshot soldier like you.
Are you deliberately trying to sabotage your career? Because if you are, you're doing a hell of a job.
What do you know about it, huh? - You don't know nothing about me.
- So tell me.
Forget it.
Guys like you had it easy your whole life.
You don't understand-- You don't understand how-- Forget it.
I say somethin' funny? Don't understand, huh? My mom died when I was 3.
The next day, in between beers, my father dropped me off with social workers.
And I was in and out of Foster homes till I was 7.
I'd kick my old man's ass for that.
Yeah, I didn't have a chance.
He's in prison, doing life for murder.
Can I get a new outfit for the rec center dance tomorrow night? No.
You've got lots of nice outfits.
- But I want to look hot.
- Hot? - Can I at least wear heels? - No.
- Eye makeup? - No.
- Bra? - What? No.
- Where is this coming from? - I'm almost 11, and my friends Taylor and Chloe get to wear makeup, too.
I want to look pretty.
Honey, you don't need those things to look pretty, because you are pretty.
Besides, real beauty comes from the inside.
That's what ugly people say to feel better.
Katharine Eileen Moran.
You don't understand 'cause you don't care how you look.
The park, young lady.
I'm sorry, man.
I didn't know that about your pops.
It's not something I go around advertising.
My pops ain't in jail, but he ought to be.
He says I'm just like him-- Never gonna amount to anything.
I'm starting to think maybe he's right.
I'm not good for anything.
Look, you can be like your dad or not.
It's your call.
I don't want to be.
It's just, I don't know, sometimes it seems like I can't help myself.
Maybe you should talk to somebody about it.
I've been seeing this doc.
Piedmont Place-- it's this counseling center off post.
I heard of it.
Doc Price is trying to help, but I stopped going.
Why? My car's busted.
I don't have the green to get it fixed.
You could get counseling on post.
It's free.
And let the army think I'm some kind of a crybaby? Nah.
Doc Price is all right for me.
It's just I don't know.
Sometimes I feel like the whole thing's b.
anyway, you know? All right, how's this? I'll drive you to Piedmont till your car gets fixed.
Yeah? What's the catch? No more sorry-ass mopping in those halls.
- It's a deal.
- All right.
Got anything stronger? Tough day? I've got a 10 year old going on 30.
She just asked me for a bra.
I just wish she'd enoy being a kid a little longer.
I mean, when I was 10, I liked to climb trees, - pick fights and play football.
- You still do.
I was my father's daughter.
We were really close.
That must've been nice.
In fact, he's the one who gave me "the talk.
" You're kidding.
Well, not in detail.
He gave me a book and told me I could come to him with questions.
- Did you? - No.
But it was the thought that mattered.
I knew I could.
I wish Chase were home.
Yeah, I thought he was supposed to be here by now.
I thought so, too, but Delta.
I don't know how you put up with it-- Not knowing where your husband is or when he's coming home.
I'd go totally insane.
You learn to live with it.
Marvelous evening.
Thank you.
- You were the life of the party.
- Absolutely.
- You must be exhausted.
- Not at all.
I found my second wind.
Can we offer you a nightcap? We have sherry, brandy.
I was thinking more single malt.
Laphroiag? Lovely.
Rocks? - Neat, sir, if you please.
- Claudia Joy? No, I'm gonna have some water.
- Been thirsty all day.
- Thank you.
May you live as long as you like and have all you like as long as you live.
The senator used to say that.
To the senator.
Jean, are you all set with your speech for tomorrow's ceremony? Oh, I'm mulling over some ideas.
I'm happy to help.
Claudia Joy, you've done too much already, and it's late.
I'm sure I'm keeping you and the general up.
I am a bit tired, now that you mentioned it.
I insist you both go to bed at once.
Don't worry about the old lady.
I can look after myself.
Okay, well, then I guess we'll say good night then.
I'll take care of the candles.
I'll be turning in shortly, too.
General, you can leave that out.
Yes, ma'am.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Leblanc, this is Mrs.
Decker from Fordham Academy.
I apologize for calling so late, but I just finished talking with the admissions committee, and I am happy to tell you that we can offer Finn a spot beginning next week.
Leblanc, are you still there? Yes, I'm here.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I don't want to see ungrateful or anything, but did we qualify for any scholarship money? Sorry.
I should have said something earlier.
Yes, Finn's been awarded a full scholarship.
I can send over an information packet tomorrow with all the details.
Welcome to Fordham.
Thank you! Scholarship money! Whoo! She's down Finally.
- What's this? - Open it.
It's been chilly lately, Joan.
I wanted a break in the weather.
It's a camera.
Video camera.
This small? Here.
Press this.
Now plug it into the laptop.
Now watch.
"Here's my closeup, mommy.
" "I'm so pretty in pink, don't you think?" "I love you, mommy.
I miss you.
" "I'm being a good girl for daddy, I promise.
" "Look, I'd like to chat some more, mommy, "but daddy says it's time for me to eat, "and you told me I have to listen to everything daddy says while you're away.
" Let's show mommy what a good eater you are.
Oh, look at you in your high chair, just like a big girl.
All right, what are you in the mood for? Apricot? Bananas? I know.
You love peaches.
That little thing did all this? Yep.
You don't want to miss what's going on here when you deploy, and we don't want to miss you.
I got two of 'em.
We can download every night.
- Roland, I-- - I know.
We okay now? I thought you were exhausted.
I'm worried about Jean's speech.
Michael, she hasn't written a single thing.
I don't want her to embarrass herself or the post.
I appreciate that, but I'm just jotting down a few thoughts.
She's a big girl, and you can't do everything.
I know.
You're right.
You're right.
You're right.
I am tired.
The screen is getting blurry.
General Holden.
Just a sec.
Roxy Leblanc.
Hi, honey.
What's going on? Sorry to bother you, but there's a little situation at the Hump that I thought you should be aware of.
What kind of situation? We'll be right there.
Better get dressed.
- What's going on? - Oh, don't ask.
Jean? Just checking in.
Just so you know, we have to leave in an hour for the ceremony.
Make two copies of everything and then we can send it off to his insurance.
Trevor, how you doing? I knew this place sounded familiar.
- You two know each other? - Oh, yeah.
Roland Burton, this is P.
Brian Day.
He's a member of my squad.
- Hey, man, pleased to meet you.
- Same.
I have an appointment with Dr.
I'm afraid Dr.
Price was just called off on an emergency.
Just my luck.
Sorry you wasted your time, man.
If you got something on your mind, we can talk about it in my office, if you like.
Nah, I don't know.
Buddy, you couldn't be in better hands.
Believe me.
What do you got to lose? You're right.
I'll give it a shot.
This way.
I'd like to welcome you all to the groundbreaking of the Clayton J.
Calhoun Soldier Support Center.
The center, which is set to open in spring of next year Can you make it? I'll be fine, dear.
As you know, the Soldier Support Center which will open its doors in the spring of next year - Would you mind? - Sure.
will be the home of many much need programs for soldiers and their families.
I've jotted some remarks for you.
Thank you, dear.
- Very thoughtful.
- and health and legal services But I'll just wing it.
to soldiers and their spouses.
And now it is my great privilege and honor to introduce to you our special guest and a true american treasure-- Mrs.
Jean Calhoun.
Thank you, General Holden, but it is I who am honored to be with all of you.
We are here to celebrate a great American, Senator Clayton Calhoun.
I wish he could see how you all are continuing the work he so believed in, a cause to which he devoted over a half century of public service.
If Clayton were here with us today I know he would turn to the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
" It is our brave men and women in the armed services who guarantee our liberty and to whom we dedicate this building today.
Clayton would be so thrilled to know that the soldiers and their families in Fort Marshall will soon be able to use I understand you helped a soldier in your squad this morning.
Now the doctor I heard that from would never share confidential information, but he did say your sensitivity to this young warrior's problems - put him back on track.
- I believe in him, ma'am.
I think he could be a good soldier.
Take a seat, Sergeant.
I've had the privilege of watching you mature as a soldier, and I think you have a gift, a gift as important as any piece of equipment we have in our arsenal.
Ma'am? Trevor, I think you'd make an excellent recruiter.
A recruiter? I know it's important work, ma'am, but I want to deploy.
I'd like you to consider the bigger picture.
Our commander in chief has encouraged all of us to hitch our wagons to something larger than ourselves.
I know that's how you feel about the army.
Yes, ma'am.
Well, I think you can bring that out in others, show them how their lives can be changed for the better by serving their country.
More than ever, we need to inspire and enlist the finest men and women we can.
That's how we're gonna protect our children, protect future generations.
I never thought about it like that.
Now make no mistake about it, recruiting is demanding and difficult.
But it can also be enormously fulfilling.
You don't have to give me an answer now.
Just think about it.
You sure I was okay? Not too over the top? - Oh, not at all.
- No, you were terrific.
Things can get a bit thick when I get into Thomas Jefferson.
People loved you.
Thank you for everything.
I know I can be a bit of a handful.
- No.
- Don't be silly.
You girls need to work on your poker faces.
I've arranged a little something to thank you for all your kindness.
- You didn't have to do that.
- You two will be guests at the Dream Haven spa this weekend.
Massages, facials, mani pedis-- the works.
- They're expecting you.
- This weekend? - Better pack your bags.
- I don't know if I could.
But you can, my dear.
You must.
You have to be spontaneous every now and then.
Keeps the blood flowing.
If you don't mind my saying so, you two worry too much.
Go out, have fun.
You need to grab life by the throat and tell it who's boss, because before you know it, the parade's gone by.
- Good-bye, my dears.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You are not going to the dance looking like that.
It looks sexy.
And what does "sexy" mean to you? Being popular.
Honey, being popular has nothing to do with being sexy or what you wear or if you're tall or short or fat or thin.
Yeah, right.
You are smart, funny, creative, someone who's kind to others.
Who you are, how you treat people-- that's what matters, not that other stuff.
Please believe me.
Honey, I know this is hard, but I am telling you the truth.
We can talk more about this later, okay? Okay, so can I wear this to the dance? Yes.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! But with a t-shirt over your belly shirt, leggings under your skirt and your hair in a ponytail.
Mom! Fine.
Thanks again.
So - How was it? - Fine.
- Did you dance? - Yeah.
With boys? They are so immature, mom.
All they want to do is see who makes the loudest fart noises with their arms.
Gross! Okay, well, it's 9:00, so it's time for bed.
I'll be up soon.
I don't know why you're so upset.
We got the full scholarship.
Well, it's not quite full.
I mean, sure, it covers tuition-- thank god-- but-- according to this, we're still responsible for Finn's uniform - and other ancillary fees.
- Like what? Oh, like a materials fee, lab fee, field trip fee.
You name it, there is a fee for it.
Rox, come on.
We'll manage.
You always say that, and it drives me crazy.
Well, we always do.
Look, babe, the Hump's doing better than ever, right? And I got a pay bump with my promotion.
It only takes one emergency, Trevor-- the car, the dog, anything-- and we're upside-down again.
I don't like feeling like that.
Not to mention, you're gonna deploy one of these days-- Okay, hold up.
First I'm sorry.
For what? For this whole finding a private school thing.
I wasn't around to help, and you were a real trooper.
That's okay.
You were at sergeant school.
And you're probably right.
We'll manage somehow.
Rox, what would you think about me taking a job where I'd be home for you and the boys for the next three years and still bring home the bacon? Are you gonna be an accountant? No.
How about a recruiter? Are you serious? Yeah, I'm really thinking about it.
Well, I'm really listening.
Hello, my wonderful husband.
I am so blessed to have you in my life.
Thank you for being the understanding, giving man that you are.
Thank you for your love and Sara Elizabeth.
I'm sorry that I didn't appreciate your efforts to help me deal with my upcoming deployment.
So I want this video to be a permanent record of my fierce and unyielding love for you and our lives together.
I love you, Roland, now and forever.
Now come upstairs.
And that's an order.
Can you believe what she had in her purse? Oh, I know, it was like a magician's bag of tricks.
I was afraid what she was gonna pull out next.
Oh! Is this gonna be a 2-lane road for the rest of the trip? Oh, yes, if we're going the right way.
We better be.
I'm looking forward to soaking in that jacuzzi.
You know, they have something there called sea foam mud therapy.
I have no idea what it is, but I'm doing it.
They also have cucumber and avocado wraps, honey almond scrubs-- though they sound more like something you'd order for lunch.
- Denise, could I have a water, please? - Oh, sure.
Look out! ~ Willow's Team ~