Army Wives s06e18 Episode Script

Baby Steps

Previously on Army Wives Sophie, this is Gloria Cruz.
Gloria, this is Sophie.
How old are you? She's 16.
Sorry to tell you this, but I served your daughter - alcohol at the hump last night.
- You're kidding.
She's got a real good ID, too.
Fooled me.
I didn't raise you to behave this way.
You didn't raise me at all, mom.
You sent me away.
- We have given you everything.
- Right.
Tell me one thing you haven't had.
How about a mom?! A real mom.
Charlotte Mayfield Will you marry me? Yes.
Yes, I will.
Who's Penny? I don't know any Penny.
Well, she sure knows you.
I love you, baby.
She means nothing to me.
- Just get out.
Just get out.
- Let's just talk about it, please.
- Just get out! Just get out! - Let's talk about it.
Things with you and Hector? Still in marriage counseling.
The lady says I have a temper.
Really? You? Chase has a job for Trevor in San Jose.
Are you kidding? That's fantastic.
I still have a contract with the army.
It's the chance of a lifetime.
I'm not saying you have to take the job, but we can at least talk about it.
I mean, did you even look at the packet that Chase gave you? I did.
And? I didn't realize you were so unhappy with the army.
I never said that.
No? You seem awfully eager to get out.
All I'm saying is, if you ever wanted to start a second career, now's the time.
Well, I don't.
Just like that? You won't even consider it? Hello.
Hi, Marda.
Yeah, she's right here.
Hi, mom.
You know, uh Now is not really the best time.
Yes, I-I remember.
You-- you told me that.
You're right.
Uh, the boys and I will be there this afternoon to pick you up.
Me, too.
I forgot, my mom's coming into town.
For how long? Just one night.
Perfect timing.
Well, she can't be here for the due date, so this is the best time.
I'm late for work.
Where are we with the live-fire range upgrade? We've just had the new target arrays installed.
There were some bugs with the software, but we're working them out.
Any adjustment to the timetable? No, sir.
I always add a week for software problems.
Well done.
And the 100th anniversary plans? Everything's on track.
Thank you.
Sir, if I may? What's on your mind? Mm.
Just to let you know, it's going around post that General Clarke threw Colonel Sherwood under the bus for what happened on Javelin.
How's that? Loose talk, sir.
General Clarke chose second and third brigades to take with him to Afghanistan, leaving Colonel Sherwood and first brigade on the bench.
First off, Frank's brigade is rear detachment.
That's an important job, as you know.
Secondly, no one did anything wrong in Narubu.
Uh, technically, no, sir.
But the media hammered General Clarke for leaving those orphans.
Some people are saying he's taking it out on Colonel Sherwood.
A lot of factors go into a decision like this, Joan.
Personally, I think you should be happy that Colonel Sherwood is your counterpart on rear D.
Absolutely, sir.
That's the message we want to send.
Roger that.
Carry on.
Dad! There's my girl.
How are ya? Ohh.
Guess what.
I got picked for a solo in next month's concert.
Really? Mm-hmm.
And Ms.
Patterson says I-I have a good shot at playing Evita in the spring musical.
- Wow.
- Also, I, um-- Whoa, whoa.
Hold on.
Let me say hello to your mother.
Welcome back.
How are ya? Ohh.
Also I was picked for the model UN next month.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I get to go to New York.
You didn't tell me that.
And I-I had to write this essay about the am-- You hungry? - Yeah.
- Pancakes? You bet.
Anyway, so I wrote this essay about the Iraq war, you know, was it necessary and-- What were your conclusions? - Well, no.
- Really? Yeah.
You wanna know why? - Because we didn't find any WMD? - Exactly.
But the intelligence at the time suggested that-- Totally bogus.
You know the government's big source admitted he made the whole thing up.
He wasn't the only source.
And intelligence is never perfect, Sophie.
Yeah, but this was, like, unbelievable.
Your mother told me about your fake ID.
I'm very disappointed.
I know it was a dumb move, but Honestly, dad, everyone in school has one.
And that makes it right? Well, no, but mom didn't have to go off the deep end.
She took away my learner's permit for six months.
Well, she had to do something.
Six months? That's insane.
Look, I can't take driver's ed without a learner's permit and I can't get my license without taking driver's ed.
All my friends are gonna be driving this summer, and I'm gonna be, like, this total loser.
Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you went drinking illegally.
Well, like you never did? That's not the point.
You get caught, you get punished.
But can you talk to her at least? Okay? I messed up, but it's not like I'm on crack or something.
Shouldn't the punishment fit the crime? I'll think about it.
Thank you, daddy.
No promises.
Uh, excuse me, Dr.
Cooper? Yes.
The patient you just examined back there, you think she has lupus? Uh, that was my diagnosis, yes.
Petechia, joint pain, fever, heart murmur-- It all fits.
Uh, yes, but it could also be acute endocarditis, and I happened to notice-- Excuse me, but I'm the doctor, right? Right, but if she has endocarditis-- Just do the test, okay? Do we have a problem here? No problem, doctor.
I have a case of lupus.
You're certain? Fairly certain.
What makes you suspect acute endocarditis? When I checked the patient's blood pressure, I noticed she had several injection marks on her arm, and she seemed fidgety, like she was going through withdrawals.
Well, an IV drug user is high risk for bacterial infection, which could easily lead to endocarditis.
Now it could take two days to get the results back for your blood test.
But you could order an echocardiogram right now and know within an hour if there's an issue with her heart.
And if there is, well, the sooner you hit it with antibiotics, the better.
Yes, sir.
Could you see how soon we could schedule an echocardiogram? Certainly.
You know, a smart doctor learns to use a good nurse as a resource.
Denise Sherwood's a good nurse.
So did she cry on your shoulder? No tears.
But a decent amount of theatrics, though.
It's a fair punishment, Kevin.
If she had been caught using the fake ID, she would've been in deep trouble, and it would've been your reputation that suffered.
But we could've discussed it before yanking her learner's permit for six months.
Well, what was I supposed to do, "w-wait till your father gets home"? Jackie Look, it's not just What she did, it's-- it's what she said after.
Why? What did she say? That I sent her to Exeter to get rid of her, that I don't care about her, that-- that I'm not a real mom.
Sounds like a teenage rant to me.
She meant it, Kevin.
I wouldn't overreact.
You don't know what it feels like.
She has you wrapped around her little finger.
No, she does.
Patrick was always like the perfect little soldier, and Sophie has just always been difficult, a-a-and it's been up to me to discipline her from the beginning.
You were never around when the kids were little.
Well We have a few days to sort things out before she heads back to school.
But you have to back me up here.
No, of course.
No, I mean it.
The punishment stays as it is.
I have to get to work.
See you for dinner? Okay.
Come on, girl.
Wake up.
Bad night.
Yeah? Is Hector still in the barracks? Oh, yeah.
And we're, like, making zero progress in marriage counseling.
Why are men such jerks? Really bad day to ask me that.
Why? What's going on? Nothing.
I'll work it out.
It's just, on top of everything, my mom is coming into town today.
Really, your mom? Well, that's good, isn't it? My mother spent most of my life disappointing me.
She used to drink A lot.
But no more? No.
She straightened that out, and I give her credit, but she is still a handful.
With Marda, you just never know what you're gonna get.
It's just bad timing, that's all.
So then tell her to come another time.
I can't.
She's working as a hairdresser on a cruise ship that's docking in Charleston.
A cruise ship? Wow.
Exotic travel, lots of rich widowers.
Maybe I'll join her, then.
Light reading.
Oh, yeah.
I like to keep up.
I just saw the results of that, uh, echocardiogram.
And? Acute endocarditis.
Good catch.
Well, thanks for backing me up.
Of course.
You know, Dr.
Cooper's not a bad guy, he's just green, like all interns.
Well, I'm glad it worked out.
Tell me something.
You Mm.
Have you ever considered continuing your education, becoming a nurse practitioner? Uh, no.
Why? Because you'd be damn good at it.
Well, thanks, but I have a toddler at home and a husband.
Plenty of people have managed to balance school and family.
But I'm also not as young as I used to be.
Denise, you've got the ability.
I just think it'd be a shame if you didn't realize your full potential.
Well, I'm flattered, but All right, well, listen, if you change your mind, I'd be happy to help you with your application.
We need more people like you.
Anything new today? Hector? No changes, nothing? Well, uh, I'm gonna be losing my housing allowance at the end of the month.
What? You didn't tell me that.
That's because I just found out.
'Cause I'm living in the barracks, we're gonna lose the apartment, Gloria.
Like this is my fault? Well, you're the one who wants to live apart.
Well, you're the one who cheated.
So what, you're gonna punish me forever? I told you, I'm sorry.
And that makes everything better.
We're going over old ground now.
Well, she's gonna have to move out by the end of the month.
Where am I supposed to go? You're working.
You can figure it out.
Oh, that is so unfair, isn't it? I can't pay for the rent without the housing allowance.
Well, maybe you shoulda thought of that before you dropped your pants for hot little Penny.
Let's concentrate on the immediate problem, Gloria.
You're gonna lose your housing allowance.
How are you gonna handle that? I don't know.
Look If I move back in-- No! Listen to her.
How many times do I have to apologize? Until you mean it.
I give up.
Gloria, is there anything th Hector could say or do that would allow you to forgive him? I wish I knew.
Well You need to give it some serious thought.
We've been going at this for weeks now without much progress.
Unless we can find a way to break this impasse, I think that, um, it might be time to start considering Divorce.
So I heard from my mother.
And? She's coming to D.
for the wedding.
That's fantastic! I know.
That is a big step for her.
It is.
Think she's ready for the next one, being a grandma? Uh, can we get married first, please? All I'm saying is, the sooner we start the process, the better.
Yeah, I know adoption can take a long time.
Actually, I've been thinking.
I want to carry our first child.
What? I want to get pregnant.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you with that.
I'm serious, Nikki.
You want to go with a sperm donor? Why not? So you want to have a baby by someone we don't know? Well, like you said, you're out of the picture.
I don't know, Charlie.
Good clinics provide plenty of background information.
How different is that from adopting? At least this way, we know one of the parents.
It just feels like a roll of the dice to me.
She's got a point, Charlie.
Genetics may be a science, but there's a lot of luck involved.
So you don't think I should do it? Look, I'm not saying that.
It's just, uh, there are no guarantees when it comes to producing children.
But that's true of straight couples, too.
You marry someone with good qualities and hope for the best.
So what you're saying is, it would help if I knew my donor had good genes? Sure, but how would you know that? Suppose he had already produced a healthy, bright child? An adorable little girl, let's say.
Wait a minute, Charlie.
You-- Why not? You are a loving husband, a devoted father, and you have a beautiful daughter.
I also grind my teeth at night and have a crooked toe.
Roland-- Look, Charlie, I'm flattered-- Really, I am-- But besides my feelings on the subject, how do you think Joan would react to this? She wants your sperm? She wants a baby.
I get that part.
It's the other part I'm having trouble with.
She'd rather not use an anonymous donor, so she asked me.
You told her no, right? That was my first thought.
And your second and third, I hope.
I said I would talk it over with you.
We've talked, and hell, no.
Roland, think.
I mean, how would this child be raised? I mean, would you help? I can't see you fathering a child and not being involved.
Point taken.
And what happens when we PCS? Because sooner or later, we're going to move.
Same with Nicole.
You're right.
And what would we tell David and Sara Elizabeth? You know what? Forget it.
Bottom line is Ain't nobody gettin' what you got but me.
I hear that.
Um, Roland.
Hmm? We have lunch.
So? Stop.
We'll have dessert later.
That was awesome, grandma.
I can't believe you live on a boat.
Yeah, well, I lived in a car.
I thought it was time to try a boat.
Boys, will you bring your grandma's bags upstairs, please? Yes, ma'am.
Hold your horses, 'cause I have something for you.
Uh, there you go.
And large.
"Jamaica me crazy.
" I got it in Montego Bay.
It is the most beautiful place.
I hope you two get a chance to there and see it someday.
Thanks, grandma.
Yeah, thanks.
You're welcome.
All right, go on now.
They're gettin' so big.
And look at this place.
You hit the jackpot with this one, honey.
I mean, compared to that teensy little house last time, this is a mansion.
Come here, baby.
Let me look at you.
Oh, come on.
My, my, my.
What? You're just not my little girl anymore.
Mom, I haven't been your little girl for years.
No, I know.
What I mean is You've come a long way, you know, from that trailer park in Tuscaloosa.
You got the world by the tail, Rox.
Yeah, right.
Come see my room, grandma.
It's upstairs.
Upstairs? Then you better stay close, 'cause I might get lost.
I will.
There's been a change of plans.
Meteorologists are predicting an early break in the weather along the Pakistani border.
Which means an earlier fighting season than anticipated.
We're already seeing escalation of enemy movements inside Pakistan.
These are the latest satellite images.
So they're moving the timetable up? Exactly.
CENTCOM thinks it's advisable for you and your senior staff to deploy immediately to facilitate transfer of command.
And by "immediately," they mean? Tomorrow.
Can you do it? Absolutely.
All right.
Better get going.
I've scheduled a briefing for 1600.
Roger that.
I don't get it.
I thought you weren't leaving until next month.
Things change.
Well, yeah, but that's-- It's-- it's the army, Sophie.
I know, mom.
I've heard it before.
Your mother's right, though.
We go where we're needed when we're needed.
Well, for how long this time? A year, most likely.
Oh, God.
Is there anything you need me to get you before you go? Yeah.
I made a list.
What about my learner's permit? I mean, do I get it back? That's between you and your mother.
So that's a no.
Is that all you can think about? Hey, I have a life, too, mom.
Just sign me up for summer school, okay? 'Cause I'm not coming back here, that's for sure.
See what I have to deal with? She's upset.
I'm upset.
We can sort this out at dinner.
We won't.
Jackie We won't.
Look, I don't want to argue, but this isn't something that can get solved overnight.
I'm okay.
I've never heard of a nurse practitioner.
Frank, you've been treated by nurse practitioners.
They give exams, order tests, interpret results, write prescriptions.
Sounds like a doctor to me.
Well, that's impressive, D.
So what's the downside? Uh, well, two years of classroom work, um, plus clinical rotations, less time with Molly, till I get my degree, at least.
Well, I say go for it.
Yeah? You sure? Caring for people's your gift, D.
Well, what about, uh, you and Molly? You'll have more time to spend with her.
Well, what the hell else do I have to do? Frank No, D, one of us should be moving forward, and apparently, it ain't gonna be me.
So Put in your application.
Delicious cobbler, sweetie.
Now where did you learn to bake like this, 'cause it sure as hell wasn't from your mother? Oops.
Oh, what am I up to now? A buck 50.
Don't I get the family discount? Nope.
They drive a hard bargain.
Hey, Trevor, I'm surprised you're not fat as a tick, the way your wife cooks.
Oh, that's what PT's for.
So, boys, what do you say, a little poker after dinner, Texas Hold'em, penny, nickel, dime? - Yeah.
- Mom.
Hey, I gotta win back my curse money somehow-- They've got homework.
Come on, mom.
I mean, grandma's only gonna be here for one night.
- TJ's right.
I think we can make an exception-- - Homework first.
Oh, man.
Okay, come on.
It'll go fast 'cause I'll help.
Are you good at changing improper fractions to mixed numbers? Finn, grandma can hardly balance her checkbook, but I'm always up for a new experience.
Don't rush through it, boys.
And will you clear your bowls, please? Yes, ma'am.
Don't distract them.
Yes, ma'am.
What? Nothing.
I figured you have to eat sometime.
Oh, Jackie, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I don't think a family meal would've been that much fun tonight anyway.
She's a teenager.
Who hates her mother.
She doesn't hate you.
You get a free pass, Kevin.
You're off to war.
You're a hero.
But what does mom do? Nothing.
Mom just stays home and arranges teas and fund-raisers.
Oh, I don't want to talk about this on your last night.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could do more.
Well, I know you're busy.
Just don't be too long, okay? I won't.
Thanks for dinner.
Honey, you didn't really think Roland would say yes, did you? Maybe.
But you understand why he didn't? So now what? We've got wedding plans to go over.
I'm talking about children.
I know.
Adoption could be a bumpy road for us.
Have you given up on the sperm donor? No.
I thought you didn't want to go that way.
Well, a girl can change her mind, can't she? You kind of ambushed me with this whole thing the other day.
You have a way of doing that, you know? Moi? But now that I know how much it means to you Let's look into clinics.
Really? "One last question, Captain Nemo.
" "Ask it, professor.
" "You are rich?" "Mm.
Immensely rich, sir.
" You shouldn't snap at your mom.
I didn't snap.
Yeah, you did.
She's here for one night, and you treat her like an unwanted guest.
Don't lecture me about my mother.
You're mad at me, so you're taking it out on her and the boys.
Oh, are we talking about that now? I thought job talk was off limits.
You want to talk? Let's talk.
For your information, I did think about Chase's offer.
I looked at the packet.
I read it through.
There's just nothing in it for me.
What are you talking about? I have a job.
Yeah, that pays nothing compared to what Chase is making.
Oh, is that what this is about, money? We are gonna have four kids soon, Trevor.
We'll eat.
Besides, you're bringing in money, too, right? For now, but we could be PCS'ed tomorrow.
Yeah, that's right.
It's the army.
Exactly, where I worry about you every single minute that you are deployed.
And now you want to join a ranger battalion where you'll be in more danger.
I love what I do.
Well, I don't, and I don't know any wife who does.
Just think about it-- Living near our best friends, making money staying in one place.
If there were ever a time to get out, it's now.
Everything you're saying makes perfect sense except for one thing.
You married a soldier.
You're not listening to me.
Haven't you done enough for your country? No, you're not listening to me.
I'm army, Roxy.
That's who I'll always be.
And if that's not enough for you, there's nothing I can do about it.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're in trouble now.
Really? - Mm.
- Why is that? "Recommendation for master's of science in nursing.
" So you're gonna do it? Assuming I can get a good recommendation.
Well, I think I know someone who can help with that.
You got everything? Yeah, I think so.
I wanna get there early.
I have some shopping to do.
All right.
Well, let's go, then.
I know I'm probably the last person you want advice from.
That's right.
Well, you're gonna get it anyway.
Mom What happened to you? You have no idea what's going on.
Yeah, I have a pretty good idea 'cause I overheard you two arguing last night.
That is between me and Trevor.
He is the best thing that ever happened to you, and you want to throw it all away? Leave it alone.
It's none of your business.
Excuse me.
But last time I checked, I'm still your mother.
So it sure as hell is my business.
You forgot what your life was like before Trevor? Oh Your first husband was a wife beater, drove you out of the house and into the arms of another loser man who gave you nothing but a second child.
You're living in a trailer with two kids on food stamps when Trevor picks you up like a knight on a white horse and brings you here.
Look around.
I don't know anyone who lives in a house this nice.
But I guess it's not good enough for you anymore, is it? I never said it wasn't nice.
You have a man who loves you, who's raising your kids like they're his own, who's the father of those babies you're carrying.
Yes, and what happens to them when their dad doesn't come home one day because he's been blown up somewhere around the world? Did you ever think about that? What happens then? Well, then you have proud memories of a man who died doing what he believed in.
I don't want that! I'm thinking about my family.
You're thinking about yourself.
And you know what? There's more to life than just what's best for Roxy leblanc.
There's my cab.
I-I said I was taking you.
I'd rather go by myself.
You know I admit I made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I was a drunk.
What's your excuse? Have a good semester.
I will.
And listen to your mother, okay? What she says goes for me, too.
We'll Skype.
Yeah, sure.
I love you, squirt.
I love you, daddy.
I'll call you when I can.
Don't worry about us.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Come here, you.
Take care of each other.
I thought maybe we could have dinner tonight, anywhere you want.
I have an English paper to write.
Didn't expect to see you here.
I was talking to my mother, and she said to get my ass Come on.
She told me to come here and go to confession, so I did.
And? And what? Did it work? I don't know.
Feel any different? I feel ashamed.
I know that.
All that time I was talking to the priest I'm hearing what I did for the first time.
I'm thinking I don't like this guy.
I don't want a divorce, Gloria.
I know I've made mistakes, but I love you.
And I want to come back.
Things would have to be different.
And they will be.
Yeah? Yes.
Just You gotta understand, growing up, my dad called the shots in my house.
Well, it can't be that way, Hector.
I know.
You're right.
I just I need you to give me a little time, that's all.
Can you do that? 'Cause I don't want to live without you anymore.
I prayed to the blessed mother for a sign To show me what to do.
I guess she did.
I'm sorry.
I can't change who I am.
I know.
But I understand how you feel.
Do you? It's not easy being married to the army.
You give up a lot.
Hopefully, you get something back.
I get you.
Mom, wait! Mom, wait! Marda! Roxy.
I thought I'd missed you.
Now you know me and my shopping.
Is everything okay? Trevor and I are working things out.
I'm glad.
I'm so sorry I yelled at you.
I was just trying to help.
I know, and you did.
And I am so sorry I'm not gonna be here when those babies are born.
Well, they will be waiting to meet their grandma.
I love you, baby.
I love you, too.
You were tossing around a lot last night, babe.
How you feelin'? Like a beached whale.
Only three more weeks.
Easy for you to say.
Hey, do my shoes match? It's been months since I've even seen my feet.
You look great.
Yeah? For a whale.
Your lab work looks fine.
It's been five months, doctor.
Oh, five months isn't a long time for artificial insemination.
So you don't think there's anything wrong? No.
As I told you when we first started down this road, even taking clomiphene, the success rate per each cycle is 20% at best.
Is there anything we can do to improve those odds? Maybe in vitro fertilization? I'd recommend sticking with artificial insemination for at least a year before going in vitro.
Besides, IVF is very expensive.
How expensive? As much as $20,000 per attempt.
Don't be discouraged.
How? You heard the doctor? It's too early to give up.
Maybe we should both try to get pregnant.
Nikki-- That wasn't the deal.
I know, but-- look, Charlie, I want kids just as much as you do, but-- Do you? Come on.
That's not fair.
Just because I don't want to get pregnant doesn't mean I don't want to have a family.
What if I can't get pregnant? Just have a little faith.
I got tons of faith.
What I don't have is time.
Every month, the clock keeps ticking, and the risk of complications go up, and the chances of conceiving goes down.
That doesn't mean it won't happen.
It's her first swimming lesson.
It seems like yesterday, Sara Elizabeth was learning to walk.
Before you know it, she'll be applying to college.
Oh, you mean the nunnery.
Hey, speaking of college, where are you taking Sophie to visit? It's her senior year, right? Right.
Uh, she's gonna go on tour with her high school.
They do a great job.
They hit all the top colleges.
Oh, nice.
It's better that way.
We'd just fight the whole time.
That girl still giving you crap? She does not know how good she has it? What kid does? Hey, everyone.
Sorry I'm late.
Class ran long.
I don't know how you do it, Denise-- Raising a family, going to classes, being a nurse.
Lack of sleep, that's the key.
Hey, when's Roxy supposed to be here? About 20 minutes.
Oh, wow.
The place looks great.
Thank you.
I wish Claudia Joy could be here.
Well, it's not every day the First Lady asks you to go on a tour of military bases around the world.
- I think it's awesome.
- No, it is.
She's just gonna miss the 100th anniversary celebration of Fort Marshall.
I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I checked Claudia Joy's agenda.
She is gonna be in Vicenza, Italy, that day visiting the 173rd Airborne.
Tough duty.
Well, I'm gonna miss her, that's all.
Well, we'll all miss her.
It's nice to have a baby shower again, though, isn't it? Ah, that depends.
As long as it's not my baby.
That door has been closed and padlocked.
I love baby showers.
They should come with a warning.
"Babies grow up.
" You're never gonna do that, are you, sweet pea? Oh, say no.
"No, no, no, no.
" Babe, come on.
We're gonna be late.
Keep your shirt on.
My first two pregnancies, no stairs.
Much easier.
Oh, I feel like I just moved a piano.
You ready? Oh, I left my purse upstairs.
I got it.
Wait a sec.
Uh, it's in the kitchen.
No problem.
Uh, will you make sure my phone's in there? Is it in there? Yeah.
Okay, will you get it out and call Dr.
lang, tell her we're on our way to the hospital? What? My water just broke.
Baby shower's over already? Never got started.
Why not? Roxy went into labor.
She's at the hospital now.
You're kidding.
I thought she wasn't due for a couple more weeks? She's not.
Denise says it happens all the time with twins.
Anyway, we're all going over to Mercer to be with her now.
What about dinner? There's food in the fridge.
Plus there's frozen gumbo in the freezer.
You can nuke it.
I'm supposed to work tonight, so I'll call you from the hump, okay? Right.
I got it.
Who are you? I'm Penny.
Is Hector here?