Army Wives s06e19 Episode Script


Previously on Army Wives General Clarke didn't hesitate for a second to bring First Brigade into Narubu, but now Now he's throwing me under the bus.
He's not thrilled with his Rear D assignment.
Just like Kevin, doesn't want to be left behind.
Is he being left behind? What? Call Dr.
Tell her we're on our way to the hospital.
My water just broke.
Who's Penny? I don't know any Penny.
I know I've made mistakes, but I love you and I want to come back.
Who are you? I'm Penny.
Is Hector here? So you're Penny? Yeah.
Where's Hector? Hey, baby.
Who is it? - What are you doing here? - Guess.
- Ah, no.
Get out.
- You're the father.
No way is that mine.
I used protection.
Well, it didn't work.
Don't believe her, Gloria.
She picked me up.
She picks up guys all the time.
That's not true.
You picked me up.
Telling me how his wife didn't respect him, how he's such a big man and all.
- You said that? - I was drunk! But that doesn't make me the father.
I haven't been with anyone else.
Yeah, right.
I swear.
So why take so long to get in touch? I tried.
I e-mailed, but you never responded.
She e-mailed you? What difference does it make? It's all lies anyway.
I've been in Beaufort with my grandma.
But she can't help me anymore.
I need money! - Oh, forget it.
- You owe me! I don't owe you a dime.
Take a paternity test.
If you're not the father, you'll never hear from me again.
I ain't takin' no damn test.
Take the test, Hector.
It's the only way to get rid of her.
That's right.
Unless you are the father.
All right.
I'll take the test.
Here's the clinic I use.
You can go now.
- Here.
- Don't worry, baby.
This-- I don't want to talk about it.
All right.
And back again.
Really? Come on.
It's supposed to speed up labor.
Well, it's not working.
Give it time, Roxy.
You've never had twins before.
And I never will again.
Hey, Roxy.
How you feeling? - Don't ask.
- She's still at 4 centimeters.
I'm gonna be carrying these babies forever.
Come on, guys.
Give me a break.
Guys? It's just an expression.
We don't know the sex yet.
Have you picked names? Uh, we agreed on girls names, but we're still fighting about a second boy name.
We're not fighting, you just don't agree with me yet.
I talked to the boys' school.
Everything's taken care of.
I'm really tired.
I'll take you back to the room.
Thank you.
I'll keep you informed.
We'll be here.
Coffee, anyone? I'm game.
Oh, thanks.
I'll pass.
I have some reading to do.
I'll see you in the waiting room? Okay.
After you.
Where are we with gate security? All visitors, drivers, and passengers will be required to show ID.
Random car searches will be tripled.
We've added extra manpower and traffic lanes to avoid delays.
The VIP list is shaping up nicely.
It's gonna be a great day for Fort Marshall.
Yes, sir.
If I may ask one more time, will you please consider restricting access to Fort Marshall? It's a 100th anniversary celebration, Joan.
We want the public to feel welcome.
Granted, sir, but-- Safety should be our top priority, but it's not our only priority.
I think we're striking the proper balance between prudence and openness.
Yes, sir.
Hey, everybody.
Sorry I'm late.
Where's Roxy? Resting.
She hasn't had the babies yet? No.
I thought I missed it.
Not yet.
Long labor.
You okay? Not really.
Let's go for a walk.
I hope there's nothing wrong at home.
Yeah, me, too.
Everything okay with you? Yeah.
Why? I don't know.
I thought I sensed a certain chill between you and Jackie.
Frank got his OER from Kevin Clarke.
It wasn't what he hoped for.
I'm sorry.
Frank thinks that Kevin left his brigade behind on the current deployment because of what happened in Africa.
Has Joan said anything to you? Not to me.
I know she thinks Clarke's an outstanding commander.
He's tough but fair.
Yeah, I always thought so, too.
Things were going so well between us, and then this.
What if Hector's the father? One step at a time.
But what if he is? Then you'll find a way to deal with it.
How? I'm so embarrassed.
Please don't tell anyone else, okay? Of course not.
Son of a bitch! You're doing great.
Now for this next one, I want you to pick a focal point and just remember to breathe, okay? I swear to God, if you tell me to breathe one more time, I'm gonna get off this b-- How we doin', Roxy? She's in a little bit of pain.
Yeah? How bad? Pretty bad.
Yeah? Well, that epidural should be taking effect soon.
I'm gonna see if you're any more dilated, all right? Please tell me I'm more than 4 centimeters.
Uh, way past.
I see two feet.
What? Whoa.
Isn't that supposed to be a head? It's what we call a footling breech.
Yeah, well, can you turn it around? Kelly, get Dr.
Prepare for delivery.
- Right away.
- Roxy, this baby's not gonna wait.
You need to get ready to push.
I wonder what's going on.
Ohh! You're doing great.
All right, Roxy, one more big one.
Okay, babe.
You can do this.
Come on.
Ohh! Ohh! And here we go.
And Congratulations.
You have a son.
It's a boy.
It's a Ohh.
Hello, Wyatt.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Text from Trevor.
It's a boy.
- Oh, my God! - A boy? What about the other one? Uh, nothing yet.
Roxy, the second twin hasn't descended into the birth canal.
- Why not? - I don't know.
Probably likes it up there.
What is that? The heart rate's dropping.
- Call the OR tell them we're coming up.
- The OR? This baby's in distress.
I can't take any chances.
Roxy, we're gonna have to do a C-section.
- Wh-- - Call for transport.
- Suction.
- Yes, doctor.
Roxy, you're gonna feel some pushing and pulling.
The cord is tight.
I'm ready to go.
I feel two bands of the cord.
Let's widen the incision.
I see it.
It's clear.
All right, I'll pull the head up, - you clamp the cord.
- Clamping.
And cut the cord, I'll untangle the other band.
And suction.
Why don't I hear the baby? Baby is floppy and blue.
What? What's wrong with the baby? Heart rate is low.
Can someone tell me what's going on? Dr.
You have another boy, but the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.
Oh, my God.
We're taking him to the neonatal intensive care unit.
- But he's gonna be okay, right? - His vitals are critical.
- We have to get his lungs working.
- Could he die? We have a great team, and they're doing everything they can.
Meantime, I need to take care of you, Roxy, okay? We're gonna sew you up.
Can you work on that suture? I'm gonna see what I can find out.
I gotta go to the ladies room.
Again? I can't help it.
When I worry, I pee.
I love that girl.
Yeah, she's a breath of fresh air.
Look, this may not be the best time to bring this up, but What's going on? I guess There's been some tension between Kevin and Frank, and-- And that's causing problems between you and Denise? Is it that obvious? Well, I guess Frank wasn't too thrilled about being assigned Rear D, but, um Has Joan mentioned anything to you about it? Nope.
I don't mean to pry.
It's okay.
Denise asked me the same thing.
Really? You're both upset.
Yeah, and I-- I don't know what to do.
Talk to her.
What else do you expect a shrink to say? Find the right opportunity and let her know how you feel.
You're right.
Ahh, much better.
No more coffee for you.
Hey, Roxy's in recovery, and the baby's being worked on.
Is he breathing on his own yet? That's all I know.
Okay, be a good boy, Wyatt.
What's going on? The baby's stable.
He's on a respirator.
We hope to remove it in one or two days.
One or two days? How does this happen? A cord wrapping around a baby's neck is more common than you might think.
Babies move in utero.
Could I have done anything different? No.
No, there's nothing you could've done to prevent this or even to predict it.
But he's gonna be okay? The next 24 hours will be critical.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I've been thinking, you know, this whole thing ain't nothin' but a shakedown.
- What? - With Penny.
I'm sure she's going around to a the guys she slept with and saying it's their baby.
Total scam.
You hear me? Don't you even want to know about Roxy's twins? - Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
- How'd it go? Not good.
She had boys, but one of 'em wasn't breathing when they got him out.
The cord got wrapped around his neck.
Oh, my God.
That's terrible.
They don't know if he's gonna be okay.
You go to the clinic? - Yeah, yeah, I took the test.
- Good.
But I'm telling you There's no way that's my baby.
I'm gonna go lay down for a while.
You'll see, Gloria.
She's lying.
Hey, Roxy.
Can I come in? Sure.
I thought everyone went home.
Yeah, I thought I'd-- I'd stay a while longer.
I could use the company.
Trevor went to take the boys to Roland's.
Yeah, I spoke with him.
How you doin'? I know.
I haven't see my baby.
They took him away.
They wouldn't let me touch him.
I'm sorry.
How can one baby be perfect and the second one Hey, what-- what-- What is Dr.
Lang telling you? We won't know anything for another 24 hours.
Do you remember when I had to take Molly to the emergency room when she was sick? She was just a few months old.
They wouldn't let me see her either.
And I was so scared.
I-I didn't know if she was gonna live or die And Frank was in Afghanistan.
What did you do? Cried.
I prayed.
And I leaned on my friends.
And that was probably the thing that got me through more than anything, was knowing, I wasn't alone.
You're not alone, either, Roxy.
We're all here for you.
Thank you.
General Casey and his wife have just confirmed and Undersecretary Westphal - will attend the ceremony as well.
- Outstanding.
Be sure to alert protocol for the cocktail reception.
Already done.
Have you heard any update about the Leblanc baby? Roland just talked to Denise.
The baby's still in the nicu.
It's too soon to know if there's any brain damage.
Can't be any worse feeling in the world, not being able to help your child.
Keep 'em in your prayers.
Will do.
One other item, sir.
I've added two additional teams of bomb-sniffing dogs to the on-post security detail.
Not taking any chances.
No, sir.
If I may, it's a great honor to be a part of this historic anniversary with you.
Roger that.
We've come a long way together, Joan.
Yes, sir, we have.
I don't know what to say, sir.
Well, as senior rater, I gave you the evaluation I think you deserve.
It's much appreciated, sir.
I think this will balance out the picture.
Honestly, I don't think the picture needs balancing.
Frank, I know how disappointed you were not to be included in the current deployment.
But I think you may be overreacting.
It's my job to read all of General Clarke's OERs, and I can tell you, that's as good as it gets.
Now I've heard the rumors about how Clarke threw you under the bus for what happened in Africa.
Personally, I think it's ridiculous.
I conducted that 15-6 investigation.
Clarke assumed complete responsibility for that operation.
There was no attempt to deflect accountability.
Understood, sir.
Now getting back to the matter at hand.
With the current reduction in forces, the army has no room for spare colonels.
No, sir.
No, sir.
I'm aware of that.
Same old story-- Up or out.
So I suggest you get your file in order to have the best shot at Army War College.
Really? War College? Yeah.
The army needs to keep good leaders like you, Frank.
Well, thank you, sir.
I'll get right on that.
General Frank Sherwood.
I like the sound of that.
Now let's not get ahead of ourselves, D.
You know, only about 30% of those eligible are admitted to war college, and then only a handful of those ever make General, so But still, it's amazing, isn't it? I mean, a grunt like me, former enlisted, with a shot at making General? Wow.
What do you say, sweet pea? Would you like your daddy to be a General? Hi, sweetie.
It's your mama.
We need to give him a name.
I want to call him Drew.
It means "courageous.
" Hey there, Drew.
It's your dad talking.
You hang in there, you hear me? Yeah.
He's a fighter, all right.
I spoke with protocol about the reception, and we'll have those peonies that Claudia Joy likes so much.
Thank you, Jackie.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate you filling in like this.
I'm happy to do it.
I know how helpless you men are without your wives around.
Isn't that the truth? Plus, with Kevin deployed, I haven't been doing much entertaining these days.
Well, in any case, I am grateful.
It's an exciting occasion, and if we can't enjoy it with our spouses, I'm glad to have the pleasure of your company.
Thank you, kind sir.
I feel the same.
I'll see you tonight.
Oh! Oh, my goodness.
I'm so sorry.
I-- No problem.
Wasn't that General Holden you were walkin' with? Uh, yes, it was.
He's the man.
Thank you.
I should really watch where I'm walking.
Hey, baby.
This came for you.
What is it? The lab report.
You open it? I was waiting for you.
No, it's gotta be wrong.
Oh, my God.
They must have mixed up the samples or something.
It-- It's your baby.
No, I'm gonna go take the test again.
I'll go to a different lab.
You're the father, Hector! I'm not the father.
It's a scam! What are we gonna do? I'm not doing anything.
It's her fault.
She got herself in trouble.
She can figure it out.
That baby's your responsibility! She came on to me! Oh, like you had nothin' to do with it? It was her place, her condom.
It's not my fault if it didn't work.
Doesn't matter how it happened, Hector.
It happened! Now she's gonna have your baby.
Look, I don't want anything to do with it.
You have to talk to her at least.
Look, why? All she wants is money.
I know, but you-- No, forget it, all right? I'm not giving her a nickel.
She tricked me, Gloria.
I'm not falling for it.
Where are you going? I gotta work.
Hi, mom.
Feeling any better? A little.
We picked these for you.
They're beautiful.
Thank you.
I'll take 'em.
Hey, Wyatt.
Can you believe you were that small once? Nope.
How's Drew? He's getting better.
Can we see him yet? Not yet, honey.
He still needs a lot of rest, so we're gonna hold off for now.
When are you coming home, mom? Tomorrow, I hope.
And Drew, too? Drew's gonna stay here for a little bit longer, bud.
So you're just gonna leave him here? Afraid so.
For how long? Until the doctors say he's ready.
Who wants to hold Wyatt? - Me.
- I do.
Clean your hands.
Okay, TJ.
Be gentle, remember? Yes, ma'am.
You got him? Mm-hmm.
Hey, buddy.
It's me again, your big brother TJ.
General Casey Are you enjoying yourself? - We are, yes.
- Good.
Wonderful evening, Michael.
Ah, thank you, Sheila.
I am so glad you could make it.
You know, Claudia Joy and I have always considered the two of you as personal role models.
Oh, that's very kind.
It's the truth, sir.
Well, we're sorry she couldn't be here with us tonight.
So is she, but as you know, when the White House calls You answer.
Well, please tell her hello for us.
I will.
If you'll excuse me for a second.
- Of course.
- Certainly.
Thank you.
If I may have everyone's attention, please.
First of all, I am delighted you could all be here for the 100th anniversary of Fort Marshall.
And I would like to acknowledge some very special guests that we have.
Former Chief of Staff of the Army, General George Casey and his lovely wife Sheila.
And from Fort Bliss, Lucille Pittard, wife of Major General Dana Pittard.
Thank you for honoring us with your presence.
Now I would like to propose a toast.
To the President of the United States.
To the President.
To the United States Army.
To the Army.
To our fallen comrades.
To our comrades.
And to Fort Marshall.
Long may it serve our country.
To Fort Marshall.
And now please just enjoy yourselves.
Can we talk? - Sure.
- Okay.
Look I-I don't know what happened between Kevin and Frank, but I-I-I don't want it to affect us.
I mean, I know having friendships in the chain of command can sometimes be difficult, and honestly, in the past When Kevin has had a problem with a member of his senior staff, I've written off the spouse, too.
But I won't let that happen with us.
You mean too much to me.
Denise, I don't know how I could've made it through these last few months without you.
I'm so glad you said something.
I have felt so bad.
Me, too.
You know, I think Frank and Kevin are so much alike.
Frank wants to be where the action is, and when he's left behind, he just felt punished.
No, I understand.
I mean, I don't know how Kevin would react if he couldn't be at the front.
And I know that he admires Frank tremendously, and if he had a problem with him, he would talk about it.
He wouldn't go behind his back.
Are we good? Yeah.
Let it be known and held true that war has been declared against the people of the United States by the puppet masters of the federal government.
The time is upon us to unleash a counterrevolution, to make those responsible pay for their lies and betrayals, to exact retribution for their imperial ambitions.
The blindfolds must be lifted.
Evil must be stopped.
Martyrs must arise to light the torch of freedom.
This is my last entry.
Did you get the lab results? Look, I'm not a bad person.
Really? You sleep with my husband and expect me to believe that? I'm sorry.
Look, it was wrong, but I didn't get pregnant on purpose.
You gotta believe me.
Look, I'm gonna raise the child myself.
I don't want to break up your marriage.
I just I just need help with my medical bills.
What about your parents? I've been on my own since I was 14.
Look I've been waitressing to make money, but I can't do that right now.
Where are you staying? With a friend.
I'm not trying to take advantage.
I'm just trying to get by.
How much do you need? $200 for a glucose test and a sonogram.
My sugar was kinda high last time.
There's $70.
Come back tonight for the rest.
Look, my husband's responsible for this.
We can work it out.
The important thing is to take care of that baby, right? Right.
You need a ride somewhere? No.
I've got the bus.
It's not too far.
Hey, Drew.
How's my little guy today? We're gonna get you out of here as soon as we can.
I promise.
You just need to get a little stronger before we can bring you home.
I can't just leave him here like this.
He'll be with us soon.
Mommy loves you.
What are you doing home? Just getting some money.
What about you? Don't you have the anniversary ceremony? It's voluntary.
A few of us were gonna go to the beach instead.
Wanna come? I got work.
What do you need the money for? It's for Penny.
What? - She needs it.
- For what? For her baby! For your baby.
We gotta help her out.
- No, no, no.
Give it to me.
- It's not your money.
- Yes, it is.
Give it to me, Gloria.
- No! Give me the money! Give me the money, Gloria.
What are you gonna do, hit me? I'm not gonna give that whore any of my money.
Your money.
You were trapped.
Penny's a whore.
The test is wrong.
Nothing's ever your fault, is it? I can't do this anymore.
I am tired of cleaning up after you, Hector.
I can't respect a man who won't take responsibility for himself.
Come on.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Bye, Hector.
No, no, wait.
Come on.
Let's talk about this.
Gloria, wait.
Come on.
Gloria, stop.
I love you.
No, please don't go.
Gloria! Gloria! Well, if you ask me where I come from well, here's what I tell everyone I was born by God's dear grace in an extraordinary place where the stars and the stripes and the eagle fly Yeah, there's a lady that stands in a harbor for what we believe and there's a bell that still echoes the price that it cost to be free no, it ain't the only place on earth but it's the only place that I prefer to love my wife and raise my kids yeah, the same way that my daddy did where the stars and the stripes and the eagle fly Ah, it's perfect.
Thank you very much.
You've got a beautiful flag.
I'm hungry.
Yeah, me, too.
Can we get something to eat? - I'm hungry.
- I saw a hot dog truck over there.
And popcorn.
Hot dogs and popcorn-- Sounds like a plan.
Hey, Denise.
Hey, you got a whole team.
Yes, I do.
Where's Finn? Oh, he's here with his school.
Oh, that's nice.
All right, go feed your troops, doctor.
Roger that.
Enjoy your day, everyone.
Also we've had a few minor incidents.
A car broke down at the Lake Avenue gate and had to be pushed off, a group of teenagers tried to bring in some fireworks, but other than that, everything's been pretty mellow so far.
Keep me posted.
Yes, sir.
It's quiet in here.
Roland's gonna bring the boys home after the celebration.
Welcome home, Wyatt.
You hungry? Um, not really.
You sure? Your friends filled the fridge with a ton of food.
We won't have to shop for weeks.
Maybe later.
What do you think of your new digs? It's better than the hospital, huh? take my hand and I will pull you through the light is gone, but I am still here with you you are so far away and thinkin' you should roam my arms are ready for you to come back home and can you feel me feel my reach? Oh, honey, take it easy honey, just be Let's go! The ceremony is about to begin.
- My tummy hurts.
- Yeah, mine, too.
Hey, man.
I told you not to eat that fried candy bar.
Hey, it was good.
Nothing on a stick is good.
Do we really have to stay for the speeches, dad? That's kind of the reason we're here, dude.
Your mom's up there onstage.
Yeah, but we're all tired.
Are you Please.
Okay, about face.
Back to the parking lot.
Oh, sorry.
David! Coming.
- Good to see you.
- Nice to see you.
- Have a good day.
- Enjoy the day.
Showtime, sir.
It is.
Drill team Attention! It is now my pleasure to introduce a man who has been a great friend to Fort Marshall-- Undersecretary of the Army, the honorable Dr.
Joseph Westphal.
Thank you, General Holden.
It is an honor to be here today to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fort Marshall.
You should all be very, very proud of the contribution this post has made to our Army's proud history of protecting America's freedom for 237 years.
But it is you, the men and women in uniform and your families, who we really honor here today.
Today we celebrate the anniversary of Fort Marshall with great pride and joy.
But we must also remember all of those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, and all of those members of our Army family who are deployed abroad and in harm's way, and all of those veterans As we stand here at Fort Marshall, our army is considered the best in the world at what it does.
We have a combat-ssoned total force that, while stretched by the demands and the lingering effects of more than a decade at war, is still ably handling the challenges of the second decade of the 21st century.
It's been my privilege to observe and to command our men and women in action in combat environments around the world.
I couldn't be prouder of their courage, of their resilience, and of their commitment to the values and ideals that make this country and this army great.
Their willingness to sacrifice to preserve a better future for our country and for others is a great strength of this nation.
They epitomize what is best about America.
And I am proud to celebrate a hundred years of that spirit with you here at Fort Marshall today.
Good luck, godspeed, and army strong.
Thank you, General Casey.
I know that we've all been inspired by your remarks as well as those of Dr.
Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the formal part of our program, but there's still plenty of celebrating to be done.
Please stay and enjoy cake and refreshments.
In closing, however, let's take a moment to remember that 2 brigades of the 32nd Airborne are serving their country in Afghanistan at this very moment, upholding the finest traditions of the United States Army.
It is these brave men and women that guarantee our liberty and to whom we dedicate our celebration today.
Thank you, and God bless America.
How'd we do? I thought it was fantastic.
Yeah, it really was.
Michael, look out! Get down! Get down! Shots fired! Shots fired! Frank! Ma'am, stand back.
Secure the perimeter! Frank! Frank! General Holden! Frank!