Army Wives s07e08 Episode Script


Previously on Army Wives You got nothing to worry about.
I'm gonna end it.
Mom, do me a favor, will you? Tell Gloria I need to talk to her.
Gloria, you said that you didn't want Patrick to get in the way of our friendship.
Well, I don't either.
All I'm asking is, let's not say good-bye before we've even said hello, okay? How's that sound? That sounds good.
I've been thinking how we might honor Claudia Joy's memory on post.
Some kind of garden, maybe? That's a great idea.
(Kat) Colonel Burton.
I'm Colonel Kat Young.
Airlift Wing Commander.
Good to meet you, Colonel.
What was the delay? I'm sorry.
I had a conflict.
A conflict? We've been sitting idle for an hour.
Your lapse could've resulted in a lack of support for the President.
Yes, sir.
Furthermore, it put me at odds with the new Wing Commander.
Understood, sir.
You let me down, Joan.
If someone were to put up an office building and airspace were to be restricted, we'd be forced to use this alternate approach, which, as you can see, takes us directly over the base.
(Jet engines roaring) If you think you helped your cause today, Colonel, you are mistaken.
(Engine rumbling) (Michael) Next item-- proposed land purchase adjacent to Runway 3-5.
Colonel Young? Thank you, General.
These 6 acres of undeveloped land are the focus of the Air Force proposal.
The property has been in private hands for years, now the family wants to sell.
Currently, my wing practices tactical approaches turning to the east.
But if this land is developed for commercial or residential use, the airspace above the property could be restricted, forcing us to practice tactical approaches turning to the west, which, as you can see, takes us directly over joint base Marshall-Bring, causing disruption to military personnel and families.
I believe we all remember the vivid demonstration you provided the other day.
My point, exactly, sir.
If we lose this land, my pilots will be forced to train with that approach all the time, meaning a lot more rattled windows.
I also suggest there's a very easy solution to eliminate the problem.
Buy the land now.
For $2 million? More or less.
Predicated on a lot of conjecture.
We can't be sure how the land will be developed.
There may be no problem at all.
Correct, Colonel? Yes, sir.
But do we really want to take that chance? We can't afford to compromise our training.
The enemy doesn't sleep, gentlemen.
We can't either.
I'm sure that we all appreciate Colonel Young's devotion to cause, but our budget is bled to the bone.
We simply don't have the money.
Sir, maybe a working group could be formed to study the issue? Come back with some specifics.
I'm for that, sir.
Expensive as it sounds, it will only cost us more if we're forced to act later.
All right, if that's how you feel, Chris, then why don't you and Colonel Young put something together? Thank you, General.
Next item-- electrical grid.
_ First, I want to thank Gloria for sponsoring the shrimp boil at The Hump bar the other night.
Yeah, that was fantastic.
I'm still full.
It was fun.
And we raised nearly $600.
(Denise) Which is terrific, and you've all been great, organizing all the different events we've had, but unfortunately, as you can see, we are still short of our goal.
How short? $2,600.
Really? How is that possible? Yeah, we've all been peddling raffle tickets like crazy.
Yeah, and Holly must have sold over a hundred pies.
It's disappointing, I know.
We've had great participation, but average donations have been smaller than expected.
What can I say? Times are tight.
Tell me about it.
Well, we just gotta try harder.
That's all.
Yeah, sell more tickets.
I'll bake more pies.
The problem is, we're out of time.
The plan was to dedicate the reflection pool on Claudia Joy's birthday, but the contractor says if we can't guarantee the money in three days, we'll have to postpone.
Or scale back.
(Sighs) I know you don't want to, Denise, but we could proceed without the palm trees.
Really? I don't want to.
I'm just trying to be realistic.
I have to say, despite all of our hard work, I-I don't see us raising $2,600 in 3 days.
We're out of resources.
Well, let's try anyway.
(Change rattles) Ugh.
What are we gonna do? I wish I knew.
(Change rattles) Did you see the look on Denise's face? Coming up short to honor your best friend? I feel so bad.
I'd like to pick up the tab for my table.
All right.
(Cash register beeping) $8.
26, $11.
02, and $10.
50 comes to $29.
How'd you know that? Oh, you can throw in a 15% tip.
47, rounded off.
Okay, miss smarty-pants.
What's the total? (Beeps) $34.
She's right.
Well, I'm impressed.
(Huffs) So am I.
What is that, some sort of trick? No, I've just always been good with numbers.
That's all.
My mom calls me "the human calculator.
" Bright girl.
Yeah, full of surprises.
I'd like her with me next time I'm in Vegas.
We'd clean up at the Blackjack tables.
(Chickens clucking) Come and get it, ladies.
(Clucking continues) More cleaning weapons, Truman.
Less feeding chickens.
Yes, Sergeant.
(Indistinct conversations) That was fast.
Sergeant Hall told me to clean my weapon.
It's what I said, Truman.
Take care of business before tending to your little feathered friends.
They remind me of home.
That's all.
Everything reminds you of home.
Let's have a look, Cruz.
(Clicking) Looks good.
Now come help me sort mail.
Me? What about Truman? He still has to clean his weapon.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (People speaking indistinctly) Man.
Does Truman's wife ever get tired of writing? They are not human, Corporal.
They're from another planet.
(Chuckles) (People continue speaking indistinctly) (Paper rustling) (Quincy speaks indistinctly) (Slams letter down) Where you goin', Cruz? Cruz! Problem, Corporal? Uh, no, sir.
No problem.
(Sighs) (Indistinct conversations) You want to tell me what that was about? My wife's writing the LT.
- What? - I saw it.
She wrote him a letter.
Your wife? I thought you were divorced.
My ex-wife.
The point is, she's writing that candy-ass.
You're sure? Of course I'm sure.
I know Gloria's handwriting, and I saw her name on the return address.
The minute I leave, she starts humping an officer? I'm gonna kick his ass.
You lay one finger on that LT, you're gonna be seeing the world through steel bars for a long time.
You hear me? (Panting) Now chill out, Cruz.
I'm gonna look into it.
Okay? (Continues panting) Cruz! (Continues panting) Yes, Corporal.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (Indistinct conversations) You ever play cards, Holly? Cards? You mean like poker? Yeah.
Never got into it.
I love Blackjack, though.
Yeah? Yeah, I used to win all the time back at home.
Why? (Latasha) A casino? Why not? I know one in North Carolina.
We can pull it off in an afternoon.
Pull it off? What is it, a bank job? That's next on my list.
I'm joking.
But we gotta do something.
Gloria's right.
We need the money, and this makes sense.
Gambling makes sense? We got an ace up our sleeve.
Holly's like this mathematical genius.
She can count cards in her head.
We stake her to Blackjack, she cleans up, bam-- problem solved.
Just like that? I never lost at home, Latasha.
Latasha knows something about gambling.
And what they say is true, the house always wins.
In the long run.
In the short run, you can get lucky sometimes.
Sometimes, but is it worth risking the money we raised already? No, we won't do that.
We stake Holly on our own.
Yeah? And how much do you think we need? $500? Between the 4 of us, we already came up with $200.
So all we need is $150 from each of you.
And you'll get it back.
If you succeed.
I told 'em the whole thing's crazy.
But you chipped in anyway, Latasha? Denise, if I could think of anything better, and I mean anything, I'd say so.
Well (Sighs) Wow.
It's imaginative.
I can see the headlines now.
"Army wives gamble for charity.
" It's not an official FRG function, Jackie.
Right, the memorial's being funded by private donations, so the army's off the hook.
You tell me, Denise.
What would Claudia Joy do in your shoes? Claudia Joy would push the envelope, when necessary.
(Sighs) You've been awfully quiet, Holly.
What do you think? Oh, well, like Denise said, I think it's for a good cause.
Yes, but can you do it? Can you win at Blackjack? Sure she can.
She can keep numbers in her head.
Watch this.
Give me a 3-digit number.
Denise? Holly? (Laughter) Okay.
We're in.
(Laughs) Though I feel as young as any of you, these three stars remind me that I do have some experience.
And if there is one last thought this old soldier can offer as you enter your junior year at the citadel, it's this Choose a specialty you're passionate about, something that makes you wake up looking forward to each day.
If you do, the years will fly by, and the good days will always outnumber the bad.
I wish you good luck and godspeed.
Thank you.
Thank you.
General Holden.
Cadet Jordan Young.
Hello, Jordan.
- I enjoyed your speech, sir.
- Thank you.
No, I mean, I really, really liked it, sir.
It spoke to me.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
We old guys can go on a bit.
Not at all, sir.
You see, I think I've found my passion.
Flying attack helicopters, like the Apache.
Yes, sir.
I got to ride in one last summer, and it totally changed my life.
I've never felt so alive.
- Well, then I think you should definitely pursue it.
- Yes, sir.
The problem is, I come from an Air Force family.
And the Air Force doesn't fly Apaches, the army does.
Exactly, sir.
And I don't know how to tell my family I want to switch branches when I graduate.
Out with it, Cadet.
Sir, I know it's asking a lot, but I was wondering if you could help me explain things to my mother.
I'd be happy to talk to your mother.
(Men chanting indistinctly in distance) Really? Awesome.
I mean, ahem, that would be awesome, sir.
Give me her phone number, and I'll follow-up.
Oh, no, sir.
You can meet her in person.
She's right here in Charleston.
In fact, I think you know her-- Colonel Kat Young, the new Airlift Wing Commander.
You're Colonel Young's daughter? Yes, sir.
I didn't put that together.
She's meeting me here tomorrow at 0800 if you can make it.
I know how busy you must be.
Thank you, sir.
You have no idea how much this means to me.
I'll see you in the Daniel Library tomorrow, sir.
(Indistinct conversations) So let me get this straight.
Cruz's ex is involved with Lieutenant Clarke? They're corresponding.
But that's all I know, Sergeant.
Cruz is divorced, right? Ink's barely dry, but, yeah.
It's official.
Thank God for that.
How's he doing? On a scale of 1 to 10, Sergeant, I'd say he's about a 12.
Now I can get him to calm down.
But this isn't going away.
Oh, this is just what we need.
So what's Cruz's deal anyway? I mean, is this guy a wrong number? Cruz can be a hothead, but he's got the makings of a good soldier, Sergeant.
Just needs to grow up a little.
(Exhales) All right, keep Cruz away from the Lieutenant.
I'll take it from here.
Roger that, Sergeant.
(Indistinct conversations) You're making 'em too big.
I like it.
It's fine, baby.
We'll just bake hers a little longer, that's all.
And once that's done-- Movie night? You know it! (Cell phone rings) Oh.
(Ring) Colonel Burton.
I see.
I can be to the airfield in 30.
I thought you were done working today.
Well, I thought so, too, but there's bad weather up north, so the planes have to come here instead.
What about the cookies? We'll put 'em in the fridge and we'll bake 'em tomorrow.
Cookies now.
Hi, it's Joan Burton.
I know it's last minute, but can you watch the kids for a few hours? (People speaking indistinctly) (Chuckles) (Clears throat, knocks) - Sir.
- Yes, Sergeant.
(Sighs) This is gonna sound strange, sir, but have you had recent contact with Gloria Cruz? (People continue speaking indistinctly) Okay.
We've got a situation, sir.
Wh-why? What's going on? Gloria Cruz was married to PFC Cruz.
What? She's his ex-wife.
You're kidding me.
No, sir.
And while he was sorting mail, he saw a letter that she wrote.
(Sighs) I knew she was married to a soldier, but It definitely sucks, sir.
How long have you known her? I met her two days before we deployed.
Well, that'll make it easier, but you've gotta end it, sir.
I mean, a thing like this can destroy morale.
Look, sir (Sighs) you do what you want, but I strongly suggest that you pull the plug.
Guess I should talk to Cruz, huh? I think I'd wait till tomorrow, sir.
Give him a chance to cool off.
Roger that.
All right.
(Pats arm) (People continue speaking indistinctly) (Sighs) (Man) There.
It's very difficult to do if you cut them very thin.
So I simply count over two-- How were the kids? Great.
We made cookies and watched a movie, and they went down without a fuss.
Oh, you made the cookies? Yes.
Was-- was that okay? Of course.
Sorry I was so long.
And thanks again for coming by on such short notice.
(Laughs) Of course.
(Pats hand) Good night.
Good night.
_ We're really going through with this, huh? Everything's set.
I did a recon on the casino.
$20 minimum, It's perfect.
What's a shoe? You're joking, right? A shoe is what they deal the decks from.
They use more than one deck? Y-you have been to a casino before, right, Holly? Uh, no.
I thought you said you won all that money back home.
Oh, no, I did.
Uh, playing at the kitchen table with my family.
How much money are we talking about, Holly? Oh, I don't know.
Um one night, I won over 20 bucks.
(Jackie clears throat) Okay.
That's it.
We're done.
We're giving up? When there's high winds on the drop zone, you cancel the jump, Gloria.
Look, just because Holly's never played with three decks before doesn't mean she can't do it.
Face it, Gloria.
The girl's in over her head.
No offense, honey, but, uh, I thought this whole thing was looney tunes from the start.
Look, this isn't about gambling.
This is about Claudia Joy.
Are we gonna build that memorial or not? Do you think you can do it, Holly? I can practice.
In a day? If she says she can do it, she can do it.
It's your call, Denise.
Are we on or off? How long you been up? A while.
How's it going? (Sighs deeply) Okay.
(Sniffles) Look, Holly, you don't have to do this.
(Cards clatter) I just don't want to let everyone down.
Okay, that's it.
I'm calling it off.
No, don't.
No one's gonna blame you for pulling out.
This is my fault.
I shouldn't have pushed you.
No, please, Gloria.
I can do it.
You heard Latasha, Holly.
We're probably gonna lose.
But we can't win if we don't try.
You really want to do this? Okay.
(Clicks tongue) Deal me in.
(Thuds) My point was that cadets should choose a specialty they're passionate about.
Earlier in my speech, I referenced my decision to go airborne, which shaped my entire career.
And I'm sure it was fascinating, too, General.
But I don't see what it has to do with your being here this morning.
It was like General Holden was talking to me, mom.
Like I was the only one in the room.
Everything became clear.
I'm sorry.
What became clear? You remember that ride I took in an Apache last summer? I told you that I liked it.
But what I didn't say is that I loved it.
But what does that have to do with why we're-- I want to fly attack helicopters.
I want to go army when I graduate.
I-I see.
Jordan, would you please give us a minute? Sure.
But this wasn't General Holden's idea.
I-- Please.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
Well, that must have been some speech you gave yesterday, sir.
When Jordan asked me to speak to her mother, I had no idea it was you she was talking about.
By the time I found out, I couldn't go back on my word.
But it was never my intent to meddle in a family matter.
I appreciate that, sir.
For what it's worth, I think your daughter is an impressive young woman.
(Huffs) Normally, I would agree with you, sir.
I wouldn't judge her too harshly under the circumstances.
Thanks, but I will handle my daughter as I see fit.
As I said, it's none of my business.
Please tell Jordan good-bye for me.
I will.
Thank you for your time, sir.
Was that really necessary? Inviting a 3-star into a family conversation? You embarrassed me, Jordan.
I didn't mean to.
Really? What were you thinking? If you have something to say, you say it directly, young lady.
You don't go through a superior officer, especially not a general in the army.
(Inhales and exhales) Now is it true? You want to switch branches after all this time? - I think so.
- You think so? It's been on my mind, mom.
That's all.
Look, I I gotta get to class.
This was a bad idea.
I'm sorry to waste your time.
(Indistinct conversations) It was a misunderstanding, Cruz.
I had no idea Gloria was your ex.
If I had known, I wouldn't have asked her out.
As it is I only saw her once.
Did you hear that, Cruz? Yeah? So why is she writing him? Because I asked her to.
- Right.
- Watch it, Cruz.
Why, Sergeant? I'm over here getting shot at while the Lieutenant is banging my wife behind my back? You are way out of line, Soldier.
Look at him.
He's guilty as hell.
Sit down, Cruz.
I said sit down, Private.
(Exhales) Now look, for starters, we are talking about your ex-wife, not your wife.
There's a big difference.
And if you have a problem, it's with her, not the Lieutenant.
(Scoffs) I'm sure he was bragging about how he's the General's son and all.
She had no idea who I was.
- Yeah, I'll bet.
- Just shut up, Cruz.
Look, the Lieutenant has done the honorable thing here.
Your ex will not be writing him anymore.
That true? It's over.
Letter's in the mail.
So stop bellyaching.
Start acting like a man instead of some punk-ass schoolboy.
Look, Cruz, my job is to keep us alive up here.
I need that same commitment from you.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Yes, sir.
(Eddie) Okay.
Now shake and let's forget this whole thing ever happened.
(Whoosh) (Explosions) (Gravel clatters) (Indistinct shouting) (Man) All clear! (Shouting continues) (Man shouts indistinctly) (Man) Need air support? (Hector) Who is it? (Quincy) Green.
(Man) Easy, easy.
(Man shouts indistinctly) (Grunting) You okay, Green? Yes, Sergeant.
I'm fine.
Let's get the doc to check you out.
All right, good work.
Take a look around for other damage.
Sorry, man.
Everyone's accounted for, Sergeant.
We lost the chickens, though.
Thank you, Corporal.
We're lucky that's all we lost, sir.
That is the second time they've dropped steel right on top of us.
They have got us dialed in.
I'm aware, Sergeant.
We gotta do something.
Well, what do you have in mind, a major offensive? No, sir.
A patrol.
We need to find the source of those mortars and take 'em out.
We gotta be the hammer, not the nail.
We'll have to coordinate with the ANA, let them lead-- Forget the ANA, sir.
They'll only screw things up.
Our mission is to hand off to the Afghans.
I don't see any Afghans up here taking fire, sir.
Do you? Are you suggesting we disobey orders, Sergeant? No, I'm suggesting that we do our job, sir-- close with and destroy the enemy, not sit up here and get our asses blown off.
- But the mission-- - Due respect, sir.
Mission first, men always.
(People continue speaking indistinctly) (Hipjoint's "Let's Go" playing) Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on! Yeah, yeah, yeah Hot night in the city In the water in the well Mama ain't gonna sleep tonight She gonna break on out of the spell I'm telling you, baby It's driving me crazy Baby, if I don't get out of here, I can't be blamed for what I'm gonna do to get me out of my chains Let's go Break it down for Let's go We're taking over the show Let's go, let's go, like never before We're gonna go till we just can't go no more Let's go Break it down for Let's go We're taking over the show Let's go, let's go Like never before We're gonna go till we just can't go no more Let's go Grab a hand now Let's go, let's go Hey! Come on! One, two, three! Let's go (Slot machines beeping, coins clinking) Oh, my gosh.
Oh, focus.
Here you go.
(Exhales) Wow.
Just think of them as nickel, dime, quarter.
Like back home.
(Indistinct conversations) Bets, please.
(Indistinct conversations continue) I don't think I can watch.
Me, either.
Want to get a drink? Yeah.
We'll be at the bar.
I won't be far behind you.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (Knock on door) Ma'am, you have a visitor.
I don't see any appointments for the rest of the day.
It's your daughter, ma'am.
Shall I show her in? Please.
(People speaking indistinctly) I know you're busy.
It's all right.
Sit down.
I'd rather stand, thanks.
I'm sorry I embarrassed you today.
That wasn't my intent.
But you asked if I thought it was necessary to invite General Holden, and the answer is yes, I think it was.
Why? Because I can't talk to you.
Jordan, my door has always been open.
Not about the family business.
That's not true.
I never pushed you to go Air Force.
I thought you wanted to.
I did.
But then things changed.
Since when? Since I flew in that Apache.
I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen.
All I remember is you said you liked it.
I don't remember anything about the army.
Because I couldn't say it.
Am I really that scary? You really can't talk to me? (Voice breaking) I didn't want to disappoint you or dad and (Crying) and I-I didn't know how to say it.
Oh, Jordan.
All I ever wanted was to make you proud of me.
(Crying) I I am proud of you.
I am so proud of you.
(Continues crying) Ohh.
(Wind howling) You know, you should really eat something, Truman.
I'm not hungry.
(Quincy) Full battle-rattle.
What's up? We're going on patrol.
Another cluster with the ANA.
The Afghans are not coming.
Really? If you're looking for payback, Truman, here's your chance.
(Wind continues howling) Oh, don't tell me.
She lost already? Actually she's winning.
(All laugh) Another winner for the pretty lady.
(Laughs) (Laughs) Time for your break, Louie.
(Claps hands together) (Indistinct conversations) Hi.
Bets, please.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (Lowered voice) Don't let her scare you.
(Lowered voice) - She does scare me.
- Shh.
David, have you seen my phone? No.
I left it in the kitchen where I always leave it.
I know I did.
Sara Elizabeth, have you seen mommy's phone? I don't know.
Sara Elizabeth Burton what did you do with mommy's phone? No phone! (Knock on door) Yeah.
Colonel Young to see you, sir.
She says it's personal, sir.
Show her in.
(People speaking indistinctly) I'm sorry to intrude, sir.
Not at all.
You did my daughter a favor this morning, and I don't think I was fully appreciative, sir.
If I was brusque, I want to apologize.
I appreciate the offer, Colonel, but no apology necessary.
I have a daughter Jordan's age myself.
I know these things can be, uh, complicated.
(Chuckles) Thank you, sir.
Jordan respects you a great deal, General.
And what you did, it helped us both, and I'm grateful.
If I may ask, Colonel, where does Jordan's father stand on all this? He was killed on 9/11.
He was assigned to the Pentagon.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
No reason you should.
We lost a lot of good Americans that day.
Yes, we did, sir.
I've taken up enough of your time.
Thank you for stopping by.
General I think we got off on the wrong foot.
I would like to change that if possible.
Me, too, Colonel.
Thank you, sir.
I think we should quit while we're ahead.
Why? We're up $2,000.
Yeah, and the deal was $3,100.
$2,600 for the memorial, $500 from our investment.
I'm just saying, we're pushing our luck.
That's all.
Sorry, folks.
This table's closing.
Young lady, we'd like to invite you to our $50 table.
Really? Same game, higher stakes, and higher winnings.
I'll have your chips brought over.
Sheila would you escort this lucky lady to the $50 table? Sure.
This way, hon.
(Slot machines beeping) You're doing great.
Want something to drink? It's on the house.
Really? The Long Island iced tea here is really good.
That sounds refreshing.
Coming right up.
(Indistinct conversations) Bets, please.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (Joan) Dial again, David.
(Keypad beeps) (Cell phone rings) I hear it.
(Ring) Oh.
(Ring) (Ring) (Toy bell clinks) (Cell phone rings) (Ring) (Sighs) (Ring) (Sighs deeply) (People cheering indistinctly) I'd like to split, please.
Holly, what are you doing? Splitting 9s.
Those are 6s.
They are? (Indistinct conversations) Oh.
I'll stay.
Dealer has 20.
How's it going? Holly just lost $1,000.
What? I don't-- I don't know what happened.
What's that you're drinking? Iced tea from New York.
(Laughs) (Slurps) It's Long Island iced tea.
Good lord.
She's drunk.
No, I'm okay.
We were $400 away.
Now we're $1,400.
Bets, please.
Grab the chips.
Let's get out of here.
- No, no, no, no.
- Let's go, Holly.
It's okay.
I can do it.
I can get it back.
- No.
- Forget it.
We're done.
(Denise whispers) Just come on.
Come on, drunkie.
(Groans) Get the chips.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (Slot machines beeping, coins clinking) It's too bad.
We were so close.
At least we didn't lose money.
No, but we didn't make enough to finish the memorial.
Okay, wait.
We didn't come this far to quit now.
I say we go for it all.
What? You said it yourself, Latasha.
The house always wins.
I know what I said, but damn it.
This is for Claudia Joy.
That's our investment.
We're not gonna lose that.
But I say we let these babies ride.
You're forgetting one thing.
Holly's the only one here any good at Blackjack, and she's out of action.
Who said anything about Blackjack? (Women screaming) (Indistinct conversations) Come on, 7! (Dice clatter) (All screaming and laughing) Man! That is three passes in a row! Yeah, maybe-- maybe we should quit now.
- One more, we're there.
- No, let her roll, Denise.
Let her roll.
(Indistinct conversations) Okay.
All right.
Come on, 7! Aah! Number 7! (Indistinct conversations continue) (Thudding) (Brush rustling) (Wind howling) (Grunts) Three enemy! (Shouts indistinctly) (Gunfire) (Gunfire stops) Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! (Pants) Lieutenant! (Gunshot) (Gunshot) Go for outlaw One-Six.
Six, this is Five.
I'm laying a base fire with second squad.
You assault through with first.
Roger that, Five.
Six out.
Follow me! Is, uh, Sara Elizabeth being punished? (Huffs) No.
She's too little to understand.
Understand what? Hmm.
Why mommy's phone is so important.
Why I have to go to work sometimes, even when I'd rather be home with you.
But you understand, don't you, David? I'm used to it.
Here's to us.
(All) To us.
Including Holly.
(Maggie) Poor kid.
Yeah, she's gonna have a monster headache in the morning.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, it was for a good cause.
Just hope she remembers it.
(All laugh) Thank you, all of you.
I still can't believe we did it.
I think we had an angel on our shoulders.
Amen to that.
To Claudia Joy.
(All) To Claudia Joy.
(Bottles clink) May I, Colonel? (Kat) Oh, uh, yes, please, sir.
Come in.
I've been going over your proposal.
I'm afraid there's no way we can find the money for that land.
I know it's a lot to ask, sir-- But we may not need funding.
We may have something better.
The bachman's warbler.
Excuse me, sir? Colonel Billings is a boy scout leader, and when I told him we couldn't afford the land, he said it was a shame because his troop had recently spotted an endangered bird on that very property.
The bachman's warbler.
I am beginning to love this bird.
I made some calls.
And if this checks out, which it should, there's no way the EPA is going to allow development on that habitat.
Well, that is awesome, sir, as my daughter would say.
(Laughs) (Chuckles) Mine, too.
Well, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to, uh, bring you the good news.
Well, you can interrupt with good news like that anytime, sir.
I-I should be going.
Good night, sir.
Good night, Colonel.
Nine enemy KIA cache of 200 mortars, six tubes, no casualties.
I'd say we hit the jackpot, sir.
You done good today.
No, the men did.
They're your men now, sir.
Hey, Cruz.
Sergeant Hall tells me they're putting you in for a bronze star, promoting you to team leader.
(Chuckles) You'll pin on corporal soon.
(Laughs) Congrats, man.
(Clatters) What's with him? (Scrapes)