Army Wives s07e09 Episode Script

Blood and Treasure

Previously on Army Wives Look, I'm not a bad person.
Really? You sleep with my husband and expect me to believe that? It's your baby.
No, I'm gonna go take the test again.
I'll go to a different lab.
You're the father, Hector.
Thank you for letting us adopt your child.
Well, you really gotta thank Gloria for that.
She's the one who made it happen.
Gloria Cruz was married to PFC Cruz.
- What? - She's his ex-wife.
You've gotta end it, sir.
I think you should take that job in Baltimore.
I want you to.
But don't take the kids.
I can take care of them.
I want to go Army when I graduate.
I see.
I wouldn't judge her too harshly under the circumstances.
Thanks, but I will handle my daughter as I see fit.
You embarrassed me, Jordan.
I didn't mean to.
Really? What were you thinking? All I ever wanted was to make you proud of me.
I am so proud of you.
General, I think we got off on the wrong foot.
I would like to change that if possible.
Me, too, Colonel.
General Holden, it's good to see you.
Thanks for inviting me, Councilman.
Well, this always was one of Claudia Joy's favorite causes.
Yes, it was.
And I'm happy to maintain the family tradition.
We have someone else from the base coming tonight, too.
Really, who? Here she is now.
We put the two of you at the same table tonight.
I hope you don't mind.
Not a problem.
Look, the dedication stone has to be ready by tomorrow's ceremony.
And someone has to approve the engraving before it's installed.
No, that's not okay.
I have to work at the hospital in the morning.
I can do it.
H-hold on a second.
You sure? Okay, I have a friend that can be there tomorrow morning.
She'll be there at 10:00.
Thank you.
I can't believe how close we're cutting this.
The stone was supposed to be ready last week.
It'll be fine.
Yeah, it better be.
Denise, the reflection pool is beautiful.
You've done an incredible job.
It's gonna be perfect.
I hope so.
Something smells good.
- Dad! - Daddy! Oh, my goodness.
Hi, sweetheart.
How you doing, my man? Do I get some sugar? Right here.
I thought you weren't coming home till tomorrow.
I got off early, and this way, I don't have to fight traffic to get to the ceremony.
Hungry? Starving.
Good, 'cause we've got plenty.
Oh, and after dinner, how about a cutthroat game of go fish? Mom can't.
Oh, I don't know.
Now that your father's home, I might be able to change my plans.
Really? I'll see you at the clinic tomorrow? You know, you really don't have to do this.
Yeah, I do.
Charlie made me swear a blood oath.
Charlie called this morning.
She's called every day since she's been in Jamaica.
How's her mother doing? Okay.
When's Charlie coming home? Two days.
Plenty of time for the delivery.
You're not having second thoughts, are you? I just feel bad, Gloria.
I mean, I'm giving away my baby.
Because you're not ready to be a mom.
I know.
But you will be someday.
You think? Sure.
Weren't you thinking of junior college, some kind of degree? Dental hygienist.
There you go.
One step at a time.
You're right.
You're right.
You're gonna see.
It's all good.
You're welcome.
See you tomorrow.
So I'm flying along, no sign of trouble, when all four engines go out.
What? Yeah, cockpit lights, too.
Middle of the night, pitch-black, no power.
What'd you do? We crashed.
I took out a flashlight.
I managed to get two of the engines restarted, and I landed at the nearest airfield.
You had a flashlight? I always carry a flashlight.
You're kidding me.
You're not kidding me.
Expect the unexpected.
If I could have your attention.
Please enjoy your dessert and coffee.
The program will begin in 15 minutes.
I think I'm gonna pass on dessert.
How about an after-dinner drink? It's my first jump from a jet.
A C-141 Starlifter.
That's an old bird.
Watch it.
Anyway, I'm not prepared for the turbulence, so at "Green light, go" I step out as I normally would and I get blown right back into the door.
Now you're not supposed to hit anything when exiting.
I hit everything.
I did, until I was blown clear.
Luckily, my chute deployed, but I had a hell of a time on the way down.
I could never understand why anyone would want to jump - out of a perfectly good airplane.
- Out of a perfectly good airplane.
I have never heard that before.
Yeah, well, it's true.
To each his own or her own, as the case may be.
I can't remember a time that I didn't want to fly.
My father and my grandfather were both air force.
It's in the genes, I guess.
What about you? I had an uncle who landed at Normandy, D-day plus two, and a cousin MIA in Vietnam.
I think if I hadn't gone in, I would've been a high school teacher.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Teach history.
Coach football, baseball.
I can see that.
You're good with young people.
You've certainly made an impact on my daughter.
Another? Oh, I would, but I am guessing it would be in bad form - to fall asleep during the program.
- Good point.
I have to say, I was afraid tonight was going to be dull.
I'm glad to report, it's been anything but.
David, do you have any 9s? Ah, ah.
Ah! Ah! Dad wins! Not fair.
What do you mean, it's not fair? You won the last game.
You cheated.
How do you cheat in go fish? Exactly.
Let's play again.
Not me.
I am fished out.
Me, too.
- Aww.
- All right, guys, time for bed.
- Aww.
- Hey, why don't you go on up, and I'll read to you when you're ready? Okay.
I missed this.
We've all missed this, especially me.
Yeah? Yeah.
Did I tell you about Sara Elizabeth hiding my cell phone? No.
What's that about? Well, she took it because it's the reason that mommy keeps getting dragged away from home.
She's not wrong, either.
And David, he's been spending so much time at the Montclairs' lately, I'm beginning to think that Latasha is more of a mother to him than I am.
That's not true.
Well, it feels like it.
It feels like I'm missing their entire childhood.
I'm beginning to wonder whether it's worth it.
I wasn't gonna say anything yet, but, uh Johns Hopkins has offered me a permanent position.
Really? Teaching and clinical work.
It's a dream appointment, Joan.
I'm listening.
Hi, mom.
What happened? Did the laundry service at the citadel go on strike? No, I just needed this for a function this weekend.
I hope you don't mind.
Of course not.
You look nice.
Charity dinner.
Any fun? Yeah, a little.
Your friend General Holden was there.
My friend? What? Come on, mom.
I've seen the look you get when his name comes up.
What look? I don't have a look.
Mom there's a look.
He's nice, that's it.
Yeah, nice, handsome, widowed.
We are not having this conversation.
Why not? Mom dad died 12 years ago.
All I'm saying is you don't have to look after me anymore.
And I don't want you to be lonely.
Thank you, honey.
General Holden.
Hey, dad.
Hey, kiddo.
I tried your cell phone.
I had it on vibrate.
No worries.
What's going on? I could still make it to the ceremony tomorrow.
Em, we've been over this.
You've got two finals tomorrow, and if you put them off, you won't be able to travel to Italy with your chorale group.
But it's mom's memorial, dad.
And the last thing she would want is for you to get behind on your schoolwork and miss a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
All right.
I'm just sad, that's all.
I know.
What about you? How are you doing? I'm doing okay.
More good days than bad.
Yeah, it's been that way for me, too.
But with mom's birthday coming up, the ceremony I really wish I could be there.
You'll be here in spirit.
I should go.
I'll call you after and tell you how it went.
I love you, dad.
I love you, too, kiddo.
Someone's got mail.
Yeah? It's from Pat.
Really? Ooh.
I don't believe this.
What? What? "Dear Gloria, bad news.
It turns out your ex-husband's in my platoon.
" Oh, my gosh.
"He found out we're writing each other, so we have to put things on hold until I get back.
I don't want to, but it's for the good of the platoon.
My feelings about you haven't changed.
" Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
What'd you do that for? I'm through with him.
Why? He still cares about you.
Well, I don't care about him, okay? But-- This whole thing was stupid from the start, Holly.
Complicated, mixed-up, stupid-- take your pick.
Well, yeah, but-- I am not a faucet he can turn on and off.
To hell with him.
What's so funny, Truman? Holly.
Oh, she's got the greatest sense of humor.
I'll bet.
You are gonna love her.
If you keep telling me that, I'm gonna hate her by the time I finally meet her.
Uh, no, you're not.
Nobody hates Holly.
That's impossible.
What now? I'm just wondering, is this gonna be a problem? Is what gonna be a problem? Holly and Gloria are best friends.
You and me, best friends.
What's gonna happen when we get home? Well we won't be double dating, if that's what you mean.
You guys still get along, though, right? Just just shut up, Truman.
Hey, Denise.
I couldn't believe it when Jackie said - you were working today.
- Oh, yeah.
I'll be done in plenty of time for the dedication.
But what are you doing here? I was looking for you.
Yeah? I've got news.
Johns Hopkins offered me a permanent position.
What? Teaching and clinical work.
It's what I've dreamed about.
And here's the best part-- Joan's ready to put in her papers.
Really? She's the one who brought it up.
- Wow.
- I know.
It surprised me, too.
But, uh, she's ready to settle down.
Roland, that-- that's great.
I'm-- I'm really happy for you.
I wanted you to be the first to know.
Well, you know, Baltimore's not so far away.
No, it isn't.
I expect regular visits.
And vice versa.
Count on it.
- Okay.
- I should let you work.
Wouldn't want to make you late for the ceremony.
Not a chance.
See you later.
See you.
Have you seen this? The after-action report from Firebase Reno? Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Clarke led a patrol without Afghan support? Where'd he get the authorization? I don't know.
I just assumed that-- Assumed what? Look, I checked with the Company Commander.
He was completely unaware.
Get a Blackhawk ready.
I'm going out there.
Yes, sir.
Colonel Sherwood wants to see us at Kansas in 60 mikes.
Both of us? Doesn't sound good.
No, sir.
It doesn't.
Is there any confusion about what we're doing here, gentlemen? - No, sir.
- No, sir.
From the moment you set foot in this country, what our mission is? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
To be clear, Lieutenant, what is that mission? To transition security back to Afghan forces, sir.
To transition security back to Afghan forces.
And do you think you know how to accomplish that better than CENTCOM? No, sir.
Well, then perhaps you can explain to me how going on an unauthorized patrol without the ANA helps our mission! If I may, sir, it was my suggestion.
It was? Yes, sir.
So, Lieutenant, am I to understand that you have handed over responsibility for your platoon to Sergeant Hall? No, sir.
And, Sergeant Hall, you consider it your job to advise insubordination? No, sir.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
'Cause it sure as hell doesn't appear that way.
You two are just damn lucky that this little adventure of yours was a success, because if your patrol had suffered just one casualty, we would be having a very different conversation right now.
Do I make myself clear? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
As it is, if I were to discipline you, which I would sorely love to do it would only cast a very embarrassing spotlight on the very story we are trying to tell here, which is the Afghans' ability to finish this conflict on their own! - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Well, it could've been worse.
He chewed our asses pretty good, but he didn't take any disciplinary action.
Ohh, I'm dying to know what you did.
Mags-- No, I know, I know.
You can't tell me till you come home.
Let's just say it was a very good day at the office.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
So how are things on the home front? Remarkably calm, actually.
Yeah? Fingers crossed, Caroline and I have turned a corner.
Attitude's dialed back, and she seems happy or at least, not miserable.
That's great.
Well, listen, put her on.
I'd really like to talk to her.
She's at the teen center.
Really? She's been spending a lot of time there lately.
Well, that sounds good.
Yeah, I-I think it's helping.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
Oh, my God.
She can chug better than I can.
What is this? Uh, you want another? I'm okay.
Oh, come on.
Oh! Stop! What was that? Hey, what are you still doing here? I thought you already left.
Yeah, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay with the patient in Three.
Blood work came back clean.
Well, good.
Now get outta here.
You got a ceremony to run.
struck by a car.
All right, get her in Trauma Two.
Patient was awake in the field, but has since deteriorated.
BP 90 over 60.
Heart rate 120.
Obtained large-bore IV access in her right arm.
Fluids are running.
Oxygen was placed.
Oh, my God.
On my count.
One, two, three.
All right.
Let's go.
All right.
Get her on heart rate and BP monitors and start a second IV.
Get a trauma panel.
Type and cross.
Let's get obstetrics down here.
And somebody turn off that phone.
We need to tilt her on her side.
The baby may be cutting off the blood supply to the heart.
Ready? Ready.
One, two, three.
Hi, this is Penny.
Leave a message.
Hey, Penny, it's me.
Where are you? You shoulda been here already.
If you got a problem, give me a call, okay? Where's Denise? I just left her a message.
It's not like her to be late.
Don't worry.
No way Denise is missing this.
Yeah, I'm sure she's on her way.
I hope so.
Jackie, this is amazing.
But Denise deserves the credit, and all of you, everyone who pitched in.
Well, it was worth it.
What's wrong, Holly? Oh, where's Gloria? You guys didn't come together? No, she was meeting Penny at some clinic.
Penny? You know, the girl Hector got pregnant.
Right, well, she was having a checkup, and Gloria wanted to be with her.
Oh, well, there's your answer.
Doctors are always running late.
Pupils are responsive.
Blood pressure stabilizing.
What Can you tell me your name? Penny.
You remember what happened to you? I got off the bus.
I was late.
Where am I? You're in the Mercer Hospital Emergency Room.
- It hurts.
- Where? BP's dropping.
Get me an ultrasound.
I want a FAST scan of her heart and abdomen.
Colonel Young.
General Holden.
Cadet Young, I didn't expect to see you here.
The Commandant gave permission.
That's very thoughtful of him.
- Yes, sir.
- And you.
Not at all, sir.
I wanted to be here.
And I also wanted to let you know that I gave my formal declaration to the citadel yesterday.
I'm going Army.
With my blessing.
I think you and the Army are both very lucky.
Thank you, sir.
This is exquisite.
I can't take credit.
Claudia Joy's friends made this happen.
Well, it's quite a tribute, to have friends like that.
Yes, it is.
She had many.
If you'll excuse me.
Of course.
Why don't we go find some seats? Colonel.
Roland, it's good to see you.
Wouldn't have missed it.
I appreciate that.
How's it going in Baltimore? It's good, thanks.
It's very good, in fact.
I'm glad.
It turns out I have some good news for you both.
I just received word this morning, Joan, you've been selected for the next class at the Army War College.
I-I-I don't know what to say, sir.
It's a prerequisite for promotion to General.
Yes, I'm aware.
Only a small number of alumni go on to get a star, but I think Joan has as good a chance as anyone.
Well, I appreciate it, sir.
Well, I'll catch up with you later.
Well done, Colonel.
Thank you.
Joan? We can talk about this later.
Why don't we look around? It's beautiful here.
FAST is positive.
Let's intubate.
Hang two units of O-neg.
What have we got, Dan? Nine months pregnant.
Hit by a car.
Signs of internal bleeding.
Fetal monitor's been placed.
Baby's heart rate is in decel.
Can she handle a C-section? No.
We need to stabilize her first.
If the fetal heart rate drops below 100, we've got trouble.
- Denise, get rid of that phone.
- Yeah.
Denise? What are you doing answering Penny's phone? I'm at Mercer.
There's been an accident.
- Penny Campbell-- where is she? - Excuse me? - Penny Campbell.
She was hit by a car, nine months pregnant.
- Are you a family member? I'm the closest thing to family she's got right now.
I'm sorry.
Family members only.
No, you don't understand-- It's hospital policy.
No exceptions.
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm sorry.
Gloria, where are you? Oh, my gosh.
Oh, no.
What is it? What happened? No, no, of-- of course.
Yeah, I'll tell everyone.
I am s-- I'm so sorry.
It's Penny.
She was hit by a car.
Oh, my God.
How is she? Gloria doesn't know.
She's at the hospital now.
But they won't tell her anything.
It sounds really bad.
That's awful.
I'm thinking maybe I should go be with Gloria.
No, I th-- I think you're right.
What are you doing here? I didn't want you to be alone.
What's happening? They still won't tell me anything.
But Penny's been in there a long time.
I don't like it.
OR will be ready in ten minutes.
BB's dropping.
Fetal heart rate's dropping, too.
Right pupil is blown.
Must be intracranial bleeding.
Check her carotid pulse.
This monitor's not showing a pressure.
We've lost the pulse.
All right.
Starting chest compressions.
Let's get her flat.
Hang two more units of O-neg.
Hit her with an amp of epi, Baby's in distress.
We need to do a crash C-section now.
Hey, shouldn't we be getting started? Where is Denise? That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Denise is stuck at the hospital with an emergency.
Really? She's been in the ER this whole time.
Oh, what a shame.
I can't believe after all her hard work, she's gonna miss this, but-- Can you handle the introduction? Absolutely.
We should get started.
Good afternoon.
I'm Jackie Clarke, and I'd like to welcome you to the dedication of the Claudia Joy Holden reflection pool.
As many of you know, the person most responsible for this project is Denise Sherwood.
Unfortunately, Denise is handling an emergency at Mercer Hospital right now and can't be with us.
But I know she wouldn't want her absence to dampen our spirits or detract in any way from this loving tribute to her best friend, a woman who meant so much to all of us.
Claudia Joy Holden.
Pulse? Still nothing.
Give her an amp of calcium chloride and an amp of atropine.
Starting midline incision.
For me, the beauty of this place, the serenity perfectly captures the essence of Claudia Joy's spirit.
She was always there for those in need, so it is only fitting that we now have this gorgeous setting to comfort anyone seeking solace or reflection.
If she were here today I know how pleased Claudia Joy would be to see all of you.
In fact looking out surrounded by so much love, I feel as if she is here, that her strong, beautiful spirit lives on in our hearts and always will.
All right.
Clamp and cut.
Get a warmer ready.
Pulse? Still no pulse.
All right.
Take the baby.
I got him.
All right.
All right.
Uterine rupture at the top.
Spleen and liver lacerations.
She's lost a lot of blood.
Looks to be coagulopathic.
Hang two more units of O-neg.
Give her another amp of epi.
One-minute Apgar.
Heart rate 75.
Muscle tone-- some flexion.
Color-- pale.
Reflex-- absent.
Respiration slow.
He needs oxygen.
Come on.
Come on.
It was a lovely ceremony, sir.
Thanks again for coming, Jordan.
I hate to run, but I have class.
- Call me later.
- I will.
She must have been a remarkable woman.
I think you would've liked her.
I'm sure.
You don't have to say anything, Michael.
I know what it's like to lose someone who means the world to you.
That's right.
Let me hear it.
Heart rate-- 97.
Muscle tone-- active.
Color-- pink.
Reflex-- grimace and cough.
Respiration-- strong cry.
Are there any family members here? Uh, no.
He's being adopted, but the, uh, parents-to-be are out of town.
- Do you know how to reach them? - I do.
Then why don't you take him and handle it? - Come on.
- Of course.
Pulse? Nothing.
It's been 40 minutes.
Both pupils fixed and dilated.
No breath.
No cardiac activity.
I'm calling it.
Time of death-- 1503.
Hi, Gloria.
Oh, we are so sorry.
I still can't believe Penny's gone.
It's so awful.
We tried so hard to save her.
Um how did it go today? Great.
It couldn't have been sweeter.
Well, except for you not being there.
But Jackie did a wonderful job filling in.
Not as good as you would've done.
Oh, I'm sure that's not true.
We just missed you.
That's all.
Well, sorry I couldn't be there.
What you did was more important.
That's right.
And more than anyone, Claudia Joy would've understood.
Service comes before ceremony.
Yeah, have a seat, John.
I just got off the horn with General Clarke.
Damndest thing.
Sir? We're abandoning Reno.
What? - And Kansas.
- When? Next few weeks.
So CENTCOM moved up the timetable to transition, sir? No, when I say "abandon," I mean abandon.
We're leaving the valley, John.
Our troops, the Afghans-- we're just pulling out.
- Why? - You got me.
I guess Washington changed its mind.
Yesterday that valley was worth American lives.
Today it's not.
All that blood and treasure now we're just walking away.
Ours is not to reason why, right? Well, let's just start talking about how we're gonna make this work.
Yes, sir.
How's it going, Truman? Fine, sir.
You check your final protective line? The what, sir? In case of assault if the enemy comes over the wall, you want to be able to rotate the gun, fix it into position, like so.
See? Yeah.
Now you can lean into it while holding down the trigger, keep attackers from breaching the perimeter.
Got it.
Enjoy the day, gentlemen.
LT knows his stuff, huh? Yeah, more like you don't know yours.
Oh, come on.
You still holding a grudge against Lieutenant Clarke? He broke things off with Gloria, didn't he? Truman, don't you ever shut up? I just don't get it, that's all.
You saved the guy's life, but you won't cut him a break? I was doing my job, okay? Give it a rest.
Hey, dad.
Hey, kiddo.
How were finals? Good.
I think I nailed 'em.
How was the ceremony? Very moving.
The reflection pool it's so your mother.
Oh, I can't wait to see it.
I can't wait to show it to you.
I was watching that.
What is this? What's what? Why does it smell like beer? I don't know.
What were you doing in my room? Answer the question.
I have no idea.
Where were you today? At the teen center.
We'll see about that.
I wasn't there all afternoon.
I wasn't there at all.
Happy? You lied to me.
I was with friends.
You were drinking.
Somebody spilled a little beer.
That's all.
Oh, so everyone was drinking except for you? Is that it? Yes.
Stop lying to me! So I had a few sips.
What's the big deal? The big deal? Underage drinking? You would lose your post privileges, which would get back to your father, who doesn't need that kind of stress.
Of course that would never occur to you, because you don't care about anybody but yourself.
I thought I could trust you.
I won't make that mistake again.
Have you ever even been to the teen center? Once.
You've been lying to me for weeks.
You are totally grounded.
What does that mean? Home every day after school, weeknights, weekends.
You're not going anywhere.
For how long? Until I say so.
You can't do that.
Watch me! Go to your room.
We need to talk.
Yes, we do.
Look, before you say anything, let me point out that I did not expect to be selected for the Army War College.
It's a big surprise, and like General Holden said, a high honor.
I get it.
It means that the army recognizes my leadership potential.
I could ride this all the way to a star.
I-I mean, uh, think of the example I could set for young women coming after me.
Think of you missing your children's childhood.
That's not fair.
Hey, I'm not the one who brought it up last night.
You did.
Well, things have changed since then.
The army dangles a carrot in front of you, - and you jump for it.
- I don't want to fight, Roland.
I don't either.
And I don't intend to.
What does that mean? There's nothing to fight about, Joan.
All the issues are on the table.
They have been for some time.
So now it's a simple up or down.
You accept that invitation, this marriage is over.
"Dear Hector, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Penny was on her way to a doctor's appointment today when she was hit by a car.
She was alive when they got her to the hospital, but she didn't make it.
" "I still can't believe it.
" "Thank God they were able to save the baby.
And he's beautiful, Hector.
You have a son.
" Across the evening sky all the birds are leaving how do they know it's time for them to go? Before the winter fire I will still be dreaming for I have no thought of time for who knows where the time goes? Oh, who knows where the time goes?