Arrested Development s04e13 Episode Script

It Gets Better

RON HOWARD: George Michael Bluth had never been more popular.
He was surrounded by people who were thrilled to be in his company.
Carlos was just tickling me.
They're almost out of root beer.
So I got you one with the last bit of root beer because I remember that somebody was saying that, George Michael likes root beer.
And as his business was taking off.
I do.
Thanks a lot.
You guys don't have to do all this, you know? This was just a little get-together for my girlfriend to show her I'm doing well, you know? -so was his romantic life.
- Show her I'm an adult.
-(LAUGHING) - Hey, stop it! That was the last root beer snow cone.
I got that for him, Carlos.
Teach you for being such a kiss-ass, Terry.
And it was an ex-Bluth Company employee who was the most grateful to be in his company.
- Want any of these? - No, I'm fine.
You know, I really appreciate you guys doing all this.
I just wish I understood, why.
That's why! Because you could ask us why we do this, and mean it.
The fact that you could be so down to earth And look so young.
while you're starting this giant company.
You've created an opportunity many of us thought we'd never have again.
See, that's the part I don't understand, Carlos.
You know my name! What's his name? - You're the kiss-ass, Carlos.
- What's his name? Okay, guys, I'm gonna learn all your names.
- I promise.
- REBEL: George.
- And that's when he heard - Rebel.
-what had become his name.
- What is all this? It's just a little surprise.
- You did this for me? - Yes! Well, they did it for me, but only because they knew I wanted to do something for you.
Maybe we could talk without your friends.
I mean, these guys aren't really my friends, you know.
I barely know their names.
I mean, I know Carlos, but only because of that old song Carlos the Tickle Monster.
Wait, what song is that? God, I knew he made that up.
But it did help me remember.
Anyway, don't worry about these guys.
They're not listening to a word we're saying.
How about that kiss? We need to talk.
ALL: Ooh.
HOWARD: Now, the story of a family whose future was abruptly canceled, and the one son who had no choice but to keep himself together.
It's George Michael's Arrested Development.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) George Michael's life was very different months before developing the software program that would change his life.
Those balls in the air Keep those balls in the air And That's where the song should've ended.
So I guess we all got a little carried away.
Are you sure? We all ended at the same time.
Yeah, well, it's because you all sped up together.
Now, you know if I was playing in your band, I would say, "Hey, you know, let's do the whole "fast and loose with tempo thing.
" But this is about my demo tape to Juilliard and they've got to dig what I do so much that they start an entire department for wood block.
So, I'm sorry, guys.
And you're leaving, okay.
They left early.
Proves my point.
She was cute.
They were playing way too loud anyway, right? Could you even hear the wood block? Right at the end.
We could record you separately, and then mix it louder on the computer.
Well, then I'm not playing in a band.
I mean, the whole point of the band is to showcase my amazing internal clock.
You know, that's something you have to be born with.
HOWARD: Or bred with.
Which was the case with George Michael.
Who, as a small child, appeared in a promotional video for a developmental tool called BabyTock BabyTock will give your child a head start at math.
And if I were a doctor, I would guarantee you that it would also boost their brain power by 110%.
That's a lot of brain power.
You've been using BabyTock, correct? - For how long? - For two months.
But George Michael really enjoys listening to the sound.
And would you say it's changed the power of his brain? Well, that's impossible LUCILLE: to deny.
I've always wanted a smart baby.
This thing really works, George.
HOWARD: In fact, it came from something that didn't.
So we're stuck with 5,000 of these worthless corn-ballers? When they were looking to recoup some of their costs after an ill-fated foray into the fry-at-home snack-foodmarket.
(ALL GASPING) Whoa, whoa.
They're not worthless, you know.
The timer still works.
There's no numbers on it, but it's very loud, so (TIMER TICKING) Perfect for those who like the sound of a clock, but don't know their numbers.
That's good.
We'll sell this to baby Ow! Mother of (BLEEP).
We should put these in cribs.
That's not a half puny thought.
And that Juilliard thing is confidential from my dad by the way.
He's never gonna want me to pursue -a career in - Hitting a block of wood.
Music, yes.
You know, he still thinks of me as the same George Michael that I was before my life blew apart, you know? Before the world cracked me open and I became the guy that you're looking at now.
George Michael 2.
God, I hate my name.
HOWARD: The last five years had been a whirlwind for George Michael.
He celebrated going off to college at a party with his family.
Hey! Next week? - Congratulations! - Thanks.
We are so proud.
GEORGE SR: We have a little something for you.
No, you don't have to do anything.
I mean, you threw me this Meeting.
Little something-something to buy a car.
God, really? - No! - Yes.
Maeby! (LAUGHING) - But theparty wouldn't last long.
-(DOOR OPENS) You know what? I am done with this family.
I hope you've saved some money, 'cause you're going to need every dime now.
What's this? Return it or rip it up.
- Michael.
- Come on.
Give it a rip.
Rip it up, right down the center.
That's it.
Rip it.
Couple more.
Did you get it? Proud of you.
Happy birthday.
- GOB: Happy birthday, George Michael.
- TOBIAS: Happy birthday.
ALL: Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you HOWARD: But don't worry.
Michael did make sure his son got a car Get out of here.
Whoo! as he sent him off to college.
And although he arrived at college without his possessions, he was finally at a place where he felt he'd fit in.
MAN: Hey, hey, check it out.
What? HOWARD: In his freshman year, George Michael -hit the groundrunning.
- Sorry.
He was breaking some of the old taboos.
Let's make it a Pepsi.
Drinking Pepsi in the morning.
So, it's a breakfast combo with a Pepsi.
Sometimes having eggs at night.
How about some eggs? Oh, excuse me, I forgot it wasn't morning.
He was soon finding that others enjoye dhis sense of humor.
I forgot it wasn't morning.
A present from his Uncle Gob elevated his newfound confidence.
My uncle is a magician.
Before diminishing it.
But before he knew it sophomore year was upon him, and everything got turned up to 11.
Boom ! And that's what we call only being behind by three.
So then that stuff's all going on with this Sitwell company.
And then we end up playing them in a softball game.
Highlights, loyal friends.
I'm like, "How can that" Romance.
- Betrayal.
- Becky? What's up, Ray? You guys broke up.
Thanks, Ray, I almost forgot.
The triumph of friendship.
- What's up, Ray? - Hey.
Thanks, Ray, I almost forgot.
You know who I was thinking about before you sat down? - What? - Becky.
Do you remember? And as surely as stability returned junior year ushered in a new era of experimentation.
It's all about the science of kissing between a man and a woman.
That always has fascinated me.
Sheila will take you.
As George Michael tried to compensate for his lack of income from his father by volunteering for experiments.
So I don't run off? I hope you're not feeling too awkward.
Don't be crazy.
Now when the mouth to mouth test begins, I'm gonna be yelling out letters that indicate mouth movements.
What I need you to do is just give me, on a scale of one to 10, your pleasure level.
- Fine.
-10 being the most pleasurable, one the least.
Let's hope we get to 10.
Well, work our way up to it.
Bringing in the mouth unit! And that's when he realized what the straps were for.
Is that Okay, I guess it's not gonna be a person.
- And C? - I think one on C.
M? M? One on M? One for sure on One.
- And Z? - One.
- N? - One.
- F? F? - One.
HOWARD: But it wasn't until his year abroad that George Michael got an education in life.
Because after a year of trying not to be an imposing guest in his new country, he was ready for a summer that would end up turning his life upside down (BOTH SHOUTING IN SPANISH) when the woman whose children he was nannying opened him up sexually.
Hey, hey, did Ernesto get his 4:00? The drones are coming.
Nothing matters now.
- Why do you kiss like this? - Like what? The teeth, they must not be used like this.
It was actually a jaw and lip retraction issue, but she had neither a command of the language nor the data that we do.
You make love like a boy.
Spanish, speak to me in Spanish.
Because the only way that college credit is actually activated is if I have Tómame.
Cook Cook at - Cooking at you? - Overpower me.
Yes, make me cry.
You're a terrible mother.
(SQUEALING) And so it was a very different George Michael that returned to school for senior year.
Eager to unleash his new overt sexuality on an unsuspecting campus.
Hey, man.
it gets better.
And for George Michael, senior year did get better.
He was like a king returning to his castle.
I sort of feel like a king returning to his castle.
Only to discover that they thought he was two kings.
Welcome to your castle.
And they had doubled the size of his castle.
Double castle.
Can't wait to meet Michael, George.
It wouldbe theperfect backdrop to unveil George Michael2.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) (KNOCKING AT DOOR) But George Michael's development was about to be forestalled.
Pete died.
Who's Pete? Don't worry about it.
Don't you worry about it.
I like this.
I like the mustache.
- It's kind of fun.
- That's great.
Probably gonna want to shave it off before the start of next quarter.
Otherwise, they're gonna think you're a musician.
But I love it Dude.
I'm never going to be louder than an electric guitar.
Maybe using a band to showcase my wood block skill is a dumb idea.
Too bad there's no such thing as an electric wood block.
That sounds like a mother of an invention.
And so they set to work inventing a downloadable app that would allow one to play an electronic version of a wood block on their smartphone.
You see, that's important.
Well, that's what it is.
So it's basically like you'll always have a wood block with you.
(LAUGHING) I can't believe nobody's ever done this.
A quick something search would have shown the guys that there were already three woodblock apps on the market.
So, there are three on the market.
Which they did.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) But even after doing that search, they were undeterred.
Download them.
Come on, let's do it.
I hope we're not doing this on my account.
No, we're doing it so that we can see what the competition is like.
No, I mean on my iTunes account.
It's 99 cents.
Yeah, times three.
And soon, they realized (WOOD BLOCK SOUNDS) what kind of competition they were up against.
Well, these are a (BLEEP) joke.
- I know.
- Where are the mallet options? There's no choice of wood weight or grain type.
There's no diameter hole option.
I mean, what is this, BabyTock? - BabyTock? - You know, the sharp metal box that you put in the crib.
Is that not a well-known - But this is fine.
- And they set to work.
No, I understand that.
I get that.
But it just seems like you're leaving a hole just right in the middle of the block.
It won't be a block Although some of the work had to happen outside the room.
Buddy, is that schoolwork? Which was challenging.
And soon, they were close to finishing an app they had decided to call Woodblock.
It's taken.
It's taken.
And that's when he came up with Block of Wood? -which was also taken.
- Wow.
- Block-block? - No.
People are going to think we're in the chicken noise business.
How is that a chicken noise? You know Well, it's kind of hard to do in these matador pants, but, you know - Block-bl - Fakeblock is a vailable.
Do you want Fakeblock? Okay.
They have Fakeblock.
Okay, yes, we'll take that.
No problem.
That's no problem.
Could you hang on to that for me, please? And I'll call you back.
Thank you.
It's $5,000 for the domain name, and then there's this whole XML website fee.
I got the last one.
That was 99 cents.
Times three.
And George Michael realized he needed to bring in some cash.
We actually have a variety of subjects that high school students need tutoring in.
If you want to just take a look at that list and let me know if there's anything there that you've handled before.
There was.
Although George Michael couldn't imagine it was the same Maeby.
Is this "F" in "Maeby F.
" her last name or her grade? It's her last name.
But her most recent grade is Well, this just shows an Elvis Presley head.
So, that bad? I'll take her.
Stay on top of her.
You may need to ride her pretty hard.
Hey, you must be What? This is the girl you broke up with? What is this? I can't wear this.
Yeah, well, we dated for a while, but, you know, I was a kid, and I didn't know how to kiss yet.
I don't know, for whatever reason, I listened to my dad who said we shouldn't make it work.
- Was she your first? - Cousin? No.
Why would you Why would your mind go right to No.
No, it's just that he was right.
We were kids.
I wasn't yet O.
- HOWARD: Overtly sexual.
- Overtly sexual.
As I live and breathe.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) That's just crazy.
Okay, so listen.
After I let her in, you go and try and keep my dad out.
All right? I can't let him get in the way of this one.
Hey, you must be But first, he had to cover his tracks.
- What? - This had to look like fate.
George Michael? What is this? Maeby, what are you doing here? As I live and breathe.
But for the phrase, "As I live and breathe" he nailed it.
I'm supposed to tutor a kid from High school.
That's me.
That is just crazy.
And even though George Michael wanted to seduce her, he couldn't help but challenge her strategy for staying in high school.
But still, I mean, you have to make a living, right? Don't you need an education? Well, don't forget I'm a Harris.
- Harris? - Yeah.
Someone who "inharris" a lot of money.
Yeah, well, you know, I wouldn't put all my Anns in that basket.
You know, it's fine.
You don't get it.
You've never been a risk taker.
I like to (BLEEP) with people.
That's what I do.
I'm making a statement.
I love it.
You know, I knew you were cool when I saw you wearing that shirt.
More betrayal.
No, I get it, too.
No, I love l love it, too.
You know, I love to love now.
George Michael found himself less overtly sexual than he'd hoped.
I made a 40-year-old woman cry in Spain.
I love making love to Spanish women.
Get out.
And George Michael slipped back into seduction mode.
A man, a woman A bedroom.
Let's solve for X.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, you know, in algebra, you have an unknown element, and we call it X, and then you have to solve for it to find out what number X is.
X isn't a number.
So you don't even really know the basic But in that moment, the urge to educate her was more powerful than the urge to kiss her.
stuff real quick.
All right, so if you take something like this, 3x+1=10 And with the algebra lesson complete, George Michael pivoted back to his overtly sexual seduction.
Therefore, when I say, "You and me in a bedroom, let's solve for X," I'm stating it as a kind of formula.
Yeah, let's get wasted.
Let's drink that formula.
It's not that kind of formula.
No, I'll show you what a formula is real quick, 'cause that's very important.
You're gonna wanna - But when the door opened - Dad? George Michael's window of opportunity closed.
Bad news.
P-Hound is yanking our chain again.
- Uncle Michael.
- Oh, my God.
And after a brief reunion, George Michael had another opportunity to impress his cousin.
He's got this privacy software, keeps people from stealing your stuff.
Tell her, pal.
So it's privacy software that's also anti-piracy? George Michael weighed his options.
Maeby had chastised him for not taking risks, and what would be a bigger risk than perpetuating a lie about software just to ignite the passions of a woman? Of course, it wouldbe a lie, and since Maeby wouldn't know it was a lie, he wouldn't appear to be taking a risk.
Perhaps the bigger risk was to tell his father he was lying.
That he came up with it because he wanted his father to leave so he could enjoy what remained of his senior year.
After all, he wondered, wouldn't that be the course of action taken by an overtly sexual man? A man who owns a pair of matador pants? He had not responded now for 41 seconds, according to his unfailing internal clock, and it was time to come clean.
Well, thanks.
It's just a Boolean-driven aggregation, really, of what programmers call "hacker traps.
" And he found himself suddenly and effortlessly tapping into a long-inbred instinct for lying.
A Bluth taking his first steps in deceit.
(INDISTINCT) But the more he talked, the more he actually started to like the idea.
When you have friends over, you know, you're listening to music and they want to steal your music and copy your movies or Or just look at your photos, you know, this prevents that.
It just neutralizes that so it's not even a threat anymore.
It's called Fakeblock.
Great name.
Right? Yeah, well, you know, it's super low-hanging fruit.
Someone's going to do it.
We're just trying to be those guys, you know? And, impressed with his own invention, he set about making an impossible dream a reality.
Do you think we could make something like that? You mean something that keeps everything on the internet private and protects everyone's digital rights? Yeah, I mean, think about it.
Everyone has something that they want removed from the internet.
HOWARD: George Michael certainly did.
And if the new software served no other purpose than removing this -(SPEAKING SPANISH) -(ALL LAUGHING) it would be worth it.
I mean, if we could make something like that, it could be bigger than Facebook.
I mean, who wouldn't want something like that? You think you can do it? No.
No, of course not.
I mean, this is my chance with Maeby, and I can't even get rid of my own father.
You know, what if we just did a vote.
Just the roommates? We do a quick vote, and it's, "Ciao, Fathero.
" He's going to know who voted against him.
Not if I get him to vote against himself.
Why would he do that? No, he wouldn't.
He I was just leaning back, so it looked like I I got this chair again, didn't I? Maybe I just need to be clear and just say, "I'm putting up a wall.
"We need to rework our whole system here.
" Sounds like you guys are working on your privacy software, huh? HOWARD: And, long story short, Michael did end up embracing the voting-out-a-roommate idea.
And it's, "Adios, brothiero.
" it cannot fail.
That was fun.
Did he look betrayed to you? He kind of always looks that way.
I'm going to catch the bus.
- Bye.
- Well, okay.
Hey, listen.
Are you going to come by on Thursday or Um, I don't think so.
I have this thing in LA.
Well, can you blow it off? I mean, you know, you might want to get "graduating high school" out of the way.
Well, I'm getting a lifetime achievement award at this gala.
Well, you might want to get that out of the way, too, I guess.
Hey, you want me to go with you to that or Yeah, I can pick you up at your place.
They're actually shooting a thing at my place.
HOWARD: As it turns out, they'd end up just clubbing a Thing.
You know what? Yeah, that might actually be a good idea.
Because I can't bring any of my friends without getting permission slips from their parents.
Well, that's not really a problem for me.
Yeah, 'cause you just betrayed yours, right? (LAUGHS) Awesome.
HOWARD: George Michael and Maeby arrived at a hotel busy with three separate events.
(PEOPLE LAUGHING) No, no, no Well, it's really nice to be out with you as adults, you know? In Spain, they don't even eat dinner until after 11 :00 p.
Wow, Spain really changed you.
Well, you grow up very quickly in Spain.
Oh, my God, I know this guy.
Hey, man.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
What are you on? He's nobody.
It's Justin.
That's David Henrie.
He's Justin from Wizards ofWa verly Place.
- Hmm.
-It's on a lot in Spain.
Well, I'm going to go mingle with a bunch of 13-year-olds who think they can still play fifth grade.
- Have fun.
- I'll catch up.
And George Michael set out to re-unleash his overtly sexual persona.
Well, gentlemen, start your engines.
(GREETING IN SPANISH) I will be needing a room, please.
How many nights? Two.
No, just one night.
I thought you were saying how many people.
- And how many beds? - Two.
Uh, one bed.
Why give her the option? Keep it real simple.
One bed, one night, two people, let's solve for X.
I hate young Hollywood.
MAEBY: It's called Fakeblock, Mort.
And it was on his way back to Maeby that he heard her say It's called Fakeblock! What's this? You're talking Talking about Fakeblock? Oh.
How does your privacy software work? It's private.
HOWARD: And that's how George Michael not only met Rebel, but finally found a way to prove to Maeby that he was a risk taker.
George Maharis.
Only to discover, moments later - Perfecto! -that she was dating an even bigger risk taker.
De nada.
That's my undercover cop boyfriend.
I'm trying to get him in bed.
Boyfriend? So funny that didn't come up in the car.
So, how does it work? How does what work? Your privacy software.
How does it protect you from piracy? I don't know.
Don't worry about it.
No, no, no, no.
You really piqued my interest.
I'm sorry.
HOWARD: And discouraged that he'd lost Maeby, he tried to salvage his night by taking a picture of Gibby from iCarly.
As he was doing this, however, this happened.
(PEOPLE SCREAMING) The explosion causedan electrical surge rendering the Schnoodle software inoperable.
Which, to those who saw him, seemedlike a genius act of cyber sabotage, which led to this.
REBEL: What happened? It's dead.
That geek Maharis destroyed the whole thing.
And you know why? Just because he could.
Those internet geniuses That's what they do.
I'm ruined.
I'll probably never get to drive the Schnoodle car.
We should work together.
- No.
- Smart.
And a few days later, it would lead to this.
I'm John Beard.
Here's your 15 seconds of news.
Fakeblock's mystery man, George Maharis, may have just found a way to screw a cap on the Internet, and investors are lining up to fill the company's tank with money, even though he himself remains anonymous.
That's all the news that's fit to pump.
I quit.
HOWARD: By the time George Michael returned to campus, even his roommate hadheard of George Maharis' Fakeblock.
This George Maharis guy stole our name, but we have it registered, so we can sell it to him for a fortune.
No, I am George Maharis! I'm behind the whole thing.
I wanted to impress Maeby, so I told her that I created this privacy software.
Why would you do that? You know, it's like the time that you told that girl that you were George Takei's son.
Well, it's too late.
This thing's taking off.
They're saying Fakeblock knocked out Schnoodle.
That was a coincidence.
It must have been a power surge.
We gotta do something.
At least get our five grand back.
Well, I put in the five grand, you put in three dollars.
Well, you may have put in the most money to Fakeblock, but I put in the first three dollars, so that makes you a hop-on.
No, you're the hop-on, Paul, and I know exactly who you're trying to hop on to.
- Maeby.
- Maybe.
Yeah, well, you know she's dating a cop, right? Yeah, she likes risk takers, like the P Hi.
Hound Keep moving.
Can you believe this? Maeby was excited.
But George Michael knew the stakes were too high for him to continue the lie.
And I even cashed in a favor to get us mentioned on MadMoney.
I think we might want to slow down a little bit on the whole Fakeblock thing 'cause I'm still not 100% finished with it.
Well, how finished are you with it? I also feel like I'm not 100% finished with your math tutoring.
And then Maeby said something that made him change his mind.
I trust you, George Michael.
I would not get into bed with you on this thing if I didn't trust you.
I mean, of course you can trust me in bed.
No, I mean, I trust you not to take advantage of me.
I wouldn't.
We would just lie there.
We'd just lie there? I mean, I'm talking about business.
So am I.
That's why we would just lie there.
'Cause I was going to say, when you become an internet billionaire, you could do whatever you want with me in bed.
It was that.
That's what made him change his mind.
I will.
I will.
And if it was so wrong to lie, surely he would receive some sort of sign.
Hey, I should get this.
But that wasn't it.
That was his uncle Gob wanting to meet him at a gay club to tell him his father was anxious to see him.
Really? Is he upset? GOB: Do I seem like a clown to you? I got it.
HOWARD: George Michael was worried, and even more so, when he caught up with his uncle at a magic club.
You know about Fakeblock? You know that's my software.
I wonder if my dad thinks I'm blowing him off because that's starting to take off now.
Well, you should go find out 'cause I do know that your dad is really, really, really upset with you.
He is upset? I asked you that.
That was literally the first thing I asked you.
So you're giving me these crazy Mad? So, it was a very shaken George Michael who arrived later at the Ealing Club.
What do you mean, I'm already up there? Obviously, I'm not As a frustrated Andy Richter was having trouble getting into the club he was a member of.
He looks just like me.
I'll just go up, I'll find him, I'll Come on.
Hey, Donnie! Hey, I had you for a semester at Openings.
Yeah, okay, all right.
Hey, come on.
I'm his guest.
Is this man your guest? No, no.
I'm just meeting my dad here.
Screw this.
I'm going up.
- Come on.
- Going up, going up.
Oh, come on! Some Openings child you are, man! And George Michael girded himself for his first meeting with his father since he voted him out of the dorm.
Yeah, just a sea-breeze, please.
Make it a strong one.
Put some stank on that.
George? George Maharis? And that's when he heard the name he'd forgotten he'd given out as his own.
So he tried not to act surprised to hear it when he saw it was Rebel.
I see you.
Unfortunately, that meant being stuck affecting a blasé attitude.
Rebel Alley? We spoke three days ago.
I know, I know.
I remember.
- Are you a member here? - No, I'm not.
No, I just walked in past the big black security guard.
All of which now worked against him.
Okay, you know what? I was trying to be nice, but you're just a jerk.
You're a bigger jerk than Andy Richter over there! Loosen up, bitch.
I'm Andy Richter! I probably make, like, $8,000 a day or something.
Hey, I'm sorry.
You know, I'm in the middle of a whole thing with my dad right now, and I didn't mean to be However I just came off.
Well, I'm sorry, you know.
I've never met a beautiful actress before.
So you do know who I am? God, of course I know who you are! You were in the remake of Dangerous Cousins.
I signed up to Netflix because of that movie.
I think I was just thrown that you were interested in who I am.
Well, you are George Maharis.
Everyone's talking about your software company.
I'm sure women are just throwing themselves at your feet.
Well, you know, I prefer a woman who aims higher.
(LAUGHING) - That was funny.
- Yeah, I know.
- That was good.
That was - Smooth.
Hey, we have the same taste in words.
Okay, should we get a drink? I'm buying.
I don't want you to think I'm after you for your money.
George Michael was thrown by what was clearly Rebel's stated interest in him.
MAN: George Michael? George Michael? Which is perhaps why he ignored the page George Michael? that he assumed was from his father.
Is George Michael here? Is George Michael here? Oh, God.
Just remind me not to go in the men's room ! (LAUGHING) Would you excuse me? I'm just gonna use the men's room.
And while checking his messages, he got some good news.
MICHAEL: Hey, buddy, it's Dad.
I am having real trouble getting up there.
This traffic is unbelievable.
We got a light aircraft right in the middle of the freeway.
Call me back when you get this? But while Michael was leaving a second message, George Michael left one for him.
Hey, hang on.
This is you.
Hey, it's me.
You know what? I bet we're sitting in the exact same traffic, this is a mess.
HOWARD: Now hoping to ensure that his father didn't make it to their meeting.
God, they're forcing us off.
God, they're forcing us off but you know, we can just do this another time if that works.
Maybe that's better.
They're closing the lanes.
This is beautiful.
Same traffic.
Kind of looking around for you now.
Kind of looking around for you now.
Maybe you're right near me.
Anyhow, if you get this, maybe we will just meet somewhere else.
Gonna hang up now.
I'm going to video this and send it in to the news.
Glad you're getting some footage of this, 'cause I can't really get a good angle myself.
They're forcing us off here like a bunch of animals.
You know, maybe we'll do this another time, 'cause this is it's sad to say, but it's like animals.
You know maybe we'll do this another time.
It's sad to say, but it's left me pretty shaken up.
God, I just hope there are no kids on that plane.
'Cause, you know, they don't have any choice in the matter.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I feel worse for the parents, okay? Probably the kids thought that they could fly the plane all by themselves.
Bet you 500 bucks they find a dead kid behind the stick.
You know, or maybe on the dead dad's lap whose only fault was loving that kid too much and letting him fly the plane.
Next thing he knows, he's bouncing off the top of the Sports Chalet onto the express lane of the 605.
I'll bet you 500 bucks.
HOWARD: Michael was hurt and on his way out See you.
I'm out of your hair.
when he heard something that cheered him up.
The guy that was harassing Rebel, he's on his way down.
Say, Rebel? Hey, Andy Richter.
Michael Bluth.
How you doing, Andy? Yeah.
I'm Andy.
So, I know him.
Can I get on your membership, -and can you vouch for me? Okay? - Yeah, sure.
Whatever you want, it's on Andy.
- Thank you.
-It's on this rich (BLEEP).
But before Michael could find Rebel, he ran into the man, that at that point Ron! he still thought was her lover.
No, no.
it's Michael.
Michael Bluth.
Doing the film about my family and Yeah, when are we gonna get your kid's signature, though? Yeah, I'm working on it.
And I got a hold of him.
And we're gonna meet here tonight, but I think that he's blowing me off.
Well, yeah, kids will be kids, right? Well, you know, a month ago, I would have told you that he and I were exactly the same, that we were twins.
But now, I wouldn't even think of my son as my brother.
You know, the thing is He's busy.
(RON HOWARD SPEAKING) George Michael finds himself the subject of a lawsuit over the ownership of Fakeblock.
Could you put in a good word on the missing Lucille 2 case? That's a career maker.
That's an O.
You just need one of those.
Excuse me, but was it or was it not my client who put up the initial seed money for the block software that served as the underlying architecture of Fakeblock? It was 99 cents.
Times three.
Times three.
Can I say something to my client? Take to the sea!